Posted by: themoonisdown | March 20, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Chi-town

Dear Edward

Sometimes I have to travel for work and while it’s fun seeing a new city it can be tiring and boring without someone to see it with, but since you’ve come into my life it’s been a lot more interesting to say the least… this week finds us in Chicago…


We got to Chicago O’Hair airport and it was like a scene outta Home Alone, minus the running and leaving a kid behind but ya know


We jumped in a cab and headed downtown to the hotel to get settled in


you decided to have a little fun while we waited in Chicago traffic


I wanted to see some sites so we headed to Navy Pier


Fast cars, motorcycles, boats, you name it you wanna drive it and fast


yup, we were far from home. 1,745 miles!


then we found some fun house mirrors… you looked normal. i did not!


lookin like a model next to one of those “love” art pieces


the sun was setting so we decided to hit the trails. since i’m a human it was time for me to eat


so we jumped in another cab and asked for a dinner recommendation. the cabbies must have been getting used to you and me by now, right?


So we ended up at Giordano’s which is apparently very famous… I’ll say the wait was over an hour!


Then it was time to NOM NOM NOM and seeing as you don’t actually eat real food and I’m a squosh on the lactose intolerant side I only had a little bit, but man was it tasty! So was the antipasto salad which was more down my alley.


at that point i was stuffed to overflowing and it was time to head back to the hotel and hit the hay while you watched me blog

Sears tower... economically priced clothing, not included

Sears tower... economically priced clothing, not included

Everytime I go someplace new I realize I really am a west coast girl at heart and even though Chicago may not be “my kind of town” as Frank Sinatra said it was still good times!

Where to next little eddie?

Where else has the Edward Action figure been?

PS TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!!!!!!!! DVD RELEASE! Who’s going to a party? Who’s hosting their own? As you know UC and I will be reunited and partying like it’s 1999 here in LA. If you’re around here let us know and we’ll see you out at the parties!
PPS of course we’ll be live tweeting the weekend! Follow us!




    AWww! I love you both, but Rob wins out every time ! πŸ™‚

    • The question doesn’t even arise … I sure know I’d go for handsome, bashful, sexy, thoughtful, hunky, intellectual, dashing, musical, hot, shy, witty, dazzling, self-conscious, sarcastic, endearing, brooding, cheerful, humble, ridiculously beautiful, adorkable ROB!!!

    • Truth – I’d take them both. Rob still wins first place though.

    • “His accent and his crazy hairdo get the girls swooning,” Kellan told Ryan

      Bahaha….Rob is so much more than that. (and they could choose a better Robphoto…just saying)

  2. wow – where did everyone go? Twitter? LMAO

    • Maybe it happened, maybe Rob met PE and the time/space continuum has been changed…

      • Mmmmmm…….take me to a time and space where it is all Rob all the time(in bed – fortune cookie style)……Mmmmmmmm……….

      • fine with me…show me the way to where ever they are. LOL!

  3. Here’s an interview I never saw. He’s so perfect

    • Said it was unavailable??

      • what is unavailable?

        • When I click on the link, it takes me to youtube but says the video is unavailable.

    • I love how he says “I died, its lame”….and that he would learn to speak French or play the piano for 3 weeks. *SWOON*…me too Robbie, meeee tooo….after we Eff’d a bit first. LMAO

  4. Soccermom said to say to everyone and that she hates missing out on LTR today (especially since it’s DVD day). She is out running errands and getting kids (and licking RobQ – she had to take copy with her). I’m updating her by text (her kids have helped her figure that out) so she can keep uptodate. (Next techno mountain for soccermom to climb – getting blackberry and teaching her how to get online with it – maybe even twitter??)

    • ah what a good friend you are, keeping soccermom up to date thru text!!

      • Like she gives me a choice?? LOL

        • HI Soccermom! Way to tackle the techno mountains!

          @ifonly – you 2 are so lucky to have each other! πŸ™‚

          • I know, we say that all the time – we are soooo lucky – double lucky too because we have our girls here too!

