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The one where I don’t really talk about Rob Pattinson

My First Love

Dear Rob,

Time out. This might be hard to hear. Or maybe not since I’ve confessed things like this before. Back in 2004 I discovered the TV show “The OC.” I was a season behind, so the weekend of my discovery my college roommate and I, Lucifer the Devil (a nickname she adores), did not sleep. We did not eat. We did not drink because then we’d have to pee. We just watched The OC. And somehow didn’t get through the entire first season so for half of the following week, we went to class groggily, not prepared for quizzes and tests and papers because most nights we stayed up till 5 am. All because of Seth Cohen. Adorable, Adorkable, Amazing Seth Cohen. (And in something we might call “fate,” my first phone call to Moon EVER and probably the only real conversation we had since we met 2 years before was the time I called to get filled-in on what Lucifer & I missed in the first few episodes of season 2. The convo went something like this, “Moon- I’m in love with Seth Cohen! What do I do!?” Not to be confused with the one four years later that went something like this, “Moon- I’m so in love with Robert Pattison. What do I do!?” I should’ve known then our friendship, cemented in our love for fictional characters and the actors who play them, was for keeps!….!) My love affair with The OC, Seth Cohen and their world in Newport Beach was something I’ll have fond memories of forever. When I’m feeling down, bored or nostalgic, you might find me pulling out my worn copy of season 1, remembering the first time I heard about Christmakuh, the Thanksgiving episode with Seth, Summer and Anna and thinking fondly back on the time when I didn’t hate Mischa Barton. Sigh… the good ol’ days.

This past weekend has come very close to that time in college when Lucifer and I discovered Seth. Except this time I’ve discovered Nate Archibald, Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey *le sigh* and, oh, did I mention Chuck Bass? Yes. I’ve been sucked into the world of Gossip Girl. I resisted for a lonnnngg time. I knew I’d love it. I knew I’d obsess. I didn’t have time to find a new obsession.  I mean, I have you- what else do I need? But, I gave in. And didn’t shower, get dressed or move all weekend long.

So all that to say, I haven’t thought about you at all much this weekend. No, this isn’t about to become a blog about Gossip Girl (I think I’m a few years behind to start one of those), but would you allow me a moment to just think of only one thing (besides you) for one weekend? Okay good.

So I did a little googling, to see what I could find to talk about today. I googled stuff like “Rob Pattinson and gossip girl,” “Rob Pattinson likes Gossip Girl,” “Rob Pattinson hooking up with actress on Gossip Girl” but all I came across was stuff about “Rob Pattinson and Chuck Bass.” And then I was like, “DUH!” All year long I’ve been hearing about and reading of comparisons between you and Ed Westwick (who plays Chuck Bass).  Now, I actually have some context to have an intelligent (ahem) conversation about it!

(I totally photoshopped some dude out of this picture. I'm pretty sure Rob & Ed have no idea who the other is...Unless they met once, at the Queen's house)

First I hit up my favorite site, Yahoo Answers, and found that someone had asked the following:

Does anyone think Chuck Bass looks like Edward Cullen?

Here are a few of my favorite responses:

of course i think so! chuck bass and edward cullen look exactly alike! i am actually ed westwick’s wife, in case you were wondering! actually, ed westwick and robert pattinson are BFF’s in real life! they have a “bromance”

Well….you could say so. On the outside though, not the inside. In my personal opinion, I think that chuck and edward look almost exactly alike but their inside genetic material and stuff is completely different. Maybe next time you ask a question, you can specify it. There chemical make-up is completely different; although, they do look alike on the outside.

NO! unlike edward cullen, chuck bass washes his hair

Ed, Rob AND that girl who slept with John Krasinski? It's like all my Hollywood Men in one place!

But people other than 12 year olds who think Edward Cullen is real and idiots trying to sound smart talking about nonsense like your differing “chemical make-up” have made comparisons between you two, and I have to ask- WHY!? Ed plays a character completely different than Edward Cullen or any other character you’ve played. Ed is like 5 feet tall while you’re over 6 feet. You don’t actually look alike. Okay you’re both from England. Okay you’re both musicians. Okay you both hate to shave. Ed’s real first name is the first name of your most famous character and once he played a gay guy (like you did in Little Ashes) on Californication and was the writer of bad vampire erotica. Assuming all girls hate to shave, that’s like comparing me to Katy Perry because we live in the same country, both like to sing, once I kissed a girl too and we both have at one point in our life written some words on a blog. And we’re NOT the same. I wouldn’t touch Russell Brand with a 10 foot poll if someone paid me a million dollars PLUS told me I could have you, Chuck Bass AND Seth Cohen all at the same time. Yuck. (Yuck to Russell. The threesome with You, Chuck and Seth? Yum, yum, YUM)

So to recap: This weekend I barely thought of you. So much so that I just made up a reason to blog about Gossip Girl on my blog called “Letters to Rob.” And while I heart me some Chuck Bass (I’m actually just halfway through season 1 and currently my heart is a little fonder towards Dan Humphrey, but I hear Chuck will really seal the deal for my heart in Season 2), you and Ed Westwick are nothing alike. Sure you’re both British and both attractive and have that strong jaw and hairy chest, but you’re not the same, no matter what any 12 year old or person on google thinks. And I’m okay with liking both of you…. Don’t worry, I still like you more!

