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Cougars and Robert Pattinson

Did somebody ask for a cougar?

Did somebody ask for a cougar?

Dear Rob,

What is a cougar? We hear so much about them on LTT & LTR, and I thought you might know since the word is always mentioned in conjunction with your name. I consulted my favorite source for real, honest definitions- the Urban Dictionary– and found this description:

Cougar: An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man. The cougar can be anyone from an overly surgically altered wind tunnel victim, to an absolute sad and bloated old horn-meister, to a real hottie or milf. Cougars are gaining in popularity — particularly the true hotties — as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together.

Does this sound like your fans? Let me try to put it in different terms to see if it sounds more familiar:

Cougar: An older woman who frequents movie sets in order to score with Robert Pattinson. The cougar can be anyone from a Hollywood director with a particular fondness for casting uninspiring teenage girls, to an absolute sad and bloated old horn-meister who creates “Pattinson Pants” in her spare time, to a real hottie or milf. Cougars are gaining in popularity — particularly the true hotties, those willing to ink themselves with a celeb’s autograph forever, and those with 14 year old daughters they can blame the set-stalking on  — as Robert Pattinson was recently quoted as saying he likes older women, which solidified the rumored cougar ‘sexual high’ in women all over the world.


Click for good times w/ cougar porn

Today we’re celebrating cougars- your cougars. The women who come out in droves for you and for us on LTR. We love our teenage fans, we love our 20 and 30something fans, but today we really love our cougar fans. And we know you do too, Rob. So for National Rob-lovin’ Cougar Day, how about you make their day? Today on set, grab that headset lady who’s working so hard with her headset & give her a big smooch to prove you really meant what you said about lovin’ an older lady.

And when you’re ready for some hot 26 year old lovin’ again, you know where to find me. I’ll be here.

rob loves cougars

Read a story from an LTR cougar after the jump

Memoirs of a Cougar: The Adventure of meeting Robert Pattinson

Cougars are also taller than Teenagers and can see over heads

Cougars are also taller than teens & can see over heads

My husband and I live and work in NYC. I, like any respectable LTR fan, have been following all this Remember Me madness daily…..I mean, like everyone else, I can’t wait to get to work everyday and scour the internet searching for every little picture of him with your his Dunkin’ Donuts coffee….or him walking back and forth from his trailer to set….all the while being overcome with giddiness because he are just so beautiful doing daily mundane tasks. Pathetic. I digress.

Since I live in NYC I have been hoping to maybe casually “stumble”….*cough*cough*…. onto one of the movie sets to catch a glimpse of the golden child. I must say my first attempt was a total FAIL! The day they were filming at Central park with the Alice in Wonderland statue business, the location was only a few blocks from my job, so I strolled….ok, ran like Bruce Jenner….to the location after work. Ummm, when I arrived there were like 200 SCREAMING 14 year olds… was NUTS. I immediately wanted to crawl into a hole and die, so I left thinking I giving up on this dream and I can not participate anymore in this insanity. That theory only lasted like a week.

Remember Me Shoot 071109 005

Look at that smile! (Oh- Rob's is nice too)

Continuing on, so Friday afternoons I get off early….only a half day….my job rules. My original plan was to meet some friends later for drinks, but I had hours to waste before meeting them. What is a girl to do you ask? Well, I immediately had the great idea that I would go onto the many “Rob tracking” web sites….which on a side note make me feel like a total perv, but I still check them daily….That’s Normal! I find that Remember Me was filming some inside apartment scenes in Brooklyn. It takes me like 10 seconds to think about it, and I am gone…..a short subway ride and I am there. When I walk up to the location it is not hard to find out what general location Rob is in…..just look for the crowd of junior high girls wearing all the Hot Topic Twilight garb toting their tattered Twilight Saga novels. Literally it makes you want to DIE, but you have to take one for the team, AND you are guaranteed to find some cougars who join in your obsession in the back…..[Tip#1…make a beeline for these women. Not only will they have the most accurate low down on what is going on, but they will offer you security in numbers. I met four AMAZING cougar Rob fans in the 10 hours we waited that night.] Yes, 10 hours….I am not proud, but hell when he is near, all sanity LEAVES the brain. The hours go by pretty quick as you get to watch him come and go from his trailer…just beautiful. I did want to pass on a few tips & observations I gained that evening:

  1. Get over the term “stalker”…..I like to call it “keen observation”
  2. You will have to deal with the kiddos….you will want to kill them….resist the urge….they will have to leave because they all have curfews and bed times…..patience grasshopper.
  3. Find the cougars….they will always know what the hell is going on…AND they will have the most expensive cameras to take the AMAZING picture of you and Mr. Wonderful should that opportunity arise.
  4. Hang toward the back of the crowd….it will ease the pain of the crazy AND the PA’s will respect you and have pity on you at the end of the night when Mr. Dad Jacket gets ready to leave.
  5. Be nice to his security team…THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOB…and they have to deal with this shiz everyday. kuddos.
  6. When in doubt always Keep It Classy!!!

Lastly, I must apologize I broke the LTR cardinal rule in meeting him…..I TOOK A PICTURE!!! (I have to thank Alysa for her great photography skills!) But, in my defense he offered to the 10 of us left….I COULDN’T PASS IT UP!! He didn’t seem like he hated taking pictures, but I was losing my brains at the moment, so who knows. The whole experience was amazeballs and given the chance I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Much love to Zephyersky who is way too young to be a cougar but makes the best damn cougar porn in the world. (PS: She’s writing some FanFic so go give her LTR love!)

