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What to do while Rob’s not on screen in New Moon

See you tonight!

Dear Rob,

Today is the day! I FINALLY get to see you in a new movie for the first time in a YEAR (minus that one about the pregnant friend of yours where you’re a totally cute dork. I never saw “How to Be” or that Dali movie. I know, worst Rob-fan ever) But here’s the thing. I’m kinda concerned. You see, I just said “I finally get to see YOU in a new movie…” It’s the YOU part I’m worried about. Sure, I know you’re in the movie- I’ve seen the trailers and heard about the apparition, but I’ve read the book and….Edward disappears. For a long time. I’m pretty excited to see if Kristen can top her stuttering & blinking numbers from Twilight, and I’m definitely excited to see how many different colors of jorts the wolfpack will be wearing, but all-in-all, I’m excited for New Moon to see you. Just like I loved the Twilight saga books because of Edward. So since I am a good blogger and think about all our readers, I’ve decided to compile a list of things that we can do while you are gone from the movie.

What to do while Rob’s not on screen in New Moon:

  • Pray for the wolves to get heart worm and have to be put down thus necessitating the Vampires to come back early and save the film from becoming Marley and Me 2
  • Utilize those refills on the large popcorn and diet coke you bought at 73oPM while waiting in line to go into the theater. Make BFF’s with the popcorn dude so when you come out for your 57th refill he feels bad for you and gives you a free package of sour patch kids
  • Bring your fanfic folder with a print out of the epilogue of The Office. The wolfpacks’ jorts ripping when they phase should sub in nicely for the panty ripping sound effects courtesy of the Beautiful Bastard
  • Count how many times Bella blinks or stutters
  • Fill out the Land of Dreamer’s questionnaire and start on your first challenge: Figuring out which song of Bobby Long’s would fit in each scene of New Moon
  • Figure out what the lyrics are to “Let me Sign”
  • Write a 1 shot Fan Fiction involving a wolf
  • Design a pair of Pattinson Pants with all New Moon pictures
  • Pen a hate letter to Stephenie Meyer for leaving Edward out for the majority of the book
  • Whisper “When is Edward coming back?” to your neighbor every 5 minutes
  • Whip out your iphone and put on your headphones and watch Twilight until Edward comes back
  • Count the number of differences between the movie and book and each time you spot one yell “That’s not supposed to happen” out loud.
  • Just like when your mom used to tell you to “Count sheep” to help you fall asleep, close your eyes and count the number of wolves you see while Edward is gone
  • Every time Taylor comes on to the screen yell, “Who does he think he is?”
  • Hand-sketch Rob in many different colored pairs of jorts

Following these suggestions will be sure to pass the time while you’re off-screen. The best thing about this list is that it really can be applied to any situation to help keep you occupied. So next time you reunite with Kristen and she starts to tell you a story, just whip out the list and start checking things off. Before you know it she’ll be done with her story and you can move on to more interesting topics (like deciding what photo-shoot outfit you recently stole will be the most comfortable for Thanksgiving dinner- hint since you’re a t-giving newbie: choose the one that has pants with an elastic waist)

Can’t wait to see you on the big screen (and can’t wait to count wolves when you’re missing from it),

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  1. “Whisper “When is Edward coming back?” to your neighbor every 5 minutes”

    I’m ready for tonight!!! 🙂


    • Whahaha I loved that bit too! I’m totes annoying enough as a person to do that.

      • And I did it too 🙂

  2. I’ve given this a lot of thought. It will probably be a good 1 1/2 hours of no Robward. 😦

    Thankfully, the theater I’m seeing NM in is inside of a mall. As soon as Edward dumps Bella, I’m heading out to look for a pair of shoes to wear to my husband’s office Christmas party.

  3. I’m about to combust from excitement. I don’t think this is normal. I’m leaving for Knoxville in a couple of hours, I’m going to Dunkin Donuts (praise the Lord!!), and Rob is on TV right now looking sexy as fuck on the Today Show. Talking to a fangirl that is waving her Pocket Edward his face. I’m so far beyond second hand embarassed for her.

    So, yeah. It’s finally here and I already need a nap since I got up early to watch this shit!

    Who watched Letterman? Rob likes 230 lb Hispanic men. We have this common…..(not really).

    • ha ha i saw it too.. never thought I’d see the day when I’d want to trade places with Carlos Mencia so much in my life, and then I realized I may have drank way too much Nyquil..

      • I love Letterman-he was great with Rob and Rob was his usual charming self. He kept his head down a lot, though. I loved when Dave asked him to do his American accent.”Sidewalk.” “Candy.”

        And on the today show when Matt Lauer asked him about a supposed butt injury or something like that, and Rob said it must be referring to his mother giving birth-I don’t think he can help himself from giving off the wall, semi embarrassing answers.

