Posted by: themoonisdown | March 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight – It’s RPattz, Bitch!

Dea LTR girls-

By now UC and I have been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct (punching 13yr olds) in a public venue (borders) or have abducted Rob and will never be seen or heard from again… If anyone has bail money or a connection at US customs hit us up. Otherwise we loved you and our time together please send mail in care of Big Bertha’s Bitches: Moon and UC at the California State Pen.

Just in case, I thought I’d leave yea with my newest favoritest video find… I describe this one as Girl Talk (hit those both up, trust me you will thank me!) meets Twilight. ENJOY!

Themoonisdown (aka Bertha’s newest ho)

PS enjoy your dvds!

PPSSSSTTTT… visit LTT for the Twilight video


  1. […] in case, I thought I’d leave you lovely pals with my newest favoritest video find (besides the Rob one)… I describe this one as Girl Talk (hit both those links up, trust me you will thank me!) […]

  2. We’ll be sending a cake with a nail file later today.

    • G’morning! Are you up already or not down yet?

      • Up already. We got a couple hours sleep but the blue ray called…..

        • πŸ™‚ I can hear my DVD screaming my name all the way across town. I hope you and Soccermom have a fanf*ckingtastic day!

          • Are you getting yours from Target also? Wake up DH and make him drive you there stat.

          • B&N. Trying to get DH up. He mumbled at me. I hear snoring again though so I may have to start jumping on the bed and squealing like a fangirl.

            I so need to go get my license!

  3. Will mail decent underwear! Don’t want standard issue shiz to choke you!

    Need breakout planned?

  4. UC and Moon – Well, you two must have had a great time last night to land yourselves in jail! As soon as all the other LTR gals are awake, we’ll start a collection to get you girls a good attorney.

  5. @Jena How was the Hastings shindig? Have fun? Are you feeling better?

  6. Good morning ladies!! @ moon and UC…. Hope u two had fun!! So did u get to meet Ashley ????

  7. Will send you smokes & tootsie rolls to trade in Pen for Robephernalia!

    It’s going to take me forever to catch up on the tweets & I still have to go out and pick up my DVD.

    Where did all the stars end up last night anyone know? I woke up & found my toothbrush on my keyboard LOL

  8. “I woke up & found my toothbrush on my keyboard.” That’s too funny. I woke up Friday mroning sitting staight up on the couch with laptop in lap. Drink blogging and twittering is not good. πŸ™‚

    I am so tired. JBell you are my hero you made it til the end.
    Moon @ UC. will send you sigs to use for trading. At least u have each other in the big house. I am sure you can plea temporary Rob insanity.

    • where were the stars last nite, I’m still wading thru the tweets?

  9. Awh, ladies! I’m so impressed that you had a post up and waiting for us with that late night you must have had! What a treat!

    DH is an atty with the DOC. Maybe I can get him to pass on a few tips for how to survive the joint. πŸ™‚

  10. wow – Moon and UC…totally make a shank out of your toothbrushes. It worls every time!

    Hi Girls! A quick hello from me, off to yet another dance competition today and then a retirement party tonight!

    I am TIRED. and the ole noggin and pounding around a bit but I will make it. Last night was special. I’ll never forget our time together. πŸ™‚

    See you all tonight! *blows kisses and winks at al my LTR girls*

  11. Did rob show up on any release party/s ?

  12. @Carrie James McAvoy does it for me toooooo!

    • Yum Yum want me some. πŸ™‚

      • Me too! He was my latest sweetie before the insanity know as RPattz.

  13. @ carrie, ur toothbrush is blogging too??!!!

    • No that was JAG toothbrush. I was just drunk blogging and twittering.

  14. UC and Moon – You gals are my heros. I’m so impressed with the amount of dedication shown by the ladies here.

    Had a lot of fun last night but passed out around 1:30. Dh took me out to dinner last night and plied me with lots of drink. Note to self: When you are 31 you can’t start drinking at 7pm and expect to make it through the night. You are not in college anymore. Start MUCH later in the evening.

    I got my DVD last night from Blockbuster. There were some strange people out last night. One tween danced past me singing “Twilight, I love Twilight.” Um, bartender, I’ll have what she’s having. Freak!

