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One of our very own MEETS ROB!! And has the pictures to prove it!

*Yup, that’s right one of our very own gals got to meet Rob and she lives to tell about it in today’s letter! Sit back, try not to be jealous and drool at this first hand account and maybe a few “Educational Moments”*

Dear Robert,

I hear you are having English elocution lessons because you no longer have the correct English accent necessary for “Bel Ami”.

Mate! (not Dude!)    Are you also back to talking about trousers (not pants), lifts (not elevators), chips (not fries), crisps (not chips), jumpers (not sweaters), football (not soccer), pavements (not sidewalks), candy floss (not cotton candy), films (not movies), biscuits (not cookies)……..oh I could go on but it is getting a bit hard (TWSS).

Anyway I am glad you are back here in London.  I saw “Twilight” in December 2008.  And promptly forgot about it.  But in mid-February my friend (thanks Loubs) insisted that I read the book.  I finished the book on 15 February 2009, which led me to look for RL person who played Edward on youtube……..and I fell for you completely.  Only days later, you left London to present at the Oscars and you did not come back for months.

I bitched all year that although I spend a lot of time in Barnes for work, I did not stand any chance of seeing you.  I kept seeing members of your family!  I even saw the WHOLE family at “Little Ashes” at the French Institute (are those girls twins…can YOU tell the difference?).

So now you are back filming “Bel Ami!”, it seemed only right that I stop my bitching and get down to action.  That’s Normal, right?

Sure…..I was at the London Fan Event on 11 November, and you were a delight.

(*editors note: ZOMG, squeeeee!)

Sure…….I was at the London premiere of “Remember Me” and got in a ton of pics BEHIND you and Emilie with my “Bel Ami” location sign:

Sure….I got a close up of the lip bite:

(*am died)

But on Friday 26 March 2010, I had the pleasure of getting a pic WITH you (okay, okay…. it is just one of my dimples and you)


and I got to sit about four feet away from you and spend over an hour looking at the jaw, the eyelashes, the beanie, the fingers, the rip on the left knee of the jeans whilst not even four feet away from you as we both sat and watched Blood Royale, Alan Pownall and band, Marcus Foster and band (LOVED the way you cheered and whooped for Marcus!), The Time Cats, Johnny Flynn and Jack Penate perform at the Lyric Lounge.

And it was FAB!

Thank you for coming back for a while.  Thank you for being so kind and gracious and generous with fans. Whether it be at red carpet events or on the outside terrace at the Lyric Theatre or on the way to the shop (not store) for sweeties (not candy).

Lastly, a couple of questions… After part one of the Lyric Lounge, we were both first into our respective loos (not restrooms).  On my way out of the Ladies, the queue (not line) of people waiting to go in was MASSIVE.  And to get out of the Gents you would have had to push through a throng of chicks.  “Good Luck with that” I thought.  Did you push on through?  Or were you trapped in there for the whole of the interval?

Also, what the eff was wrong with the microphone?  And why did you keep telling Tom and Henry to fix it?  I am sure I heard Tom say something like “Well, YOU fix it then!”  That would’ve been so cool…..and I bet we could have heard a pin drop as you took the microphone… 120 people thought you were about to perform a song *THUD*

So glad you have NEVER stopped using ARSE (not ass)!!!


PG11 / BG11 xo

P.S.  I lovelovelove the U.S.A. and the American language, but having read LTT religiously for over a year, I am still both amazed and amused by the cultural and linguistic differences in two countries that I thought were so so similar J

P.P.S.  It was amazing, if you want more deets, happy to answer questions!

OMG BarnesGirl is soooo lucky and we hate love her! Leave her your jealous comments, ask questions and swoon over Rob. Tell us what your perfect meeting with Rob would be like. For now I’m off to change my trousers in the lift while debating whether I’ll be eating chip or biscuits for lunch today!

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  1. ZOMG!! Jealous x 737382919191938382910111!!!!!!!
    As I have said before, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to even glimpse Rob in person here in Oz. Imma have to get my arse to London or the US.
    I’ve also noticed the little language and cultural differences between here and the US. I’ve seriously learnt craploads.

