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Friday mailday: Rob Pattinson’s Mail bag

Dear LTRers,

It’s Friday. Thank God. We worked hard. We deserve a weekend to play hard. And by ‘play hard’ I mean sit around, check twitter and the blogs we love every five seconds to see if Rob has been seen again in LA and wait in anticipation for the Teen Choice Awards Monday night for the first time since we were, well, teens.  Today is the perfect day to crack open Rob’s mailbag and see what recent letters he’s received. Ready set read:

Birthday Wishes

Dear Rob,

Pass along this Birthday RobPorn to Kristin, will ya? Also I hate you for last night.




UnintendedChoice & theMoonnisDown
Kristin is a forum mod & dear friend and is flying today, on her birthday, to meet Too_Far_Gone, a bff she met on LTR! Wish her a happy birthday!


Dear Rob,

I need to tell you a story about something that happened to me. I am Norwegian. English is NOT my native language. I am a huge Twilight/Rob fan. I spend all my time being intrigued by the Twilight Phenomenon (read: obsessing over you). Sadly enough, it isn’t that big over here, and I’m quite alone at the moment, waiting for people my age to open their eyes and see the light. The upside is that since nobody gives a damn (and I have a government job), I have lots of time to fool around, procrastinate, make funny pics and buy anything Twilight-related on the internet. Hence my story. Since I’ve been 29 for a while, and for some other really good reasons, I decided to buy something that didn’t make me look like a Christmas Tree. On the opposite, I went for something subtle, something only the ‘insiders’ would get, but something that would still be a token of my love of anything RPattz. I ended up buying this:


As soon as the item was purchased I called my BFF, and told her about the catch. This was her reply:

BFF: Do you know what Spunk means?
Me: Uhh…yeah…like courage and determination, right?
BFF: (silence)
Me: (blushing) Does it mean something else?
BFF: ROFL (literally)

I hung up. I googled it. I died. Then I went home and complained to my boyfriend.

BF: Did you really not know what Spunk means? (smiling slyly)
Me: (more blushing) I’ve been made aware of it
BF: How is it possible NOT to know this (by now laughing his ass off)
Me: I’m innocent. I read like…the Classics. Not porn. I don’t even watch MTV, or wherever you guys pick up those words. So, I guess you’ll forbid me to use the tote (kinda hopeful)?
BF: Not at all. I might pretend I don’t know you, though.

I believe this would be a good time to hear you confirm that your decision to name yourself Spunk Ransom was derived from your love of Pippi Longstockings, and not…well, you know. You see, while I think of you as a true intellectual and lover of old sweet, Swedish children books, my friends are telling me that you are really just another 23-year-old guy with a stupid sex-joke. To save me from eternal ridicule, and for making it less shameful to wear my newly purchased “More Spunk” this summer, please confirm that Pippi Longstocking is the origin of Spunk Ransom.

Kjerstin/Team Buffy

Get your own 23-year old sex joke tote here on cafe’ press

Mail day continues after the jump!

The Psychic’s predictions

Dear Rob,

I’d just like to say that I am NOT delusional or crazy or anything. I someday am really going to be in a relationship with you. Don’t believe me? I was told by a psychic, and while she didn’t explicitly say those exact words, she might as well have. She told me that my future husband will be of these certain things, and after reading them you must conclude that she was completely and irrevocably (you must always use that word incorrect like SMeyer) speaking about you. My future husband:

  1. She said he would be foreign. HELLLLOOOO you are so from the U.K. and since I am currently residing in a sunny San Diego, CA that’s definitely foreign for me.
  2. She said he would be older. You were born in 1986, and I was born in 1987. Once again… HELLO. Thats a whole year of aged wisdom you have on me. I’m sure down for you to impart your wisdom on me ifyouknowhatimsayin.🙂
  3. 23 year old man seen driving a mid-life crisis dadmobile. I'd say that's undesirable

    23 year old attractive male driving a mid-life crisis "dadmobile" Porsche= undesirable

    She said he might have a less than desirable past. This was when I definitely knew it was my Robber Doodle. I am under the impression that while working on Twilight, you and K(beef)Stew hooked up. I refuse to believe that you are a couple, but I will concede that you probably did the deed and maybe her fake lesbian-ness, Nikki, joined in every now and then, but that’s as far as I’m going to go. Noone in the world would have a more undesirable past to me than the ex of the stuttering, blinking, frowned-face one, Kristen Stewart.

