Posted by: Bekah | June 28, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure- European Vacation

Dear weird girls & unicorns who are grown-adults yet like to take pictures of me, a small plastic doll, all around the globe and/or get 2nd-hand embarrassed while looking at pictures of me, a small plastic doll, all around the globe while being held by grown-adults,

Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I would become as popular as I have. I really owe it all to UC & Moon who, on January 11th, 2009, had their first adventure with me. Ever since, my life has been pretty great. I’ve been to the beach, I’ve had Mexican food, I’ve been to Seattle, Chicago and the gates of Hell, but I’m gonna say that my multiple trips to Europe have been my favorite. Yes, I said multiple. Turns out many beautiful women have been willing to risk 1st-hand embarrassment to show me the time of my life in Europe:

I stopped at Montoceplio, Italy to make sure that guy who plays me in the movies was doing an adequate job. I assure you, my abs are not painted on

I stopped at Montepulciano, Italy to make sure that guy who plays me in the movies was doing an adequate job. I assure you, my abs are not painted on

While in Italy, I found a tower that I helped push back up straight

While in Italy, I found a tower that was leaning slightly. I did the Italian people a favor and pushed it up straight.

See where else I went in Europe after the jump!

I was feeling a little fat from all the pasta I ate while in Italy, so I lifted up this tower for some exercise while in France

I was feeling a little fat from all the pasta I ate while in Italy, so I lifted up this tower for some exercise while in France

I feel "home" when I'm in this city... I'm not sure why. I don't think I even know anyone from London. South Barnes was nice though. A blonde woman did a double take when she saw me...

I feel "home" when I'm in this city... I'm not sure why. I don't think I even know anyone from London. Something odd happened in South Barnes though. A blonde woman did a double take when she saw me...

London is such a nice city- no crime at all. That's why these Buckingham Palace guards were able to take time off to hold me

London is such a nice city- no crime at all. That's why these Buckingham Palace guards were able to take time off to hold me

Next up- Scotland! Do I look rediculous?

Next up- Scotland! Do I look ridiculous?

As a token of my appreciation to UC & Moon, the gals who provided me all the opportunities I’ve had, I am offering them the real live, warm-blooded male who plays the bigger version of me.

Action-Figure Edward

PS: I heard about the Ken doll-version of me. Needless to say, I’m not happy. Rumor has it he is anatomically correct. I know it’s hard to do yet some of you have managed it, but if you’ve seen me with my pants off, let me assure you I am not anatomically correct. Don’t compare me to the Ken-doll version of me, please. There is one and only one craptastic Edward Action figure!

Thanks to “Two of a Kind” for sharing all her Edward in Europe pictures and to Caroline for sharing her picture of Edward in a kilt!

I feel like a broken record. The Forum is a lot of fun. Have you started to play? Also, don’t forget that we love things other than Rob over at Letters to Twilight


  1. “warm-blooded male who plays the bigger version of me.”

    • LMAO. Its true.

      • lol ill take an order of that thank you!

        • Oh these are priceless!!!
          Moon, UC …. Ladies.. you need to start a new section where we can upload or send pics of our Edward Cullen/Rob. Pattinson “WHERE IN THE WORLD” action figures to all the places he’s been.. hee hee..
          holy cow.. do I have some good ideas for photo ops.


  2. ❀ it! haha i have yet to get me a pocket edward!

  3. haha I love the pic of the Buckingham Palace guards holding him priceless lol

  4. After laughing my ass off at this post, I suddenly realised that EVEN Edward the crappy figure doll has seen and travelled the world more than me this year?!! To make matters worse, I live 2 hours away from London and have yet to see Buckingham Palace. Oh the shaaaaame. 😦 haha. If only I were pocketsized and made out of plastic, it would make flights so much cheaper. BTW, I know Edward ‘the explorer’ figuredoll has been having the ‘time of his life’, but what about Bella?! Have yet to see one piccy of this plastic beauty, does she even see the light of day?!! Is she automatically discarded into the fireplace when Edward figuredoll comes along and sparkles his plastic galore at us?! Wherever she is, I feel her pain at the lack of travelling!

