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Dreams about Rob: A redneck wedding

Dear Rob,

Settle back for Story time with UC today:

“I reached into the pocket of my skirt (cause all cute skirts have pockets these days) to grab my cell phone & started to text @CalliopeBlabs & @Brookelockart, but before I could write a text, my cousin texted and invited me over for breakfast. I thought it was weird because #1- she just invited me & there was no way she could have known Mr. Choice had been out of town for the past 5 days and #2- she lives over an hour away. I’d never just up and go there for breakfast without planning ahead. So I texted her back and said, “Oh thanks for the invite! But I have plans for breakfast already” and then realized that text WASN’T from my cousin. It was from my friend who I DID have breakfast plans with. Her text had said something like “Coffee is on- come over when you get up” and I just told her I had other plans. So now I had to text back my friend saying, “No no no!! Ignore that last text. I’m crazy. I’ll be over in 10- just after I send Calliope & Brooke a text and then put my phone back in my cute skirt with pockets.” And then as I FINALLY got a chance to formulate my text for Brooke & Calliope, I realize my text no longer made sense. Because I was NOT where I thought I was. (I sent the text anyway):

Just danced with Rob at his and Kristen’s wedding reception in my aunt’s backyard in Huntington Valley, PA. (Well, I thought I did- but apparently I’ve been dreaming)

Yes, Rob, I did it. I FINALLY had my first dream about you. And it was glorious- I saw you fully, you swung me around on the dance floor and apparently you married Kristen under a tent that was set up off the side of a double-wide trailer. @BrookeLockart asked for more details:

slurp, slurp

Me: It was soooo vivid- I helped with all the plans of the day because Kristen was insecure & scared. There were tigers there too- ya know, at my aunt’s house in Huntington Valley. Rob was late because they had a bachelor party after the ceremony- of course. When he finally arrived he was riding my cousin’s motorcycle.  And to the reception Kristen wore red converse & that black cape @JaneTrigs had on when we went out to dinner last night.
We held hands- Kristen & I – clearly the dream means I’m supposed to be a Krisbian.
Also when Rob arrived we couldn’t find K so I grabbed his hand and ran thru the crowd helping him find her – we ran past the badminton courts- you know,  at my aunts house in Huntington Valley
Then we danced- Rob & I. And did a shot together. Then I saw Kristen & showed Rob where she was- they had a moment. (Clearly I’m pro-Robsten now)
Brookelockart -F*ck! You drank the kool-aid in your sleep! Nooooooooo. Look how you were so supportive!
Me-Haha someone poured it into my mouth- Calliope must have come over when I was sleeping. I was so jealous in my dream
Brookelockart -Of Rob because you now love Stew too?
Me– No jealous because after dancing with Rob & being smushed to him because of all the people, tigers & ex boyfriends of mine that were there, I heart him hardcore.

Yes Rob- you married Kristen in my dream (yes this was before the engagement rumors on Twitter Sunday before the elephant pictures in Budapest surfaced- I’m clearly physic.) Yes there were tigers in the backyard of my aunt’s suburban Philadelphia home. At first they ordered a bunch of tigers- small ones, big ones, black ones- because my aunt heard Kristen liked “Cats” and thought there’s nothing better than REAL cats at a wedding. But then at the last minute they canceled all by 1 of the tiger orders. But the tiger people delivered them all anyway. They were in cages around the house. There was a big one who wasn’t happy about being in a cage. My dad was trying to fix the cage, which was being torn to shreds by the tiger, with duct tape.

redneck photoshop job for a redneck wedding

I don’t remember much about the ceremony- (except it’s beautiful location off the side of a double wide trailer.) I don’t remember if Kristen wore a dress or not- I do know that my subconscious must have seen the black wrap @JaneTrigs wore when we went out to celebrate @Brookelockart’s birthday (in real life- not dream life) the night before as a cape. Because I clearly remember Kristen was wearing @JaneTrig’s “Cape” at the reception!

What does this dream mean, Rob? Am I subconsciously a Krisbian? Do I ‘ship’ your relationship with her? Do I wish I could take back my year and 1/2 of saying I don’t care & share with the world my secret Robsten videos & images I’ve made & kept hidden in my diary? Do I just really, really like cats? Even big ones who try to take off my dad’s arm? Do I really believe in the power of duct tape? What does it mean that I felt the energy between us when we danced? You just got MARRIED, Rob! Maybe she’s not the one for you if you could so easily move your body in sync (holla!) with mine- and then partake in the sacred act of a SHOT with me. Don’t you know what happens when two people do shots together? If I hadn’t been the hero & found Kristen for you & watched you have a “moment” in the middle of tent off the side of my aunt’s house where my Uncle was flipping burgers on the grill, or if I hadn’t been rudely awoken from cousins & friends inviting me over for breakfast, something WOULD HAVE happened between us, Rob. Seriously- you should be ashamed of yourself. Cheating on your wife in my dream….

Until next time (Nicole if you text me again, I’ll kill you),

What do YOU think my dream meant!? And share your recent dreams about Rob in the comments- I LOVE Dreams about Rob day.

Update: After the jump, @MrsP_TwiBite from TwiBite interprets my dream!

Your Aunt’s Backyard: Dreams that take place in a backyard represent feelings you would like to keep hidden, things you hide from others (right away this tells me the dream is going to be a good one!)

Wedding: A dream about a wedding is not to be taken “literally”, it is a symbol of acceptance of something, aka “Robsten”. BUT, you transform it into a “black wedding”…or a wedding where things move along rather unconventionally, which symbolizes that you think the whole concept is a bad idea. You are aware of Robsten, you accept it…but you don’t like it. At all.

The fact that you were helping her get a symbol of you reaching some sort of compromise…some sort of middle ground, a sort of acceptance.

Rob on a Motorcycle: Putting Rob on a motorcylce means you think he is a symbol of raw sexuality…but you also think he is being reckless (aka Robsten)

Tigers in cages: Tigers represent FEMALE raw sexuality…and you have yours “caged”. It also means that you have some very strong feelings about this “union” and you are holding them back…big time.

Dancing With Rob: This is just another symbol of having the freedom to be thinking sexually about him…but what is more important is who was leading. If you were, then you are very aggressive in life. If he was, then you are willing to be more passive about all of this.

Holding Hands with Kristen: Just a symbol of wanting to connect with her.

Holding hands with Rob and searching for Kristen: When you are searching for something or someone…you are searching for yourself. You are trying to connect with Rob by holding his hand, but you are searching for someone who is lost. Sounds like you wish he could find someone else and you wish you could be more accepting. (Think about how you were feeling when you were searching, that will tell you whether this whole thing has you either panicked, annoyed, or unwillingly accepting)

Doing a shot with Rob: Drinking alcohol in a dream is a symbol of wanting to “escape and seek pleasure”…with Rob.

Kristen in a black cape: Black is a symbol of hatred, mystery, and malice. Capes are a symbol of people hiding things. We all know what they ae hiding, and you find it hateful.

I LOVE THIS, MRS. P!!!!!!!!!!! And here I woke up just thinking I wanted to get busy with Rob!

KStewlaid manip from @KStew411

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  1. I think you must not read Water for elephants before going to bed. In the book Jacob (Rob) is attacked by a toothless tiger….

    • 😉
      yes UC, read MoTU instead or The Office. You’ll have better dream

      • Speaking of — does anyone have a copy of The Office? She pulled it down and I can’t find it anywhere…

      • I love MOTU… I hope it never ends

        • I’m on Ch. 52 now. That story is ADDICTING.

        • What is MOTU? Please share…I’m looking for a good read.

          • Look up Master of the Universe on (is it still up there?) or

            Mmm, Domward…

    • sounds like you drank some Water for Elephants tainted KristenKoolaid… lol!

  2. I am so jealous you’ve shared a dance & SHOTS with Rob!
    I have had nil robdreams.

    Still not prepared to talk circus animals.x.o.

