Posted by: Bekah | June 27, 2009

Rob Pattinson picks something good

Dear Rob,

Sometimes you gotta just pick your nose. It ain’t no thang…

I'm just gonna pick it for a second longer. No one will see. It's dark out

Man this break is long. And I have this annoying booger. And Emile just stunk up the trailer bathroom. I guess I have to pick my nose out here. No one will see. It's dark out

Damn. This one really hurts

Damn. This one really hurts

Phew. No one caught me. Ew. That was really big

Huh. Would you look at that? I've never seen it look like that before...

"It was like 2 inches long, kinda green & really crusty"

"It was like 2 inches long, kinda green & really crusty"

Dear God, I only did it because it was dark & I thought no one was watching. But I just noticed 24 papparazi behind me. Please please, I beg you, make it so that no one saw me...

Dear God, I only did it because it was dark & I thought no one was watching. But I just noticed 24 paparazzi behind me. Please please, I beg you, make it so that no one saw me...I'll never do it in public again.

Dear God, I know I promised I'd never do it again, but in mass when I was 14 I swore I would never masterbate again. I have to confess that I didn't keep that promise either...

Dear God, I know I promised I'd never pick my nose in public again, but in Mass when I was 14 I swore I would never masturbate again. I have to confess that I didn't keep that promise either...

Another day, another booger

Two promises broken to God. Funny- Same hand...

I might pick my nose, but when I smile I look like this...

I might pick my nose, but when I smile I look like this...

Um, I’m sorry.. were there pictures of you picking your nose or something? Cuz all I see is that last picture….. Who gives a damn if occasionally you get a booger (otherwise none as a rhinolith which is formed when the mucus traps dust and other particles in the air.) You can pick your rhinolith & wipe it on my car carpet or underneath my desk chair or under my bed…. Plus, Moon’s super smokin’ hot doctor (who wouldn’t say “Animal Attack” when she asked but did provide us with a medical explanation for a booger) says a rhinolith is an indicator that your nose is functioning properly. Thank GOD! We need all of you functioning properly.  You hear that? All of you. So it’s good thing you didn’t keep that promise you made to God during your youth group’s “Don’t Masturbate, Wait for fate” conference of 2000. Cuz from what the hot doctor told Moon, masturbating is important for proper sexual functioning. Uh, Did I say the hot doctor told her? Sorry, I mean he showed her.

“Hot Doctor Attack,”

Happy Saturday.
The forum is a happy place to play
-And let’s see what amazingness Moon is bringing us on LTT after her “hot doctor attack” yesterday

Pics from the always amazing Robsesssed
Medical terms from google- although Moon really did see her hot doctor yesterday



  1. Good Morning Gals!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    I’m in such a happy mood! This post was so funny and i’ve seen like a gazillion pictures of yummy Rob!!!
    He is looking more amazing everyday!
    You can’t fool me anymore Rob…!!! you have to be working out and eating your veggies! LOL

    • Well, all I can say from lookin’ at those pics,… it sure ain’t “veggies” he’s eatin..
      Good Job UC!

  2. dear lord. How does a man make picking a booger sexy? I hate to say that but EVERY ONE of you knows its true. this is the point where i realize my obsession has reached new heights. SHIT.

  3. Ya know, when an individual can still look that good, and not make me dry heave, when picking snot…

    he’s a keeper.

    …and tell me the tag line of your Youth Group Conf. was NOT, ‘Don’t Masturbate, Wait for Fate?’ Tell me it was a figment of your imagination? Please? And then I’ll be alright.

    ‘Funny, same hand…’ xo

    • haha… that was the brilliancy of moon when i texted her “quick- i need a name for an anti-masturbation conference” (her first idea was: ‘You can wait, masturbate”

      • OMG!!! 🙂 Hahahaha!

        • it’s actually “sex can wait, masterbate”

          all while i was standing in the frozen foods section at target!

          • Awesome! Ya, we LTR girls are all about those moments of dignity. Haha!

  4. We can’t be completely perfect…but even that looks NOT BAD….Ladies, we are in serious need of ???

  5. Good morning! I’ll let everything go as long as I can see his heavenly looking face *sigh*. He is so handsome when he smiles…love the way his mouth curls and the way his eyes gets small. At this point I think all of us will overlook anything (flaw or whatever)when it comes Robert Pattinson!