  5. I loved the picture of the guards!! And that ‘Scottish’ wig was hysterical!

  6. Well my husband now knows the depth of my obsession I’ll have to go practice some FF on him so he won’t divorce me………
    Tried to visit LRT on the quite while hubby is engrossed in speedway…should have known better really you gals always make me lol…..
    Always known our UK Police were the best posing with P.E. just proves it!!!
    ❀ you dispite afternoon of sex I'll HAVE TO endure………

  7. LMFAO! UC & Moon, I bow to you. You girls are GENIUS!

    ActionFigureEdward gets around, doesn’t he? πŸ˜‰

  8. Ive gotta get myself a PocketEdward!!!

  9. I wish I could travel the globe with a hard (that’s what she said) mini Edward! πŸ™‚

  10. This definitely makes me happier about waking up today lol

  11. Way cool! LOL. I love the one with the picture of Big Ben and the parliament in the background! I’ve been there! I’m trying to convince my DH for us to go to England again!

    Oh and yeah I’ll take the man playing Edward Cullen too!

  12. I thought those guards weren’t supposed to smile!! It’s true, no one can resist him.

    this was great. i esp love the Montepulciano one.
    and those bobbies were REALLY good sports LOL

  14. LMAO.
    ohhhhhhhhhhh… my goodness!
    love it.

  15. “…to make sure that guy who plays me in the movies was doing an adequate job. I assure you, my abs are not painted on…”

    I love how pocket!edward has a healthy rivalry with his largerish counterpart. Checking up on him. And checking him. Remember when “checking” was a cool way to refer to insulting someone? Ah. 1990.

  16. “i pushed it up straight” LOL! i love it

    also the kilt pic: kudos for finding something to do with the cullen crest. this is the best ive seen for it

    • Contest!! Contest!!

  17. Gosh Edward. What a big sporan you have!

    ps I cannot believe you got the cops outside Buck Pal to pose with Pocket Eddie. Jolly good sports chaps!

    If only they knew they are now imortalised on this blog …

  18. laughing so hard at the guards w/ pocket edward! love it! i think there is nothing wrong w/ taking a pocket edward, stuffed kermit the frog or a flat stanley on trips around the world and taking pictures of them in random places… (our family does kermit for my grandmother – he ends up in the weirdest of places!)

    love that you know who is and who isn’t anatomically correct of the plastic/pocket versions! ha!

  19. I love your Edward the Action Figure posts!!

    That last picture totally made me say, “Freedoooooooooooooooooooom!!” Too bad you couldn’t paint his face half blue!!

  20. is it edward cullen or jamie fraser? lol

    LOVE IT!

  21. Any LOTN around?

    • I am. Are you still?

      • Hey! I’m here! How are ya?

        • Good.
          You need to read the Alphabet thingy.
          I think you’ll really like it.
          It’s not great writing at the start, but it improves, and the back story of Bella and Edward is really nice.
          Good smut, too.

          • The Alphabet thingy? Do you have a link? I just started reading Hydraulic Level 5, and I finished Mr. Horrible today (btw EyeC it updated today….)

          • I know FN. Read it already. She’s engaged!

          • I KNOW!!! I really love those two! (ignore the message below lol)

          • She’s got such a good heart and she’s so wacky! And he’s crazy about her.

          • Nuggety, the link is here…


          • They’re like the nerdiest couple ever.

          • Got it, thanks Nat.

          • Can you send me a link for Mr Horrible and for the other one, please?

          • Sure, sure:

            Mr. Horrible

            Hydraulic Level 5

          • Too much happening last night. Very hard to keep up with all the conversations.

