Posted by: Bekah | July 18, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight: Bringing it back to Rob

Dear LTRers,

This week we’ve shown our true colors, I admitted that I didn’t really miss Rob when I was on vacation, and Moon confessed that we could use less of Rob. But don’t worry- it isn’t really ROB that’s the problem. It’s more the hype surrounding him and the constant news of him that’s leading us to feel so…… overstimulated on Rob (and who ever thought the day would come when saying overstimulated and Rob in the same sentence would be a bad thing)

So I have to confess that when I got this e-mail from Biel telling us she made a new video, I didn’t jump up and down with joy and watch it immediately. I thought, “I remember her first video. It was great. Rob was hot. I bet he’s hot in this video too.” In simple terms, what I really thought was “meh.” It wasn’t until I saw it posted on NewMoonMovie that I decided to watch a minute or two- and see if she made a better video than last time. Um, she did.

So forget about the oversaturation of Rob: him all bloodied-up, him with a pink sleeping bag, him with a cute child, him with a pretty girl and him with fangirls, and forget that you probably already saw this video earlier in the week, and kick off your Saturday by watching this hot as crap video of Robert Thomas Pattinson again.

Now have fun trying to run your Saturday errands without your mind drifting to Rob. Don’t leave the frozen chicken breasts in the hot car just because when you think the word “breasts” you’re reminded of what you’d like Rob to do to yours,

PS: Since you’ll probably have to make two grocery store runs today, treat yourself by watching Biel’s first video

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  1. Dear Rob

    Are you in London yet? If not, why not? oh, yeah, Comic Con! Have fun, now, wontcha!!

    SG x

    • he’s coming to see me at comic con! he loves me like that.

      uc THANK you for posting this. HELLOOOO saturday!

      • If he’s going to ditch me for anyone I’m glad it’s you! Give him a smooch from me!

  2. She makes the best videos. I don’t really get sick of Rob (ok, sometimes following his every move DOES feel like work) but yesterday two things happened that had me on a Rob high:

    My amazing husband went to the set and got one pic of Rob and a (very)brief video. He happened to be about five feet from Rob’s trailer and said most people didn’t even see Rob, so it was pure dumb luck that he did. Vicarious thrill, but still.

    We went to see Harry Potter last night and (as I’d hoped) they ran the New Moon trailer. Even though I’ve watched it a million times online, I still had goosebumps and am more excited than ever to see it. Over and over.

    • It is a great vid – thanks Biel 🙂

      Kudos to your hubs D2D, he deserves all kinds of rewards, ifyouknowwhatimsyin’

    • Total contender for husband of the year!! That’s so great!

      Now I’m all mad that I didn’t get the NM trailer when I went to see Harry Potter!! WTF? I was robbed.

    • send the pic!

  3. Oh yeah, LTR delivers again!!…I’m having a GREAT Saturday night (here in Australia) – HOT Rob vid on laptop & a young hot Cedric Diggory on the TV!!

    PS I have never watched any HP movies before, hubby is baffled…he doesn’t know about RP being in it…yet lol

    oooh I think RP is about to be killed!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • tricking the in the best way!

  4. ok the scene in HP:GOF where Harry is lying over/hugging over the body of Cedric….is it weird to really, really want to be Harry Potter at that moment?? LOL

    God, how old was Rob in that movie? Am I UNDERAGE perving???

    • I think GoF was released in Nov 2005 so probs shot in 2004. So Rob would be 18(ish).

      “Kill the spare” 😦

    • Heck, yeah I’m jealous of Daniel Radcliffe now. Ok what other movies is he in so I know what to rent? I know he’s in the Haunted Airman, that one HP movie and the one posted here a week ago(can’t remember the name, sorry).

      • Hi Southernbelle!

        Rob was also in these two other films (not available in Canada … don’t know about where you live?)

        How To Be (link to part 1 of 8)

        The Bad Mother’s Handbook (link to part 1 of 8)

        NB: In TBMH (a made for TV movie I read somewhere) Rob had a supporting role … about 15-20 minutes of screen time I’d say.