        Good to see he hasn’t changed.

        • On the Today show Robbie mentioned that they reported he had a “drug” overdose as well…. (never heard about that one, they did a good job of keeping that one out of the rags), but now he brought it up again, and it has alike 26,000 google hits… amazeballs.

    • Hahah I saw him last night, he’s so adorable!

      I love how he said “sandwich” and “candy.”

      I just got on here and I see there’s so many comments already!!!

      • Oh how cute is that?
        Loving your avatar…just saying…<3<3<3
        hard working day…and all this new stuff…
        I almost DIED after watching the trailer of Remember me…

        I think I will watch this for 1 hour 1/2 while Edward is gone….

        TYLER ROCKS!

        • Remember me trailer? Where? Why am I always so late in this game? LOL.

          I had a really stressful night and morning, I’m just finally settling down now. Gosh I need a drink….preferably with Rob…wearing nothing but an apron.

          Do u see my avatar? I can’t see it yet, gonna have to wait. How u like my plaid shirt? That’s why I used this pic.

          • The awatar is lovely…you and your daughter I guess…yeah great plaid…why we all wearing these plaid shirts now? INSANE!
            You have to watch it on youtube!
            Wow, I swear, I forgot Edward in just one second! Rob without all that make up is soooooooo beautiful!

          • You know my husband actually bought this shirt for me, he found it at Charlotte Russe. He thinks plaid is sexy so that’s the reason for it! Haha! Now though, I think plaid is really growing on me…hmm gee I wonder why?

        • I saw the trailer at work today and then proceeded to watch it a few times until my customers got pissy that I was ignoring them.. Damn, they act like its my job to serve them or something…

        • This trailer killed me!!!!!!!!!! And will kill New Moon as well. I feel like I’m saying the same thing, I’m discovering your posts in a totally unorganised non chronological way, so I’m answering whenever I see it. Because I feel like screeming and it never really happened to me. Except for when I was a bit of a groupie some time ago for this guy in a rock band. Let’s forget that and go to serious stuff.

          I also recommend you the interview on Today Show (except if you have some painful memories after having given birth), during which he derailed again, and I LOOOOOOVE DERAILING ROB!!! One of the best Robs!

          Have you read the “Let me sign” lyrics Jessica (thanks!) posted ? Does it inspire you for our trip to London?

          • I had to look to make sure you meant this reply for me or for robgirl! LOL. I’ll answer anyway! Yeah I’m kind of all over the place, I’m kind of crazy, even in real life! Have you seen My Sassy Girl? Yep, the girl character (Elisha Cutbert), that’s just like me.

            I haven’t seen the Today’s show :-(. I had a dentist appt this morning, I missed it and I then I had to take care of the furnace. We had no heat last night, furnace electrical wiring died! Anyway enough of my troubles. I can’t wait to see!

            Oh and I’ll read the Let Me sign lyrics….scroll down I guess. I really want to go to London, hopefully I don’t run into an ex and that crazy British guy that I gave a fake address and name to. Oh and yeah how did you know I had painful memories after giving birth? LOL. After that, honey I can take anything, bring it on! Gotta see this derailing Rob thing, I’m a little confused.

          • YES YES YES……

            1. YES for screaming…..perhaps my neighbours will call now the police
            2. YES for the show…OMG I can’t almost hear what he said…too much porn all over…
            3. YES, the lyrics are great…

            Good ideas for London. he has to buy that f*cking house in London!

            ….and @minuit passe’ plz shout with ME, it’s insane but soooooo good…

            @Southerlovebelle…lol…giving birth is def. NOT that funny…only a guy can make such a silly (sorry Rob!) comment! Damn, that hurts…RobBaby…you have NO idea!

          • @southernbelle
            I was speaking to both of you. I feel sorry for you, hope everything will work out.
            The giving birth derailing thing is on robbssessed blog or I suppose you tube, but I’m not sure you’ll really appreciate it. I don’t have kids, so I’m still at the almost-screaming- during-waxing- stage.

            Don’t worry Rob will protect you from any insistent crazy guy. We all know he’s good at that. On the second thought, we will (me and rob girl), I think it’s a safer bet.

            Are you ready? 1, 2 : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • @minuit passe – I won’t ruin the experience for you…yes giving birth was really a nightmare (for me, I had it au naturel) but it’s also a beautiful experience. When your time comes, you’ll understand, am I right Robgirl86? C’mon back me up here :-).

            Rob has no clue of course about giving birth…good thing he’s so cute or I’d whack him on the back of his head. Keep looking cute Rob :-).

          • I’m sure Clare had a conversation with him after, just to revenge you all, and especially herself.

  4. Every time Taylor comes on to the screen yell, “Who does he think he is?”

    you’re so right

    • I yell that everytime his name appears in the books! 🙂

      • You seriously yell while reading books?

