Posted by: Bekah | March 28, 2009

Letter from Rob

Dear UC & Moon,
This is me Robert Pattinson. You are my favorite fansite ever, and I don’t think it’s creepy at all that you write letters to me each & every day. I appreciate the lust that you and everyone on your site has for me and my body. Therefore, all your readers (and all their family members) should vote for you here: Dazzle Awards- Best Rob Fansite

Vote Now Biatches

Vote Now Biatches

I solomnly swear to become SadRob if you don't vote for LTR

I solomnly swear to become SadRob if you don't vote for LTR

Tell everyone to scroll down to “Best Rob Fan Site” and vote for you and only you. Let them know that if they vote for anyone else other than you, I will become SadRob and I know how SadRob breaks their heart(s). I’ve been pretty happy up here, hiding in a hole in Vancouver, so it would be pretty difficult to bring out SadRob, but I’d do it if your readers didn’t heed my words. Please don’t make me become SadRob. Pretty Please?

I also contacted my other girlfriend, Lauren, at Lauren’s Bite cuz she’s hot, and she’s been nominated for Top Female Blogger which, duh, she’ll win. But if your readers help her win, I promise to become HappyRob and sing everyone songs in French. If they are especially wonderful I may even give them the french style of kiss.

Did I delight you this Saturday am like I do each and every Saturday? Make sure you check out what James Brown and I have for you this Saturday.


Your #1 fan
Robert Thomas Pattinson

Just so we don’t get e-mails like Lauren at Lauren’s Bite does, no, this letter is not actually from Robert Thomas Pattinson. It’s from Taylor Lautner. He roleplays that he’s Rob…



  1. Done and done!! You ladies deserve this!

  2. oh I’m sooo on it Rob…I’d hate for u to have to beome SadRob…I’ll even vote multiple times if i can ok…so no SADROB..pleeeeease.. 😀

  3. Done done and done. Of course;]

  4. Done, done and done. Let me know how the special hug was…after you win!

    • I’ll tell you how the special hugs are, since I am not a stranger to the Rob SHs.

      magical my friend…magical.

  5. Of course I voted for y’all. And Lauren. Because I’m all about some Quadness.

  6. “Just so we don’t get e-mails like Lauren at Lauren’s Bite does, no, this letter is not actually from Robert Thomas Pattinson. It’s from Taylor Lautner. He roleplays that he’s Rob”

    Taylor … is that you reading the fanfic. What, what, “Who’s Domward?” OMG … close that internet site down at once boy … you are so going to get ideas that you musn’t yet have. Leave those to the real Twi-men!


  7. w00t! We are in second place right now!!!

    • i love that you said “we” are in 2nd place. i love that 🙂
      WE UNITE!

  8. Done and done. Thanks for making me laugh every day!

  9. I totally want a “french style kiss”…but only if it is Rob…not fake imposter Rob…aka TayNer.

    Umm…just found out something magical. You can vote as many times as you want!

  10. super done and done multiple times over!!!!! you ladies rock!!!

  11. “It’s from Taylor Lautner”, ROTFLMAO!
    And I really love this “I promise to become HappyRob and sing everyone songs in French. If they are especially wonderful I may even give them the french style of kiss.”

    Voting done and done multiple times! Good luck! If you gals don’t win that will be the “blackest kind of blasphemy!”

    Currently I’m listening to this really good audio interview on youtube with Rob that I’ve never listened to before. Check er out!

    • No one told him that he was cut out of the movie?? awwwwwwww!!

  12. Dittos on the Votage! BTW, in the vids, do ya think his eyebrows have a life of their own? I don’t think he has any clue what they are doing!! Oh and secretly, I reallllly love the sadRob. It’s kinda like he’e begging me for something…..Rob: “Please, pretty please.” Marialw: “….oh, of course I’ll give in.” pantpantpantsigh

  13. I actually love the “sadRob” photo, there are so many emotions that can be seen in his eyes in that photo….sends me over the edge!

    • and I REEEEEEALLY love his hair in that photo!

