Posted by: themoonisdown | March 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight – Sugar and Spice

Dear LTR Gals-

If nothing else can get you going in the morning, this song and Rob will. Forget caffeine, all it takes is a little James Brown and Rob in your cup.

Our two comments about this video:
Moon: damn his hair is hot
UC: his arm looked buff in that one picture

You can tell we’re tired bloggers but this song makes me feel like jumping up and doing a little jig. Also Rob I love the that instead of doing a comb over, you’re going a comb up.

Enjoy this jump start to your weekend!

(edit- so apparently the embed is disabled. but since we like it so much go here: )

PS if anyone knows of an extra ticket to the Burbank Film Festival this humble little blogger would LOVE to go/live tweet it/blog it/profess her undying love for Art in How To Be. Let us know!

PPS a little prize from us to you for being so awesome and because this is not funny in the least…

A mini French lesson from Rob to you!!

Whew… I’m thinking it’s time to take a lil trip to France. Oui Oui Robert!

Thanks Karianne!


  1. First! whoa.. can i comment even though this post isn’t officially posted yet. b/c if so, then i will be first every day. haha suckaaaaas

    • And I could be second, ’cause time difference makes it possible for me to be awake when the rest of you is still sleeping…MUAHAHAHA

      • Ugh, that laughter was devilish 😀

    • I’m glad u guys love the video!!!!! When I saw him speak French I just about died I had to email u guys the video!! Much luv to u guys and Rob!!!!

  2. 3rd! lol

    Damn, I could eat him with a spoon. And a fork! Hell, even a spatula would work. I’m not picky.

    • No utensils needed! I’ll just use my bare hands. 😉

  3. Thanks – that’s going to give me sweet dreams as I head off to bed! Back from the How To Be screening tonight – when the organisers announcd they had a signed poster to be given away they nearly started a riot. Rob was good, couldn’t help but think the character was pretty similar to who he actually is though!

  4. Good morning, ladies!! I just got home at 8 am in the morning after going to my Radiohead concert, following them to a restaurant and waiting 5 hours till they got out. I saw them all, Tom, Phil, Johnny and Collin…but the best part was when my radiohead crush Ed (yes, don’t even mention the name lol) got out of the restaurant, talked to me, blew me a kiss, took my hand and said goodbye to me over and over from inside the van. I have videos to prove it!! I’m SO happy. And before, in the concert, he blew me a kiss too. I was right in from of him, cuz I got to be in the first row after a LOT of pushing lol!

    The bad part was that I kept thinking how amazing the same situation would be, but waiting for Rob to come out, couldn’t help it!!

    Anyway, just wanted to share my happiness! Did I mention I was happy? Cause I AM!!! OMG…Ok, now I’m going to sleep, at last! Talk to you later girls!!

    • I was thinking about you last night Dany. Wondering if you made it through all right. It looks like you sure did! That will be one to remember forever. Yes, if only….

    • um hi you saw radiohead last night? no fair

  5. Just got off work…heading to bed with the biggest sh%t eating grin…

    How could you NOT smile watching that video?


  6. Girls I am from Boston and this rag (Boston Phoenix) totally does not represent us city folks here right. I have to apologize for such a stupid newsprint article that I saw posted.

    How can this stupid rag post something like “One of the UNsexiest men alive”


    • Okay first of all, “arbiters of doability”? I think they have those douches at the Boston Phoenix mixed up with all us gals here at LTR/LTT. Second, who reads a list of the “100 UNsexiest men” I mean you may as well publish a list of the “100 Skankiest Starlets”.

      *For those of you who weren’t quite sure what ARBITER means:
      ar⋅bi⋅ter   [ahr-bi-ter] -noun

      1. a person empowered to decide matters at issue; judge; umpire.
      2. a person who has the sole or absolute power of judging or determining.

  7. Yeah, that vid was awesome. I love me some seexxxxx hair!!!

  8. Whooooa! This video was a life saver! i was half asleep with lots to study but after this I’m ready to go… :p (many meanings to that… lol!) Thank u!

  9. Thanks for the pick-me-up! Was in the ER with sick kiddo till 4:00 a.m. Ugh. James Brown and Rob are a supa way to start the day!

