Posted by: themoonisdown | February 15, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward action figure? Seattle edition

Dear Edward,

It was so awesome that you could travel with me this week to Seattle, what with you being an expert in the area and all it was super nice to have you along for the trip… next time we’ll have to add in a few days to hit up Forks so you can introduce me to my future in-laws.

we flew virgin america… but it wasn’t named that for long ifyouknowwhatimsayin

once there we hit the ground running to squeeze in a little sightseeing since i would be busy most of the week. this is you on pine st

this was a little embarrassing, but you were a good sport about it.

then we hit pike’s market. you can tell by your face in this one, you were STOKED!

while i was getting coffee the next day, i saw a silver volvo circling multiple times. it’s so sweet that you worry while i’m out and you feel the need to check up on me, but really you should just come in next time… you’re quite the charmer and i’m sure the ladies would love to meet you.

walking by every bookstore we couldn’t help but notice all the twilight books. it’s a pretty big deal up there. you should be proud!

then it was time to go home because it was snowing and themoonisdown just doesnt do snow. we laughed when the flight attendant asked you to buckle your seat belt. if she only knew.

We’ll be back to see you soon Seattle!

See where else he’s been


  1. @ moon that is so cool,you got to go to seattle wif edward,i bet he was happy to be back in his old stomping ground for a bit. * note to self: order pocket edward too* i need my own plastic vampire meow!

  2. What a great traveling companion!! I’m hoping I get the Edward action figure for my winning contest entry. It may be the only way my hubby is excepting of it. *fingers crossed*

    If not, I’m totally going to get one next week!

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA I can see Edward had a lovely time in Seattle:)

  4. Edward is so “protective” of you moon, circling like that in his volvo!

  5. @Moon – I’m wondering… how many awkward stares do you get when you pull Pocket Edward out of your bag and start your photoshoots? I mean, I’m sure there were people next to you on the plane and in the streets at Pike’s Market… lol

  6. @ Moon Lucky you! Edward is a good traveling companion indeed. I am looking forward to going somewhere hot…so he can keep me cool! I don’t know about L.A but San Diego has been super cold the last few weeks. sucks! Edward likes to keep a blanket between us so I don’t get chilled…awww!

  7. Edward is so world traveled, I love that in a man! LOL! “we laughed when the flight attendant asked you to buckle your seat belt” ROTFLMAO! Priceless!

  8. @moon – you are so funny! I’m crackin’ up here. My Edward is getting jealous though seeing all the places your Edward gets to go. I’m afraid he’s going to run away and leave me.

  9. I so need to get me a pocket Edward. I’m sure the “kids” in Hot Topic will give me strange looks when I buy him, that is why I haven’t yet.

  10. @moon and eveyone else, do you get weird looks?

  11. @Valerie it’s so embarrassing every time i walk into Hot Topic.. but I suck it up, look at the records they have for a little bit.. and then pay quickly. then i go do a tequila shot and buy sexy lingerie at VS. just cuz i can.

    moon- i’m glad we’re friends that i didn’t secretly read this draft before you finished it (cuz i do that sometimes b/c i can’t wait to read what you wrote) i love this trip with eddie. i also got your postcard you send me from Seattle today… bitch, you didn’t tell me Rob was with you. 🙂

  12. This was so hysterical. I think my favorite was little Edward in front of Cardboard Edward.

  13. “then we hit pike’s market. you can tell by your face in this one, you were STOKED!”
    loved it!

  14. Here is a question I have. When they were doing the dolls for Twilight. I thought I heard Rob say or quoted somewhere as saying a full body cast was done for the possibility of such an action figure or doll to be made of him. He was so excited by it. I don’t think it was for Twilight but maybe for Harry Potter instead? Is this right?

    I wonder if they took a cast of his anatomy down there too. And how accurate it is too?

    And how come you all did not buy the doll and instead get the action figure?

    Oh hey just another comment to make here but its not Twilight related. Just passing info along. If you watch Gossip Girl by any chance did you know that Leighton Messter (who plays the lovely bitchy Blair Waldorf) has a blog. I’ll just link it here if anyone is interested in following her.

  15. Ok so what was with the hoodie up on the Edward cut out? It was like partially blocking his face???

  16. LOL I see on the front packaging on the action figure box of Edward on Hot Topic webiste that there is a WARNING: Choking Hazard!

    What part of Rob is a “chocking hazard” because he must have a pretty big tool.

  17. i just noticed in the pic that carboard edward is wearing a hoodie and a shirt?why is that?do they think mr.sparkly vampire feels cold?

  18. Aah, Edward in Seattle…good times, good times!!

    I am at the beach in Florida right now and it is cloudy and a bit cool. As I was walking along the beach, I was sooo imagining myself walking along and holding hands with cutout Edward. But I figured that might have elicited a few stares, so I decided to leave him at home. 😦

    Besides, I am not sure if he would have fit in the overhead


    wasn’t sure if you ladies had seen these yet. The one in the cab makes me feel sorry for the poor guy. He’s had a long night at the bar and clearly wants to be left alone

  20. @themoonisdown you are amazing! i know you put yourself thru embarrassing moments just for your blog and i must say thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please keep up the great work!

  21. p.s. @justgotwicked you can see more photos here

  22. That’s too damn funny that they’ve made the infamous “mystery brunette” out to be TomStu. lmao I’d much rather believe that than anything else.

  23. @debs- thanks. I could google that boy all day. =)

  24. Link for the ‘mystery brunette’ since I didn’t realize I had to dig deeper to find it on that other page…

  25. OMG these posts are breaking spectacular. I just happened to come across this blog from a friend’s (ok, ok I’m guilty…so when I say “friend”, I mean stranger-impersonating-rob-but-I-don’t-care-if-he/she-isn’t-really-Rob-because-I’m-a-Robsessed-adult…) Twitter update. How did I live ever without you guys?!! I bookmarked you as one of my favorites…you have truly inspired me and will be receiving my letter to Rob shortly. Thanks again. Hehe hope you’re all having a lovely day!

