Posted by: themoonisdown | March 19, 2009

Your one tragic flaw


wave 'em around like you just don't care!

Dear Rob,

This is a difficult letter to write because I’m discussing one of your flaws (yes, this will hurt similarly to when I made fun of your fugly shoes). I don’t quite have the best words to articulate what I’m feeling, so I’m going to let my friend say what I cannot. She sent 3 of us this e-mail after seeing this picture for the first time:

“He is an adorable dork. That face…oh, dear. And girls…he so cannot dance. I mean, not even if we were standing naked in front of him and said, “Dude–all 4 of us at ONE TIME–if you can break it down” we wouldn’t even be able to get an Electric Slide out of his self.”

Ever since the HQ version of this pic was posted, cries could be heard all over the world with phrases like,”he CANNOT get his groove on.” and “dude cannot dance.” and “WORST dancer ever!” and “This is his one tragic flaw”
Robbie? What happened? You’re British! Isn’t dancing like a requirement in order to graduate high school? I thought it ranked right up there after “how many spoons of sugar would the Queen take if she dropped by your home for some tea?” You’re high class! You did MUSICALS. How did this tragedy happen? (And are you wearing a PIECE on your head! Dear Lord!!?)


If you become a C-lister and Dancing w/ the stars comes calling- run the other way. You'll be kicked off week 1- guaranteed

Yesterday wasn’t all tragedy. Moon & I, of course, broke it down Vanity Fair style with two of our fav gals:

Friend #1: Rob is redeemed–look how high off the ground he’s jumping.
Friend #2: Umm…can you imagine Rob as they were instructing him what to do?
UC: he probably listened intently, just in case the Queen showed up
Friend #2: He is probably smoking in that picture where his face is obstructed.
Friend #1: he was shiizzzzzing himself.
Friend #2: That’s why they picked that pic. They couldn’t let the ciggy show.

Friend #1: have you seen the harry potter special features where he talks about having to dance at the ball? he HATES dancing. but dude did this…he knew he better.
UC: dude would LOVE grinding up on me
Friend #2: what about the mattress mambo? that’s sort of a dance

She’s right! The mattress mambo IS a ‘sort-of’ dance. And I bet you’re the Mambo-King!


PS: I have this crazy fear suspicion that your face in Pic #1 is your “O-face,” and I just wanna throw it out there that I’ll still do the mattress mambo with you. You can even throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care (as if you’re gonna have much control of yourself in that moment. I happen to kick ass at, uh,Β  dancing.)

Thanks, as always, to the fab four (I am in the fab four, so I just thanked myself), Robsessed for the HQ pics and JBell for the caption on the first pic!


  1. There are no words. I can’t even look at that picture anymore. It’s just sad and embarrassing. lmao He can’t dance, but at least he can jump right? Right!? That counts for something I’m sure. I mean, look at how GD high he jumps in the VF shoot with KStew where he’s showing off his karate skills…

    Also, I can only take credit for the icon I made with that caption on it; Ceri wad the one who gave me the idea when we first saw the pictures. πŸ˜€

  2. Dear Rob,

    we can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    Cause your friends dont dance
    And if they dont dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine
    Say, we can go where we want to
    A place where they will never find
    And we can act like we come from out of this world
    Because you’re one far behind

    We can dance

    We can go where we want to
    The night is young and so am i
    And we can dress real neat
    From out hats to our feet
    Then surprise them with a big trick ride
    Say, we can act if we want to
    If we dont, nobody will
    And you can act real rude
    And totally removed
    And i can act like an imbusil

    Say, we can dance
    We can dance
    Everything’s outta control

    We can dance
    We can dance
    We’re doing it more and more
    We can dance
    We can dance
    Everybody look at your hands
    We can dance
    We can dance
    Everybody’s taking the cha-nce
    It’s safe to dance
    Oh well, it’s safe to dance
    Yes, it’s safe to dance

    We can dance if we want to
    We’ve got all your life and mine
    As long as we abuse it
    Never gonna lose it
    Everything will work out right
    I say, we can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    Because your friends dont dance
    And if they dont dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine

    Sincerely, Brummielover


      @UC I think we’re only going to have to wait until Little Ashes to see his O Face.