    The Twimoms were out in their pj’s and bathrobes. Fuzzy slippers included. Some people dressed up. I had a good laugh at all of their expense.

    I say we all get together for the premier in LA. We would have such a great time. We’d end up in jail, but a great time would be had first.

    @Jbell – I do have IRL friends, but you guys are way more fun!!! I’d totally be your support group if you had reconstructive surgery.

    I’m off to shower and head to Target to get the real copy of the dvd.

    Bye Lovahs!
    *singing Celine’s “Cause I’m your laaaady. And you are my”, um, laaaaadies.

    • TRR: I with you on meeting in November in LA. We must make it happen!

  15. @Carter you either have a lot of new followers after last nite *coughcouhgpervscoughcough* or some dropped off. LOL
    Your tweets were so funny ❀ u
    I had one follower I did not know bail last nite after all the fray! heehee
    Aint no Shame in the Game!

  16. Popping in to say Hi!!! DH is in shower, we’re having a good visit.

    Miss you guys!! Talk tomorrow! Have fun watching your Twilight vids!

  17. Okay, was anyone else’s first thought this morning “I am so excited for the LTR convention?”

    By the way, we need a sexier word other than convention. This is not going to be like “Actuaries of America” or anything.

    But anyways, that was my first thought. I think either we do it for the ACTUAL premiere of the movie, and go scream wildly inappropriate things at Rob while he’s on the red carpet, or we have it somewhere else for the days that it comes out in theaters. Thoughts on the matter?

    @JAG, yes I have a porn star following me after last night. Might have been the f-word I dropped so casually every tweet. Hmmmm. the porn star makes me feel violated so I blocked her. Why do I feel guilty now?

    @soccermom and ifonly – can i just say that I heart you two sooooo much after reading your texts yesterday?! you are coming to the convention right?

    @kristin good morning lover! when i rolled over this morning your shirt had ridden up above your bra but because we’re fake lesbos now i don’t care.

    Ok, have to get some work done and clean the house in prep for the party today!!! so excited. will check back later… smooches!

  18. I didn’t have to go out to the freaking store for the DVD!!!

    I wake up to get the mail and Netflix kindly sent the movie on DVD to me. They work fast! Opened iTunes as well and am downloaded the HD version of the movie and extra features as I type this. Sweeeeet!

  19. Morning Ladies!

    I can’t believe I totally fell asleep at like 10 PM last night (by accident) while putting my daughter to bed! I guess all this chatter til 2-3 AM the last couple weeks finally caught up with me at the wrong date!!!!! UGH! I’m so mad I wasn’t on here with you guys last night! So my apologies for missin’ all the fun!

    Good news, I have my Target DVD in hand! I was first to arrive at my Target in the dark with my Starbucks! I looked like such a stalker sitting in my car! More cars showed up by opening time–about 50. Still nothing like I thought it could be.

    Now, my friends made me swear not to open it until this afternoon when we get together! Sometimes I hate my friends. I.AM.DYING! And I can’t cheat they’ll know I ripped the plastic stuff and stickers! UGH!

    So, I felt a little naughty on the way home from Target while I drove home with the DVD stuck in my lap……between my legs! Ahhh! To have Rob right where I want him!

    Now, I am forced once again to do the family thing today–some kite flying festival with my parents at their subdivision! Let’s see??? Kite Flying or Robwhoring? Kite flying and family time or Robwhoring and LTRing???? DUH! Obviously you know where I want to be! D*mn! I sound like such a bad Mom/Wife/Daughter! I guess I’ll suck it up and put on a happy face and try to enjoy so I keep at least one step ahead of that being true.

    So, probably won’t be on too much today! I’ll try to check in some, but will mainly have to wait until tomorrow! Love you guys and hope you are all having a wonderful time today with your DVDs.

    I’ll leave you once more with some favorite things to enjoy (already posted these yesterday, but why not have another looksee?)…

    First because it’s so well…Robalicious yummy to watch him go….

    and second because we know they are not just “friends”. They must think we are blind and/or stupid….

