Posted by: themoonisdown | February 2, 2010

Remember Me news round up and a very special 1 Picture, 4 Takes

Myello there leghair. I wonder if Rob's legs asked for sunglasses since they never see the light of day

Dear Rob,

I was talking to UC tonight and we figured out that Remember Me comes out in like 4 weeks! And then we got all grandma like and asked “Where has the time gone?” Well, first there was New Moon, they it was Thanksgiving, then is was our 1 year Anniversary, then it was Christmas, New Year and now it’s freaking a month away till we get to see the spaghetti shower (again) and you getting punched out (again). Yea, it was hot the first time around and it’ll be even hotter the 2nd. TRUST.

So anyhoozle we figured it was about time for a round up and then a very special 1 picture, 4 takes: Remember Me edition…….

  • Rob and Emilie are going to be on The View to promote Remember Me and hopefully to debate the popular topics of the day like whether parents should spank their kids, how many times a week they get sexy times with their husband and whether that “Pants on the ground” song is SO played out yet or not
  • Think you can hold it together long enough to interview the RM cast AND Robert Pattinson? Nah, we didn’t think so. But some lucky biotch who will inevitably faint or say something 2nd hand embarrassing (please, God. YES!!) will get to because they entered a contest at PopSugar. Good luck and may the least embarrassing girl win!
  • A bunch of new stills came out from Remember Me and you can see the rest at Robsessed but the best news is that JodieO got inspired… Sometimes when we post stuff you readers get inspired and 1 Picture 2(or 4) takes is NO different. Inspired by the new images coming out from Remember Me, JodieO created 4 different takes on Rob at the computer. And I died. DIED.

Follow the cut to see the rest of JodieO’s takes on Rob at the computer

Rob, we know when we think about you reading LTR (cause you do and it scares us) this is exactly how we imagine it. And we’re still scared. But we’re laughing. Hard.

So that’s all the news we know and think you should know about Remember Me. So are you planning your premiere party with other crazy Rob fans? Would you be able to interview Rob? Come on… BE HONEST!

Thinking about a spaghetti shower,

THANK YOU JodieO! You always make the best stuff that we just HAVE to post because it’s SO good. Made some funny Rob porn or a want to write Rob a letter? Email it to us!

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  1. brilliant!!!

  2. Rob,

    Instead of lurking, come here and play. What, you don’t want to be busted? Then write me a very personal e-mail.

    • Rob,

      Instead of lurking and writing personal e-mails to minuit…leave your hide-out and play with ME! 🙂

      • I was wondering where you where. I might suspect you of playing with Rob, taht’s the only available reason to dump LTR for an hour or two.

        • I’m working on my lurking skillz…just to understand HIM better…lol

    • VERY personal…

  3. Are you kidding me?!?
    NO I would not be able to interview Rob, you would have to have balls of steel to talk to him without obviously blushing or getting wet….

    I think about it often though. What the F would I say to him if we ever met, something you know not bat shit crazy………I would like to tell him that I love him, but that normally dosen’t happen in an interview…..but I would laugh at all his ‘ummmms’….and ‘I dunnos’…….and we woudn’t get much interviewing done……

    maybe show and tell in more up my alley!

    • Is it normal that I also thought of it and know what I would be wearing and the questions I would ask? I also have another version of me working on a show where you get to do a funny presentation of your guests and I know exactely what I would say and how I would make fun of him in a nice way?

      I’m pretty sure I could hold it together and not go all crazy, not for him but for me and my sometimes ridiculously huge self esteem :). But I would never try for that Pop Sugar thing (damn you self-conscience) because it is first hand embarrassing, not to mention having to bare some crazy PR bitchy attitude, since she knows very well you’re not an important journalist.

    • oh and about getting all excited, there’s an interview with a guy, for Twilight, don’t know if you saw it, it’s more than hilarious and second hand embarassing and I have no idea how Rob managed to be serious in that one.

    • And then, misty, Rob would start interviewing you.

      • ohhhhh what a pleasure that would be!

    • Haha, ok yeah if I tell him “I love you” he will most definitely blush and probably call security. Yeah that sounds so crazy.

      Me interviewing him(without alcohol) would be filled with oohs, ahhs, heavy sighing and glazed looks. I might “accidentally” touch his jaw too. LOL.

      Kudos to those who can form a coherent question!

      • touch his jaw with your tounge you mean!!!

        • Misty – yes, *blushing*. I’ll pretend I tripped and my tongue landed on his jaw, LOL!

          There might be other places where I want my tongue on but I want to keep this PG13. Haha!

  4. No way would I be able to interview Rob. I can’t even make eye contact with Rob via TV when he does something adorable (or lame).