  3. We need a video of possible “O” face photos….

    • ooo good idea.

      • yes yes, labtwerd is brilliant. That will purge that image from our minds like a good brain enema.

  4. When I read the part about “O face” I nearly spewed my coffee all over my computer screen. I think I even woke up my kids I was laughing so hard.
    Sad to say I really don’t care if that’s his O face – I’d take it. And big deal he can’t dance – all he has to do is lay there and take if I have any say in the matter.

  5. Morning Ladies, I looooove this post. I was so second hand embarassed when I saw that first picture & almost grateful his face was covered on the second picture.
    i still love him, ’cause you all know my love has nothing to do with being able to dance…vertically anyway. *grins wickedly*

  6. Hmmm…it’s a weird pic…kinda funny and dorky and weird and cute…in a way.
    Speaking of Harry Potter special features, just got done watching that last night…all of it…so young and boyish…he sure can leap…and did you guys see the smack he gave to “Cho Chang?” i got a teeny bit green there. He can “waltz”…and I remember him doing a “weirdly funny” dance as Dali…and he can totally jump higher than that…Vanity Fair shoot…doing karate, if I remember correctly…
    LOL – is he smoking from his nose then? or am I missing something…
    You guys are too funny…keep it up!

  7. That was a very complicated shot and I think that Rob was “posed” that way. If you had everybody just being free to do what they wanted, they’d never get a great shot. Just my opinion.


    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again……there’s so such thing as Rob taking a bad pic; it’s bad photographers.

    • you’re always so supportive…he’d love that about u

    • I totally agree that it’s just the photographers.

      Dear Rob,

      I do photography on the side and I’m quite good, if I do say so myself. I would take amazing photos of you, never a bad one. And I’m ok with taking nude photos too. And I promise to only share the pics with the ladies here at LTR. πŸ˜‰

      Call me, we’ll set an ‘appointment’.


    • I agree here! Rob could never take a bad picture!

  8. “we wouldn’t even be able to get an Electric Slide out of his self.” —hahhahahah..

  9. You ladies are the funniest! Seriously.. This is the first time I have posted here, but I read everyday! I have never laughed more then I do, when I come here.

    Maybe the camera man is jealous of Your Rob and tried to the ugliest pic of him, which is impossiable, but found this instead. I bet he is a marvelous dancer…in bed.

    • dawn- thanks for reading every day and posting today!!!

      i KNOW he’s a marvelous dancer.. in bed (do you feel like we’re playing that fortune cookie game when you open the cookie, read the fortune and follow it with “in bed?” i do..)

      • hahaha! I’ve never done that but I think I may have to start!

        • ref: one tree hill

  10. Morning gals!

    I am HOPING they told him to throw his hands up like that and make a that face. Anyone else want to take bets that he fell over after they got the shot? He always falls over. Its so cute. He is leaning so far forward.

    The part about being “good at…uh…dancing” had me laughing out loud!

    @vogue – thats right sister, BAD photographers.

    @labtwerd – I would LOVE a Rob “O” face video! Someone get on that!

    @jbell – uuumm…vanity fair. I could look at those pics for HOURS. (and I have)

    @brummie – LMAO, I am totally singing that as I shake my bacon all over this kitchen this morning.

    • I have too, Kristin… I have too. *sigh πŸ˜€

  11. Yay, I just got an email that my Hot Topic dvd has shipped!

    Vogue, did you have trouble buying multiple copies of GQ yesterday? If I can’t get more than 1 at Hastings I’m gonna go ape shit!

    I want an “O” face vid! Oh yes! Oh yes!

  12. Oh Rob! We love ya, and after seeing those photos and the Zygote Rob ones….that means IT IS unconditional love! I was thinking we should say “nobody puts baby in the corner” but after further thought on RobΒ΄s dancing abilities, it might have been the best call!

  13. I agree with Vogue- he was told what to do.

    Only video would convince me that he has a flaw. (you don’t have video, do you? *cringes*)

  14. @vogue – I love that idea! Let’s blame the photag. I keep waiting for my hubby to find that pic and show it to me to prove that Rob is not the hottest thing since sliced bread.

