Posted by: themoonisdown | June 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson already IS a dad!

I've got trail mix and a fast pass for Space Mountian, let's hit the park honey!

I've got trail mix and a fast pass for Space Mountain in this thing, let's hit the park Kids!

Dear Rob-

So yesterday I was reading my dear UC’s rad post about you and how you shouldn’t be a dad and of course it got me thinking about you… and lighting struck (I ran for cover) cause dude, you already ARE a dad. Now stick with me here…  as much as you’ve said in the past that you don’t want to be a dad you totally already are one you just don’t know it! But the evidence is pretty strong.

Case in point…

-You rock a dadcase for all your carry on’s and IBM thinkpads

– You wear weird clothes that don’t match

– Of these clothes you can’t align the buttons properly

– You buy the same pair of shoes (the nike’s) because you like them and don’t want to try anything new

– You wear shiz you got for free like the lobster hat. In public

– Like any good dad you start the day with a fresh Newspaper and a crisp polo shirt and bring along a light jacket “just in case

The only thing you have left to do is buy a fanny pack, wear black socks with your sandals and use a phone holster on your belt, which I dubbed on my very own dad: “The Dad Phone” and you might as well be living in a split level ranch in Sheboygan, WI. As Robert Pattinson, DAD (and insurance salesman)

Who’s your daddy?

PS Do you ever think sometimes Twilight might be TOO big a part of your life? UC breaks it down over at LTT

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  1. […] cropped a fannypack onto a man I never met (OH wait, that was Moon.. check it here) secret msg about buttcrack […]

    • hmm, Rob as a dad, still sacrilige. Me no likey, except in the concept of me callin him daddy in a strictly non parental fashion. Okay, I’m better with that scenario.

      • So true! I would love to call him daddy in the nasty way!!!

  2. He mentioned in that radio interview with those amazing ladies (the one where he says “i want you” at the end) that he really likes the fashion of the pacific northwest, specifically socks and sandals. He is that much closer to fatherhood.

    Also, if he ever has a teenage daughter, he’s already done his parental duty and read what she’s gonna read… On second thought, who would want to read twilight and know that everyone imagines your dad as Edward?

    RP would make a great uncle.

    Can’t wait to see how he tries to play a father in Breaking Dawn. He’ll probably have to imagine Patty in his scenes with Reneesme to get that affection/protectiveness across.

    • omg.. socks & sandals..

      • OMG… wrong…


  3. oh dear god please let today be the day that rob gets so bored in his trailer that he googles himself and please lord let him stumble upon this photoshopped gem of a picture of him. Ask anything in the name of Jesus and shall be done unto you.Amen

    Hi Rob love your face! Call me!! And happy fathers day. You can be my daddy wink.

    • @tiffany…LOVE IT!!!

      For when two or more agree on earth for anything they may ask… 🙂

    • I will go and light a candle for this.

      • …they shall have whatever they ask. So be it.

    • Amén

    • god i wanna see his face! cause i died laughing making this. so wrong!

  4. Nope, this is all wrong, I can’t have rude perverted fantasies about a dad figure. I need him to stay single, dirty, young and insatiable.

    • HAHAHA so no fanny pack??

      • Just think of the “stuff” he could stash in the fanny pack! Post-coital cigs, “toys,” etc…… Come on, ladies! Let’s be practical.

  5. Rob: Who’s your daddy?
    Me: You are.

    • Rob: Who’s your daddy?
      …after a while…
      Me: Who’s your daddy now?

      • LMAO!

      • WIN giseli!!!

  6. I have no words. For the first time ever.


    Dear Rob,

    I ❤ your face. Even in the above photoshopped horror.


    • hmmm maybe thats my new gig ‘photoshop of horrors’

      • Why did I start singing ‘Be a Dentist’ when I read that?
        It’s a suitable Dad gig…

  7. Hahaha love the manip.

  8. @Moon… I don’t think I need to tell you and UC at this point my level of devotion and love for you both…

    But this photo, ya…you totally squelched my mojo. Dude, you don’t squelch a thirty-eight year olds mojo…I’m just entering my prime! I forgive you. xo

    Hey Rob…come to Mama!

