Posted by: themoonisdown | March 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight – Sugar and Spice

Dear LTR Gals-

If nothing else can get you going in the morning, this song and Rob will. Forget caffeine, all it takes is a little James Brown and Rob in your cup.

Our two comments about this video:
Moon: damn his hair is hot
UC: his arm looked buff in that one picture

You can tell we’re tired bloggers but this song makes me feel like jumping up and doing a little jig. Also Rob I love the that instead of doing a comb over, you’re going a comb up.

Enjoy this jump start to your weekend!

(edit- so apparently the embed is disabled. but since we like it so much go here: )

PS if anyone knows of an extra ticket to the Burbank Film Festival this humble little blogger would LOVE to go/live tweet it/blog it/profess her undying love for Art in How To Be. Let us know!

PPS a little prize from us to you for being so awesome and because this is not funny in the least…

A mini French lesson from Rob to you!!

Whew… I’m thinking it’s time to take a lil trip to France. Oui Oui Robert!

Thanks Karianne!



  1. @SpunkMe – I actually was NOT having SamBrad/RPattz fantasies… lmao, but thanks for the suggestion!

    No, Sam is too much of a doll for me to be able to go there. I kind of like him a lot. I told the IRL BFF yesterday that I’d probably rather be with Sam than be with Rob… I know I know I know; blasphemy. But to me it’s more fathomable to hookup/date Sam. Weird, but that’s how my brain works. lol

    • @JBell

      Oh sorry my mistake! You know my mind is always in the gutter!

      Wait. What??!!! That is the blackest!
      *fingers in ears* lalalalalalalalalalalaala

      I don’t hear this! I don’t want to report you to HHH for spanking–that statement would for sure get you the riding crop!

    • What JBell???? “rather be with Sam than with Rob”???? What?? **earth spinning out of control**

      @spunk – what is HHH? I must have missed that one

      • HHH~ His Holy Hotness~ Rob, of course

        • Oh, duh….

    • It’s only because Sam is more accessible than Rob… don’t think I don’t have a plan in place for when Sam and I would break up and I would go running into the arms of his best friend for comfort.

      lmfao I’m a f*cking loon. Wow.

      • Note to self:
        No crying. Rob does not do well with people crying around him. (ie – DVD commentary when he says he’s not friends anymore with people who cry around him. lol)

  2. @spunkme – you are killing me! I will have to read the last porn post later. Friend calling me asking where I am – we were supposed to meet up this afternoon and I haven’t even jumped in shower yet. What am I supposed to say, “uh, I’m reading online porn, sorry I’m running late”. LOL

    Have fun tonight girls, I will catch up with you later tonight or tomorrow(more likely).

    • @IfOnly

      “What am I supposed to say, “uh, I’m reading online porn, sorry I’m running late”.”


      Well,,,uhh..yeah…just tell her that and see what happens. LOL!!

      Seriously, the last one is a good one and could totes see that could have happened!

      Bye come back later!


  4. …Saddened by the fact that ‘Florida’ cannot be made into a Robism like ColoROBo, NeROBska or Robcouver…

    • tyru making kuwait into a robname.i swear i spent half an hour in bed in the dark figuring that shiz out LMAO

    • Robida

      • I just fell out of the chair laughing and heard Rob say “D U H !” in my head. Wowwww I was obviously putting wayyyy too much thought into it.

  5. Marc Malkin is live Tweeting from the Orange Carpet at the KCA… arrivals have started.

  6. @ spunkme…have u read their growing up cullen on oxymoronassoc.livejournal?

    • @Sherin

      No, I haven’t.

      do you have the direct link to post?


        • read this gals!! its seriously funny shizz…i mean the cullens have a laundry schedule??!!

        • Okay, I’m back checking in for a second (friend lit’rally going to kill me) – but that was too funny – the part where is said – “All of the Cullens spent their nights having crazy sex while Edward sat around and studied and kept on being a virgin who never whacked off……Edward Cullen became a pissed off 40 year old housewife. COME ON IT IS CANONICAL: HE HIMSELF SAID HE PICKED UP A LOT OF HOBBIES WHILE EVERYONE ELSE WAS BUSY FUCKING”.