    • out of topic. but i read on Alex Meraz’s twitter that he’s in australia right now. u might want to meet him?

      • Yup, he was at Supernova. What I can gather it’s a less cool version of ComicCon.

        • Alex was an absolute delight – we met him last Sunday at Supernova Brisbane 🙂

  2. How nice!!!!
    I def will never meet him or say a word to him. I would only stutter to him ” there are not bears” and leave.

    • I just posted about the same thing! LOL!

  3. Dear BarnesGirl:

    I hate you!
    That is all.


    • damnit, you stole my letter!

      • I think she’ll be getting this a lot today 🙂

  4. You know what!

    Forget RP!

    I have been published on LTR!

    My life is complete 🙂

    *heart you girls*


    • I left a silly comment below, so I wanted to write directly to you and tell you how amazing your letter today was. I am drooling on the inside (on the outside would just be messy).

      Maybe TomStu went with Rob into the little boy’s room, so they could, um, keep each other company? That’s why he was in there so long?

      • Goodness knows how he got out of that room, poor boy 🙂

        To everyone – thanks for your lovely comments 🙂

        • Lucky girl!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing your story! Love it!
          (Rob using arse. Woot!)

      • @Milfy; you beat me to the TomStu punch…

    • @barnesgirl11
      givin’ you the luv back sweetie.. 😉
      awesome letter.. love that your on twitter as well

  5. Rob, stop paying for those stupid elocution lessons. Just ring me for few long chats a week & we’ll soon have your accent back to its lovely self. Please don’t Sykpe me for this however, as you won’t be able to hear me clearly when I have a bag on my head.

    Waiting by the phone…

  6. Dear Barnesgirl,

    Lucky lucky lucky is all I can say.

    I both hate and love you-

  7. Funnily enough two of my chums were at the same event, in fact they saw Rob TWICE, yes, I repeat TWICE in the space of two weeks. Sooooo, what did they do? They stood in awe and admired the pretty – they never approached for pics, an autograph, his number, the way he hangs etc., they just froze. They had seen *him* and that was enough for them. They could now strike it off their *100 things to do before you die list*

    In fact, Christmas had come early on that first sighting, they saw Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, Rob, & TomStu – could you imagine?!


    • Bobby Long is touring in the U.S.A.

      But RP/TS/MF were ALL at both the premiere on 17 March and the Lyric Lounge on 26 March.



    • Maybe your friend was at the BL gig on 3 March when I think all 4 were present….if so…sorry


      • No worries BarnesGirl!

        Bobby Long and I are on first name terms you know 🙂 Seriously, I have met him twice now, as in stood in a kitchen with him whilst drinking tea and it all revolves around a packet of hob nobs (seriously it does) – who would have thought that 🙂

        And my chums are in England, I just happen to be living in the States 🙂


        • and just wondering, 🙂 how many more smiley faces, 🙂 I can insert in 🙂 two so called paragraphs? 🙂

        • Did you have a private performance?

          Were they chocolate Hobnobs or plain ones?


          • Private performance – always 🙂

            And always the nobs with choccie……


    • hahaha
      suckers, if they couldn’t even ask how he’s hanging, so much for saying hi.

  8. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing with us.
    I would like to think I could keep my cool, but I am afraid I would turn into one of these crying screaming fans and hate myself for it later.

  9. sigh…….oh, you truly are blessed BG. Nice dimple, btw.

    Smack my arse and call me margieann, but I do love me some ‘englishisms’! I think it’s fascinating, the slang, etc. of different areas. Wouldn’t it be incredibly boring if we all used the same lingo? Eh…

    • I love it when the LTR girls give RP a lesson in USA cultural stuff…..and I learn so much too.

      Dammit! I forget to mention Marks & Spencer in my letter!

  10. OMG Barnes Girl, that was like, so totally awesome! Did Rob, like, touch himself a lot? Was the girls’ room, like, totally grodie?
    I would so, like, totally DIE if I saw him 4 feet from me in like a totally public place. I would want to, like, jump on him and hump his leg like a rabid dog. What-ever!
    Did Rob and TomStu totally hold hands or cuddle during the set? AS IF!