There is a debate on what age cougarism starts. Urban Dictionary says 35. Moon thinks 38-40. I think 40, at least. What do you think? Do you consider youself a Rob-lovin’ cougar? What age is it that you go from ‘just another 20 or 30something Rob-fan’ to a delicious Rob-lovin’ cougar? If you’re not the right age, you won’t get a cupcake to celebrate National Rob-lovin’ Cougar Day. And I baked them into the shape of Rob’s you know what.

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UPDATE: Obird sent two more pics courtsey of her new Cougar “keen observation” friends:

Looks like a beautiful mag picture

Looks like a beautiful mag picture

That smile KILLS me

That smile KILLS me



  1. Ok, UC as soon as I’ve finished with Rob I’ll send him straight over…. I promise this OL’ COUGAR will have left an impression that will benefit you!!!!!!

  2. Is it normal that I got hot knowing that he OFFERED to take pictures with those ladies?

    I’m 33 and I get called a cougar all the time because of my favorite habit of dating The Young. “Cougar” is like “bitch”–it’s all in the context it’s used. I used to be offended, but then a couple of hot younger guys called me a cougar, and the word took on new meaning.

    • That’s normal. 🙂

      It’s the OFFER part that makes it hot. I would take anything he offered, including, but not limited to;

      his chewed up bubble gum
      his empty coffee cup
      hair that has lost it’s home
      toenail clippings (gah!)
      Basically, anything he has ever touched, in his entire life…..

      • lmao @ getting a thumbs down.

        It was the toenail clippings, wasn’t it?

        How about if we replace that with
        “a quickie behind a dumpster”


        • hahaha dont you love the new thumbs up/thumbs down!? how about a lock of hair

          • You can’t please ’em all I suppose. 😉

            See, here’s my logic;

            Since he obviously has put some sort of VooDoo curse on me to make me fall in love/lurve/lust with him, it’s only fair that I have something (like the lock of hair!) to attempt my own trickery with.

            Just trying to even the playing field.



  3. I love you Obird! Thanks for taking one for the team and giving us your set stalking low down while keeping it classy!

    I think that I would like to keep myself in the puma category for now. Not sure if there’s an age range for cougars, but hoping I don’t quite make it in there yet.

    Or maybe it’s your age relative to the younger boy’s age. Like i’d be a cougar with Taylor (which I wouldn’t hit) and a puma with Rob. Just want to make sure to get sorted out before I go club hopping in search of younger men tonight.

    TGIF ladies!

    • Remember we can go to the clubs and the mobs of tweens at the set can’t!!!!!!!

      Frequent the bars instead, just don’t do it so much it chases him out of the bars too!! 🙂 I’m living vicariously through you guys, I’m in the midwest!!

  4. Cougar:
    A woman in her sexual prime who prefers to hunt rather than be hunted. A cougar’s victims are usually under 25, as cougars prefer to mate with men who still have hair. Cougars generally feed and then continue hunting, as they enjoy role reversal.

    Perfect description…..

    LOVE IT!

    • Ahem….*coughACCURATEcough*

    • awww.. poor little cupcakes (aka men under 25) they never stood a chance.

  5. I guess technically I’m a cougar, although I don’t really like the term. I prefer milf. And I would take ANYTHING Rob offered.
    May I have my cupcake now, please?

    • yes

    • Yes, MILF, that’s much better

  6. Dear Rob:

    I guess im a cougar cause im older than you… but not that older… and… well… yeah… i can teach you so much… jejejejej
    just let me show you what I can do… jejejejej

  7. i’m a couple of years and a divorce away from being a cougar. the years, well, there’s nothing i can do about those (botox aside). but the divorce…well, it may or may not happen if i continue to store my rob-porn in a folder entilted “reasons i would leave you”


    • “…if i continue to store my rob-porn in a folder entilted “reasons i would leave you”…”

      Oh! Oh! Oh! That’s FUNNY!! 😀

    • LOL! So funny!

    • I have a Rob Porn folder too! I’ll have to come up with a catchy name like that too that my husband can see………

  8. UC at 45 I qualify for the first cupcake {I already got there for first cougar of the day} and LURVE
    National Rob-Loving Cougar Day….we deserve it for being brave enough to ‘out’ ourselves of our Robsession…
    Obird ❤ you for taking it for the team, I totaly fangirl squealed, as well as calling you bit** {in best posible way 'cause I'm soooooo jealous} and love that you kept it classy and passed on all the tips for our 'one day' moment…..
    Cazza lurve your definition of cougar I dream of being 'that' cougar……

    • I never had a lover that was much older than I was. Some were my age, most of them were younger, usually seven to eight years. I think the oldest lover I had so far was 35 – when I was about to celebrate my 39th birthday for the fifth time. So pass on the cupcakes, please, I’ll have one.

  9. “an absolute sad and bloated old horn-meister who creates “Pattinson Pants” in her spare time”


    …girls stop it! I’m at work…I have colleagues… who used to respect me…I have an IT department…Damn It!

    • wont stop till you get enough!

  10. Amazeballs may be my new favorite word. FYI.

    This post was full of win! Yay! I love that he loves older women. Even if I personally will never get a chance with HHH, I can live vicariously through the older women that do get to meet and be with him. =)

    Oh, and I’ve been told at 31 that I’m a puma. lol

    • love it. Puma. Amazing

      • Apparently “puma” in this context is not new. I just found a reference to it on

        (315): she uses ice cubes and hums anything I want. Last night was Welcome to the jungle. it wasnt lost on me shes a puma. no shame in that 30+ game.

        I’m lmao right now.