    Oh well, as long as DH keeps yelling at me EVERY TIME the DVD commercial comes on, repeating the lines (last night, I walked in and he goes. “Say it, out loud.” Not quite as sexy as still Rob, but def caught me off guard) and overall, starting to be nice about the whole obsession, then he will get to stay towards the bottom of the FKL.

    Side note: Jubby was put on FKL for saying that Never Think was a horrible song, and that was before he knew it was Rob. Such a sad moment…

    • When my hubby heard “Never Think” he was like, “Who is this? They sound like they’re dying!” It was at that moment I knew I could never come out to him about my Roblove. He would never understand. πŸ™‚

    • My DH was put on my FKL when he refused to listen to the rest of TW on CD as I had him trapped in the car on vacation. We had just arrived at the meadow scene and Edward was ready to step out from under the trees being all beautiful and sparkly.

      Then last night I was telling him about the Last Tango scene and how it influenced the movie. He said he didn’t want the image in his mind and refused to listen. I’m screaming “Just let me Say It! Out Loud!” No luck. Back to my own little world of Robsession. Def on the FKL.

  15. Jubby = Hubby Where is that damn coffee? I can’t spell without it!

  16. LOL! I love it when the sig figs start getting in on it and be fun about it!

  17. This post was hilarious! I was wondering, too, if they were posed in the pic. It really does look that way. And then I was wondering why Rob got the weirdest pose out of all the guys?! WTF?! Poor fella. And that sweater vest. Oi.

    I wish I could keep up with all the comments and fun on here. My life just does not make it possible. But LTR is always my first stop on the information highway, whether I have time to comment or not. I love all the links you ladies post! Never a dull moment.

  18. Maybe, just maybe, they recroded this photo shoot, and then you can really break it down….you know, Vanity Fair style. But when and if you do, please share.

    I want to know if they were posed in that position or if they snapped action shots. And how did they describe to Rob what to do?

    Oh please let there be a video!!

  19. You know the more I look at it he was definitely moving in that first shot and I think maybe they just caught him at a bad time. (His left arm is blurry so he was at least moving that much and was probably in the middle of a yell or something)

    Like someone above said, you have that many people in the photo it’s not going to be the perfect shot of everyone, it’s just unfortunate it was Rob. Had this been taken after Twilight I’m sure they would have done him WAY more justice.

    I still think he looks adorable!

  20. Coffee & RobCrotch

    @Carrie got a comment on my blog about your RobCrotch wanted to share it with you

    That was hi-larious! I thought I was the only pervert focused in on his naughty party lol! I feel so dirty now.

    Another Carrie fan, I linked her to your YouTube account told her to follow you and watch for RobCrotch 2 in 3D. heehee

    • Thanks JAG. RobCrotch is taking the internet by storm. πŸ™‚ I know one day Rob will see video and be so impressed he will whisk me away to his secret hide-out. We will make sweet love all night long.

  21. RobQ is in. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!
    Matt wasn’t in. So sad. Asked if I could get more than one copy? “Sure we will sell you as many as you want.”

    Does anyone want me to get them one? I am getting 2 for myself and get extras for anyone else.

    • Of course today is the day that Matt isn’t there!! I feel like we should get him a card and everyone sign it… lmfao

  22. Good morning Ladies…
    Am I the only one to think the lamp over Rob’s head in Pic #1 looks like a halo??? How can this be? Maybe UC is right and it is because this actually is his “O” face!? OMR

  23. I will be singing Electric Slide for the rest of the day…
    “You can know it…it’s electric, boogie-woogie-woogie…”

    That is a boogie-woogie if I ever saw one.

    “I’m going on a body ride…”
    (That’s what she said.)

  24. @vanessaJ – I didn’t know this was AFTER twilight! wow!

    @JAG – coffee and robcrotch…what a way to start the day

    @steph and amber – my hubby would HATE my robsession, he already hates how much I LOVED the movie, etc. We can FKL the hubbys.

    @carrie – your robcrotch videos are legendary!

    • uh..I mean BEFORE twilight. I’m an idiot.

      • haha…it’s ok. I thought maybe I typed it wrong cause I’m known to do that often in the mornings. Not quite awake yet.

    • It was before Twilight was released, at least I read that somewhere. He wasn’t a ‘big’ star so that’s why he was in the back, according the article. If this would have been after the movie came out then I think he would have been more in the forefront.