    Just thought I’d add to our little linguistics exploration today. Please don’t gag me with a spoon.

    • Yes, I would like more deets, too.
      Like did you get to see he’s eyes better? Are they grey or are they blue? Because like, they look different in every picture.

      *have I like-f*cked you properly? Cose this is my first time trying it*

      • seriously now, I would like to know that. (about the eyes, I mean)

      • I meant “his eyes” of course. #goo

        • I am so embarrassed to say I did not notice – I was too distracted by th eyelashes.

          Soooooooooo long (TWSS)


          • BG, you put me in such a dreamy state today. Your descriptions are so vivid, I can’t help but trying to imagine it 🙂

          • I love his long eyelashes, they’re so pretty!

          • Now that you mentioned eyelashes, now I’m REALLY jealous. As if I wasn’t before

    • ouch..
      That verbage is like totally from the 80’s.. gag me.. dude.

  11. I’m an 1h30 late for a meeting but I just had to read your letter (taht I’ve been stalking for a while :)) and say thanks for sharing this with us.
    And I hope everybody will have the decency to ask you a whole lot of decent and undecent details.

    • It’s all in the details, I agree, there’s so much I want to ask

  12. “One of my dimples”-LMAO! I never thought I’d be jealous of a dimple. But I am.

    (And my educational moment of the day is that “dimple” is the same in the US & the UK.)

    • I hid the rest of my face……lame I know….

      …….mainly because the dimple on the other side is EVEN BETTER!!!


      • I’m sure that Rob noticed your lovely dimples!!!!

      • Then your next mission is to get the OTHER dimple photographed with Rob. Or maybe even BOTH at the same time!!! I wouldn’t mind getting the dimples on the small of my back photographed with Rob but I may be pushing things there.

        • Because nobody will see this but UC and Moon – already done!

          (not the small of my back though)


  13. Wouldn’t it be ducky if we made a list of slang that could getcha in trouble ‘over the pond’? and elsewhere, of course…

    Tell ’em what ‘fanny’ means, BG! I bet there was a lotta snickering going on evertime somebody heard the term “Fannie Mae” on the news….

    Wanker is also a fave of mine. ahem. heehee…..

    • Just don’t tell an American that you’re going outside to ‘smoke a fag’. Or that you have a fag butt hanging out of your mouth. Or that many english pencils have a rubber on the end…
      Conversely don’t tell an Englishwoman that you fell on your fanny if you don’t want her eyes to tear up in sympathy.

      • Or that you are having problems with your *muffler*…I seriously die laughing everytime I pass an auto repair shop in the States and see the sign “we can repair your muffler here”……

    • Fanny is english slang for what we call “Vag J-J”..
      seriously.. I just about lost it when I learned that one..

    • YES. We definitely NEED this list!!! My personal favourite is the difference in the meaning of the word Randy!! Here, in the States it’s a common name (generally a boys name but I do know several women with the name Randy as well..typically it’s short for Randall, not sure what–if anything–it’s short for for a girl) ANYWAY…TRUE STORY: when I was teenager, I lived in Europe with my mom & stepdad (Wurzburg, German & Sigonella, Sicily to be precise. My stepdad was in the Army) We had friends who were station at Lakenheath in England & we went to visit them. /They had a son whose name was Randall Jr, but we’d always called him Little Randy. I learned very quickly at 14 yrs old that Randy in England appaently means horny! Poor Randy…I still keep in touch with him & his family & to this day when I’m talking to him or texting or emailing, I ALWAYS start off with Hey Horny…how’s it hangin!!! Of course when I was 14 this was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. I also learned (while visiting them in England) that CRAP is apparently a dirty word where as SHIT is the edited version!! Man talk about dirty looks, I was in a store with my mom & saw something (Lord only knows what) and my reaction was HOLY CRAP. Needless to say the older lady standing by my mom wasn’t too happy with the vulgar language the American woman allowed her daughter to use. I was SO confused until Big Randy explained. Yeah, I chose to be a spoiled 14 yr old & used the word shit every chance I got while we were there. My mother was SO angry at one point she threatened to beat me…my response…beat what out of me mom…the SHIT OR THE CRAP!! My jaw hurt for days after that little comment!!!