  4. She said there might be many other women after him. I don’t know if you have checked lately, but I’m pretty sure any female with a pulse is after you, Rob. (Note to LTR gals: you can all stop now because its OBVIOUS I’m going to be with him, and you should focus your attention on something more productive.) I may not be a German model or be able to blink and stutter my way through entire movies, but me and you COMPLETE each other, Rob, and we will be together some day, I just know it.
  5. She said he will be well-off. While you used to be slumming it with the 2 dollar shirts and Popov Pre-gaming (before you pounds the Hein.), after all the money you are going to make of this Twilight franchise, we’ll be ROLLING in the dough. We can stock our entire freezer with hot pockets and anything else you would like to see magically unfrozen in the microwave. You can radiate things to your heart’s content. And, if it happens to be the case that you still want to buy your 2 dollar shirts and save money by not washing your hair or showering on a regular basis, then we can just save that money to use for trips to London to go visit and Clare and Dick – who, by the way, are going to LOVE me.
  6. She said he might need some help cleaning up his act. Uh, can there possibly be any hotter man who loves to be dirty? I dont think so. You are a dirty boy and will definitely need my assistance cleaning it up. If you wash my back then I’ll… well you get the point.

I don’t think that anyone could possibly dispute that the higher powers at be realize that me and you were made for each other, and that it is only a matter of time (just enough time for me to remove all evidence of my obsessing over you) before we’re a happy couple.

Xx JanuaryMorning.

And this might be a crime against humanity, but I’m posting a letter to Kristen here. I think you’ll forgive me once you read it though!

Taking one for the team

Dear Kstew,

Have you ever heard the old adage ‘take one for the team?’

Maybe they don’t have that saying in little-rich-girl-ville where you grew up.

Let me explain it to you, because it is not just what happens when you go out with your best friend and she is awesome enough to spend all night talking to a chunky dude with BO because his artist friend who looks like he could win a Jude Law-lookalike contest if his pecs weren’t so big is hardcore flirting with you (I still owe you Christie)

According to the Urban Dictionary, to take one for the team means to willingly make a sacrifice for the benefit of others….do you get where I am going with this Stewie?

Let me lay it down. Millions (seriously that freaking many) upon Millions of women want to bang Rob Pattinson, or even just see him naked….ONCE (I myself would settle for watching through a window and Rob gets to keep his socks on…anything for god’s sake!)

I mean, women all over the world are losing sleep at night, driving their cars off of roads, staring over the heads of their boyfriends and husbands with dazed eyes, just dreaming of Rob and pondering the deliciousness of a Chilean kiss!

And then there is you Kstew:


Looking your usual-  “Life as famous millionaire spawn that gets paid to make out with the most beautiful and precious man alive can be so boring” -self as our poor Rob toys with your shirt wishing that he could pull it up and see your breasts (And we all know how Saucy Rob loves to ogle breasts)

This picture is equivalent to you spitting in the faces of millions of Rob-loving women, many of whom are beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate people with plenty more going on in the breast department that we actually want to share with Rob.

Stewie, you are like a fat guy holding a Big Mac up in front of thousands of starving children refusing to eat it.

You are like the little girl who gets a pony for her birthday and won’t let anyone else at the party ride it (even though SHE is NOT RIDING IT herself…ahem!)

You are single-handedly hoarding one of the finest natural resources on the planet (seriously, I hear that Bono is writing a song right now about how wasteful you are being)

So, Kstew I am now asking you to ‘take one for the team’- the ‘team’ being all of us girls who would kill for one night in the arms of Rob Pattinson.