“There’s something in my stomach. Fluttering,”

So what do you think? Anything in common with Rob Pattinson and Ed Westwick? Non-GG watchers (what’s wrong with you!? Watch it now) Thanks for bearing with me. But Ed isn’t the ONLY one Rob has been compared to. There’s been Jo Jonas (Barf), Zac Efron, the dude who plays Bill Compton from True Blood! What do you think? Anyone out there we can REALLY compare Rob to!? Or is he “one of a kind!?”

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  1. I think Rob is one of a kind. I don’t think I can find a comparison (maybe Johnny Depp – not because they look alike, but because I have obsessed over Johnny in the past)

    But don’t feel guilty, UC. It’s okay to get a little action on the side. Especially when our man (Rob) ignores us for so long. Doesn’t he know that in order to keep the romance (obsession) alive he needs to come out and play once in a while?
    He’s like those men that are work-a-holics and come home to find out that their wives are having an affair.

    And it’s not all Rob’s fault. What about David Slade? Why isn’t he releasing some new Eclipse set photos or a trailer? We need something to happen in the Twilight world or we’re all going to start cheating with Gossip Girl.

    • oh i don’t feel guilty AT ALL. i’m having way too much fun with my new obsession to feel guilty!

    • Seriously agree with you. It’s less than 5 months away. How can we not be expected to cheat with some GG or Vamp Diaries when there is no Rob Pretty or Twi-pretty to get a ladywood over?

      • Makes me wonder if they are holding off on promoting Eclipse until after Remember Me is released?

      • I feel like a total slut watching Vamp Diaries – but I’m lovin’ every minute of it!

    • Gosh – Could you imagine if Rob quit the biz and we never saw him again? *sobs* I think riots would start. lol. I think I would have that feeling in New Moon when Edward leaves all over again. But way worse.

  2. UC, are you trying to make Rob jealous so that he’ll come out of hiding?

  3. OMG I totes remember now having other boyfriends B.R. (Before Rob)….let’s see there was Fred Savage, Leonards (he-he), Justin Timerblake, Orlando Bloom, dare I say it (Brad Pit), of corse there was also Jude Law…………….need I say more. Now that Rob come into my life they are a distant memory…
    As for Gossip Girl, I don’t watch that show or the new 90210 (I’m not judging anyone) I admit to watching Bachelor (this season and last) and other La Gay shows like American Idol…but I have no new crushes other than Rob (but I will always have a place in my heart for Mr. Darcy too)….swoooooooooooon.

    • but rob is a one of a kind in my eyes

    • AHHHH…. Mr. Darcy….

    • Your post is my post. Appparently, we went to the same high school because those were all of my boyfriends, too!
      Did you ever date Leo? It didn’t last with us – he thought he was the king of the world.

      • king of the world babhabahahahahh, yeah what en ego he had…then apprently I wasn’t pretty enough and he dated some model…lol he was a jerk (j/k)

    • You and I have similar tastes in men! 🙂

      I’ve been imagining Rob as Mr. Darcy….and I want to be Elizabeth Bennett.

  4. Haha! You did get a GG post in!
    I, too, resisted Gossip Girl.
    I, too, was a season behind when I first started The OC.
    But SQUEE that you think Dan is hawt too!
    My friends are all about Chuck so I daren’t mention my little thang for Dan . . .
    I wasn’t won over by Ed Westwick til I watched the spesh features . . . and discovered he was English. That’s when he won me over.
    Sadly, his dirty RL appearance is nowhere near as hot as Rob’s 😐 But I’d listen to him speak anyday.

    And that was a total, rambling mess.

    • Also I just rewatched allllll of The OC for about the 7th time.
      Seth is so. effing. adorkable.
      And, well, season 4 Ben McKenzie? Phwoar.

      • yes. yes and YES! I knew we were friends for a reason!

    • Yes! Chuck (and Blair) and my favorites!!!

      • Is that a tiny crab in you avi, Rachel?

        • yes! he crawled under my beach chair so I was able to get a really close up picture of him! 🙂

  5. OK so you didn’t think of Rob at all but still managed to imagine for a second a threesome with him, Ed and Seth? I say this will make up for all the non-thinking of Rob week-end.

    And series are a bit like Rob: hugely addictive. You spend your night with it, then you’re sorry at 10 AM when you really have to take a shower and go to the office, trying to get there before lunch. Except you really can spend your night with the series, whereas Rob…

    So what else do Rob & Ed have in common? Probably a certain will to (be famous) succeed and live of their art.

    • I can hear you ask what “art” ? The answer is : the one to come in the future. I hope. And the music.

    • you’re right- i had a successful weekend since I imagined that threesome…

    • Rob is Rob..HUGHLY addictive! The end!<3

      • Do you have that pale red shirt with red buttons that Rob is wearing, on your inventory?

        • haha
          please let’s not put it into the list. Let’s just pretend he borrowed it and this time really took it back.