    • awwww feel better to your kiddo!! have them look at rob he’s a miracle worker!

  10. Muchas Gracias! I can now drag my butt out to sell my 5 millionth box of Girl Scout Cookies.
    Thank you Rob, Thank you James Brown, and Thank you Moon and UC!

    • dude i was just talking to UC, i NEED girl scout cookies and i’ve seen NO one selling them here. what’s THAT about?

      • I will ship them to you ASAP! How many do you want???


  11. Moon – You posted my favorite video!!! (The French Teemix one). I saw that video months ago and it is still my all time favorite. I love me some men who can speak other languages (my husband speaks a few). It is so sexy! And Rob is just so freaking cute doing it. My other fav video is the 350 pics that you posted as another Sat morning delight. These are the staples when I need a Robfix. Thanks Moon and UC!

    350 pics in under 2 minutes video (It’s a nice quickie – and I love me a good quickie)-

    • Thanks, IfOnly! That saved me from having to go back and look this up because once you start thinking about it you GOTTA review!

    • ❤ the 350 even though it gives me seizures! glad we posted one of your faves! have a good one!

  12. @SpunkMe – I’m just catching up on posts from yesterday (didn’t have a chance to get on at all yesterday) and I just came across your post regarding the unicorns who watched Twilight. ROTFLMAO. That was funny. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Too bad that video of Rob speaking in french was the best thing of my life. Umm…can I “hug” him?

    • Oh Lauren, the line forms to the left;)

    • you can go to the front of the line though if you bring me more girlscout cookies

  14. Morning Ladies. Another great vid to start the day off. ❤

    I’m trying to find the Office on fanfiction but I dont know which one it is…can one of u PattinPervs hook a girl up?

    Haven’t gone thru yesterdays comments, did I miss much?

    • I’m going through the posts now. So far it looks like –

      – everyone sharing stories of how they become robsessed
      – guessing the length and girth of his *clears throat* massive shlong
      – defending his body odour and the fact that he does shower
      – when and where HTB is playing on TV
      – That he really was backstage at the Vancouver show (and they gave props to you for identifying him by his clothes)

      That is the jist of what I have read so far. The other girls are better with their updates, but these are some cliff notes.

      • Oh they were also talking about his shoe size and sharing pics of the shitious nikes – needless to say, this is how the discussion of how long his dong is conversation got started.

      • Thanks Ifonly. I will go back and read eventually but I’m trying to get my taxes done….

        Funny, I posted that back stage pic on my website today with the FBR findings.LOL

  15. I love the french…and I sound about as good as he does trying to speak it! So rusty! LOL! 🙂

    Have a great day ladies, off again to yet another dance competition with my oldest. All weekend. Then we FINALLY have 2 weeks off! Can’t wait for that! 🙂

    Ayez un jour splendide toutes mes belles dames!!

    (god I hope I spelled that all right! LMAO)

    • I speak French but can’t write it worth a damn…can’t help you LOL

      Have fun, come play later.

    • getting pissed that I have to keep signing back into wordpress! GGRR!

      arret de wordpress me pissant au loin ! (WORDPRESS YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF!) LOL! 🙂

  16. @JAG

    The Office link…

    • *Fake lesbo smooches*

      • @JAG

        Oh that makes me all tingly…here’s to show how much I wuvs you…Kings Of Leon and Ode to Rob’s Tongue and Hair…

  17. @IfOnly

    Yeah, I love that video…I don’t think anyone else saw it, it got lost in the fast posting…I’ll re-post here for anyone that missed it…this is one of the funniest vids I have ever seen…4 Unicorns watching Twilight trailer…

    Enjoy and LYFAO!!!!

    • that is f*cking hilarious ❤ you for that! Going in the RobLibrary 4sure

      • I don’t know how many times I have watched that, but I still lmfao every time I see it! RobLibrary entry! Cool! Smooch!

    • That was awesome. I love the guy in the hat the best. He’s facial expressions are freaking hilarious.

      • @Carrie

        That dude on the bottome right corner cracks me up!!

        Missed you last night…out gettin’ your drink on again?