I heard that you read Vonnegut and Bukowski, and so I am inclined to want to love you and to think that you do have a brain in there somewhere.

Do it because you CAN. To NOT bang Rob Pattinson when you have the chance is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and is just NOT FAIR.


Everytime I do these mail-bag days I can’t believe Moon & I are so blessed to “know” all you hilarious, amazing women. And I also feel like quitting the blog because you all are so much funnier!

Have YOU submitted a letter to Rob yet? Why not? Is it because we take 3-4 weeks to respond to our email these days (yikes- sorry about that!) Well, if you have something great to write, send it to OR write him a mini letter in the comments!

Wanna know who won the Rob photo Face-off from yesterday, thus winning the role of Tanya* in Breaking Dawn where we hope a dream sequence of she and Rob getting it on will occur? Moon. She won 6 out of 8 categories and got 60% of the votes. Congrats Moon! I hate you.


The Forum
Don’t miss LTT. Moon may or may not have something you will really want to hear

*in our dreams


  1. “Noone in the world would have a more undesirable past to me than the ex of the stuttering, blinking, frowned-face one, Kristen Stewart.”

    Total WIN! 🙂

    • thats her :acting style: of course im going to have to pretend to like it after me and rob are together.


  2. “Stewie, you are like a fat guy holding a Big Mac up in front of thousands of starving children refusing to eat it.”

    OMG! Coffee just came out of my nose.

    • mine too!!!!

      • priceless as always but I hate what this day is becoming that is why I came and comment here😦 Everywhere else is just pure hell and chaos! I need some recluse

        • It’s crowded at LTT today! Def feels chaotic. How weird is that? Being that it’s only a blog? That’s not normal! 😉

          • it’ll chill out …. tomorrow is another day! the forum isn’t too crazy right now!

    • @ Jamiegrrll

      Kstewie, does not know what to do with a “big mac”.. even though its right in front of her.. that’s probably the problem. Someone should tell her to take a big delish. bite out of it.

  3. “Stewie, you are like a fat guy holding a Big Mac up in front of thousands of starving children refusing to eat it.

    You are like the little girl who gets a pony for her birthday and won’t let anyone else at the party ride it (even though SHE is NOT RIDING IT herself…ahem!)

    So, Kstew I am now asking you to ‘take one for the team’- the ‘team’ being all of us girls who would kill for one night in the arms of Rob Pattinson.

    Do it because you CAN. To NOT bang Rob Pattinson when you have the chance is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and is just NOT FAIR”

    AJ I love you forever for these comments alone!

    And ditto on the Porsche comments, he didn’t look right driving it – too Hollywood instead of London “I like to be one of the people” Rob. Please return to the rental company ASAP!!!


    • Word and word!


      LMAO That is freaking hilarious.

      • ITA it is crime against humanity indeed, I think I made the same comment without reading the letter first, great minds think alike🙂 She has to realize her great fortune! I should shake some sense into that girl jeezzz

    • about the porsche- umm, i think its perfect. im mean, its only 2 seats. who else does he need in the car but me?

  4. I was sort of disappointed to see Rob in the Porsche. First I thought ” wow, gorgeous car”, then it hit me that he just looks wring in it. The Audi, ok. The Porsche says “arrogant asshole”, not down-to-earth, all-my-clothing-fits-in-a-duffle-bag- Rob.

    I am freaking out a teeny bit here-between the supposed visit to KStew, Moon’s cruel tease in LTT-sorry but I will never be Team Robsten.

    On a lighter note-is anyone going to see San Bradley in NYC tonight?

    • wrong, not wring.

    • dazzledtodeath – oh I heart you. You said everything that I wanted to say about the porche pic.

    • I like Rob in the Audi. It was his boy-who-finally-has-enough-money-to-buy-his-own-car-so-he-bought-a-fancy-one car. I like that in a man! But the Porsche? Yeah, bring it back to the rental lot before you break it.

      • “boy-who-finally-has-enough-money-to-buy-his-own-car-so-he-bought-a-fancy-one car” – so true, this was the vibe.