  14. Voted.
    You guys are seriously drowning me deeper and deeper into the Twilight/Pattinson craze.
    See? I even spelled his last name RIGHT!

  15. UC and Moon for president! My votes have been cast. Hear that gals? I’m giving you multiple votegasms. Gawd, I love multiples

  16. “The french style of kiss” Bwahaaahaaa
    You guys are awesome!

    I like to make SadRob Happy.

  17. Already taken care of ladies! You got my vote chillax now! Lauren got my vote as well

  18. Dear Taylor,

    I think it’s great you roleplay as Rob. One day when you grow up you can TRY to be just like him. Yea, “good luck with that” !


    p.s. going to rock the vote now

  19. It only lets me vote once!! grrr!! why is that??

  20. WTF, it only let’s me vote once, too…That sucks and I think, this really makes me provoke The Volturi -.-

  21. Love your site!! Is it totally pathetic that I just read that letter from “Rob” and heard his posh voice reading it in my head?! Oooh I totally had a New Moon moment. LMAO I need professional help.

    • that is NOT pathetic. that is NORMAL and why we love you on our site!

      • Whew! Glad to know I have others to share my inner 14 year old with. If Rob ever wants to fulfill his puma and cougar fantasies, I think he should just come to this site for his plethora of options. LOL

    • Absolutely pathetic….howevah…you are in good company my sistah!!! I am thinking that every one of us could use a little professional help, but, for now, we will just lean on each other!! I, myself, keep hearing that Edwardian growl, you know the one, it sets my hair on end!!!!

  22. I am able to vote repeatedly….fingers tired, aching..UC, MOON..I know you appreciate this lol

  23. If Robert really reads this stuff then I wonder what he thinks about Taylor supposedly giving you the letter. I saw an interview where he says that he doesn’t read everything that is written about him, but he does read some of the negative stuff. I think it would be neat to get on a site that actually has Robert writing to you and answering questions that you ask him.

    • hopefully he’d laugh! i don’t think he takes himself too seriously and we sure as hell don’t!

      • do you guys doubt most of what is on the internet about him
        I mean the stuff like he has bo and he’s dating all these women
        I doubt he has bo I mean he does have to work really close w/these people

  24. hey uc & moon,

    sorry i was gone this weekend (family obligations.)
    but i was so excited to vote for ltr!

    2nd place? what? c’mon peeps VOTE!

  25. I’m just watching an episode of Doogie Howser on and I just noticed that doesn’t Robert look a lot like Neil Patrick Harris? Seriously?

  26. *Gasp* He’ll sing songs in french.

    I’m on it.

    Cause this morning, I saw a youtube clip, where he spoke ONE sentence of french, and giggled his way through it… and I nearly died.

    And if he sings.

    In French.

    I’LL BURST! oh god, if he becomes sadrob during this time, my head may or may not detach from my shoulders…

    I’m on my way to vote many many MANY times!

  27. hey!! ive voted!! 🙂 u guys make my day always, and this is one of the first sites i check.. !

    i agree w/ one of the comments above, i totally read that letter from him, and “heard” him writing that.. in his hot british accent!! haha

    thanks again for the great stuff, and keep it up ❤

  28. That disclaimer is the best part! LOL!

    I’m a Chicago girl at heart–vote early and often!

  29. Hahaha!!! I have to tell you I read the whole thing but the best part was the little gem at the bottom about Tay role playing as Rob. That’s priceless stuff right there. 😀

  30. I’m sorry but I personally don’t believe that that is Rob. I don’t believe it. lolz. I’ll ask him my self. See if he even comes on this site.

  31. god you hot!! if we could have you our dreams would come true babe . we just like to know when you lost your virginity dont worry if its young or old we dont care 🙂 i cant wait to see you in new moon with no top on im getting hot and wet just thinking about it although it would be so much better if you were next to me in my bed we would have the time of our lifes and boy so would you 😉 id ride you backwards baby. im everything you want and if you give us the time we WILL prove it – we would suck you dry !

    hope my cristmas list comes true and i end up with you ! i can be whatever you want …. up to you
    with loads of love and kisses from your number 1 fans
    becky and savi xxxxxxx

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