    @SM it’s also for you so I can reply back to your comment about the end..Wicke comments that she thought they really looked like a couple at the end; like they were really supposed to be together (she says it to Rob and KStew)…who start giggling. When Wicke asks “What, you guys?” Rob murmurs “Nothing.” and then Rob and KStew giggle again….Hmmm….

    Third, because this one is just all about our Man for his role of Edward and New Moon and I love the song too….

    And lastly, just some eye candy cause I can’t resist the Rome pictures of Rob…

    Dear Rob,

    I hope you can handle the amount of Robgasmic energy that is shooting your way this weekend from around the world! The amount of wetness you create could fill an Olympic size swimming pool. Oh h*ll, it would probably make the world a whole new ocean! Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful.


  20. good morning ladies,
    i lurked on here and twitter til just after 3am (even tho i had said good nite etc).

    @sherin, it appears that Rob was not at any of the parties, neither was kstew or taylor. there’s a rumor floating that rob might be going to his friend’s show in vancouver tonight.

    i will be in and out today, lurking.

    i haven’t received word from target yet about my dvd shipping…

  21. LOL

    Must watch if you twitter

    • thanks that was FUNNY! loved it! I am a twitterholic but it was ohhh sooooo true lol

  22. On it MOON and UC…calling everyone I know…collecting money for bail! Hang tight and ummm maybe sleep with one eye open…just in case.

    • when are our dvds coming?? i feel so left out

      • that was @brummielover btw

  23. So robbie didn’t go to any of d parties huh? well good for him,he’s prolly busy training for that six pack I know we r gonna see at NM . he can’t be looking like a wuss next to those wolf boys.

  24. @JAG ur bump and grind vid got shout out

    • Squeeeeeee PattinPervs Unite!

    • and I just got a shout out from FakeRpatz too!

  25. @Carrie- Good times last night (that’s fo’ sho!)
    ps really want to go get that new PJ today
    still have to go get my Twi dvd @HMV

    • It was good times fo sho. Drunk twittering is funny. πŸ™‚
      Me too. I did find the cd online. I downloaded it. I will still buy the super duper deluxe addition. But will have to wait a bit.

  26. Good morning ladies!
    JBell and I kept each other company last night texting each other as I hit the spots here in town.
    I ❀ you for that!

    A friend of mine works at Blockbuster so I went to their party at 10pm. Nobody but me, my friend, her husband (who’s a unicorn), 3 of her co-workers, 1 16 year old and I were there. It was pretty sad. The 16 year old latched onto me and would not shut up. I was nice to her though, LOL!
    I got suckered into buying a massively large framed art photo of Edward, you know the painting like kind that has that rough matte finish. I have no clue what I’m doing to do with it but it’s mine and I love it! I also got a free poster of Edward up against his car (it must be the locker sized one that everyone was talking about) and my friend gave me a pin that says “Edward is a VILF” LOL! I left there around 11:15pm to go to Hastings which is where I pre-ordered my dvd.
    I had to go alone because my friend who was going to go with me is sick. When I got there it was mayhem, could barely get through the door. Everyone was up front and the manager was standing on top of a counter yelling out questions. “Where did Robert and Kristen audition?” I yell out “Catherine’s” and he said “can you be a little more specific?” I yelled out “Her bed!”…..I won stupid 12 year old hair clips for that. LOL! Ended up running into my sick friend’s sister so that was good. They had a costume contest (no pics JBell because only two people participated and their costumes were so 2nd hand embarrassing it wasn’t worth it, LOL!). They had food and then at midnight we got our dvds. I got a free Twilight watch with mine. I came home and showered and then watched the special features. NOTE: The vampire kiss montage and the Edward playing piano is NOT on the 2-disc edition. It is only on the Target one. But I think most of us knew that already.

    I was in bed by 3am. I am only up because I forgot Coldplay tickets went onsale at 10am this morning and at 11am I realized “OH SHIT!” I forgot…so I flew out of bed and ran to the computer and got the best tickets I could find on ticketmaster. Damn, I could have been closer had I done this an hour ago.

    Whoa, you gals went over 1,000 comments last night! Did Moon and UC have luck with Ashley? I will go through comments later because cold is worse and I’m going back to bed. Chat with you lovelies later.