    • Me too. So sad, still a Rob dream virgin.
      I love tiger and lion, took picture with each one in the zoo when I was 15.

      • @ UC>What does your dream mean?- I think it means you should cut down on drinking tequlia shots and swtich to mescal. Mescal is a semi narcotic & will give you better dreams.

    • Still not prepared to see a married Rob…….

      • Yep…me not ready at all!!! He’s toooo young…should remain a bachelor till…say…the age of…George…Clooney I mean??? 😀

        • George Clooney might be his generation’s Rock Hudson… just sayin’….

          • Noooooooooooooooooo…. 😦

          • OMG that never crossed my mind – do ya think ?

  3. Oh my Lord, that is HILARIOUS!!! Bwahahaha.
    My first Twi dream was a weird one because it was before I’d read the books and only after seeing the movie once. And it was a Kellan dream. We were on a reality show. Big Brother-esque except we were allowed out of the house. He was introduced late in the game and no-one liked him because he was the “bad boy” and we had to partner up for a task and then we were running around streets and through a big field (NOT ala Alice’s vision) and then we snogged.

    Then I had a Rob dream where I was interviewing him and we hit it off and so we went for drinks and we ended up dating.

    It was kinda awesome.

  4. UC, ha! Rob married? That was totally because of the WEDDING RING you saw him wearing….just sayin…..

    He moved his body EASILY (naturally with YOU !!!!) to N’sync ????
    LOVE that part!
    Clearly a dream….. 🙂

    • Robgirl, I love that UC said “in sync,” and you thought of N’sync?

      • 🙂

        • lol i thought of n’sync too… don’t be ashamed. justin was my first rob.

  5. I had my first Robsten dream Saturday night (still haven’t had a Rob dream 😦 ).

    The car service that Rob and Kristen used installed a secret video camera in the back and caught them making out. So we finally had proof they were a couple. (This was before the airport pictures came out.)

    So, I’ve come to the conclusion that since both of us had Robsten dreams, it means we need to get a life! 😉

    • Gutted! No Rob but Robsten?!??

    • …and go to therapy! to forget or understand, but probably both! 🙂

      • It was upsetting because it was MY dream and I was watching Rob and Kristen make out. Why wasn’t I making out with Rob in my dream? Why? Why!?

      • I did that and it didn’t help.

        • like at all!!!!!!!

          • Thanks for the words of encouragement, robgirl.


    • where can THIS be found??? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment or just morbidly curious. I’m a “gotta see it to believe it” (on most things) kinda girl!!

      • Sorry, TOFT, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying you actually found something on the interweb like that. I’m sorry you had such a nightmare!!

        Ok, I really am going to hide now. Yesterday’s thumbs-down fest messed with my head & my ability to comprehend apparently!! Although I saw this morning that my littly rant directed at the Sunny chick was well accepted by most!! I’ve never had so many thumbs UPs before!! Iwas so happy I almost cried!! Thanks ya’ll 😀

  6. Sorry Rob but I’ve got to say that Bobby Long performed better in my dream a few weeks ago. I know, I coudn’t believe it at the time and I can’t believe I’m saying it out loud now either.

    Personally, I think it had something to do with the size of his packet of hob nobs 🙂


    • Oh God. Does he really?

    • oh don’t feel bad.. my bobby long dreams are waaaay hot.. and he is playing here in a few weeks. must. not. jump. him.



      • Owlie,
        Is he playing with Matt Pond PA or alone? Just curious…


        • he’s playing with matt pond in Athens GA… I can’t wait.. then I think he’s on to Charleston SC and NC… almost considered doing a bobby long stalk of the south.. but I figured that was creepy…LOL

          • Thanks, Owlie. Enjoy the stalk.

    • Bobby Long is a big guy… seriously.. I got an up close and personal look at him while he was playing in San Francisco at this small club. –He’s tall and his hands are long, and um.. you know .. his feet are well, in porportion to him being big.. you know..
      My Bobby Long dreams are better. ;))

      With my Rob dreams, TomStu keeps popping in. ;))
      Not that there’s anything wrong with that… But TomStu fights me for Robbie.
      In anycase, in my TomStu dream, Robbie keeps popping up, and then they just run into this white french style closet together and lock me out.

      • Bobby is LONG and BIG guy (twss)

        • I am totally stuck thinking about bobby long’s HUGE pack of hobnobs… hehehe

  7. Dear UC, clearly all the riotous activity on LTR yesterday left your brain in an agitated state and all the left over neurotransmitters caused this high (crazy) dream state.

    There are many fascinating details in your dream.

    Since we know that Rob really, really likes elephants and would naturally prefer them at his wedding, your substitution of tigers for elephants is interesting.

    What is the significance of the double wide? The significance of the cape?

    Hopefully, today will be calmer and we can ponder the meaning of your dream. Any one skilled at dream analysis, please step in.

    Yours in REM-

    PS- Duct tape is one of the most powerful substances on Earth.

    • Tigers instead of elephants…I wondered the same..
      perhaps UC saw the “Siegfried&ROY” TIGER show in Vegas..


      • It might be okay if evil twin Ron showed up in a dream!

    • Drsaka,
      I will def ponder the significance of the “double wide” for a very, very long, time.


    • All this talk of rednecks and double wides makes me think of the fanfic “Dead Confederates.” Has anyone read that? The Cullen family is hiding out in the south, posing as white trash to escape the Volturi.

      • That one is on my favorites list – I’m getting to it next! I’m reading “The Arrangement” — the writing and spell-check is GOD AWFUL but the storyline is f*ckhot.

      • What? Are you serious, T.O.O.? The Cullen’s posing as white trash kinda defeats the purpose, IMHO. Part of what makes them cool is that they are the opposite of white trash? LOL

        • It’s supposed to be playing against type, so it’s very silly, poking fun at clichés.

          • k, thanks!

    • Dream Analysis (or B.S. 101):
      The Tigers present at a joyous occasion could represent all of the opinions/ demands/ requests UC gets from us “cats” here on LTR/ LTT. They (the tigers) are acting peaceful, but she is aware of their pressence and isn’t totally relaxed about it.

      That or girlfriend just needs to clean the cat box.

  8. I think you should not read Water for Elephants before going to bed, either!!! I also think you might wanna rethink eating before going to bed!! I have bizaar dreams like that if I eat then go to bed!!

    You are one lucky girl to have danced with him in your dreams, though!! It was very nice of you to help him find his new ‘wife’ but it was kinda mean of him to dance with you & share a sacred shot with you only to leave you for her. Oh well.

    Congrats on your first Rob Dream!! May you have many many many more & may they be only about YOU & Rob (my Rob dreams are ONLY about Rob & ME!! occassionally my hubs shows up in one & is quickly dismissed, but mostly it’s just Rob & Me!!!) 😀
    Anyway, congrats & I LOVE the letter. I’ve done the whole text someone thinking it’s someone else then have to backtrack thing before. Eventually EVERYONE is confused & I usually end up saying Nevermind. I’ll explain later…in person!!!

    Have a great day ya’ll. I think I’m gonna sit back & be observant today. I got more thumbs-downs yesterday than I’ve ever gotten before!! I don’t wanna upset any ultra sensitive people who may be lurking in the corner waiting to pounce like a tiger!!

    • Melinda…don’t be scared of the tigers sweety…we’ll back ya all up!!!

      • tigers=enemys…by che’s dreamexplanation!

  9. All my Rob dreams have sucked big time.
    In one, Rob and I were dating and walking around NYC, but he was walking a few steps in front of me to make it look like we weren’t dating. We went into a store like Filenes, or Macys. I tried to be on the other side of the store so no one would know Rob and I were dating.
    Someone there realized I had been walking behind him all day, and going into every shop he was in, and put 2 and 2 together. She told her group of friends, and they started to gossip about how I didn’t look like I was good enough for him, and slowly the comments got worse and worse.
    So I though “Damn it sucks to date Rob.” and woke up.