  22. The kilt picture is scary because that wig looks like the hair Catherine sketched for Edward…SO scary!

    I’ll be giving away a mini Edward as part of the birthday celebration on my log. I am turning the big 3 0…

    My poor mini Edward has been abused by my children so I have to keep him hiddlen most of the time now…so sad!

  23. Hi. I’m on for a while.

    • Hello! Good to see you! I wasn’t sure if you’d be on tonight. Tomorrow the adventure begins! Are you ready?

      • I just have the finishing touches. Six hours in the morning to finish. I’m trying to compact. I’ll sit here and do a small bit of mending and try to finish the fanfic I started this morning—I HAD TO!!!

        • I understand. It calls to you…LOL

          Did you see my message that Mr. Horrible updated today?? I got lucky. I was going to go crazy when I got to the end of Ch. 27. I was like “Oh NO!!” but then I noticed there was another chapter and the world was right again…

    • Have you packed yet?!

      • Just about—I like to drive you crazy!

        • As long as you don’t heart me, I think I’ll live.

          • OK. You’ve got a deal. lol

          • Hahahaha

  24. I hope you like Hydraulic Level 5. With the intertwining stories and the divorce at the beginning you have to work your way back. I’m happy to watch that one update because it’s beginning to get happy.

    • I’m looking forward to it. It’s my next FF.
      Did you get your I-pod sorted for your trip?

      • Nat, you need to read Tropic of Virgo soon.

      • The iPod will be the last thing. I don’t have any Brit boys yet and I want a mix of favorites. I’mm hoping I don’t run out of time.

        • Was quite enjoying listening to Bobby last night. The boy has soul.

          A mix of favs is a must-have for any driving trip.

          Random stuff you can sing along to.

        • There’s always time for the Brit boys!

          • What songs do you recommend, Nuggety?

          • I like pretty much anything of Bobby’s. Let’s see…

            Fourteen Times
            Shadows of the City

            You Think You’re Free
            Soho Whores

            Just to name a few πŸ™‚

          • True Fannay, all of Bobby’s songs are worth it. ❀

    • I’m only in Ch.2 so far.

      When I started reading it I was like “Isabel? Daisie? Really?” It was starting to annoy me and then when I got to the bottom I remembered this is the one where Edward’s writing a story. lol

      • I meant to explain that to you before you started. It was confusing. But after you realize the italics are his writing then it goes easier.

        • Can’t you see Bella into extreme sports? LOL

          • Yeah, Bella in extreme sports…hard to imagine, but it seems like she’s using the adrenaline rush to keep her other emotions in check IYKWIM. Is this the tearjerker? It feels like a tearjerker already πŸ™‚

          • There are moments, yes. There is also humor and close friends who are all still in Forks. It’s a mix.

          • Like this??

            β€œβ€˜Fashion sense of a hobo’?” Thanks Alice.


  25. I’ve got to be quick work out of control but i wanted to:
    a) wish E a very happy and safe trip, no driving when tired Missy.
    b) I had a Rop dream last might exceptionally, exceptionally weird and if that is what my dreams are like good thing i don’t normally remember them
    c) Bella Swan Diaries FF, not liking it but will finish, Jacob, Charlie adn Esme are all swingers, and as Nat once said i genuinely just don’t care what will happen to these characters;
    d) I think i blame reading that FF before bed for my weird dream; and
    e) say hi cause i will probably only be able to pop in and out for the next week or so due to its “hit the fan” work week.

    Have Fun E, I want a full report when you are back!

    • Aw, thanks Lizzie. We’ll take care driving. Sounds busy there. Weird Rob dream? Yup, must be the fanfic…. See you later.

    • We love you, Lizzie.
      Avoid any weird conversations about vasectomy’s or man bits this week.

    • I second that!

      Ooo…I want to hear about it when you have more time. Maybe you can send me an e-mail πŸ™‚

      Hmm…swingers you say?? That is pretty weird…

      Rob and you were swingers?

      Hi! I’ll miss you this week! “Hit the fan” work week does NOT sound like good times.

