Posted by: Bekah | April 10, 2009

It is a good Friday

Dear Rob,

So today is “Good Friday” and I’m thanking God for all the goodness that is you… Robert Thomas Pattinson. Not that I have to remind anyone at LTR why you’re on my mind on this particular Friday, but the reasons are:

You're so cute when you're drunk

You're so cute when you're drunk (and look heart-breakingly sad here)

Cause you looked THIS hot at a movie premiere. And it wasn't your premiere. And the movie was called "Sex Drive"

You looked THIS hot at a movie premiere. And it wasn't even your premiere. And the movie was called "Sex Drive" 'Nuff said!

Because Stephenie Meyer created Edward but you BECAME him.

Because Stephenie Meyer created Edward but you BECAME him.

Porque Mexico se ve bien en ti

Porque Mexico se ve bien en ti

Cuz anyone else in a white beater just looks white trash

Cuz anyone else in a wife beater just looks white trash

Cause you're badass...

Cause you’re badass…

You look so pure and beautiful- like a boy in a man's body

yet you can look so pure....

you look amazing dirty

you look amazing dirty

but you clean up reallllllyyyyy well!

but you clean up reallllllyyyyy well!

Because sometimes.... no caption is necessary...

Because sometimes.... no caption is necessary...

Whether drunk, sober, working, playing, fictional, international, badass, good boy, dirty or clean… today is a good day.

UnintendedChoice (xo)



  1. Morning girls! I’m exhausted trying to keep up with all the posts (yes, sorry, lurking), but these pics give me the strength to go on…and I’ll never feel cold again!

    @Moon Just looked again at yesterday’s KStew bday pic: Rob is holding a balloon, and his hand looks like… what is that? did you photoshop a little butt on there?! now known as the ‘bun pun’…pls tell. Love you guys!

  2. Good Morning everyone! I just caught up on last night’s posts and I’m sooooo happy to see my partner in crime back!

    Spunkme – glad you came back and I missed you while you were gone for 4 hours:)

    Ok, so yes, it is good Friday and God is good and God made Rob, so Rob is good. Thank God for Rob!

    I read some new FF last night called “Place your bets” – it has some major wit and cusswords used in a way even I had never thought of, and is very entertaining. Anyone interested in the link let me know!

  3. Let us rejoice and be glad!

  4. Amen, Sister!

  5. K, so these chicks met Kstew last night on her bday in a bathroom bar…pretty cool actually, I almost like her now.

    • Wow. See, I knew there was a reason I’m a KStew fan. That was a really nice encounter. Peeps gotta give her more of a chance. S’all I’m sayin’.

    • Funny! I posted that last night – Maggie is my friend’s cousin… It’s a weird full circle type thing for me.

  6. Ohhhh… this is reminiscent of the post that brought us all together and out of lurkerdom a couple months ago!! The hot pictures post that needed the follow-up ‘Hose ’em Down!’

    Ahhhh… today will be a good day. I can feel it in my bones. Though; I’d much rather be feeling Rob’s bone.


    Oh yeah, I said it.
    πŸ˜‰ Off to work now.

    PS – What doctor’s office do you know that is actually open on Good Friday?? Just wondering because I live in a pretty populated town and I think we may be the only office open. True story.

    • Being at work today is lame, but on teh good side, I get to read LTR all day and eat load of easter candy. πŸ™‚

      • I’d like to ditto the being at work today is lame.
        And I’m having a weird funky hair day.
        My fave jeans I was going to wear
        I discovered were dirty, I need to do laundry,
        so I’m in hella uncomfortable jeans today.
        I put them in the dryer to hopefully shrink them as they were
        getting too big and I think they shrank too much.
        Either that or I’m just bloated but I’m hella uncomfortable
        and groggy today, LOL! Sure you were all totally excited to
        hear all of that, LMAO!