          • …it’s not his! It’s Tom’s shirt!

        • Hmmm can you send that? I don’t know if I have that pic yet. Ha.

  6. The only man I can even think would come close to Rob’s hotness in my mind would be Brad Pitt. The way he looked in Legends of the Fall. And only in that movie. Certainly not the way his weird-goatee-wearing-ass looks now!

    • “Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall”
      *sigh* 1 word: stables.

      • few words, Bard horse back-riding (nice and slow)….oooooohhhhh my…..

        • *Brad…in a hurry

    • Huge thumbs up!

      What IS it about that movie? I can be flipping through channels, see that movie on TBS or something, it’ll be halfway through, Samuel’s already dead, and I’m compelled to watch. I can’t stand it. The chemistry of him and Julia Ormond. Sigh. It makes me bawl every time.

    • It was hard to concentrate on Legends with Brad (see the hair) there, but can I say worst acting ever?

      Brad’s best acting = Fight Club (see abs and plenty of sweat).

      But I guess we aren’t really concerned with acting…

      That is all.

  7. not entirely sure if this is a manip, but it looks pretty real to me

    behold, robwick (the new robstu? who am i kidding nothing can beat robstu.)

    • no way it’s not real. and Ed has his own tomstu = chace crawford

  8. I nearly died when I opened this page and saw a picture of Adam Brody. And then when I scrolled down and saw the rest of the pictures, I died a little more.

    Funny, because I was just saying the other day how I miss the OC. And how I wish GG would come back from hiatus and be good again.
    I’m all about Nate though. Pretty boy? Maybe. But I’m okay with that. He had my heart from day one.

    To actually address the question: I don’t think you can really compare Ed and Rob in any way, shape, or form. Rob is in a league of his own 🙂

    • Totally agree with you Jess. Rob is definitely in a league of his own!

      • Completely unrelated, but your screen name is my favorite Van Morrison song. I adore it. I assume it’s probably yours also.

        • Yeah, Tupelo Honey is my favorite Van song, hence the name. Love me some Van Morrison!

    • See I wasn’t really into Nate in S1. He was too boring and pretty.
      But after watching S2, for some unknow reason, I am definitely on the Chace Crawford is Fuckhawt boat.

      • I don’t know if it’s on now in Australia or not, but start watching season 3! Nate’s cuteness has been taken to a whole other level (in my books, anyway).

        • It’s on cable. Which bro DOES have in his room cos he pays for it buuuut he won’t let me. I may have to start catching up online like I do with Grey’s and Glee.

          • Do it. The story line is a little iffy (okay a lot iffy) and Little J is so effing annoying. But Nate is really hot!

            And don’t even get me started on Glee. I love it so much.

            PS. Your brother should learn to share!

      • I second the Chace comment.

    • “I’m all about Nate though. Pretty boy? Maybe. But I’m okay with that. He had my heart from day one”

      and Chace is so pretty in a good clean boy way… he might be the only one to endanger my love for Rob

  9. Oh Chuck Bass. He’s the only reason I’m still watching this season. The plot is off the rails crazy (not in a good way) and I’m completely over watching Blake Lively talk out of the side of her mouth…but I will endure it all for Chuck Bass.

    • “I’m completely over watching Blake Lively talk out of the side of her mouth”


    • Ditto. To all of the above. I’m sick of Serena’s story lines. But, I’ll endure any amount of upper east side deviance to hear the words “I’m Chuck Bass.” I need a life.

    • I agree. S1 1/2 were pretty good and then…..
      The Chuck Bass character was intriguing, but Ed Westwick’s hair is not in the same league’s as Rob’s!

    • me being 1/2 way thru season 1 i do not get this. does she develop some sort of problem where her mouth gets weird? is her mouth weird and i didn’t know? or is that just a figure of speech I’m unfamiliar with?

      • I think the more you watch, the more you notice it.

        • She has really strange mouth movements — It’s like she doesn’t open her mouth all the way (that’s what she said) when she talks. And then she’s always biting her lip. It’s so distracting to me!

          Wait…is there another gorgeous young actress who always bites her lip as well?

    • it looks i’m the only one who likes Blake’s talking.

    • Season 2 is Chucks season. That is all.

  10. I’m more concerned that *the girl that slept with John Krasinski* met Rob whilst wearing a bath towel! At least she managed to put on her red shoes and leave her slippers at home…..


    • I am more concerned with Rob wearing a pink!!! shirt.

      • Especially with the brown bubble jacket!

        • jacket = hot
          Rob’s face = beautiful
          I’m all biased today!

          P.S. What shirt?

      • After closer inspection, I think the shirt is actually a red micro-print gingham. So breathe easy, MP…it’s not pink – it’s actually a very, very tiny plaid.

        • gingham? Was he going for Little House on the Prairie????

        • Oh thank goodness… LOL

        • haha
          Poochimama, thanks for the investigation. It helped, but just for a couple of seconds. Because then I checked again and OMG, what did I see? The pinky purple smth SATIN on the inside.
          But, don’t tell anyone, because there are feverish defenders of the “pink on men” cause among us, hence the thumbs down I got.

    • It does look like a bath towel!