  7. My DH has wanted a payback break for all the last like 12 weeks I have gone out for Twilight…so he booked himself a hotel room last night. He then said he would come back and get DD tonight to stay over and give me a whole night to myself…just love DH…anyway, DD wants to watch Kids Choice Awards at the hotel tonight, so when he just came back to pick her up he said he was taking my laptop to go online while she watches KCA…I have this desktop computer so no worries there, but I am thinking holy crap, he’s going to turn it on and find Rob’s Urban Cowboy pic as the wallpaper and I’m afraid if he looks in my saved folder..ay yi yi! He will find so much Rob smut! I was so nervous for him to take it, but it’s done…I didn’t say anything to him about it… I feel like this…


    • Egad Brain…ummm yea that could be a bit of a sticky wicket Hope he isn’t to techno savy and just hits the big E to surf!… Good Luck

    • ohno ohno ohno!!!

  8. saint_renegade: IT IS SO TRUE
    saint_renegade: NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!
    saint_renegade: reading like flowers for alegeron all pissed off while rose and emmett are breaking houses

    oxymoronassoc: rosalie would totally be extra loud to annoy edward too
    oxymoronassoc: esp if he was doing something delicate like building a boat in a bottle
    saint_renegade: YOU KNOW HE HAS
    oxymoronassoc: and then he’d sulk around the house
    oxymoronassoc: muttering darkly about his boat
    saint_renegade: all moodly for the next week

  9. Apparently some of you can vote multiple times (I can’t, I tried) if you haven’t already been to the newest post that Moon/UC put up earlier.

    Best Robert Pattinson Fansite –

    Top Female Twilighter –
    Lauren from Lauren’s Bite

  10. these just kills me…apparently edward cleans bella’s bathroom while she is asleep to pass the time..

    oxymoronassoc: LIKE GROUT IN THE BATHROOM
    oxymoronassoc: WITH A TOOTHBRUSH
    oxymoronassoc: EVEN THOUGH NO ONE USES IT
    saint_renegade: he’s like hardcore with it too
    saint_renegade: THIS IS GROSS, HOW DO WE LIVE LIKE THIS?
    oxymoronassoc: like microscopic grit
    saint_renegade: DISGUSTING
    oxymoronassoc: i bet he did bella’s bathroom too
    oxymoronassoc: when he got tired of watching her sleep
    saint_renegade: he has gloves and everything
    saint_renegade: he gets in there all like scrubs shit
    oxymoronassoc: and gets pissy if anyone touches his specially organised bucket
    saint_renegade: EMMETT, DO’T TOUCH MY WINDEX
    saint_renegade: I AM PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN
    oxymoronassoc: i bet jasper and emmett like pull all the TP off the roll and leave the cardboard just to annoy edward
    saint_renegade: THEY WOULD THINK WE WERE PIGS
    oxymoronassoc: and emmett and jasper just look at each other like DUDE HE NEEDS TO GET LAID

    • lmfao!!

  11. oxymoronassoc: I BET HE GOES SHOPPING WITH ALICE
    oxymoronassoc: AND IS A PICKY LITTLE BITCH
    i love this part! LMAO

    oxymoronassoc: THE GAME IS ON A FOUR
    oxymoronassoc: I GOTTA GET HOME FOR THE GAME
    oxymoronassoc: and alice is like THEY LOSE
    saint_renegade: that is the one time emmett gets pissy
    saint_renegade: he like storms out to bitch to rosalie

  12. Love me some Rome Rob…

  13. And snap….

    • *thanking clare that she apparently hasnt taught rob to stop sucking on his thumb*

      rob thumbsucking= RAWWRRRRRRRRRRR

  14. @JBell and everyone else that is trying to vote multiple times for LTR as best Rob site – if you open a new internet window and paste address jbell previously posted
    into address bar and go to site, then vote. To vote again, close out window completely, reopen and repaste address again. This worked for me. I was able to vote a couple times way.

    • Good to know…I voted once, but I’ll go for multiple if I can do it…I thought you were late for going out? Did you decide to stay with us?

