Posted by: Bekah | November 17, 2009

The time I lost my Robert Pattinson virginity


Dear Rob, I went to your movie premiere, and all I saw was..... well, you

Dear Rob,

I’ll never forget where I was. It was 7:04pm on a Monday night in front of a California Pizza Kitchen. The noise was deafening. The crowd rushed forward, almost smushing Moon’s short cousin LilCrazyCow, as a tall, dark and handsome shadow walked towards us. Moon said, “Look there. Look. Look! There he is!” And I didn’t know what she mean. Well, I knew who she meant, but I couldn’t see- I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at from the mass of men in suits, black limos & towncars and bright, flashing lights. So I pretended that I saw you. But I didn’t. It was like that episode of Friends when Rachel can’t see her baby in the ultrasound but pretends she does. Or like every “Where’s Waldo” book I read as a child growing up. You were the baby in utero and you were Waldo, except you didn’t look like the shape of a peanut, and you weren’t wearing a red & white striped shirt. So I couldn’t find you.

But then… the crowd parted, the noise disappeared and one light shined brighter than any other onto one of the tall, dark handsome shadows… and there you were. In all your Robert Pattinson see-me-with-a-beard-and-dressed-adorkably- mismatched-one-day-then-shock-you-with-a-slight-shave-and-hair-trim-in-a-suit-that-only-I-could-pull-off glory. It was epic. I’m not sure anyone’s virginity loss was more amazing than mine was at that very moment. I popped my “see Robert Pattinson in person” cherry right there on a street corner in front of the CPK next to those Germans who couldn’t understand why anyone would get dressed up to watch movie stars, yet stayed for the entire premiere, and in front of that paparazzi on a step ladder whose junk was in my face every time I turned to Moon to say, “OMG I think I see Buttcrack Santa!” And in that moment, that blessed moment when I spotted the “peanut” and noticed the “red & white stripes” that were camouflaging you, I stupidly attempted to take pictures. But then I said to myself, “UC- this moment is EPIC! That’s Robert Pattinson. Currently on your camera screen that’s a blurry blog in the slight shape of Robert Pattinson. Look at the REAL THING. Download the digital thing when you get home.” So I put down the camera, and looked….like I really looked. And I realized you’re real!

Yes, after almost a year of writing to you daily, I didn’t realize you were a real person. Moon has seen you four times now and yet that made no difference to me. You were Rob- a guy I wrote to. A guy in a movie that blew. A really, really hot guy. A guy that made awkward jokes and took amazing pictures. Just a guy- on my TV; on the movie screen; on my computer; on at least 400 of the 1825 pages of fanfic I have shoved under my bed.* But seeing you tonight? It made you real. You exist. You’re not just a figment of my imagination.

I rushed home after the event (aka HOURS later after dinner, after taking pictures of everyone as they left the theater to go to the party, after swapping stories with our friends on the street and after a 5 time loop around attempt at stalking the after-party) to see the close-up shots taken by photographers who have the ability to capture more than just a Robert Pattinson shaped blurry blob. Here are some of my favorites after the jump:

The one when Nick & the bodyguard (we call him Steve) tag-teamed
and pinched Rob’s ass

The one where Rob smells someone who camped out for four days

The one where Rob finds out there’s an IN-N-OUT a block away

The one where someone tells him this isn’t actually the opening of America’s first Heineken brewery
and he won’t be cutting any ceremonial ribbons.

The ones where it’s hard to believe he’s real (but he is…I saw the real thing…)

And do you know what else, Rob? Pictures of you don’t even do you justice. You are so much more incredible looking in real-life. Yes- I said that. I didn’t think that was possible, but take it from me, newly de-virginized UnintendedChoice who stayed up till 3:30 am to tell the world about her virginity loss, photographs have nothing on the real thing.

I found Waldo,
UnintendedChoice xo


What did you think of Rob last night? And tell me what interviews to watch! I need to catch up.. ya know, since I was seeing Rob LIVE

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  1. uh your so lucky, i have yet to see him in person. i wish i lived in california yesterday <333


    Yummy yummy.

    I am so excited for you. This week is all kinds of fun for me (living through you and Moon) MY DVR is burning up, Movie on Thursday night, How to be.

    Im breathless

  3. I’m glad he’s real, UC. Next time you’ll have to get closer to see if the sparklepeen rumors are true.

    • Isn’t that why we’re all here every day?

    • hahaha who gave you a thumbs down!?

      How dare you be perverted around here, Tiff? My virgin eyes!

      • I agree; thumbs-downs are mean… We are the Rob, anyone?

    • I’m thinking about thumbs downing you because it is so funny. But I’m not. ’cause it’s not. Sparklepeen iz serious bidness.