    Second Rob dream: I was at some convention where Rob was (and no other cast members). We were all hearded into a theater. The movie playing didn’t actually have Rob in it. I was a very old black and white movie. It was boring.
    So I left and went to the cafeteria.
    I sat next to about 4 other girls and we chatted about the sucky movie. The entire place was deserted except for us.
    I realized I hadn’t put make-up on today, and knew that I absolutely had to if I wanted to look good for Rob.
    Somehow I came to the conclusion that I should take off my shirt so I wouldn’t get make-up on it. Why not? There were only us 5 girls.
    So I take it off….. and that’s when I glance to my right and notice the room attached to the cafeterian with a glass wall. Rob is sitting there eating lunch with his entourage. He gets mad, stands up, and storms over to me.

    Then Rob starts to shout at me every stupid thing crazy fans do to him, and how we’re all gutless and only do them because we’re in a pack, and if he got us all one on one we’d be too scared to ever do anything.
    I stumble to put my shirt back on, he leans in to me and says “Kiss me”.
    I stutter out a “what?!?”. And he stands back up, snears and says “See? You’re all pussys.” And stomps away.

    Then I woke up.

    It’d be nice to have a normal Rob dream…..

    • Those were weird. But angry Rob sounded sexy sexy 😉

      “he leans in to me and says “Kiss me”.
      I stutter out a “what?!?”. And he stands back up, snears and says “See? You’re all pussys.” And stomps away.”

      Did you just see Remember Me before the dream?

    • wow second one?

      • Cheeeeeee….your avi!!! Speachless!!!

    • NICE…lol….really nice!<3

  10. I’ve had a couple of Rob dreams. But I always forget the details as soon as I wake up. Myeah I suck.

  11. Well, in my only Robdream there were no shots or dancing (I completely snobbed him, like I walked away when I had the chance of spending the night with him -and others, but who cares- in a tent, I’m obviously stupid even in my dreams). But on the good part there was no KStew and def. no mariage.

    P.S. I am officially going back to my right to use the word “redneck” after I’ve been told that it’s not OK to use it, then that it’s Ok to use it and then I got confuzzeled.

    • minuit, I swear…my FIRST thought was the “redneck”-thing months ago and all the hoopla when you used it here, so english/american girls here, please tell me more..when it is “ok”? when not, I’m totally confused and my dicct. doesn’t help at all (translation there is not sooo bad….)


      • I know, I felt like a “redneck” for using the word “redneck” because I’ve been told by everybody on the blog that it was horrible. Then I asked Am. people in Paris who said it wasn’t touchy. Colour me confuzzeled.

        • From the english dictionary

 uneducated white farm laborer, esp. from the South
          2.a bigot or reactionary, esp.from the rural working class

          narrow, prejudiced or reactionary

          • Did this help you a bit??? No??? Me is confused too!

          • Thanks Mel, I know what it means but in this case it was more about cultural connotations and some significance that I still don’t know but I guess it has smth to do with political correctness and different sensibilities in Europe than in America.

          • MP- check your email.

        • It could depend on where the people you asked were from and how they interpret it.

          • Ok…now all is clear!!! Sorry…didn’t understand a word…nada! 😀

          • melronin!!!!!! the avatar!!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!

          • RG…I know!!!

        • Minuit, I’m from the “dirty South” here in the US (originally from Atlanta, now live in southeast Tennessee in town NO ONE has heard of because it’s too small) but I must say, around here, “Redneck” isn’t really a negative thing or an insult…it’s part of where we live. I don’t get offended by the use of the word because most of my husbands family (HIM INCLUDED) are what WE refer to as redneck. Really they’re just “good ol’ boys” from the country who can do a wide margin of things. As for uneducated…my husband holds an Associates degree in Mathmatics & Science, Bachelors degrees in Biology & Chemistry, & Masters Degrees in Business, Biology, & Chemistry…so he definitely is NOT uneducated!! Around here, redneck is just another name we get called for being from the South. I don’t get called a redneck because I haven’t lived here all my life & I don’t SOUND like I’m from the south (well, not too much…I do have a southern accent but not a hard one.) My Husband calls me a ‘transplanted Yankee’ when he’s trying to get under my skin but I don’t even care about that. My dad calls me a transplanted Peach because I’m from Georgie (the Peach state) but my blood runs ORANGE!!! (It’s a Tennessee football thing!!!!)
          I wouldn’t worry too much about what people think of the use of the word Redneck. It really all depends on where you’re from & how sensitive a person wants to be about it. No biggie here though!! I’m married to a “redneck” & quite proud of it…most of the time!!!! 😀 I hope that helps a little!!

          • OK, thanks Melinda and keisha for the explanations, I didn’t know that. Here it’s not the same.
            The term I was looking for has nothing to do with (social) origins or the place where you live, this is why it’s OK to use it. It’s purely an attitude thing. It’s being norrow-minded and a bit of a caricature. So what’s the equivalent in Am? Is there one?

          • @minuit –

            Sometimes the term “Redneck” and “white trash” is used in a derogatory manner towards those of a certain class, culture or physical location within the USA. White trash being similar to the british phrase “chav”.–Not a nice thing to call someone I agree.

            I think it makes a difference on how the word is phrased and in what context it is used. I lived in Texas for a few yrs. a while back, and the term “redneck” was used freely/affectionately to describe the men who worked in the oil fields.. — However “white trash” was not.

            ps. I love the boys from west texas.. (sigh). Macho men cowboys. a dying breed. .. giddy up…

        • You can call me a redneck all day long (I’ll even thank ya) but do not call me White Trash. That’s a no-no and they are not synonyms.
          Damn, now I want to go home and put on my boots and Willie Nelson shirt and ride around in TH’s bad ass Dodge Ram.

          • 100000000 thumbs up for that Keisha!! I agree!!! My husband & his family as well as my own family may be rednecks, but we are NOT white trash!! You’re right, those 2 words are NOT synonymous!!! That’s the most offensive thing you can call us!!!!!!! Willie I wanna pull up his CD on my computer & listen to Always on my Mind & Georgia & oh so many other songs!!!!
            This weekend we’re taking the rock buggy out to go play somewhere in Kentucky or on the Kentucky border. (I’ve never been but they closed our ‘local’ 4wheelin’ spot down so we’re heading farther north.) It’s like a 4-6 hr drive from here but will be oh so worth it to climb some rocks in truck!! Ok, I’ll have fun Fri but by Sat night I’ll want to be where I have phone service & internet. Good thing I have RobPorn hidden on my phone so I don’t have to go thru withdrawls!!! 😉

          • thanks again, I answered both above. Now I’m curious about what is white trash but I think I’ve spammed too much already the Rob discussion. Sorry about that.

          • Hey Keisha, LOL. You can ride around in my bad ass Dodge Ram anytime you like! But just know that we gotta have Lynyrd Skynyrd or ZZ Top turned way up loud (Another southern thing). I’ll even let you drive…

          • Minuit, I will attempt to explain white trash. White trash folks are narrow-minded, prejudiced, and usually uneducated. They have very little pride, morals and self respect. They are the lowest of the low. And this does not necessarily mean they are poor. I’ve known white trash that did quite well financially (maybe due to criminal activity, lol). I think some refer to people as rednecks when they actually mean white trash. In my opinion, being a redneck, especially in the American South, is just a state of mind. It’s not a bad thing. Being white trash is. Hope this helps.

          • Think AmanDUH

          • UC, I seriously had to Google AmanDUH and it lead me straight to LTT.

            Um, AmanDUH seems, um…interesting…

            I am totally bummed out that I can’t see any of her vids now!

            (or should I be relieved?)

          • What’s going on with AmanDUH? Did she take her vids down because of LTT yesterday? Again?