    • Say “Hi” to soccermom! At least she has her RobQ with her. If someony can make her get a blackberry and figure that stuff out it sure is our boy!

      • Soccermom waved back V

    • Yeah IfOnly- need you and Soccermom on Twitter!Stat!

  5. omg the vampires contacts look sooo cool in the borders video..i couldnt help but note that rob didnt have any in..hah..

    • Yeah, I liked them too. Think that will become a more popular trend? I know some girls who have actually worn the gold ones before – like 3 years ago, premovie. They looked really cool, like tiger eyes. Something I could never pull off though.

  6. This is old, but new to me:

    • “the girls I like I’m not allowed to have”…..Him and KStew so got it on. It makes me sad a little but seriously…”not allowed”….that screams underage sex with KStew…

      • I thought the same thing but didn’t dare to say it! There are so many reasons why she would be “forbidden terrain” for him…

        • mmm hmmm

  7. I wonder which girls he’s talking about “not allowed to have”

    • Obviously not any of us…..

  8. did you guys hear anything from monica? She is missing since she started reading i love la (or was it wide awake?). I hope she is not died!

    Monica!!! U out there? Thank you so much for sending the scans of the album! That was a lot of work for you! *hugs and kisses*

    • I haven’t seen her either 😦 I was wondering where she was at earlier. Those scans are awesome and I ❀ her forever for them!

  9. @V – haven’t seen her, Byrdie…I can’t keep track, there are a bunch of you that I haven’t seen in a while! 😦

    and Vogue, well she is gone for a few days 😦

    GENEVIEVE – we NEED some picture porn to liven up this place. Hook us up! πŸ˜‰

  10. SOOOoo many Robstacles to enjoy this weekend…I am giddy!

  11. I think Gen is trying to catch up post. I’ll help out til she gets her.

    • @CHC –you know how to get us with dirty bump and grind Rob–look at that all too knowing look on his face in the 2nd pic! Dirty boy! He needs a shower–with me!


  13. Hi ladies!

    Just finished catching up on all the posts….

    @V–good vid you just posted…just fuels our conspiracy more…hmmm…surely he was talkin’ about KStew after being warned of her age after the audition hotness that happened…But I guess she’s legal now.

    @TheRealRobzilla–was it you that was asking about Charlotte? I am in Charlotte.

    Anyone waiting like me to get the DVD from Target tomorrow morning?

    If yes, what time are you planning to show up? I don’t know whether to expect crowds or not.

    Love all of you!

    Dear PE,

    Looks like you had the best time on your adventure in Chicago! Get a nap in before your party celebration tonight…you know all the girls will be trying yo maul you….RAAWWRRR!


    • Hey SpunkMe! ❀ ya too!

      I live in Austria, so I ordered the DVD online. I guess it will take about 10 days until it arrives. 😦

      But I am secondhand excited for all you gals who get it tonight/tomorrow!!!



    • Rob,

      I know you need it … don’t restrain yourself … I’ll sacrifice myself for you.



    • Yummy!

  17. JAG this is for you-

  18. Good afternoon everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well, feeling better and getting ready for the weekend!

    Looks like PE was cutting it loose in Chi-Town…that pizza sure looked good!

    Any I must say, my panties went *poof* watching that little Borders media clip. Honestly, when he is just talking seriously, and not smiling or laughing, his eyes are just so insanely intense, boring right into you. GAH!!!

    And to everyone who has NOT read the Midnight Desire fanfic…DO IT! This is such an incredible read…both hysterical and erotic at the same time. You will find yourself poofing your panties one minute and them absolutely rotflpiyp the next. Good stuff!

  19. moon – I completely forgot to tell you how much I loved your letter/pics! PE is such a great travel buddy, I wish he would come with me, too!

    Lactose intolerance sucks, I’m in the club as well.

    moon/UC – have a blast together, make sure to document it all!!!

    • thanks!! i have a lot of fun taking him places and taking ridiculous pictures!

      we shall have TONS of fun this weekend! enjoy release day!