    • All the sparklepeen rumors are true. Even the ones that contradict one another.


    • I give you a big thumb up, its kinda obvious, this thumb down is a sensual thumb down, you can be proud of it! lol

  4. So. Jealous.
    Although I think if I actually saw Rob in RL I would go into cardiac arrest, which would be bad haha


  5. Now I don’t “love” Chris Martin of Coldplay for his smashing good looks like I do our Rob…but when ever I see him at a concert I get star struck too…

    After listening to Coldplay for so many hours in my car and watching Twilight (especially after my husband and I fight, I wonder why?!?) it becomes as if these people are not real, they don’t exsist and IF they do, they are so far out of our reach……………..then we see them, in REAL life, and we are star stuck…or ROB-STRUCK!!! you lucky bitches!!!

    • Rob-struck is right!

    • A.M.E.N his entrance in my life was kinda a “LIGHTNING STROKE” with a struck to my HEART…….but….it feels so ggggooooooooooooooodd!

      • I bet he looked like WALKING SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The first captionless picture makes me want to be spaklepeen-struck…and stroked….cuz I know that would feel so gggoooooddd!

  6. Even better in RL? Cardiac arrest is right! The ‘Robert Pattinson shaped blurry blob’ makes me shiver/quiver, so a sighting in RL that’s even better would do me in.

    UC, You’re so lucky! I hope that you had a great time and cherish the real Robert Pattinson shaped form!

  7. if you ever get a chance to see him again, try and lean in for a whiff – does he actually smell like sugar and rainbows? or booze and tomstu.

    • I second that. I was watching the lame myspace live webcast last night and at one point the myspace contest winner got to hug Rob. All I could think of, “what does he smell like?!” I wish someone would tell! (or do I?)

      • Sex. I’m sure he smells like hot sex.

        • OK, I am glad someone told me.

  8. God, i’m so jealous. Lots of people said that he’s more pretty in person.
    Are you sure Rob doesn’t have wings , halo or any angel related things?

    • I am convinced he has a Paschal candle that is REALLY on fire! lol

  9. “Robert Pattinson see-me-with-a-beard-and-dressed-adorkably- mismatched-one-day-then-shock-you-with-a-slight-shave-and-hair-trim-in-a-suit-that-only-I-could-pull-off glory” TRUTH!!

    Rob is the ONLY celeb I know that can pull off I’ve-just-rolled-outa-bed hobo chic and DAYUM-look-how-well-this-suit-fits-me chic, and he’s the only guy I like equally as much in both states. Somehow after this Rob as shifted up a notch (is this possible?) Well done Rob! Are you the second coming??! (that’s what she said)

    • Rob makes sure we all get a ‘second comming’ and that’s just through the computor screen…imagine the girl’s last night I’m sure they can tell us all about the ‘second comming’……

  10. OH MY GOD!!!! U.C. another virginity lost to Rob and what a relief to know
    1. He’s REAL
    2. He’s even better looking when you do get the magic of seeing him up close and personnel.
    Soo full of 2nd hand fangirl squee and glad you got the first hand thrill, sigh perhaps one-day we’ll all get our ‘moment’ to loose that virginity!!

  11. Ah, jealousy… and to think last week he was only an hour’s trainride away in Paris, and I didn’t go to check for myself that he’s real. Fangirl fail! Luckily we have you to keep our standards high, UC.

    Say, you saw Dick & Clare Pattinson and did NOT kidnap them and ask for a night with Rob as ransom?

    • i know… i was proud of myself for not jumping the barricade.. and also a little disappointed in myself

  12. Your lucky girl! So kinda heartbreaking your experience!Finding Waldo is like finding the REAL easter bunny…wow!

    “Pictures of you don’t even do you justice!

    So true, and in honour of it… today I would shout out as loud as I can (that is actually not very loud b/c of co-workers just looking strangly to me….)

    “Hallelujah to a man with a stunning personality and a BEAUTY from another world!”


    Dear Rob,
    now I surely KNOW, that you have very sensitive eyeballs!
    Love you still more

  13. SQUEEE! popped your Rob cherry right there on the sidewalk for all of us! loved that you guys were there last night! And I took one look at that same Scruffward pic this morning and realized I wasn’t going to get a lick of work done in RL today, either (which would make it a strikingly similar day to yesterday and would foreshadow the rest of my week…).

    : )

    p.s. yes I am TOTALLY jealous that you got to lay eyes on the real deal!

  14. Congrats on seeing Rob in person…maybe one day it will happen to me…

    I saw “KStew” on Conan embarrassing herself and rocking back and forth like she was going through DT’s.

    I saw Love Bites on MTV and cried a little.

    I saw the myspace red carpet coverage and watched Rob get a total buzz kill when the myspace contest winner explained how her whole family died and how Twilight got her through it. Good stuff. Totally appropriate for the happy occassion.

