Posted by: themoonisdown | June 29, 2009

Do you want to DO Rob?

Dear Rob-

Every day UC and I have the same conversation:

Moon: Hey, you wanna do Rob tomorrow?
UC: Yea, I got something good for him


UC: Moon, you want to do Rob?
Moon: Oh, I guess if you force me to, I’ll do Rob

And of course we’re usually talking about which blog we’re going to write a post for. But today when she texted me I starting thinking about it and really felt like I had to explore this basic question: Do I want to DO Rob?

And so perusing through our pal Gozde’s new picture posts, I think I found my answer…

Do I want to do Rob?
Hmm… Big Daddy Lautner with the camera phone sure does

Do I want to do Rob?
Keep staring me down Rob, and I’ll figure it out

Do I want to do Rob?
Uuummm yessss??
Are you sure about that?

Do I want to do Rob?
Sure, but so does this script supervisor… biotch is my competition

Do I want to do Rob?
Yes, even doing this

Do I want to do Rob?

Do I want to do Rob?
Yes, most definitely in the rain

Do I want to do Rob?
uuuhhh… yeaa…. uhhh, what day is it? What were we talking about?

So can you tell we love a good double entendre in our blogging! Hope you enjoy this gratuitous post of Rob pics… I couldn’t think of a better way to ease into another Monday (that’s what she said!).

So do you want to do Rob? Which Rob do you want to do?

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  1. Yeah I do want to do Rob. Thank God you didn’t put the photo of him cleaning/digging in his nose LOL

    • I even love nose-picking Rob. That’s Normal

      • Me Too .. That’s normal !

      • I wanna do Rob, real Rob, not the various also hot characters he plays. Yeah, I’m that girl. I want the real deal, nose mining, guitar playing, Nikki Reed humpin, cancer stick smokin real Rob. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than him in all his glorious imperfection.

        • ooooohhh, when you seuss it you should add

          I would do Rob next to THumper
          I would do Rob behind a dumpster

    • All of them!! I want to do ALL of them!!

  2. I want to do all Robs(well not just any ol’ Rob…like my co-worker Rob or nothing like that)…what I meant is I wanna do sexy Rob…Super Cute ‘Haunted Airman’ Rob…Artsy ‘How to Be’ Rob…Dorky ‘Bad Mother’s Hand Book’ Rob…Hot young ‘Cedric Diggory’ Rob…Cute New Yorker ‘Remember Me’ Rob…OF COURSE Super Hot Tortured Vampire ‘Edward Cullen’ Rob…still iffy on Gay Cooky Artsy ‘Little Ashes’ Rob….but other than that I wanna do him six ways from Sunday…ALL DAY EVERYDAY…I don’t care if I get UTI from all the loving!!! LMAO πŸ˜€

    • LOL ..

      • UTI, LMAO, ugh, those are the worst! I love all your Rob’s!

        • so down the cranberry juice, and let’s ride. πŸ˜‰

    • ROTFLMAO. @kk I agree. I just wanna do all kinds of Rob played by Rob.

      • And how….imagine all that Rob goodness just there for the taking…I would do sinful naughty things to that man!!! πŸ˜‰

    • seriously. that’s a lot of Robs. A UTI is guaranteed. but I agree.. worth it:)

      • Hahahahah!

    • it is werid that Im REALLY attracted to Homo Rob from little ashes… the FEW pictures of him with that black hair turns me on like crazy…
      the actual movie not so much… but I LOVE his RL look during that time he was shooting that movie…

      • glad to know that I’m not the only one, Tiff. thanks for the validation.

    • HAHAHAHA a UTI. youre hilar

    • I agree with every comment you made!!

  3. Yes, please, I would very much so like to do Rob.

    He can bring along Edward, Cedric, Daniel – hell throw Sam and Bobby in there too! But not Toby. He kinda creeps me out.

    back from a weekend sans access to technology and THIS is the first site I come to catch up on – lol!

    • yay! that’s SO nice of you:)

    • I’ll take Toby and the one from the viking movie too.

  4. Yes, I want to do Rob. Only our man main Rob and no one else.

  5. Me me! Can I do Rob too? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

    And hello ladies!