  14. Cool story!
    lol drunken Rob!

    He’s got the ” dude/mate/amigo, I am so wasted right now ” look in his eyes 🙂

    • Yeah, Barnesgirl, he does look a little “under the influence” there–what was your impression?

      • yes, he does and that is many LTR woman’s favorite Rob!

        • The majority of my wicked thoughts involve DrunkRob. Which IRL makes no sense as I am fairly certain he’d be of little use when he’s that knockered.

        • I’ll say it again…
          Drunk Rob . IS the best Rob!!!
          (stole JaneT’s signature line).

  15. Lucky girl!

    I met Rob in my dream last night. I think it was triggered by someone (Boomin Granny?) talking about David Sedaris. I was at some kind of function, sitting at a square table, and DS was seated at another table diagonal to mine. His siter Amy walked over and sat down with him. Then Rob walked in, and came and sat down at my table. He was sick, his eyes were red and he was sniffling, and we got up and walked over to a couch(?) and sat down very close. I laid my head on his shoulder, and then (damn!) woke up.

    I’d do sick Rob.

    Have a great day ladies-I’m off to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

    • Ha, Ha! David Sedaris and Rob in your dream = win, win! As I was reading DS last night, I thought all we need is a movie with Rob playing David. He is equally as adorable;oD

      If you still have a copy of, “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” reread, “Picka Pocketoni.” I can see Rob playing that role PERFECTLY. TomStu could play, Hugh.

  16. SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!

    Damn. I was all excited to tell my LTR gf’s about my Jacksper night last night, but it’s totally not nearly as epic.

    So um… how did he smell? Did he smell like Irish Spring? Old Spice? Is it normal that I think he might?

    • I want to know about Jacksper!!!! Spill or write a letter for LTT!

      • Well, it’s not a letter-worthy story, so I’ll just give you the short version:

        My friend and I were two of about 60 women and girls. The poor handful of men there were mostly the guys working the bar. It was a good crowd in a tiny, intimate club.

        I had low expectations going in, which actually made for a very good time. We danced with the Bananager, who looks like the absolute happiest person I’ve ever seen. Jackson was adorable. We were “dazzled” once he took his sunglasses off, really. He did this sideways smirk/glance and let me tell you… SWOON. And I’m not even a Jasper fan! There was a hell of a lot of hormones in that room!

        I didn’t have the balls to talk to anyone, but the Banana. Which is lame, BUT Jackson had to walk by me as he left the stage after their encore and I may or may not have backed that ass up a little so he had to brush against me. Shame? I have no idea what that is.

        • If Jackson ever comes to London…..I am soooooooooo there.

          Great story Katie S


        • That’s great Katie! You did brush up against him on purpose didn’t ya? LOL

        • So glad you decided to go! Now you can remember brushing up against Jacksper for the rest of your life!

          • Hahaha! Yes, it is a story I will be telling my grandchildren… all about the time Grandma made sure her ass brushed against that adorable vampire Monkey. And then Grandpa RPattz can regale them with more stories of the “Twilight Days”.

          • ahhaha! I’m proud of you! Did you brush asses or…ahem other?

          • MP, you KNOW I was aiming for “other”, but I believe I just grazed his hip. sexualharrassmentfail!

          • haha, yes, I learned to always have high expectations of you.

  17. I, too would stutter like an idiot (ohhh I forgot! he likes chics that stutter – SCORE!) or scream out things like I had tourettes (sp?) Lick! Hair! DEAR LORD! if I even had the cajones to approach.

    I should never, EVER meet a celebrity. I’d get arrested, I swear.