    …..And you’ll get yours, Mrs. Robinson,
    Foolin’ with that young stuff like you do
    Boo hoo hoo, woo woo woo…

    • Oh, and this:

      If any of you haven’t seen, ‘Starter for Ten’ (James McAvoy…HOLLA!)…go watch it NOW! The kitchen scene with the gf’s Mom….bwahahahaha… “Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?” Um, yes…yes I am.

      (Don’t worry Rob, it’s only you now…I’m monogamous that way.)

    • haha. SORRY!

      • S’ok. A little palette cleansing in the photo section of the forum, and I’ll be back in business. Mojo….?

    • and heres to you proselyte jesus loves you more than you could know! woah woah wooooooah!

      • Coo coo cachoo…;)

  9. DUDE! Fast pass for Space Mountain! I am so there!!! LOL! (tis my favorite ride ever dontchya know!)

    • Thats a mountain top experience I don’t want to miss….
      Hold me Rob…. hold me, now!


      • and its all in the dark! move that fanny pack rob!

        • LMAO!!!!!

          • Brilliance!

          • OMG! Moving the fanny pack….check!

  10. Oh, btw, Tonight’s ET is having another Twilight exclusive. They were showing photos of Rob from a photoshoot that were new to me. So check er out tonight!

    • NEW ROB photoshoot?!


  11. Wow and I thought my dream last night of Bella/Jacob/Edward in a version of Bones (yeah, the TV show) was weird.

    That picture is just…wow.


  12. If Rob’s the Daddy then I’m definitely the Mama!
    Let’s go practice Momma’a and Poppa’s with no nasty side effects……..

    ❤ You Moon….

    • HAHHA thank you! and have fun practicing!

  13. He’s a dork.

    And I’m wearing floral polyester culottes from the Alfred Dunner collection at Dillards. I may or may not have a banana clip in my hair.

    Don’t judge. We are MFEO.

    • i heart everything you just said. haha.

    • I just clicked on your name and read your blog and now I want to be your BFF. True story.

      • Me too….uh, a long time ago. Is this weird?

        That was me that twittered you yesterday BTW. Just for reference sake. 🙂 Love the blog. You’re some kinda musical pimp sista!

        • I’m waving–HIIIIIIIIII!

          chinamother, we can so be BFF. If you’re normal, that is.

          Proselyte3–uh…duh…I followed you back. Of course. Because a three cord strand is not quickly broken.


          p.s. I love Calliope. Longtime.

          • Love it, and amen.

    • DILLARDS. my fave dept store. 😉

  14. haha I have to comment again I just looked at the picture again and it started a new round of hysterical laughter the first time I looked at it I thought the phone was a remote control upon further inspection I see that is indeed the first ever nokia phone. Ahhhaha. My dad totally had that phone. You forgot to mention the winged tipped dress shoes.
    All the ladies in the house with daddy issues throw your hands in the air. Woot!! Woot!!

    • totes the nokia! and it still makes me laugh even thinking about it.

  15. I saw a picture this morning with him in his grandpa shoes. I think he’s been shopping at

  16. This is making me laugh just as hard as Skeeter’s drawing in the forum yesterday! haha! How Moon didn’t die laughing attaching the first ever cell phone to CannesRob is beyond me!

    • i did! i kept im-ing UC going “OMG this is TOOOO good! im dying”

      ps i LOVE skeeters drawing!

      • Thanks, y’all! 🙂

  17. dadcase… check
    momcase… check
    polo shirt…. check
    flip phone… check
    grandpa shoes… check

    ok ok, you got me… he’s a dad!

    as usual this is way too funny… jajajajajajajaja

    “Who’s your daddy?” (perfect line) jajaja

    Oh, btw… I reclute someone to the sparkly side… heheheh

    I introduce a dear friend of mine yesterday to your blog. She’s not a fan of Rob or Twilight and she really didn’t understand much of why I like it… but I keep copy-paste some of the lines of the blog and yesterday she read some posts and she was going crazy and having fun.