  25. Anyone heard this yet? Rob will be at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards.
    I remember him saying in an interview for MTV he doesn’t like kids…LOL
    Must have been a joke, he’s too cute to be able to not like children!

  26. @junsikat – haha, didn’t notice that before. He is a god in his own right. The light couldn’t help but get a piece of that! πŸ™‚

    @leighanne – ROFLMAO! “I”m going on a body ride”…that is so going to be my new term for sweet lovin’……hehe!

    Dear Rob –

    You wanna go on a body ride? I promise to make it a nice and smooth journey unless you like it rough.

    Love, Kristin

  27. @Kristen – Read it here:

    “This photoshoot was done in May 2008 for a special Vanity Fair edition supposed to be titled “Movies Rock”, the edition didn’t happen so the pictures were shelved. Now that the West Side Story revival is coming to Broadway, VF decided to use the pictures.

    Camilla Belle and Ben Barnes are the headliners because last year (when the shoot was supposed to come out) had big movies, Camilla had 10,000 BC and Ben had Narnia.
    Robert Pattinson was not famous at the time so he’s in the background. Had the photoshoot been more recent. RP would have been front and center.”

    • *smooch!* Thanks πŸ™‚ It really is all about who you know in “the biz” huh? All these guys are friends…they do movies together. Actually I guess its like real life. You do things with your friends, people you know and it works out nicely especially if you are good at what you do.

      I don’t think the pics are that bad, I think he looks silly in the dancing one, but I think that was the point. Honestly, even if he can’t dance, I don’t see that as a flaw. I think if he was good at everything it would be a turn off!

      GOD i love this site. Moon and UC you guys seriously deserve to have a little sexy time with Rob. No where else is anything I just said above “normal” but here! LMAO!

  28. Alright ladies, I have a lot of work to do today if I’m going to bugger off tomorrow & stalk the local Chapters for my RobQ (@Gen thanks for the Mag update)

    1. Big News – had a big breakthru with MrJAG. I’ve been slowly reading I love La at night & then attacking MrJAG. He asked me what was up with the libido lately & I admitted my Obsession, I told him it was a TwiObsession (close enough). He said that if it gets him more sack time & more quality sack time…he will happily be an enabler YEAH Pocket Edward here I come. Okay so I didn’t admit my Robsession but I can put pix of Robward up now. baby steps

    2. Sorry I bailed on you last nite, was creating some RobQ porn GIFs, they turned out pretty good.

    3. read on last nights posts you wanted O face vid and something about his RobLumber size (I got lost on that one) This may overlap with RobCrotch so need more deets.

    Thinking about the pelvic thrusting vid from Planet Hollywood, definitely need to do somewthing with that, maybe short video of some kind.

  29. I am one step away from the Rob. Just got this email-
    Kellan Lutz is now following you on Twitter!

    • ooooh girl… now it is my goal to have him follow me on twitter!

      • @Lan what’s your twitter name?

        • angry_asian

          • I will follow you LAN!!! Mine is Dreamrevelry πŸ™‚

            JAG – what is your twitter name? Am I already following you? I suppose I could just go look!? LOL!

          • Late2thePartee hee hee literally!

    • I’m so jealous, I sent Kellen tweet request to follow him last night. Don’t know how that works, will I get an accept/reject notice or what.

      • He’ll accept. It took him a few days to accept my request.

        • Squeeeeeeeee I hope so. We still need to find someone who’s following ColdDesert aka Real Rob.

    • the easiest way to find people is to just type it into the address bar on the browser fill in the blank

      I’m: MrsP_ifurnastee

  30. Hey all, work is at it again, so I will be in and out as I can today. I woke up with a sore throat and can’t breathe out of my nose so if I’m getting sick I will throw a fit! Doesn’t the universe know that tomorrow is DVD day?!

    • drink tea with ginger and honey. it’ll help soothe your throat.

      feel better.

    • Lots of vitamin C, too! And as gross as it sounds, if you can hack lots of garlic (the fresher, the better), you’ll be right as a rain tomorrow. You’ve got a bunch of repressed, hormonal mommys here – we’re bound to offer some tips on getting you well again!