    • OMG. handporn and robcrotch. I am seriously holding myself back from licking the screen. I think if I saw him in person I would want to touch his hands…and suck on his fingers. Then move south…..*panting*

      • Get in line, sista!

      • and JawPorn too !

    • @V
      Would it be too early in the day for me to say that my first reaction to that picture was “oooo look at his thumb! He could seriously rub that on my magic button anytime!”


      • It’s never too early for Robtouchingmagicbuttonandalltheothersecretplaces!

    • What a glorious picture indeed.

      What kind of pants does he have on? They look…soft and touchable.

      • @Sass
        soft and touchable.


        I’m always thinkin’ hard and touchable myself…

  21. @V and Carter – You ladies are the best. In Gen’s absence, I can count on you all πŸ™‚

    @sass -love midnight desire too! πŸ˜‰

    • You can always count on us! πŸ™‚

    • that was all carrie, actually! she is the shit

      • Thanks Carter. Changed name back. Thinking people are confused by new name.

  22. Okay, I’m back from my RobQuest with NO RobQ…please add Chapters-Indigo to fkl and my small town suck a$$ walmart!

    Did get PE while I was out, so excited I almost tore off the side mirror on my SUV pulling into the garage. Hee hee

    • Can totally see the visual of being so excited that you almost rip the mirror off – totes been there. ha ha

    • JaG – don’t be sad! I don’t have my RobQ either … still have to wait about 3 weeks! And 3 weeks for the DVD!

  23. Do we know yet which release parties the cast is supposed to appear at? I read in comments yesterday that AH was supposed to announce it today? Anything new?

    I hate missing the good stuff! 😦

    • well since my crappy town is not on the list i have given up tracking the latest..

      • yeah, I hear you.

      • @Melissa

        Still lovin’ you for the Vampire kiss montage. I’ll be in debt to you forever…or until I get the DVD tomorrow anyway.” Smooch!

        I thought about that all day at work this AM. Friends kept saying “what is that look on your face about? what are you smiling about?”

        And I’m all like “what?” but really thinkin’ about our dirty Rob and his hand up the shirt grabbin’–notice I dihn’t say KStew…

        • hahahahahhah…

  24. Hey guyssss! I don’t like that everyone is over at Twitter & here now lol I have to keep scrambling back and forth. Anyway.

    Check Access at 4:30pm EST (in and hour and a half) for the listing because that’s when they update the page for today’s show:)

    I’ll be popping in and out for the rest of the night! xoxoxox

    • Ah JBell, you’re a jewel! Thanks for the AH update πŸ™‚

    • I am not over on Twitter too much, I only occasionally pop in, I must be too much of a windbag, trying to keep it under 140 is tough! lol

    • listing of where the cast will be?? please email or tweet us whatever they say on access hollywood! PLEASE you rule

    • thanks JBell. you always have the inside scoop 8)

  25. I just got an email from Borders that my DVD shipped yesterday!! Squeeep!

    • YAY Sass!!!

  26. Hiya girls- Did I miss anything?

    @UC & Moon- Hope you gals have a terrific time together this weekend (with Rob)! *wink*

    @Carrie- Thx for those pics! Love those ones! woo hoo!

    @JAG- at Chapters this morning- no ROBQ but did find the RP album (also a good find!!)
    Holy smokes girl- keep that mirror on ur car! LOL!

    & the ‘piece de resistance’- Ashley accepted my request this morning on Twitter and she is following ME! Yay!

    • no one will let me follow them, I’m too much of a Perv hee hee
      gotta be me!

      • I’ll follow you anywhere JAG! *smooch*

      • back at u babee *smooches*

  27. @JAG, This is almost getting comical!
    I just returned from lunch and can’t even open media fire here at work. Blocked by internet security. Those bastardos! I feel so bad, you are working so hard for me and nothing works. 😦
    Thank you though!

    • @Jena- just think of all the great stuff you get to see when ya get home!!!
      (postive thoughts right?)

    • Don’t worry someone went there & downloaded the file…5 times…it’s not a wasted effort.