        • @SpunkMe
          Yeah he was pretty funny too. The big guy in the back seemed to just been there are filler.
          Ahh! Thanks. 🙂 You are the best fake lezbo lover ever. No I stayed in. I needed a break from going out and being on the internet. I vegged out on the couch and watched TV the whole night.

        • I thought the guy on the bottom right was hilarious too. Especially when he acted like he just jizzed in his pants. LMFAO

  18. So good, so good, I’ve got you…

    LOL, a girl can dream on a Saturday afternoon, right?

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  19. @UC and Moon

    Now that is some Rob candy delish to start off my Saturday right!

    You girls are like my favorite coffee cup…LTR is the coffee, Rob’s my sugar and ….well do I really need to explain the cream??

    BTW, been wondering this…Will we ever be able to see gifs on here?

    • umm… i don’t think gifs work in the comments, but they will in the forum that will be up as soon as we have a few min. to breathe!

      • Thanks for the info…I can be patient… ❤

  20. i have the biggest smile on my face from watching that…. perfect way to wake up after a long night of drinking.

  21. That is def. one of my favorite videos. Thanks for reminding me. Love me some Rob and James Brown.
    Mr. Brown was born about 10 miles from where I grew up. I met him several times all throughout childhood. He was nice but really was just like he seemed in the public persona. Big ego, but a decent fella.
    Anyway, I have to paint the hall today so it was good to fortify myself with some delicious Rob. Robilicious? Has that been coined yet? I’m sure it is already in the Robism dictionary.

  22. Wanted to let you all know that I had another coworker who thinks I’m crazy (If they only knew right?) who saw the movie recently. She bought a copy (hasn’t read any of the books). She texted me after seeing it –

    Friend – U will be happy. Watched Twilight. I get the fascination now.
    Me – U effing with me?
    Friend – LOL. Nope!
    Me – Do you think Rob is as hot as I do? Where’d u see it?
    Friend – Bought the DVD at walmart. Not obsessed yet, lol, but he is quite nice. Watched it twice already. (quite nice?? U are just holding back)
    Me – w/ who
    Friend – by myself
    Me – From Walmart? Target has blue ray and better extras.
    Friend – LOL. I don’t need blue ray, that’s too much $$.
    Me – It looks so much better on blue ray. But I’m just glad u saw it and liked it. BTW – did u know that Rob is singing and playing guitar in restaurant scene? And singing song when she gets bit? Another reason I love Rob!

    (and on it goes with me knowing way too much about movie and Rob – and her laughing at me).
    I love how crazed I sound about it all – can’t talk fast enough about it. And I know that she really was laughing out loud at me and my Robsession.

    Slowly but surely they will all come to the dark side……..

    • I took on of my friends to see Twilight. She told me it was one of the worst movies she had ever seen and compared it to a Lifetime Movie of the Week. I knew she wouldn’t really been into but she was a good friend a went anyway. She’s prefers horror movies. She really loves the Saw movies. In turn I watched one of those movies with her. It freaked me out. She also didn’t think Rob was cute at all. Again we don’t have same taste in guys. The only guy we agree on is Johnny Depp and even then we like different versions of him. However, she is forgive b/ she is a good friend. She doesn’t mind when I bring PE out with me. She even volunteers to take pics and suggest things for him to do.

      • Going out with one of my BF’s today – shopping, dinner, movie – total girl day (DH out of town). When we were talking about seeing movie, she said – “I don’t care what we see *then quickly interjects* except Twilight. But I will see it if you really really want to (of course I want to)”. But I told her that was okay, we could see something else. I doubt she will think much of it and it will just annoy me that she can’t see how awesome Rob is. I went to dinner with her last night and kept showing her pics of Rob on my phone and she just rolled her eyes and snarled her lip (we have totally different taste in men and clothes and music and decor…amazing we are BF’s). I had to look at my screen saver pic during dinner at least 10 times. Although we are so different I can at least fly my freak flag around her – so she really is a good friend.

      • Oh, and she did make reference that he reminded her of Johnny Depp too. Who she also doesn’t think is hot but is one of my longtime loves. Probably my favorite before Rob and will always hold a special place in my heart as an incrediable artist (Gilbert Grape, Chocolat and Pirates). I always loved Johnny’s work and wanted to see all his movies, but I never stayed up all night blogging about him or searching for pics/videos online about him like I do with Rob.

