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Favorite Rob Pattinson Picture FACE OFF!

Dear Rob,

We all know there’s about a billion pictures of you floating around the webs these days, some amazing and some, well, half amazing. UC and I are always sending pictures back and forth to each other in attempts to find the best ones and now it’s turned into something serious. Why yes, we’re going to do our first ever picture FACE OFF! That’s right- this is an old fashioned, shoot out style game. We’re like outlaws in the OK Corral walking 20 paces armed with only the best weaponry: pictures of you! So without further adieu, we begin out first ever ROB PICTURE FACE OFF.

Love your face!


So this is how it’s gonna go down… UC and I have preselected a list of Rob categories that we will pull our favorite picture from and then we will reveal it and YOU will vote! May the best blogger win! Oh, and we have a fake prize for ourselves! With the news of Breaking Dawn auditions just breaking, whoever wins gets to be Tanya in Breaking Dawn. We’re figured if we’re Tanya we’ll have a better chance of getting to make out with Edward in a dream sequence or flashback.

Moon: Welcome Ladies and… ladies to the 1st annual Rob Face-Off! Anything goes in this no holds barred contest of wills: your favorite can be hot, funny, cute, gross, whatever as long as it fits the pre-selected category! Those categories are:

  • Favorite “BE” aka Before Edward
  • Favorite Edward
  • Favorite Twilight Premiere/Press Picture
  • Favorite “in hiding/london pic”
  • Favorite Oscars picture
  • Favorite Professional Photo Shoot
  • Favorite picture from Vancouver or the New Moon shoot
  • Favorite Remember Me picture

So let’s get ready to RUMMBBBLLLEE!!

Follow the cut to see the FACE OFF!

Moon: first up favorite “Before Edward”
UC: Ok, I gotta find mine
Moon: EASY i got this one in the bag!
UC: Old School Rob in 1…2….3…

faverob03GOF vs danielgalerainbowsweater

Moon: Omg Daniel!! I love daniel!
UC: AWWW good one! i don’t know that one! what’s the from?
Moon: It’s a press pic from Goblet of Fire

Moon: Ok, next up favorite Edward picture!

edwardcafeteria vs edwardbella2-1

Moon: Omg.. seriously about did that one you chose!
UC: OMG almost chose that one!
Moon: HAHAHAH jinx
UC: love it! i love that pic forever and ever

Moon: ok time for fave twilight premiere rob
UC: i found that first!
Moon: i got this one too
UC: i know what you’re doing. i think!
Moon: HA! this should be easy to guess
UC: right:):)

faverob02 vs Britain Twilight Premiere

Moon: : that is my DO ME ROB NOW pic. France premiere
UC: I went London

Moon: Ok next up we got the “in hiding/London” category aka our darkest hours when we went weeks without seeing him!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! vs Robert Pattinson

UC: HAHAHHA you win! i forgot!
Moon: nice you picked pissed off rob!

Moon: Ok, Oscars time!!
Moon: i thought i had the one i want, which is kind of cheating but I can’t find it… oh well
Moon: its like a gif. it moves
UC: we soo have the same one. Except mine is a screen shot
Moon: i bet
UC: cuz it’s the hottest rob EVER. seriously i don’t think there’s been a hotter rob

oscarsheythereladies vs Picture 4

UC: hahahahaha LOVE IT!
Moon: damnit should have looked harder
UC: i just watched this video* a million times to get it (*we’ll give you that video on another day)
Moon:Β  omg was that a fan he was talking to?! god ok sorry got distracted
UC: i dunno.. it had to be someone he knew… OR.. just a really really hot girl
Moon: it was me. i didnt tell you i went and stood at the red carpet and flashed him. i totally lied about watching it on tv, i was THERE!
UC: and he got all sentimental and piano music played
Moon: yup thats what happens when he sees my boobs
UC: angels played harps
Moon: it also had my phone number written on it and he’s asking me what it was it kind of smeared off from all the sweat

Moon: Ok, time for Professional Photo Shoot / Magazine picture!

gqouttake3 vs OUT21403063

Moon: well crap everything gq is like orgasm in a magazine

Moon: Well two left and what are you going to bring?! It’s time for Vancouver/ New Moon Set pics!

vs normal_vancouver_19_001

UC: HAHAHA DANG… you’re gonna kick my ASS
Moon: yup church and the air guitar!! That pretty much sums up Vancouver for me. perfs combo
UC: amazing!