      • I went and got ready and am now waiting on friend to pick me up (she’s pregnant so will be DD). Of course instead of throwing in a load of laundry or something production around house, I got here while I wait for her. I just voted like 8 more times. Everyone needs to vote at least 10 times tonight (that means you too lurkers! We know you are out there – help us out) and we could totally go to first place tonight. Can you tell I’m a little competative?

        • Okay, my friend’s here. Talk to you girls later. Keep voting!

  15. Hey peeps! So I went to Wally World today with my other half and the kiddo..nothing major,had stuff to pick up, get groceries etc, ..ya know the deal. Wasn’t prepared for the embarrassment my other half and our 7 yr old would bring .
    My O/H started by pointing out that “Hey, you know they got a butload of those Twilight t-shirts back there near electronics don’t you?” 3 teenage girls looking back at me like I’m some crazy old lady (28 here!)

    Me: Uh, really? That’s nice”
    O/H: You want one? I’ll buy it for ya if ya want it.”
    Me: NO! Thats’ just juvenlie, I’m not a teenage girl, I mean C’mon!”
    O/H: oh, well ok then…you know, just thought you’d like one (well hell yeah I wanted one, but didn’t wanna admit it!)
    Mosey on up to the checkout and my 7 yr old goes….”Hey mom look, there’s Robert Pattinson” To which I look around frantically going “WHERE?”
    7y/o says “Over there on that mag”
    Me: “Oh, cool”
    Him: You should ask dad to get you one”
    Me looking around” Nah, I don’t want it” (LIE)
    But then when going through the checkout I threw it up on there anyway and walked away while O/H paid for it…Haha! Got home and he said I should frame it or put it in a plastic bag cause it cost $9.00

    It is a pretty good mag even if it is a teen rag, it’s a collectors edition of Life Story/Film’s basically all Twilight and even had a pic of Rob at the Sex Drive premiere in some from the VF photo shoot…Loads of others too..
    I’m thinkin about making the O/H go back and get me a t shirt..nothing ever embarrasses

    • @M.J.


      I would have totally done the same thing! Luckily, my DH brings home, t-shirt and mags and posters to me without asking…he is such an enabler of my Rob Addiction. ❤

  16. I have Rob’s mp3s if you want me to e-mail them to you, just let me know your e-mail address…

    I Don’t Mind


    In Your Head

    • Oh yes please! Those are the only 2 I don’t have! Thank ya very much!
      I don’t think I’ve talked to you before, so Hey!

      • @MJ

        Ok just sent in 2 e-mails with attachments…

        let me know if you receive them ok and they play…

        they are live so quite noisy, but love to hear Rob croon any song in any way I can get it!

        • Will do, and thanks again!

  17. ok sooo now Twilight is blamed for this?? Riiiiiiight

    • LMFAO! Good God, that kid’s dad cannot be serious!

      So..maybe I shoulda blamed Twilight about two weeks ago when some kid jumped my kid and bit him? I think was Bakugans that got my kid… but I shoulda blamed Twilight, Damn why didn’t I think of that?

  18. Ok so Taylor is at KCA!!

    Yeah we won!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!

    Makes more sense to send Tayter tot to a kids thing than Rob since he is just at tot! And New Moon is for him!! Still holding out slight hope for Rob to still show….

    • Yeah makes more sense…you’re still watchin? Pfft, after reading that Rob was gonna be a no -show I let my kid turn the channel… lol…I’d had that sh*t scheduled since Thurs night so I wouldn’t forget…

      • Seriously, on tweet we figured if he did show up it would be on YouTube within minutes so none of us are watching it.

        • It’s on in the background b/c that’s what channel my 7 year old was watching before she left…

          Tayter Tot looked good though!

          • tayter…

      • Also I don’t know how reliable the source was that reported he wouldn’t be there…Rob’s face was plastered at the top of the voting KCA webpage all big and beautiful…so I know they were counting on him to headline it…but I’m sure he was supposed to do the part Taylor just did…oh well….I guess he’d rather stay back and cuddle on the couch with KStew to watch Taylor…I’m such a Robsten. Sorry guys.

  19. hey hey hey
    Thanks @SM for the porn. I am now sitting on a towel & that Rome GIF sent me over the edge…right-click-save squeeee

    TwiPorn library updated!