  23. @SpunkMe I saw your post from Thursday nite. LOL’d that you feel asleep at your computer. I think someone isn’t following the rules about getting 8hrs of sleep Sun-Thur. Doward is so going to punish you. ;-).

    Also read the Office. Didn’t like as much as the Submissive. All the f-bombs are little much. I do feel like it’s getting a little better as it progress and I think how she goes back and forth btwn Edward’s POV annd Bella’s POV.
    Any other Twiporn suggestions??

    • @Carrie

      Yes, I think I need one of those pleasure spankings from Domward for not getting all my sleep! I’ll take that any day!

      Did you see The Dominant chapter 6 was posted yesterday? That seriously left me hanging in the middle of hot scene!

      The Office is good too. I love Submissive better though. I see a lot of similaritites between Beautiful Bastard and Domward. Maybe it’s just me. And it’s funny that people keep saying that they can’t get the submissive because Bella is not in control, but in fact it is just the opposite..she holds ALL the control and Domward is so f*cking whipped in love with her…it’s so good to see The Dominant show how in love with her he is from before even meeting her and how f*cking scared he is that he’ll mess it up and she’ll leave him..ahhh I just love Domward!!!!!!!

      I think Wide Awake is my next favorite…

      Darkward has such a potty mouth though…but it is so well written and the storyline is very complex/enthralling and then the sexual tension builds for so freaking long like 30 chpts before they get it on…whew! need a new chpt on that.

      I have not tried I Love L.A. yet, but people say it is good…

      • “And it’s funny that people keep saying that they can’t get the submissive because Bella is not in control, but in fact it is just the opposite..she holds ALL the control and Domward is so f*cking whipped in love with her…it’s so good to see The Dominant show how in love with her he is from before even meeting her and how f*cking scared he is that he’ll mess it up and she’ll leave him..ahhh I just love Domward!!!!!!!”

        Ditto. Wow we are so Twinners right now. That’s exactly how I feel. She is so in control and also she is submitting to him willing. He isn’t forcing this on her. The only scene I have problems with is the when makes her sleep on a pallet on the floor. That bothered me a little.
        In the office they just seem to be all about the f*cking and at least in Submissive there is a love story. A f*cked up love story but no the less a love story. I did read new chapter in the Dom. Man she is keeping us hanging. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
        I will continue to read the Office wanna see how it turns out.
        I did start to read Wide Awake. So far so good. Not very far into that one yet.
        Not sure if I want to read I Love LA.

        • @Carrie

          You so get me.!!!…we are Twinners!

          “The only scene I have problems with is the when makes her sleep on a pallet on the floor. That bothered me a little.”

          I’ll be interested to see what he was thinking about that in The Dominant…he must have had some good reason..maybe he wanted her close, but didn’t trust himself to stay in control the whole night right next to her…i think the worst of it for me was the big spanking she got for not following the sleeping plan he gave her…she was like crying and begging for it to end…but again I want to see Domward POV, I bet it was truly killing him to do it, but he had to make sure he didn’t let her get away with it or she’d see he was whipped and…oh but I love how he cleans her up those times with the towel so sweetly, washing her in the tub, etc…melt! I think I could talk about that story all day!!

          “In the office they just seem to be all about the f*cking ”
          Yes, I thought that too, but it looks like with the last chapter posted, the story may be turning into a love story… Beautiful Bastard is realizing he can’t stand for her to be with someone else, I’m hoping they’ll soften them a bit for a love story aspect while still keeping it hot…they are about to realize they are in love I think…or hope..In the meantime, can’t say enough about chpt 4 on that one…What chpt are you on in The Office?

          “I did start to read Wide Awake. So far so good. Not very far into that one yet.”

          Just be prepared once you get going it’s hard to stop on that one…stop at the store today and buy some toothpicks to hold your eyes open! they don’t call it Wide Awake for nothin’! Good luck!

          “Not sure if I want to read I Love LA.”