    • I always cry at that part because of his father’s reaction.

  5. Oh, phew *wipes brow* – thanks! Don’t feel so dirty now….hmmm…better watch 100% Rob vid again then

    “Kill the spare” ?? *gives puzzled look*

    • This was what Voldemort said just before Cedric was killed. it’s a curious line… and I’ve often wondered if there was more meaning to it than i realized. Suppose HP had been killed or disabled in the maze… could Cedric have been utilized to help “resurrect” Voldemort?

      I love GOF… hearing RP’s natural british voice… looking at his expressions…

      I love Moaning myrtle’s description of how it took Cedric so long to figure out how to listen to his egg… ha!

      • No, it had to be Harry’s blood that they used. They had to use ‘blood of an enemy’, as part of the spell, as well as a bone from Voldemort’s father’s grave, and Wormtail’s hand. So Cedric was unneeded. Yes I have read these books a million times.


        • Sorry Lapushbaby BUT, Any enemy {and there were plenty of those easier to get than Harry} wizards blood would have resurrected Voldemort. Voldemort wanted Harry’s A) For the power of protection Lilly had left in Harry and B) because he’d become obsessed with Harry because he hadn’t been able to distroy him 3 times previously.

          Yeah I’m freaky sad but still I ❤ Harry……

          • Oh, sure, it COULD have been any enemy, but not for Voldemort and his flair for the dramatics. He wanted it to be Harry. If Cedric had showed up alone, he probably would have killed him anyway, but not used his blood. For Voldemort, it HAD to be Harry….for the reasons you named!

            (plus I think she was setting the stage for the Horcrux theory)

            I may be freakier than you, ….warning…

      • YES! Moaning Myrtle said it took Cedric so long to figure it out in the bathtub that almost all of his bubbles were gone! Oh Moaning Myrtle, trying to get a peek of the sparklepeen, naughty, naughty!!!

  6. OK I planned on getting stuff and errands done today but the first thing I did when I got up was look at this smoking hot video! It’s the best! I love the one when he looked drunk :-).

    My daughter was looking over while I was watching it(she’s 22 months old) and she said “he’s HOT!” OMG, what am I teaching my child, LOL!

    • LOL that’s so cute!

    • They can never learn too young!!!

    • You are teaching her to have excellent taste in men!
      My daughter, who is 24 (years) also thinks he’s hot. She thinks my level of obsession with Rob is endearing (bless her!)

      • My DH thinks it’s hilarious that my DD (the 22 month old) is so obsessed with Rob too. LOL. My mother actually bought her a blanket with Rob’s face in it and she sleeps with that every night! She won’t even let me wash the darn thing and it’s getting dragged all over the house and it’s filthy. 🙂 She loves to look at pics of him(in mags too) and every morning she goes by my laptop and says his name because she wants to see his pictures online. My mom asked her the other day, this is how their conversation went:

        grandma: why do you like Robert so much?

        My daughter: why not? Hot!

        I totally agree with her!

        • Just make sure you’re happy to be ‘outed’ in public though as when your daughter starts playschool and talks about Mummy’s boyfriend etc it may not seem so cute…re:- post about 2-3 days ago when other young Mums were chatting about this very thing.
          Personaly I love it

          • I love it too and I don’t care what the other moms say in playschool, do you mean preschool? Heck even now my friends, gosh even my own sister makes fun of me. She was here today and saw my desktop and of course Rob’s on my desktop looking sexy. My sis said, “why are you so obsessed with this vampire?” LOL, I wanted to wring her neck, good thing we are blood related! She said I’m weird and crazy!

  7. I totally get what you mean by “overstimulated”! I feel like I constantly need to be on top of the Rob news and gossip that I have to put everything else on hold. Checking LTR first thing in the morning is one of these many compulsions!