Moon: ok last but definitely not least… fave Remember Me!
UC: and i know my FAV RM pic….it’s hard.. but i know! but i can’t find it so looking
Moon: and dear god theres a TON
UC: SOOO many
Moon: OH I GOT MINE, get ready to GO DOWN!
UC: DANGGGG i can’t find mine ugggh

blackvneck vs RM_set_30_678

UC:Β  bring it ON
Moon: BOOOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wanna-be sublime shirt cant hold up to BLACK V NECK!!!!!!!!!!
UC: hahahahahhahahaha it’s a tough one both SOOO hot the buttons
Moon: that is hot though whew wheres the hose em down posts? UNCLE creepo!

Moon: well i guess we leave it up to the people now… it’s in your hards yall! Who’s going to win the fake role of Tanya in our personal version of Breaking Dawn and the first ever round of the Rob picture FACE OFF!!

Wanna read us Break Down one of the new pictures from New Moon?! Oh yea you do! Head over to LTT!
Go read what Kristin wants for her birthday at the Forum and chat it up!


  1. That was awesome! Especially since I had a rockin’ dream about our main man last night and I was seriously jonesin’ for some great pics of him. You guys never fail to bring it and OH, (if I may quote UC), IT WAS BROUGHTEN! πŸ™‚

    • share the dream!!!!!!!

      • It’s a litte fuzzy now (sadly…sigh) but from what I remember he was near where I worked and came in for something (don’t ask me what my job was or what wanted, it seemed like an office environment to me), saw me and we started chatting. One thing led to another and we were suddenly an item. It all sounds very tame, but the WAY it FELT to be even noticed by him and then for him to want to maintain contact (he was being whisked away by his handlers before anything naughty happened – BUMMER) was super thrilling. He gave me all these ways to contact him personally and this little digital photo display thingy that had a bunch of pics of him that had never been released anywhere before. Which, now that I think about it, was totally cheesy and uncool, but in the dream it came across as sweet. Like he was giving me a piece of him no one else had. I’m 4.5 months prego and I’ve had more suh-weet dreams about him and other various attractive men to last a lifetime. Last week I dreamt that I was at Comic Con and ran into him and we started making out in the audience. That was a wild one. I wouldn’t mind having that one again, actually. πŸ™‚

        • Wow! Thanks for sharing! When I was preggo I had the sexiest wildest dreams! It’s the hormones surging in your body :-). I remember certain guys just started to look hot to me when I never even noticed them before. Too bad I didn’t know Rob that time, I was pregnant in 2007. Congratulations by the way on your pregnancy!

  2. I see London, I see France. I’d rather see Rob without his pants.

    • um. brilliant

    • that wasnt an option! believe me we tried

  3. Hah! These are awesome. =) You ladies sure do have great taste. My favorite Rob will always be the GQ outtakeof him in the black t-shirt laying down with his face resting on his hand. He’s giving me THAT look. It’s so hot I can’t even imagine he could ever take a hotter photo.
    Good luck on being a fake Tanya!

    • I utterly and completely agree. A very close second is the GQ smoking pic……*sigh*

      • The spread in GQ where he’s lying down with his hands between his legs…if you focus on his face, it almost looks like he’s holding onto somethng!!!

        He’s like, look here…look what I have for you!

    • thats my favourite pic of him too. i have it as my background on my’s just the look he’s giving *thud*

  4. Any day that starts off with GQ Rob AND black-v-neck-tee/button-fly Rob is a very very good day indeed. ALL those pics are great… Thanks for startin’ things off right! : )

    • Ah! The double-eared cat! I just forwarded an e-mail to all my girlfriends about that cat. I love him/her so much!

      Oh, and I love Rob too. (There. Now my post is not off-topic. πŸ˜‰ )

  5. Eeny, meeny, minny, moe…that’s what I had to do to choose my fav pic for each category. It was like test anxiety when I couldn’t vote for each one. πŸ˜€

  6. OMG!
    It was an impossible choice: cafeteria Rob / peacoat Rob, these are two of my favourite pictures.

    Ant there should be at least 4 pics from RM set to choose from: I miss Rob with pink sleeping bag, and Pattinson in Wonderland Rob (copyright Robsessed) and one of first pics from the set: Rob in plaid,chewing straw/coffee stir thingy.

    Where is Montepulciano Rob / shirtless Rob?