  27. Carrie, I’m laughing histerically at your toothbrush on your keyboard, LMAO!

    • I just passed on my couch with laptop in lap. Was really confused when I woke up. I was like WTF was I doing last night.

  28. Oh wait that was JAG who commented on the keyboard, LOL! Sowy.

  29. Oh and the funny thing, that 16 year old at BB, her name was also Jena, but she spelled it with 2 ‘n’s. LOL! OK, I’m really going back to bed now.

  30. *I don’t see nothin wrongggg with a little bump and grinddddd…*

    @Moon/UC – I honestly have nothing to say, seeing as how I always say the same thing over and over again. You both rock my world!

    @TRR – I have IRL friends too; I think? I can’t really remember. I haven’t seen them in so long since I’m always at work and on here. But you will definitely be my first Tweet when I am having reconstructive surgery! LOL

    @Jena – πŸ˜€ It was fun keeping everyone updated and in-the-know! Sorry I couldn’t text ya and let you know that Rob was showing up at your Hastings though. lol You’re late night partying all this week is making you sick(er), but it’s soooo worth it right?? Yep, I know it is! Lay on the couch all day and watch the DVDs until they melt; FEEL BETTER!!

    So, I stayed up and stuck it out with UC until about 5am, since we’re both east coast girls. I just couldn’t go to sleep until I KNEW that they had met the BFF. Then I stayed up until 7am watching the special features/extras from iTunes. It has everything on it – lit’rally EVERYTHING – EXCEPT the commentary.

    I have decided I will DIE before I get my Target version in the mail. I never got an e-mail confirmation from them saying it had been mailed either – anyone else? Amber? I’m gonna go get it from the store today, but I was just wondering. πŸ™‚

    lmao Last night was crazy fun and hilarious. I could hardly keep up with everyone. November – LTR Convention – LA New Moon Premier – I’m there! Will be doing some serious research this weekend and into next week for plane tickets and hotels. True effing story.

    • o0o!! Just got my 2nd RobQ from eBay in the mail!! Keeping it in the priority envelope for-ev-errrr.

      Okay, I really gotta get the day started! (Now that it’s almost 1pmEST) Showering and what not. It’s such a tough life.

      Chat at ya through the day!

      • Nothing from Target here either…waiting..chirp chirp chirp..waiting

      • Hey FYI I just got an email from Target saying it shipped..3-5 business days…Oh well guess its back to watch movies. net till then lol

  31. @Jena – sounds like you had a good night. Did you happen t see my rant last night regarding the vampire montage and Borders? You are correct. You won’t find vampire montage, Edaward’s piano , beoming Bella,becoming Edward, or Bella’s lullaby remix video on the two disc DVD. You will have to have the 3 disc edition DVD or 2 disc BluRay from Target.

  32. Beat the crap out of the 13 year olds in scavenger hunts at Borders.
    Its okay.
    I need bail too.

  33. Twitter Rocks! Nuff said!

    …and that video was Gooldd….video Gooldd!

  34. omg that vid. the tool time reference? AMAZING.
    the best part is watching it from moon’s bed.

    good morning ladies:) feels weird to say that at 2pm ET.

    pictures from last night to show up sometime soon!!!!!

  35. Holy crap. I just HAD to open the Priority Envelope with my 2nd RobQ in it and guess what? lol

    I cut open the Priority Envelope to pull out something in a sealed white mailing bag sandwiched between to pieces of cardboard. I toss the cardboard aside and cut open the white bag to reveal RobQ already wrapped nicely in a clear plastic bag!!

    This woman KNEW I needed to keep this thing in MINT CONDITION. lmao

  36. hey there peeps – Glad to see UC surfaced! Can’t wait to see the photos from last night (or early this morning rather). I was thinking AG slept over at Moon’s house too, right? Don’t let SM DH know – he might be all shades of jealous!

    Off to gymnastics meet and a little Target stop along the way. Catch you later!

  37. Can I just say I’m insanely glad I preordered my DVD? Got to B&N this morning to pick up copy (was second there. Not a tween in sight!) and told the guy I had preordered. I checked out the display while he retrieved my copy. 32.99 if not preordered. For the 2 disc version. You can get the awesome 3 disc shiz at Target for less than that!