  6. Rob wants to do me.

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. Uh…yeah….why is this a question? I thought it was a given. lol

  8. I want to do all Robs, including limp wristed making out on the beach with Emilie de Ravin Rob, nose picking Rob, and stuff coming out in his pants Rob.

    Beat that.

    • haha. AMAZING answer!

      • Aw, gee. *blush*

    • I want to do real Rob.

      The one who:
      – has no filter and says things like “I have 12 yr old girls lick it” when asked about his hair
      – looks freshly f_cked on the red carpet in Rome
      – stands pigeon-toed and hunched over, or runs like a dork
      – knows exactly what he is doing when he wears low-slung jeans and too-short T-shirts, killing us all with the Happy Trail
      – is gracious and kind to fans, even nut jobs and those who bring books to clubs for him to sign
      – goes free-ballin’ to the Oscars, for crying out loud!
      – gives sex eyes like nobody’s business
      – needs me to feed him right, because living on microwaved carrots makes one’s Ass Candy disappear

      But who the heck is “stuff coming out of his pants Rob”? Are we talkin’ Happy Trail, or did I miss something even better???

      • Oooh, I like your answer.

        Stuff coming out in/of his pants in MTV Movie Awards Rob, also known as Awkward Rob and No Filter Rob.

        • Oh yeah – now I remember. Glad I didn’t miss anything lit’rally coming out of his pants!

          And now that I think of it – his comment re: his hair was even worse than what I’d listed above – he actually said he has 12-yr-old VIRGINS lick it! What was he thinking?? I mean, funny as hell, but TOTALLY inappropriate!

          • I LOVE your Robs!

          • “And now that I think of it – his comment re: his hair was even worse than what I’d listed above – he actually said he has 12-yr-old VIRGINS lick it! What was he thinking?? I mean, funny as hell, but TOTALLY inappropriate!”

            I love how he picked 12 as the age for the virgins, like if he’d go any higher than that he may not have a whole lot of hair lickers to choose from… LOL

      • I want to do this Rob too.

    • Thanks, bandmum! Can you tell I love Wide Awake?

      Where does yours come from? Did u do something naughty at Band Camp?

    • HAHAHA limp wrist, nose picking rob! WIN

  9. Which Rob do I want to do? Um, yeah, all of those. Even Raging Bull Rob. Wait, especially Raging Bull Rob. πŸ˜‰

    • hahaha i titled that pic ‘smoking bull’ HAHAHA great minds!

  10. Do I want to do Rob?

    What’s today?


    Yeah, I think I can handle that.

  11. Of course I want to do Rob! πŸ™‚ Yes to all those pictures, anyday, anytime! Don’t care how he looks or smells or he’s got smoke coming out of his nose!

  12. Is this a trick question?

    • yes

      • xo

    • DUH

      • Have you read it yet????? xo

  13. I think the real question is: why would anyone NOT do Rob? This is one of those things that is a must on everyone’s “TO DO” list…Rob is #1 on my list :))

    • Esti Romanca? πŸ™‚

  14. YES!!

    Rob is the only man I want to DO apart from the one I’ve got…….
    Rob is the only man I want to DO that smokes…..
    Rob is the only man I want to DO that picks his nose……
    Rob is the only man I want to DO that is 22 years younger than me {I’m BAD}……
    Rob is the only man I want to DO anytime, anywhere, anyhow…….
    Rob is the only man I want to DO………

  15. great googly-moogly… that last picture is going to stay with me a while….

    • Maggie and the Ferocious Beast!

    • OMG! good googly moogly! i didnt know anyone else loved that as much as me!

  16. I want to do all of the Rob’s. The sexy Rob, the geeky Rob, the “oops I butttoned my shirt wrong” Rob, the “playing guitar Rob”, the “bouffant” Rob, the “bloody mess fake makeup” Rob, the “trucker hat ala Ashton Kutcher” Rob, the “there’s a little somethin starting to come out of my pants” Rob, the “on a beach in my green trunks” Rob. Yep, all of them!

    That very last photo in the black v-neck. Oh sweet mothah of jizz! I have no words.

    • amazing, Jena!

    • Jena.. The more I read your posts, the more I’m convinced you are my long lost twin.