          Yes, I have held off on that b/c it is Rob and some other chick…I don’t know if I can do that…I can handle Bella/KStew with him, that may be why it is easier to get into the Edward/Bella stories for me. JAG or someone suggested to just put my name in where the other girl’s name is in I Love L.A., seems like a lot of mental work…don’t know if it is told 3rd person which would be harder rather than 1st person where it is all “I” and “me”…

          • @SpunkMe
            Ditto about the spanking and the reason behind it. Leaning towards he was trying to not let her see he was whipped. Yes, I was swooning a little bit with the bath tub scene. Also a lot turned. He sexed her up good. So good she passed out and he had to bath her. I also can’t wait for his POV after the car wreck. I hope I cry b/c he so torn up and distraught.

            “I think I could talk about that story all day!!” Again Ditto. We need to set up a fan forum so we can talk about each chapter at length. I am so going to look into. Not very tech savvy but might be able to figure it out. I’ll ask my tech nerd friend.

            “What chpt are you on in The Office?” I’m done with 7. I am also hopeful that it will get a little more romantic. I really liked the last chapter (7).

            Re: Wide Awake. Maybe I will wait until next weekend to really get into. Staying up late during the week is starting make me a little less productive at work. I am about to me slammed at work so need to keep my head in the game. 😉

            Re: I Love LA. “Yes, I have held off on that b/c it is Rob and some other chick” I think that’s prob the same reason I haven’t read it either. Don’t really wanna think about that. I can read Edward/Bella stuff b/c don’t have a big ol’ crush on Edward.

  24. I’m so jealous when I hear about all the twiporn you guys have been reading. The only one I have ever read has been The Surprise – it’s really short. I really want to read them, but never seem to have time. And when I do get a moment to actually read them – DH is always gone. And I don’t dare get all worked up and not have the proper tool in the house to cool me down. Uuggg. Frustrating…

    • @IfOnly

      You are seriously missin’ out!! You have got to make a sexy time to spend with Rob lost in Twiporn…it’s oh so good…well, as for DH being gone…I think it was Vogue that always says there is always Robasterbation to help you out! LOL!!!

      • SM keeps telling me I have to read Isle Esme. And yeah, Vogue has a good thing going. But I’m high maintenance – ain’t nothing like the real thing baby……

        • LOL – just made myself giggle after I read this…….SM (short for soccermom) totally made me think of S&M. I’m going to tell her she has to change her name to that. LOL

          • I have totally thought that like every time! LMFAO!!

        • @IfOnly

          I think I read Isle Esme first a long time ago–although there are a lot with that same title and I’ve read most of them…They were good, but nothin’ beats The Submissiv, The Office and Wide Awake so far. I read a lot of others since, but nothing is coming close yet…if I find more, I’ll post..well one comes to mind…I’ll see if I can find it…it’s a Rob/KStew hot fanfic…I’ll go check for it…

  25. Ok thanks to JBell, I have signed up for photobucket to share some of my stash of HHH, etc… so I am going to test a post now…hope it works…this one is in honor of our talk of TwiMoms…

    *fingers crossed* After all I am a Technotard!

  26. Ok trying again…more direct link…

    • 😀 Yay! Congrats! lol The first link you posted sends us directly to your whole account where we’d see everything you’ve uploaded. The second one sends us directly to a chosen image/gif.
      I’m so proud and glad I could help!

      • *Takes bow blushing*

        Is that 1st one a bad thing to have on here? Does it mater…I don’t know what I’m doing, but glad you liked my first try…

        I’d like to thank all the girls at LTR, especially JBell whom without, I’d be a a techo nobody.. (*holds up academy award statue, blows kiss*) LOL!!!

        • No, it doesn’t really matter – just more of a ‘by the way’ in case you wanted us to see a specific image so that you chose the correct linkage;)

  27. ROB, HHH….everyone please rise…

    • Seriously “please rise is right” (and by that I mean my imaginary boner). SM and I go nuts in theatre everytime he enters movie. *fans self* It’s the first climax of the movie (and by climax, I mean, well, youknowwhatImean).