        “bring it back to the rental lot before you break it” – LMAO..foward the message to Rob. Otherwise..hahaha..just imagine his face after he does that. Bwahhahahaha

    • Am I the only one who likes Rob in a Porsche?

      Maybe it is an ‘intercultural thing’ but to me a Porsche convertible is just pretty cool!
      Nevertheless it should be OPEN!

    • Whenever I see a guy in a car like that, I think, “Small penis.” I realize how irrational the association is, but I make it nonetheless. It saddens me to ever associate Rob with those of the insufficient peen.

      • No sparkle peen is insufficient. You get that thought out of your head right now! 😉

      • @tiffanized: & if he’s wearing a cap, i think also ‘no hair’—LOL

      • fyi;

        There are other pics of him in this Porche, (one of the other sites says he was going to/or coming back from getting his medical check up as required by the insurance people who insure the movie).

        Seeing him in the perrenial hollywhore Porche, yeah that threw me. I’m 5″10, and a Porche is pretty cramped leg wise.
        Robbie is what.. 6’1, he’s got to feel like a sardine in a can.

        in anycase.. oh god , anything but “Small Peen”… waaah..
        it does scream hollywood asshole though. waaah again.

    • @dazzledtodeath: the Audi was really a BMW, but perhaps you would feel happier about the Porsche after taking a look at the sif (?= moving picture, i hope) running over at Robsessed—a young lady is taking advantage of the bucket seats to take very good care of Rob—if i might use another bit of Britslang which i picked running through the letter S to spunk, she is smoking a pink cigar—LMFAO—<:)

      • I meant the Audi he was driving in LA.That’s the one he was quoted as saying he couldn’t remember where he’d left it.

        It is endearing to think of him driving that old beat up BMW for so long, though. A true Porsche man wouldn’t do that. Or forget where he’d left his car, for that matter.

      • Wasn’t the Audi a rental or his manager’s?

    • About the Porche… I’m choosing to believe that Nick or Stephanie rented it for him. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

  5. I spelled Sam’s name wrong too. All this speculation is affecting my typing.

    • I spelled porsche

  6. These letters were so halarious. I laughed my water up my nose.

    Stewie, you are like a fat guy holding a Big Mac up in front of thousands of starving children refusing to eat it.

    “You are like the little girl who gets a pony for her birthday and won’t let anyone else at the party ride it (even though SHE is NOT RIDING IT herself…ahem!)”


    Oh, and the “More Spunk” tote? Own it, honey! I might buy one for myself. 😉

  7. I actually forgot that spunk had other, innocuous connotations.

    My only request for Kristen is that if she is going to ogle Rob like he’s a Big Mac, that she not blink. Oh, and that they make a sex tape. R rated Breaking Dawn, or Eclipse fantasy sequence will suffice.

    • I think that would be the most akward and 2nd hand embrassing sex tape ever made.

      • I would still pay GOOD money to see that.

    • @allryans: i never knew that it had other than innocuous connotations—& unlike Kjerstin english happens to be my 1st language—how the world turns!❤

      • & when you start to explicate ‘spunk ransom’ it really opens your big blues—

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN!!! (see, i totes know you are the “IN” girl.

    Okay, sad that Spunk is not longer a clean and innocent word.

    UC, I think Moonie has the advantage now because she works from home part time and you and I both know she just sits and collects robporn, all day.

  9. LOL “dadmobile” – prob bought it to match his dad-case and his dad-polo-shirt.

  10. These letters are simply brilliant!

    And I’m so not liking the Porsche either. It’s such a cliché car. I mean…we were all kinda expecting him to actually spend some of his all his hard-earned cash on SOMETHING sooner or later, right? (Although everyone must have been secretly hoping he’d safe everything for his future wife (being yourself) to spend on designer clothing, pillows and headboards. I was.).