  11. Obird!

    that was an amazing story, thank you SO much for sharing 🙂

    And HOW AWESOME that he offered to have pics.

    I love him even more 🙂

  12. The man can do no wrong in my eyes…Le sigh!

    I am so glad you got to meet him. I was not so lucky in Vancouver…sad face

  13. Well on my not so good days I think I resemble the sad and bloated hornmeister chick… but i saw a pic of a woman in an Oxygen Abs Special mag who said she was 50… and she’s what I want to be when I grow up…(in a couple of years!)

    And I def think that Rob would never kick THAT chick out of his bed….

    Instead of cougar… I think I like Lioness, better.

  14. Puma here…possibly early cougar? MILF? Half a cupcake?


    • Bobcat!

      • Rob said you can be ‘whatever you want’ to be. He did!

        • Did he also say I can do whatever I want to do? 😉 Cuz…you know.

      • I’m knocking on 30’s door here in a couple of months, and I kind of like the bobcat thing. I’m like a cougar in training.

        • Yes!

      • No… that would be Robcat! 😉

  15. Actually, cougars are in their 40s, and the women in the 30s group is called a ‘Bobcat’. Hence my name. I’m a total bobcat for Rob.

    • Or a patticat hence my name!

      Agree Cougar is 40+, 30+ is a patticat! (or bobcat!)

  16. Thanks Ladies! I know I am on the young end of cougar, but being around all those 14 year old kiddos made me feel like an “oldie”…..I LOVE using the term “Puma”….amazing! So, I will consider myself a puma from now on! If you ever have the chance to see him in person….RUN!!! 🙂 xo obird

    • Girl I’m soooo jealous. I’ve been a ‘Rob’ fan for forever and hope to luck up and meet him someday. I am 57yo and my 35yo daughter and her 10yo daughter are all crazy bout Rob. My daughter is a writer (I edit, research and throw out suggestions) and she hopes to publish soon. We have fantasies of Rob starring in our screanplay…wouldn’t that be the absolute high point of MY life….will YEAH!

    • You are so lucky!! I absolutely love R Pattz and am a 38 year old cougar myself. All of my friends make fun of me all the time and tell me that I am too old to be obsessed over someone almost young enough to be my son, but he is so absolutely gorgeous…how can you help it! I dream of meeting him some day in person, although I’m sure I would make a complete fool out of myself with all the drooling. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about taking a picture with him at all!! You should be completely proud of yourself. I hope you had it blown up and framed!!! You go girl!

  17. I’m 30 but I totally get my 14 year old fangirl on on a daily basis, it’s rediculous, and I do so without shame. That’s also probably rediculous.

    “amazeballs” BRIL!

    “Get over the term “stalker”…..I like to call it “keen observation”
    You will have to deal with the kiddos….you will want to kill them….resist the urge….they will have to leave because they all have curfews and bed times…..patience grasshopper.”

    Loved that!

    “Mr. Dad Jacket” Hilarious!

  18. As I told once before:

    as long as you are hot and you don’t look like your lover’s mother, it’s acceptable to be with him.

    Age is nothing. I have friends who are 25 and look and think like grannys and I know two amazing ladies over 50 and they look like movie stars and can get away with any hot guy they want.

    I’ll take the other half or cupcake, Proselyte3! 🙂

    • This is so true! I’ve met some 20 year olds who, like you said act like grannys and are so mature they’re boring. And know some 50 year olds who act 20 and are hilarious and fun. It’s all in the person and how you feel imo.

    • It’s yours girl! x

    • It’s true. People are often surprised at how old I am, not because I have few wrinkles (wear your sunglasses, girls!!!) but partly because I am not so super SERIOUS all the time. Age is a mindset…..

      • Yes, yes, yes!

        I’m 41, but people usually guess I’m somewhere around 30-32. I think it’s a mix of good genes (both parents got carded until they were 35) and the fact that I’m a big goofball.

    • I concur! I’m 43 – an intoxicating mix of mature and immature and I think I look pretty damn good! I’m lusting after a 23 year-old, but Rob’s not your average young idiot guy – he’s an old soul, with sexy scruff and intelligent, mischevious eyes. He reads, he listens to great music… And he’s soooo beautiful. We can’t help who we’re attracted to. Last year, I tried to start a relationship with a 52 year-old guy and I ran away in terror! So much for acting my age! 🙂

      • I concur and nope we sure can’t help ourselves. *wink*

      • Yes, an old soul…

        I know what you mean about older men. Now, I think Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are nice looking and all that but, in my mind, I’ve always thought they were way too old for me. Turns out… just a couple of years older. But, they seem too old…

        I was thinking about this the other day… that every guy I’ve had a long-term relationship with has been younger than me. AND, two of my best friends married guys who were 8 and 12 years younger… so, I think maybe that’s just the mindset I’m used to. Younger guys appreciate us more, for some reason…

  19. Obird you effing rock! I personally know that as a fact! I’m also glad that I got first call status when you had this glorious moment. I’m sure the squeals were heard all the way from LA to NYC when I this little picture popped up on my iphone. I’ve been living vicariously through you for the last 2 weeks and I wish I had been there. Of course, Obird can charm anyone and I think she had HHH under her spell just as much as he ‘dazzled’ her. She did fail to mention that her fabulous hubbie came and hung out with her and the cougars for a little while that night. Beansward – my new name for him – is a total unicorn! She’s got all the luck! xoxo Proud to be a Puma and glad I finally have a name for it. I agree, 33 is not quite cougar status…yet!