      • I forget to breath everytime I saw that at the theatre..and please don’t ask how many times that was…”sigh” lol

  28. @Carrie

    Did you see I had posted yours and Vogue’s collar pictures ( –and yes yours will have a diamond pendant)?–posted when you were at the bar…


    • @SpunkMe. I saw it. Yippee. 🙂

  29. OMG. Totally ROTFLMAO at myself right now. I just figured out that all the “sex drive” pics Gen has been posting were from a movie premier! I didn’t know about that movie. I just thought they were titled sex drive because he gets our sex drive going. LOL

    • @Ifonly you are too funny. 🙂

      • I was reading yesterday’s post and Gen posted a picture of Rob with the cardboard cutout of the movie in the back and people were commenting on the Amish guy. Then I noticed the movie title at the bottom of the cutout *light bulb goes off* and I’m back on the same page as everyone else. Too funny.

        • I have moments like that all the time.

        • @IfOnly

          Yeah, that was me about the Amish Guy, I was just as clueless as you…I’m like what? Sex Drive? This is what Gene has titled these hot pix of him, cause it is just pouring out of him…so you are not alone in that thinking…I didn’t know why he was standing in front of that poster..


  30. @JGW – I read your post from yesterday about your *Freaking Awesome* dream! OMG I would soooooo love to have that dream. I have yet to have a good sex dream with Rob (sad thing is I don’t ever have sex dreams with anyone besides my husband in them – surprisingly, I really do like him). Rob has been in my dreams, but it’s only the video clips replaying or stuff from LTR. Closest I have come was about a month ago, I was talking to him and gave him a Tylenol #3 (WTF – why was I giving him narcotics??). Bizarre.

    • Maybe you were giving him narcotics to ensure that he stayed put and had a great time. LOL!

      • Don’t lie. You were totally drugging him so you could have your way with him. ;-p

      • I think I have some pain meds left from when I had my surgery. That stuff would keep him nice and sedated. We could all have our way with him. 😉

      • Hadn’t thought of it that way…. Hmmmm….. drug induced Rob….. Sexy. Not sure why, but it makes me think of Goran Visnjic in the movie Pratical Magic (it was on tv the other day). We could “stay up all night worshipping each other like bats” – as Nicole Kidman would say. But I think Rob would have to be the one drugging me to get some sleep. LOL

  31. Okay… I didn’t see the time (couldn’t look away), but I’m sure all noticed the tongue thing he did. Made me think some dirty stuff!!

    Thanks ladies…having a bad day, so I really needed this!!

  32. The first vid….I love all his facial expressions and he is so adorable and happy, I just love it!
    Ok, at 1:17 he is holding something, looks like it’s from a hot topic tour thingie. Anyone have that actual link? I’d love to see it.

    And I hate to be the bearer of bad news (not sure if this was posted here last night, I haven’t looked through comments) but please tell me this isn’t so.

    • That’s the rumor Jena. But I’m still recording it anyways just in case.

      • Me to! I think they’re lying to us! LOL!

  33. What a way to start the day—a little JB and a lotta Rob! Thanks Moon for a stimulating wake up call!

  34. Only 76 posts! Wow..this is a slow saturday huh??
    umm…Rob speaking french, then getting embarassed about speaking french is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I want to comfort him, and tell him he did a great job.

    Then if he wants to practice, my ears are available, and just so he won’t be embarassed, I’ll practice my rusty italian on him (…now if I could only remember how to say “Do me now”…..hmmm I know “Sesso” is involved…LMAO)

    • Ti amo Rob!

    • his face after being told they know he speaks french is so ridiculous!! i absolutely ❤ it!

      uh rusty italian??! that sounds dirty like a rusty trombone! hahaha

  35. My kids are driving me nuts…s it too early to start drinking???

    *bangs head on desk*

    • Never too early Sass……..only too late sometimes (you may start banging your head on your desk if you start too late – LOL)

      • Damn, I am too late then, lol.

        Where the hell is Rob when I need him???

        • Rob = the ultimate stress reliever. We could bottle him and sell him……

  36. LOL!! I am checkin’ out some fanfic for you guys…came across this one pager…a little Last Tango in Paris anyone? HAHA! SAY IT! SAY IT!

    still laughing!

    • added to twiporn library.