    • That “girl” is the daughter of Peggy Lipton (Mod Squad) and Quincy Jones.

      Can I get some cool parents like that, please?

  11. When B-NaA and I watched Twilight together for the first time, there was this moment during the prom scene where you see Edward’s profile and B-NaA was like “You know, he kinda looks like Chuck Bass”. And I was like “YES!…no no no NOOOOO!”. You see, I noticed the exact same thing the first time I watched it, but I was vehemently banning that thought from my mind, because I don’t find Ed Westwick attractive at all. I don’t want to be thinking of him when I’m in my Edward bubble.

    Apart from that:

    Nate is an annoying manwhore. Annoying, because he always makes it look like he’s a serious relationship kinda guy.(How does he do this?!). As a result, the girls never go all “F*CK YOU!” on him when they get dumped and he’s still the ‘likeable’ guy.

    Dan is SO the male version of Bella.

    Chuck Bass is awesome!

    Season 3 sucks.

    • I forgot to mention:
      There is this one episode (I think in season 2, not sure), where Jenny talks about twilight! Anyone else squeeegasmed at that?

      • YES! I squeed!
        YES! Season 3 sucks – apart from that Thanksgiving scene with that godawful song with the sample of ‘Hide and Seek’ on it which is a great song.
        YES! How does Nate get away with it?! I don’t remember anyone going apeshizz at him during the first season over the reason Serena left?!
        I’m starting to get more and more jealous of Taylor Momsen in real life – which is SO depressing as she is about 8 years younger than me.

        I watch too much Gossip Girl I think…

      • I despise Jenny.
        But which episode does she mention Twilight?! I completely missed that.

    • Season 2 was awesome but there was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to-and-fro-ing.

      Haven’t seen any of S3 yet.
      Oh! I lie. I saw like, 1 ep.

    • I agree, Alice. Season 3 isn’t that great. And the reason?! Not enough Chuck and too much Serena and her awful daddy storyline, plus she is constantly fighting on camera w/the other supporting actors – her boobs. I swear, I can not stop staring at them when they come on camera. Honestly, though, I probably wouldn’t complain as much about that (who doesn’t appreciate nice bosoms??) if I could just have more Chuck!! Ah, this GG on hiatus is killing me. April can’t get here fast enough.

  12. I love me some Chuck Bass!

    I think I can actually compile a pretty hefty list of totally hot English boys now – I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do that 5 years ago (it probably would have just said ‘Orlando Bloom’). It makes me think they are out there somewhere and I actaully might run into them in a pub!

    Of course, Rob is their king.

    Let’s see…

    Robert Pattinson
    Ed Westwick
    Henry Cavill
    Alastair Cook (cricket player – “google it”)
    Aidan Turner (OK he’s Irish but he does play a vampire in BBC’s ‘Being Human’ also known as my newest TV obsession – plus Irish accent is way sexier than English, in my opinion… probably because I am English.)

    Anyone care to add??

    • others may not no since you are English (don’t know if u are into Football) may be you know Frank Lampard (chelsea fc)was first British guy who i liked(too much).
      Gerard Butler?
      Bradley James (aka Prince Arthur at Merlin)his accent is priceless
      and Oliver Goodwill is just wonderfull at Evanescence’s”Call me when you are sober” music video. hard to discribe him werewolf or wampire

      • You added a Chelsea player to the list. You are my hero.
        Do you support them?

        Ladies we are forgetting a very important Brit. Ben Barnes!

        My first replacement wouldve been Tom Sturridge but someone already mentioned that.

        Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers eligible? Yes he’s Irish but
        a)England’s the neighbouring island
        B)He lives in London
        c)He plays an English king.

        • I find Jonathan to be something of a man-whore, though he has beautiful eyes.

          And you so called it: how could we forget Ben Barnes?! The man is gorgeous!

          • Actually yeah, Jonathan is a bit of a man whore. But I have a thing for Irish guys. Their accent…gah!

      • Bradley James, we think alike…Want him to read audiobooks…Lots of them…And he’s not too shabby to look at and funny as well…

    • My current Rob replacements are:
      Sam Worthington- not because he’s uber hot, but his voice just does things to me. Especially when I found out he’s an Aussie. Gah.
      Stephen Salvatore- Yes I know that’s not his real name, but him and Elena at the 50’s dance this Thursday was beyond adorable. Plus he killed someone, which is awesome.
      aaand James Dean because he’s James Dean. He has usurped Rob as my desktop image where Rob has reigned for months.

      • Currently loving Sam Worthington too!!

    • If we’re just going British, then don’t forget Jude Law! Him in the Holiday. mmmm.

    • Put me down for James McAvoy. He’s Scotish, but still, very enjoyable.

      • YOu mean, Mr. Tumnus…James McAvoy?

        • …and Atonement…

          • Was he Mr. Tumnus? I never watched the Narnia movies. I fell in love with him in Penelope… and Wanted. Gotta love a man who can curve bullets.

        • OMG that was James McAvoy? I never even recognized him!

      • Yes, he was Tumnus, but he made up for it with wall sex in Atonement. I won’t soon forget that scene.

        Loved him in Penelope, too!