  31. @junsikat When I was 22 I didn’t like kids either, they always made me uncomfortable, I had no idea how to talk to or relate to them. I didn’t like to hold babies either. I’m better with kids now but even today the only kids I like are my own. LOL

    • I think it’s absolutely enough to like your own kids…And maybe the kids of good friends! Must admit I’m not so into children myself and as I watched that MTV interview I was secretly happy that he said this. I don’t dare anymore, ’cause people look your way very strange when you mention you don’t like children…at all πŸ™‚

  32. @JAG – meee tooo! I can handle close friends and familys kids for a bit, but the only kids I really like are my own. LOL !

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone, I always thought I was a little odd in that regard…
      I<3 Kristin

      • no, I love children, in small doses. My own, that is a different story. I could never be a teacher or a daycare person!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I am here with you…though we’re far away…. (haha, I so funny)

        • I was a teacher at daycare in college. It was hell. I’ll never understand why you would feed small children chili for lunch. Those were not fun diaper changing days.
          Robzilla and I were talking about the not liking kids thing the other day. We both agreed it would be weird if he said he liked kids. It would be odd for a 22 male to say he liked kids and wanted some.

          • I just spit my coffee all over my keyboard. You crack me up!
            Again, relieved to see I’m not alone.

    • i personally love children, from a distance. they make me smile etc. i don’t have the inclination for children or to be a mother.

      if rob never wants to spawn, i’m cool with that… but if he wants to pass on his genes and intermingle with mine, i’m cool with that too.

  33. WTF my tweets are disappearing again!

  34. Mark your calenders ladies.

    • YES! Can’t wait!!!

  35. And now it’s time for Thursday morning’s Deep Thoughts:

    Someone posted last night, that asking to follow people on Twitter is akin to asking to sit at the cool kid’s table in high school.

    I would like to point out that WE ARE the cool kids here. You guys are the coolest people I know. At the least, we are the most sex-crazed ladies with the most carnal knowledge and experience, and isn’t that exactly what makes kids cool in high school?

    Thanks for listening to my deep thoughts this morning.

    • this makes me feel a little better. i’m still biting my nails til i get the approval from Kellan tho.

      • Me to @Lan, I sent my request over last nite.

    • that was me!!! I know WE are cool, that is why I picked LTR as my “rob site”…there are tons of choices you know, but this site has it goin’ on! You ladies make my day, EVERY DAY!

      I was referring to asdking Kellan and Ashley to “be my friend” by asking to follow them on Twitter…because that kind of rejection…I don’t know if I will be able to handle it! LMAO!


      • I pink-panty-dropping love you Kristin!

  36. I refuse to call that a flaw! My Rob has no flaws … only quirky and endearing eccentricities! That pic’s obviously showing a clear and wonderful sense of enthusiasm and abandon … both great qualities, especially when doing something (anything) physical.

    This picture proves quite simply that Rob throws himself into something with no inhibition. Now picture it ladies, this would mean that he’d also be the type to roll onto the floor, lift you up onto the kitchen counter, swing from the chandelier … you get the idea.

    Nope, not a flaw at all. πŸ˜‰
    rationalize much … naw!

    • *that* is such a great perspective.

    • Give me a moment to enjoy the visual *RobFantasizing*

  37. Please add twitter to the FKL, my tweets are disappearing…*^&*^$%$$^%

  38. @JAG u are going to need a new computer soon. There is a lot of coffee spew on it. πŸ™‚

    • Coffew won’t kill hit however RobImageOverloadOrgasm may!

  39. Okay – time for real life for a bit. I need to shower, go to the store, start some laundry and get my to do list squared away! see you around lunch ladies! πŸ™‚

  40. Just called about the Nashville Film Festival. Can get tickets until April 7th. Anyone near that wants to go on road trip let me know.
    Nashville Film Festival
    Sunday April 19 at 7:00pm
    Oliver, Joe, Mike and Johnny attending

    • I’m in Nashville and planning on going too! Where are you coming from?

      • Atlanta. We will have to meet up and have a Rob Dinner Date. πŸ™‚

        • Definitely!! The theater is attached to a great mall with tons of really good restaurants (and The Cheesecrack *I mean Cheesecake* Factory). Do you twitter?