    I tried my shot at set stalking Remember Me yesterday, and it was a total failure. I slept on it, and decided that I cannot do it for the sake of awkwardness and feeling like a stalker. It’s like, he’s just a real person too!

    • Sft, Do tell! Did you get to see him at all? How do you guys know where the set was? I heard they wrapped it up so I think he’s finished filming in NY.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard that he’s done and going to leave for Comic Con but then some say he still might film a little more before then. I recapped my sad experience on my blog lol. We kept missing him, but apparently he was spotted moving about on at least three different times during the day when he finally came out of his trailer. I think they shot from 8/9am till about 7pm. My friend sent me links to these two girls who had much better results than I: twitter/kaddiecullen and twitter/cybermelli

  8. Man he’s tall! And he does touch his hair an awful lot…yeah that were my initial thought after watching this video….

    …. after *swoon*

  9. How did you know I was out of groceries? Thank goodness I have a list made already or I’d be in trouble.

    Hot Pockets
    whipped cream

    wait… what?

  10. Wait….did we ladies get a letter on LTR and not Robbie? I feel so honored! I thoroughly enjoyed that video. will replay in my head while at the gym.


  11. LOL! UC-you really are so funny!!! I have seen that video before and it is so hot. Gets me every time….

  12. ooo boyy.. rob + my mornin coffee= great hangover medicine.. 😀

    that definetly woke me up and i will be now attempting to study employment law.. tho i will be thinking of a one on one anatomy lesson w/ rob as my model.. 😉

  13. re: the video. That part where he’s at a premiere or something and posing for pics…turns, walks and puts his thumb to his mouth. I’ve seen it a million times before but SWEET JEEBUS. Gets me every damn time.

    Excuse me while I change my underpants.

    And smoke a cigarette.

    I’ve had to minimize this page twice in the last five minutes. My husband keeps walking into the room while I’m trying to watch the video.

    • “…puts his thumb to his mouth. I’ve seen it a million times before but SWEET JEEBUS. Gets me every damn time. ”

      I know!!I love it when he´s biting or sucking something (someone?!*raisemy hand*)

    • Ooh, I had to go back and watch it again to see that (hadn’t noticed before) – yes, you’re right, very hot…..

      LMAO at “…had to minimize this page twice in the last five minutes. My husband keeps walking into the room while I’m trying to watch the video.”
      I have the same problem!! LOL

  14. *sigh* Back from a Saturday at the lake, lying in the sun reading psychology (yes, we have to work too, sometimes) and getting my feet wet in between chapters. Came home and this video made my day perfect!

    Of course, I too have been suffering from Roboverload, but it’s so nice to be brought back home to earth and to remember all the reasons why we love him after all.

    Stayed up late last night to watch Vanity Fair, although I knew they had cut his part in the movie, but the outtakes with him from the film I had seen were just beautiful, so I watched it anyway. (Yes, that is perhaps only semi-normal.) 😉

  15. Video=’Hot as Crap’

    UC, you got that right, I have nothing to add.


  16. Yesterday: Rob with pink sleeping bag and today:this video. I’m smiling for 20 hours straight.

    No, there is never too much Rob.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I was sitting at my kitchen counter with my laptop screen tilted sideways so my husband couldn’t see what I was looking at (I am a “closet” LTR follower…the husband doesn’t understand and accept the fact that my lust, I mean love, for Robert is completely understandable, not to mention normal…), and I couldn’t wait for him to peace out so I could watch the video in peace and quiet, and to not feel like a weirdo by gaping at the comp. screen. He FINALLY went out to go clean the garage out, so I was blissfully able to get my daily dose of yummers.

    God I want to bite that man in completely inappropriate places… *le sigh*

  18. Thanks for mentioning the video was partially dedicated to me. I see how you are now…… Fooey

    • I noticed!

    • It was my pleasure… believe me!! (DrunkRob was a delightful editing work!!) *hugs*

  19. Right now, I can’t see being on Rob overload — total oxymoron for me. Or maybe I’m the moron!

    And how’s this for total bliss out? My very first celebrity crush, Paul McCartney, and my very latest celebrity crush, Rob Pattinson, together in the same city. I was in totes heaven trying to keep track of both of them!