    • Wow, actually exactly my experience tonite at 3am with only one eye ( could not get open the other one while burning of WHAT I saw…), life stream from my space, I know I will go to hell…but this big girl in a creepy Bella dress…with all that death…. MAMMA MIA!…. but Rob handled it very gracious….PEOPLE are WEIRD!

      • My thoughts exactly!

      • I thought the same… as bad as I felt for her it just wasn’t the occassion. It was so whacky.

        But the whole myspace coverage was completely bizarre and not even 2nd rate, more like 3rd or 4th-rate viewing. I was so constantly secondhand embarassed for the hosts that at some point I felt 1st hand embarassed. When they interviewed KStew, the myspace host (aka the Anya singer from the soundtrack) could only talk about herself and her song and totally confused K, who was trying hard to follow along.

        In all seriousness though, Rob handled the very awkward situation with the myspacemorons very nicely and professionally.

      • good morning! Can you post the link to this? I haven’t seen this yet. I’m officially behind on all the interviews.

        • Hi hon, sorry no link , but you can find it here “”

      • I’m totally with you on this, it was the biggest WTF of the show, poor Rob having to hug all the stupid cows who tell about their dead families SMILING. People from MySpace, that was creepy shizz.

    • Forgot…for the MTV crap…
      First of all this morning I resigned my MTV subscription and dumped my “Catherine-Hardwick-Twilight-directors-book”

      Ma Vaffanc*lo…sorry big italian swearword…lol

      • I know!!!! He was very gratious, but it was actually painful to watch.

      • Ma que cazzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hahahaha you cracked me up! Some hidden italian girl around here?
          There are such good swearwords in italian, its like kinda drawing a picture while swearing…lol

          • Italian Girl + Rob (London Boy) = WIN!!!

    • Three observations: Kristen rocking back and forth just shows what the Twilight fans have done to her. Didn’t she look like she was 1 step from donning a straight-jacket for the premiere? Poor girl.

      Catherine Hardwicke should be exiled from Hollywood after letting MTV film in her bedroom. Seriously – the 2nd hand embarrassment for her was off the charts. I actually had to look away.

      Did you see Taylor on Jay Leno? For being 17, he is unbelievably poised. The stark contrast of how he handles himself in interviews vs. Rob and Kristen is mind-blowing. He’s adorable in a puppy sort of way.

      • I totally agree. he is always best dressed, well spoken and totally together. I hope he has a long career, because he lookslike he can handle it OK.

      • True word…
        and today I want to judge (big ecception…I swear…)

        Catherine Hardwicke’s house, taste, behaviour and facial-expressions (ups.. I said it..)
        are “butt ugly” (I have to look in my dicct. for the right translation)!

        That showmanship was so embarrassing for ALL woman… I would say..OLDER than Rob!

      • I felt a bit sorry for Kristen…is that weird?

        • You’re only saying all these nice things about KStew cause you’re secretely hoping for a “plan Γ  3”. C’mon Robgirl, come out of the closet. πŸ™‚

          • Hahaha, busted!

      • Yes, my MOTHER texted me last night “taylor aka jacob is on jay leno on nbc now.” Needless to say, I sprinted to the tv.

    • That Love Bites special made me cry..with laughter. All these people trying to cash in on the Robsten thing..that sleazy pap, the owners of the place where the prom scene was filmed..all talking about things that happened a year and a half ago. Not that MTV has any journalistic credibility, but that was sad even for them. And Catherine Hardwicke is the saddest. Still repeating the same crap, showing us The Bed. Some one give that woman a job, please.

      Oh, that contest winner..too bizarre. Rob looked so uncomfortable. What can you say in twenty seconds to someone you don’t even know who’s just told you this tragic tale? As a means to meet you, no less.

    • Ok, this whole time as I am reading y’all recap Love Bites…I thought you were talking about the movie Reality Bites. I was all confused.

    • Tell me about Love Bites, did they really show Rob and Kristen’s first audition?

  15. Good on you UC. Great time to lose your “virginity”. Rob was firing on all cylinders last night. Drop-dead gorgeous & wearing a nicely cut suit (for a while there I was worried that he still hadn’t shaved and was going to show up with a crazy beard and that fugly coat he was wearing in London last week) and was altogether in a great mood (smiling / laughing / funny & gracious in his interviews). I am still squeeing like a fangirl.