    I was supposed to work on a vid tonite using the Sex Drive pics and Gen sent me a link to her source. I can’t access my hotmail account *&^%(%&^^&*& does anyone have that link?

    • @JAG

      Here is Sex Drive shoot

      Did you get all the Twiporn I listed on the last page…there were several…glad you liked, BTW…me too!

      • Yes they were fab – in the Library already. Thanks for the link. Do you know if there was any video taken at the Sex Drive premier?

        • I’ll check..give me a few minutes…

  20. Oh yeah, don’t know if any of you have seen this but…it’s funny as sh*t…. Especially the hair comment.

  21. @JAG

    In the meantime while I check on SD vid, check out this short fanfic and see if you want it too…

  22. Ooh you know wolf boy played by “Alex Meraz” I was checking out his IMDB profile and the sexiness shirtless photo over there (

    Well . . .

    Peple on the board were claiming the gay rumors like they do with our boy Robert Pattinson. But since he is so new he is communicating through the IMDB board…this is what he said.

    You guys are funny. I’m actually not gay It was a film role I did two years ago that of coarse made it onto my acting reel because I was proud of the work. While I’m on here I’d like to say that I’m deeply grateful for all the support that I’ve received and am honored to be apart of such an amazing project.


    Alex Meraz


  23. @ the mp3’s, they work just fine, thank you! Dang he sounds like sex doesn’t he? The best type of sex at that..

    • Oh great…and yes he is


  24. Since your regularly scheduled ROBPICPORN dealer in not here tonite

    bammm hand porn

  25. More handporn

    • right click, save and a big ole Squee! Lol, hey JAG!
      Ever wondered how long his fingers are actually..they look mighty long to me…which makes me think of all the things he could do…..*sigh*

      • At this rate this vid will not be done tonight…sweating *poof thud*

        • lol, I’m trying to learn how to make gif. images..which prolly won’t pan out because I’m so indecisive about which pics to use..they’re all so”poof thud” good! And partly cause I’m technically challenged.

        • @JAG

          I can’t find ANY video of him at sex drive only stills

          Seems like someone would have gotten something, but I got nada


          • Thanks, I’ve got tons of pix, it’s all good. ❤

  26. How is IMDB reporting that Robert Pattinson is “Down 60% in popularity this week.”

  27. Rob has a question for you…

    • LMAO!

      I woudln’t say easier, I would say pointless!

      How’s everyone doing tonight?

      Am I pathetic for watching the KCA just hoping he’d be on anyway?

      • @FN

        I have been on here all freaking day! UC and Moon are going to start wondering about me! Like I’m some LTR stalker! I just have the house to myself so, let’s see fold the laundry or LTR….ummm….idk…..Duh? LTR!

        Although sometimes it gets quiet on here and I feel like I’m posting to myself. LOL!!!

        No you are not lame about KCA, I had it on too, JIC….How’s your day been going down in Texsexass?

        • I think we’re all LTR stalkers. lol. It worries me that I get sad when I have to go back to RL.

          My day’s been okay. I had to go to Hottopic today to get some stuff and I was SO tempted to get an “I love boys who sparkle” t-shirt. Too bad I’m a poor college student (well, I just graduated and I’m about to start grad school so I think that still counts :)). It was killing me to not at least buy a keychain (even though I already have one!)

          • Just don’t buy Patton Pants and we’re all good.

            I guess you stalk late night/overnight, I’m a little earlier.

  28. Rob Hand porn for you…

  29. Hey ladies! In from soccer, but not sticking around tonight. I am soooo tired! They are replaying KCA’s right now and I have to say Dwayne Johnson is rocking the crowd and not too bad to look at either! I also just saw that my other crush, Leo DiCaprio is there, so I might have to watch for that! I might pop back in if I can stay awake. Miss you guys. Talk to you later!

    • @SM

      Did you kids win the soccer game?

      You were missed!

      Had fun with your sis though!

  30. Hey gurlz,

    sorry I’ve been absent….. hope I haven’t missed anything major. Went and voted at the polls. Now I’m checking in and coming up for air from being held hostage by Twiporn.