    • Shirtless Rob!!! Yes! I still feel faint whenever I see that….I love your avatar!

    • ooh we forgot shirtless Rob- NEXT TIME!

      • please let there be a next time i wanna do that again!

    • Uh muh guh…. I love that chewing on a coffee stirrer photo so much. I died.

      • OMG that chewing on the straw…oh my goodness, oh my goodness. So sexy! I want to jump on him!

        • I totally agree..chewing on a straw..mmmm
          TOO GOOD!

    • Good Lo’ I forgot about the coffee stirrer picture. What I wouldn’t do to be that piece of plastic… What a steamy/contemplative gaze.

      [Well that wasn’t very ladylike of me… Should I try again?]

      My, that Robert is a handsome gentleman.

  7. This was so much fun! πŸ™‚ Glad you said it’s the first, it means there will be more. πŸ™‚

  8. OMG thank you! I love all of them…well especially the GQ pics and the professional pics. I know PP said she had a dream about him last night. So did I! Mine was very innocent!

    • booo innocent!

      • Hahha. Yes it was innocent. All our hormones /PMSing are making us dream of Rob! My dream was like this. I worked at this resort place and he came. I was at this outdoor restaurant. I was outside on the balcony and he came. He introduced himself and he shook my hands. Then I realized my hands were black from soot! LOL. So in my dream I apologized and he said it’s ok. He was so sweet! So we just talked and stared at each other that’s it.

        See UC I told you it was innocent….darn neighbor’s dog woke me up! Maybe it would have led to something if I didn’t wake up so soon! Grrrrrrr!

        • So Rob came twice and you nil?

    • Woah, I had a dream about Rob last night too! I bet it was our deep confessions that sparked these dreams.

      Mine was not innocent. At all. It was great. πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha! Pls share your dream KatieS!

        • Haha, your dream was weird, but very cute! Mine was pretty X-rated (lucky me!). I’ll summarize –

          In my dream Rob was unfamiliar with how to please a woman… and quite shy about it. So, being the nice young lady I am (ahem), I “showed” him the way. Too much fanfic before bed? Probably.

          • Thanks Katie! C’mon don’t u want to share the entire dream? Hehehe. I need to read more fanfic then! I read one or two and I’m still waiting for the new chapters to be posted. One that I like is “I hate you, kiss me.”

            My dreams are always just sweet, no X-rated stuff w. him. Last week I had a dream that the world was ending and him and I are together. The planet was being invaded by these aliens and he and I together w/ a bunch of other brave people decided to fight to the death. I died while he was trying to save me. :-(.

            Any fanfic suggestions? Thanks

          • What a sad dream! At least he’s very good to you. πŸ˜‰

            Fanfic suggestions…. Oh dear, I could go on forever. My absolute favorite right now is “The Office”. It’s not done yet, but well on its way. You can find it at You’ll have to start an account, but it’s worth it.

            At the same site you can find “The List” and “The Acclimation Diaries”. More personal favorites.

            Oh, and if you haven’t read Wide Awake yet, you owe it to yourself to read it. It’s intense, but amazing. Find the first part of the story on That should get you started!

          • Jeez I read fanfic until my eyes are bleeding and I haven’t had a dream like that:(.

            May I borrow your dream?

          • @southernbelle-re:fanfic-if you like Rob fics (my fave), try “Just This Once” , “One Week” (both can be found on Twilighted) and “The Submissive” & “The Dominant” . The last two are B& E, not Rob.

          • Oh I have an acct with already. Might sound weird but I kind of like stories that don’t have too much sex. That’s why I like “I Hate you, Kiss Me.” There was so much passion from the restraint. They did have sex in the beginning but now it’s just building up. Hard to explain. I’ll check out the ones y’all recommended. I read some and it was like B&E honeymoon and it was all sex and it was just too much for me, heheh.

            So if u know any of the FF that are like that pls lemme know :-).

          • Thanks! I know this sounds weird but I kind of like FF that don’t have so much sex in them. I read one, I can’t remember the title, it was like B&E honeymoon and it was all sex, too much for me. I kind of like for them to do other things, :-). Anyway, that’s one reason I like “I Hate you, Kiss me” because they do have sex in the beg but there’s so much passion from them not having sex. I mean they do other things but keep getting interrupted or something happens and then nothing happens. Am I making sense? Anyway I’ll check out all your suggestions. πŸ™‚

          • Arggghhhh….see I typed once and sent but then it didn’t show up. So I typed another reply and now they’re both in here. Sorry ladies!