    I’m sorry for you chicas that must sneak around to enjoy the wonder of Rob. My husband is always looking for some Rob tidbit to bring home to me. “Hey, hon, do you have this one yet?” is a refrain I often hear. Needless to say, between Rob, Paul and my DH I am one ecstatic camper.

    Off to see HP with my 10 year old son! BTW, my son is in on it, too! He thought the captioned picture of “the” stare was high-larious! Now he goes around saying, “Boo ya! You’re pregnant!” Totes inappropriate, I know, but I love that he’s in on the joke. Laters.

  20. Gee, and I thought I had moved on from Rob. Guess not! Thanks for the video!! It was a good reminder of the fabulous dorkiness of Rob!!

  21. *blinks**blinks*where I am? Have I gone to heaven?*blinks again* damn it i’m just in front of my pc now with drool on my desk! That video was full of win, him taking of his jacket over and over had me sitting on the edge of my seat…wishing for more. Fans self by tugging on shirt like rob cuz you know, we’re in sync and all 🙂

  22. Yep, STILL hot. Also, Biel is the shit.

  23. I love this video of RPattz. Best part of watching it just now was ML was giving me a back rub while it was playing. And only laughed at me when I switched it to full screen.

  24. good vid. by Biel -and good luck to himself and all the screaming girlies that will be at Twicon and ComicCon. hope Robbie makes it through without pulling all his hair out.

    Do you think we should all pitch in and buy him a pair of really good ear plugs so he wont freak out by all the high pitched screaming? I’m in for a buck. what do you say Moon? UC?

    One thing I know I won’t do if I ever see him (out of respect for his sanity as well as mine) is scream. In fact, I don’t think I would ever approach him for anything after seeing some of the stuff that’s gone on. well, maybe give him a great big smile and “howdy” wave.
    cheer, H

    • Well,I´m pretty sure if you see “HIM” (aka Vienna sausage) you WOULD scream!! I for one def would… `*groaning*

  25. *looks around and waves, I’m a newby!*

    That video was H.A.W.T! Holy Hell!

    Biel, your video rocked. *throwing flowers*

    • welcome newby!!!!! glad you liked it! Biel rocks!

  26. Hey, SOMEONE just tweeted on twitter that Rob was at “TOM and JERRY’S” bar in the east village about 30 minutes ago. have NO CLUE if it’s true or not.
    Did google it. Looks like a plain long bar small place-low key.

  27. HELLO, any one home?

  28. Morning ladies,just found this vid on yt.Three girls in Rob´s trailer…
    LOL at the papz comments…

  29. Dear moon and uc, I squeal in amazement when I received your pm saying my viddy has posted here, one of my favorite sites (and you know it!!). I don’t know what to say, believe me, but knowing LTR and people around here appreciate my vid, does really means a lot to me.

    Moreover, I want you to know that my vids have never had so many visits and I’m pretty aware that thanks to your site many people have known my work. But what I appreciate the most isn’t the quantity of visitors (although this is always flattering), as the quality of contacts with many people from your community, the type of people with whom I feel connected and identified.

    Thank YOU so much everyone for your support!!!!

    PS: I do subscribe every single word from your “Too Much Rob?” post. So thanks again for posting my vid despite the Robert over saturation!! LOL

    • oh you’re WELCOME!!!! So glad you’ve gotten new fans too!

  30. Oh yes! That’s what I am talking about! I missed seeing Rob smile! Lately in all his pics, he just looks pissed. But this video – woo boy! Mr. Sex indeed! It definitely reminded me why it was ‘perfectly normal’ to think perverted & lascivious thoughts about this young man. Many, Many Thanks!

  31. Oh dear. I think I enjoyed that a little too much… definitely more than what would be considered appropriate for the work place… Clean up aisle five…

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