        • Wall sex. And I’m done. No need for other comments today! 😉

    • ‘5 years ago (it probably would have just said ‘Orlando Bloom’)’. Me too. I wish he’d get back to work. Though I do have a funny story about taking two OB standees from San Diego to Boston on a plane!

      I do have to say that my interest with OB was NOTHING like the Rob fascination that I’ve got going- not comparable at all.

    • Aidan Turner is my second place brit, totally yummy!

      Am loving the new Being Human; even George (Russell Tovey) is cute in a dorky kind of way. The next series is apparently being filmed in Cardiff, just 10 miles away.

      Jude also makes the list; always remember him as a robot ‘escort’ in AI, if only!
      (Is that really pervy?)

      Of course all pale into insignificance next to Rob.

    • Jeez, I can’t believe you forgot TOM STURRIDGE.

      • Oh yeah – duh!

    • I have ONE name: Johnny Flynn!!!

      • 🙂

      • Awww – I lurve Johnny Flynn! A Larum, what a great album…

      • I second your comment, minuit.

        • I second minuit…<3

      • I knew you’d say that :-).

    • i liked Hugh Dancy at Elizabeth as Earl of Essex

    • May I kindly add Rupert Friend to the list?

      • Yes! Super cute!

    • you lost me at Orlando Bloom….my first British actor boyfriend. 😉 But to add to your list…not an actor but still David Beckam. You might disagree but go ahead and google some pics of him without his shirt on and I think you will change your mind 😀

      • haha…I’ll not change my mind..he’s voice is a serious deal breaker, but thanks for the try!

        • Mmm…. that’s what gags are for. Er, did I just say that? 😉

          • Mahahahahaa!

      • David Beckham is hot but I just can’t stand his voice, sorry. Other than that he is ubber hot, lucky Victoria! He seems like a good dad and husband too, that’s even better!

    • Someone mentioned Hugh Dancy and James McAvoy, and I must give an emphatic YES!!! to both of them.

      -Charlie Cox was pretty hot in Stardust.

      -Christian Bale is always a winner in my book.

      -Cary Elwes – there will always be a special place in my heart for Westley.

      -Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean) can take me prisoner any day.

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and mention some somewhat atypically attractive British men (emphasis on men….as in they are older) that I find quite appealing:

      -Jason Isaacs – he makes an awesome bad guy and I just find him sexy as hell in said parts.

      -Rupert Everett – so sad that he bats for the other team. He positively oozes sex appeal and charm.

      -Tommy Flanagan – it’s terrible that the poor man was given a “Glasgow grin” but it’s sorta hot in a dangerous, bad-boy kind of way.

      -Angus MacFadyen – it might just be the Scottish accent, but I don’t think so.

      -Simon Pegg – the man is hilarious

      And I’d like to give a special shout-out to my favorite Kiwis, who I feel should be included since they are part of the Commonwealth 😉

      -Jemaine Clement and Bret Mckenzie

      -Karl Urban

  13. İ used watch the OC too and yes Seth was cute but my man was Trey Attwood absolutely hawt,was so angry when b*tch Marrisa shot him.
    İ used to watch GG till this season now i got bored and i hate Chuck ,don’t like Nate either but he’s too beautiful hard to agnore.Serena is the one to be fake lesbian 🙂
    i had so many favourite men like Colin Farrell or Josh Hartnett but after ROB i can’t think about even one name to be close to seems he is the best ever till God sends better

    • i think someone hates your love for Trey.
      I hated him, but dayummm he was hot

      • no way u can’t hate him .he wasn’t the one to blame.u know at the end everyone at Attwood family got together on their ways and happy but not Trey.Ryan forgave his mom and dad but not his brother?this was suck.
        what about Cam as volchok my sis was team volchok

  14. I watched the first season of GG as it was happening – the way I watched Grey’s Anatomy once upon a time – I was recording it on my DVR, but I couldn’t wait – I would watch it live.

    I don’t want to ruin it for you UC, but half way thru season 2, I stopped watching. The plot got too silly for me, and i’m someone who comments on a blog about a guy who plays a vampire in a kind of stupid movie. So . . . you have to imagine how dopey things got.

    That said, I was way more attracted to crunchy writing nerd brooklyn Dan than mumble whisper talker Chuck. Except Chuck’s awesome deviousness makes him a way more fun character long term. He is definitely the only reason that I check in occasionally this season.

    Oh, wait – I probably should mention Rob. I loved toooldforthis’s comment about the man away on the business trip who comes home to find his wife is having an affair! Perfect.

  15. Will Rob get jealous over the gossip girl dude fling? Or will Robe be hurt?

    • I thought we might have lost you, Bobbygee, so glad to see you’re here today.

  16. Ed Westwick-meh. He’s ok, but he lacks Rob beautiful bone structure and The Hair. His eyes look a little special in that first pic, too.

    Joe Jonas? Well, he IS the best-looking Jonas bro, hands down. And he does have the caterpillar eyebrows. Maybe if my daughter didn’t watch his stupid Disney show, where all the JoBros act like 5 year olds, I’d think he was hot. But not like Rob.