      • Isn’t she talking about the characters in the FF being swingers, not her dream? Because if that *isn’t* the case, then my name is mentioned in the swinger sentence, too, and THAT is definitely not something that this chicken will be doing any time soon.

        • LMAO! Oh, come on—be adventurous!

          • I experience adventure through FF.
            It’s like Mills and Boon for grown ups.

          • Mills and Boon? Must google that ASAP.

            There are many adventures to be had through FF. LOL

          • Did it, got it, getcha. πŸ™‚

          • Good.
            This week we’ve had to explain a lot of hawt topics to each other.
            Google makes things so much easier.

        • She was talking about the characters being swingers, but she said she thought the FF is what made her dream weird. lol

  26. I started one that just went up in the forum rec by Sass—I usually like her recommendations. It’s called Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. Edward is a tattoo artist and Bella has just started working for his Aunt Esme at the used bookstore across the street. Bella has recently gone through a major trauma. It sounds like a plane crash where Charlie and Jake were killed. It’s only 7 chapters in. But craftsmen and bookstores and I’m in!

    • Oh, yeah, there’s an instant–almost electric–charge between them when they first meet! Betcha haven’t heard that one before….

      • Edward has so many roles and wardrobes, he’s practically a ken doll.

        • He can be dressed and undressed any way you like him.

          • But doesn’t come with Ray Bans. What’s that about?

          • Their mistake!

          • And an enormously large one it is, too.

            But being able to dress and undress a mini-Rob does have its benefits.

      • Maybe FF was Mattel’s inspiration….

        • You need to write to them and ask that they include a black beanie for his accessories. And black Nike shoes.

          Those Mattel dolls are seriously hideous.

        • Oh a beanie and Nikes!!! Do they already have pics posted of the Mattel Edward? Or were you just talking about Ken dolls in general?

    • Edward w/ tattoos?? I like bad boys….lol

      Only 7 chapters?? Bummer.

  27. Holla to my LOTN.

    Just popped in to say hi.

    Excited to leave, EyeC?

    • Hey Jennay! How’s it goin?

      • Hey Fannay, not bad. A little tired, considering all the hearting I’ve been doing today.

        How are you?

        • LOL! I’m doing good.

    • Hi Jenny.
      How are you?

      • Hi Natalie, not bad, you?

        • I deliberately ignored your earlier post πŸ˜‰

          • Isn’t telling me you ignored it still acknowledging it? So, really, you didn’t ignore it entirely. But that’s okay, because it was partially meant for you anyway! πŸ˜‰

          • Touche.


    • Hey Jenny! Yes, I’m getting there. When I talked to my sister today she asked if I had my Twilight books on CD. I was shocked since she said NO Twilight this trip! So, I may be starting another round.

      • No way! That’s awesome! Haha I should start another round for the hell of it. Are the books on CD any good?

        I saw you also wanted to make a playlist of the Brit boys. Yummy.

        • Hope to get that playlist done. I do like the CDs. I would stay up and listen to at least 3 hours every night. That’s what got my schedule all off. I was really addicted….

          • Maybe one day I’ll try those.

          • I might need to invest in those for my moving trip to SA. How long does it take to get through TW?

          • There are 11 CDs for Twilight. All 4 they say is 60 hours.

          • 60 freaking hours!!?

            What does she do? Go and come down from Rob porn between chapters?!

            60 hours for Twilight.
            Imagine the audio books for BD. Actually, don’t. That book is a disaster.

      • My mom is re-reading NM to refresh her memory and I picked it up today and read a little. I wonder if Bella’s dream from the beginning will be in the movie.

        • It should be—the old lady Bella–because that sets the tone for the whole book and the conflict between B/E.

          • You know, I think I read something somewhere about that scene being filmed. I think it will be in there.

          • It does set the tone.

            I hope it is.

          • Hopefully the script will be better this time.
            The direction already looks better.