        That is amazing. 😉

        • What can I say, I’m an emotional person!

        • who doesn’t?

          • omg I totes asked my cousin that question while I was reading New Moon too….when is Edward coming back???
            -shouldn’t Jacob be off howling at the moon or something….
            When is Edward going to be back?!?
            -you know it’s not enough that she just hears his voice…
            When is Edward going to be back?

            oh, yeah I also asked…are they going to have sex yet???……..OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!


    • Idea to help your bordom until Robward appears.

      Play the Stewie drinking game!!!

      Be sure to sneak in a flask of your favorite alcohol beverage and EVERY TIME

      Stewie Bella blinks or stutters, TAKE A NIP!

      You’ll be plastered by the middle of the movie.
      Guaranteed you’ll make it through the Nonward times.

      • Hermes, done, my friend, done.
        See my post from 10:07am. haha

    • Girls,
      I’m team Robward all the way, but there’s no denying Taycob is smoking in this movie, and the chant ‘he’s only 17, he’s only 17’ and a couple of ‘only til February’s could be periodically heard bouncing around the cinema…
      so you’ll be adequately occupied while waiting for our beloved to return.

      Without revealing anything, I just want to say that happy Edward in the beginning of the movie ROCKED. MY. WORLD… I have no words to describe.
      Going back for round 2 tonight. WOO HOO

      Official Remember Trailer is here:

  5. *Never have seen the full lyrics before…*

    She was standing there by the broken tree
    Her hands were all twisted she was pointing at me
    I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes
    She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky
    She said walk on over into bitter shade,
    I will wrap you in my arms and you’ll know you’ve been saved’
    Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.

    I was out for a drink in a soho bar
    The air was smoked out liked a cheap cigar
    She rose out of her seat like a painted ghost
    She was the woman that I wanted the most
    As she reached for my arm I gave her my hand
    I said ‘Lay me down easy let me understand’
    Let me sign, let sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.

    As I walked through the door she was still in my head
    As I entered the room she was laid there in bed
    She reached out for me all twisted in black
    I was on my way down, never coming back
    Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.
    Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.

    • Really? All that is in the recording? Amazing!

  6. Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    Is Edward back yet?

    • That was too fabulous!

    • Recite that to yourself every seconds 🙂

  7. Well, don’t hate me, but trust… there is enough stuff to look at while Edward is gone. I used to be a 100% team Edward girl but… dang, I’m this close to converting to Team Jacob. Se-ri-ous-ly.

    Bring us back in June, Rob!

    • We know you can. (Twilight quote + stupid fangirl moment)

    • I agree about Jacob being kind and sweet and bearable 🙂

    • I agree, I saw New Moon yesterday! And Im busting to say stuff on here about what went down but I wont lol.

      There is lots to see thats for sure!

      Chris Weitz did an amazing job even with the bits the cougar left out of Twilight!

      Im dying to go see it again but Im still tired from wednesday night and living off of three hours sleep then working…. sigh…. it will have to wait lol

  8. I think I’ll spend my time counting how many ab muscles I can eye-spy on all of the wolves. And plus I have great plans of saving all of my energy for whooping out loud when Robward FINALLY makes his glorious reappearance on screen. Those tweens will have nothing on me. Vocal cords get louder with age. 😉

    • Ah yes … the “ab-age for your cabbage” that the DILF refers to. (If you haven’t seen this interview watch it!!)

      • Heehee — I did see that and I think it is total WIN!! I think I need to add “ab-age for your cabbage” to my repetoire. 😉

  9. Taylor is kinda cute 🙂 Who knew?

    And actually, Jacob is bearable, srsly!

    But just b/c I think that, don’t EVER ask me to choose, it will be Edward every time 🙂

    Rob in person last Wednesday 🙂

    Surprise advance screening introuduced by “Caius” (sadly “Aro” was stuck in traffic).

    Wednesdays in November? EPIC WIN 🙂

    Enjoy it peeps 🙂

    • Sorry about all the smilies.

      But seeing it again in just over 10 hours. Cannot help myself.

  10. I’m taking my best mate and a couple of shots of brandy to add to my diet coke. Once Robward disappears, I’ll do what I always do in the cinema (if the film doesn’t involve Rob) I fantasize about him! I have used this tried and tested method whilst having to endure many crappy kids movies. Just think about doing the horizontal cha cha with His Holy Hotness (concentrating on the wonder of the sparklepeen) and the time will pass quickly until he reappears half naked in Italy. Win!!!

  11. “•Pen a hate letter to Stephenie Meyer for leaving Edward out for the majority of the book”

    This made me LOL – seriously. The first time I read New Moon I basically skimmed from the time he left until Italy. I recently reread it and found I liked it more the 2nd time.