          • re: AmanDUH – no those vids were priceless!
            She should have gotten a webbie for them.
            She pulled out of U-Tube because.. well… people were makin’ fun of her (you bad girls)… .. and she kinda got offended…and so she pulled them….

            Hey what happend to the Pattinson Pants Lady (PPL) I miss her!

          • I think they hit the jackpot when they came into contact with PPL. I’m sure she is 1 in a million (for good reason). Also, she could be “vacationing” at an unknown state resort (i.e. institute).

          • I was responding to Hermes. I didn’t clicky in the right place :oP

          • @Granny —
            re: PPL — good god your probably right!! .. the woman was batshit crazy to wander around in those pants.. or perhaps that normal?

            Now I would have done the pattinson undies.. then my passion would be hidden from view.

          • Consider yourself lucky, Cath…

          • Cath I liked her videos, they were funny, I especially loved her version of “Sex on Fire.” LOL

            Too bad they’re all gone again? 😦 She made me laugh so much.

          • Tupelo: PERFECT explantation!!!! We (my husband & our families) may be rednecks, but sure as hail aren’t white trash!! You’re right it’s the lowest of low & the worst insult to a southerner you throw!! Most think of it as hitting below the belt. Being a redneck is state of mind that I am proud to be in!!
            Bring on the Skynard, ZZ Top, Willie, Bocephus, Waylon, Johnny, & Merle!!!!
            *** Puts on the good ol’ country music. Thanks ya’ll!!! 😀

          • Thanks for all the explanations.
            So different from I thought actually.
            Ah, all the things that get lost in translation.

    • …and you snobbed him in your dream?
      hahahahahhaha ❤

      • Yes, it was in Africa, like in a huge tent-shelter in the desert. haha. He was going to sleep on one of the many beds, only he chose one close to mine. That’s when I thought, “oh yeah, it’s Rob”, and then decided to go start another day of walking. And that was my subconscious telling me I can ditch this guy, only it wasn’t in the right reality.

        • ha! of the ditching…I dunno, your subconscious made him chose a bed near yours….perhaps that’s just a sort of french-minuit-subconscious-loves-Rob “preparation” 🙂

    • What does Redneck mean?


        Its a derogatory slang term though some will refer to themselves or others with this term and its meant in a more joking manner or even with a sense of identity with a group.

        • drsaka,thanks for posting, I read it in german (well, anything else would be senseless) and it’s not really a compliment, but it’s not bad like I thought, we say words like that all the time here (other words obviously, but “terms” to refer to certain people/behaving/characteristics)…it’s not really offending, it’s more a joke…
          Still confused…..

          • I’ll explain more fully in an email-

        • Thanx

        • I still don’t like to call anyone redneck though. It’s derogatory. Fine if people here use it, whatever right.

  12. I had a very short Rob dream the other night where he walked into the room and I whispered to my friends who he was. Then I woke up. He was wearing a suit though!

    And oddly enough, last night I dreamt that UC and 3 other LTT/R ladies stopped by my house and I fed everyone strawberry shortcake.

    • Very hospitable of you!

      • hahahahahhahaha!!!!!

  13. here comes the educational moment 🙂
    seein’ a tiger in your dream means so many things; mostly a stong,arrogant person ,an ride it or to beat it means becoming rich or have a promotion or beatin’ your rival .seein’ a tiger in your house also means a sinner would come to your house ?
    but i liked the defenetion that says seein’ a tiger in your dream points a strong man
    i don’t know is this a worldwide defenetion or just for Turks dreams 😀
    i think it means u read so much WFE-there are so many wild cats-

  14. I’ve had several Rob dreams, but like Alice – Not an Addikt, I can’t remember them well and they fade.

    However,I do remember this one from last week.

    Several people were in this dream.

    1) Peter Wolf- He’s a really interesting blues-type musician (a bit older, but what the heck) who knows everybody in the music industry. It would be fascinating to talk with about music. He was the lead singer for the J. Geils Band. He lives in downtown Boston around Copley Square and I’ve always kept an eye out when I’m down there, but I’ve never seen him 😦

    2) George Clooney and …drumroll,,,,

    3) Rob!

    Another woman and I were at at Peter Wolf concert and Rob and George had seats near us. Peter asked me and the other woman up to the front to give him a kiss on the cheek and we did so.

    This made R and G slightly jealous (Ha, that’s likely) and then, as dreams go, we were suddenly in an apartment complex or hotel complex with apartment-like suites.

    Rob was telling me that he didn’t want grilled tomatoes with breakfast and I should give him and George a kiss on the cheek as well (not sure what happened to the other woman, not sure who she was anyway). So I did!! And then I woke up.

    All in all, a very chaste (damn you, S. Meyer) dream, but lovely nonetheless!!! A triple man-threat dream!

    • not sure exactly WHY, but I love that in your dream you cared about what he loves (or not) to eat… feeding-the-Rob!

      • I was startled that it wasn’t about HotPockets or microwaved carrots.

  15. UC…honey…you had what we call here in Greece an EFIALTIS…you can google the word…lol…
    Thank God you didn’t see yourself as a bride…this would be bad…they say it means truble…yeah…

    About the tigers…dunno…secret wishes maybe???

    Myself…nah, had never a Robdream…doesn’t happen no… he boycots my dreams…refuses to show up even after I had a few shots…neva…am very disappointed…there is clearly something wrong with me!

    • what? weddings always mean good thigs (here)

      • Nop…if you see yourself as a bride…all in white…etc…baaaaaad…very bad…here!

        And stop that…your avichanging…you’re killing me with that!

        • Our culture have the same belief as yours. If you dream of being a bride, you’ll die soon.

        • I was always told that if you see yourself as the bride in a dream it’s a bad omen. Don’t know maybe it’s all about who you ask…kinda like the use of the word Redneck (bad to some; nothing but another word used all the time to others…such as myself) ANYWHO, the bride dream thing, I’m with Mel on this one…it was never well accepted in my family. ALWAYS meant something BAD.

    • Why is dreaming of being a bride bad? What does it mean?

      • Here in Greece it means either death or something really bad happening to you or around you…what can I say…me is Greek!!!

        • Oh wow, thanks. That’s so creepy. I’ve never dreamt of me getting married, good thing!

          I know you are Greek, that’s awesome!

          • LOL…SB…thank god you didn’t dream of you being a bride aaaand wear a red weddingdress…cause then…everything would happen very quickly!
            red=quickly… 😀

          • Mel, I ❤ U!!! Will you be my bff?!? In Native American cultures dreaming of a wedding (esp if YOU are the bride complete with white blah blah blah) it also means death. But if you dream about death it is a sign of new life (& dreaming of birth = death in the immediate family). Crazy what they interpret from dreams!!! 😀

  16. Speaking of therapy, do you think we can get a group rate?

  17. UC,
    I’m sorry you’re first Rob dream was sullied by the mullephant. And it took place at their wedding, no less. I’d call that a nightmare.

    Try again, but tonight have a Hot Pocket and a Heineken. You might want to invest in plaid sheets too.Have Mr. Choice wear a beanie to bed. That should help keep those Robsten dreams at bay. *shiver*

    • Thank you for perpetuating Mullephant. Jules and snowwhitedrifted (thanks for the visual) will be happy.

      • Mullephant is now officially part of the LTR lexicon.

  18. Last night after consoling myself with significant amount of Heineken + cigarettes + watching “Little Ashes” I had a dream that the “Budapest airport elephant circus’ never happened and I’ve never seen yesterday’s post at LTR. Instead, in my dreams Rob finally got together with TomStu (yeah, blame ‘Little Ashes’ for my nocturnal fantasies) and everybody was happy.

    When I woke up this morning I saw that the post was still there. And these ungodly photos.
    Oh Reality, thou art a heartless bitch!