          • @southernbelle – we are sisters. yes, we really I really get what you are saying about ff.

  9. Omg…u didn’t pic the Vanity Fair photo shoot…that’s like the best of Robs pro photo shoots 😦

  10. That was way toooo much fun! It was all good! My Robsession is waning… but I will always enjoy looking at his beautiful face.

    thanks ladies for the fun!

  11. I voted as many times for each of you! I’m nice like that (ps. it was a total coincidence)

    For some reason, I find Vancouverchurch Rob to be extremely sexy (nothing to do with the church – in fact, the picture would be sexier without it). He’s so sexy and tall. nom nom nom.

    • I left the house and came home and had to look at these pictures again. Goodness gracious, yeah the church Rob is so awesome! I love the long, lean legs………..alluding to something. What I meant is he is so tall and handsome. πŸ™‚

      And his hair, his hair is turning me on! Sorry my hormones are really raging right now!

  12. that was freaking awesome!! Thanks for making my day!!

  13. That was freaking awesome & so much fun!! I took to it like I was voting for the president….

    • it’s as important:)

    • There would probably be more votes for this than President if we put this out to all of the UC said “Important”.

  14. Nothing funnier to me than air guitar gimpy feet Rob. I want to totally hang out with THAT dude!

    This was fun!!

    • me tooo!!! and FYI – He’s totally wasted in that pic! Yup DRUNK ROB!

      • You know in his head he is totally thinking “wah wah wah…I am the lizard KIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG!!!! wah wah wah. I’m so cool. People are taking my picture cause I am drizunk, wah wha wah….ROCK N ROLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!”

        I sometimes think he needs to wear a helmet.

        • Air Guitar rob.. Talking to himself like a homeless hobo AND wasted..
          (sigh). what a guy! (wonder what his drink of choice was on that particular night) or was it “smoke”.. ?

    • DrunkRob is the absolutely BEST rob.

  15. Loved this post, you guys never fail to brink a laugh out of me every single morning i get on here.

    good job by the way, picking out some sexy-ass photos of our main man!

  16. Too early for the hotness…TOO EARLY FOR THE HOTNESS!!!! Do me Rob!!! Ah…I mean, Dang it Rob!

  17. Kudos Ladies!! Daniel, Drunk Rob and the air guitar all in one morning. Don’t even think I need my coffee now, although I may need a cigarette…white t-shirt with the bulge right next to the black v-neck….whew.

    • hehe…you said bulge…hehe.

      I’m 12.

  18. Hardest choice ever between the black and white t-shirt Rob!!! No denying that black t-shirt Rob is hot but theres something about the way he’s sitting in the other shot that makes me want to just crawl all over him.

    Awesome post UC & Moon!!!

    • I can tell you exactly what it is about that pic…

      Those jeans are very….flattering..

      • come on Pixie i you and I both know we ❀ sleeping peen πŸ™‚

        • Absolutely….I wanna wake it up!

          • Give the peen some caffeen ladies. πŸ˜‰

      • The jeans are flaterring indeed! You can see the bulge! Sorry for my bluntness πŸ˜‰

        • Don’t be sorry. It’s normal!

          • It’s so weird, I just always look at his crotch….arghhh I hate that I do that. It’s a subconscious thing!

  19. Perfect post this morning! This was way harder than voting in the last presidential election. πŸ˜‰

    Voting for the best Edward and best professional shot was the hardest. Puns totally intended.

  20. FYI….Working on getting a TwiMILF topic in the Forum. Not sure where it should go, so I’m asking for help from ThePowersThatBe.


    • Hahahah…so is that what we are now? TwiMilfs? LOL!

      • I hope so…I’d rather be a TwiMiLF than a TwiMom.

    • I can’t wait! TwiMILFs rock! My daughter goes around saying “girls rule, boys drool.” Which made me think of TwiMILFS rule, Twimoms drool. I’m feeling about ten right now.

  21. I may or may not have licked the Black T pic.

    • @shuddertothink……I’m with ya girl. In my very honest opinion, it’s the hottest thing I’ve seen!!! My fav!