    Read this one!!! *I. AM. DIED.*

    • Oh, just so you know, its Bella, Edward, and Jasper. Yeah, a threesome. HOT!!

      • That sounds like an interesting twist! I’m STILL not done with Midnight Desire. Speaking of which, I should probably get on that…….lol

        • Oh FN – I finished Midnight Desire last night and I LOVED it! Enjoy! (I am in love with the monster)

          • I love the monster too! I’m on chapter 22 and kinda sad that it’s almost over. Of course it’s not done so I’ll have to find another story to fill my spare time with 🙂 That link that Vogue posted sounds pretty interesting.

      • That’s an interesting threesome. Remember in the commentary when catherine asked “why is Jasper looking at you that way?” and Robert said “that was a different thread”. NOW we know!

    • @VOGUE

      I have missed you so bad!

      You stomped out on me after I collared Carrie!

      I talked to her about it and we decided I would collar you too! I posted a picture of your collar…did you see it?


      • Awww….you’re so sweet. Both of you. Give Carrie a big kiss with lots of tongue for me, will ya?

        I didn’t see the pic. Booo.

        Spunk, you are gonna SHI* when you read this story I posted. I keep gasping out loud, and I’m still only on the first page!! I have to keep re-reading each sentence over and over cuz I can’t wrap my mind around how over-the-top hot the idea is!!!

        • off to read more!! toodles!

        • Ok I’ll check it out…

          Some Jasper and Edward for ya!

          • Awesome!! LOVE IT!! Jasper twirling that bat…..ugh… *fanning myself as I swoon*.

            Love the gif, and LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Rob’s hands!! Oh dear Lord in Heaven!! They are so pretty!! Seriously, they’re beautiful!

  31. “I’m going to tell you what we are going to do to you next,” Edward said tilting my head to look at him. “You are going to get on your knees. And I am going to —- you. — you —- as you take Jasper’s —- into that hot mouth of yours.”

    Just a little sample. Like those little free samples at the grocery store.

    • @Vogue

      lmfao!!! free samples…well when you finish that threesome…read this…

      It’s right up your alley, Vogue! Short-1 chpt, but dirtier than you!!!!!!

    • Need seconds?….

      • what program do people use to make gifs??

        • I don’t know how to make them…I only know how to steal them! I’m such a heathen!

          I wish I knew how to do that stuff.

  32. God, I’m so pathetic, I’m actually proud of myself for learning to make a gif. thingy..used Sex Drive pics…YUM!

    • Go you! I don’t think I could ever figure it out.

      • nothing too extensive, my little brain was just ecstatic that I actually made one..even if it was a simple one..

    • Ooo I’d love to see that sex drive GIF. I’ll be finished the sex drive vid in the morninh. ❤

  33. @Vogue – “free samples” LOL! I’ve missed you!

    @SpunkMe – Lost first game 2 to 1 in the last minute! I hate when that happens. Won afternoon game 1 to 0. Thanks for asking. Play again tomorrow morning at 9 am.

    @IfOnly – I know you are probably on your third rum and come (coke) by now, but if you check in here tomorrow or later tonight would you please save these Twiporn links? (if you are functioning enough to do so)

    • Hi my sweet, beautiful soccermom!! *smooch and a hug*

      I missed you too 😀

      Lots of soccer games this weekend!!

      Yeah, IFOnly, don’t miss these links!!

      • @Vogue – *blowing kisses*. Just the beginning of soccer season. Will spend next two months dragging 3 kids around to something soccer related every night and weekend. Beginning to worry I won’t have time for Robstalking/LTR. Really gonna have to see about some kind of wireless device to let me access LTR from soccer fields!

    • IfOnly already read all the Twiporn I posted today! She was so hot and bothered! Said she needed Rob to f*ck her right now! LOL!!!

      • @SpunkMe – LOL! Yeah, that sounds like IfOnly! Geez, her BF will have her hands full tonight keeping her under control!

  34. @SpunkMe I would NEVER buy/make pattin pants. And that’s a promise!

    Yes, I usually do my stalking later in the evening. Occasionally I’ll get on for a few minute during the day. I love reading through the earlier posts. You guys find the best pics/videos. And your convesations are priceless!