    Zac Efron?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Stephen Moyer (Bill)-well, he plays a vamp, and he gets points for playing a naked vamp (ahem,SM-I like my vamps to show a little skin) and I think he’s good-looking, but he’s nothing like Rob.Except he’s British-he gets points for that too.

    Rob is unique in my mind-nobody comes close to that face, that hair, that personality.Nobody comes close to Rob.


    look what i found

    • I was sure he was going out and doing things normally, he just didn’t happen to bump into crazies. My question is: how can I (not crazy at all) can bump into him?

      • A very very good question!

        • wanna come to Europe so we can figure it out?

          • Absolutely, thanks for the invite! You never know, I could be in England in the not too distance future. BA is shooting there? I was just in Copenhagen a couple of months ago.

    • He’s killing it for me. He’s killing it for me really slowly. Bring back the pretty, Rob.

      • hey!!yes he’s just drunk and doesn’t give a sh*t,looks like even doesn’t look at the cam.
        don’t give up
        i read that he will be on the cover at Details with some nude models. what about that?
        does that can bring it back or just take it all away

        • I fully realize my Rob Fangirl cred goes out the window when I make such statements. I adore adorkable Rob as much as the next girl, but I really need a tiny bit of Fantasy Rob* to show through. I’m shallow like that.

          Minuit passé and Robgirl can feel free to revoke my card. 😉

          *Fantasy Rob refers to (but is not limited to) any photos from Peggy’s or Bruce’s Vanity Fair, GQ, or InStyle photo shoots. Fantasy Rob never refers to EW photo shoots.

          • I won’t honi…I ❤ you too much…go for the goes for Rob… 🙂

          • I also prefer real Rob to any photoshoot but I’m not in charge of the cards. Especially since I don’t deserve mine. I never tried to give up anything as I’m trying to give up this guy.

          • MP, we don’t want you to ‘give him up’. Stay here with us!

          • i hear ya. as much and all as hoboness is part of his charm. i miss the pretty…off to look at ew outtakes…

    • is that new? i’m so behind…. I can tell you what Ed Westwick wore yesterday though..

    • He’s drunk!Hello Remember me shirt! Girls? What Girls? He’s drunk!lol

      • From the red-ish blurry eyes and the “I don’t give a fuck attitude” I’d say he’s high.
        And I also think the girls are more of TomStu’s acquaintances (not that he’s cheating on Rob, don’t get me wrong 🙂 ) and they seem to be in someone’s flat.
        Please don’t remind me how ridiculous is to assume things from a photo, I’m already aware of my “Rob induced lame-ness potential”.

        • ..yeah..or drunk or high…he’s over..prolly a private party, but he looks like a hostage…lol…and you’re right…..WE’re lame to analize a photo…sorry Rob..surely you’re happy to be there and you look sad b/c the beer was out!

          • “He looks like a hostage?” lol

    • Oh Rob came out to play!!!! I like to analyze pictures but I will save y’all the agony of this one. I’ll just say he’s in the party mode.

      • Very wise SB, I’m not though…Had to vent about the photo…Felt good though, because I decided I still like like him…It’s unconditional like that…;-)

        • I understand, my love for him is also unconditional. I’m completely hopeless.

    • So happy right now that I’m not the KStew…I’d be too jealous too handle that…All these girls in Rob’s grill while she’s up and about…Not that he seems to care about the rowdy females, he’s under influence…Haha…Rob really is a publicist’s worst nightmare…He’s looks like the captain of a tugboat with the beard and the hat…

      I do think that he’s got a healthy dose of selfhate, looking like this while he can look a WHOLE lot better…It’s getting old though…Youth is wasted on the young, sometimes so true…

      Dear Rob,

      You still have plenty of time to look like the younger hobo brother of Brad Pitt’s goatee persona…Mr. Pitt/Jolie looked hot when he was your age…EMBRACE your pretty just a little more…You can be a hipster/bohemian AND hot…Try it…Don’t get lost in Joaquin Phoenix territory…Because for you know it you’ll be appearing on Letterman mumbling about your new rap career…Uhm…

      Love you anyway!


      • Captain of a tugboat! Hahahahahahahahha!!! awesome!

  18. Never got into the OC or GG, for no reason just never watched them…on a side note Mischa Barton lived in my building in Hoboken, NJ for about 7 months and was kind of bitch. Her dogs liked playing with my dog and she would never look up at me, I wanted to let her know I never watched her show so I wasn’t going to go all fangirl on her but decided to I was above it and totally ignored her too!

    • dude! good story

    • She always kind of seemed like a bitch.

      I have to say.. when I read your screen name I laughed out loud in class. SO thanks for that!

    • haha I too laughed at that screen name. They’re NOT Bears! LOL

    • Great story, used to be a real O.C. fan back in the days…I thought she was really pretty back then…

      But now…karma, Not Bears,karma, because life’s not been kind to Ms Barton…She can’t even pay the rent to her NYC appartment these days…Irony…

  19. UC, I beg of you…
    please do NOT read these vitriolic comments. Do not let these people spoil Gossip Girl for you.

    The WORST episode of GG is still far better than Sucklight.