    Rob on Letterman? I couldn’t have been prouder if I was Clare herself. He was charming, funny and kept the dorkyness to a respectable level (when he yelled “sidewalk!” I thought he’d derailed a bit, but he got back on track quickly). And I was happy that Letterman was nice to him. Well done! And Kristen on Jimmy Fallon? Her best appearance yet. She looked hot, she threw like a champ, and kept the mental-ward-patient-rocking to a minimum.

    I’m going media blackout starting at midnight as I’m not able to go see it until tomorrow night!

    Have fun tonight!!

    • @ TLG
      Good one!

      ***”And Kristen on Jimmy Fallon? Her best appearance yet. She looked hot, she threw like a champ, and kept the mental-ward-patient-rocking to a minimum.**********

      Mental ward patient rockin’
      very good description!

  12. Is it wrong that i’m more excited to see Remember Me than New Moon

    • Nope. I’m the same way.

    • Ditto

      • holy effing eff…the trailer is up!!

        • link please…

          • Oh, see below. Courtesy Dude, I fursploded

          • Me too!! Me too!! I want the link too!!

    • Remember me… gotta see.. Cuz its more adult content.

      its .. normal
      hormone driven.

      • Yeah, I’m down with that!

  13. I am so irrationally excited for tonight – you really would think that I was doing something more than going to see a movie. But my GFs and I are prepared. We watched Twilight last night to get in the mood and we are making tshirts to wear to the mall tonight. And as for the wait for Edward to come back – well, sometimes the waiting makes the eventually pay off that much more *intense*

    • Totally watched Twilight again last night with my girls too! Cannot wait for everything to NOT BE BLUE.

  14. One more tip: Take Rob-Q with you and stroke his pictures lovingly until Edward reappears. Maybe even read the article… you know, to pass the time.

    P.S. Time flies, people! New Moon is OUT! Huzza!

  15. Um…spoiler alert! The dog gets heartworms in Marley and Me? Thanks for the heads up.

    “Who does he think he is?” will be my expletive of choice tonight.

    • Marley and Me is literally one of the worst movies EVER.

      I didn’t like Where the Red Fern Grows either.

      I don’t like it when animals die.

      • My kids were tramatized by Marley and Me and then our dog died a few months later! I am Ok when people die in movies, not so much with the animals!

  16. did anyone just watch Rob on the Today show? I am still cringing. Oh. My. God….awkward.

    • God, did you just see him on Regis & Kelly?? Regis has no idea what the hell’s going on at all. He said “there’s this character, the Volturi-I don’t like him.” Rob corrected him and said they’re multiples. At least Kelly seems to have some idea of what’ it’s all about. Poor Rob-I would have no patience with all these lame talk shows.

    • I thought he was adorkable on the Today show with all his yes answers to the rumor questions. But Regis was hella lame. I can’t watch him without cringing. But Rob was still precious.

      • I know! I was yelling at the TV “Shut the fuck up old man and let Rob TALK!” Regis needs to retire – 10 years ago.

      • Agrees..
        Regis should have studied up on his Twilight subject.
        Kelly Rips helped the situation from getting too awkward.
        (she’s got girls around 10-13), so their into Twilight.

  17. “print out of the epilogue of The Office”

    Its out?? Where?

    All this Robness is making me crazy. Why doesnt he come to Florida? Its warm here.

    • OMG Epilogue is out???? Peace out!

      • I’ve been searching for The Office for a few days now. I’ve read up to Chapter 18, but now I can’t find the story anywhere online. What gives?

        • She took it down due to being reported (something about copywrite- not sure) and wanting to focus on other things and not the story.

          Lolashoes and Christina and one other (I dont remember) are part of the fandom gives back raising money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I think they all pulled the stories that are out now so the focus is not on the story.

          In other news…

          I just saw the Remember me preview. Awww cant wait to see it. I did read the script earlier this week and was devastated by the ending. (WTF!) I dont want to give anything away. This comes out in March?

          • Thanks, Tasha. Too bad I didn’t get to finish it-it was one of my favourites.

          • I loved the Office too. Now I just need a BB in my life. Wonder what the Mr. would say??? Hummmm

            Rob call me

  18. I heard on the radio this morning that even if you are a hard core Edward fan you won’t even notice he is gone with all the awesome man meat that will be on display. So maybe that is the silver lining.

    I won’t see it until maybe this weekend so I might be on LTT/R blackout until Monday.

    How many times will you see the movie this weekend alone?

    • Yeah…like there’s a chance in hell that I’m going to be distracted by any other man meat. I’m a one trick pony and Rob/Ed’s meat is the only meat that appeals to me.
      Since I’ll be at the theater in the middle of the night, I may just nap it out while my sweet darlin is MIA. I’m sure the squeals of delight when her resurfaces will wake me up.
      I’m also 100% sure that I’ll end up seeing this movie at least 3 more times over the weekend.