  18. Way to go, BarnesGirl!!!

  19. Makes me tear up and be proud to be a twitter follower of such a close friend of Rob’s.
    Lucky you!

    • And one day we will meet in RL I hope



  20. Amazing pictures! Out of curiosity was he bothered a lot by fans throughout the night or not so much?

    I guess no one was too insane if he stayed out “in public” for so long. That’s one cultural difference between the U.S. and U.K. – I think most Americans would flip out and basically heave themselves upon a celebrity if he were out amongst “the people” for long.

    • I wrote an account for another blog – – and here is what I put there – it is long (TWSS) :


      “Afterwards, there was a cordoned off area for the performers and their guests. And I am fairly sure that a cordoned off area could have been arranged outside for any famous smokers if necessary. You know, just in case anyone special asked for it to be arranged. But they didn’t. So yes, although having pics with fans may not be a movie stars favourite thing to do, perhaps they do it because they are kind and generous and know how happy it makes their fans……..

      I got a pic with him and chatted to him briefly about “Bel Ami” whilst my friend was getting an autograph. I asked if he had nearly finished and he said “No not really” so I said “of course, you are off to Hungary” and he agreed. He was courteous and kind but not chatty. He did NOT mention that they were travelling to Budapest the very next day for example.

      To the fans who think nobody should ask for a pic: If you had seen how relaxed and friendly and kind he was being to ALL his fans who asked for a picture (and there were quite a few), I honestly doubt you would have been able to resist asking him.

      He could NOT have been sweeter, I honestly think he REALLY appreciates his fans.

      I have seen him on a few occasions now and he has ALWAYS been generous with his time and utterly gracious towards the people who support him.

      He is a TOTAL star!

      And just to add…. there were LOTS of “pleases” and “thankyous”…….

      There was no screaming, no shouting, no grabbing, no crazy assed stalker fans, no bodyguards (well, just Marcus LOL), no fuss………

      …just some fans asking for a photo with their idol, an international film star at a low key event, supporting his bezzie mate.



      • Awwww, I want to meet him even more now. 🙂

      • Rob Rock! The truly great ones are alway nice. That’s all! 🙂

        • Rob Rocks that is, haha.

      • That’s nice (and interesting) to hear, thanks for posting! I think he sounds professional, grateful, and generous with his personal time for his fans, and is basically just a good guy. Also great to know that everyone respected him and were kind to him in return. Wow, the world may be sane after all!

        • oops, wrong word choice. by “respect” I didn’t mean that in a “respect rob campaign” crazyfanwebsite type way. *rolls eyes*. I meant that in a normal way.

  21. I am SOOO Freakin’ Cool!!! I’ve been to the Lyric Theater! I saw, “Five Guys Named Moe.” OMG – I wonder if he sat in MY seat (yes, I am pretty sure it has my name on it). I am off to bask in my coolness today. I am not going to think about the fact it was July 1994 and Rob was like, 8 years-old (why do I know this???). I am not going to let it squash my coolness. This is my ONLY connection and I will hang on to it;oD

    Barnes Girl – congrats on being SO close without getting arrested. Did you even hear the music or just stare at Rob ALL night. Lucky girl. Did you sit in my seat?

    • Boomin’ Granny

      How can I email you or DM you on twitter? Or PM you on the LTT forum?


      • I have not figured out how to “login” to the LTT/LTR site. I am such a loser, but not today because I am still basking in my coolness. I am not as cool as you, but almost;oD

        My email is:

        Thanks for sharing your story. Plus, you are so brave for getting a pic with him. I would’ve froze.

  22. I am writing on behalf of all the girls that will NEVER have the chance to meet Rob in there lives…because they live in a tiny little city…in a tiny little coutry…on a tiny little island…or on the hillsides of a mountain…where he never ever will set foot…girls who are desperate for one little pic of him or an interview…or wait for ages for a movie of his on dvd….to just see him…

    Barnesgirl…for us all you are the luckiest girl in the world and I’m so happy for you…it must have been the best day of your life…

    For me just meeting him and take a pic with him would just be not enough…I want to really really meet with him… like sit down and talk for a while…get to know him a bit… you know…crazy stuff like that…stuff friends do… 🙂

    • I can think of a multitude of things “friends” do…

      • I’m sure you do…lol…me too…but I’ll take whatever he is willing to give me… total surrender to this man…I may sound like a smuck…but that’s the truth!!!