    So I had to keep drinking. If it will go on like this, soon I’ll be just like hobo Rob, minus career, money, fame and Stu/Stews.

  19. About the redneck thing…in general, I think it’s like…if you ARE a redneck, it’s okay to call yourself and others a redneck, but it’s not so okay for someone outside your group to call you that. About the dream…I just wish I would have such a detailed one. The few I can sorta remember were those fuzzy, cloudy, foggy kind (maybe I was in FORKS and never made the connection!! Auuugghh!). Oh…and that pillow that’s supposed to be Rob STILL freaks me out. Ick!!

    • Hey Lucky, this has nothing to do with todays post. I just wanted to say I just read your comment on my outburst to Sunny yesterday & I wanted to say thank you for your nice words!! I wasn’t really intending to go a “tweed serious on her arse” but the more I thougt about what she wrote the more it rubbed me the wrong way. I’m the type of woman who says what she thinks & thinks what she says. I agree with you that it really is ‘to each their own’! and yes, I did feel like we were being attacked yesterday so I fought back! To quote The one & Only Mr. Tom Petty: “I will stand my ground…no I won’t back down”!!!

      • Hey, late reply ’cause I had to be gone most of the day (fun stuff, so it was cool). I admire saying what you think and thinking what you say. Good for you…Don’t change! I guess the only part of the other post that bothered me was the “going back to the Robsten blogs” (paraphrasing here actually) comment. While I guess I would be considered a Robsten believer (or “hoper”), I SO enjoy coming in here and reaping the benefits of the outrageous humor, fabulous topics, luscious links to Robporn and…all the rest of it…and I just don’t want to leave! So…I’m sure we can agree to disagree about some stuff and not have it affect how much we enjoy the other stuff. Win…win!! Thanks for your comment and…you’re welcome.

  20. I’m one of those weird people that can manipulate their dreams. So all my dreams always end in… ahem… Happy endings.

    Love the post UC!

    • weird=lucky

    • Me, too Hepburn. I think it’s called lucid dreaming…and once it’s started I can direct it anyway I want.

      • I love lucid dreams, but I never had one with Rob as far as I know. That’d be something else. I practice every night though… 😉

      • I can lucid dream too but the problem is I am always awakened at the wrong time. Usually by a 2 yr old yelling “mama.”

        Also my moral conscience seems to be the one doing the blocking. Many times it’s like me that’s not wanting to make things happen.

        I have lucid dreams most of the time and there are some I can’t control much, some are very fuzzy and I can’t even remember what happened.

        Cath, have fun practicing! We should form a lucid dreamer’s club(LDC)!

        • Forgot to add, I need to kick myself for being the moral conscience during certain robdreams! That moral conscience has a mind of her own, that I couldn’t control!

          Yes now I sound even more of a freak. 🙂

    • I just thought I was half-awake when I did that. I am DYING to have a Rob dream so I can steer it in the direction I want. I’ve been reading fan fic to prepare.

    • Help me, hepburn. How do you control the dream? I have horrible Bella-type nightmares.
      In my dream, Rob would probably BBQ my dog, shoot my mom and then I’d have to bury their bodies while being surrounded by filthy toilets.

      I don’t even need freddie Kruger for a bad night’s sleep. Speaking of which, the rainbow Daniel sweater is like a bizzaro version of the Freddie Kruger sweater. Great, I think I just made 2 worlds collide and jinxed myself into a nightmare.

      • haha… I wish I could help you Snow but I really thought I was the only person that this happened to, had no idea it’s been scientifically proven.

        I suggest you take Keisha’s advice… Maybe a bit of fanfic before bed may put some positivity in the universe.

      • Do you have Never Think? I listen to that on my mp3 player and that helps w/ the lucid dreaming. 🙂

        I sound like a freak now. HAHA.

      • Nope, I read fan fic almost every night before sleepy time and I am a Rob Dream Virgin. *sad panda*
        I will try Never Think, SB!

  21. I once dreamed that Rob was dancing to “old time rock & roll” in my bedroom wearing just his undies, white socks and a white button-up shirt (ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business). He was using my hairbrush for a microphone….

    • That was good. I want that dream 😉

      • Glad you liked it Niahid! Don’t know where it came from, I hadn’t seen Risky Business in years when I dreamed this.

        And btw, Rob was wearing black boxer briefs not tighty whiteys like Tom…

        • RockBand commercials with Heidi Klum perhaps?
          Way to incorporate Rob’s real life black boxer briefs into your dream! Although (Thankfully) you left the white socks from RB and not black socks from RunningFightingRob.

    • I love that! 🙂 Gosh, good thing it was boxers!!!! Thanks for clarifying, here I was thinking white briefs…cringe.

    • Check out the LTT post from this past weekend. Look at the 3rd video. “Tommy” in the tighties auditions for New Moon.

  22. WOw, UC, you get to dream about Rob and he MARRIES Kristen?
    At least you got to dance with him. I have dreamt about him only once. One night, I suddenly had a really high temperature and I started freezing in my sleep and I remember hoping Jacob would be my space heater a la the tent scene in Eclipse. After a while, I stopped shivering and then I started feeling like I was burning. All of this is happening in my sleep, mind you. So I am burning up and I imagined this is what vampire transformation feels like and I started seeing KStew’s face after she was bitten by James in Twilight. That’s when I had a dream about Rob and I just saw him wearing the bday suit from New MOon and I remember saying in my dream that he’s the cure for my fever…haha..
    That was the first night I dreamt of Edwar….err Robert Pattinson..!

  23. Yup, this dream is still fantastic even hearing it the second time through.

    For the record, Huntingdon Valley, PA is a lovely suburb of Philadelphia. We also aren’t Red Neck in PA, we’re just trashy. lol

    • “We’re just trashy” LOL. Love that. I think we’re just trashy here too! Even right smack dab in the middle of Redneck Country….

    • a critical distinction b/w redneck and trashy!! Love it!

      • But here in the South you gotta clarify that you mean trashy and not White Trash tho! White trash is not a good thing……. Difficult to explain…

        • TP, I agree. Well here in the south you have to clarify everything anyway, lol.

          “I’ll have a Coke.”
          “What kind?”

          We’re a confusing bunch.

    • When I lived in NJ we called PA Pennsyl-tucky…and you know that’s bad when people from NJ are calling it that.

      That being said, PA is lovely and I have great hiking/camping memories.

    • around Phila or Pittsburgh you are fine, everything in between (with the exception of State college) is pretty much Alabama. I still say H.V. is not red neck nor is it really trashy, UC’s dream however is a totally different story!

  24. My most recent “Rob” dream happened Sunday night. I read LTR before beddy-bye time. Out of sequence for me, as I usually read in the morning with my java. I just remember that HOrrendous hair from Bel Ami. Instead of thinking, “I can’t quit you,” I was thinking, “Oh Rob, I CAN quit you.” I went to bed sad (not really, I was laughing my ass off reading a David Sedaris book) thinking this is the end of my Robsession. I proceeded to dream that I was engaged to Rob and following him all over Europe. I even met Claire, yes I met his mum. That’s how serious it was. I awoke with a renewed Robsession, bad hair or not. I grabbed my java, turned on the “pooter” (3 year-old talk) and WHAM BAM, I stumbled over the elephant in the airport. I felt dissed, pissed and then VERY sad because I felt dissed, pissed and sad over a dream. THAT’S NORMAL??? Last night’s dream was a bit better. No Rob. No elephants. Just me trying to run a marathon, while hitching rides with friends and meeting up with people in restaurants. Do you think one still gets a medal if it takes a few days to complete an imaginary marathon? I need help. . .

    • David Sedaris is brilliant. Absolutely hilarious and brilliant.

      • Seriously if you haven’t read his books, do it! He will make you laugh, even when the shadow of the mullephant is looming.

        • I love him, too…especially, “Me Talk Pretty.”

          • Yes! I love the story of where the title came from.