    But when he fancies Porsches…I can’t help but be slightly disappointed. We already knew he had horrible taste in beer. I could live with that, it contributed to his overall cuteness. But him in the Porsche…totally ruins my perfect visual of him in the passenger’s seat next to me in my (future) Masarati Gran Turismo…shattered dreams…

    • his dad sold classic cars didn’t he? you’d expect him to have more taste… and old beat up chevy perhaps?

      • Hahaha. But at least we could think he borrowed it from set.
        But I have to admit, it could have been worse…
        like a Caprice or something

        • HAHA! Very true. I was just thankful it wasn’t an old el camino:

      • Thats what I was thinking.. I wonder if dick is coming for a visit…or I bet nick rented that for him. Let’s be real do we really think rob would call hertz himself and request a porche? I don’t like those mid life crisis cars but rob looks hot in it I guess.

      • Old british car: Jaguar or Bentley – appropriate for young guys. KiddinG!

  11. @JanuaryMorning – Do we have the same psychic? lol. Great letter. It is obvious you are one of the potential to be his lady but I am still holding on to my hopes. A girl can dream, can’t she?

    • I dream of being with you forever-or at least one night, Rob.

    • if we do have the same psychic that im pissed she gave us the same reading!! haha jk, and of course you can dream! and you know ill look up all the LTR girls with photos after rob annouces his undying love for me!!

      • haha…sure, i will be looking foward to it.

  12. If I’m being completely honest, I was also completely appalled at seing Rob in this car. He simply does NOT look like the type of guy who would be driving a tiny stupid-looking sports car. He looks so WRONG and out of place driving it. Dazzletodeath said it perfectly: “The Porsche says “arrogant asshole”, not down-to-earth, all-my-clothing-fits-in-a-duffle-bag- Rob.”.

    Urgh. I was expecting him to drive a less conspicious car. An older car, like an old Volkswagen. Or if he just has to have a new car, an Audi ou even a BMW would be better than this (I know nothing about cars, so I can’t elaborate on this, but I know what I like and what I don’t).

    Just… not a convertible. And not a fucking Porsche. bah.

    Anyways. Moving on. I LOVED Kjerstin’s story. A+!!!!!!

    • New Audi, Mercedes Benz or BMW say
      ““arrogant asshole”, not down-to-earth, all-my-clothing-fits-in-a-duffle-bag- Rob,” + I have a small d**k in Europe.
      Rob would look good in classic or new Alfa Romeo.

  13. Great letters as usual. I love that she didnt know what spunk was. Rob spunk, *sigh*

  14. Happy Birthday Kristin!


    Ok, the Spunk tote….Priceless!!!

    Can I say how much I love this….”Robber Doodle”.

    “You are single-handedly hoarding one of the finest natural resources on the planet”


  16. I love that Bono is going to come after KStew.

    That is a force that even she couldn’t bitch-face down.

    No one tangles with the Bono and wins.

  17. I detest KStew for putting up a public front that she does not appreciate the hotness that is Rob, I am soooooo sure that in the privacy of her wherever, she sees what we see and sadly she can do something about it unlike moi!

  18. MoreSpunk-tote-girl, you rock! ROFLOL!

    • Agrees with bellandtanaddikt


      she was pretty damn funny!.

  19. Um, yeah. Kristin’s coming to see me. And we’re going to have shitloads of fun. We’re going to attack BLong and MFoster and drool over Caleb, Jared, Nathan, and Matthew with the force of a pack of dogs chasing a kitten. Trust.

  20. I want a tote bag that says “Robber Doodle” on it now.

  21. “K (beef)Stew” Ha Ha!

    I gotta write a letter!

    These were great girls!

  22. Dear UC:

    I feel bad that there are like 3 pages of comments on the LTT page. When did that ever happen, right? It’s like the old days of LTR all over again.

    Anyhow, the mailbag posts are always one of my favs that you both do. I also can’t believe the creativity that poors out of all these bitches, and you two bitches. Yes, it may have to all deal with HHH and teenage vampire books, but it’s still some creative ass writing that makes even the most sullen piss ant, smile.