      • *Hugs*

        • AWWWW twins separated at birth reunited on our blog!!! add that to our ltt/ltr baby!

    • I want him to always button his shirt wrong just so I can unbutton it for him.

  17. YES !!!!!!

    • WWWHHAAA!! I can’t see it! What is it?

      • hot pic of Rob! you’ve seen it.. i know you have:)

      • Stirstick Rob!!!

        Love that man’s oral fixation!! πŸ˜€

        • Oh god. The words “oral fixation” in a sentence about Rob gets me going.

          It doesn’t even need to be int he form of a sentence, really. Just Oral Fixation Rob is perfect.

          • Stirstick Rob, LMAO! Yeah, I want to do him to.

          • We need an orally fixated Rob pic thread in the forum.

  18. I like how this whole post could have been easily Dr. Suessed and still made me hot as hell.

    Would you do Rob in the rain?
    I will, yes, could yes, in the rain.
    On a train, in a car, on the beach, in a tree.
    With a hat, on a mat, Rob, let me, please!

    • Hahaha! Yes!

    • Shizz, that’s exactly where my mind was going!!! Oh well.

      Doesn’t change it…I would do all versions of Rob, anytime, anywhere. Even the nose picking Rob. I know. I’m sad, very very sad.

      • Okay, I can’t resist anymore. It keeps repeating in my head, so I have to Seuss it. Here it goes…

        I would do Rob in the rain.
        I would do Rob on a train.
        I would do Rob in a box.
        I would do Rob wearing socks.
        I would do Rob in the dark.
        I would do Rob in a park.
        I woud do Rob in a car.
        I would do Rob in a bar.
        I would do Rob here or there.
        I would do Rob anywhere.

        Pheewwww. I feel better now.

        • ❀ this! It needs to be published!

        • Oh holy crap!! LMFAO at this! At first, I thought this is where the blog was going, and when it didn’t, I was sad. But you went ahead and took it there. Causing taking childhood stories and manipulating them to talk about all the ways you’d do Rob is totally NORMAL!

          • It is in my world.

    • so amazzzing!

    • LOL. This made me think of Cat in the Hat too!

      Yes in a house, yes with a mouse.

      maybe not that last one.

  19. I may have blacked out after that last picture. LOL

  20. Ok, I got seriously dizzy looking at all those pics.

    That last one does me in.. Every. Single. Time.

  21. Moon- can I do Rob tomorrow?

    • Have a day off girls, i’ll do him tomorrow πŸ˜‰

    • you both can fight over him. ill gang bang those other bozos

  22. i think we need this video..:

    he’s a turn on anytime of day, doing anything!

    thnx for wakin me up this morning! lol

    • Oooohhhh Hunnieb……
      Thanks soooo much for that video link, some afternoon delight for me, including some of the 18 second orgasm from the oscars hhhmmmmmmm I’m gone……

    • damn, that’s one of my all time faves. trixie is amazing

      and everytime i watch that video, i just get this big goobery smile on my face and think, what a sonofabitch!


      • I love your gravatar! I love it so much I almost licked it!

        • o.m.g. your comment made me laugh so hard I literally fell out of my chair. like, slid right under the computer desk cause I was shaking from trying not to laugh out loud (since I’m at work and all)…

    • at 0:20 is what did me in and just about sent me to heaven.. or hell after i do these bad things πŸ˜‰

      • Oh, and I have been singing this song at the top of my lungs for several days…to Rob of course…he’s only a few hours away…surely he can hear my siren call?

        Can someone make a video with this? kthxbai

        Pixie Lott – Mama Do (MUST be the live acoustic version!) Trust.

  23. Yes. I do. Always. Any form. Excuse me while I go pass out from sheer exhaustion after just thinking about doing him.

  24. Do I want to do Rob? Want is no longer the right word. Need, yes, need is much more appropriate. I need to do Rob. In every form, in every way.