    So far all I’ve read are brilliant posts from Puma’s and Bobcats……….Robsessedx2 where are you? and I know there’s a few others who are my age, I can’t eat all these cupcakes myself….well that’s actually a lie I could, but I really don’t want too in case I put on a few pounds {more} and can’t lift my leg in the way that I know Rob will like…….

    • I’m here! I’m here! I’m a West Coaster, so while you all our enjoying lunch, I’m having my a.m. coffee! I would like a cupcake w/my coffee please.

      • and I meant to type “are” instead of “our”. See? My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet!

    • Hi Rubytuesday: I’M HERE ALSO ..cougar/lioness. Not at all ashamed of my lust/love for Rob;it just gets worse every day!!!
      I agree with him being an ‘”old soul” in a hot,sexy, smokin young guys body(phew),
      I’d love to have him for breakfast,brunch,snacks,lunch,dinner and DESSERT (ifyouknowwhatimean and ithinkyoudo) GO COUGARS!!! and BOBCATS in training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m here too!!! I’m 41 and totally obsessed with Rob! He is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last I look at before going to sleep at night. I can’t get enough of him! I too can’t get enough of hime!

      I was in NYC last week and got to see him on 58th at the Plaza. He is absolutely BREATH-TAKING! There I stood in line with other cougars, while my 14 year old sat on the sidewalk totally uninterested! Can you imagine??I felt like such a fool standing there, waiting for him like a love sick teenager. (No I didn’t scream!) I would love to have just one hour with him……………

      You all are so right about him. He may be physically 23, but in every other way, definitely an older man. He has inspired me to do things that I’ve never been inspired to do before. One day, one day…………………….

      By the way, does anyone else get aggravated when you see all the tabloids about he and Kristen Stewart????

  21. I’ve read that a cougar is a woman at least 8 years older than the victim, uh I mean hot young stud. Since I’m 16 years older than Robert, I’m an awesome mountain lion cougar! I’d never set stalk unless I was in the same city and then I’d last like an hour. I just couldn’t handle the insanity. I’ll tell the Dr Phil bodyguard to just call me when he’s nearing done for the night. LOL

  22. I heart Cougars, especially the one’s who score a pic w Rob. omg I might could live again without that strange catch in my chest I’ve gotten ever since I couldn’t deny my ‘Rob session’. Why oh why did I have to be a sheep to Rob follow like millions from 4-70. I’m now buying lottery tickets, as I have to believe in hitting astronomical odds in my endeavors. So, which one will be my dream come true? Will I hit the Mega Lottery? Powerball? Rob *hit that, yes I will* , remains to be seen. I will make the news either way. Wish me well. Robbie Wobbles, you make my fanny feel funny! Later, I’ve got to check today’s Rob siting.

  23. I’m here Ruby!!!

    I’m 42 and I would like to do Rob. May I have a cupcake?

    It’s funny because I was just discussing age cutoffs with coworker yesterday. We decided on No Teenagers, early-mid 20s are fine for just shagging, and 28 and up for the Relationship type……


    Mind you, we are both in committed relationships and this is all hypothetical…..

    • Hmm,I´m 26 and hey – shagging is better then nothing!! That´s all I want. Therefore more intensive 😉

    • HA! LPB–we were having that same convo the other day as well. I’m having my first annual 39th birthday this year and my friends and I decided that if the object of our “affection” was closer to our kids age than our own (21 and up of course…he has to be able to buy me a drink…duh) then it was totally a hit it and quit it situation. If his age fell to the other end of the age line, well he’s been around the block a time or two and it will probably turn into something we already have so it would just get us into trouble. Call us cougars if you want…hell I’m starting to embrace the term…but I have always been of the mind that what the youngsters lack in experience, they make up for it in eagerness to learn and stamina!! And of course…this is all just hypothetical 🙂

      • “youngsters lack in experience, they make up for it in eagerness to learn and stamina”

        In my mind, they do… oh they definitely do.

      • Amen, hon, Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Here is what I appreciate:

      A. That you took the time to break this down.

      B. At work

      C. With other ppl

      D. Hypothetical….riiiiiiiiiiight. 😉

      • You KNOW I have a Superior Work Ethic!!! harrrrrr..

        I work with children, so i like to make sure that all conversation and discussion is highly educational….lol.

        • You never fail to inspire. x

  24. yeah, i’m a puma… most of the guys I date are younger usually only 3-5 years but still… most recent serious relationship me 33 him 24 – most recent fling him just turned 22 (it was his birthday)

  25. “amazeballs” – LOVE IT!!! Using it today as soon as I can squirm it into a convo….also:
    “Get over the term “stalker”…..I like to call it “keen observation” – TOO FUNNY!

    I think Rob just brings out the sexual side of us MILFs, Cougars, Panthers, Bobcats, or whichever term you choose to use….I’m 41 and would do Rob in a tub, in a pub, with a fox, in a box, on a bed, in a sled…..

    • HAHA i took my lil brother out to a library and thats the book he picked out. i could only think of LTR the entire time i was reading it to him 😛

    • and don’t forget, on his head!!!!!! you can take that comment any way you want!!!!LOL

  26. Get over the term “stalker”…..I like to call it “keen observation”

    im totally using that 🙂 i used to call it “infactuation” and now im def gonna pop that one out when someone calls me a stalker 😛

    haha im not a cougar myself (im the same age as him) but i can def see why everyone can fall in crazy love w/ him. he’s just too scrumptiouss!! ❤

  27. I’m a few years away from being a cougar, but I am a total MILF. So, that should count for something. Please! *fingers crossed* I so want one of those cupcakes!