    • @FN – Midnight Desire is finished. Either chapter 24 or 25 so you’re almost done!

      • Oh yay! Someone said it wasn’t.

        • It’s a great ending. I was very impressed with the quality of the writing on that one.

  35. @ JAG, uhm, let me upload it or you want me to send it to you? I can if you want..

    Didn’t realize anyone was talking to me because I was reading the fanfic Vogue posted the link caught up..WHEW! Then myO/H came in, hadda backpeddle my ass back here so he couldn’t see what I was reading! LMAO!

    • I’ve been reading Midnight Desire from a word document b/c I got tired of wasting all that paper and I get nervous everytime someone walks by. I don’t want to have to explain what I’m reading 🙂

      Even a simple gif is an accomplishment. I wanna see it too please.

  36. I am cracking up at KCA! Sandra Bullock and Hugh Jackman just got completely slimed and Twilight series just won favorite book. Tay-Tay is accepting award!

  37. Since there are too many kiddies around my hotel room to read any Twiporn, I’m gonna eat my Max & Ermas chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk and call it a night! I’ll Talk to you all tomorrow! Goodnight!

    • Good Night SM!!

  38. I think this is the right link to the gif…*crosses fingers* one of the pics isn’t from sex drive premiere but it was so efff’n hot I threw it in too…

  39. [IMG][/IMG

    oops! It didn’t show up the first time..

    • drowning here..HELP! someone tell me how to post the freekin link please!

      • I think all you have to do is copy the web address from your toolbar and paste it into your comment box.


    Edward calls Jasper a “Cockblocking dillhole”.

    • @Vogue

      I’m on chpt 2 of The Arrangement!

      All I can say so far is


      • I’m on chapter 9…….. it’s gets better and BETTER!!

        I won’t be going to sleep till I’m done with this one!!


    • yummy!!! good job!

      • why thank you, oh and to make em, I used an online program…here’s the link in case you wanna try it…I think you can use as many stills as you wanna…

    • Very nice! I loooovvveee his eyes!

    • Very nice! I loooovvveee his eyes!

      • haha, and I used to hate my color eyes…they’re a lot like his..cept without the sexy…lol same color though..

        • lol, you’re lucky. I’m stuck with dark brown :p

    • Nice job, MJ!

      Gene would be dying if she were here…you know she loves her some sex drive Rob!

      • Lol, thanks

        and so I’ve read she does!

  42. I love dark brown eyes…and those people who have those ice blue eyes..(guy down street has ice blue eyes and blackest ,thickest lashes I’ve ever seen on a dude..)

    Now I’m trying to figure out how I can rip the audio from youtube (well, I know how to do that part) but only take a piece of the audio and keep that tiny part.. gonna try to rip the part where Rob says “It’s teh best type of sex” so I can put it on my mp3 player..

    play>it’s the best type of sex- repeat- it’s the best type of sex! you know where I’m going with that one, lmao!

    • LOL! Yes I do, that would be so nice. I think JBell had a link to a site where you can turn videos and stuff like that into ringtones. I never got the link, but I’m sure she’ll share it if you ask her. (I’m imagining the whole “It’s the best type of sex” ringer going off at the most awkward moment possible lol)

      Ice blue eyes are so pretty. I have to go hang out w/ the bestie. Night guys!

      Btw I FINALLY finished Midnight Desire! I think I’m feeling peer pressured into reading the “The Arrangement” next. I have to see where the whole threesome thing is going….

      • lmfao I set that clip as a message tone for texts from a specific person who doesn’t text me that much, so I can avoid the whole ‘going off at inopportune moments thing’ lol

      • G’nite FN!

  43. MJ – I have that clip, I can email it to you! lol It’s the whole clip though, “It’s sex where you wind up killing the person afterward… it’s the best type of sex.”

    • yeah please…I would appreciate it lots! Hell, if he’d boink me like I think he could probably boink ? Pfft, death , shmeath!