  16. Awww, UC! I am SO happy for you!!!! And slightly jealous. πŸ™‚

    Sharpie (who still has her “Rob cherry” in tact, and would like very much to lose it)

  17. I’m jealous. Skinny tie was HAWT!

  18. JEALOUSY!!! Great recap of your devirginization, UC.

    I also totally LOLed to your simple and straightforward *. πŸ™‚

  19. I wanna be you someday.

    Im glad that your first time was like this. Good memories. For the rest of us it was hours or hearing Anya Marina voice and weird questions… until he was there. On live stream. for what it look like 5 seconds. But he was there.

    and… I wanna be you someday and have the same experience. jijijiji


    • I didn’t dream about Rob last night, I had a frickin nightmare about that Anya Marina who was interviewing through the mypsace feed.

      FACT: Did you know that she has a song on the New Moon soundtrack? Yep, really, true story πŸ™‚

      Physically and emotionally scarred for life after listening to her.


      • wasn’t sure whether to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down for the Anya nightmare. I woke up in the night thinking of her too. Horrifying. Then I thought of Rob and all was OK.

        • Operarose I don’t think a *thumb’s down* would do her justice, more like a one way ticket to the Moon πŸ™‚

          • We need a special button for her!

      • FACT: Oh really!? you have song in the soundtrack? nooooo???? and you have like 8000 public sites like myspace, facebook, twitter, hi5 and God know what else all with anyamarina on them???
        Ooooohhhhh That voice was like a mini mouse meet the chipmunks!
        But then Rob appears and the world is perfect.

  20. WHore!!!

    Was it better than your FIRST time?

    PS…HotBritishDude in my office knows my name and said good morning to me while I was looking at the picture of Rob three from the bottom. Yeah, I need a new office chair now.

    • Sounds like things are coming along nicely with HotBritishGuy! Have you facebook stalked him yet? What? That’s normal! Find out what football team he supports and report back, I can give you handy tips on all things England and you’ll be in there in no time!

      • I don’t even know his name. However, he did take the time to learn mine so that’s a good thing I guess.

      • I got the deets on HotBritishDude. He’s mid 20’s. Named Joe F***T. My boss took him to watch Football, drink beer, he wanted to go to Hooters and they topped the night off at Waffle House. He is completely taken with the fact they were open 24 hours.

        Tonight he is going to see some techno DJ named Deadmau5 in ATL with some other British dudes he knows here. He leaves tomorrow.

        • DJ Deadmau5 plays here in Nashville a lot. He’s good. Would it be too obvious to do an impromtu night out in ATL? More than 1 British man is reason enough to go out on a “school night” girlfriend. ;o)

        • Haha, that’s perfect! I work for a dance music record label! Ask him if he has ever been to/heard of the club ‘Fabric’ (he should know it if he likes Deadmau5) and then tell him you know someone who works for their record label πŸ˜‰ I can even send you some CDs if it helps you get into his pants. Am I getting a bit ahead of myself here? Perhaps, but anything for an LTR girl πŸ˜‰

          • If he wasn’t leaving tomorrow I would MOST DEF have you send me some. He works for Lloyd’s over there and seems really up on his music. When he comes back I’ll ask him.

          • Hmm. If all the HotBritishDudes out there were smart, they’d get their asses over to America pronto. Mucho sexin for the accented hot ones! Or not so hot ones. Just close your eyes while Joe is talking and visualize Rob. (Like in Love, Actually.) I, myself, am planning a trip to London right after New Year’s and I may or may not convince my friend that we should hit this “hip” area known as Barnes. I’ll report back, ladies, should I be so lucky as to pop my Robcherry and see HHH.

    • Were the tips helpful…? How did it go.

    • bahahahahahah whore!!!!! omg lmao!!!

  21. That is SO exciting! I’m thrilled for you, UC (and a little envious too!) And well done, Rob, for looking AMAZING and actually letting Stephanie dress you (or your new gay stylist?).

    I have a favor to ask of anyone here reading. I spent the last 3 days reading that fanfic The Office…and I got to the 2nd-to-last chapter where she goes to his apartment and finds him with the woman in the hallway, then goes to her office to clean it out and Carlisle says “we need to talk.” Then I went to the last chapter and IT WASN’T THERE. For personal reasons, the author decided yesterday to remove her story from fan fictiondom. OMG!!!!!!! So can someone PLEASE tell me what happens in the end? Who was that woman and why was Edward with her? Does Bella get with him in the end? Does she quit her job?

    Sorry to go off-topic the day after UC’s cherry-popping, but I am DYING here. Thanks in advance.

    • Woah, that’s news to me.

      Go to (is .net? .com? I can’t remember and I’m at work so I can’t search for it). and it will be there.


      • It is not there. If anyone can just tell me what happened, so I can move on with my life, that would be great. πŸ˜‰


          Here is tby789’s blog. You can link to the chapters here. She’s working on the epilogue now. Soo can’t wait for the end! Love some BB!