  28. i think Cougarism starts at the age of 35 [or at least, i hope it does lol] Me and my best friend’s life ambition is to become Cougars one day.. the naturally hot kind! Just 10 more years and we’re golden! lol our Cougar Sensei [yes, we have our very own mentor – That’s normal!] has shown us the way of the Cougar and taught us “THE KEY RULE” – the Age Equation:

    Your Age divided by 2 plus 7 = The youngest you can go for..

    So my hat’s off to the lovely Cougars at LTT/LTR! Enjoy the cupcakes =]

    • Sweet! 22.5! Rob’s totally in my range! 😉

  29. YESSSS…I’m with Melissa…I’d do Rob on the streets of NYC and give his agent 24 hours to draw a crowd. Let me just say tha I am 57 years old…what…shocked? Get over it!!! I cannot remember when I have seen a man with as much sexual appeal as Rob posseses. He is so attractive, intelligent, introverted…and on and on! Are we sure this guy isn’t really a mythical being come to life…I wonder.

    • Amen sista!!!!

  30. Officially i’ve been told i’m a PUMA bc i’m 34.

    This account cracked me UP and it’s so true. if you can wait out the curfew girls, you’re sure to score at 3 am..

    LOVE the smile in that pic

  31. that is such an adorable fan picture. They both look so happy. Obird how did you stay so fresh looking for 10 hours? After a friggin 8 hour shift at work I usually look like shiz and I work in cosmetics. Tell me your secrets.
    I’m only 4 years older than rob not sure what that makes me. was anyone else in their late 20’s (or in my case early late 20’s) excitied to see emile cast as Robs love interest? I think she is 28 or 29.

    • I also wanna know what I am(26 by the way)…Maybe we´re panther/jaguar?!

      • maybe we are just “his age” but that’s no fun is it?

    • I have NO idea how I looked half way decent in this pic….I just think it was the Christmas miracle in July! AND I can’t explain to you what profanities my feet were screaming at me! 😉 I wish I would have thought to take out my shiz-nasty pocahontas braids!!! I seriously left my body at the time, so all I could do was stand and smile :)…..Oh, and ps….he totally put his arm around everyone when he posed for the pictures….swoon!

      • I have a totally weird question: how did he smell? is that weird? i think it’s kind of weird….

        • That’s normal.

          If they could bottle whatever that smell might be, I’d bet they could make a fortune.

        • Even at 2am he smelled like rainbows and butterflies! 🙂

          • This is my fav part of the story! Rainbows and Butterflies! WIN!

          • I KNEW IT!
            haha Christmas Miracle….

          • Omg, for real? He smelled like that? 🙂 *feeling faint*

            I imagine how he smells like depending on what he’s wearing…like when he’s wearing a tux or a suit, I kind of imagine Eternity(lol), and when in jeans and t-shirt that he smells like sweat and beer and mint LOL.

        • totally normal. i have lost sleep wondering what rob smells like.

  32. Love today’s blog!

    I’m turning 40 in a few months … people don’t believe me when I tell them. I absolutely do not look nor feel nor act my age. Picture this 5’3, 108 lbs, small frame and I have dimples. Love my dimples … they take off at least 10 years … no joke. LOL

    I’ve been focussing on my career (being a single gal and all) and too busy for a relationship … of any kind. But now I do crave a little something, something. So I would actually consider looking at younger men in how “lapushbaby” rationalized it … early 20s just to shag, and 28 years and up for a relationship. I would have never thought about this five months ago … when my RobObsession began. Normal???

    This said, I’m not sure if I qualify for a full cupcake based on your def. of a cougar UC. If not, can I at least lick it? LOL

  33. I definitely fall into the Cougar age range at 38. 38 lusting for a 23 year old. That’s normal. Or at least it is since I found you guys (thank GOD).

    I cling to the interview where Rob says he’d definitely be into older women. “That makes it better. It’s like yeah, feel dirty. Feel dirty about it. Feel like it’s wrong.” at the 7 minute mark. Someone here posted it before, but I can’t remember who. Fuel for the fire.

    • Waving … it was me on “Mid-year letters to Rob recap” (July 3rd) LOL
      My God I love him hearing him say that. *thud*

      So you see … there is still hope for all us cougars, bobcats, pumas, etc. to get down with HHH. *wink*

      • Thank you/curse you RobCatCdn. Can you wear out a YouTube video?

        • Nope. LOL

    • I lurve your post…reminds me of me 3 months ago, trying not to feel like some sort of old perv……Thanks to UC Moon etc I’m now proud of my advanced cougar state and thoroughly enjoy my Rob fantasies, so don’t worry girl That’s normal here

    • So if 38 is definitely cougar status, then I’m in the club. It’s late – after 10:30pm EST, so I hope there are still cupcakes left!

      And I agree, I think of myself more as a milf than a cougar (hence my name). Cougar sounds like I’m out there hunting – milf sounds like the target. I want to be the target.

  34. Obird! I am so jealous! Not just because you are rubbing arms with Rob, but also because you are tall. I would so love to be tall!

    35 seems awfully young to be a cougar to me. I’m 34 and I don’t feel like I’m knocking on that door yet. Cougars should be all about mature sexuality, not Chuck Taylor-wearing goofballs with four piercings and a collection of Jack Skellingtons. Cougars don’t have Nightmare Before Christmas sheets!

  35. And, though I’m not crazy about the term Cougar, I’d take it over Twi-Mom any day of the week.

    • Ain’t that the truth.

    • Amen.

      • Twi-Mom…*shudder*

        • Eeek, Twi-mom makes women sound old! Yes cougar sounds much better especially if you roll your rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

    • Word MsKat word…
      Twi-mom freaks me out…. never! never! never! will that be me!!!!
      Cougar are hot and cuddly….rwar….