      • I wish I was in Nashville already!

        • I wish you were too. I’d totally drag your sleepy ass to the theater with me tonight!
          We’re SOOO going to see Remember Me together!

          • And cry. A Lot.

          • have you seen the trailer??? I almost started crying then. I’ve watched it 7 times already. I’m serioulsy more excited for Remember Me now than I am for NM.

          • Im liking the throwing her up against the wall and when he tossed her over his shoulder and carried her to the Bedroom.

            “Where all the magic happens”

            Boom Chica Wow wow.

            Le Sigh.

  19. A couple of weeks ago I was worried that I’d have to go alone to watch the movie, and now I’m going with 17 friends plus my brothers!!! They want to support my obssesion. I even have my hand-holding partners and already warned them that I might scream and cry a lot ^^…..I’m afraid the people in the movie will complain and ask me to leave 😦

    • Love already having a hand-holding partner. I’ve got one of those lined up too. No way I’m getting through the breakup scene without it!

  20. “Count the number of differences between the movie and book and each time you spot one yell “That’s not supposed to happen” out loud.” <– I'm going to be doing this, because I just can't help myself. I mean, in between drawing my sketches of Rob in jorts… or denim hot pants, that is.

  21. Yes it is here at last. I’ve bought my tickets and will be at the cinema in 8 hours and ten minutes and counting.

    I missed Twilight at the cinema, so only watched it on DVD a few (45) times. I cannot wait to see Edward in glorious panavision. Be still my beating heart!!!!

    I will need the Edward down time to get my breath back from when he disappears, and as milfy goodness says, the anticipation of his return – divesting himself of his shirt – well OMG I will need to prepare for that.

    Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! (getting a bit excited!!)

  22. “Count how many times Bella blinks or stutters”

    My friends and I recently made that a drinking game. Well, it started out with the intent of getting in the mood for New Moon and somehow ended up with 5 inebriated, giggly 20 somethings.

  23. As much as it pains me that Edward is not around in New Moon, I’m happy to hear he is not in much of the movie either. Just because some tall drink of water is playing Edward and the ladies love him – stay true to the books.

    It excites me to think I could possibly be reliving my first time of reading the book: mumbling and huffing when Jacob and Bella begin to get close, sighing out of sadness when Bella is afraid to sleep due to nightmares, rejoicing when Alice shows back up and Bella saves Edward.

    (Sigh) Sorry, y’all…sometimes I think I’m too serious for these blogs. As much as I love to make fun of Rob, Kristen and Twilight – my love for it all ultimately wins out and I get sappy.

  24. I totally cannot wait for tonight!!! Rob on Letterman was priceless….loved it!! Stupid questions though… early should I get to the theater tonight??? I did not go to the Twilight show at midnight…so I not really sure. Any help would be great!!!! 😉

    • This is the day, this is the day,
      That Rob has made,
      That Rob has made..
      Let us be glad and rejoice in it!!!!!!!!!!!

      tonight @ 10:00PM, in Windsor Ontario CA I will be over “come” with joy to see Rob again!

      • @ Misty;
        I noticed that little ditty you were signing!!!

        ITS FROM CHURCH!! (CATHOLIC) to be exact.

        this is the day that the lord has made
        let us rejoice and be glad…

        hee hee.

      • Sacrilege never sounded so good.

        7 more hours!!!! Had no time for a nap today, though. Time to start pumping the coffee through an IV.


    • Thanks for provided the link!!

    • I know this is not the place to post a trailer and that it’s completely off topic here, but I couldn’t resist! I can’t wait for Remember Me!!!

      • Gee, that movie looks like the shiz. Thanks for sharing.

      • OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Thank you for posting this. This made my day. I still have little idea of what it’s about (don’t tell me!) but Bicycle Rob and Backpack Rob are now 2 of my favorite Robs. Thanks.

        • OMG! That looks amazing! Thanks for posting that! Start the countdown today! New Moon is already forgotten.

          • Exactely what I was thinking. Can’t even go watching NM after watching the trailer …for about…5 times…for now.

    • OMG! I’m at work and can’t watch it….just 3 more minutes for my lunch break!!! I can’t wait!!!

    • OMG! Thank you so much! I am having such a bad day, I really needed a Robfix, this did it for me. Thank you! It looks like a good movie, I can’t wait to see it. So there’s a lot of kissing scenes here! Wow!!! So excited! 🙂

      • Oh sorry for that. Hope the trailer fixes you day. I think it has miracolous powers.

        • Bonjour! Yes it fixed whatever remains of my day. I laid down after lunch after I saw the RM trailer. I put my MP3 player on and listened to Never Think and drifted off to sleep :-). I feel better now.

          How are you doing today hon?