          • Yeah, I checked her blog. They’re not on there. So sad, but thanks to you LTR girls, I at least know they lived happily ever after.

          • Her last post said she’d post the epilogue on that site, so keep checking for it. You can’t not read the ending!! ;o)

    • The woman was the ex from Paris. She came to town to tell him that she was getting married and let him know that she is happy and has forgiven him. he’s going down to have a drink with her and her fiance when Bella comes back, ’cause she knows she needs to trust him and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. That much I remember clearly. I’m pretty sure that they decide that they love eachother and they’re staying together. The epilogue will be posted on the 18th on the author’s website, so check it out on the 18th. I’m hoping the announcement/pulling of the story means that she’s been asked to change the characters and write a book. She deserves it.

      • THANK YOU. Seriously. I think I hit rock bottom in my Twilight obsession because when I tried to call up that chapter and it was gone, I got tears in my eyes.

        (I sorta figured it was the ex but wasn’t sure)

        • OMG after I typed all my reply and hit send, I saw there was already one…sorry.

    • WARNING: Spoiler Alert

      The woman was Rachel, Edward’s exGF from France. She came to visit Edward that same night. She was getting married and she wanted to tell him in person so she came to his apartment and just so happened that Bella saw all that. Anyway, Rachel and Edward were cordial, friendly terms. Edward told her about what happened and Rachel was happy for him. Bella apparently dropped her glasses in the elevator and Edward found it. That’s how he realized she had been there and he put two and two together. They found Bella not far from the apartment. She and Rachel met and all went well, E/B declared their love for each other, etc.

      • Thanks, SouthernBelle!

  22. There is no way this comment will be funny, as it is serious as all tweed:

    In the summer, RM was filming near my office. I took many cigarette breaks those two days, (and I don’t smoke) to hang out by Rob’s trailer. The fans were kept about half a block away, but since I was at my building, I “belonged” there.

    I started to think it was a lost cause, because I only saw bitchy PAs or Steve the security guard, and then, while I was trying to look busy talking to my mom on my cell, I looked up and there was Rob, walking to his trailer which was 5 feet away from me. No security in front of him, so I got a clear view. I watched him walk for like 2 minutes. I also lost all ability to control my limbs or to speak, so I completely failed at going up to ask for an autograph.

    After seeing so many set pics of him online, to actually see him so close, in costume (ha, a blue shirt…costume, pah!) was a total head trip.

    To be sure, it wasn’t fuckhawt suit Rob, but UC, I completely and totally understand.

    Congrats to you. It makes it all worth it, eh?

    • Love this story. And it’s even cooler that you didn’t ask for the autograph!

      • I thought about it during a moment of clarity through my Rob-induced stupor, but I didn’t want to disturb him during his break from working.

        One day, Rob. One Day. (playing Mattisyahu on my iPod right now)

    • My husband had the same experience, only it was at my request(he works in NYC and I asked him to set stalk & get a pic). He saw Rob get out of his car and walk to his trailer-right next to him. So now he taunts me with Are you jealous that I was less than three feet away from him and you weren’t? YES.

    • Love your story, that is the story I want to live…
      so actually I am considering to make a transfer (you know like a player) for one season to a Budapest-school …. have to find out, where “MY BUILDING” has to be…lol

      • Do it! Do it! And then I’ll come and visit you and we tramps will casually bump into Rob there!

        • Hahaha.. the “casually bump into Rob” will be good planned!
          Perhaps we could give him some fine french lesson at that school!

  23. *sigh* You guys are sooo lucky. I was thinking of you last night while I was watching the premiere, wondering if you’d seen him and how close you were.
    I cannot imagine how Rob could be any better looking, but I’ll take your word for it, still being a virgin myself.
    I had the laptop in the kitchen last night, while I was cleaning and whatever, and when my husband came home he gave me a big ol’ eye roll and a smirk. I said if I were in LA, I’d be there, and he said What? If you were a moron you’d be there? Call it what you will but I wish I could’ve been there. I was practically squeeing all over the kitchen, listening to all the screams, watching the limos roll by. I was so worked up between that and the MTV specials that it took me forever to get to sleep.

    All I want is to see Rob,up close, in the flesh. I don’t even really want to meet him, because I would probably just stand there and gape. I just want to see him-I don’t want to be a virgin forever.

    • Me too. I don’t think I’ll be able to speak. But I would just like to see him for real, that’s all I ask for. I don’t even care if he notices me or not(although it would be a plus if he said my name).

  24. I’m 2nd-hand THRILLED and AMAZED right now! I’m sure the awesomeness of seeing Rob in person was akin to watching the moon landing or viewing the Mona Lisa or seeing how they get those tiny perfect ships inside those bottles [that last one meh just be me].