    The more I see of him, the more he becomes good-looking! Every day gets better and better! I was talking to my BFF yesterday(also married with kids–we both married young). We were like, “yeah let’s go to New York and look for Rob!” Of course it probably won’t happen :-(…just a dream and we’re not the stalking/crazy grab Rob kind of fans.

  6. You know you’ve gone too far when you find nose picking sexy LOL

    • at first I was like, no he did not… but yes he did and i want to be his fingers LOL

      • ok, the pic where he’s looking at the prize he picked does makes it gross, to be honest.

        But it doesn’t make me love him any less. Just makes him a real dude who does dude stuff lol.

  7. Honestly .. I only saw the last picture .. 😉

  8. I really don’t think I made this up. He’s really picking his nose.
    Which is fine. Cuz I just did
    We’re kindred spirits

    • Oh my god I’m gonna pee my pants I’m laughing so hard..

  9. I think he’s doing this deliberately in the hope of turning us off so he can get some peace and some space from the fangirls.

    It’s not working, Rob. We’re still looking at you! And lusting after you…

    • OME!! You are so right!!! He is doing it and failing miserably!!! =O) LOL =O)

      There’s no way we can find him NOT the sexist man ever *drooling*



  10. Kelly – you’re so right. Booger picking + Rob = sexy. I bet even Rob + toilet would be sexy. I guess the bigger question for all of us – and maybe needs to be a blog topic – is “What could Rob Pattinson possibly do that would NOT be sexy?” I seriously can’t think of anything. At all.

    • me neither. end of discussion rob= sexy goodness 100% of the time

    • Because there’s NONE : )

  11. When you have 24 paparazzi taking pictures of you constantly, eventually you are going to get a photo doing something, uh, unflattering…

    Can’t wait for the photo of him ‘adjusting the goods’…..

    • make that happen Rob.

      • YES please!!!

    • OMG !

    • oohhh

    • Forget adjusting – I wanna see him get a good ball scratch in..

  12. “It wasn’t a pick! It was a scratch! A Scratch!!!!”

    • LMAO. I know what episode you’re talking about (seinfeld) lol.

    • a finger did not enter the nostril!

      LOVE that episode!

  13. The last pic is to die for~That smile … I’m speechless.

    I do think he is just rubbing his nose since the finger is on the outside of the nostril… however don’t know what he is looking at in that 2nd pic though~ but whatever… that man is so sexy nothing could ever gross me out

  14. What we love the most about Rob is the fact that HE IS NORMAL which makes everything about us ie our obsession THAT’S NORMAL……..

    By the way Rob I have tissue right here… we can use it for more than boogers……you know that masterbation thing UC mentioned, I can help there too………..

    Love the posts today ladies have laughed soo much ‘as usual’ ❤ all

  15. I agree, it was a scratch,not a pick and like many have posted….Who the f**k cares. If someone were to say that they don’t pick, it’s just the same as someone saying they don’t fart…not possible. He’s a “GUY”…and like most guys, he probably farts in public too! To be under a frickin microscope like that would drive me insane. I feel like I want to abduct him and take him away from civilization to a deserted island and let him pick,scratch,break wind and whatever else he might want to do without it showing up on a tabloid in the grocery store checkout line the next day. Now I’m really frustrated!!!!

    • “Now I’m really frustrated!!!!”
      Yep…That’s how Rob leaves all of us… hot, bothered, totally up for it and totally out of reach… enter husbands-boyfriends-significant others and wham improved sex lives, happy partners and estatic us….THANK YOU ROB ❤

  16. Jajajajaj good one! LOL! jajajajaajajajaj
    “We need all of you functioning properly” Oh yeah… Amén! we do need him ALL OF HIM working fine…

    You know with all this pictures of the RM set… have you notice how he has grown? like literaly he looks older and like more interesting… I was watching and “old” interview (just from 2008) and he looks so young, really, like he´s 14 in some of those interviews, and now its like… what happento you in a year? a year older looks good on you Robbie!

    well… anyway… what was the post about? cause I only watch the last picture and my day and my world start to functioning properly.

    • Libby, I agree with you. He’s aging nicely and it definitely makes me feel better having this hot crush on a younger guy!

  17. *giggling like a 12 year old boy*

  18. LMFAO!!!

    Asking the Hot Doctor to say “Animal Attack”!!

    I had a Hot Oral Surgeon when I was a kid. I practically passed out every time I went to his office. And so did my mom. Mmmm, Dr Martino…

    And “Don’t Masturbate, Wait for Fate” – love it!