    And you know I love me some Charles Bass, hardcore. It’s OK to like Rob and Ed. Let that be your mantra.

    p.s. “Dude…I’m Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means.”
    A-to the freakin’-MEN!

    • A-Men!!!!

    • A-men!!!

    • I call it universal answer to every question: I’m Chuck Bass.

  20. i am truly sorry, UC, but i think you have lost your mind. ed westwick?!?! my apple cinnamon oatmeal has more appeal than him.

    but i still love you, Rob, Tequila Tuesdays at my fave bar, and elusive unicorns.


  21. Please let’s not refer to Rashida as “girl who got to sleep with John Krasinski.” I still have PTSD over the whole season three thing, and Emily Blunt is slowly but surely healing those wounds.

    Mmmmmm John and Rob …

  22. I don’t watch GG, but I wouldn’t mind if Rob dumped a certain someone and dated Leighton Meester. She’s really cute.

    Unlike you, UC, I spent way too much time this weekend thinking of Rob. Damn that fan fiction post last week.

    • I’ve said it before, damn you, fanfic!

  23. So glad you finally discovered GG, UC!

    As for comparing rob and ed westwick…uh…they’re both hot? They both have one-syllable nick names? That’s about it. And actually…their different hotnesses kind of complement each other…Rob’s got the adorkable thing, and Ed’s got the bad boy thing.

    yeah, how’s that for scientific?

  24. Ed Westwick is awesome. And I have to respectfully disagree w/my BFF LaineyGossip on this one – he is not a shame f*ck. I would fly that flag high if I got the chance. The End.

    • Dear Kendall,
      You are my people.

      I am flying my freak flag with you now. The only shame with Ed Westwick would be to NOT to F*ck him. End of story.

      Leigh Anne/Lula

      • @Lula-it’s because we can appreciate red pants, paisley robes and ascots! Oh wait, that’s Chuck Bass, but we can also appreciate other RL hot English boys who play their own music and may or may not drink too much.

  25. this is all i have to say on this subject. would have been more apropo if it was rob and not jackson, but whatevs.

    • that.was.awesome.

    • It’s nice to see Jackson with real hair.

    • hawt

  26. So much for the both not having met each other:

    Rob looks really young there.

  27. I have no clue about all these guys!
    Zac who?
    Rob is HOT!
    As I said, I’m all biased today!

    P.S. Me liked Satc, but never was on a blog for it, so it doesn’t count!

    • We only have eyes for Rob robgirl!

      • Defo, it’s only Rob, nobody else.

        Anyway i don’t have time to obsess about anyone else, Rob takes up way too much of my time as it is.

        • Me, too. My Official Obsession List:

          1) Robert Pattinson
          2) Robert Pattinson
          3) Robert Pattinson
          4) yeah, you get the idea . . .

  28. Love your little ode to Chuck bass!
    A while back, I actually was reading LTT late one night and because of you started watching Rob interview videos on youtube. But after finishing up an interview of Rob on Regis and Kelly, Youtube suggested I watch Ed Westwick’s appearance on Regis and Kelly…and I did. A major swoon followed, and when I finally fell asleep I had some crazy mash-up dream of Ed Westwick in Twilight. With that said, Ed is very charming in interviews, so I highly recommend watching some of his tv appearances. Although he tends to wear very tight pants… it’s hard to imagine Edward in his get-ups.

  29. Although I have never seen Gossip Girl (again, I get 3 channels on my non cable TV), after Brookie left me to drive back home, I began watching more scary movies (that I didn’t talk during because no one was there to hear me) and watched some ghost movie, where there was Mr. Ed Westwick! And you know, I was like, “DUUDE! He’s HOT!” SO strangely, I see where your logic came from.

    Love weekends of watching nothing but scary movies, or new tv series. WE RULE!

  30. mo’s def’ one of a kind…he doesn’t look like anyone or act like anyone. i too love some chuck bass…he’s such a man-bitch. i see more similarities between rob and “Dan Humphrey” in that they wear plaid a lot and are both self deprecating.

    Also, Ed Westwick’s real accent is absolutely delicious…I would listen to him and Rob read a Applebees menu for days on end. Yums.

  31. Sorry, this has nothing to do with today’s post but I just saw it at Robsessed-it’s kinda cute.

    How the hell did she get in my bedroom??


    • D2D,

      Thanks for posting,

      • clearly she’s more devoted than I am-she has zygote Rob on her wall, paid good money for the Robsessed video, and walked down the street carrying cardboard Edward. Three things I wouldn’t do.

        • D2D
          I agree with you on all 3 counts…no zygote Rob, no Robsessed video and no walking with Cardboard Edward…and let me add no Twi tshirt wearing…

    • omg!!! that was so funny. I wonder what her neighbors thought when she was walking down the street with the Rob? lol

    • Too funny! Thanks DTD!

    • She reminds me a lot of myself!

      If I could have my way, my entire house would look like that room! 😉

    • funny! But can smb tell that girl that Zygote Rob is really wierd even for a teen?
      Actually the only thing I’d do is to buy the DVD if it was good, but I’m pretty sure it has to be some douchey comment on things and interviews we know by heart.