    Thanks for sharing your experience and please know I’m working HARD, HARD, HARD not to hate you on principle right now. After all, it’s not like you’re MOON and seeing him for the fourth time or something . . . SHE’S the evil one here, right?

    • Hahaha…..

      Rob seeing= moon landing ?

      Great math. equation with the double meaning!

      • All I saw was ‘HARD, HARD, HARD…’ πŸ˜‰

      • @robgirl86

        Good lawd. I thought you meant Moonie had a Rob landing.

        I was trying to figure out where it said this and if it was in some super secret code or something.

        I was getting ready to hate her. Seriously.

        • That’s what I mean…lol,
          you know my english-german-english-brain….

          and a Rob’s landing on someone/ or somewhere would cause a huge thud…literally….hahaha

          I love Moon!And you too, I know that!

  25. Thanks for sharing the epicness of this special Rob moment for you! As I read the post I envisioned the bright shining light…

  26. I love the report!! I am going to go stake out the NYC special viewing premier that they will all be at! I will hopefully have a good report and some pics to send back…..welcome to the Robby Slut Club….come on in the waters fine….hehehehe!

    Obird πŸ™‚

    • Where and what time is it please?

      • It is at Lincoln Center….not sure on the time….but I would imagine in the evening….but, get there early….I am sure it is going to be a mad house!! Are you going to go?? I can’t wait!

        • wait a minute..Lincoln Center??what about this thing at TRU/Regal ? Is this something else? has it been changed? I’d love to go but I’m going to the midnight show (in CT) and if it’s an evening thing it wouldn’t work for me. So probably not.

    • You have info on this? I’ve been trying to find out something, ANYTHING, and no one knows!

      Is it the TRU one?

    • Obird – what NYC special viewing premier? Please share details!

      • the screening is at the Regal Cinema on 42nd St. To get tickets you have to buy NM merch at Times Sq. Toys R Us, and you get 2 tix to the special screening. All the deets are on the TRU Times Sq. website. I think it’s tied in with the NM promo tour thing that’s being held there on the 19th.

    • Yes please any info ….I’m gonna be in NYC on that day for the Jimmy Fallon show with Taylor but I would like to see the rest of the cast as well … Who else is gonna be in ncy the 19th so we can meet ?

    • Keepin’ it classy in NYC ladies! Make me proud obird!

  27. I am so done with my Rob and Taylor cherries… I wanna lose them in the worst way. Maybe on the same night…symultaneously…ahhh

    • Xylem, “worst way” your avatar is giving some ideas…lol

  28. Girl, If i were you. I’d die too.

    • Me too..
      How beautiful he is….D.E.A.D.!

    • I just watched this and noticed at the end that my mouth was hanging open and I had this huge goofy grin (and a little drool, too…srsly).

      • Dude, I know what you mean. I was not ready for any of THAT. I can’t imagine experiencing that kind of hotness wrapped up in kindness all at once. I love him even more.

      • Same here! Actually, I have the same reaction for all Rob’s videos :-))

    • Thank you for giving us a visual of what it must look like when Rob leans in for a kiss. Now, please tell me… HOW DID HE SMELL?

    • OMG, he is so gorgeous up close like that! My heart was beating so fast and I wasn’t even there!!!!

    • Yeah, I just realised that if I was in that situation I wouldn’t even be able to ask him to say anything…. or speak…. or breathe….

    • Is it normal that I’m jealous that Rob said the name of some KC dude and not mine?

  29. You’re too cute, UC. I didn’t watch the feed last night (which I’m thankful for because apparently Anya Marina was unbearable), and I didn’t hunt down any pics – I just followed tweets from you and friends.

    I love the awkward turtle pictures of Rob that came out of the event. And here, I show off my mad photoshop skillzzzz. I’m glad I amuse myself if no one else…

    • You’ve got legit talent! πŸ˜‰

      • If you say so! And I’m sure quitting my job right this second to pursue a career in graphic design with that as my portfolio wouldn’t be a rash decision at all…

        • Not at all…I’ve seen your work and I think it is a well thought out, solid plan. Let me know if you need any references, and continue to utilize the same subject matter and raw material…3, 2, 1…and that’s what she said.

    • That’s the face he made after UC popped her β€œsee Robert Pattinson in person” cherry right there on a street corner in front of the CPK in a hot steaming pile.

  30. Last night will be one of the highlights of your life. May it be the first of many such encounters.

    Keep representing!
    You’ve done a swell job…of keeping us abreast. Don’t forget who you are…

  31. UC, just remember to respect yourself in the morning πŸ™‚ heehee!! Glad you guys had a great time!

  32. *sigh*

    I’ve heard he looks younger and very thin in person???

    Soooo jealous! But geniunely excited for you UC…he is real! LOL! x

    • yes… very thin!