    She said you guys are really great and we are all crazy.
    All that I said was… don’t blame me if you fall in love with Rob after reading how much we love him…

    • yay! bring her on board!

    • she’ll be a convert in NO time!

  18. WTF…?!? Another photoshoped… LMAO

  19. Cell phone holster…heehee!!

    If only you could have ‘shopped the black socks and sandals on him, that would be hilarious…..

    And that polo shirt he’s wearing is SO ‘Mr LPB goes Sunday golfing’ it kills me everytime I see him in it!

  20. why waste time photoshopping babies into rob’s hands when you could be annexing things like 1992 sized cellphones, free hats, and freakin’ FANNY PACKS on one of the most attractive men in the world?

    let this be a lesson to all.

    10000000x more hilarious in context. heart your face.

    p.s. he soooooooooo is a dad… and he hasn’t even gotten around to the illegitimate bastard kid rumors yet. think he’ll use a leash for LittleBasterdPattinson? me thinks yes.

    • seriously, dont waste your time with babies! go big or go home

      • hee hee…you just said go big or go home…srsly.

  21. I would barely be able to contain myself if Rob lived in Sheboygan. Then he would be a half hour away from me.

    Even if he was wearing a fanny pack, I could not be deterred.

  22. fanny packs= fashion FAIL!

    id like to think of him as single… haha

    tho the boy does need to lose the phone! LOL

  23. dear rob,

    i’m sorry i ever questioned you for not being able to button your shirts correctly. sometimes the buttons just don’t line up clearly. i totally get it.

    let’s be eachother’s button eyes,

    (calli sneaks off to the bathroom to correct the grossly mismatched buttons of her cardigan)

  24. I already know he’s a Dad cause he’s the father of our love child, b*tches!


  25. Wow, I love this site. I really do. If i’m ever having a bad day, all I need to do is just come here. Hey, I wonder what parts of Rob LittleBastardPattinson would have?

    • so glad we can cheer you up JackyO!

    • he would have THE HAIR. mos defs. and the dump truck face.

  26. Yeah, if he lived in Sheboygan, WI.. Hmm only 45 mins away. I wish

  27. I ho smackdown to go

    • I just read it… and then my heart stopped beating. This is true?? I hope he was not injured.

      Fangirls, yes, you beeyotches, stupid assholes!! Are you happy now?

      I could kill some of them right now!
      I’m so sorry for him…

  28. “I’ve got trail mix and a fast pass for Space Mountain in this thing, let’s hit the park Kids!”


    That is soooo said in my Dad’s voice in my head. YIKES! *shudders*

    He just needs a mini-van photoshopped in and Rob would be all set for Dadland.

    Of course, I can’t let myself even think about Rob wearing black socks with sandals. Oh. God. NO Ewww!

    I prefer me some f*ckhawt Rob Daddy British accent talk…

    “How many times do I have to pound that into you?”

    Uhhh…10 times a day would be satisfying for me, Daddy P.

    “Just wait until I get you home!”

    Bed or shower?

    “Always say please and thank you. That way, you get more.”

    uhh…please and thank you, please and thank you please and thank you please and thank you please and thank you!

    “You want something to do?! I’ll give you something to do! ”

    Oh Daddy P., I love when you get all dominant on me! Yes, please, if that something is you. *wink*

    “I said eat it!”

    Yes, sir! *SpunkMe drops to knees*

    “I work HARD for you! ”

    Oh Mawww Gawwwd! Daddy P, let me see you sweat, baby.

    Dear Rob,

    I’ve been such a naughty girl. I think you need to punish me, Daddy P. I think I totally deserve a sweet-ass spankin’ from your very capable, large-in-charge hand.

    Awaiting my punishment over your knee,


    @English Girl

    Got your message you left me yesterday. haha. *wink* Miss you! Hope you are well. No blushing or I’ll make you say my name 5 times fast! haha.


    Another stellar post! WIN!