    Love your face,

  23. TeamBuffy: Hei, norsk jeg og😉 Ett år yngre enn deg. Du er IKKE alene!

    The letters where great! LMFAO

    • *were

      • Thanks!

        Sadly, it’s a true story. However, I never really worked up the SPUNK to use my tote outside this summer.

  24. Ohhh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN!!! Forgot to say that before, but doesn’t mean I don’t still think you’re fucking awesome. I am just slow sometimes.

  25. allow me to add my good wishes to those of the other ladies >HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN!<

    am enraptured with this site—love the topics you two inventive young women dream up—& the short comments are usually hilarious as well—

    always end the computer day with a smile! xox—

  26. allow me to add my good wishes to those of the other ladies >HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN!<

    loved today's letters to Rob from Kjerstin & JM—'more spunk' only confirmed what i already believe: 'When properly viewed, / Everything is lewd'—

    am enraptured with this site—love the topics you two inventive young women dream up—& the short comments are usually hilarious as well—

    always end the computer day with a smile! xox—

  27. As much as it absolutely PAINS me to say this… I have to agree with AJ’s letter. KStew, I don’t care for you, but you are doing us all a disservice by NOT tapping that.

    However, I would like to make one additional request that AJ neglected to include in her letter: please, pretty pretty please, take some steamy nekkid photos of that dreamboat before/after you do the deed. Whenever. Just please have the decency to not include yourself in those photos. Thanks dear, we’ll owe you majorly.

  28. I have to say I enjoyed Kjerstin/Team Buffy’s little blurb. And I really enjoyed the conversation you had with your BF. I could actually picture this conversation happening.

    And I apologize if I spelled your name wrong.

    Happy Birthday Kristin!

  29. Oh these were good.!!! gracias! Moon/UC


    “You are a dirty boy and will definitely need my assistance cleaning it up. If you wash my back then I’ll… well you get the point.”

    oh yeah.. come to mamma!
    I know where I’d run my soapy hands.

    btw: Kstew probably does not know what to do with that “big mac” she’s been so graciously handed.


  30. Loved. Those. Letters! Freakin’ hilarious! LMAO!

    Dear K *coughcoldfishcough* Stew,
    The wasting of finishing resources is everyone’s business
    Go on, sit over there and give me that “BIG mac“. Let the hawt mamma show you how it’s done…


  31. I MAY have had to google slang for spunk. I thought it just meant a good looking man. As in hunk of spunk. That’s what my Aussie friends used to call attractive men. Maybe they were dirty and me being pure of heart and mind never caught on. Yikes.

  32. I love how LTT/LTR is always a learning experince. I had no idea there was an alternate meaning for ‘spunk’ (thanks Urban Dictionary!). But since I’m not British, I don’t feel too bad for not knowing that one. Oh Rob, you little scamp!

  33. oh my gosh, that last letter threw me into hysterics.

    KStew realllly is starting to get on my nerves.
    the ONE person who gets to make out with rob for 4 movies, hang out on set, and have eye sex with Rob doesnt even appreciate it. Or at least thats the way it seems.

    Man if i was her we’d already be married…

  34. Wonderful letters! I was sorta clueless too about the meaning of spunk…I thought exactly as the writer of the letter did! LOL.

    Oh and about cars, yeah something was off. Can’t imagine him in a Porsche. I could see him driving a 1957 Chevy Impala🙂.

    About Kstew, I’m confused about her. Somedays she is sorta flirty w/ Rob and other times she seems so detached. Girl if you want the man, you gotta go for it. Don’t play so hard to get.

  35. Happy Birthday Kristin (with an IN)!!!!!!

  36. Happy Birthday to Kristin!

    As for this:
    Stewie, you are like a fat guy holding a Big Mac up in front of thousands of starving children refusing to eat it. You are like the little girl who gets a pony for her birthday and won’t let anyone else at the party ride it (even though SHE is NOT RIDING IT herself…ahem!) You are single-handedly hoarding one of the finest natural resources on the planet (seriously, I hear that Bono is writing a song right now about how wasteful you are being)

    ^^^ The definition of BRILLIANT! I laughed so hard I almost forgot how Moon’s pic and pending update have given me a gigantor headache.