      • WOOHOO! Ayden came to my rescue and emailed it to me!
        (THANK YOU!)
        But I have to wait until a co-worker of mine
        leaves before I can view it.

  28. I still can’T figure out how twitter works. If everyone has their own site at twitter how do people communicate?

    • @V

      I second that–of course I haven’t checked out any of it yet. I need to read what Mrs. P sent me first. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend…

      • @V and @SpunkMe – You follow people, they follow you back, and then you can chat back and forth pretty easy. Join, then follow me (@joebendesigns) and JBell (@MsJBell) and you can see how we work it.

        Of course, there are a bunch of other LTR ladies on there as well. I’m sure we can help you figure out who they all are.

        Plus, I wrote this a few weeks ago to try and help explain Twitter:

        • Amber – I know what you posted about twitter, I read it several times actually, thanks so much! I think I’ll just have to sign up and start following you and the others.

        • @Amber

          Thanks! Yeah, that’s the thing MrsP sent me–what you wrote. need to take time to read. How do you keep up with Twitter and this? LTR takes all my time! I barely have time for reality aka my family and life outside this laptop.

          • @SpunkMe – Twitter is easiest if you download an application to monitor. At work, I use Mozilla so I have an add on called TwitterFox. It’ll send lil pop ups each time I have new stuff on my Twitter.

            At home I use TweetDeck, which has alerts as well, plus you can divide people into groups (so I have an LTR group for the ladies on here that I follow).

            Once you get it, it really is alot of fun.

            @V – Sorry to push the blog. That is the only way I feel like I can explain Twitter to newbies.

        • Amber – I didn’T mean that you were pushing the blog! Sorry if it sounded like that. I’m so glad that you wrote that blog for all us technotards. I just feel like such a moron because I had to real it several times to get the gist.

        • Amber – I didn’T mean that you were pushing the blog! Sorry if it sounded like that. I’m so glad that you wrote that blog for all us technotards. I just feel like such a moron because I had to read it several times to get the gist.

  29. hello ladies!!!!!!!!!!

    im thinking im not really in here…been awake for the last 15 hours.. and most of it reading wide awake….oh wow is all i can say….no wonder monica hasnt resurfaced yet,that stuff is addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    re: twitter
    so ashley didnt add me yet,just kellan.any of u ladies got to follow ashley?i sent out the request last night,so far,nada until now.

    • Nope, I haven’t heard from either. I may request Kellan again. I even tried sucking up by making some KellanPorn. I think I may be too Pervy. *grins devilishly*
      At least if they aren’t following me I don’t have to edit myself.

      • hmmmmm…he has to approve!!!!!!!!!!! he totes love pervy girls * evil grin* im listening to his radio interview right now and you can tell this girl lurves girls .period.

        • WTF??? this girl lurves girls???i totally made kellan bat for the other team!LMAO!!!! im sorry kellan fans,i need to get some sleep LOL

          • Sleep underrated…Kellen NOT!
            Just picked up some sominex, need to snap out of my Robsomnia.

    • Wide Awake is serious Twicrack!! You feel like you are part of the story in a way b/c you empathize with the characters when you feel like a sleep depraved zombie! But it’s soooooo good!

  30. just got a text from brummielover, in reference to rob, and i quote “he is just a man”……………for shame, for shame, my own flesh and blood..

  31. Check the sticker out! haha!

    • hahahaha!!!!!! yeah i thought that was funny!!!! definitely not for the faint of heart!

    • omg…too funny

  32. I’m still working on the Robisms part 2 and its pretty damn funny, you guys are so witty. Please keep them coming…
    Also, who has the cream of cullen graphic? I’d like to put it on that post & I’ll credit u and link to your blog if u have one.

  33. New news or old news? Oh well here it is anyways

  34. i feel crazy trying to keep up with the comments, the tweets, all the news and rumors flying about, my mom calling me to tell me she found GQ!! AHHH!!!

    count down to UC – 8.5 hours!!!!!

    ps update us if any locations are revealed por favor!