    “Who’s your Daddy?” ~Rob

    • *leans back lighting a cig*Wow…that was just…fucking awesome.

    • Spunk my love …. I think I just ******ed for the second day in a row after reading your post! Now I am beginning to think that you may just have our yummy Brit hidden somewhere within the confines of your home as your Rob Brit dialogue above is sounding VERY authentic to me.

      Has Rob been teaching you a lesson? (Did he bring his fur flogger?)

      Come on – Spit it out (Ooh did I say that).

      We know you’ve had him … (ooh I mean “got” him)

      …… and don’t forget to share please!

      Miss you too …. you live in too contentious and dangerous a place for me nowadays!!!!! (you know what I mean … that thread that makes me irritable!!!)

      x EG

      • @EG

        *SpunkMe on knees and peeking around Rob’s hip, wiping off corner of mouth*

        Oh hey there EG! *SpunkMe waving*

        *SpunkMe getting up off knees to kiss Rob and slap his fine ass and whisper in his ear to go wait in the back bedroom for her as she walks over to EG*

        Hi girlie! Oh it’s always great to have a good ****** ,esp. when it concerns Rob and his holier than thou Sparkle Peen! So, bask in the afterglow, girlfriend! haha. Yes, I needed to hide Rob out here to protect him from all the skank-ho-b*tches that try to maul his smokin’ hot bod.

        And yes, I just received my spanking from the big Rob hand (it was sooooo good) *Note to SpunkMe: be naughty more often.*, but no flogger this time. boo. haha.

        Oh and with Rob…no no no …one should never spit. *wink*

        I”ll send him over to your house as soon as I’m done. So get ready, EG. He is insatiable, so there’s plenty of Rob action to go around.

        And yes, I miss you and wish we could all love some Rob***n. I just love the thought of Rob’s dog gettin’ walked on a regular basis. Whatev makes our adrokable, hot, lover happy, is ok with me. I’ll share. He’s yours next though.

        Ok gotta go. Chat later.

        *SpunkMe running off to the back bedroom calling out “Bye EG!….Rob, baby, get ready for the ride of your life! You better hold onto the headboard or somethin’, cause I’m comin’!” (that’s what she said)*

        • Spunk … it is a wonder your other half is even still alive if your enthusiasm for him is even a quarter of your enthusiasm for young Mr Rob!!! Come to think of it have you mentioned him lately? Is he still alive!!!!! He must be having a great time!

          Tell Rob that Mr E is back in 24 hours so he’d better get over here quick because Mr E doesn’t like to share. AT ALL. *EG goes off in search of La Perla items in readiness*

          BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE! (That’s what Rob said – it gets him over to the UK mega quick).

          • EG,

            You got your La Perla panties on yet?

            Cause here Rob comes (yes, I just said that too) 😉

            Who’s in line after EG? Speak up now or she’s sending him back my way again when she’s through! haha.

          • Blimey.

            I’m on my third pair already. They’re all off already too. Bloody expensive this is.

            ps I am good at multi-tasking – I sent you a pm whilst I was at it!

        • @EG

          PM’d you back. 😉

          Ok send him back my way again. I’m having withdrawls.

    • spunkers!!! *hugs* how are yah???

      • @Sherin is carin’

        Doing well, hope you are too!!!!

  29. Girls!!! We need to BFF HitDanBack….

    He went fangirl on our boy in NY and it’s HI-larious.

    • haha,read that earlier, rob keeps calling him “man” LMAO at “the vampires are irish”.and i really thought they were from transylvania.duh. 🙂

      • I love how Dan is like “Man??? I’m as gay as I wanna be!!!”

  30. New Moon trailer is now available for free download on itunes.

  31. rob: “who’s your daddy?”
    me: 8drops down to both knees*
    after a while….(say 20 mins *wink*)
    me: ” so you were saying something earlier?’
    rob: I.AM DIED
    *fumbles around looking for a cig,trips over pants*

  32. Rob NEEEEDDS to be a Dad!! Dont let those good genes go to waste!!

  33. To the lovely and talented quad… can you please do a scathing post about the fact that Mr P was (grazed) hit by a cab in NY…trying to get away from the dipshits that call themselves fans??? Thank you, I know you wont let me down.