    • Ha Ha! Love how he calls her Bella in his first line, then it’s all he said/she said and then bam it’s actually Rob and Kristen. The author is totally loving the Last Tango bit. This is how Rob baits all his prey – a little written porn, a little movie porn, a little butter. LMAO

  37. Hiya lurvelies! I can’t believe what a day I missed on LTR. Just spent the last 2 hours reading everything. I would have had so many comments – boohoo. When I’m really “on”, I actually take notes and post to old comments anyway, but I’m just too lazy today.

    Anyway, you all had me laughing in my outside voice on more than one occasion, and I can’t tell you how many times you all cross my mind on a daily basis. I am snickering a silent laugh just about everywhere I go when something reminds me of RP and LTR. I’m a lucky woman!

  38. @SpunkMe: Awwwww – a personal message just for me yesterday. You know how to make me feel special. Smooch!

    • @Byrdie

      Hey girlie! Good to talk to you…glad you found my love note for you…I thought you might swing by and get it…How’s Maine?

      • Good good. You know, being a mom of three young children, anytime away just with the girlfriends is amazing! I never get to do it. We went out celebrating last night and I was outed by my one friend about my obsession with younger men, ie. 22 y/o. Now, I write Obsession because she doesn’t know really about my ROBsession, but when she was outing me, I almost jumped up and ran away cuz I thought she was gonna tell my dark secret – forgot she doesn’t really know – teeheehee). I absolutely have a serious problem though since we were out at a few bars and I kept checking out the youngins. I’m pretty sure I still see myself as 22. Kinda sad.

        • @Byrdie

          Glad you are having a fun time with your friends and yes I have to say sometimes it is embarrassing that I am this obsessed with someone young, but I decided pfft! Who cares about the age? I’m happy! He’s Hot! It’s all good!

          Hey and here there are no worries b/c we all feel the same way regardless of our ages and we get along fab together!

          • True dat! Guess that’s why I’m here and not too embarassed to spill my guts on line, cuz I know I’m not alone. Plus, I’m still using the horrible medusa T-Rex gravatar, so I’m completely anonymous. Clever girl, huh?

  39. Here’s the fanfic I was thinking of IfOnly and whoever else is interested…it’s a peek at what could have happened in Tokyo with Rob and Kristen…thought I’d share for those who might like it too…of course these are always short like 1 chapter stories…

    I liked it!

    • Thanks SpunkMe! I’ll put it in my to read porn pile.

    • I just read it – couldn’t wait, too curious. I wonder what Rob and Kristen think about all this fanfic out there about them?

      • I think they act it all out in private to well…ya know…brush up on their method acting skills and…well of course as an excuse to get it on with each other like rabbits every time there is a chance! Wish I was his rabbit! I’ll post more short ones hang on…

  40. Here’s some Robward eye candy…

    • what are you using to create your GIFs…software, website. They’re really great!

      • I didn’t create them– I cheat–I stole them from other blogs and websites! Just saved them to my hard drive…then JBell told me how to share them with you by opening the photobucket account…Glad you like them! I do too!

  41. Quiet….

    I went to Target yesterday with my friend to buy supplies for her 40th bash tonight and just happened to stop by to check on the DVD. They had one big Twilight endcap with all the stuff including the books. My friend said, “oh look, they have Eclipse. It is in hardback….too bad, otherwise I would buy it”. I proceeded to explain to her that the soft cover would not come out until summer (unless you are like me and bought it in Germany) and that she REALLY needed to keep reading. So, she bought it! I wouldn’t let the checkout woman put it in the same bag as the soap. I lovingly carried it to the car.

    I can’t say she is a total convert, but she is enjoying it. We are going to watch the DVD tomorrow and I might make her listen to the audio version too. Not sure I really want her knowing the depths of my Robsession though. I’ve been here for two days, and I opted out of Saturday shopping so I could stay at her place alone and catch up with you all. Great friend, huh? Happy Birthday!!

    • Sounds like you’re having fun Byrdie. No, she couldn’t wait until summer for Eclipse—too too long.

      • Hiya EyeC: Well, now that I got my 3 hours of LTRing in, the weekend is just about perfect! Managing to sneak in a little Twilight whenever the moments arises is also fun. I feel a little devilish and liking it ;o)

        • I saw that video by your friend. I have to say it was FUNNY!