  7. Thank you so much UC! I was in a sour mood and this made my morning πŸ™‚

    p.s. I couldn’t have said it better myself with the “SMeyer created Edward but you BECAME him” – What an impossible task, to embody that character – I don’t think anyone else could’ve taken that on in a way that satisfied me.

    • ((((limeslice)))) Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Wow UC, you have a knack of finding just the right pics and making just the right comments.

    He is insanely gorgeous ….

    And I went to bed far too late last night and I now feel totally washed out because of it.

    ps I Love LA has updated. OMG it’s a very very long chapter and very emotional.

    • whoops.. i forgot to thank The Quad on this one… dang… i’m the worst Quad member ever.. but basically it went like this: Quad member #1- send me your fav hot pics of Rob… “sure” (sent) “okay i will use all of these and add one of my own!”

  9. The only words that come to mind after reading this letter: “Amen, sista! Thank ya JESUS! Thank YA!”

  10. Hell yeah!

  11. K, so it’s going to be a long day, kids are out of school, and I don’t have to work until 1…and I’m wide awake babysitting someone else’s kids too.

    Man I wanna go back to bed.

  12. OK, like the diligent LTRobber I am I was just skimming over last nights posts after I went to bed and I came across this posted by Jena. And is it so awesome and so very very funny, that I wanted to repost it so that as many other LTRobbers can see it as possible.

    So go check this out ladies. I don’t actually get all the references in it – must be some US ones I’m not familiar with – the Willis one and the Carmen San Diego (am I coming across as some wet behind the ears wally here or is it to be expected that I don’t get these) :

    • LMAO – these are like the Chuck Norris sayings I love so dearly.

      Willis – refers to “whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis” which is what Gary Coleman’s character on Different Strokes used to say to his brother Willis

      Carmen San Diego is like a cartoon version of Waldo, where they use clues and maps and such to find where Carmen San Diego is in the world.

      • Ah, geddit. Thanks ….

        There was another reference too that I was stuck on …. damn it, I ‘ll have to look at the video again. More trying not to laugh my head off for 2.5 mins.

        • Oh god I love it … what’s the music from?

          I love the line that when he has sex with a man it’s because he’s run out of women …

          Klondike bar? Is that a candy bar?

          • Klondike Bar is an ice cream type thing.
            It’s vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate shell.
            Their catch line/jingle is –
            “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”
            and the commercials usually featured someone doing something outrageous to get a hold of one. πŸ™‚

    • Hey those are Chuck Norris “isms” and they are funny stuff!

    • What made me laugh my ass off was the bit about the
      milkshake and the “He knows what Willis is talkin’ about”.
      I lit’rally had to go grab the kleenexes on that one!

      The Willis one comes from a quote that Gary Coleman use
      to always say on the show “Different Strokes”.
      “Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?!”

      If I remember correctly, “Where in the World is Carmen
      San Diego” was some show where you had to guess where
      someone was based on their location. I think it was a kid’s show?
      I realize I could be way off on this.

      • Sorry, I gotta read posts before I post,
        I just dittoed everyone, LOL!

        • Thank you anyway, all explanations appreciated!

          • Thanks for posting that EG! That was hilarious!!!

  13. So that’s what today’s called in English…Good Friday, that’s nice!
    But I think Rob makes it BEST Friday evah πŸ™‚

  14. Well,

    This Friday is officially Really Good!!

    Thanks for that, I now have the strength to get through the day. I will just come back and look at dirty Rob if my energy dips.


    • I love your name, LOL!
      Are you new? If so, welcome and if not then
      smack me for being an idiot!

      • I’m a little new to commenting, been lurking about a month. I spent the better part of a weekend a few weeks ago, reading Every Single Post on LTR and LTT, and a lot of the comments.

        It is so fun here, and I tell you, there is no one in Real Life who understands the obsession….so I come here to feel normal! lol. And the “Letters” format just cracks me up every time.

        I live in the NW, and could drive to Forks in a couple of hours, if I wanted to. When I saw the movie for the first time, and Eric is all “It’s Laaaa Puuuush, Baby. La Push”. I was laughing out loud, and wondering why his character was gay. There were only about 5 other people in the theater, and a couple of them were giggling, too. La Push is beautiful, but it is not exactly a “destination”, if you will.