  41. zomg, i think our next vid will have to be “rob pattinson loves to dance” and he’ll be doing a super AWESOME electric slide.

  42. Going to get the RobQ. Be back in 24 hours. Going to need a little alone time with Urban Cowboy Rob pic.
    Note to self: Go to Kinko’s and see if they can make a life size poster of Urban Cowboy Rob.

  43. Alright, back to the real world…I’ll be lurking.

  44. The best part about Rob not being able to dance… are all the fantasies about the endless hours and hard work one would get to put into teaching him the fundamentals (and we all know that requires no shirt and a whole lotta touching!)

    @Jena- I hope you’re feeling better ASAP!

    @Carrie- No Matt? 😦 Good luck with the GQ hunt. Remember, elbowing tweens for Rob is absolutely within the bounds of acceptable behavior!

    @JAG- It’s probably messed up again. Mine did that the other day and then they all reappeared and all was well with the world again.

  45. @JAG – Twitter has been doing updates lately, so Tweets are disappearing and showing up late or not showing up at all. They fail. lol

    @ Everyone who is worried about Kellan/Ash following you – They will. I asked Ash about it and she said she would gladly accept the request of any LTR ladies that wanted to follow her! (I’m never gonna let it go; just so you know in advance. Hahah)

    • Haha did you tell her what LTR stood for?

    • i love that you guys are bffs. that gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  46. OK, G’Morning girls. Just wanted to say that I like this photo shoot (quite artful). The only thing wrong with it is that Rob is in the BACK- No no that is just WRONG. He should have been the MAIN ATTRACTION. IfyouknowwhatImsayin’

    @Jena- Hope you feel better! Sucks being sick.
    (will send positive thoughts your way)

    @JAG- No prob with the magazine update. How’s the ciggie vid coming along?

    @Carrie- your chilli/diapers comment! LMAO!

    About the ‘not liking kids’ comment-Vogue made an excellent comment about that the other day. In the jist of – he meant ‘kids’ as in the teenies. I’ll try to find her comment.

  47. Love the post today ladies! Rob’s vertical dancing skills may be suspect but I think we all know that his horizontal mambo rocks the house. Bow down to St. Mattress!

    @JBell: Thanks for the credit on Rob’s wave ’em arms. Your photo brought the idea to life though. *smirk*

    @Carrie: No Matt? Well, I guess you’ll just have to find out his schedule and stalk him. I mean you have to thank him in person for being soooo helpful, yes?

  48. This is kinda ironic- for someone who proclaims ‘not to like kids’. Hahaha!

    • i thought about that this morning. he has a fan base of kids. he’s gotta cater to them too.

      • Yup, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  49. Okay, so if the West Side shoot was in May 08, we should be thankful they even had Rob in it.

    Think about it, that was before ComicCon, they had just finished wrapping up the filming on Twilight, no one really knew who he was or that he’d become the IT guy. They did put in Cam too, but he’s covered up and doing a stupid dance pose too.

    And, you don’t have Zacquisha in there either. It would make sense for them to use him, HSM experience and all, but he’s not there.

    I hope they release the video of the shoot, then we might get to see more of Rob dancing his little heart out. Seinfield’s Elaine and her dance is coming to mind right now. Geeze!

    • have you noticed that the two main peeps, that camila chick and narnia dude… where are they now???

      forefront folk, not so popular today and yet in the far corner where they put our baby, he’s HOT AS SHIT NOW.

      how do you like them apples now?

      • Yep, no one gives a crap about them. Shoot, Ben Barnes (Narina dude) wanted in on New Moon even.

        I said the same thing the other day, “No one puts Baby in the corner” HA!

        I guess it just goes to show how fads are and people’s 15 min. of fame. I don’t think Rob is going anywhere, he’s going to solidify his rep with Little Ashes and he still has another few years with the Twilight saga.

  50. Hi lovely ladies!!! another great letter….. That reminded me of the bafta post party where rob supposedly danced w emma Watson? i really think those vf pics need to be re- shot- and they should put rob smack in the center!!! And re: twitter, kellan is following me n vice versa!!

    • HEY Sherin!! What is your and Kellan’s TWITTER name?? I’m emeseis!

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