  34. Helllooooo!!!

    • Hiyahi FN. How’s it?

      • Pretty good. I FINALLY finished TOV! WHEW!! I don’t like waiting! Those two are frustrating! lol

        How are you?

        • Yes. Now the waiting. That is the worst part. Especially when it’s a really good one!

          I’m liking Hydraulic Level 5 really well. It’s more difficult going into the relationshup backwords though, starting with them being divorced 7 years and watching the magnets slowly draw together.

          I’m OK. I just got our Little Ashes date set up for next week. It’s only in town for one week. It will work out.

          • I’m so impatient! I need to finish The Dom updates. (there was a new one today)

            I’m not sure what I’ll read after this one.

            I left a comment today though! I said I’d kill Lauren, do Jessica and marry Angela. lol What about you??

            Hooray for LA!!! I’m stressing about finding an apartment. As much as I hate to even consider it, I’m thinking I might have to settle for the dorm 😦 bleh…

          • You’re moving to LA, Nuggety, for uni?

          • I’d def marry Angela. Jessica has those sharp nails and Lauren is so bitchy. It’s a toss up there!

            Didn’t realize that the Dom updated again.

            Did that one fall through or are you too worried about coming up with the rent? The dorm–if you have to, you have to. Do grad students get single rooms?

          • Hey Nat! How are you tonight?

            No, I’m moving to San Antonio. I should’ve separated those two thoughts. EyeC is going to see Little Ashes.

          • It hasn’t fallen through yet, but it’s just way more complicated than I expected. AND I’m worried about how to pay for it and my car and my car insurance and food and gas…I’m sure you see where I’m going with this…I want to crawl into bed w/ Darkward and just let him hold me.

          • Good solution. I do understand. I’m sure it feels like ‘too much’.

          • That’s what I thought (San Antonio), but the LA thing confused me.

          • Sorry to confuse ya Nat.

          • I’m easily confused by simple things like cooking toast.
            No harm done, Nuggety, no harm done.

          • LOL! I’m easily confused as well, we have that in common.

          • Easily confused, and a fine eye for the men-folk.

  35. Would just like to say that if there is any truth in the story that Rob was hit today by a taxi trying to escape the loopers, we should arrange a serial bashing of these freakoids…

    • I heard that too! It made me sad 😦

      Definitely! Poor Rob is probably having an anxiety attack as we speak! WTF is WRONG with the world??

    • That was confirmed. It’s getting too dangerous for him to be out anymore. I read that he hired additional protection on his own to add to what Summit is providing.

      • It’s just… how could you do that to another person, if you were the one responsible for it? What were you thinking? It’s just so… it’s not right. There are not words.

        • Right. Can you imagine the guilt, not to mention the furor of Twilight and Rob lovers everywhere?

          • There would be hell to pay FOR SURE! I don’t like thinking about that…it hurts my heart.

          • Exactly. Just because some girls didn’t understand the word… BOUNDARIES… it’s just… again, words are not enough.

            I like to think that we do here is harmless fun – it’s always done with a wink and a chuckle and a nudge, nudge – but what if it feeds the madness? It makes me feel horrible.

            I’m taking down my video today – it feels wrong. Most of the photos are pap photos and I don’t want to feed the habit for the psychos.

          • It’s sad that they ruin it for everyone else. I guess that’s the way most things work though.

          • Well, its not only that it’s just so deranged… it suggests that there is something wrong in our society where people think that this is an appropriate way to behave.

            The whole reason that we teach and love (if you’re me) history, is to learn where we went wrong in the past, and try and improve life today.

            Have we learnt nothing from John Lennon? From Princess Diana? From River Phoenix? From Elvis Presley?