          • It looks 10x better already.

          • Yeah, the clip is something else.
            NM is my favourite out of the series.
            I really really hope that they get it right.

      • Oooh, Books. Audio. What a GREAT idea.
        Go sister.

        Wonder if it makes it better listening to it instead of reading it?

        • It’s different. Some people don’t like her voice. I’ve listened to them so many times through—at least 7, maybe more—that it’s natural to me.

          • Ahh… see, you hear your own ‘voice’, the one you imagine, when you read… so hearing another ‘voice’, a prescribe voice, is weird.

            This makes sense in light of recent discussions about hearing voices when you read.

  28. The thing I like about this LOTN thing, the conversation, is actually opening my mind to a lot of things. Not just sex things, but music and stuff.

    All good.
    All gold.

    • It is really nice. TOV has a lot of good music suggestions.

    • Yes, the music really opens up new things. There’s so much out there that has gotten me out of a rut. Not to mention the stories and all that.

      • “and all that” *indeed*.


  29. I decided I couldn’t go the week without pics of Rob so I took every one off of my bulletin board and put them into a folder in the bottom of my suitcase for my viewing pleasure. lol

    • That tied in well with my goodnight!

    • Ooo….good idea!

      I don’t have a bulletin board, just a screen saver and background.

  30. Awwe, what?! I just saw The Office updated on the 15th. Have I read that yet? I can’t remember. Argh. I guess I’ll have to look at it tomorrow night.

    I should go to bed, ladies. The morning always comes too quickly.

    Have a great trip EyeC, I’ll miss you! Be safe, and think of Rob often. He keeps us all close.

    Sweet dreams everyone!

    • Good night, Jenny.
      Sweet dreams to you, too.

    • I’m sure you have. It’s been like 2 weeks. Surely you haven’t been that neglectful of your FF, have you?!? lol

      Good night and sweet dreams to you as well!

    • That’s great Jenny. Thanks for the send off. Yeah, how could I forget him? But I have to keep it on the QT. I’ll think of all od you this week. Sleep well.

  31. Did everyone leave?

    • I’m here. Reading. lol

      • Just checking. I thought you left and I didn’t get to tell you bye. 😦

        This story is sad. Not too bad yet, but I can feel her pain.

        • I know. But it’s such a good story. You know how WA was.

          • Completely addictive.
            I read it again yesterday. Well, parts of it.
            It’s still the best FF out there.

          • I don’t think I cried reading WA. I held it together pretty well. I think…lol

          • Oh, the basketball scene.
            It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking.

    • Nope, still here.

  32. So, we’re all reading FF and writing on LTR between chapters.

    What’s new?

    • You should listen to “Sea Blue” by Sam too. It’s another good one. I’m listening to it now and it should be added to the list. Not helping the tone of this FF though. I wanna cry 😦

      • I love Sea Blue. He said he wrote it when he broke up with a girlfriend and was sitting at the window.

        • It’s a beautiful song. That reminds me of that interview Rob did where he said he made himself act depressed after a girl broke up w/ him. There was something about laying w/ his dog or something. Do you know what I’m talking about?

          • Yes. It was in GQ. He wrapped himself around Patty and acted as if he was sad about it.

          • ?!?!?
            I feel like I’m missing something.

          • You don’t have a RobQ?? Now I’m just sad for you…lol

          • I think that GQ article is available to read somewhere. It was a good one. He had been dating Nina (I think) for 3 years and when they broke up he was bummed out. Hugged his dog Patty all night long. And THIS he tells an interviewer. Oh Rob! When will you be more discerning about your feelings? [Never, I hope!]

          • No, I don’t have the Rob Q.

            The ‘come hither’ photo, though, is the one that ultimately turned me when soccermom was shocked by my denial and sent me to study the GQ photos.

          • Those were some good photos…. Even the outtakes.

          • I just don’t know that I have enough Rob back catalogue.

            This Nina chick probably regrets a few things now, yes? Or not.