        • LaPush is defintiely not a destination per se…the beach area is kind of nice and they have semi-decent resort type place, but otherwise it is a bit rundown. They do have good fishing in the area or at least used to when I was younger and would go with my grampa.

  15. Usually I just lurk, but I have to comment on this post. Wow! These photos take my breath away!

    • glad you’re not lurking for Good Friday.. HUGS

  16. Dayum. I had to go take another cold shower — esp after the Sex Drive picture.

    So there was an FB account of meeting Kristen last night – did I miss anything else (saw the beautiful set pictures with new makeup and hair). I don’t have time to review as I’m packing up the fam to go on a trip for the weekend. I Love LA updated – got that too. Can someone give me a rundown of what I need to catch up on when I get back? The OCD mental patient in me doesn’t want to miss a single thing!

    • Did you all see the wallpaper link I posted?

  17. @apronbabe, what photo am I missing out on with Rob holding a balloon? Anyone got a link?

    Good morning everyone!

    I am in love with today’s post! Sigh….

    • This one I think? Not sure though…

      Morning Jena!

      • Oh, LOL! I thought it was an actual photo of him bringing
        balloons on set or something. Okay, yeah, I’m a dork!

        Morning, JBell! kiss kiss

    • hey Jena – go to LTT yesterday – pic of Rob, KStew and Tater – i’m always checking out rob’s fingers> luscious! but they look…WTF weird in this photo. lmao

  18. OME that top pic was…breath taking!

  19. Not sure if these have been posted here, I haven’t gone through last night’s posts.

    OMG! Photos of Rob and Kristen shooting a scene are up.
    Bella and Edward together again! I’m getting verklempt!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to run to the bathroom to go squeel like a crazed school fan girl!

    • Oh yes! We all totes had that same reaction last night. EEEEE!! I’m still excited about them!

    • Srsly. I saw those pics on TwiCrack and TOTALLY squeeled like a little fan girl, toO! After, I was like, “Ok, did you srsly just do that?” Hahaha. Ridonculously excited over those pics.

      • Are there photos anywhere without twat Lainey’s
        watermark all over them?

    • I was looking at them as hubby walked in – I blushed a deep red.

  20. Just wanted to throw this out there; kind of a Calliope’s 6 Degrees of Separation thing πŸ˜‰

    On my AOL homepage this morning one of the main topics was a story about why you shouldn’t buy baby carrots (because “they’re just big carrots cut up) and on that same slide was a story of how to spice up your spaghetti sauce, which – hello! – Rob related written ALL OVER it.

    • I will never look at Spaghetti and Meatballs the same.

    • Hahahaha πŸ™‚

      • I never thought I’d find spag & meatballs and carrots
        so damn endearing!

  21. I love love love the new look.

  22. BTW, ladies, did SoccerMom and IfOnly reveal their project last night?

    • o0o, no they didn’t! I lurked through the comments and you didn’t miss anything. More fanfic talk, long lost FN & Tara showed up… not much else lol

      • Thanks πŸ™‚

      • @ IfOnly and SoccerMom – please please please don’t reveal your project until Monday. There ain’t no way I can filter through all the comments I’m gonna miss this long weekend. And I DON’T wanna miss a thing.

        Okay, must pack up the car, the kids, the dog, and go. Sigh. I’m having withdrawls already.

        BYE ladies!

  23. Oh God.. that last pic.. Im a mess. Yowsers!!!!!

  24. @UC & Moon- Now that is what I call ‘A sight for sore eyes’!!! Thank you very much!!!! ❀

  25. I would LOVE to see the other angle of this photo.
    I could jizz myself just thinking about it!

    • Hey Jena *waves* Are you at work today? ❀
      Ooh when I saw those pics last night- got all excited let me tell ya!!! LOL

      • Hi Gen! *waves back and blows a kiss*
        Yeah, I’m at work today. 😦

    • she can’t help staring at his mouth. I can’t help staring at his mouth either.