          • I am completely dreamy!!! As always since this Rob guy! Can’t do anything constructive! He will ruin my life!
            How can be with you daughter, take care of the heat and the rest, think of getting a dentist appointment plus drool over the press junket, be on this blog and dream of Robward? How do you manage all that? I’m amazed.

          • @Minuit Passe – I don’t know how I manage all that, I just go with the flow I guess! After she goes to bed is usually when I watch whatever videos or clips of Rob I want to see, that way I don’t have any interruptions. I can’t wait to see all these interviews that everyone is raving about today!

            I do dream of Robward, pretty much everyday for like a month now! Weird but hey I’m not complaining :-).

    • ooohhhh
      thank you for the linky post for the trailer!!!!!

      REMEMBER ME!!!

  26. OK, I first read the title as What NOT to do. haha.

    I’ll be throwing back Vitamin R tallboys, oh yeeeeeeeeah.

  27. •Whisper “When is Edward coming back?” to your neighbor every 5 minutes

    This would be particularly funny if your neighbour is a stranger. Hey, they might walk out to get away from you and then you get a free seat to put your big gulp and jumbo popcorn on….and a place to put your Pocket Eddie.

    •Hand-sketch Rob in many different colored pairs of jorts

    You know you’re just opening yourself up to a bajillion emails of funky pants Rob sketches. I’ll start working on mine right now……..


  28. Taylor really makes you like Jacob. You won’t miss Edward – I promise!

    I’m anxiously awaiting UC’s comments on the movie and hear what you think and see if you are still Team Edward.

    • I’m still team Edward (well… Robward), although I hated him the last 5 minutes of the film.
      (whispers: I even cried a little in my neighbor’s jacket)

      • Couldn’t agree with you more about the last 5 and about still being Team ROB. But Tay-Tay’s performance made me love Jacob.

        Can’t wait until tomorrow when everyone HERE can talk about it. I want to tell everything and answer all the questions on here!

        Get your butts to the theater – people!

        • Is it just me or the film kinda lacks 5-7 extra minutes to end properly?

          • It was like the movie was getting long and they thought – we gotta end this thing quick! So, yes, without wanting to reveal to much about the end – I think I know what you mean.

            I don’t know about you – but I enjoyed the way it ended (the very very end) – you know the last line – and then it just goes black.

            You’ll have to tell me why you cried at the end….

  29. UC – Great list! And congrats on seeing the Real Thing in Cali – so jealous!
    You all have such friggin funny comments – I love reading those just as much as the posts!
    I’ve been such a freak, staying up WAY too late this week to catch Rob, Kristen and Taylor on the late night shows…it’s getting pathetic.
    And what’s with Rob’s love for 230-lb Hispanic men and Ricky Gervais?! And he bit the big guy and liked it?!
    Like we’re really going to buy any of what he’s selling there! We know who he REALLY likes. Shhh – it’s okay Rob, we don’t judge. 😉
    Well, to those of you who are braving the screaming girls tonight, I salute you (and also play taps for you as you might not make it home in one piece). I will be waiting as long as I can…which probably brings me to sometime next week!
    Love to you all – can’t believe the wait is almost over! EEek!

  30. oh gosh I loaded this page, looked at the picture, looked at the “See you tonight!” caption, and practically passed out. Recovered and commented. Now I better actually read this post!

    See you tonight Rob!!!!!

  31. In several interviews Rob says that the fight with the Volturi scene is the finale of the movie. If this is true then there will be no scenes of Edward and Bella making up or the vote around with the Cullens around her trans. How can that be possible? I’ll be seriously pissed at Melissa Rosenberg (is that the right name?) if she left this out of the screen play, but that’ll be my que for saying “This is not supposed to happen,” as loud as I can.

    Thanks for the laughs, UC!

    Am more excited about “Remember Me,” too. Rob is dead sexy.

    • Trying hard to keep my mouth shut about the ending…

  32. Your mention of LOD, brilliant. You know I will be tweeting my Sam Bradley suggestions to them all night after I get a hold of Calli’s NM Survival Pack.

    PS Sam I am likely going to be drinking your only friend, Not that Eddie guy, but the Whiskey baby

  33. OK, I’m just back from seeing NEW MOON. Not spoiling it for you, of course, but just CAN’T wait to sink my teeth into the details with you gals!
    P.S. loved it!

    • auughh.. your in Oz? or UK?
      how did u get to see it early

  34. Mhhmm….. what will I do while Rob is NOT in the film?

    I think I will get great NAP, b/c I am feeling already kinda having made myself the international press tour…I lost so many hours…..

    Dear Rob,
    If you have time….and i know you have b/c you are NOT in the film….come over and let us sleep together! lol

    ….ups…not tired anymore….WOW, that works!