          • Those pics are HOTT!! I still have that youtube video saved to my favorites. Actually….let’s all enjoy it together…

          • He’s just so beautiful!

          • That one of him lying on his side with his hands… it’s so phallic. It’s so wrong, it’s right!

      • Will download Sea Blue.

        I’m listening to Sarah McLachlan, I Will Remember You.
        It’s got nothing to do with anything Twilight or Rob.

        • I love that song and have seceral SM songs on my iPod. Beautiful singer.

          • And now, for a complete change of scene, Push It by Salt and Pepa! Loving it.

            Yes… I’ll Remember You is beautiful. She has the most pure and amazingly beautiful voice, very emotive.

          • Ahhh….PUSH IT! Push it real good! LOL

          • Oh yes, Salt and Peppa, the sound of my uni years.

        • Love that song! Beyonce sang part of “Angel” tonight on the BET awards and she did a pretty good job.

          • What is BET?

          • Black Entertainment Television

  33. Now it’s Mystery Girl by Roy Orbison.

    • Not sure I’ve ever heard that song.

      • Bono’s best lyrics, ever.
        Written for the Big O.
        It’s a beautiful song.
        If U2 play it live when I’m in the USA, I’ll be stoked beyond belief.

  34. Actually, let’s try it in a new comment box so we can enjoy more than half of the video.

    • All the better to see you with, my dear….

      God, I just want to jump his bones!

      • My sentiments exactly! Those freakin’ eyes! This girl I used to work w/ used to say “jizz my panties” that pretty much sums it up. LOL

      • Umm.

        I actually think that the new photos from Remember me are hotter…he’s muscled up a little.

        • He has…now remembering The V….good times. lol

          • Yes, the V. The V.

            He’s actually not as slim now as he was during the NM filming.
            It suits him better.

            There’s nothing worse than a man who looks like he lives in a gym. But a man who looks like he takes care of himself… well, that’s different.

  35. “When the music played, all else churned a muted gray.”

    I love this!

    Also, Sam is going to have me crying by the time the time this is all over. “Too Far Gone” is playing and I’m wondering if the author of this on was listening to him as she wrote this…

    I just wanna give him a hug!

    • “Over and over, until life drove them 2500 miles, 2500 days, apart.”

      This too! Aww….he’s counting.

    • I listened through Sam’s songs today. Maybe she did have him playing his sad songs. I remember now how I sat here and sobbed at parts of that story. You know it’s good if it makes you feel that deeply.

      • Yep. I’m gonna try to stay strong, but I can already tell I’m gonna cry like a baby.

    • That is an exquisitely beautiful song. Just beautiful.

  36. Okay, m’ladies, I’m going to go now.
    I’ve read the GQ interview – fascinating, so open – seen the GQ photos, listened to Sam and the other one,and now I’m going to do some non-virtual living. Exercise. Shudder.

    • Bye Nat. See you next week.

    • Bye Nat! Later.

  37. EC – have a safe trip, with lots of Brit Boys indulging, have fun with your sister and your besties from your childhood, but most of all, please have a safe trip. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in a week or so.

    Nuggety- enjoy the FF, no doubt I’ll talk to you during the week.

    • Thanks Nat. I do plan to have lots of fun. See you.

  38. Bye girls.
    Take care of yourselves.

    • Night. You too.

  39. OK FN, it’s time for me to go. I think I’ll get this one finished before I leave tomorrow.

    • Alright. Good night! Get some rest. Have fun on your trip. I’ll miss you late, late night reading partner! Drive safely.

      • I will have fun, I’m sure of it. We’ll be safe. I’m gonna miss you the most, scarecrow! See ya back here in a week! Sleep tight and have some Robdreams.

        • Will do. May your Robdreams be chocolate-covered. Bye!

  40. Why is that one guard touching his man-boob while holding Pocket Edward? I hope he doesn’t try to pull anything(that’s what she said.)

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