      • YEs I thought the same thing..she stares at his mouth lol…wonder what she is thiniking hmmmmmm

  26. I’m with you Jena….we were talking last night that this is probably one of the school scenes after the birthday party, which means Rob…I mean Edward…would be all angst-y and shit….

  27. So there’s gonna be a new How To Be trailer “world premier” on Access Hollywood tonight!!
    How exciting is that!?

    I’m so happy that people are taking notice of Rob’s projects since his reps won’t do it. I think AH has a contract with everything related to Twi/Rob LOL

    Soooo happy. It makes me feel all ‘gushy’ in my heart! lol

    • Which naturally means that it will be up on the website at 430pm EST. Since, you know – we know that because of the TwiDeleted Scenes they kept showing before the DVD release. lol

    • WEEE! YAY! Thanks, JBell!

      • btw, I emailed one of the little artsy fartsy theaters in Omaha
        last night begging them to get Little Ashes.
        Haven’t heard anything back yet though.

  28. @UC- im gonna go ahead and quote Meatloaf right now with ” you took the words right outta my mouth”

    you kick ass with the captions woman!

    Anywho… I was on vaca for a whole week and had the WORST LTR withdrawals!!

    I know I lurk a lot but I missed you all!!
    it feels good to be back home =)

    • Welcome back, JGW πŸ™‚

      • Welcome home, JGW!

    • Glad to have you back JGW πŸ˜‰

  29. oh GAWSH…

  30. he’s got nice teeth. i’d let him bite me…. hard.

  31. So I just read on Robsessed that the picture I started using yesterday for my gravatar was a FAKE picture! No wonder I couldn’t find it on any official image list of Rpatz! Well, I loved the pic, but since it’s not actually Rob, I’m changing it again.

    I’m gonna give Kellan some love too….


    • o0o!! VMan Mag photoshoot!?

      I love that shoot… just wonderin’ πŸ˜‰

  32. I’m so UNmotivated today. I’ve been at work for over and hour and have only done one thing – and that only took me 5 minutes.

    I feel like I may be littering the comments today because I’m bored. lol

    @Jena – AMEN about being at work & I’m lol’ing about your jeans. I feel ya on the whole bloating issue! lmao

    By the way; I just spelled whole as ‘whoal’ and almost submitted it. Uh durrrrr.

    • LMAO! That’s me to. I have a pile of stuff I should be getting done
      but I think all I’ve done was print off one morning report from yesterday’s
      activity (which was zilch) and that’s it, LOL!

  33. Incase this was missed by some last night, this is a wallpaper you want to get your hands on.
    Made but a friend of mine, Shell.
    To download the zip file with the wall, go here:

  34. @ Jena – I’m sorry for your jeans *lol*

    • Thanks, I may hold a vigil later. I’ll let you all know a place and time.

      • I’ll be there to express my sympathy πŸ˜‰

  35. Ok…who said Rob wrote the song with Sam in Robcouver? Jena maybe? Well you were right! (ummm…and I was wrong…I thought he wrote it with his band!)
    Here’s a new article with our Sam talking about him and Rob in Vancouver (i mean Robcouver)–New-Moons-soundtrack

    • Twasn’t me.

    • I was just coming back to post that! LOL I said that the day Sam posted that on his Twitter account… he said something along the lines of “We just finished writing a song. I’m really excited for you to hear it…” and it was right after Juno Awards when we knew Rob was with him

      So exciting. I hope he plays it in Nashy!

      • That’s funny! I knew whoever posted it started with a “J”….I actually thought it would just be TOO GOOD, like a fantasy, if Rob and Sam were actually writing together in vancouver. That is why I said I thought he wrote it with his band. I didn’t want to be disapointed later πŸ™‚

        • Completely understand! Don’t want to get the hopes up just to be extremely let down and depressed later. No way, Jose! lol

  36. @Jena Uncomfortable jeans days are also lame, but you should just eat more Easter candy!! That’s what I plan to do. Oh and my work colleague made an Easter cake. Um Yummy, but not as Yummy as Robward’s last pic above.