    • ……seriously…this frickin “Remember me ” trailer has put my Robsexion on a

    • Sleep together…with Rob? Now I like the sound of Rob.

      OME, Robgirl I had the most wonderful Rob dream last night!!!!!

      • Hahahaha…I think I will have it tonite!

  35. “Whip out your iphone and put on your headphones and watch Twilight until Edward comes back”

    Solid! I’m so doing that. And when Edward goes on hiatus, I will drink the Heine stashed in my purse.

  36. DID ANYONE see that radio interview Robbie gave with Ryan Seacrest the other day?

    Seacrest asked him “the Robstene” question and this publicist (I don’t know if she work for Robbie or the Studios) ..but she had a COW and pulled him off air!!! .. whatsup with that??

    *** “no no..Rob you can’t answer that .. DON’T ask him that question. Get up and leave NOW Rob”… *** and he did.

    Robstene shizzle to keep it all going I suppose.
    A bit over the top I’d say??

    Now that he has “staff”.. he’s being managed.
    Adorkable Robward is gone.

    • Have you noticed that publicist is EVERYWHERE with him now. She’s gotta be a Summit drone. She was about to knock Seacrest out for that. She has a permanent bitchface on – which is odd, given her job. She was with him today at the Today show, scowling. I’ll take her job – and I’d pay Summit for the privilege!

      • @ TLG; Re the PR Gestapo lady-

        Yeah, she’s everywhere!!!
        I heard the PR lady Gestapo chic was a big time PR industry pro.
        She’s there to sit on Rob while he does the promo stuff, so he can’t comment if Robstene is or is not true… (odd that).. ,
        She did not make her self known until the Seacrest fiasco yesterday …
        but now we can point her out.

        I bet you she works for Summit.

        Do you think Robbie would put up with that kinda behavior if it was someone he hired to help him manage PR?

        She’s the one who needs a muzzle and a valium.
        On another note, Robbie must be giving her a run for her money, she looks like she’s been pulling her hair out as much as Rob…. stressing stressing and near the breaking point.
        Betcha she’ll have a nervous breakdown before this is all over..
        hee hee.

        • I’ve read that Rob does not have a publicist because he doesn’t like being told what to do. So Ilsa, She-Publicist must be with Summit. I wonder if he resents being made to jump like a trained dog when this chick tells him to? He doesn’t seem like the type to want to be coy and play the game, but apparently he’s being made to.

          And doesn’t “no, no Rob, you can’t answer that” pretty much provide the answer in itself? She might be a bitch but she’s not too smart.
          Unless this is the most elaborate relationship charade ever.

    • I saw it and also commented on another blog about it cause people were saying that Letterman and Seacrest think the rules don’t apply to them. What rules? This is a democracy and journalists can ask whatever they want to, according to their ethics. OK, asking people about their private life it’s not the nicest thing and he won’t really answer it for now but I like to see him smartly avoiding and coming up with some joke.

      I’m really surprised of the way his staff (and that includes Nick) is handling things. For the press tour they told the journalists that if they ask the holy question the interview will stop immediately AND they will never be accredited for another interview with Rob. The way they put it, it’s like he is his majesty. So I liked Seacrest and Letterman’s way of saying “I don’t give a fuck about it”. And I didn’t like at all the first interviews Rob did in Hollywood, at the beginning of the press junket, with all those interviewers who were so afraid and only asked boring Edward questions.

      And a hysteric PR who’s so rigid on things reflects his/her client’s attitude, and that would be Rob who trusts people just because they have been in the business more than him.

      Look at the face of the girl near the door of the box (are you with me, I’m talking about RS). It’s the one with whom Rob played Guitar Hero, just as Taylor and KStew. Except that they hugged her when they came in, whereas Rob didn’t even look at her since he was probably stressed by the “hurry-up” Nick thing.

      Fortunately TomStu and Marcus were around to give us the real Rob ( cf. blunts, sex toys and giving birth).

      • I think interviewers should ask-if Rob/KStew/Summit/whoever don’t want to be hounded about it they should just come out with it. The hubbub would die down pretty fast if the truth was out-no scoop to be had, the parties involved just state the facts and that’s it. I’m starting to believe this whole thing is deliberately being handled in this manner just for more publicity, never mind anyone’s privacy.

        I’m not a fan of Ryan Seacrest, but good for him for asking the forbidden question, even though bitchface cut him off.

        If interviewers weren’t willing to bow down to these “rules” regarding what
        questions could be asked, and it would affect the publicity for this movie, I bet we’d be getting more than the cryptic nonsense we’re getting now.

        • I think it’s their right to protect their private life especially with the craziness outside, I’d do the same. If I were a journalist, I wouldn’t have asked them thee question. But I just don’t like the way the whole press relations thing has been done, I don’t like the attitude. That’s why I liked Letterman’s way of saying “screw you” to the PR : he pumped the question but then never let him answer.