  22. Don’t know how you guys will top this one – so much fun!

  23. “With the news of Breaking Dawn auditions just breaking whoever wins gets to be Tanya in Breaking Dawn. We’re figured if we’re Tanya we’ll have a better chance of getting to make out with Edward in a dream sequence or flashback”

    LMFAO – glad to see I’m not the only one out there who thinks about “the what if I was given a role in BD, what character/building/furniture/animal would I play to be closer to Rob?”. Crap, I would even play a deer if I had to….

    Joking apart, another good posting from both of you!


  24. Ok, that was an absolute blast! I β™₯ ur faces for this! And those 2 Edward photos and those 2 Remember Me photos are my fave photos of Edward and fave photos of Rob EVER! WIN! I remember when the church photos of Rob came out and thought they were yum yum yum! Still do!

  25. I may or may not be a lesbian. I may or may not still drool over this boy. And peacot Robward is the best!

    • AMAZING! You’re not the first to say that either..
      so WHAT is it then!? Cuz your reasons might be different than mine….

      • Good question. I’m not quite sure. I think it has something to do with him being just so dorky and cute at the same time. He doesn’t really throw an overload of testosterone in your face but still is hot. He’s so much of a boy and still a man. Plus he seems to be the kind of guy that you can just hang out with and have fun without having to constantly watch out for him trying to get yoo in bed. Even though that kinda sounds like fun too.
        I can’t really put my finger on it but he definitely has the certain je ne sais quoi about him.
        (My wife is totally convinced that he’s gay though. I guess we’ll see about that.)

        • BB – So rightly put. It just something about him that makes us swoon but at the same time makes us want to have convo with him. Like you I don’t what it is.

          *Rob : As if you could resist me*

        • oops! that should be – “I don’t know”


        • I’d like to put my finger on his je ne sais quoi….

          • LMAO! ItsLauraHoney, that’s a WIN!

        • @ BB

          re: GayRob.. hmmm.. maybe possibly “bi”? although rumors do run rampant on this because of the many photos with his bromance with TomStu. One day we’ll see about that too I suppose πŸ™‚

          The Twihards will riot in the streets, an international upheavel of goverments will occur, and the earth will cease to spin.
          (being snarky here).

  26. I even voted for Moon a time or two- she totally had me beat with drunk Rob & air guitar Rob….

    PS: I think Twitter is down and I feel so disconnected from the world and that’s really really sad!

  27. Is that TomStu’s little brother next to Drunk Rob?

  28. So much hotness. Hose ’em down.

  29. Um… so I think the Face Off needs to be a weekly occurrence. *Fanning myself over here! Sadface GQ Rob and Black V Neck Rob… Yes Please!!!

  30. YOU PICKED THE WORST DRUNK ROB PIC ever! But I guess its hard to find one’s from the dark London times….But JEEZZZ Call a DRUNK ROB expert next time.

    • I hate that picture too, but it’s winning. I figured you were behind that.

    • @Janetrigs. Agrees. UC/Mon should have asked you to give them two of your best drunk Rob pics.. Cuz “Drunk Rob IS the best Rob”

      (I’m going on and create a T-shirt that says that!).


    • You know I clicked on that link like you were sending me a message….Am dumb.

  32. I may or may not be voting more than twice.

    • I may or may not be doing the same

  33. This was a great idea, and with such endless possibilities… Like going to the store and standing in front of the ice cream (“Hmm, should I go for the chocolate chocolate chip, or the chocolate and cherry, or chocolate macadamia or white and dark chocolate or…”) I feel like the Cookie Monster: “Not one, not two – AAALLLL the pictures of Rob” Gobble, gobble.

    He just looks better all the time! (or maybe that’s my eyesight weakening from too much time in front of the computer? Or, wait, is that stuff they told me about masturbation affecting the eyesight really true??? Now I am all hot and bothered…)

  34. Oh that was FUN!!!

    I love black v-neck Rob…

  35. This was so fun! I LOVE “would you rather”…and let me tell you, I voted, but I would take ANY AND ALL of the Rob’s in those pictures.

    He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Props to you Moon, this post had to take FOREVA! I heart your face!

  36. Oh Ladies…you’ve out-done yourselves!! This was great and you had my most favorite picture of all time in there!! I’m a very happy lady today!

    Black Vneck T-Shirt Rob from RM is so “effin” hot!! Because of my age I don’t usually “sexasize” (my word for sex fantasy) about Rob but that picture does me in every friggin time! I have it as my brackground on my computer (try explaining that when u r at client meeting giving a presentation and u forget to take it off the computer) LMAO

  37. First time commenting. I’ve been lurking around the site b/c I just found it this week. Hello where the HALE have I been?!?! You gals are hilarious! πŸ™‚ Loving this site soooo much! I laugh every morning @ work!!