    • haha-I know what you mean. I turn cardboard Edward to the wall when I’m getting dressed-his creepy stare freaks me out. If I can’t even face a cardboard cutout, how would I ever face the real Rob?

      • This made me really laugh out loud. Love it.

      • D2D – LOL! I feel the same, I don’t have that cutout Edward but I have a huge, huge poster, a pic from the Oscars and his eyes follow me around the room.

    • Haha…SO true!! I can’t get even get over my 2nd hand embarassment to watch YouTube clips. Big confession time, and total fangirl fail, I still HAVN’T seen New Moon. I couldn’t muster the courage to watch it at the cinema. I know I know, I’m of to stand in the corner with my back to the room, for SHAME.

    • HAHA! You are so lucky you have a cardboard Rob! But that is hilarious!

  5. JodieO – You are the best!

    If I had the chance to interview Rob I would try to be very original and ask him if he was dating KStew. No one has asked him that yet, right?

    • I saw a clip that came out of Sundance and this woman tried to stealthily asked KStew about it. Instead of asking about Rob she said at the very end of her interview “And are you Team Edward in real life too?”
      Kristen ran away.

      • bhahahabhaahah that is hilar!!!! thanks for sharing!

      • I saw that too and did you notice how Kristen sort of freaked out? No response, she just walked away! She was doing good before that trick question. LOL

        • That’s why I think she’s too childish and can’t handle the media. I mean it’s not the only reason, as we all know. But in this case, you can say something more clever, than just running away.

          • Yeah like something memorized or rehearsed answer, anything.

          • She looked at her publicist or something and then they ran off together.
            They have to know that it makes it way worse when they does that, right? She could have just laughed it off, thanked the interviewer and left. So simple!

          • can someone please post the link to that interview, I would like to see it…
            MP my thoughts exactly…she could have said anything like, “I’m Team Mystical Creatures” or “I’m Team Twilight Saga” that would cover both her bases..but run away, what a loser….she needs to seriously get over herself…the question was not unbearable, stupid Stuttersten. lmfao

          • MP, Preach.

          • Misty, this is for you.

            FTR I’m not a Kristen hater, I actually like her :-). But I was just surprised at this interview and she didn’t handle it very well.

          • Misty- sorry you got to fast-forward to when she walks away from the reporter.

          • Oh em gee. That…well that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

          • Bahahaaa! I don’t blame her for walking away from that but it’s still hilarious.

      • That’s the interview clip that convinced me she must be slightly retarded.

    • Awwh, thanks! =)

  6. LOL, it is scary that he could be reading this blog:) can’t have enough of the crotch collages.. not willing to give those up , even if he’s actually reading this:) Thanks jodieO 🙂

    • Dear Rob,

      I couldn’t look you in the eye in real life, because all I would be thinking about is the crotch collages, and my personal ratings 1 through 10, best to least-best (there’s no such thing as “worst”), of those crotch shots. So, no, I won’t be entering the Pop Sugar contest.

      • HAHAHA “least best” there’s no such thing as “worst”

        I love you!

    • Truly frightening, but I’d also be curious to watch him read this blog. My biggest fear about entering this contest would be that the conversation would go something like this:
      Me: Hi, Rob!
      Rob: Hey, aren’t you that girl from the internet?
      Me: Uh.. wha?? Umm.. yea… no.. I dunno.. maybe.. no.
      Rob: You are! It IS you! Bobby! Hey, Bobby, c’mere! It’s Jodie from the internet!
      Me: *flings microphone down and runs off to start a new life on Easter Island*

      Glad you like the pics!

  7. Those are amazing JodieO.
    The funniest part is that some of them are probably not that far from the truth.

    • You’re probably right!

  8. Jodie O, you were really inspired, it’s hilarious.

    You can suggest questions for The View if you’re in the USA. We can’t do it from here :((.

    I might (loose) invest some more time (at this point…) to ask questions for all the interviews it’s possible to do so, because I can’t take any “How do you handle fame” BS.

    I’d probably write a lot of stupid funny things, but if there is one serious question I want to ask him is smth like “Let’s say you’re in a public place and somebody (let’s say a normal gal) comes to talk to you. No fangirling. Could you end up having some drinks with her (a lot) ? Do you still go to a bar and speak to unknown people like random people do when they go out? Do you get to meet other people than those in the industry?” I know the answer wouldn’t be relevant, but I just want to see how he avoids to say “I actually live in a bubble and am too paranoid to meet other people who are not friends of my friends”.

    • MP- we need to answer your question from yesterday still (how to run into him)! And thanks for the invite! Is BA shooting in England? I could see about arranging a trip!

      • I want to come! And then we’re gonna roam around England like some crazy freaks looking for Rob. 🙂

        • I think this could turn into a roaming horde of crazies tearing up the place! Could be a good time (esp. if there’s a Rob encounter).