  36. To me, a cougar is that old lady who dresses like she’s a 17 year old prostitute. Big hair, too much make up, high heels, leggins and sagging cleavage.
    I fit the age criteria for a cougar but like dazzledtodeath I think that for some of us MILF is a better term. We have taken care of ourselves, look hot in appropriate attire and have more confidence than most. I bet Rob would look my way…and then I’d ruin it by fainting:)

    • I would either faint OR get a running start into what would be sure to be the world’s most EPIC junk grab.

      …, did I just say that ‘outloud?’

      • Grab it and growl!

      • @ Proselyte3


      • Say it. Lot loud. Say it……………………..EPIC JUNK GRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah, baby….(OOps, sorry, getting carried away here)

  37. Haven’t read all the posts but can I at least get some crumbs from the cupcake? I don’t know if I’m a puma…yet! In the past I’ve only been interested in older men (even now I still find Robert Redford hot!). Even DH is older than me…but Rob’s different. He’s younger but he definitely interests me! 🙂

    My mom’s girlfriend (who is a horny old lady)gave me this really weird unsolicited advice — she said I should have married a younger man! I remember my jaw dropped at her and she proceeded to say bec. women age gracefully and men don’t and not to mention, they can barely keep up with us(life and sex). You know what, I find this true for my DH, he can’t keep up with me! I’ve been told I have so much energy that I’m practically exhausting. So there may be some truth to my mom’s friend’s y’all single girls, keep that in mind! LOL

    Omgosh I’m so jealous of you Obird! I got so giddy reading your letter and seeing Rob with you! How long did you have to wait? Was he nice? Did he smell good? Argggghhhhh! I want to meet this guy so bad. You’re so lucky! I want to go and at least get a glimpse of him. My BFF lives in NYC, maybe I’ll use Rob as an excuse to visit her.

    • THERE YOU GO…FORWARD THINKING. I have been married 4 (shocked?) times and all my husbands have been younger….am I just weird or maybe a cradle robber…don’t think so. Younger guys are just attracted to me for some reason. I always say that I am 25 yo on the inside and 57yo on the outside. But they seem to love me so what can I say. I do think that 57 is a tad old for Rob….but I can dream…can’t I!

      • Yes you sure can dream, nothing wrong w/ that! Hey my own mother married a younger guy (my dad). My dad’s 6 yrs younger but you know what, he actually looks older than my very sophisticated socialite mother. I swear my mother has a more active social life than me!

        Oh and my mom’s older sister dates men young enough to be her sons and they are all so good-looking! She has boyfriends that I felt like I should have been dating when I was single.

  38. St. Patty’s Day I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 20th birthday. My son tells me I am a cougar. He turns 21 next week and has endured others looking at us in public thinking he is my date for a few years now. He hugs & kisses me for a reaction – jealousy & smiles. Weird since he’s my 6’3″ handsome man child, but hey we laugh.

    I’ve often wondered how mature Rob really is, but then I hang out with my son and his friends and realize these young men are not only smart, intelligent and funny, but we have great thought provoking conversations. Rob, I’m ready & waiting.

    BTW, my son even gave me permission to date Rob. Like I need his permission, but it’s nice to have anyways. I in kind said I’m ok with him dating a cougar. Cupcake?

  39. My friend and I are both 33, both married and both have kids under 5. We will both taking one for the team next week as we attend Comic Con and the special Twilight screen afterward. We are both somewhat terrified, but are willing to suffer to get even just a glimpse of this man. I seriously hope my hearing is intact upon our departure. We will be camping out the night before just to get into the jam-packed room the Summit panel will be in. We aren’t even 100% guaranteed he’ll be there! I loved “but hell when he is near, all sanity LEAVES the brain”. All sanity is leaving the brain at just the mere thought of him being near.

    Thank you, Obird, for the useful pointers. As this will be a slightly different situation because we won’t be at a filming location, nonetheless we will be surrounded by kiddos and will have to “resist the urge to kill them”, lol! I was telling my friend that if he and other cast members stay down in San Diego, maybe we can make a sad attempt at *stumbling* into the same bar they are at so we can make some “keen observations” (and by stumbling I mean searching every bar within a 30 mile radius, lol). At least the “kiddos” wouldn’t be able to do that!

    Anyway, loved this blog! So fitting for what we have coming up next week!

    • OK after… you sooooo have to spill…..many of us here live for 2nd hand experiences {well me}….us eldery cougars get IT anyway we can….rwar

    • Ugh! I have a Comic Con ticket, too… but I live in Central Ca and won’t be able to camp out (plus, I can’t pick up my badge until that day?). AND, the Twilight showing tickets were sold out by the time I heard they’d become available on Fandango… 20 minutes after they started selling them. I’m wondering if I should even bother…

      • They are sold out? Fandango says they go on sale Monday 07/20 between 9 and 9:30. Is that wrong?

        • I read that Fandango made a mistake by releasing tickets the other day, my friend was lucky enough to be on the computer and got our 2 tix – it seemed to be under the radar for a while then some websites picked up on it and posted that they were on sale. Almost immediately after that they were saying it sold out. Now they are saying more will go on sell on Monday, and that they are supposedly selling 2300 tickets to the Twilight screening?? I think we are nuts for going. We don’t even know which “cast members” will be introducing it.

          • Billy Burke twittered that he’s going to be at the special screening. No idea who else though. I am going to try to get tickets on Monday morning. I know I am nuts for wanting to go but anything Rob related has that effect on me! What can I say?!?!