      • God I’m already loving his long skinny legs on picture, not to mention Daniel Gale. I don’t think I could handle the real thing. *sigh*

  33. So today I am updating my Rob informations….from the red carpet..

    …he likes white chocolate chips cookies (Me too)
    …he is not a morning-guy, he cannot handle it.. (I know some little sure cures!)
    …the badest side of R.P. is to work every day hardly ( So true, that’s also MY life!)
    …he would be able to dance like Elvis..( I would pay to see that…)

    and my favourite :

    “Everyone deserves LOVE!”

    So Rob…I am EVERYONE…so… come over here! RAPIDLY, please!

    • I think I was living under a rock for a few days because I totally forgot the premiere until when I woke up at 1am this morning!!! All these answers, were these from last night?

      • A big YES! But there will be time to watch…no pressure, actually I saw one 5 min.ago another on BBC where he told, that while he was 7 he claimed his father was Michael Jackson! So funny…and thx for writing, i mailed you!

        • Yes! Seen that too! On the radio one movies blog.

  34. Rob popped my cherry at the premiere last night too. He shook my hand and told me thank you(for what-I don’t know. Maybe for not screaming at him). He giggled so cute! His face was just inches away and he is stunning in person.
    His fingers are so soft and he has long fingernails, at least on his rt. Hand. He accidentally scratched my finger while shaking. There is still a red mark this morning and I’m oddly loving it.
    I knew he had long fingers but damn! When he took my hand it was more like a sock puppet grab. His fingers closed over mine and they were so long that they touched the back of my palm past my knuckles and my fingers weren’t bent.
    He was gorgeous, charming, giggly. Perfect.
    I got so many great up close pics. I got the hand in hair, two lip biters, looking up through lashed and lots more.
    This premiere was a once I’m a lifetime thing. It was extremely tiring but worth it to touch that sweet man and have him smile, giggle, and speak to me.
    P.s. Always befriend the female cop. She directed Rob over to me. She told me she was a fan but wasn’t allowed to act like it so she wanted to live through me. Thank you officer valirez!

    • Wow, i almost cry reading this, I think i’ll live through you too that moment.
      You had me at “long finger”, “shook”.”scratch”. πŸ˜€

    • Awesome story!! I love that you didn’t scream. True fan! Long fingers….purr.

    • WoW, another lucky woman!
      Very very good description of hand and finger porn…swoon..
      and I love the “Thank you” part…SO Rob!

    • Right hand nails = guitar picking me thinks. Again…musicnerdsunite!

      Lucky girl. Can you please extract any residual Rob DNA from yourself to pass along? Please and thank you. xo

    • is it wrong that I read that with the same intensity as I do Fanfic?

      Loved it!

    • Lucky girl. Um…how did he smell?

    • That’s so sweet, he held your hand! Sigh. I wish I was there, wish he held my hand. I would completely forget everything around me, everything would be a blur after that for sure. You’re so lucky!

    • Will you be posting your pics?

  35. Rob in RL; in the flesh; is meltingly beautiful. My cherry was popped at the New Moon Fan Party in Battersea last week and I’m still smiling now, every time I remember seeing him smiling and laughing. And as my 17 yo niece said, “we were breathing the same air!” Really does make me melt. Le sigh.
    My new ambition? To see him again but closer!!

  36. Oh yeah, and I got to meet the famous Bunny and Noreen! Two very cute gals. LA was great! Thanks for the fun. Now I have to hop a plane home. 😦

  37. Ohmygoodness!

    I have nothing clever to add except, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR POPPED CHERRY!

    I have yet to pop mine…. But I think that one day, when I visit Vancouver, I’ll bump into Rob and it will be magic.

    • Grumble. My work computer deleted my information, so now, you have this weird looking dude. I swear, I’m not a noob…

  38. Congrats UC on your cherry pop – and most of all – congrats on NOT having the experience thru your digital camera. I’m always sad when I see people at events watching the whole thing on a 2in screen and trying to keep their hand still and zooming when they could be just having the experience. Most of the time, the pictures stink, the video is too dark, moving too much, you can’t hear anything, and then you missed the actual thing you were trying to capture. So I am so, so happy for you that you just got to look at him & live it.

    I watched the live feed, and, well, lets just say that Anya did not win herself any fans last night. And the myspace winner creeped me out when she told Rob about her dead best friend. Really? You get to say something to this man god and you tell him some depressing story?

    Why didn’t I win? I like the books because I love the crazy true love, not because I had some horrible real life experience. I wrote a lovely little essay for myspace – they should have picked me (I realized later that I missed the required age by a “bit” – just slightly too old – ageists!). I would have said something funny to Rob and then demanded a hug and a kiss with tongue. You should have used your access wisely, crazy myspace girl!