    • Thanks Mel….I live in a big city(yes Louisville is a big city and not some hick town alright? :-)) but I still feel so far away and feeling like I may never gaze at his beautiful face!

      I haven’t given up hope yet, I’m still young, I’d like to meet him when I’m still looking peachy you know? LOL. I’m afraid I would want to hang out and have coffee, take walks and talk to him as well. And then what, then I’ll probably be hooked and be even more robsessed!

      The other day I was looking at some pictures from when I was in London years ago. Then I started thinking, oh my, what if we ran into each other? At Heathrow, at Leicester Square, or at a mom and pop store? And obviously he would have been like 15 yrs old that time. I wonder if I would have noticed him back then. Haha, crazy me, I know. I was just pondering.

      • Sb…I feel you…”still feel so far away and feeling like I am never gaze at his beautiful face”…well…I don’t feel it…I know it…but I truly wish for you to meet him one day!

        Meanwhile…when I really really miss him like hell…I listen to that…

        • Great song! Thanks Mel!

        • BEST SONG EVER by Metallica!!! Thanks Mel!!!!! When it comes to Rob…Nothing Else Matters!!! 😀

    • Melronin at 09.53

      What a lovely comment 🙂

      It was a pretty special day 🙂

      And I know it must be frustrating to be somewhere that RP is unlikely to ever be. That is why people fly to Vancouver for a holiday (not vacation). Or stand out all day in Budapest. Or fly across the USA for a premiere.

      I found it very frustrating to fall madly in love with an actor who lives 10 mins away from where I live and where I used to work – only to find he had just left for the USA.

      That is why I have made the effort to see him so much whilst he has been back in London.

      The Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith is lit’rally 5 mins from my house, so I guess it was just my lucky day.


    • You forgot us! Girls who’s husbands would ask for the divorce if we set a single tiny inny foot next to that gorgeous man!
      Hey! What can I say? My husband is delusional enough and loves me soooo much she thinks I’m beautiful enough to still Robs heart…… hahahahahahahahahaha…….
      Wish it was true
      But not!

  23. I did not notice his eyes (FAIL!) or his smell (FAIL!) – it was dark outside when I got the pic, and when I sat within 4 feet of him in the theatre, I was behind him (not RIGHT NEXT TO HIM – FAIL!).

    But from where I sat, I did get and excellent view of his eyelashes and his jaw – THUD!

    And I can confirm that he is BEAUTIFUL in real life.


    • robmeblind on imdb posted this pic

      My elbow is featured on the bottom LHS of the photo 🙂

      The performance area was to my left fo RP had to turn to look at the performances, and that is when I saw the jaw and the eyelashes and the ripped left knee of the jeans


      • Ummm your feet were that close to him?

        I fainted.

        • I nearly did too!

          Sooooo close (and yet, actually, so far)…..


      • Seriously??? I died for you. My fingers would have been twitching to touch him all night.

      • how in the world did you resist the urge to touch him? Or “accidentally” fall into him? Were you already in your seat when he came in? Who is he sitting next to?

        So Many Questions? No Details are Too Small!!!!!

        • Yes, who is that to his left?
          And what is that outfit you have on? Looks cute!

          • I am not directly behind RP, I am to the left of the girl in the flowery dress (with the aisle separating us).

            I was sitting right behind Tom S.

            The seating at the Lyric Studio is bench seating and we were not allocated specific seats.

            As we filed in, I noticed that the first 2 rows were “reserved for latecomers”.

            I chose a seat in the third row, at the end of the row, with the aisle/steps to my right and then 4 more seats.

            The Sturridge family were already seated on Row 2, and just after I sat down TS said to his family to reserve the end of the row seat for him.

            Just before the performance started RP arrived and sat across the aisle from TS. So TS was in the seat in front of me, about a foot from me (my knee was practically touching his beanie) and RP was about 4 feet from me (down and to my right).