          • I envision a lot of screaming and hair pulling(perhaps even fainting)!


          • Bobby Long was playing at the Hoxton Bar and Grill on 13th Jan. Very close to where I work/live. Seriously considered going on the off chance that the Rob may go. Thankfully, I came to me senses and didn’t go. Nothing turned up on the net after so maybe he didn’t go, but have to say that most people that hang round this area would probably not want to be seen as behaving in any way other than ‘uber cool’. So he could probably get away with hang in this area without too much fuss.

          • I think most of us would uberfail at ‘uber-cool’, except maybe for Minuit!

          • Mine, thanks for the insight. Coded message: people there are/were “uber cool”. And you were right not to go. Even if he’s there, what can you do? I would also act “uber cool” and I admit it with a dose of sarcasm. Srlsy, you bump into HHH in a pub, what can you do? The best it can happen is that you end up really close by some kind of miracle and in a sort of situation where you can do a supposedly good joke. But what’s more likely to happen is that he’s in a corner with his friends, going there and say hi is more than embarrassing and he’s too paranoid to make friends with people he doesn’t know. It’s a no solution thing. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody….

          • haha, draska I didn’t see your comment when posting mine, but you were right 🙂 I think I’m hopeless.

        • Great!!!
          We still don’t know exactely about time and place. But it would be apparently London+Budapest. The thing is it’s kinda ridiculous to look in a city for a guy, who might not even go out when you’re there. We should do like a huge organisation with LTR gals splitting and looking for him everywhere 🙂 🙂 :). We’re going completely insane and I can’t help laughing in front of people here.

          • Hey, I know a couple of people in Budapest (and a couple in the London area, too). We’d a home base!

          • Now you’ll just have to convert them to the sect, so they can have some precious information for when we’re there. Also, interns are more than wellcomed.

          • you’re right, sat in a corner surrounded by girls being mental more than likely. As much as I would love to meet Rob I think I like imaginary Rob really, the real deal may be too much to handle and lets be honest the chance of someone like him noticing anyone normal…… well you know what I mean.

            But to be fair the Hoxton Bar and Grill is a cool place, they do have some really good bands on (not mainstream). It’s just one of those areas of london that has quite a high percentage of media/artist/student types.

          • Not entirely sure about WHY..but I love this convo!

          • Mine! Thanks for the details, I was thinking it was kind of a new underground trendy place, like the new bohemian places in Paris. Cool. Is it Islington?
            The thing is that I don’t like imaginary Rob, I think it’s pathetic to spend your time on a guy you can’t meet, I want to meet him but for much more than 5 min, only it seems pretty complicated. Why isn’t he one of those people who get completely drunk and then leave all by themselves from a party and get lost in the streets?

          • Yep, it’s next to Islington/Clerkenwell area….I’m from Clerkenwell ….v. lucky living central london, no need to every catch a bus/train/tube to go out. Only time I use public transport is sometimes get on a Night Bus, but to be honest, I do try to avoid those if possible. Most of my more sureal exprerinece have occured whilst on Night buses. Either I fall asleep and end up in areas of London I didn’t even know existed and once I woke up to find an Italian guy attached to my face…..quite a bloody shock, indignantly asked him what the hell he was playing at and he told me I was asleep and looked like I needed a kiss!!!!!!!! Night buses are weird and to be avoid if at all possible.

            I know what you mean about prefering imaginary Rob, but honestly what would you do if you did meet him. I can’t imagine I’d do anything I’d be proud of later. The only time I’d feel ok about meeting him would be if I’d had a few drinks and I should never meet new people when I’ve had a drink. It’s not pleasant! 🙂

          • MP and mine!
            mine!..Hilarious story!(Night bus)!lol
            but girls….proudness is sooo overestimated…..hahaha…jkjk

          • Robgirl, about approaching him…doesn’t matter if I’ll never have the balls to do it, we have you and draska and sb and the other crazies. good times!

            mine! I think I see a solution here, getting drunk and radically changing our haircut&colour the next day, but only when we sober up.

          • have tried that one before. Once cut own hair under the influence of drink. Couldn’t go to work the next day was too embaressed. Went from having long hair (mid back) to short hair (just under ears). Forgot I’d done it until I woke up the next day, you can imagine my surprise/shock to find my hair all over the bathroom (such a slut didnt’ clear hair up after I’d cut it).

          • Minuit, oh I see, I’m one of the crazies now and you aren’t? LOL.

            Come on.

          • SB you def. are one of the crazies. And so am I. And so are the other “normal” gals here. And I’d love to meet you, Rob or no Rob.

          • MIne! I’m dying laughing here. Why do I have the feeling that’s not the only good story you have?