            Were our lessons so brief that we took nothing from the way we glorify ordinary people to the extent that they become so beloved that they become trapped by the perceived identity that exists of them, so that they are stalked, hunted, chased… to serve no real purpose. (a bit D&M and over the top, but I am a teacher after all…)

            At the end of the day, he was put in a life or death situation, by people who had lost contol. It’s not normal, it’s not right, and it’s scary.

          • Wow….that was deep. And I think you’re right. I just think that normal (not crazy) people understand that there are limits. That small percentage of crazies don’t get it and that’s the problem. They meet each other at bars, have drunken unprotected sex and procreate! What can we do?!?

          • Yeah, well… two degrees and thinking about a masters … it has to be worth it at some point, yes?

            Even if it is about the Philosophy of Celebrity Obsession of HHH

  36. “Maybe the only difference between the ordinary girls and the pretty ones was the ability to find what they needed in the mirror.”

    This quote moved me and I saved it to share w/ you EyeC. You should feel special. 🙂

    • Oh, I do! I remember that one. It made me think too.

    • Ooooh, I love that.
      Thanks, Nuggety.

      Quite proud to call myself an ordinary girl.
      It’s taken a lot of therapy to get to this stage! ha.

      • I read that as “to get ON this stage” and I was like, “What?!? You read TOV too??” lol

        I swear….FF is my life now….lol

        I enjoy being ordinary as well.

        • Being extraordinary is highly over-rated, me thinks.

          FF… I keep re-reading the Office (sad) because I want to get to the Seattle part where he DROPS HER HAND… plus, the tattoo and the French thing is tres hot…

          • You need to explore…yes, The Office is STEAMY, but there are lots of good stories out there. Actually, maybe you’re being smart about it…that way you don’t end up checking for updates on 10 stories at a time! lol

          • good stories…blah… when WA and TO update I’ll start something else.
            Too busy to start something new right now…

  37. I’m now obsessed w/ “Scarlet Begonias” by Sublime, “In the Cold, Cold Night” & “Hello Operator” by The White Stripes and “Sad Sad City” by Ghostland Observer as well as a few others that I can’t think of the names of right now. lol

    • I never did listen to SB–will do that. Did hear ICCN and thought about little Jane sitting on the piano. HO is still on the list. It’s fun to find new stuff.

      • I’m really enjoying it. Especially the older stuff like the Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee. I’ve heard some of their stuff, but never got into it too much.

        • There’s a lot music from earlier times. I have several of Billie’s songs.

          • Joni Mitchell, girls. Joni Mitchell.
            I also highly recommend Muddy Waters for the blues stuff.

            I’ve been listening to Jeff Buckley again after our discussion the other day – what a tragic waste…

            Edith Piaf – I’m revisiting her too, for obvious reasons. Don’t understand half of it, and probably don’t need to.

          • I think you would enjoy TOV…just saying….I think all of the musicians you listed are mentioned.

            *readit readit readit* <—that's my attempt at brainwashing you LOL

          • WP is being mean to me again….ARGH!

          • Nat, I listened to Jeff yesterday again and he really is beautiful. I watched a live video of Hallelujah and even though I have it from the CD, that version was something else! It was such a waste. I also became a bit concerned about whether Rob would be right for the part. Could he make his words clear enough? Like you said, whoever takes on the role has to be spot on.

          • I don’t actually think that Rob can pull off the Jeff Buckley role.
            I don’t think he has the acting range to do it.

            The live video makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME that I see it. It’s beautiful. It’s so powerful.

            James Franco is very similiar looking to Jeff Buckley, but also have concerns about his range…

          • Oh, and Joni! Wow has she been a big influence! A singular voice.

          • Franco looks very similar. I don’t know about his music skills–or the depths of his acting either. Maybe there’s an intense unknown out there perfect for it. Would they dub the song in? How can it be matched?

          • Joni Mitchell. Both Sides. OMG.