          • Yeah, it was pretty damn funny. I hadn’t seen/spoken to him since high school, so it has been great catching up on Facebook. I told him my secret desire to work on independent film, so he has been sending me some stuff. He told me I could work on one of his sets, but I’m not sure the genre is my thing. Still, would be cool.

          • It would be. Keep all options open. It IS great catching up with old friends. I’ve been emailing a gf from hs since last July and it’s like we remember everything. So fun.

  42. […] Did I delight you this Saturday am like I do each and every Saturday? Make sure you check out what James Brown and I have for you this Saturday. […]

  43. @IfOnly

    Here’s another climax for you from Robward!

    • Oh, double freckle neck porn!! (does that mean I get two climaxes out of this one?)

      • OMG!!! I thought I was the only one!!!!!!!!!!

        I am totally like all about the 2 freckle/moles he has on the back of his neck on either side of the bottom of his hairline!!!!!!!

        In the theater with my friends I always point it out and mention how I want to lick them!!!

        I had no idea that others felt the same way b/c my friends just kind of pat my hand and say “I know you like them.”


        • Oh, no, you are not alone. SM made sure to point them out to me from the beginning. She actually has it worse for the freckles than I do. (we call them freckles even though they are moles – can’t stop thinking moley, moley from Austin powers if we say moles). They are like body fingerprints on him – so unique to him, only Rob has those right there. Sigh…. never thought I could be turned on by a freckle.

          • Moley moley moley!


            Freckles agreed it is!

          • Lol!!!!!!!

            I always think of the moley, moley too. My daughters preschool teacher has a huge mole on her chin and my DH says it’s all he can do to not point and yell it out.

            Thanks for the great laugh!!!!

  44. Okay, I’m off. My friends just got back, so I need to be social. Making food and getting ready for a party – not a bad scene. Probably won’t make it back later tonight, but I’ll be reading tomorrow at some point to catch up. Have fun!

    Missing you all!

    • bye byrdie!!

    • Later Byrdie. Have fun. 🙂

    • Bye Byrdie have a good time!

  45. November 15 – 19
    Orlando to LA

    United Airlines: $455.20 $399
    Orbitz: $377 $406
    Delta: $399.19
    Continental: $378

    Just sayin’:P
    The flights were cheaper when I looked during the week (Tues & Thurs are the best days for booking flights). Southwest is running some good deals as of late, but they are only letting you book through August for some reason. Also, American Airlines website won’t let you even look at prices without signing in, so I didn’t bother.

    lol Off to look at hotels.

    • JBell – add travel agent to your list of jobs!

      • lmao Will do!

  46. Off to work. Talk with everyone later.

    • Bye Carrietta! (I’m mixing you with a margarita today LOL)

    • Bye Carrie come back later!

  47. Ok, this one is about as dirty as it gets…fanfic one pager…HOLY CANNOLI!…Rob and KStew…

    This might make JAG blush!

    • I just read this one. Holy Sh*t! I so want me some Rob loving (guess I should say f*cking) Stat!

    • The part that said – “I don’t…” she stutters…. – I totally LMAO – she even stutters in porn!

      • Yeah, I thought that was funny too…these people that write about them really incorporate a lot of their true mannerisms into the stories..guess that makes it seem more real…

    • spunk thank you!! i have been looking for this!!! i love the growing up cullen series!! honestly its freaking hilarious!

  48. Popping in with a random thought –

    I hope Rob is staying/living with Sam in Robcouver. It puts a big shit-easting smile on my face to think that might be happening:]

    • “easting”? Really?
      What’s shit-easting?

      • JBell

        “Naughty!”– *Rob’s high pitch English accent*

        Are you having Sam thoughts like you were TomStu? Are you having a Little Ashes moment?

      • Shit-easting is when your toilet faces east and you pray to the gods for ice cream after eating really spicy hot wings.

        • LOL

  49. @IfOnly

    In honor of our mutual lust factor….I present FrecklePorn pic…

    • Oh…..I could just nibble on his neck for days……

    • Love me some freckle porn. Can never get enough.

  50. @IfOnly

    READ THIS ONE NOW!!!! It’s a bit more like the Toyko one…set in those 2 nights of actual productivity they had before Twilight…


    • Damn page changed. I HATE when it switches and I’m usually the one who gets bumped. Lame

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