    Sorry – obviously on sugar overload this AM

  37. Okay, not gone just yet. I wanted to ask – has Entertainment Tonight announced when they’re airing the on set footage yet? I’m setting up my DVR for the weekend (Access Hollywood – check!). Don’t want to set up a permanent recording of ET and come back to a full hard drive!

    Priorities, y’know? I’m sure I’ll forget my toothbrush but I got my Robsession covered for the weekend!

    • They haven’t yet those buggahs! But I’ve been recording nightly just incase.

    • lmao No clothes, no toothbrush, no panties but Access Hollywood recording on DVR!? CHECK!

      That chick that everyone was following on Twitter from ET hasn’t Tweeted anything at all for a couple days. Are you just leaving until Monday?? They don’t air new stuff on the weekends, I do know that.

      • I may forget a kid or two but I didn’t forget to DVR Access Hollywood! πŸ™‚ I just can’t remember right now WHY I’m recording Access Hollywood. Something about Twilight. Damn it.

  38. I agree, I am home with kids, plus kids that aren’t even mine, and I am ready to call it a day at 10 am.

    I need something to wake me up here!!! Someone shell out some Robporn PLEASE.

  39. LOL Ditto everything you said! My oh my he makes this Friday VERY good.

    • yay! makes being “stuck in the sticks” not so bad πŸ™‚

  40. I’m going to see Adventureland later today. Looking forward to seeing Kstew, AND It was filmed in my stomping grounds (It was filmed in Pittsburgh where I live and at the amusement park in town that I worked at during college)

    • That’s cool! I love it when you get to see a movie or TV show filmed on your old stomping grounds. It’s why I started watching Lost.

      • I enjoyed Adventureland! Kristen does really well with her scenes,
        especially the really emotional ones. Let us know what you think!

    • shut up! you are from Pittsburgh? Hello neigbor!

      • typo neighbor!

    • Seeing it tonight, too. Excited!

  41. I’ll say it again, gawd those pics from the NM set are hot. Good and Hot.

    • “I know, right!” THUD!

  42. How adorable is he? (yes, I realize he’s at the Walmart thing, but I must be the only one who wasn’t bothered by that, LOL). Look at that adorable smile!!!

    • Didn’t bother me either!

  43. It is definitely a good Friday now! Amazing Rob compilations, awesome set pics, what else do I need in this world?!?

  44. I guess I can’t be too upset about working today, because no one else is working in my office today. Which means I can surf the Rob sites and get my Rob on, on this very good Rob Friday.

    • That will be me around 1pm today. I’ll be all alone and freeeeeeee!

  45. hold the phone…. baby carrots are just big carrots cut up? A huge, Rob Pattinson WHAT?!?!

    • lmao “I know, right!?” That’s what I said!

  46. Once again, excellent pictorial from the Quad!

  47. Reason 1,687,456,689 why I LOVE Rob…thanks for the good fridaypost it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! πŸ™‚

  48. My boy knows how to work a camera…thats all I’m gonna say…

  49. Dear Rob,

    I’m a catholic. Today is Good Friday. And I just questioned my religion.
    You see, I’ve always believed Jesus was the one everyone’d been waiting for. Now, seeing all your hotness gathered and anneliezed in one place, i’m no longer sure. So now, on Sunday, instead of rejoicing in all that is JC, i’ll be wondering… perhaps… perhaps…. perhaps it is Rob.

    with love from hell,

    • It’s like in that YouTube video Jena posted last night “…on the first day, he created God.” lol

      • HAHAHA i loved that video!

        • “with love from hell” ROTFLMAO!

    • haha… is Rob the 2nd coming?

  50. Thank you for the pics. Absolutely adorable. I love the first pic there. So laid back style!

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