          • MP if you mean drunk idiotic stories than unfortunatly you are correct, and i’m not proud of it, honest! Am usually mortified by my behaviour.

        • me too please, I want to visit Jane Austen’s house and someone names Dick Pattinson, anyone heard of him?

          • Hey misty! I drive past Jane Austen’s House every day to work. I will now be thinking of you at about 5.45pm (BST) tonight.

          • The Pattinsons place is like a museum but even better, you can touch all the objects, including beds, sofas, showers, walls, tables…

      • I read that shooting on Bel Ami didn’t start until 15th Feb. How’s this trip to LA and filming supposed to work, it’s all very confusing. Wish he’d just do a daily bulletin…doesn’t have to give precise location, just a general idea of whereabouts, this will stop me from wasting considerable amounts of time looking for answers to my questions. I don’t want him to leave London…..ever.
        OH Lord, when am I going to get over this *insanity* interest. It just can’t continue at this level for much longer…….. meltdown is imminent.

        • Mine, if you’re in London do you want to be our insider? We need information.

          and weekly bulletin since December to February. No dates, just some notes from his journal.
          – Going back to TomStu. Are we still together? The sex is always great. Will he agree to a threesome with KStew? How whould I announce this?
          -My head still hurts from last night. I wonder what I did. And why did I wake up behind a dumpster?

          • Always in London except when I’m not! 🙂

            You can sign me up for the Rob hunt and if I can help in obtaining any insider info on the beautiful one (or TomStu) I will be only too happy.

          • In the meantime, I may give you some info which might interest you since you’re there, or maybe you know about it already. It’s nothing spectacular, but you can write me if you want at: minuit_passe (at) yahoo (dot)fr have to go now, catch up with RL.

        • Have you reached your breaking point yet? 😉

          • arrrrhhhh so close but yet so far.

            He’s in London, Yes, but he may as well be on the moon. Unless he lets me know where exactly he is, I don’t think there’s much chance that I’m going to be able to locate him. Those photos from 22nd Jan going in to his hotel, looked very much like the steps of the Dorchester. But couldn’t be bothered to head round there and see if any papps were hanging about outside.

        • You sound like me!

          Ladies – if there is ever a LTR stalkathon in London COUNT ME IN – I’ve already been to Barnes once so I’m kind of a FREAK pro.

          • I’m jealous of y’all who are geographically closer to Rob right now.

        • I’m coming to London Feb 26 – want to meet up and hunt for him? I have a whole day before my husband joins me! Unfortunately, Rob is headed to NYC for the premeire (March 1) and The View (March 2) so he isn’t going to be in London for most the time I’m there. So sad. I guess I’ll have to, you know, actually be a tourist for real London landmarks (not that you aren’t, Rob).

      • LTR Road Trip… I’m IN!

      • If Rob does lurk here, I can imagine his thought bubble- ‘oh great, the LTR women are organizing….. internationally!

        • HAHA!!

        • hahaha
          it’s a coalition. might get as organised and dangerous as the Mafia.

        • Rob, we are coming. thatswhatshesaid. Yes great jk, very proud (not) of myself.

          • Rob we are coming! TWSS

            Watch out for our international coalition of fangirls!!!! We’re gonna tear up London like there’s not tomorrow!

        • LMAO!!!!

        • Right about that!

          • MP I heart you so much right now! lol

          • I ❤ u for ❤ me for really reasonable reasons.

        • LTR girls organized internationally…WTF…is that their new hobby?

          Drsaka…that could be another hilar title for that Remember me computer-sitting-pic!

          • I thought so too!

    • Glad you like them! I was going to try to respond in French, but then I realized that after 8 years of taking French in school I can only say things like ‘Donnez-moi le stylo bleu’ and ‘Dancez dans la pubelle!’ Not very useful. And probably riddled with spelling/grammatical errors.

      • hahahahahahahahahahahaha
        Jodie, I never said “Danser dans la poubelle” in my life and I speak French all day. If anyone is wondering what is she talking about, it means “Dancing in the dumpster”. Now, my advise, replace some words and it might just become useful with a certain person.

        • Hee! It’s actually how my first French teacher taught us. By giving simple commands in French so we would learn by doing. We were also told to dance on the desk, but spelling pupitre is harder than spelling poubelle. =) I can also say things like ‘Jetez-moi la balle vert’ and ‘Fermez le fenetre’. I’m guessing that since the only French I can remember is what I learned in 7th grade that she was onto something with her method of teaching!

  9. JodieO- thank you, those are really funny and some of those manips are truly disturbing!

    As you interviewing Rob, I’m certain that I’d say something terminally embarrassing.

    And Rob, we do have hobbies: gazing at photos of you (those collages, too) and LTR.

    • It’s true! I’m sure Rob agrees! I bet he likes mine, though.