  19. waahhaaa! Okay, this had me cracking up! I had to admit that those first few pictures definitely hit a chink in the armor that surrounds my ROBsession but you totally saved it with that adorable grin in the last pic. And I would totally think it was a “scratch” if he wasn’t staring so intently at something in the 3rd pic. But sigh…it’s not enough to turn me off.

  20. Yes… I weeped when I saw that last picture the other day myself. Glad I know I’m not the only one it’s affected… Seriously, Rob is one big tall fucking MANTEASE! He totally knows what he does to us. I mean SMILING? How could he use that one on us? >:o

    • Yeah, it’s not fair.

  21. Wow – that’s like my worse nightmare come true. Wait, did I say that? I never pick my nose.

    The pic where he’s looking at it made me flashback to working a daycare center and the kids picking their noses, looking at what they dug up, and then into their mouths! I swear that I was going to ralph, if that picture appeared of Rob. But who am I kidding, still would shag him. And again.

  22. Dear Moon, I hope that you went to see Hot Doctor to find out that you are Normal, and that all is well in the Moonbody.
    Best wishes,

  23. I sometimes day dream of what I would do, if i met and the answer comes to me:

    sex him.

    thanks for the wonderful posts.

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  25. Sex is like nose picking. It’s fine as long as you practice it yourself, but it’s disgusting watching someone else doing it.

    Roald Dahl

    The last picture made up for it though!!!

  26. Pick/scratch/mining for gold – who cares what he was doing in there? None of us, clearly. And yes it IS strange that this in no way decreases his hotness in the slightest. Who knew??

    That said, it is impossible to spend any time in the city without developing a black smog-snot the size of a marble in your nose. It’s gross. But you can’t blame him for wanting that shit out of there!

  27. Its the same hand! uh oh…

    If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.
    Mark 9:43

    I hope he doesn’t know the bible as well as I do…but maybe that’s why he’s got his sleeve all rolled up on one side yesterday…DON’T DO IT ROB!!!!!

  28. dude this is SO wrong and SO right. i love that you posted this UC.

    also hot doctor tells me that my cough/cold is catching and that’s probably why rob also has a runny nose. oops. guess we shouldn’t be swapping spit while i’m sick.


    HOT DOCTOR ATTACK! seriously, i need to get a picture of him. yowza.

    • My dentist is HAWT! And sings too – while doing my dental work! I hope he never catches me checking him out when he turns to look at my x-rays. But his butt is just so cute in his scrubs. He is also tall, thin, blue-eyed with a strong jawline, and has a nubbin. Coincidence? I call it kizmit.

  29. also this made my LOL

    “funny, same hand”


  30. You are genius and awful silly. That’s why I ❤ you. Mwah

    • no… not silly…

      at least i don’t drink drinks w/ bacon in them….

      • There are drinks with bacon in them?

  31. The fact that he actually took a look see at what he got out of his nose is pure hilarity. Way to be, Rob. Completely gross and effortlessly sexy at the same time.

    Genius: “Don’t Masturbate, wait for fate!” LOL!

  32. I love the one where he is looking at it….cause sometimes the “session” was so good you gotta see it, you know?? Now, if he uses the ol’ “roll and flick” method to get rid of it, then, damn, we are srsly meant for each other.

    PS– I was laughing obnoxiously loud at this and my hubs was like, okay, wtf are you laughing at?? So I showed him, he of course laughed and now he is on his own laptop looking at the LTR/LTT archives….no lie.

    • oh shit! haha… he will either think your internet friends UC & moon are ‘awesome & funny” or really pathetic:)

  33. Brilliant as always – and YES we want to make sure that ALL of him is functioning well. I’m a bit concerned about Moon’s doctor giving her this advice – she didnt call him Dr Cullen did she?

    Can you tell me where Robporn has gone? I loved to look at those and I can’t find the link on this site anymore. Please don’t stop doing Robporn!!!!!

  34. Funny- Same hand…



  35. Hysterical and brilliant post as usual! F the papz for photographing that, but honestly, who cares if he gets the occasional bat in the cave? Big deal. The papz DO need to catch him making a crotchal adjustment one of these days, though.

    Papz make that happen!

  36. If Rob is reading this, he is 3 shades of red right now…

  37. “You can pick your rhinolith & wipe it on my car carpet or underneath my desk chair or under my bed…”

    ROTFMLAO! This whole post is endearing and hilarious all at the same time! I’m just glad he doesn’t eat it! LOL!