      • Sent:) The program I use is called ‘Power MP3 Cutter’ and it came with this other thing I use to transfer files & whatnot from my phone to the computer.
        It might be available online somewhere, I’m not sure though

        • Thanks JBell! I sent you something back..til my skills get better, I’m *borrowing gifs too..s

          I’ll look that program up..thanks.
          Dang Vogue, she got me hooked on that fanfic, I hate starting something and not being able to finish it right then and there…I can’t stay up all night damn priorities!

  44. Hey SpunkMe – Can you send me the 2 MP3s?? Those are the only 2 that I don’t have. Pretty please with a Rob on top?

  45. Hello girls! *waves*

    • *waves back* Hey Gen, SM said you might like this….

      • Hey M.J.- I do, I do- I also saw the Rome Rob gif!!!!! *died*

        • yeah, me likey’d the Rome Rob too!

          • HELL YEAH!

    • Good Morning Gen!!

      • HI Vogue- haven’t seen you for a few days, how have you been doing?
        I’m still reading Midnight Desire. VERY VERY GOOD!

        • been good, just very busy with work.

          Midnight Desire is so cleverly written. I LOVE the monster! So hiliarious!!

          This story I’m reading starts of very graphic, but the plot really thickens and is good, but frustrating!!!

          • @Vogue- Agree with you. It’s GOOD!!
            Thx for the link- gonna check it out!

  46. So the quote section manager at (yeah, total shout-out lol) got an interview with Oliver Irving at the HTB screening in San Jose and I just got so giddy and excited about this part:

    CB is asking about the east coast screening tour and Oliver explains that Joe, Mike & Johnny will be joining him –

    CB: So Rob is filming another movie right now?

    Oliver: Yeah we are not sure if he can come out for the whole thing. Basically if he can he is going to come for some, but we can’t say yet because his management is saying we can’t tell you when he will come out because of his other film.

    Seriously. What are the chances of Rob randomly showing up in this tiny ass college town in Florida where I will be at the screening?!
    It says on the website that it’s the “Orlando” screening, but in reality it’s 40 miles away from Orlando in a tiny historical college town called Deland where Stetson University is located. I went over there yesterday actually with the IRL BFF so we could map out parking in the little downtown area and see what was around for us to do before the screening (and to pick which tiny bar we would take Oliver & Co. to for drinks afterward…) and all I could keep saying was the Rob would LOVE the downtown area and would really like the historical/old timey vibe of it all.

    Gahhhh! 😀
    Oy! I’m rambling because I am so damn excited now! Bahhhh… okay. I’m done!! EEEEE!
    Okay. I’m really done now. lmao

    • I’m really laughing here JBell! I can see it now, of all the locations Rob could go to that’s the one he picks. That would be soooo cool! It would be like heaven on earth to get some time out with the guys after the movie. Fingers crossed.

  47. Thanks MJ, just looked at my email again and saved them all! I’m SUCH a sucker for LJ Icons, so those first two were a nice surprise:)

    • You’re welcome!
      So there’s a slight chance you may see HIM????? I’d be SEXcited too!Wheeeeeeeeeee! Find a way to “do him” take nekkid pics, you know my email now….and you know what to do!

  48. @ Vogue, that story is like WHOA! Earlier I had to fling up the LTR page so the O/H couldn’t see what I was reading, then again because of my 7 yr old who reads on the level of a 6th grader..he’s been recommended for the “gifted program” for 3rd grade next yr…so virtually nothing gets by him..crap why can’t he be like other kids his age? Lol, I can’t even do the “spell it to someone ” so he won’t get what you’re saying anymore….he’ll roll his eyes and say” I know what you’re talking about”

  49. Well it’s gettin late , so I’m gonna get outta here and get to bed before it’s time to get up already. See you guys later! G’nite!

    • G’Night M.J.! See you soon!

  50. OH.MY.GOD.

    (insert the clip of Rob going WHAT??!? in a high pitched voice here)

    I don’t have the words for this fanfic I found…..

    Oh NO THEY DI’INT!!!

    I am lit’rally laughing with tears streaming down my face (t not laughing from humor, but SHOCK) and yelling “NOOOO!!! NO! NO! OH NO!! NOOOOO!!!!” at this story!!

    • That sounds like another one that goes on my list.

      I’m reading The Porcupine Embrace.

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