          • My fav too. . .

        • That pink mullephant yesterday someone posted was pretty good. it was a keeper. ;))

          • It made me think of this:

          • the mullephant theme song.

          • @Dazzle- This vid is wayy good!! I LOVE pink Elephants!!
            It should have been yesterdays’ (blog) theme song)..

      • Love, love love David Sedaris. My sister has been talking about him for years. She gave me a few books and I can’t stop reading them. My favorite is, “Me Talk Pretty Someday.” I was laughing SO hard, I was crying. My children were worried;oD And yes DTD, reading Sedaris did make the looming mullefant more tolerable.

  25. It appears that dress was made specifically for a red neck wedding as I can’t imagine wearing glad trash bags to any other occasion.

    I actually had myself an Edward dream the other night (as opposed to a Rob dream…the dif being that in this dream he was reading my mind). I know, win central with Edward looking like Rob, but being well dressed and smelling nice. Though we did the leg hitch and he may have ultimately cockblocked himself in the dream. But the hitch was still hot.

    • Oh and to clarify, EC c-blocked himself because we may have murdered Alice and he may have been pre-occupied with the guilt surrounding this act. Clearly this was a make believe dood bc my feminine wiles would’ve distracted any other male, even if the aforementioned crime had just occurred.

      • you’ve got a fanfic in the making there-

    • “he may have ultimately cockblocked himself in the dream.”
      That’s soooo Edward!
      At least you got the hot leg-hitch…;)

  26. I see Rob dreams all the time, like every week!! They are always fantastic but end too quickly…

  27. I think you covet my cape. And why does it sound like I am a god forsaken super hero? Maybe I am, Drunk Jane super hero to the rescue. I don’t know….I like that you drank the Kool-aid, as clearly so did I, if you haven’t yet seen my avi, please do so.

    PS You are wackadoodle

    • Your own comic book series in the making????

  28. I can’t believe I missed yesterday’s post – silly RL obligations! Well, I sort of caught up – it’s a lot to read 400+ comments.

    Here’s my observation – really a question. Why do so many of us prefer to think of Rob as gay and in an LTR with TomStu than in some sort of romance with KStew (aka Mullephant – totes bril!!)? I LOVE the idea of Tom & Rob getting hot & heavy in Budapest. It makes me smile. But the idea that he is with Mullephant kanoodling around the city makes me mad and a little nauseous. I’ve never reacted like this to a guy before.

    Can the dream interpreter give me a reading on that?

    • I can’t give you a reading, but if the LTR consensus is that Rob should be with Tom than it will happen. We know Rob and his people read LTR religiously and take direction from what they read here.

      I think they should replace KS with Tom as Bella as well. That way everybody’s happy.

      • Does anyone have a link to that manip with Rob and TomStu, where TomStu is holding Rob’s head in his arms, and Rob has a dress on? Hilarious, but I don’t know where to find it.

      • If you are a member of Hot Hobo Love, like me, you can read a twi fanfic where Edward is Rob and Bella is Tom. It is awesomeness. The only bad part is that it is unfinished. So I think they’ve only just kissed. But Tom in particular is a fabulous character – much more rational and reasonable than SM’s Bella. And Edward/Rob is total crazy stalker delicious.

        • @ Milfy ~ Hot Hobo Love is next to impossible to get accepted into, right?

          • I’ve got rejected TWICE today. ha.

        • I tried to get into HHL, but got rejected as well a number of times…… don’t know why.. but anyway.. so I’m giving the admin to HHL a Le Pftttt as well.

        • ok, I;m reading their rules and they claim to be very welcoming, you only have to answer a few questions.

          What is Tom;s nickname (besides Tom)-I;ve never heard of one.

          And what the hell is wrong with my keyboard-the punctuation is all screwed up, as you can see.grrrr.

    • @milfy ~ You took the words right out of my mouth.

      I’ve tried to figure it out and I can’t put my finger on it either — what it’s all about with him or why the mere thought of him with TomStu is so enticing. Or why the thought of him with her is so repulsive. I have no issue seeing him with anyone else, male or female — but what is it about her that is so appalling? I can’t put my finger on that either. I don’t think it’s jealousy because I am a rational woman know that you shouldn’t be jealous of something you will honestly never have. Is it that she doesn’t deserve to be with someone that seems so genuine and humble and truly likable as a person?

      The reaction he sets off in women is kind of staggering. I also have never had this type of red hot fascination for anyone – my husband included. And I don’t know why. He’s not my “type”, at all. Another 40 lbs and an Irish brogue, then yes. But I see him and I get flustered like a 14 year old.

      It’s irrational and awesome and I love it.

      • It’s irrational and awesome and I love it.

        So true. Totally LMAO!!

      • Exactly, all of it, me too!
        And add 10 years, and the ability to fix and break stuff, that’s my type.

    • I am a RobStu shipper.
      I make no bones about it. They are THE perfect couple IMO. I think some of us tend to make them a couple because.. well. why not. They look so cute together (much better than bitchface you would agree yes?)
      This is 2010 after all. Why give yourself boundries right?

      I heart TomStu (my little cupcake) “cupcake” being a cougar code word for a younger man who is a tasty little morsel. –I admit, my adoring TomStu is a bit freaky… he may look at times like a…. girl, with that tulips and ducky sweater, he may be very white and pretty. He’s not classically a manly man (but neither is Robbie) .. but I adore TomStu (hanging my head in shame at this admission)… He’s so unlike the men I ususally go out with or fall for. I guess meeting him in person briefly once, a year and a half ago fueled my imagination.

      Only my LTR sisters know this….TomStu is my secret obsession.

      Oh TomStu.. why can’t I quit you! waaghhh.
      (don’t you just love Brokeback Mt.?)
      heh .

      Did that answer your question?
      And if Robbie’s PR people are reading this (cuz we know they do religiously– like you said) and giving me a thumbs down well “Le Pftttt” to you (which is french for wank off).

      xoxo- H

      • Oh, admit it you just want to bang RobStu 🙂

        • oh well. i’m also only two people short of my dream threesome.

          (and in NO way i’m referring to RobMullephant!!)

          dreams, dreams, dreams.

          Oh RobStu, Where Art Thou?

          • “Oh RobStu, Where Art Thou?” – this reminds me that hermes said we should have Shakespeare day here or something to the like.

            Also, when Romeo and Mercutio look like that, Juliet is an accessory.
            J’aime RobStu and even RobStuSten

          • Oh TomStu where art thou my petite morsel of goodness…
            Art thou spending thee free time with Lord Sparklepeen?
            Or hast the drag of good times known as “Mulletphant” intruded on thy time with thou belovest best friend?
            My heart breaketh for thee my dear TomStu.

            Yeah.. I think a blog in Shakespearian verse would be interesting for us to attempt one day. Everyone would have to reply in Shakespearian verse as well. ha.. see who’s paid attention in English Lit.. heh. (hintage Moon/UC?)

        • @ minuit – Qui–Oui. C’est vrai. Je veux Tomstu
          Its true.

          • correcrtion
            I mean RobStu.. ooh — tomstu is all good as well.

      • Me2 hermes Me2.

        But for some reason I do like Sten in the mix too, as asecondary player, not the ringleader, if you know what I mean.
        Like I want Rob to sing “dee dee dee dee, Two Ladies” from Cababret.

    • milfy-
      I think maybe it’s because those men are just too pretty to be, well, what we normally think of the guy to look like in a male/female relationship.

      Or we’re just freaks. ~
      No, wait. Men LOVE girl on girl action, so why can’t we want RobStu action? It’s like some weird twist on the stereotype that is really unusual for us women to comprehend.

      • YES!!!
        The brit pack are pretty and we are all freaks.

      • Oooooog. Sorry. Man on man action makes me lose my lunch, no offence meant. Rob & Tom Stu would be just like a British boarding school bedtime….