            Does this make sense or is it clear as mud?


          • And the girl on RP’s right is the gilfriend of Marcus Foster who was performing.


          • “my knee was practically touching his beanie”

            For some sick reason I found that a little erotic.

          • and katie s that reason is because you’re a perv.

          • That may be, MP, but… there is no “but”. At least I’m one of many.

    • I seriously want to fly over there, meet you for coffee and hear all about this in person. I would say OMG OMG OMG ten thousand times and squeeee at all the right points in your re-telling.

      Lucky BarnesGirl!

      • If you come over I will buy to coffee AND cake 🙂

    • Wow, I would just love to touch his face….the jaw, the stubble, his eyelashes. Oh gah, the hair!

      I would be so, so, so tempted! And after that fact, I’ll never wash my hands ever again.

      • Word!!! 😀 …touch…and kiss…and then touch again…kiss…

        • Mel would you steal a kiss from Rob? Be honest! 🙂

          • And by steal you mean??? Oh honey…I would “steal” a lot more from him if I could find him somewhere!

          • Yes! 🙂

  24. haha. that’s fab.

    totally random:
    it also reminds me of a story when i’ve got to interview one actor i was a fan of since i was 13 (that was ages before i got introduced to the Lordship Sparklepeen phenomena) and i was so damn nervous, and when it came down to “ok, you’ve got time for one last question’ by his agents, i was about to blurt out: ‘do u have any plans for tonight?’ and the only thing that stopped me was a common (professional) decency and the fact that the guy was married.
    no need to describe my disappointment when he publicly announced just one week later that he separated from his wife. FML.

    the moral of the story? dont repeat my mistakes, ladies. grab your chance!

    • Lord Sparklepeen!!!

      • i would be compelled to answer in in Shakespearian verse, but unfortunately English is not my first (and not the second, for that matter) language, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

        *opens a bottle of heineken and “a guide to medieval English and lord worshiping”*

        • Your 3rd language? Are you some linguistic genius? Your English is VERY good, I had no clue you weren’t an English speaker…do you have an English parent? You have a flow that sounds authentic.

          • awww, I wish I were! but alas…

            nah, it’s just what you get when 50% of you comes from the country which national language has less than one million speakers worldwide and, well, you other 50 % comes from the largest country in the world, which is still totally useless if you live abroad. and then you mom thinks it’s a good idea to send you to study french at the tender age of 5. and nope, I dont have an English parent, but living in Europe helps.

            gosh, i’m too eloquent about my boring biography tonight. blame all the heineken.

            p.s. LTR did more for my slang education than did in last 2 years. so thank you, girls!

  25. You are so lucky! I only have a 6 degrees connection – my friend’s brother is directing Ashley Greene and Hugh Jackman in his new movie, so I have met someone who has met someone who has bumped uglies with Jacksper (which is the closest I’ll get) and cuddled with HHH (again, closest I’ll get) not to mention sung karaoke with him. Sigh.

    • Ashley and Hugh?
      In what movie?

      • It’s called Butter and filming starts really soon, I think some details are up at

        • urgh I mean or google butter movie

          • That sounds like it should be a sequel to Last Tango in Paris. I bet Rob will totally go see it.

          • Naughty!

      • OH Puma!!! re the “butter and Last Tango in Paris reference”…
        gag. —It had me off butter for years after seeing that ..

        • I know — I went there. I am a lady who sees the edge and pushes right over it. 😀

    • Stichcat – what do you mean cuddled with HHH?

      • Well I’m sure he’s cuddled Ashley before – he seems quite touchy-feely when drunk . . .

  26. Being a crazy (no, not really) Rob fan, it might come as a shock for you guys to know that I really don’t want to meet Rob face to face. Because, I know I’ll make a complete fool of myself and Rob will be under the impression that all his fans are nuts! I don’t want that for the sake of saner people like BarnesGirl who were successful in keeping their calm when they actually met him.