  38. He is a thinker!!! even nose junk gets him all philosophical!!! gotta love him!!!!

  39. i spelt my name wrong!!!!!!haha

  40. i spelt my name wrong!!!!!!haha He is a thinker!! even nose junk gets him all philosophical!!! gottal love him!!! HHH is sorta human after all!!

  41. What a smile!!!

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it??

      Looks like we’re getting a late start tonight.

      How are ya?

      • Hi FN. Yes it is gorgeous! Makes up for anything else he may or may not have dine….

        I’m good. Still gathering.

        • That’s *done*.

        • LMAO! Sure does!

          Progress is good.

  42. Hey!

    • Howdy! How’s your garden coming along?

      • Getting there, still trying to decide on my main structure.

        • That sounds like such a fun project.

          • Yes it does. You can really get creative.

          • The joys of being an elementary ed. major. It’s fun, it’s a lot more work than I thought though.

          • Well, those kids take a lot of attention. The impressions of a teacher at that age will influence who they become and leave lasting memories. It is worth the effort!

          • Currently, I’m just trying to design a playground that wouldn’t kill someone. Hopefully, the influnce thing will come naturally.

          • Most definitely! I still talk to several of my elementary school teachers. I went to give them graduation announcements and got all teary-eyed thanking them for the part they played in me accomplishing so much.

          • Not killing the kids is good!

            Yeah, just like a Hallmark card!

    • Hiya Hi EP! What’s happening in your world?

      • Homework, a hot house, and listening to a little Def Leppard, to be very specific.

        How are you?

        • Not a bad mix.

          I’ve been gathering stuff and stuff and stuff—going through pictures to share (which of course brings back memories)—trying on summer clothes to decide what will work the best—getting music together, and books, notebooks, books on CDs—deciding on shoes—getting some jewelry together to show her….

          • I love finding old pictures, but reminiscing takes up so much time! lol

          • So busy. You’re going to have such a good time.

          • I know I’ll have a good time–dammit!

            Yeah, some pics are sad but most are good times and watching the 3 nephews grow, remembering the pets.

          • The question remains… have you packed yet?!

          • I have to wash clothes in the morning and I’ll start packing them in. I’ve got a box filling up fast!

          • Aren’t you on the road on Monday?

            I think I’ve already mentally packed for September.

  43. This person named “Nonsten” requested to follow me on Twitter and this is her bio:

    We are NOT ‘anti’-Robsten, just ‘non-believers’, stop acting like obsessive 12yo’s who can’t separate books from real life. No proof, no truth!

    I ❤ her already! lol

    • Good name. LOL Someone’s being realistic.

    • Clearly, this is good people.

      • I think “No proof, no truth!” is a good motto. lol

        • Or until we hear it from Rob’s own lips.

        • I agree.

          • Why do people choose to follow you on Twitter?
            Not you specifically, Nuggety, but how do they find one another?
            In the big abyss of the Twitter world?

          • Well….I just started w/ one person and went through their friends and found the people I knew. I there’s a thread somewhere in the forum that you can add your name to that says what your LTR/LTT screen name is and add your Twitter screen name. Also, apparently they do these things called “follow fridays” where you just send updates w/ your followers so other people can follow. I don’t do that. My updates are also private so not everyone can see them. I’ve had like 3 people request to follow me that are only following people named Francesca. WEIRD!!

  44. I watched the movie Hollywoodland the other day. This is by the same director who is making Remember Me. It was very moody, kind of a detective story about whether the Superman guy actually killed himself or was secretly murdered. At the end it was all left up in the air–could have gone either way. Very well done.

    • I don’t think I ever saw that one, but I wanted to. It has Adrien Brody in it, right?

      • Yes. A good job by him. Ben Affleck played Superman and Diane Lane (love her) played the mistress (also was the wife of Mannix, head of the studio).

        • I love Diane Lane too! She always seems to play a part involving some sort of sex scandal! I did love Unfaithful though…

          • Oh yeah…. Give me some Richard Gere! I’ve followed her since A Little Romance–her first picture. Now with Barbra Streisand as a MIL–whoa!

          • LOL

          • Wasn’t she the female lead in the Outsiders, years ago?

          • Hey Nat! I believe she was.

          • Nuggety.
            How’s your night/afternoon/day going?

          • Wow, The Outsiders was a long time ago but so many good actors came out of that movie. “Nothing gold can stay…”

          • Pretty good. Can’t complain.

          • Yes, the Outsiders. 1984-85-ish…?

            Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon… it goes on and on…

            Wonder who directed it.

          • Don’t forget Ralph Maccio–future Karate Kid. And C. Thomas Howell.

            Director, anybody?

          • Francis Ford Coppola (I imdb’d that shizz) lol

          • and it was 1983. You were close Nat!

          • We’ve got a lot to thank Frances Ford Coppola for then, don’t we?!

            Who knew.

          • Yes. They were all babies. They had to start somewhere. FFC–genius!

          • It’s a great movie. Might watch it again these holidays – to see how the babies have grown.

            I had a Rob Lowe thing because of that movie.

        • Who knew a snow globe could be so dangerous??

          • Yup!

  45. Oh dear, Granny Platt and her Burkin bag are cracking me up!

    • Is that at the fight scene with the cops? A riot!

      • Yes! OMG! “The po-pos won’t beat her down!” LMAO!

        • So funny!

  46. Yes, I’m late, I’m late, I am however here!

    • For a very important date! Hi Lizzie. You made it!

      • lol, you got it E! I see or EyeC or even IC that you are almost ready to rock and roll, packed Sam yet?

        • Indeed I am–at least getting there. No Sam yet. His album comes out in about 3 weeks. Glad to support him. I’m hoping to get a smart playlist of the Brits before.

          • I was thinking more of burning a disc for the car! I would consider buying his album the only prob with that is I have nothing to play it on, haven’t had a record player in years!

          • Sam is putting out an album?

          • He calls it an album but it will be available through iTunes and not in CD form.

          • that’s cool, i can get it from itunes then

          • Oh… wonder if you can buy his albums at his shows on a CD?

    • I didn’t realize I had been gone for so long. Hey Lizzie and Natalie.

      • EP, re-living childhood huh, I hope you are making the playground of your dreams too?

        • It’s coming out pretty good. I’m such a girl, I want lots of swings and a merry-go-round. The whole fitness aspect of it is lost on me.

          • Kids run a lot. Isn’t that the best sort of exercise anyway??

          • don’t forget a sort of cubby house that is critical, got to be able to hide from the parents to get into some mischief

          • I’m leaving plenty of room to run and play games. I need some sort of storage too, balls and stuff.

          • you also need the fence with a childproof gate. they recently did a new playground out where I walk, they actually did a pretty good job, in particular with the fence instead of making it the usual big ugly they were a bit playful with it which immediately made it look more child accessible/friendly and not such a keep away creepy people feel, even though that’s what it does. It totally sounds like you have it under control.

          • oh and yeah for the spew-a-go round!

          • I thought about that, I need to find a cute one.

      • Hey EP.
        How’s the garden plans going?

        • I’m getting there, I think the actual garden aspect of it will be done last. I’ll work around the playground equipment.

          • Any ideas for that?
            A magic faraway tree inspired playground to go with the secret garden inspired garden?

          • Not really, one thing at a time.

    • Hey Lizzie! Better late then never! 🙂

      • Absolutely. Have you been out and about collecting memories to take to SA with you today FN?

        • I have not. I’ve been spending time at home w/ the family. My youngest niece (she’s about 10 months) seems to KNOW that I’m leaving soon and has been particularly drawn to me lately. I love it though. It makes me sad to have to leave her though. All of the babies really 😦 I’m going to miss them so much. I’ve always been here to watch them grow up and I’m going to miss the little things.

          • agree people memories are way more important, how long is the course?

          • Well, grad school is 2 1/2 years. I’ll be able to come back for holidays and stuff which will be good. I want to try to be here for birthdays and stuff too, but I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to visit.

          • you will make it work, 2.5 years is not bad esp if you want to ultimately have a practice back home, plenty of time to get out thee and discover new places and people. all good FN

          • I know I have to do it. I’m looking forward to being on my own.

          • It’s not that long.
            2.5 years.
            At least you can see them in holidays.

            I think that was the main reason I came back from London permanently – family.

            It’s such a long way from Melbourne.

            Kind of broke my heart knowing that my nephews wouldn’t know who I was.

          • I have a niece due in October and I won’t get to be here for her birth. I’ve seen the others the first day they were born. I might have to make a special trip down that weekend or something. lol

          • How far will your family be from SA?

          • It’s about 4 hours. I guess I should be glad we’re still in the same state.

          • Well, same country is always a bonus.
            Same state – it’s win all round.

    • Lizzie.
      How are the nieces and nephews?

      • haven’t seen them actually this week, i do know however that they would be gorgeous, that goes without saying. all good with you Nat?