      • At this point we are not even sure if camping out the night before will be good enough. And the thing that sucks is that the peeps that don’t have comic con passes that DO get movie tix will be camping out at the movie theater to get a good set. The only good thing about the movie theater is that you are guaranteed a seat. Comic Con the only thing you are guaranteed is entrance into Comic Con. Once the hall where the Summit panel will be reaches max occupancy, they won’t be letting any more people in. Who knows how any of that is going to work? it sounds like it’s going to be a crazy madhouse, and we are Robsessed enough to be a part of it!!

        • Yeah, I know… UGH! That’s why I’m not sure if I should even bother to go. To go all that way and then not be able to get in would completely suck. You want to save me a place in line? 😉

          Well, if it’s true that the movie tickets are going back on sale on Monday and I can get a movie ticket… then I’ll make the trip. Otherwise… I don’t know.

  40. YAY Obird! Can’t wait to see ya and hang in a couple of weeks!

    You can come here for the premier. Even tradsies.

    **Let the madness begin**

    • It’s ON!! NYC will be forever changed. I’m so glad I share this fabulous illness with two of my besties!

  41. Are there still cupcakes to go arounnd? I am an official Cougar and since my oldest child is 9, I don’t feel any shame in lusting after someone in their early 20’s.
    If I was in NYC, nothing could stop me from hanging out with the 10 Cougars in the back making friends with the Security gaurds waiting for the signal that all is clear. Thanks for the report Obird, wish I was there! j

    Lovin’ the CougarPorn..More please 🙂

  42. I think the order is kitten<puma<cougar<lynx<snow leopard. There's debate where bobcat and mountain lion fit in here. As you can see I've had extensive conversations about this. This post is so freaking awesome…especially since I aspire to be a cougar one day.

    And I love that she referenced Bruce Jenner who except for true "older twilight fans," is now thought of as merely Kim kardashian and Brody jenner's dad when he is obviously so much more..

  43. yep, 45 yr old couger here, lusting after a 23 yr old hot, british boy! but i dont look or act my age. have lots of 20 something yr old friends who dig my goofy ass! so yeah, id pounce on that in a Ny second! rawr!

    • I love your name. Is it by chance a reference to andy from the office? Lord beer me strength.

  44. I am 37 years old…so what is that? I guess I’d be a Puma or a BobCat….but I have to say, it’s not ALL younger men I want…just one 🙂

    I think a cougar should be defined as going after men who could theoretically be your son. So, at 37, I am 14 years older than Rob. That’s gray area. Not that there aren’t some 14 year olds out there who get preggers…but it’s not the norm. I could be his MILFY babysitter, or his VERY young mom! Look at Selena Gomez…she’s 16, and her mom is 32!!

    SO, if I’m not old enough to be his mom, then I’m not claiming the Cougar status….Not that there’s anything wrong with that – LOL!

    • Chinamother you hit the nail on the head…”just one”….me too ….
      Only young man I’ve ever wanted is Rob……
      I can see the hotness of other younger {than me} men but do I WANT them? No!!
      Nice to look at, but fine I’m happy at home.
      Do I look for pics-interweb stalk-chat on forums about all these hot bodies?
      Just One makes me do the crazy…….

  45. ‘You are old, Mother Wilma,’ the young maid said,
    ‘And your hair is increasingly white.
    Yet visions of Rob always dance in your head.
    At your age do you think that’s quite right?’

    Who gives a continental how old you are–& what’s with the labels–age & obsession are not mutually exclusive, nor is obsession any less intense because of age.

    God knows, I certainly don’t fall into any preconceived mold. Was reading a longish article on Lady Gaga (in my world a female version of Rob: smart , softspoken in interviews, at times really sassy, a Rilke fan, megatalented, smooth as glass & definitely into her own thing come hell or high water–a chick I’d really like to know). She is quoted in a treatise she wrote at the Tisch School as saying: ‘When we view something contrary to custom we assign them [sic] a monstrous quality.’

    So in my Robsession I am contrary to custom & have a monstrous quality, as does any older woman who is into younger men (the labels are surely male in origin)–but it’s brushing against the grain that makes an idea shine & assigns it its own inevitability.

    To get back to a realworld level: it’s watching Hollywood males get messy haircuts, wear lumberjack shirts, back out of musical roles to become ‘serious’, stop shaving, stop waxing their secondary sex characteristics, etc. LMFAO! Who’da thunk down & dirty is going mainstream.

    • You said it better than I.. and used less space : )

    • Love. You. Bad.

    • ❤ you……

  46. * Holds hand up*

    Over 40 and totally Bewitched 😉

    Cant eat a cupcake though.. Im on a special diet 🙂

    • That’s what’s so great about UC’s cupcakes…no calories and completly allergy intolarance free……

  47. ~Stepping up to the front of the room, nervously shifting weight from one foot to the other.. eyes glued to the floor….~

    “I am a Robsessed Cougar”

    PHEW>>> thank goodness that is over!

    I will be 45 on August 9th GULP! And the term Cougar isn’t something I would use for myself. Very young men have never interested me.. most of them are too immature, and most can’t hold a conversation with you.

    Now, last November 2008, my life got turned completely upside down and I’m still trying to set it right! The phrase “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before” is said often on these blogs and I am no stranger to it, I’ve used it myself, to describe my actions where one adorable Mr. Robert Pattinson is concerned.

    I was not a fan of Twilight when all this started. My sister-in-law kept telling me to read the books, and all I thought was “Vampire love story.. please”. But then everywhere I looked there was something about the upcoming movie, so I googled, did a little digging, and I found.. HIM.