  32. Stepping outside; know the feeling…(and Adam Brody is CUTE, now even more than then!)

    I am currently quite taken with the BBC show Merlin…
    Bradley James, the actor playing young king Arthur is young Robert Redfordesque…

    I don’t feel guilty either, ’cause he’s very British as well…He’s not as quirky hobo-ish as Rob…But sometimes that’s okay as well…;-)

    In Rob related news;

    Uhm, he’s been nominated for two Razzie awards:

    One for worst supporting actor New Moon and one for worst screen couple (trio here), sharing this honor with Kstew AND Taylor…Last nom is quite funny, but the first one is just publicty, I mean poor Rob’s hardly in the movie…

    • Oh I have to check him out! I love Robert Redford!!!!!

      Btw I think Adam Brody is so cute too, I could totally picture him and I going to high school together :-).

    • How dare they! Razzie? He is an acting GOD, people!

      In other news, he’s slated to appear on The View on March 2. So he won’t be in London for at least part of the time I’m there. Dammit. On the flip side, pleaseGodplease let Barbara Walters say something completely sexually awkward to Rob.

      • Blasphemy TLG, I know…And The View? OMG. Only know because of YouTube, but I’d love to see that…

        • know it, I mean…

        • Yes total blasphemy! I think they are haters!

      • It would appear that nominations this year have been more about the ‘cult of personality’ than about bad acting or bad films. Poor, really, poor!

  33. Wow I missed out this morning!

    Sorry UC, I can’t really get into Gossip Girl, I tried hard (thatswhatshesaid) because a lot of my girlfriends watch it, but I can’t seem to like it.

    “Moon- I’m so in love with Robert Pattison. What do I do!?”

    OK that I can relate, I said something similar to my BFF last year. She laughed for 10 minutes and then said “are you serious?” Then I said, “Yes!” So all my robtalk to her rubbed off on her because last yr she actually said we should go to Vancouver to look for Rob…and that I didn’t go for. 🙂 So not practical for my lifestyle to bum around Vancouver to search for Rob, LOL.

    I can’t compare Rob to anyone, he’s so unique and one of a kind, I’ve never seen anyone like him. He seems very otherworldly in a very good way. He is so fascinating.

    • F.A.S.C.I.N.A.T.I.N.G. !!!!

    • So agree! Otherworldy… good one!
      Didn’t get into GG either, don’t know why, tried it as well…

      And you should really check Merlin/Bradley James out. Great show too. All British.
      I seem to remember that NBC did broadcast the show in the US. But you can check out YouTube as well, complete seasons there. Don’t know if you ever watched Buffy, but the guy who played the librarian/Giles on there, plays King Uther, King’s Arthur’s father on Merlin.

      And I love Redford too, did you ever see Out Of Africa? One of my favorite movies of all time!

  34. Adam Brody was also my first love……I sure do miss looking at him weekly, and I have also love Ed, and of Course my baby daddy Rob! It would have been nice to have a letters to Adam back then.

  35. Dear UC,
    sometimes we are so similiar it scares the crap out of me. My first post is kinda similiar to yours.

    If anyone wants to read who it was about to to my blog.

  36. Rob and Kristen sort of on a break? (emphasis on sort of)

    • well, take Ted C posts,with a grain of salt, sometimes he likes to stir (hard) for comments, there are almost 1000 comments in the blog, so he must be happy. Sometimes when I’m sad (yeah those crappy days at work) i read Ted post, i always LOL with the crazy comments, i read “suicides” attemps (’cause Robsten is done) and “OMG I’m crying so hard” “Rob deserves to die” (’cause Kstew is a victim)..and on..whatever is their relationship, both seems so keen to each other, and really, they are not that good actors, they totally are banging each other.

  37. SETH COHEN…wtf happen to A. Brody? he was supposed to be like a new Tom Hanks! loved him in the land of women, when he kissed KStew (HOT HOT) i said OUt LouD; Rob WHO??? the guy from G.G is o..k, no Seth COhen, OMG

  38. i actually have a real pic of ed and rob together from the tca

    • Thank You for sharing… to have that painted on my bedroom wall

  39. UC, we totally have the same taste in men… I LOVE Adam Brody/Seth Cohen, Penn Badgley/Dan Humphrey, AND OF COURSE Rob Pattinson/Edward… buuuuut I have to say that I am not really all that attracted to Ed Westwick, I guess he is cute in a bad boy way, but obviously that is not following with trend set by the rest of the guys I mentioned… Love that you’re including gossip girl in my new favorite blog, because I love me some gossip girl!

  40. I don’t feel bad for having the hots for the Vampire Diaries guys! I hate Kstew a little less everyday but on the other hand Nina Dobrev is really starting to get on my nerves. 🙂

    I heart Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley more and more every Thursday night.

  41. I’ve seen an episode of Gossip Girl here and there, but mostly I try not to watch it, partly for the same reason that you tried to avoid it, UC.

    I’m actually more concerned with also not watching The Vampire Diaries. I’m super curious and it’s got all kinds of hot, but I don’t need another show to be addicted too! My plate is full as it is. But it’s oh so tempting!

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