    WOW!!! Those were some HAWT pictures! I had a hard time choosing b/t the RM pictures. It was like *sigh, drool, thud* all at the same time!

    WHEW! What a wonderful way to start the day off!! πŸ™‚

  38. Hiya ladies πŸ™‚ I’m a lurker but I had this thought yesterday as I was voting for ROB on the best shirtless man poll that it is about time we see a shirtless ROB in shorts picture, shirtless EDWARD is nice but come on, I want me some shirtless ROB in shorts, the more skin the better :))

    • welcome lurker!

      • thanks UC πŸ™‚ this isn’t my first post and I do lurk here every single day πŸ™‚

    • Best shirtless man poll??

      Where is this poll??

      And where are there pictures of Rob in shorts and shirtless. Did I miss something?

      • The poll is up on PopSugar:

        As a big time LOSTie, the Matthew Fox vs. Josh Holloway matchup nearly caused my head to explode.

        • I voted.

      • there aren’t any yet and I want to petition that they do a photo shoot of shirtless ROB in shorts board shorts or something! Da-YUM!

  39. Sadface and Forest Rob was the hardest poll for me! And I can’t believe Daniel Gale only has 41 votes! Daniel owns me. I love that sweater!

    • Daniel deserves a chance to knock up random English high school h00rs (or 20-something southern Stay at Home Moms). He’s that hot.

  40. Sometimes I wonder where you two come up with this shit…

    But I heart you both so much, I don’t care that you’re six different kinds of crazy.

  41. Sweet Deliciousness! So many hot pics of Rob this morning I think my pants exploded.

    GQ Rob (esp the sad one) makes me lose control of myself and drool uncontrollably, while Drunk Rob makes me want to go out and party. I’d personally love to hang out with Drunk Rob – easier to try to take advantage of πŸ˜‰

  42. He looked good in NYC… Tough choice between the black V and the white tee πŸ™‚

    Oh and by the way drunk Rob vs Cab Rob: He was drunk in the cab as well :)) Just not AS drunk :PP

    Love ya!

  43. That was a freaking great way to start this Thursday. It’s Thursday already? Holy shit.

    I have to say … the fav Edward and fav Remember Me pics were nearly impossible to choose. The cafeteria smirk owns me, but the peacoat … *sigh* is SOOOOOO my version of Edward from the books. And the RM photos: both just scream sex. Too hard to choose.

    I think that if I were to keep voting, I might never have all the same answers twice.

  44. I think I have twitter withdrawal, my hands are twitching πŸ™‚

  45. I voted for black v neck Rob because that is an all time favorite, sofa king hawt pic but I must say it was difficult. I’m really liking the fat roll of quarters bulging in the white shirt pic beside it!

    Will this desire ever wane? I hope not!!!

  46. this was fun! you should do another one..a part two..:D here’s some suggestions on topics.

    best outfit
    worst outfit
    best hair-day
    best silly face
    best bedroom look
    best accessorie (guitar, coffemug, pen, mic etc)
    best company (best photo of him with someone else)
    best drunk Rob


    • I loved todays post! I hated having to choose between so many good shots but I love the debate.

      I also thought about categories for future face offs
      Best Repaired Clothing Picture
      Best Knit Cap Picture
      Best Dadcase Picture
      Best Baseball Cap picture
      Best Sunglasses Picture
      Best Plaid Shirt Picture
      Best Airport Picture

      • Best oral?

        Meaning… best photo of Rob with something in his mouth.

    • don’t forget:
      TuxedoRob and Ray-BanRob.

      That’s when I love him most!

  47. best everrrrrrrrr!!!
    haha i laughd so hard on these!

    thnx for my daily rob!

  48. Where was the “make my heart leap into my throat” category?
    there have been some shots of him that, when I see them, i literally can’t breathe for a moment.

    he’s heartbreaking.

  49. Proving that everyone has different taste in Rob pics–I would have chosen different pics in almost every single category. For instance, there was not one picture of Rob biting his lip–which is my favorite. Yum.

    Also, I have to admit to a Twitter addiction. I’m DYING.

  50. I do love Cafeteria Edward, but I love Getting-out-of-my-shiny-Volvo-with-Raybans Edward more!

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