    • Is it still considered a “hobby” if you spend more time doing it than you spend doing work/career?

      • You’re asking us? I’d find a different source to reality check with? lol

  10. I can’t wait for the Roberview with BawaWawa. I can’t stand the View, but I’ll be watchin that shiz…for Rob indeed. I cannot wait until Remember Me, I mean its Rob!!! No vamps, warevolves, spider monkeys, or pasty white makeup…woo woo

    • Sorry! The thumbs down was an accident! I wanted to apologize because they break sprits!

  11. Great post Moon and great pics JodieO!

    Gah, no I won’t be able to interview Rob, unless of course I consume lots of alcohol prior so I can lose some of my inhibitions. Otherwise, nah, I might spontaneously combust and that’s not good for my family! 🙂

    No premiere party either. 😦 Just me and Rob, at the cinema, that’s it. DH doesn’t want to go anyway, and that’s okay with me because I don’t want him to see me fall apart, that will srsly hurt his ego.

    • I’ve already decided that my DH isn’t going with me either. I already embarrassed myself when we watched the trailer, before New Moon. I think he heard me whimpering, right when Rob’s face was whizzing by on the train, and looked over at me. I remember him leaning over to me to ask, “Did you know about this?”. All I could get out at the time, was “Are you kidding?”. I about fell out of my seat, and melted on the floor, when Rob said, “Well, I guess it was just hear to tease me.” Jesus, it was just the trailer. I can’t imagine being able to keep my composure during the movie, if he were there.

      No, definitely not taking the hubby… Definitely not…

      But he will “reap the benefits”, when I get home after the movie…

      • katiebird – Mine reaps the benefits too and he is too arrogant to even admit it. He thinks it’s all his own doing! Whatever!

        You whimpered? LOL, so did I, the first time I saw that scene….heck wait, who am I kidding? I whimper/groan/shriek whenever I see the trailer.

        So anyway I think for our SO’s sanity we all have to watch Remember Me by ourselves!

      • my plan is to see it RM on the Fri – alone. Get (most) of the whimpering out my system. Then on the Sat insist DH and I go see a movie – and hey! look whats showing, let’s see this one (sneaky 2nd viewing for me).
        So not only do I benefit from seeing my *trulove* all bigscreen-like again… I fulfill my fan duties by “bringing a friend along” on opening weekend…
        So that makes 3 x tickets – helping to prove his ‘economic viability’ as Rob likes to say.

        But really it’s just an excuse to perve some more.

        • I like your thinking, Thesabstar1.

    • Glad you like them, SB! We’ve missed you in the flat!

      • Jodie, hey girl, I’ll come visit one of these days I promise! It’s been a while! I changed computers and I lost the link to the flat. 😦

  12. The second bubble was the best! And I’m sure that it is 100% accurate. I think that all the time when I see those videos!

    I just entered that Pop Sugar contest 21 times (you can do that if you annoy other people by emailing, tweeting and FB posting it. I only emailed the link people who I knew wouldn’t enter, like my dad. don’t want to decrease my chances)

    If I win, I’m gonna go New Moon premiere crazy winner style and dress in an outfit from Remember Me so he knows I’m a Big Fan and then tell Rob about some weird tragic thing in my past and then just let him stare at me because there is no possible appropriate response.

    Or my question will be “do you like blow jobs?” followed by, “may I give you one now?”

    • ‘tell Rob about some weird tragic thing in my past and then just let him stare at me because there is no possible appropriate response’. One of the contest winners did that, I think I remember. Awkward!

      Your second question- direct is always best!!!!!

    • yes, I’m replying to myself.

      So I told my husband what I wrote. So he says, “You know how supportive I am of all this silliness (that is 100% true, no sarcasm), so I’m gonna let you practice your interview technique on me in case you win.”

      • Your hubby is so selfless!

      • Nice hubby you got over there!

      • thats SO selfless of him!! i love when men/bf’s/hubs just go along with it.


    • that’s it, get right to the point. Who cares about how it was to work with Pierce Brosnan?

      • exactely. journalists are morons to think we care about things related to his movies. i mean maybe a bit for RM, but the really important stuff is sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, and especially the first 2.

        • Bravo minuit Bravo! 🙂

          • I was really frustrated with that NM press tour. So “what do u have in common with Edward?” Duh, the sparklepeen. get to the point already.

          • haha..true that…’s the solution…as I saw all the twilight interviews I KNOW what Rob would say….I could answer instead of him…he could have meanwhile some beer and stuff…relaxing…and then…..Me/We could have our private more interesting “interview”! ???