    Sounds like a religious experience right.. it kind of was… the first interview I saw was a Variety interview.. and from the moment part one ended, I was changed.. no exaggeration.

    I watched and favorited and read blogs… but felt completely foolish.. I’m a mom for goodness sake.. I’m a wife, I have a great life.. I’m 44!…this was insane. But I couldn’t stop.

    It was intrigue, pure and simple. Something about this young man, not his career, because I had yet to even put two and two together with any other work he might have done, but it was him.. something about him was so very intriguing, almost intoxicating

    Hearing that he was filming all summer in New York City, just a short drive from my home, was heady stuff indeed. Confession time again:

    I have been to the set twice

    As it winds down I have been a bit sad, but in my two visits I did confirm some things for myself.

    He’s worth it. He is a special person, one of those people you would want to know. He has a tender soul, and a good heart. He’s young, he’s unsure, he’s beautiful, inside.. and out. Given the opportunity, I would love to get to know him better. I can say with all certainty, I would want this whether or not he was famous. You may think that statement a tiny bit trite and possibly you think it is untrue, but you don’t find this kind of a person often and no matter where I met him, no matter what he was doing I would want to know him.

    I guess Cougar is ok, as far as terms go.. Do I enjoy the company of younger men… not particularly.. I enjoy the company of intriguing people, age is a mark.. it’s a count.. it doesn’t define us, just as the label cougar does not define me.

    As younger women reading.. this post may sound like I am trying to justify my actions.. or defend my age.. in fact, it’s just the opposite. This intriguing young man has brought me many wonderful new friends.. women of intelligence and poise, of all ages.. I am fortunate to have met all of you.. you make me laugh, daily, as we share our common bond, Rob.

    It is possible to feel affection for someone you hardly know?.. people touch our lives every day. I feel an affection toward Rob that is as real as the affection I feel for any of my friends

    OK so GRRRR I’m a cougar.. Robert Pattinson has made me one.. if it’s the worst thing I am referred as in this life.. I’ll wear it proudly..

    ~Raising eyes from the floor, huge smile, standing up a little straighter

    “I’m a Robsessed Cougar… how about you?”

    Thanks for the reply opportunity.. and my apologies for taking up so much space!

    • Kelly, dead on. You nailed it. Wonderfully put. I’m with you, I too am..a…..a…a Robsessed Cougar! Yes, yes, YES!!!

    • Kelly…Well said you voiced it all……<3 you for putting into words how I for one feel….

    • Kelly I’m not a cougar but I can totally relate to your post! You’re right, Rob is intoxicating! I’m a mom too and with a kid and husband who’s not too fond of Rob right now. I feel silly sometimes looking at pictures and videos of Rob online but I just can’t help myself anymore. Something about him draws me in and you’re right it’s not the career. Honestly I had no idea he even existed til Nov last yr. I remember seeing the trailer for Twilight and I told my husband …”who’s that?” Then I said I would never watch that movie, and I even said he looked “weird.” Wow, I can’t believe I said that because I sure did eat all my words. I’ve seen Twilight many times and now I’m sorta obsessed with Rob. I don’t understand either how I can have so much affection for someone who I don’t even know personally and most importantly, someone who don’t know I even exist :-(.

      Anyway, since you’re a cougar, you should flaunt it girlfriend!

    • You’re an awesome chick…. ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Nora,

        What is your AVI from?? would love to see it a bit bigger : )

  48. I am 42 years old, married with a young child, and haven’t had a crush like this since my Rick Springfield days in the 80’s! Whoa. It’s utterly insane. Here I am reading all the blogs I can get my hands on, looking at pics of him until my eyes practically bleed, and I still can’t get enough. He is just DARLING. That’s all I can say and my age and his age seem to have nothing to do with anything. Boy’s got it goin’ on and you’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to be completely smitten. If he were just good looking (he’s beautiful), or just talented (a lovely actor), or just a guitarist, or pianist (he’s both, naturally), but the fact that he is ALL of these things, AND he’s funny and completely self deprecating, well, it’s just almost too much to handle. It should hardly be legal and I’m not so sure his parents shouldn’t be fined or something for making him but only making ONE of him–not enough to go ’round! But alas, I’ll take what I can get and be happy. I hope he’s happy, too. Peace out, my fellow Cougs.

    • I read a PREVIEW of your comment in my blog dashboard and saw “I am 42 years old, married with a young child, and haven’t had a crush like this since my Rick” and I was PRAYING it said Rick Astley. But alas.. it did not 😦 boo:

      • Hee hee. I recall Rick A. being pretty darned cute, too. Plus, what a great song–true pop at it’s best… “never gonna give you up, never let you down, never gonna run around and hurt you…” Cheers!

      • UC I promise to never give you up let you down or turn around and desert you.

    • Fine his parents lol… I’m just thanking God he wasn’t twins or we’d all seriously have a problem… or would our odds be better …hmmmmm

  49. Hi! I am a cougar or a puma, as I like to call myself. ANd like Tiffany above, I embrace the term, cause who the eff cares!

    This was an awesome account, and I guess I feel much better knowing that attending a Rob, “keen observation” event, that I could survive. Although I’d still like to buy him shots at the bar and see him get drunk, but I guess you take what you can get.

    • PS I like the term Puma for us over 30, under 40 set who somehow find themselves with the younger guys, and are Robsessed. Thoughts?

  50. I can’t let this day go by without acknowledging that I am a proud CFR—Cougar For Rob. I make no apologies for my age or the lovin’ feelings I have for him. He’s just so delicious!

    Now pass me one of those cupcakes please.

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