    And they finally FINALLY had RobQ for me! WOOHOO! DH totally laughed at me for taking it into the restaurant for breakfast. I didn’t even care! I have RobQ! πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I tore into the movie as soon as we got home. DH watched it with me again. I think he secretly loves the movie. That’s the third time he’s watched it.

    Sparkle FX are brighter and worse in HD. Made Robward look like he had glitter stuck in pock marks. It was sad 😦

  38. I am so blissed out right now…

    The mere thought of Rob coming up behind me, grabbing me, shoving his hand up my shirt, clamping down on my neck, and dragging me to the ground is enough to make me quiver to the very core of my existence.

    *back to viewing*

    • hahah yeah its pretty freaking amazing in the weirdest way.

  39. NEW PICS
    from Japan Magazine… or something. I’m not sure. I didn’t read any words, was too entranced by man…

  40. What’s the scoop on Kristen appearance? Did she make one or can we now safely compare Kristen chick on Twitter to X on Robsessed?

    • No Rob, KStew or TayTay appearances. You are now free to safely compare πŸ˜€

      • Sweet! Publicly making fun of stupid people is almost as good as pointing and laughing at stupid people πŸ˜‰

  41. as someone who has a disorderly conduct or two under her belt i have to say i wish i had gotten them for punching out screaming fan girls hah..glad you made it to LA safely UC! have fun this week you guys!!

  42. So, I was standing in line at Blockbuster… quarter to 12, with a bunch of twelve year old girls, fathers and mothers, a couple odd couples and awkward looking males. The mom behind me proceeds to start talking to me about her own daughters obsession with Twilight.

    She turns to me and asks ‘Are you here to pick up your copy for your daughter’

    I stare at her shocked…. and barly stutter out ‘No… no… I’m here for me.’ and blush insanely.

    I then turn around and think to myself, how old does this women think I am. I’m 23 years old, and she thinks I have a daughter old enough to read Twilight?

    All of the sudden I feel so awkward and… and I start thinking, do I look THAT old?!?!

    God! How will I ever get Rob in my arms if I look old enough to have a teenager daughter?

    • oh man..LOL..Rob likes older women so you should be in the clear!

  43. Daughter just texted me to say my Borders ‘Special Edition’ arrived at house. Better be some exclusive interviews on there or evil soccermom is goin’ off!

    • Immediately following the reading of that comment, I looked outside to see if the UPS/FedEX man came without my knowledge…

      He didn’t.

      • I am feeling your pain…Target and Borders online order…waiting ..sadly waiting. Oh the inhumanity of it all…………

  44. Just picked up my 3 disc Twilight @HMV. Woo hoo! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

    @JAG – Did you get yours too?

  45. @Moon & UC–please eat Sprinkles, drink Pacifico, and listen to Rob sing, “I don’t see nothing wrong…” while he sparkles.

    For me. In abstentia.


  46. *cricket* *pin drop* *cricket*

    hope everyone is enjoying their dvd’s

  47. Got DVD this afternoon! yay now waiting on the one from target to arive in the mail. i dont think it is supposed to be here untill like Tuesday or Wednsday.. but i will be out of town for a week so i will have to wait for a WHOLE week to watch everything else… hey thats okay though as long as i can watch robward i will survive!

    Hope everyone is having a great time witth their DVD’s

  48. ok,rob was at his friends concert in toronto last night??????????

    • Ya me and EP had to go rescue him from the slutties at the bar where he was drunk!! LMAO

  49. be back later have a kidde Bday party to attend!
    see you girls tonight!!

  50. I am so going to heaven.
    Spent 3 hrs in car to visit 94 yr old grandma. Didn’t get my 3 disc DVD until 5PM!!!!! oh and my 4 copies of RobQ.

    Exciting that Robsessed picked up my vid and FakeRpatz gave it a shout out wooohooo!

    They thought that it was racey I guess they haven’t seen the rest of the shizz on my site. LOL

    • i love how one comment on robsessed about ur vid….to all those girls who have had Rob before,presently, and in the future. I hate you, you lucky bitches…i LMAO on this.sooo true…………

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