      • Honest to god, Pierce Brosnan was my very first celebrity crush. I was 12 and I had his picture all over my bedroom – he was Remington Steele and I thought he was all that and a bag of chips. Most of the girls I knew were into Ricky Schroeder (Silver Spoons anyone?) or other teenage boys, but I already knew that age gaps are not an obstacle (in either direction).

        So, I’m not sure I would open with the same line for Pierce. Then again, Irish accent, crazy ass blue eyes, yeah – maybe he’d get the same in-depth questioning. No wonder journalists’ jaws hurt.

    • milfy, I really hope you win.

      • thanks! me too!

    • okay I am trying to work… (or at least pretend to work) and it’s just not happening this morning. I keep cracking up, and these replies put me over the edge. milfy I am hoping for all of our sakes that you win and then write a massive LTR letter about it!

      • My whole day is ruined AGAIN!!! it’s the end of the afternoon here! I need help!

    • Milfy, you are such a dirty girl.
      ❤ the way your mind works.

  13. A spaghetti shower This must be really wild and cool. The new craze. The add some meatballs to the mix.

    • Meatballs!

    • oh he’s got the balls alright.

      (yea. i just said that)

  14. i loved it thanks so much JodieO it’s so funny.
    and the sunglasses for Rob’s legs hahaha

    • Anytime! =)

  15. The last bubble is so hilarious!

    Dear Rob,

    I do need a hobby, I know. Even my SO nags me about this. But I say you are my “real” hobby and you take all of my free time so therefore I have no more time for anything else.

    Crocheting? Sewing? Cross-stitching? Pottery? Na, I’ll pass and just hang out in front of my laptop staring at your hotness, analyzing every smile, nod and gesture.

    I know this sounds scary. Forgive me! LOL


  16. HAAA! Love the last pic – but you forgot Jaw Porn Rob. JAW PORN.

  17. PS: Can someone explain the ‘Spaghetti Shower’?

    • PS: I get that this a RM thing – but I doubt I’ll be going to the cinema to see it so if someone wants to break to down to me when they know I’d appreciate it.

    • I think it’s just a sexy food fight, Shleeeigh. Was that too obvious of an answer?


  18. I think if I got to interview him (and I’m not sure I could without sitting there open-mouthed in awe) I’d probably ask something like this question: I know women ask you all the time if you’d bite them but has anyone ever asked if they could bite you? Then I’d get to see him get all embarrassed. He probably turn slightly red, look down then smile and say “Um, well… um, I dunno, maybe…”

    • Hahah, yeah I just totally imagined him blushing.

      Where do you want to bite him? Pick a spot. 😉

  19. anyone know where in NYC the premiere is and/or what time?

    • It’s on March 1st in NYC, but no venue has been specified yet.

      Btw, is anyone planning on going to the premiere?? I really want to go to this one since LA is impossible for me.

      • “Um, well… um, I dunno, maybe…” ummmm YES!

        Only now, red carpet announced March 1 and movie opening March 12, I have to decide which one to choose. Go to red carpet and maybe see Rob from across the street and then go back home without seeing RM until mid april, or go to NC to see a movie.

        • but isn’t the opportunity to see Rob worth it? Mid-April isn’t so bad.

          • I know, Rob would probably prevail. It’s just wrong to go to NYC just to see a movie, right? But to go there to freeze for hours in front of a movie theatre or TV studio is NORMAL, right?

          • of course. It would be completely abnormal if you were to pass up this opportunity to see Rob in the flesh-so to speak.

      • Here. I started a meetup thread in the forum for all you lucky ducks that are going!

  20. Are you guys going to the NYC premiere?

    No way could I interview him. No flippin’ way. I get so 2nd hand embarrassed for others, I would die if I was embarrassed for myself.

    I admit, when I saw the photo of him at the computer, I thought, “This is how he looks when he’s reading LTR!” Hi, Rob!

    No premiere party here but I’m def. going to opening night. And because of some ahole on Youtube, I now know how it ends. So beware of reading anything online about the movie beforehand.

    • I couldn’t help myself and read the Memoirs screenplay. But I know they adapted the screenplay, and I think they changed the end, no?
      So perhaps what you read/saw wasn’t correct?
      The again, maybe it was. I haven’t really heard anything at all about how the actual movie is going to be.

  21. “Jesus.. another collage of my crotch? These women are animals!”

    Yes we are Rob!

    We need a collage of Rob’s crotch. Can somebody make one?

    I need some new “inspiration”…

    • Sorry… meant to say: a new collage of his crotch…

    • yes emphasis on NEW

  22. Jodes, you are brilliant.

    And where do I sign up for this RM contest? I won’t faint…I promise. I might get the 2nd hand in though cause I would be drunk…you know liquid courage.

    • Awwh, Sassy, thanks! We miss you!

  23. I love the porn one. “These women need hobbies”. BBAHAHAHAHA!

    • That one was my favourite too!!