    But I digress. When I saw Rob on the Remember Me set, I was pretty far away from him – maybe 50 feet? – but it was still totally awesome. I was floating on air for days! Hope you are enjoying the afterglow UC & Moon!


    • So right…and I am pretty sure you had suited a much better dress!

  39. I’m so happy for you! You got to see him! Everyone says how even better looking he is in real life. I can’t wait to see him in RL.

    Your post made me warm and fuzzy all over. πŸ™‚

    • Hey, warm and fuzzy…lol…I love the word “fuzzy”, it reminds me of
      “fuzzy-Rob-HAIR” <3<3<3

      • Yes that’s the idea :-). How I dream to stroke that stubble on his chin.

  40. Better looking in RL????? I cannot even wrap my head around how this could even be possible. Now you have to comb thru all the photos until you find yourself in the background next to that stepladder-pap’s junk.

  41. I saw Christy Turlington once in Central Park. I know … your jealousy is delicious.

  42. Awesoemsauce. Not hating you today, but still jealous.

  43. Thank you for sharing your first time with us, UC. I feel like we were all piled up on a bed, sitting cross legged and smiling goofily while you took us through each and every minute of the experience. And I’m glad you got to pop your “see Robert Pattinson in person” cherry while Moon was with you. Hmm, looks like y’all did end up getting your threesome w/Rob after all.

  44. This is my fav pic of the night as of now.

    Wish we were as close as you guys were. But we sure did have fun!

    • Not normal …he is looking at me while typing…I cannot get over these EYES!

  45. Dear UC,

    First, I adore you two.. you and Moon make me laugh daily, thank you.

    I had a similar reaction the first time I saw him in real life. On the set of Remember Me… yeah ok stop throwing things at me! I behaved.. it was a sunny day in Queens, and after standing there for hours, the security guard comes to our small group of about 15 people and says “I’m gonna bring him right by you… don’t scream, stay calm and you’ll get great pictures.”

    The security guard, who happened to be “wedgie guy”, was bringing “The Pretty” to me! I held my breath, got my camera ready saw the door open to his trailer, and he emerged, in a suit, and “wedgie guy” directs him toward our group.. and my hands started to shake, I needed to see him with my own eyes, not through my camera screen. Things were in slow motion.. it was a dream… he was SOOOOO beautiful.. he reminded me of pictures of beautiful places, where the people showing them to you always say, “pictures just don’t do it justice” Pictures do not do him!
    justice! One step, two steps three steps he took toward us, and I watched, and then three chicks standing in front of me and my friend started to scream his name and wedgie guy quickly directed him between two cars and out of my site, into the car waiting to take him to set, and off he went.

    I have never wanted to cause severe bodily harm to anyone.. ever in my life… but in that moment those three young women were lucky I didn’t pull a “smack-a-hoe” ninja kick on their a$$es!

    For those who have not had the experience.. really… it is magic. You have to see him.. to believe it.. truly. You just know you are in the presence of someone truly special… goofy, adorkable, unfiltered, gorgeous… but special.

    • Kelly, thank you that’s not funny…..I have really tears in my eyes! wonderful report…so Rob is a bit like the Collosseum? The eighth world wonder? DIED!

    • Oh man, sorry about that. At least you got to see him though! I would be very mad at those women too though! They were warned!

      The way you describe him in person, makes me think of when I was little and I thought Santa was real and that everytime I went to the mall to take pics w/ him, I felt like it was all magic!!!! I bet Rob is so much more.

      • WHAT??? Santa is real.

    • I love your description of Rob. I can even see the slow motion movements and crooked smile as he moved toward us… I mean YOU.

  46. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight and Nancy, Laura Caballero. Laura Caballero said: LoL someone found the peanut @letter2twilight uc loses her virginity to rob last night and she lives to tell about it […]

  47. I lost my ‘Rob for real’ virginity last week in London. i was front of the barrier and got right up close!! He his glorious! We got scruff Rob in London, *bang*.

    • Is that “Claire P” for Claire Pattinson? ’cause that would be… weird?

  48. Ugh, UC… you made me tear up. For serious. Even though you’re being silly 98% of it. Lol


  49. wow… UC, you’re a lucky woman, I should say!!! πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t have taken pictures, I would have probably just collapsed or something… LOL πŸ˜‰

    • I like your “stupid-lamb” photo. Adorable.

  50. i want to reply to each of you. but I can’t b/c i am a really busy person with a really important life.

    (aka i’m in my pj’s on moon’s bed and i really want a drink of water so I’m gonna do that instead of reply)

    but XOXO for all the love…. I had sweet Rob dreams… well, I had dreams where teenagers were screaming… same thing though, right?

    • was that teenager you per chance?

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