    It’s hard to be Crapsten today.

  37. KJERSTIN, you’re not alone, I’m Norwegian too!

    Men jeg må si at jeg også venter på at Twilight og Rob-feberen skal slå over hele Norges kvinnelige befolkning haha;) jeg er også drit lei av at dette blir klassifisert som et tenårings-, eller rettere sagt fjortisfenomen (er 19 selv)… Selv om bøkene er skrevet på en sensurert måte er de hele veien gjennomsyret av seksuell spenning og hint til.. ehm.. visse aktiviteter. Jeg vil tro at unge voksne og oppover har mer glede av bøkene enn en 11-åring men men… (tror media har mye av skylda)

    Likte den nye bagen din heeheeXD Jeg hadde ikke anelse om at spunk også hadde en litt mindre uskyldig betydning.

    Spunk Ransom… LMAO!! Rob and his charming humor;) *insert soundbit of Rob saying “naaauughtyy” (*

    • Så enig, og takk for støtteerklæringen! Jeg krysser fingrene for at feberen slår innover landet i løpet av høsten:-)

  38. Thanks girls love you all. And whoever mentioned my mistake of not asking for are totally right!
    wow, its been an exciting day at LTR with Moon becoming an overnight celebrity source. i am getting such a kick out of all the websites mentioning Moon’s pic!

    • AJ~ I’ve told you before that I love you, right? Aren’t you supposed to marry me or something?😉

      • Sounds like a great idea: We can be fakelesbian co-wives!

  39. Thank you all so much for all the Bday wishes🙂 Moon and UC you 2 are the best🙂

  40. You are like the little girl who gets a pony for her birthday and won’t let anyone else at the party ride it (even though SHE is NOT RIDING IT herself…ahem!)


    hahahah!!! this is the best post every (i prolly say that everytime!) im sitting here in my office at work and silently laughin to myself..😀

  41. hahah is it wrong to feel like a celebrity being featured? hearing people quote me im on a cloud nine!!


  42. Been reading this blog for a while but first time I felt needing to post something.

    Not a fan of Kstew either as her “stuttering, blinking, frowned-face one” hits me as just truly awful, but I do understand, and like, why she and the other castmates are not fawning over Rob.

    The entire cast have a wonderful chemistry and they do show that on-screen. They always seem to be supportive of each other and frankly it would be stupid to see your coworker to go all fangirl on you. It would get too personal, and acting out the romantic/steamy scenes would be esp. creepy.

    It’s good that Kstew is keeping it professional and saving all the drama and lust only for when the tapes are rolling.

  43. “You are single-handedly hoarding one of the finest natural resources on the planet (seriously, I hear that Bono is writing a song right now about how wasteful you are being)”

    That was so funny! And my sentiments exactly. Although, if you really have qualms about doing it, Kristen, I could be your stand-in. I’ve done stunt work before. Just so you know.


    Welcome to Denver. We’re hoping to say ‘Hi’ on Wednesday night. You and Carter should have a fabulous time with those four sexy brothers on Sunday–sing your hearts out!

    • Hey EyeC!! What are you up to tonight??

      • Hi FN. I’m still reading Creature of Habit. Did you get through the other updates? TOV?

        • Oh man! Yes! I read, TOV (SOOOO GOOD! Victoria is evil!), The Office (they LOVE eachother!!!), and CWAIA which I think I already told you😉

          I’m reading The Dom now and then it’s CoaN for me!

          I don’t think I ever got the CoH link, mind sharing?? Please?? lol

          • Creature of Habit:


          • Thank you so much!

            You’re another day closer to Bobby/Marcus. Are you getting excited??

          • That TOV ending! I was worried she would lose consciousness. Of course it would be the lemonade cap! lol

            Yes, it is getting so close. Still have to do a scoping out for parking and exact location but I’ll be ready. Sqeeeee!

          • Left out the q……………..