            It’s so painful, but so beautiful… I’ve seen the best of love, I’ve seen the worst, I’ve seen both sides, and this is how I am in now…

          • Franco does look similiar… just don’t think he can do it.
            Jeff Buckley was very intense, very brooding, and a genius with his music. His live performances were legendary, right from when he was playing small gigs in the Village in NYC… charisma. I agree about an unknown…

          • I don’t mean to put Rob down or discourage him if the part were offered. You, of all people, know that I think he practically walks on water! I think he could surprise us in the acting category. It’s getting the songs right. He has the musical talent but JB is so specific. I can’t see him faking it with a dub job.

      • You’ve all got me listening to Sam. I’ve had Too Far Gone in my head all bloody day and it’s driving me crazy.

        Will need to download at soonest possible moment…

        • Too Far Gone is a great song. Sam has really taken the bare bones and filled it out to completion. It sticks in your head.

          • It does… the arrangement seems to be very simple, but the vocal is just divine.

        • I’ve been neglecting the Britpack….I feel ashamed…

    • EDIT: Ghostland *Observatory* lol

  38. Random Thoughts:

    We’re beginning with them tonight.

    This week is evil.

    I finally booked my flight to London.

    My professor that I didn’t think liked me, loves me. That’s awesome.

    Rob shouldn’t be a dad.

    Hi! How is everyone?

    • I was beginning to worry about you.

      Hooray for London!

      Really? That is great news! Bet it’s a relief.

      Certainly not for a long while.

      • I’m fine just tired.

        Hooray indeed.

        Yeah, she’s like my friend now. It’s great.

        I just don’t see it happening.

    • I wasn’t informed 😦

      I’m sorry, maybe you HHH to ward off the bad spirits.

      It’s on for sure now! (not that it wasn’t already)

      That’s b/c YOU’RE awesome!!

      Maybe one day, not anytime soon….

      HEY!! Missed ya last night! I’m good.

      • Insert “need” between “you” and “HHH” lol

      • My bad.

        That would be lovely.

        It certainly is becoming a reality.


        Still don’t see it happening.

        Missed you too.

    • Yay, London. You’ll love it! Love, love, love it!
      It’s just great to be in…
      So glad you did this.

      Teachers/Professors often give weird vibes to students – and not everything is as it appears.

      • I’m sure I will.

        All my professors like me, her best friend who is also a professor thinks I’m a hoot. Clearly she didn’t want to make the other students jealous.

        • Remember to smell London and bring the memory back with you. LOL

          • I know right. I’ll probably miss it too. I miss the way Concord smells, like flowers and motor oil.

          • Sense memories.

          • That reminds me I need to get my oil changed.

          • LOL

          • I hate getting my oil changed. It takes soooo long! And I always feel like they’re trying to jip me b/c I’m a girl. Like I know when my air filter is TOO dirty! Pffft! lol

          • Change your oil filter ever 10,000 miles.

          • Sense memories are the most important, but I’m not sure that you’ll want to bring back the smell of London… it’s a pretty polluted city, and they don’t exactly collect the garbage on a regular basis… in fact… it’s kind of gross when it comes to the cleanliness factor. Even the restaurants…shudder… let’s just say that Melbourne dining is far more appealing.

          • Make that air filter.

          • Rob misses the way London smells.

          • Thanks! I think It might be time to change it…

            Pillow talk EP?? lol

          • I gathered that Nat. It’s just like EP said. Rob misses the smell of home. I think we all carry that memory of where we came from in our bodies somewhere. EP knows that luscious smell of the coast and I remember the black soil of growing things in Iowa.

          • Luscious smell of the coast? No. Dying seaweed and random stink, that’s Corpus. That’s why I prefer Concord.

          • Eye C, I actually miss London.

            It was my second home for almost 7 years…I grew up there.
            I went there when I was 21 and it opened my eyes to a different world.

            I miss the galleries, and the pubs, and the streets so filled with history with Roman ruins if you know where to find them sitting next to Art Deco delights and Medieval buildings… I miss the frenzy, the energy, the accents, the crooked streets, the Tube, I miss the Tube annoucements… ‘Mind the Gap, Mind the Gap’, ‘Smoking is not permitted on London Underground Trains or Stations’… I miss the kaleidscope of people and people watching. I miss hearing Big Ben and walking around Covent Garden…I just don’t miss the smell!