    If I had to choose, I’d do *sigh* Rob. Closely followed by button-fly, baseball cap Rob. He could really loose those sunglasses though. They kinda remind me of how old I am πŸ™‚

  25. Of all the shiz I have piled on my desk…papers due, calls to return, emails to read, this may be the only question I actually answer today! Do I want to do Rob? Yes! Yes I do πŸ™‚

  26. That video is great. This post is great. That last pic makes me hyperventilate a little bit.

    I was in NYC on Saturday. The only famous person I saw was Sandra Oh. I walked past The Bowery. (More like I slowly, so very, very, very slowly meandered past The Bowery.) But no totally doable Rob was seen. Admitting defeat was a hard place to come to.

  27. Oh, those button fly jeans! Those have to be courtesy of his wardrobe person on set. There’s no way he’d be able to button his pants up correctly.

    Maybe the wardrobe person has to button his jean up for him. Maybe they hire someone to make sure he hasn’t missed a button on his pants like he does with his shirts. Maybe they SHOULD hire someone to do that. One of us. I would run to NYC on foot right now if I thought I could “help” with that job.

    • “Maybe they hire someone to make sure he hasn’t missed a button on his pants like he does with his shirts. Maybe they SHOULD hire someone to do that. One of us. I would run to NYC on foot right now if I thought I could β€œhelp” with that job.”

      I’d help you – you know, when your fingers got tired. πŸ˜‰

  28. Ummm… nope. My sister saw him first, so it would be too weird to do my brother-in-law. Not to mention mean. :P. So now you know. He’s been married to her for 4 years now, since she was 15. :)))

    • You sure love your sister………

      Thank God I don’t have one of those if it would mean no Rob…….

      • Yeah. Lol

  29. As our good friend Leann used this song in her exceptional fan vid, i think it expresses ‘Do i want to do Rob?’ and which one…

    “I Want All of Rob”

    I want all of you
    I want all of you
    From your feet up to your mouth
    Every inch of north and south

    Ill keep calling you
    Ill keep calling you
    Wont you listen to me say
    Dont you ever go away
    Will you wait for me?
    Will you wait for me?
    Ill be waiting here for you
    Anything that I can do
    Will you think of me?
    Will you think of me?
    Whisper words into your ears
    I will never bring you tears
    I want all of you
    (ah ah ah ah…)
    You are everything
    You are everything
    From your elbows to your lips
    Down your arms to fingertips
    Ill be waiting here
    Ill be waiting here
    In the rain and bright sunshine
    Wont you say that youll be mine
    You are in my heart
    You are in my heart
    From the dusk into the light
    Every day and every night
    I want all of you
    (ah ah ah ah…)
    And when I see you smile
    You can make the darkest day worthwhile
    And when you look my way
    I need you to believe me when I say
    I want all of you
    (ah ah ah ah…)
    I love all of you
    I love all of you
    From your fingers to your toes
    From your knees up to your nose
    Ill be here for you
    Ill be here for you
    Anytime and any place
    Just to see your pretty face
    You are everything
    You are everything
    In my night and through my day
    Would you listen to me say
    Im in love with you
    I am in love with you
    I am in love with you…

    • I have a song that was partially inspired by Rob. :] His singing, actually. Now I have to post it:


      I’m obsessed with you
      It’s masochistic now
      I always want to see you
      At least from a far

      And deep late at night
      I like to hear your voice
      Though it causes me pain
      That way I feel you close.
      And I know it’s not right
      Cause you’re not really there
      But I do it anyway
      I play the tape by choice
      Denying would be in vain
      I can’t help myself
      Need to hear it again.

      Many nights without sleep
      Many thoughts that search too deep
      But they don’t find anything
      Cause it’s all left behind
      Nothing in my mind

      I get mad at destiny
      And everything surrounding me
      Cause I don’t want to be here
      Where I can’t give what I could give
      In this gloomy, lonely place
      My chances are much smaller
      I cannot shine my light
      I can’t grow any taller
      Desperation’s ugly face
      Surfaces in my gaze
      And in my eyes your eye’s sight
      In my ears your voice cries
      As it rings, my soul it heals
      And all around me disappears.

      Many nights without sleep…

      And in my eyes your eye’s sight
      In my ears your voice cries
      And as it dies, my soul it kills
      And I just want to disappear.


  30. In the words of BBD…

    You can do me in the morning
    You can do me in the night
    You can do me when you wanna do me

    Bell Biv Devoe, now ya know.

    Smokin’ Rob is tres tres sexy!