    • What happened to the other one (short dark hair), wasn’t she bitchy enough? I know she literally (word I learned from Rob, my English is so much better since the robssession) yelled at journalists.

      Do I win the longest post ever?

  37. Haha, this is great! Thanks for the ideas, I’ll be sure to utilize them when I go see New Moon!

    • When will you see it?
      I have to wait until 26th…
      Germany is so lame….:-)

      • Hey Robgirl I prolly won’t see it til the week after Thanksgiving. I think I can find a babysitter for that time :-). Plus I want to avoid the crowds. Last yr the line on opening day here in was all the way out in the street!!!! And it was cold! Walmart came and started giving away free apples to people in line! I can wait a little, I got How to Be and a ton of interviews of Rob that I’ve missed and yet to see, I’m just pump myself with those :-).

        Did u get my mail? Ich liebe Rob!!! Squee!!! I just saw the Remember Me trailer. I think I saw a little bit of the wall sex! Squee!


        • Wall sex…yeah, that was too much for a little german girl…I can’t handle this….this time I def. will CUT OUT that Emily…..and put on MEEEE……..|
          about the Walmart service…now I know while there had the big german crash…apples….. for people who are waiting?
          I mean …give them some…I dunno know…good stuff….like …cheeseburgers, beer, drugs…lol…whatever…but APPLES?
          Big Walmart failure!

      • Hey!

        I’m also waiting (I think we were the first to have it here, since yesterday) but I’m on a Rob cloud and will be disapointed with only New Moon after the interviews avalanche goodness and especially after the REMEMBER ME TRAILER/TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward who? Can’t wait for Tyler! Bring Tyler!!!!!!!!!

        • I’m so excited to see New Moon but wow I think I’m actually more excited to see Remember Me! I don’t know, I kind of find Rob being very aggressive, very hot! 🙂

          • You are killing me with…

            …agressive…hot…and ..Rob…in just one sentence…

            Thanks a lot…so I would like to add…..

            dirrrty…..sad (in a good….sexy…demanding….and ………………..DIRRRRTY again!

          • I see you reaaaaaaaaaaally studied that!

          • How about his fake American accent? I’m really loving it. :-).

  38. This is the last time you’ll ever see me….I mean until friday 27th when I finally had seen the movie :p I’ll miss reading your letters and comments, I might not participate much but you make me smile so many times in my day that I don’t know if I’d be able to stay away from LTT and LTR for a whole week 😦
    I imagine 99.99% of you will be watching the movie tonight, so I hope you enjoy it, cry, laugh, have unicorns watching shirtless rob or tay. So don’t worry about 2 hand embarrassment you’ll only see New Moon for the first time once xD

  39. Tooldforthis: I’m a book yeller too sometimes 😛
    During Breaking Dawn, when I finished Jacobs part and started with Bella’s, the first area when she is discribing the pain I suddenly yelled out “Well what did you think it’d feel like, you stupid bitch?!?”
    My cat dove off the couch 🙂
    I still have some pent up anger about Bella turning into a vampire. Am I the only on?

  40. Why you didn’t tell me that before??? Now, I’m not a NM movie virgin anymore, and I’m only 16…The movie here in Mexico was today at 12:00 am and I would have totally use the one about hand-sketch Rob in many different colored pairs of jorts, but while Rob wasn’t on the screen I was counting the number of unicorns I saw, and I have to say that there were A LOT and they have NM shirts and stuff, so i guess the unicorn fandom is growing.
    Anyway, I have to say that I love SOOOOOO much the DILF because he really did a good job.
    I think NM won’t disappoint you at all, or at least you will laugh at the gaysian. 😉

  41. It’s 2.30am and just got back from the cinema. Loved loved loved New Moon!!! Laughed and cried (just a little bit). Loved Rob (of course!); but serious respect to all the cast and DILF for a great movie, true to the book. Melissa has stepped her game up. Can’t wait to go and see it again tomorrow!!!

    • So glad you’re all loving it so far!!!
      Can’t wait until we can all talk about it on here!
      We’re back for round 2 tonight and am almost as excited as I was before the first time.

  42. I’m leaving in five minutes to go to the theater! So excited! I’vg got to go find some tissue and finish laminating my list of ‘what to do while Rob’s not on screen.’ Thanks for the tips, ladies!

  43. This morning I stood in a line for 20 minutes to pick up 12 reserved tickets for the New Moon for my friends and I.

    The entrance of the movie theatre was made to look like a forest with real plants (awww).

    At 31, I felt as old as it gets when i looked at the teenagerness around me. but love (read: edward) knows no age, right? 🙂

    First, dinner at the Chinese, then, at 8 pm local time (in Georgia, the country) i’ll be watching team edward vs team jacob.


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