  29. I have only had like one Rob dream I can remember and Erik Estrada was in it ala C.H.iP.S. Yeah pretty sure that Rob was the new Baker.

  30. I had a Rob dream not that long ago where he was driving me to the grocery store in an SUV. We were just chatting and being friendly, and then the SUV morphed into some kind of 1930s gangster car, and suddenly some kind of Clyde Barrow/Al Capone guy was driving, Rob was in the middle of the back seat, and I was still in the passenger’s seat. Very Bonnie and Clyde-ish. Then I woke up.

    • Wow, I’d like to see this one analyzed!

      • Maybe we were going to rob the store of all their hot pockets?! Gah, why did I have to wake up right when things were getting good.

  31. I my dreams Rob is either teasing me or being extremely sweet, like very good bf material.
    It’s always quite chaste…except for one time, and that time I ofcourse don’t remember vividly.

    Thanks Robdream!

    • Oh crap there is a one time????? You never told me that!!!!

      • Haha, yes, just this once, but I only remember that, a vague memory nothing more…

        So thanking that Robdream was kind of ironic… 😉

  32. Kstewlaid? That’s brill.

  33. I described my dream just the other day, but here it is again, sorry to bore you. I knew Rob was around, only I couldn’t see him or get to him, because Steve/Dean was there, blocking the way. When I woke up, I thought, WTF, it’s so pathetic that I know exactly what Rob’s bodyguard looks like and can reproduce his face and clothes down to the smallest detail in my unconscious mind, but I can’t conjure a little one-on-one with the guy I really want to see? Cockblocking myself!

    Oh, and KStew was there, somewhere, briefly, and I noticed she had some zits on her nose. I gave her some motherly advice about dressing better and trying to be a little nicer to people, and patting her on the arm. Jeez. And then I went to look for Rob again.

    • I love your dream (again)…and you never bore me!!!!

      • Thanks, robgirl! ❤ you too!

    • TOO I could re-read your comments over and over. You’re brillz. And the inventor of the HotPocket perfume as well as the laminated BIJ. But I got to say that dream was totally cockblocking.

      • Aw, you’re sweet to say that, Minuit.
        And yes, totally cockblocking! Not you, my brain.

        • ❤ ❤ ❤
          ANd I don't like all the <3y stuff, but I really need to say it this time.

  34. If Rob and the Mullet come out I’m going to start having dreams about Tom Sturridge instead.

    I’m sorry, I know some will think I’m awful, but even though I think Kristen is cool people, together with Rob, I honestly think it’s just too much of the SAME thing (ie. plaid, converse, ray-bans, books, guitars, and hair touching). If I imagine them together I just get bored.

    • I know right?! I remember older pics of Kristen where she didn’t look quite so hobo-ish as she does now. I guess that’s what some people do when in love; they tend to appropriate the dress and mannerisms of their object of affection. Whatever, not gonna hate on her for that, but it is a bit tiresome.

      I just want to try one thing: as a former nonsten (ugh), then dontgiveaflyingfucksten, Team Robsten y’all! In fact, I’m Team Letsjustacceptitandmoveon. This blog is way above the Robsten fuckery.

      • That’s an interesting thought…and you know, I think I WOULD actually be ok with the “older her” dating Rob, she seemed to have better personal style and personality, and I really liked her a lot better then. Now they’re just clones of each other and it’s bOOOOOOOOOOring.

      • But of course the mockery and snark must continue unabated. This is a goldmine of lols, people.

  35. Amazing interpretation!

    Basically you think of Rob as ‘raw sexuality.’ Yep – I’d whole heartedly agree!

  36. I heart your dreams.

    Did I ever tell you all about the Rob dream I had where he ‘teaches” me a little something? I think it means too much FanFic. Lucky me!

    So, I AM going to see 100 Monkeys with a friend tonight in CT. I’m already 1st hand embarrassed. Is Jacksper good looking in person? Is he nice? Should I try to flirt with him? Should I look at him and say, “So, where’s Rob?” So many questions…

    • Where in CT Katie?

      • It’s at the Webster Theater! It’s only $15 at the door and doors open at 7. GO!

        • That’s not so close. I’m in southern Ct. oh well.

          • Boo. 😦 Maybe next time then!

    • I have no idea about them but if you don’t want to get friendly you can always steal his phone and text Rob.

      • MP, that is a fabulous idea. I will tell him LTR says hi. And then I’ll deny knowing what LTR is.

        Just kidding.. I’d never deny you girls… maybe.

      • I second MP’s suggestion.

        • Katie,
          If you can get Rob’s number that would be handy, too. Please forward to me at:

          p.s. have fun

          • Hahahahahaha!!

          • You know I’d share!

            I’d call him and let him know there’s an elephant following him around.

          • 🙂 I clicked on that, what does that say about me?
            NO, don’t say!!!!

          • robgirl,
            You clicked on that?

            ❤ you,

          • Wow I fell for it and clicked on it….boo! 🙂

  37. LTR girls!!! Gather around. If you live in L.A., you could get very close to the Rob. In the meanwhile, I’m busy purchasing a ticket…;-) (I wish!)

    Be an extra in Rob’s next movie!

    • Do you think they accept extras in disguise? Fake hair, glasses, fake girly moustache, you know so you cannot be recognised by the dumpster.

      • Hahaha, LOL MP, let’s try out together, I’d like to write an undercover story about it. Am afraid one has to be an US citizen to participate…Boo! No fun!

    • Wow, I want to go! I bet there’ll be thousands lining up to try out! LOL

      • Go SB, I’ll live vicariously trough you!


        • I’d love to but I got so many other responsibilities now. Now if this stuff happened pre-baby, heck yeah I might be there. LOL.

          Oh sorry about the US thing, honey I would gladly lend you my US citizenship if I could. 🙂

          • Haha, thanks SB, maybe I should just marry an American…(Why is Rob British? LOL)

    • well considering I am covered in tattoos, I can’t even day dream about this. SIIIIIIIGH

      can’t I be in the side show or something? the amazing tattooed rob-stalking girl?

  38. Mrs. P is a pro at analyzing dreams. She has always been spot on for any of the dreams I have sent to her (even the non-Rob ones). Mrs. P is the best!

  39. A recent dream of Lord Sparklepeen?
    Well it involved Robbie and TomStu and they were inside a white french style closet and refused to come out and play.

    Very frustrating indeed.

    • What’s wrong with me?
      My first thought was, “Oooh, French style closet, bet there are some cute things in there.”
      Yeah, 2 dudes. Very cute.
      Sweet dreams, hermes.

  40. Dayum LTR has been corrupted by the whole Robsten thing!! And I hoped this would stop soon…

    Congrsats to having had your first Rob-dream UC! I didn’t loose my RobVirginity yet, but I once had a mildly hot dream about henry cavill who was supposed to be Edward according to SM.
    God am I happy he was too old and Rob got the part.

    PattinPerv of the worst kind
    CEO, The cold shower – Your source for RobPorn
    mail to:

    • Oooh – Henry Cavill is so gorgeous though. He was the only reason I watched The Tudors.

      • dito! The only one! Because the tv-show itself didn’t do it for me…
        Oh and the sex scenes where hot…

      • Henry Cavill is soooo hot puma…and in Tudors…wow…and the sex…wow…and he would have made a very hot Edward…and I mean veeeeery hot!
        Now don’t be jealous Rob…one has to admire beautiful things in life!

        • @bler @mel ~ I agree the sex on The Tudors was some sweet, sweet stuff! Those dirty, lust-filled boys. Yum.

          • It was like Porn… just better!

        • Henry Cavill, sigh…I thought about that beautiful specimen of a man just yesterday.

          • God surely creates wonders…Rob and Henry…well among the wonders of the earth! Place 1 and 2…maybe? Just saying!