    • Hah! Li-Li, you read my mind with that BBD reference. Loves it.

    • abc, bbd, east coast family!


    • Guess who just spent the last half hour dancing to Do Me! on a loop?

      Hey, fun fact: Rob was FOUR when that song was released.

  31. Yes, please! And I would very much liked to have finished my dream with Rob last night. It was just getting good when my 4 year old woke me up. Sigh.

  32. Yes, yes, this bitch is also UR competition. I’d do him in a NY minute! M ake that a NY hour, make that a NY day, make that a NY wk, make that a NY month (get it?) sit down, relax, take off your… shoes. We can crank up the XBox 360, play Need 4 Speed, Listening to tunes, Play friday Nite lights, get mellow. Whoop ass on video games, tell each other lies, laughing our asses off. then U can take off UR shirt, I will rub your neck and shoulders, then, rub your back all the way down to your beltline. nite-nite πŸ™‚

  33. Um,…hi….’Barely inside the front door, ripping off clothes as we got out of the car’….that one…

    that is my my brand of jizz sista.

    • see, I’m stuttering now….damn.

      • Egads I have blood flowing in fun places after
        reading that! SWEET SHIZ!

      • …behind a dumpster. πŸ˜‰

  34. I have only one problem….I’m married so my honest answer to the question, “Do I wanna Do Rob”………oh who the f**k am I kidding…I’de do him like dinner…he wouldn’t know what hit him and just when he thought I was finished with him….I’de do him AGAIN! He would have a newfound respect for “older” chicks and would be begging for more… least that’s how it plays out in my daily daydream πŸ˜‰

    • I’de do him like dinner…he wouldn’t know what hit him and just when he thought I was finished with him….I’de do him AGAIN!

      would that make him dessert?

      Cause Rob with some chocolate and whipped cream…mmmm
      And it would be like calorie free cause we would just work it off when the sweets were gone

  35. @ f_ingdelicious β€œI have 12 yr old girls lick it” Did he really say that?!
    Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love him more.

    And to answer the question, is it possible to not want to do him? I’m confused.

    • Yes, he totes did say this (actually, he said 12-yr-old virgins, I got it wrong at first above). There’s a vid of it on YouTube, or at least there was.

      And to make it worse, it was at a mall appearance where he was surrounded by… 12-yr-old virgins!!

      • This is why I love him! Absolutely no filter and no filter
        where there should be a filter in front of people who need filtering.
        LMAO! THAT is why I love him!

      • Hahaha I need to find that vid.

      • I wouldn’t love him nearly as much without the verbal vomit.

        Not twelve, not a virgin (snicker), not into licking his hair.

        OK, Rob, let’s brainstorm…. πŸ˜‰

        • “Not twelve, not a virgin (snicker), not into licking his hair.”

          Oh, Pro, I’m sure you could lick something of his, no? LOL

          • We’d work it out. Never been one to piddle on the semantics. πŸ˜‰

          • Sounds like a plan. I could be your spotter, you know. to make sure you get all the lickable spots and all…

          • You’re such a giver.

          • Well, I try. πŸ˜‰ I will be busy helping with the buttonfly buttoning/unbuttoning though, as there seems to be a need for that on set. Robbie is not coordinated enough to do it himself, you know…

          • Obviously he needs us, we can help with the coordination issues.

        • I wouldn’t lick his hair either, although I’d be delighted to lick his happy-trail fur.

          Because THAT’S NORMAL.

          • All this talk of licking is not healthy for someone who is at work…Frustration abounds…

  36. Do I want to do Rob?

    I will to do Rob on a train,
    I will do Rob in the rain,
    I will do Rob in a boat,
    I will do Rob while afloat.
    Will I do Rob on a stair?
    Yes, Yes! I will do Rob there!
    On a train
    in the rain
    in a boat
    while afloat
    on a stair,
    surely there!
    Will I do Rob on a horse?
    And risk divorce?
    Yes I will, Rob’s on my list.
    If he’s on my list, my hubby can’t feel dissed.
    On a train
    in the rain
    in a boat
    while afloat
    on a stair,
    surely there!
    On a horse?
    Risk divorce?
    On my list,
    hubby not dissed.
    Go ahead and try me,
    you will see!
    I’ll do Rob most definitely.