    • Doesn’t he know that HE’s our hobby? Sheesh!

  24. I lurk a lot but don’t usually comment. You have so many loyal followers that comment daily, so I know you don’t need my two cents added in, but I just have to say that I am LMFAO over this post. Brilliant!! I will definitely be linking back to this on my blog.


    • oh thanks Lisa!!! So glad you commented!

      • You’re welcome. Thanks for noticing 😉

        • Please comment anytime!

          • hello! 🙂

        • We can always use fresh blood!

          • That sounded kind of scary… 😉

          • Edward? That woould even explain the name The Old One! OMG!

            Hi 17foreverlisa!

          • Uhoh, maybe The Old One = Rob in disguise! (Hi Rob 🙂 )

          • Haha! Uh, no.

    • Hey welcome to LTR! We are fun and exciting!

    • We always want your 2 cents (but we’ll only pay a penny for your thoughts…where does that other one cent go?) Anyway… welcome to the spot where all the cool kids hang out! Sit down, relax, and have some plaid!

  25. Jodes is total win!

    I wouldn’t faint if I had to interview the cast .. I would have to tell Pierce about the giant Remington Steele poster my mom was given for her 30th birthday in 1986. That is still in pristine condition. I just think he would want to know.

    • Loved Remington Steele!!!!

    • Awwh, thanks! You’re sweet! =)

  26. JodieO you rule as always!!!!

    And DUDE…. the premiere was four weeks from yesterday. WHAT THE!???

    Everyone, convince Moon to visit me on the east coast so we can stalk bump into Rob in NYC together!!!!

    • It’s only fair! How many times have you been out there to see her, huh? HUH?? Besides, there’s likely going to be a big meetup of awesome LTR chicks in NYC and won’t she be the sad clown if she misses it? I think so.

      And I’m glad you ladies like my pictures. =) I was having way too much fun with it yesterday.

    • Are you going, UC? Is there a LTR get together planned?

      • I know some of the ladies from the forum will be going. I just started a thread for it in the forum.

        • I so wish I could go. It sounds like it would be a party.
          But I feel like I would have a hard time explaining that to my family…

    • Then again, it’s also completely fair that you go without her since SHE saw Rob how many times without you?

  27. Someone, please send me the so called “crotch collage.” I know it must really exist and I don’t have it.



      • Thanks, Jellybean.

        I’m satisfied.


    • ML, I can hear the almost desperate tweed serious tone of your voice from over the ocean. ❤ u big time!!!

    • haha..ME too…but that sounds more like a serious CRY!…and girl, why didn’t you trust your dealer?????

      • It’s a cry for help.

        • come join us on a European tour to see the crotch “grandeur nature”… or not.

          • yes! lion…come over!!!<3 …and bring sb with you!!!

          • sb is already on the plane. she is the one who came up with the idea and invited me on the tour. SB?

          • I’m be there…for the “full-scale” crotch tour, MP.

            Sorry Rob, we can just can’t help ourselves.

          • see the crotch “grandeur nature”

            and we wonder why he’s hiding-

            just kidding!

          • SB is here and yes I’m flying across the pond as we speak!

            We have a huge itinerary girls, so save y’all’s energy!

          • I love the “crotch grandeur nature!” Oolala!


    • LOL! Thanks for finding that so quickly for us.

    • my husband saw this on my computer-he gave me a long look then just walked away.

    • Oh gosh, thank you so much! This made my sick day better!

    • Oh my God!! Seriously? No, seriously?

  29. Best question of the day! Would I be able to interview Rob? Hmm…well, as a former reporter, I’d like to think I could manage a few semi-intelligent questions. But ONLY if they allowed me 10 minutes or so beforehand to simply stare, drool, ogle and fawn over him. Yah, that wouldn’t be awkward AT ALL.
    “And…your time’s up Miss.”
    Me – “Oh, right, thanks Manager Person. So, Rob, now that I’ve completely unnerved you by staring at you in near-silence for almost ten minutes – with the exception of my sighs and nervous giggles (sorry ’bout that) – can I ask you a few questions?”
    Rob – Oh shit.
    Me – “So, there’s some criticism that your role in RM as Tyler is just an Americanized version of yourself – troubled, brooding, smoking, drinking, barfighting, misunderstood rebel without a clue. What do you say to that?”
    Rob – Uh, I get to have sex with a reasonably attractive chick in this one? *waits for me to stop giggling*
    Me – “Right. So, again, how is this different from your real life?”
    Rob – Damn it.
    Me – “I’m reasonably attractive Rob. And my hair is MUCH better than Kristen’s and Emilie’s. Will you have sex with me??”
    Rob – SECURITY!!
    The End. Well, I tried. Love you girls!