  26. Freaking. I meant freaking spectacular. Stupid spell check on my phone. I heart Rob!

  27. @Sass- I bet Edward is all lonely at home w/o you! Lucky you- Florida- it’s -18 C here right now. BOO HOO!

  28. I will never EVER get tired of the adventures of Action Figure Edward. I cannot wait to have one of my own… oh the places we’ll go!

  29. @debs/valerie- haha no problem! I am more than glad to do it even when people are looking at me like a psycho. then i remember ‘well who gives a crap, i’ve never going to see them again!’ and i snap away.

    anything for LTR/LTT!

    @journey/brummie – they had it covered up cause it was a real POS. they didn’t have it out last time i was there so i had a good laugh by myself. it was pretty ghetto but so funny to see.

  30. @Sass – Vacationing in Florida? It was cloudy/overcast and chilly here too. Do the words ‘Daytona 500’ mean anything to you?

  31. I kinda felt weird about taking pictures at the New Moon auditions, so I know how it is Moon.

    Also, I’ve stood on that very spot on Pine. I feel so close to Edward now.

  32. @Moon, I’d love to leave a witty comment about you and pocket Edward and Seattle and the mile high club. But I can’t. ‘Cause all I can think about is a tambourine.

    I’ve digressed. Sorry.

  33. Haha you guys are hilarious. I have a pocket Spike (from BTVS) but I haven’t quite brought myself to go into hot topic yet. I don’t know why it creeps me out, I went in all the time in high school.

  34. Love the pic with Edward Sr. and Edward Jr.

    Just had a flashback of Austin Powers. Wish there was a video Of Cardboard (stand up) Edward, and Edward action figure as Mini me while” just the two of us ” plays in the background.

  35. Ha ha ha..If only the people I work with knew what I looked at on the internet all day..

  36. @Emily..OMG Pocket Spike!!! I wonder if there are Pocket Angels or Pocket Lornes?

  37. Once again @fakerpattz from and linking to this blog topic.

  38. @ jbell… thanks for that link..that was too damn funny but at least the mystery brunette case has been solved and millions of teenage suicides averted!whew!!!!!! long live the bromance!!!!

  39. @angie – aw yes, we love us some @fakerpattz !

  40. lmao that’s amazing!
    @moon did u get any weird looks when u pulled out edward to do photos? they must be used to all the edward fans by now making photo albums of their travels together xD

  41. This is so funny. So incredibly funny. I hope you get to meet him someday; although I personally wouldn’t know what to do or say, if ever I meet anyone at all, celebrity or not, who I like this much. But good luck.

  42. @moon – I’m hoping @fakerpattz takes you up on the offer and writes a letter to the site. How great would it be for all of us to get a letter from Rob (even if he is fake Rob).

  43. @Angie “What part of Rob is a “chocking hazard” because he must have a pretty big tool.”

    OMG I am laughing so much … I am ashamed of myself. What on earth has become of me?

    It may also have something to do with the fact that I spent part of this afternoon in rainy old England reading an absolutely riveting piece of fanfic (“Red Line” anyone who is interested – came across a link on Twilight Lexicon in the RP forum ). Let’s just say it was so steamy (and don’t check it out unless you really are prepared for completely adult themes) that when I took a client call (fortunately I work from home) I felt compelled to close down the page I was reading on my screen in case my client “saw” it through the phone (and I wasn’t video conferencing … just feeling guilty).

    to think that I didn’t even know what fanfic was until I discovered Twilight. Mr RP … you have a lot to answer for in this household …..

  44. Yippee!!! My Edward came in the mail today. Ordered him on Amazon for those afraid of the Hot Topic.
    We are going to raise some hell in the ATL.
    I hope I can keep him out of all the rowdy gay bars near my house. Edward seems like he loves to dance and down a few Sea Breezes on a Saturday Night.

    I total cracked up and went to the naughty thoughts place in my head when I read “WARNING: Choking Hazards. Then I saw this”Small Parts”- I think Not. Have you seen the man’s hands and feet. There are no small parts on him anywhere. RAWR!!!

  45. English girl, I’m trying to find that FanFic “red line” your teasing us about!! Arrrghh! There’s like 8 RP categories!

  46. @english girl – never mind. Found it. Wild!

    But ……found one waaaay better. There’s a LOT of good stuff over at fanfic. OH.MY.GOD. Read “Hook, Line, and Sinker”. YOu will just die-die-die.

  47. @Vouge – I looked as well, probably way longer than I should have!

    @English Girl – Help!! You are teasing us with potentially steaming stories involving Rob!! HELP!!

  48. @Amber … sorry didn’t mean to keep you hanging, just didn’t want to post anything inappropriate. Have a look at RP’s Imdb board and go 2 or 3 pages in for the Red Line topic. It’s an Twilight/Edward/Bella fanfic rather than a RP one.

    I don’t think it would be safe to allow RP too much into your thoughts whilst you read it … you might never recover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Man!
    I will make sure to take some pics of Edward at Golden Gardens – I live in Ballard (small town in Seattle) – so that I can savor the memories.
    Maybe I will even share them with you lovely ladies.

  50. I love you gals! I friggin’ hit a gold mine finding your site! And this entry = fabulous!!

    FYI – Edward might be at a NKOTB concert March 13th! I’ll have my camera ready just in case he decides to make an appearance!! And of course, I’ll send the pics to you!

    • @Natsu O.M.G. Moon will FLIP if eddie gets to that NKOTB concert!!

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