            There is certainly something about the smell of home, though…

          • EP, that was said with tongue in cheek–just like some of those Iowa smells. lol puh-leese!

          • Just making sure you didn’t think that sewer, sea weed, and red tide = good.

          • My scent is the clean smell of the Valley… cows, grapes, and gum trees…I feel like this conversation is a nice one… it sounds like we’re getting to know each other a bit better tonight… nice.

          • About London—I would LOVE to go there. It sounds like one of the most exciting places to really spend some time. I just live vicariously through some of the blogs I visit. EP will have such a great opportunity by staying there for four months. You really need time to exlore all those places. My husband’s grandparents were from there. I guess one of my great grandparents, but a whole different I don’t see it happening for me to ever see it.

          • I’ve got lists from several people on what to see in London, I love it! My last name is very English, but my decendants go wayyy back. A few of my grandmother’s siblings were born in Germany though, that’s a little easier to wrap my mind around.

          • Try this again.

            My Mom’s father’s family–all German. Her mother’s family Swedish. A real mish mash. My husban’s Mother’s family dates to the Mayflower but you never talked about it–prideful. lol She has lots of relatives around GB and made the trip plus kept in close touch.

          • I have no idea what all makes up my crazy family. A lot of English, a little German, possibly some Dutch and Danish and I’ve heard Irish. Clearly, I’m very pale.

          • At least you have an idea. I think I have some native american and then Mexican is some form of Spanish/Aztec/Mayan blend…it hurts my mind to think of it!

          • And your drinking skills?

          • My drinking skills? Kind of a lightweight because I don’t do it very often. But I build tollerance fast and I don’t get hangovers.

          • Those two things must be in the genes…

          • English, German, Irish… Ya think?

          • Could

  39. and for Moon and UC…

    sort the fuckers out who put him the way of danger in NYC with a blinder post tomorrow.

    Night, girls.

  40. Okay girls, that’s me done for the night.

    May or may not see you tomorrow – and haven’t been to the forum today, so no PM with email addy for you yet.

    Enjoy your Friday.

    • Bye.

    • Night Nat!

  41. P.S.

    For EC

    Rob’s la grande année de s est devenue dangereuse

    • Very much so! You do realize I have to pull out my French/English dictionary every time you speak French, don’t you? LOL

      • I’m gonna have to use google translator to figure it out…

        actually, I’m sure it’s dirty and I’m pretty sure google translator won’t give me anything useful! lol

        • Rob’s big year is becoming dangerous. We tease about how many times we’ve discussed what a big year the coming one is for Rob’s career!

          • Haha. Of course I would assume the worst.

          • Naturally! lol

          • FF is corrupting my mind!

          • Grin~~~

          • I tend to believe you were corrputed before the FF, it just added to it.

          • LMAO! You’re probably right….

  42. FN, if you haven’t listened to J Buckley’s Hallelujah yet, google it and listen. Just beautiful.

    • I think I might. I think I know which song it is. I think it was used in one of the Shrek movies…I’ll confirm if after I hear it.

    • That’s the one. A different singer of course, but the same song.

      What was the other Jeff Buckley song Nat recommended?

      • Last Goodbye.

        • I like Lilac Wine too.

  43. Ok ladies, I’m out for the night. No school tomorrow. *victory dance* Good night and sweet dreams.

    • Whoo hoo!!


    • Good night EP. Sleep well and chocolate covered Rob dreams tonight.

  44. EyeC, I think I’m done for tonight too. I had to get up early this morning :p But I DID get several things crossed off my to-do list!

    Talk to ya tomorrow! Sweet Rob dreams!

    • Night FN. See you tomorrow.

  45. omg id love to call him daddy

  46. […] Dadcase, Dadcoat, etc. […]

  47. […] i’d have a shot at being a cabana boy… what all this talk is about my affinity for Dad-like items… What other articles of clothing they’d like to see me in… Why they never reveal […]

  48. Is he achually a dad like for real . Dose he have a little baby ?

  49. Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Cheers

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