    • AMAZING!

      • LOVE it!

      • It’s like a filthy Dr. Seuss poem!

  37. “Do I want to DO Rob?”


    There are three kinds of hot in my book:
    1. I’d make out with him.
    2. I’d do him.
    3. He can totally put it anywhere. (yeah, I said it…get mad about it)

    And Robbie is def #3.

    • Amen on #3!

      That man just don’t know.

  38. damn, after reading the comments I see Dr. Seuss was already done. Heh, that’s what she said.

    • Great minds! And dirty ones. And moms who have to read that shit to their kids today, and now will be thinking completely inappropriate thoughts. Not about green eggs and ham at all. Other eggs and other meat, maybe.

      • I will never be able to read “Oh the Places We Will Go” with a straight face again.

  39. Do I want to DO Rob?
    Well, you know all the RobΒ΄s have their own perfection: Drunk Rob, Dorky Rob, Ray Ban Rob, Hoddie Rob, green shorts Rob, beanie Rob (what happened to the beanie?) So if I have to pick one…

    (scrolling down to the black V neck shirt…)

    (drooling on the keyboard, shortness of breath, sighing, laughing uncontrollable, daydreaming, imagining scenarios…)

    What was the cuestion again?

    • Ray ban Rob! YES!

      • Definitely Ray Ban Rob.
        Put Ray Bans on that man and he’s sex personified.

        Thumb-sucking, three day old beard Rob also has his *do me, do me now* appeal.

        • three day old beard Rob… with Ray bans… hhhhhmmmm

          trying to stand up

  40. I want to UNdo those button fly jeans. DAMN!

  41. The last Rob, please.


  42. I want to do rob. any rob. i love rob (still focusing on rob pattinson).

    True story: I was listening to ‘If’ by Janet Jackson and immediately thought about rob.

    it’s totally normal.

    • Loves it!

    • YYESSSSS!!! ms jackson is yo nasty!!!

  43. ps. sorry youtube took over half of my message πŸ˜‰

  44. Most definitely! Anytime. Anywhere.

    Love the smile and the Ray Bans—already printed. Thanks a bunch!

    • Aren’t you meant to be in a car, driving somewhere?
      Take that bottom picture with you – it’s a gift from Rob to you to keep you safe.

      • LOL Not quite yet…. Yup, got it! *swoon*~~~

  45. OH!!! I can’t forget hoodie Rob, I want to do hoodie Rob…and brown bubble jacket Rob!

    • If I’m being honest, I want to do RL Rob the most. Cause I suspect he likes a woman who takes control…I got ya number baby. πŸ˜‰

      • Oh, and @LPB…button fly. The end.

  46. Cannes RobΓ©rt…oo la la.

  47. And I wanna do wet head Rob!

    OH! And going through security in his socks Rob!

    The possibilities are endless! LOL! πŸ˜‰

    • OMG JENA!!!! Wet head, socks Rob!

      I am completely useless now for the rest of the day…I’ll come pick you up from work and we can pass the time braiding each others hair whilst, reading ff out loud (‘vampire’) to each other to pass the time.

      • You’ve got yourself a deal! Fake lesbo kisses and all!

        • *sloppy ones* πŸ™‚

      • OHHH wet hair rob is my fave!!

  48. “So do you want to do Rob? Which Rob do you want to do?”

    Umm yes I do!!! But only on days that end in Y.

    Which Rob?! Black Vneck with the button fly please. (on a vespa with the half helmet. (Proselyte3 that is for you!))

    • Bobina…you’re too good to me. xo I repay you with smoking exhale Rob, complete with ‘do-me’ eyes.

      • YESSSSSSSS!!!!

  49. A: No I do not want to do Rob.

    I want Rob to do me.

    • THIS.

    • Brilliant πŸ™‚

    • and how.

    • amen and amen

  50. @ Jena, ITA, I love wethead Rob and shoeless Rob, too! Something about him padding around in his socks at the airport was such a turn-on….

    I wanna do BMH Rob, Daniel is so precious….and bearded Rob…lots and lots of scruff and sex hair, yum. And let’s not forget the Holy Grail of Rob….ROMEROB.

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