          • Maybe they can get Henry Cavill to play Garrett in Breaking Dawn… he’d make for some additional yummy eye-candy in what will otherwise be a (probably) pretty bad movie.

          • Agree with mel and cath. Henry cavill makes my mouth water… Not as much as Rob does but we’re getting pretty close.. 😉

          • OH puma!
            That’s one great idea! EyeCandy ftmfw!!

            Rob and Henry in one movie… I think I need a cold shower now…

    • Henry is kind of hot too isn’t he? But I’m glad Rob the part, I srsly can’t imagine any other guy more perfect to play Edward than him. Sigh….Edward, Rob….Rodward.

      • when me and my bf where discussing who would have been the best Edward he actually said:
        “I know you have a soft spot for Henry Cavill but honey I srsly think Rob did a pretty great job!”
        damn I was so embarassed and proud at the same time…

        10 thumbs up for by bf…

      • RODward — hehehe SB, where is your mind???

        • Puma, oh Hahahaha, my massive typo!!!! Hahaha I think I’ll call him “Rod” from now on!!!!!

          My mind is somewhere else, daydreaming again…and the subject today is absolutely perfect!

        • OK u know “Rod” brings something else to my mind….something not chaste. So perhaps I need to refrain from calling him “Rod.”

          • Mmmmm hhhhmm… YEP.

    • btw how do you like my new signature ladies? Nobody commented on it so I just gotta ask… 😉

  41. I had to interrupt my reading to say that I just hacked up a lung from a coughing fit brought on by laughing at that KStew Koolaid picture. Sooooooo funny!!

  42. Now that I have read through all these fabulous comments and different dreams, I completely forgot about my most vivid dream, including Rob and gang. This summer I went with a group of friends and our daughters to da’ big city. We stayed in a posh hotel, did the American Girl thing and shopped. One of my friends is a fanatical photographer. Literally, I stopped taking pics about and hour into the trip and just told her I wanted copies. She’s that good. Anyhoo – in my dream we were hanging out in the hotel lobby when a group of people entered surrounded by fans, etc. . . Rumblings indicated that it was Rob, Kristen, Taylor, etc. . . I just froze (as I would REALLY do if I ever encountered Rob) and stepped back. My shutterbug friend pushed her way up through the crowd and got a pic with Rob, not knowing who he was, just that he was famous. I felt devastated – then Kristen came out of the crowd and noticed my look of devastation and asked me if I wanted a pic with her. CRAZY. KSTEW was my hero, not the mullephant. I am so confused.

    • This is very interesting. KStew is reaching out to you. Did she give you her shoes?

  43. Where were they registered?

    …the Salvation Army?

    …Marks & Spencers?

    …Bed, Bath & Mullet?

  44. in my rob dream, i was in school (but not my school..?) and they were filming twilight and they couldnt find kristen so they told me i’d have to take her part. at first i was pissed because i didnt know the lines or anything and then i remember rob and ran to the scene and he was there and i told him the situation. he seemed pretty okay with the whole thing so we were about to start filming when they told us that there was an accident in the parking lot. i was really worried about the accident and told rob we needed to go see if everyone was okay but he said we should just incorporate it into the movie. i was trying to explain to him why that would be a bad idea when i woke up. i didnt even get to do any isle esme scenes…..

  45. “Also when Rob arrived we couldn’t find K so I grabbed his hand and ran thru the crowd helping him find her.”

    LOL! I am so proud of you!!!!!

    I’ve had 2 Rob dreams. First one I had was hot sex, so hot I woke up and could still feel it, yep!

    2nd dream I was staying in a hotel room with Rob, Kristen, Marcus and Sam but it looked like Tyler Hawkin’s apartment. We were sitting around talking and I was holding Kristen’s 2 cats. She was on set most of the day and came back at night, so I took care of her cats. But all that happened was I was sitting on the floor holding her cats, talking to Rob who was on the couch and Marcus was making his bed and Sam had a guitar. WTF?

  46. Robdreams? Pffft

    I dreamt of Chuck Bass last night and it’s all because of UC’s influence.

    Thanks, for gettting me off…of Rob.


    • I went ahead and gave myself a thumbs down just to get things started, but at least I said, “getting me off…Rob” in the same sentence.

  47. OMG…guys…have to share that! Went back to yesterdays post…hadn’t the time to read it all yesterday, timedifference ya know…what a great day…and I GOT 13 THUMBSUP!!!…oooohhhh…you made me cry…me… a crazygreekgirlgot13thumbsuponLTR…what a day… what a day!

    Oh and thumbsdown is ok too…livin the democracy right?

  48. Congrats on popping the Robdream cherry, UC!

    Am assuming long-ish posts are ok, considering the subject matter?? 🙂

    I had my first (& only, so far) Rob-dream a couple of weeks ago:

    Was having a meeting @ work w/Rob’s “people” (cuzthatsnormal). The door opens unexpectedly and in walks Rob. After about 15 seconds of silence/”duh”, I get up to go introduce myself to him. At that point, all professionalism has left my body and I stand there w/my mouth opening & closing with words I can’t seem to find or speak. He looks past me to everyone in the room, rolls his eyes, turns and walks out the door. I am frozen standing there – feeling like an idiot. Realizing I have blown my chance to talk to him, it somehow gives me the courage (in RL, I’d just melt into a puddle of self-loathing, LOL!!) to walk out after him…if nothing else, to apolgize for acting like a star-struck fangirl.

    As I turn into the hallway, he’s by the window chatting w/someone in his entourage. He looks up & sees me walking toward him, and abruptly walks away from the window and turns into the hallway bathroom. Mid-stride, I stop and stare at the bathroom door and then back to the girl he was talking to, and in my head I’m thinking “seriously??? Did I just completely freak the guy out??” I then realize the girl is looking at me like I’m *slow* as she stands there pointing at the bathroom door. I mouth to her: Really??? (cuz Rob would so do that….take me off alone so I can avoid any more 1st hand embarassment!) She nods and goes back to the group, and I head for the bathroom!

    This bath is the kind that has a little foyer w/mirrors when you first enter, and I sneak a glance, just in case I looked a freak: hmm… when did I acquire a baby blue beanie I wonder?

    Moving on, I go around the corner, and Rob is casually leaning up against the vanity/sinks and looks up with a smile as I walk toward him. I start word-vomiting apologies and as I stand there in front of him, shaking and stuttering, he lifts his hand to my arm and says, “It’s okay; take a breath”. (didn’t he know his touch was what had stopped my breathing??) So I let it out in a whoosh, relaxed my shoulders and managed to spit out a somewhat coherent sentence: “I just wanted to let you know if you need any ideas of things to do while you are here, this town has tons to do…great restaurants, world famous zoo, an amazing live music scene, I can tell you where….” His chuckle stopped me from going further as he raised his arm once again, but this time, he placed his palm on my cheek and traced my ear w/his fingers (my heart starts beating madly), as he pushed away from the vanity… stepping closer to me (my heart thudding louder), his face getting closer (my heart really banging HARDER) as his fingers played with my earring as he whispered “maybe a piercer”….

    Dear DreamRob,
    Please come back and finish this dream.
    Or start a new one. Hell, I’m not picky!

    I have been working on “desensitizing” my tell-tale heart….I promise I’ll stick around for the whole dream this time.

    If for some reason my heart can’t take it, that’s okay, just keep going…..I can think of worse ways to go 🙂


  49. Great post!

    I have way too many robdreams and honestly thank God Rob can’t read minds or I might die of humiliation!

    Love that robpillow in the pic! Where was that from?

    I would give anything if I could cuddle with the real thing. Sigh.

  50. In my Rob dream I become a third party, a spectator
    I see a slow mo of Rob walking towards a smily, smart, sweet looking girl and she towards him and just as they are about to crash into each other the Mullephant wearing a witch hat comes in between and cockblocks me. JUST at that moment my alarm choses to go off! and I never can recapture the scene again.

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