    • hahahahhahah… Taking one for the team huh?

  30. Thanks JodieO…the computer-pics are so funny!

    I’m still “working” and that’s the first problem here!
    I read all the comments and now I have 5 other problems…
    1) what would I ask him in an interview?
    2) when will he leave his hide-out?
    3))when will he finish to lurk here?
    4) where is he ?(old problem…lol)
    5) when will I bump into him ? (look at 4!)
    6) what is more important…sex, drugs or rockn’ roll?

    ….Nr.6 is the only answered question YET!

    • Glad you like them!

  31. FML, because I probably will enter the contest, because you gotta be in it to win it, but really, I don’t think I would want to win.

    However, be it known, that if I do win, I would certainly be taking question suggestions, as well as pre-game drink suggestions, from the lovely Ladies of LTR.

    Just this morning, as I was walking from the subway in the effing deep freeze that is NYC, I started thinking about how it really was not that long ago that I was sweating my ass off in July running to watch RM filming during my painfully short lunch break. Luckily, they filmed near my office often. Summer of 2009? GOOOOOOOD TIMES!

    I am so down for an NYC LTR RM Party!

  32. Dear Rob,

    your legs are hot!

    P.S. ..the rest as well……lol

    • Every part of him is hot :-).

      But he looks adorable sitting like that with those huge shorts and those shoes with no socks on. Looks like he was working out or shooting some hoops.

      • I’m actually very glad about him NOT wearing socks….that’s sooo german…gahhhhhhhh…german men do that thing in the whole world…sandals with white tennis socks!!! 😦

        • Yeah! Sandals with white socks…
          I have to force my dad to not do that! I seriously refuse to leave the house when he does that…

        • It’s not just German men, my dad does that. He even wears socks with flip flops! Haha.

          • I am happy that’s not just something germans do!
            Cause if all man do that I’m good with it (but I still hope Rob doesn’t do it…)

          • if he would do I prolly would love it….sad that is….!!!

          • Soooo sad but really true!

        • birkenstocks+socks. that’s a German internationaly known thing.

          • birkenstock+white socks+ beer belly+red face+and a beer in the hand…………….gahhhhhhhhh

  33. I’ve had so many conversations with Rob, in my head, and even then I never know what to say. I try to act cool like I don’t know who he is and that I’m totally not interested and of course I never mention that I read LTR/LTT religiously or that I even read Twilight and that I’m married and have kids.

    So yeah I could never interview him!!

    • Not Bears, I’m so glad you posted this. Now I know it’s totally Normal because I do this too. I mean, a lot.

    • That’s normal.

  34. JodieO is Goo!

    • Mmmmm…. goo…

  35. […] LTR ; LTT ; RAoR ; Rmw ; […]

  36. How come I didn’t notice the leg hair before? Oh right, my eyes were DRAWN to his chest. *sigh*. JodieO, those are brilliant, as always. And yes, I’m pretty sure Rob thinks we are crazy. But that’s okay, I am.

    • He totally loves us.

      • Thanks, Jodie!!! Nice job and yes, he totally loves us. How could he not?

  37. If I ever got the chance to do an interview with him I would probs run away crying cause I would have a nervous breakdown…
    I am a closet fan you know. I would feel kinda embarrassed in that moment because I am sure he would think I am a crazy fangirl and stuff…

    Dear Rob,
    if you promise not to laugh at my stupidness I will ask you some questions. Like real questions.


  38. i love how all of us feel embarrassed or get worry for our hypothetically interview /meet with Rob.
    i would probably cry if i have to do this but without no reason cuz i have so sensetive eyes gets wet so esaily when i get shock.damn it!

  39. Confirmed by Gossip Cop-Rob is going to be on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon. Not sure of the date probably March 1 or 2.


    • The drought is coming to an end and at least there is “Little Ashes” to tide me over until March.

    • Do you think they’ll sit in the Rob is Bothered tree together? That would be so awesome!

      • I hope you are right, T.O.O. I love that whole “bothered” tree thing!

  40. I would be all teacher like, very prepared until he spoke then I would scream like a little girl!!!!!!

  41. Jodie O—you mean to tell me he isn’t like glued to Emancipation Proclamation or some fanfic? lol

    Say what you will about Ms Hardwick but she really set up the ultimate interview with Rob. That would be the only interview I would be interested in having with him.

  42. ROB LURKS?! O.O

    *runs to the bathroom to fix hair, do mustache, match undies and shave legs…runs back*

    Ummmm, Hi. *waves* hehe. 😀

    *looks around innocently* What?

  43. […] Remember Me news round up and a very special 1 Picture, 4 Takes Dear Rob, I was talking to UC tonight and we figured out that Remember Me comes out in like 4 weeks! And then we got […] […]

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