    • will do our best boss!!!!!!!!!!!! *hug*

  35. Shoud I take PE out of the box…afraid of what I might do to him.

    • @JAG- go for it! PE prepare yourself! LOL!

  36. @JAG if you will link me the mediafire link, I’ll download and email it to Jena so she can watch it.


      • Sending it now! Thanks!

        • we are the BEST enablers at LTR!

          • Thank you! When bitchy co-worker leaves
            I’ll watch it.

            Is there any way to do the same thing with
            the vampire kiss montage? I know, I ask for
            too much, LOL!

  37. Ash likes pervs, I’m in!

  38. Kellan like the pervs I am IN!

    • Woo hoo JAG! See ‘good things come to those who wait’!!!!

      • I didn’t wait I poked them both…

  39. kellan let me follow him. guess i didn’t throw him off with the whole perv comments on twitter

    • ps how do you request on twitter for someone to follow you?

    • you can’t request someone to follow you – they have to push the button to follow you.

  40. Haha JAG go us

  41. Just asked Ashley which Borders DVD release party she is going to. Who knows maybe she will answer. πŸ™‚

  42. woohooo,ashley aprroved me!! did u read that tweet..that she is preggers w kellan’s baybay?some mofo tweeted her that

    • Yeah, She responded to it earlier. ALso finished One Silent Night. It was good. Need more Ash. After reading his book all the other books are kinds boring. They are good just don’t have enough details. Trying to read the Dream Hunter book now. Still need to send you an email about Ash’s book. Need to have an in depth discussion with someone about.

      • i just wish that sherrilyn will write nicks story already! btw,im following nick,acheron,simi,savitar,jaden,sherrilyn kenyon,and stryker on twitter.LOL i have issues,LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I am sure she will write Nick’s story. She has to.
          WHAT!!! They are on Twitter. Must follow. On it now.

    • the dream hunter series are good too.

  43. Squeep! Kellan just let me follow him too.

  44. OK, just got the email from Kellan too! woo hoo I’m IN!

    @Carter guess I pushed the right button after all LOL!

    @Carrie- just saw that! There’s a funny Dutch saying about ‘You have NO already, YES you can still get’. Hmmm, hope that makes a bit of sense. LOL!

  45. I had to watch that 4 sec AssCandy vid again…mmmm yea

    • didnt you just feel the need to grab that ass?????? i know i did.really really baddddddddddddddd

      • the freeze frame ass shot oh yea!

    • Where is asscandy vid. need link STAT!!

      • It’s the 4 sec vid on my blog of the behind the scenes kiss, i’m sure you’ve seen it.

        • Oh!! Thought there was a video of just Rob’s azz. That would be pretty awesome. I have seen the one on your blog.


  46. @Carrie Thank u so much for the link to the Rob as the Principal photos…mmm I’m hot for teacher!

    • You are very welcome. I know they are your fav. I am def hot for teacher as well. I think I might need to make a poster of Teacher Rob.

  47. @Amber or anyone

    On signing up for Twitter do you use the same User name you use here or does that not have anything to do with your name on Twitter? Like do I use SpunkMe so you know it’s me?

    • You can use Spunk me or you can use something totally different. “Carter.hearts.rob” is my LTR-specific name haha.

      • ok trying to figure it out–feeling like a moron here…

  48. Hey girls! Real life had to take over for a while! :)LOL! Gotta get some cleaning done, play with the kids, etc.

    Kellen is following me and I am following him! WOOT! πŸ™‚ Loving Twitter today, they are off the FKL’d list!

    • Ditto Kristen! C U later!

  49. I have forgotten to eat again today…
    Back in a flash!

    • I just realized the same thing! LOL

      • Do what I do (eat and LTR/twitter it at the same time)!

  50. ooh…new rob word!! wish i had that then i wouldnt have to work my ass so hard at the gym! honestly going to go blind watching twilight while running on the treadmill on d screen of my ipod,greenish tint and,who cares?as long as i get to see his hotness,im happy

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