        • All good, Lizzie. It’s holidays, finally. Two weeks of nothing-ish.

          I spent about… 10 hours yesterday reading FF in my pyjamas and eating chocolate.

          I love that you love your family so much. Very cute.

          • don’t rub it in, those days won’t be happening for me until well christmas hols!

          • Since I work in such a high paying, motivating job, with so many perks and benefits, and it’s a joy to do every day, what’s one more perk like holidays?

  47. So E – I want to hear about LA and what you thought of it.

    • Oh no! I hope you can go back and check my review on Wednesday night, fairly early after we met up. I LOVED it! Beautiful to look at. Beautiful acting. Beautiful poetry. Heartbreaking ending. I cried. Love scenes–*sigh*.

      • excellent, all the clips look like it was really well done, and pleased to hear you thought it lived up tp that. will check for your review.

        i am counting down till it is released on dvd so i can see it too.

        • Is this the Dali movie?

          • yep

  48. Holla to my LOTN.

    • Hey BFF.

    • Heya Jenny! Good. All but T!

      • Yeah I haven’t seen her in a while. Of course, I haven’t been here in a while. Did she get one of those jobs?

        • unfoirtunately not, she is still looking

        • She was giving some kids swimming lessons or something.

        • She also had family coming in Friday.

        • You guys have creepy attention spans/ memories.

          • Sorry.

          • Not a bad thing, just wondering how much of the things I say you remember.

          • I tend to only remember random facts. Nothing of importance.

          • A lot. lol

          • I was afraid of that.

          • She has an excellent memory for anything involving FF and Rob’s willy

          • So true. So true.

    • Hola Jennay!

    • howdy J-m, got any dreams for me?

    • Hola, Jenny.

  49. Have you seen LA yet J-m, i know you were planning tpo se it with Gen, weren’t you?

    • Yeah we were. But for some reason the theatre changed the date. I haven’t had time to call them and ask what’s going on. But they originally had the showing for June 19th-20th weekend, but then they took down the dates. And now it just says “coming soon”, soo…. argh.

      • at least the probability is still higher that you will get to see it on the big screen at some point

        • I freakin’ hope so! No chance for you?

          • can’t find it anywhere so think not, big sad face panda

          • Pandas again.
            Sydney Film Festival – is it still on?
            It might be showing there.

            Chadstone is showing all the HP movies in the lead up to July 15 – such smart marketing there.

  50. BTW, can I say i think the publishers have made a big mistake with the tie-in movie cover of NM, by putting Bella and Jacob on the cover and Edward as some sort of moonman, i think they will turn a lot of people off, i certainly wouldn’y buy it, Ok i actually wouldn’t buy it anyway, but…

    • I loathe movie covers for books. I like the original novel artwork.

      • Me too. (of course)

        • good to see the merge is still on track!

      • i actually do too, i think surprisingly the originals were done really well. although when i borrowed Twilight from the library (cause I was so sure I was going to hate it) all those moons ago, it was a different cover with a weird bob haired could be anyone bella on it, haven’t seen that cover ever since actually.

        • It’s like the adult covers for HP.
          WTF? Why not be a big brave adult and read the books with the original covers?

          • We actually don’t have those in the US.

          • I like the artwork.

          • I haven’t heard of adult covers. I meant I like the original artwork 🙂

          • That just reminded me of when the HP books would be released on the sat the following monday you could always spot about 10 copies on the bus and the number remained constant for a few weeks as sometimes the parents had to wait until the kids would finish it. always made me smile. of course the same thing happens with twilight now, at anytime on the bus you will find at least one person reading one of them

          • you weren’t missing out with the adult covers, we alsom have the UK artwork while you guys had different ones again for HP. Twilight has been the same

          • ARe you sure you don’t have the adult covers?
            They’re on Amazon. And Barnes and Noble.

          • I’m sure, a friend of mine wants me to pick her up of one of the books with the adult covers while I’m in England. I told her she could order from but she wants one that I bought in a book shop in London. She feels I need to have the experience.

          • waterstones EP, it’s all about Waterstones on Bond Street, def buy it from there

          • Committing that to memory.

    • Maybe they think Rob and Taylor being on the cover will entice the teenies to buy another copy?? IDK…

      • given it is all jacob and bella think even the tweenies may baulk, big misjudgment i think

        • Rob’s the hottest thing on the planet right now – sigh – in so many, many ways – it would seem to be an enormous error of judgement.

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