  45. Wow, LTR is full of haters today. I got a bunch of thumbs downs. 😦 I hope they go away after today!

    • Sorry, meant to say LTT not LTR

    • Oh no! What did you say?? lol

      • Just defending Moon

        • I don’t know why anyone would object to what you said Sarah. That’s confusing.

        • That was nice of you!

          • Thanks you guys. I was feeling seriously depressed over there! I see you’re talking FF. I’m IN LOVE with The Office. Can’t wait for it to update again!

          • Yes, we can’t get enough of The Office! Finally, finally the ‘I love you’s! And he went to her place–nice!

  46. These letters are great and they really cheered me up! Especially the last one – AJ you’re a genius. Thank you for bringing this ISSUE out in the open. These things needed to be said and I couldn’t agree more. Awesome letters and so hilarious!!!

  47. Sorry guys, I’m distracted reading the LTT comments. Who knew it would cause such a commotion?!? Things were pretty heated over there today, no??? WOW.

    Anyway, OMG The Office?!? I love it too! Have you read Clipped Wings and Inked Armor?? You should get on that, ASAP! lol

    • I ran through a few of those comments. It is kind of exciting that she actually got a pic. You know how many times the LA girls have tried to run into him.

      Now you’re recommending CWAIA??? I had to BEG you to start it! lol

      I would also add to that Tropic of Virgo and Hydraulic Level 5. Excellent!

      • Oh nonono, I WANTED to read it, I just had some catching up to do w/ the others!! LOL I had total faith in your love for Tattward!! I was going to recommend HL5 and TOV too, but after today’s update my mind was elsewhere….lol

        • That was such a great update! I keep thinking of the next step…….

          • Yep yep! It has seriously taken WAY too long for them to get there! lol When it gets to that next step, it’s gonna be SO GOOD! For real. I’m sad that Bella assumed the worse when she saw what was going on in there. Granted, it didn’t look good, but I get so frustrated when they miscommunicate! lol I’m afraid that means that next step is still several chapters away😦

    • No, I haven’t read those! Can I find them on Twilighted? I have only read Wide Awake, I love LA, Just this Once and Edward Wallbanger.

      • Didn’t you love Just This Once? What a great ending! Nobody around here will read the Rob fics. lol

        CWAIA and HL5 are in the forum. And TOV we found on our own. I’ll wait to see if FN gives you the links.

        • Yes I did love it! The Rob fics are my guilty pleasure. It doesn’t really make a difference to me because every Edward=Rob to me anyway. LOL Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to be doing a lot of reading this weekend🙂

        • She’s usually so much faster at that than I am. I’ve read 49 fanfics now and I usually go into a paragraph or so of description every time somebody new comes on asking about them. I have several completed stories I would recommend. It helps to know if you are opposed to smut. In all cases the story is the most important thing. Of course, the lemons are luscious!

          • Tropic of Virgo:

          • Oh yeah…I forgot about smut being an issue, but if you love TO (and from what I hear, I love LA) then you’re not opposed!

          • Not opposed to the lemons

      • HL5:



        Mr. Horrible
        (we didn’t talk about this one, but it’s HILARIOUS!)

  48. oh no! My comment is in moderation…here they are again….



  49. Yes, yes, Rob is my Edward!

    Others I recommend: Art After 5, Let Your Light Shine/A Life Extraordinary, Only Human, Library Rendezvous, Holding Out for You (Completed), Lady of the Knight (C), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (C), and Brotherly Devotion. Maybe The Submissive/The Dominant and definitely The Red Line, but later for this one!

  50. Oh I forgot…I did read LYLS but not ALE yet. I’m glad there’s so much good stuff out there! Please don’t steer me to any Robsten fic though…lol I couldn’t take it!

    • I can’t even bring myself to read Rob FF, and I don’t care for the vampire stories. I’m a picky FF reader. lol

      I would shoot myself before I read Robsten FF! For real. And my world would be turned upside down if I actually liked it!

      • LOL….no way I would like that! I’d sooner shoot myself too!

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