  27. Yesterday I commented on how I was a rational woman who didn’t feel jealousy and blah blah blah.



    • First step for healing is to admitt once illness…lol…puma…aren’t we all??? Jealous!

  28. I love hearing about others meeting Rob. I can live vicariously.

    I don’t want to meet Rob right now. I’ll meet him in a book shop in London in about 8 years when he isn’t the It Boy. I’ll take has-been Rob around the time I’m ready to have a little (international) fling and KS is nothing but a cringe-inducing memory for him. 🙂

    • You live in my brain, i swear. 😉

      Although if i ever had chance to meet him now, i’d love to see him in Japan because:
      a,.Japanese are respectful
      b. He feels relax there
      c. I speak Japanese

      Or in Bali / any other 17.000 exotic islands in my home country, because:
      a. He can hide there
      b. Everything’s cheap
      c. Paps free

  29. Girl you’re so lucky and I’m so jealous!!!! You were so close, omg! I have questions:

    1. How did he smell? I’ve always wondered and fantasized about him this way. Was it like cigaretty-beer type of smell? Sigh :-).

    2. Did he say anything to you? Like when you asked for his picture?

    Btw you have a cute dimple :-).

    • I tried to engage him in conversation, but he was a little…..tipsy (is that the same on the USA?)

      I chatted to him briefly about “Bel Ami” whilst my friend was getting an autograph.

      I asked if he had nearly finished and he said “No not really” so I said “of course, you are off to Hungary” and he agreed.

      He was courteous and kind but not chatty. He did NOT mention that he was travelling to Budapest the very next day for example.

      I am afraid I did not smell him – FAIL!!


      • I can only assume that DrunkRob = FunRob.

      • @barnesgirl, yes we say tipsy too, among other things haha! He’s prolly not chatty because of that fact, I have always thought that he was a real talker.

        I think I know why you didn’t smell him—you were just mesmerized by his face, you beheld the jawporn!!! Ahhhhh. So lucky. And you were so close, I mean you had your face right next to his, you could have totally kissed him, he was drunk, he won’t remember!

        Ah don’t listen to me, I don’t think I would be able to even say anything in front of him. 🙂

      • I would have stood there, blinking, and then been completely obvious while smelling him. Then he would have called security. I would not have been as cool as you, @BarnesGirl. Good work! 🙂

    • Ditto SB! Shorties are thinking alike today! I am totally jealous Barnesgirl and your dimple really is cute!

      • @3hboyshouse, how ru? So did u see it yet? Email me!
        Shortie besties forever!!!! XOXO

  30. Jealous. That is all. x

  31. SM reads LTT right?

    So RP might read LTR? (SB does :))


    Dear Robert

    My OH says before you leave London, you MUST try a Byron burger, he says they are even better than In-N-out burgers.

    They have about 6 branches, and OH says they are AWESOME 🙂

    Sadly there isn’t one in the area where you and Tom met for lunch, but the Gloucester Road branch is pretty near there 🙂

    You’re Welcome!


  32. Dear TomStu,

    Please listen to your friend The Rob next time when he tells you to fix the fix the mike.
    It’s kind of silly to suggest he should fix it himself.
    He would totally electrocute himself.
    We don’t want that.

    Love ya and your skinny arse,

    Me 🙂

    • We definitely don’t want that! 🙂

    • The image of Rob got electrocute kind of amuse me.

      • So.. its OK if my beloved little cupcake (TomStu)gets his skinny white arse electocuted instead of Lord Sparklepeen? (aka Robbie)!!!!!!!
        For shame ladies, for shame!!!!

        • Nooo hermes…they say that if ya get electrocuted everything stands up right?
          That’s a good thing right? 😀

          • Mel, haha perv!!!! LOL

          • It stands up, momentarily, until it all flops, finally & forever.

    • Good observation, Cath! Remember the vid of RM where he’s trying to open the bike lock and can’t ?

      This is why he needs us- I’d be happy to help him anytime!

      • He totally does drsaka, he totally does! Rob needs us, hahaha! 😉

  33. Oh, Barnesgirl, I saw this picture with you and Rob somewhere, maybe on Robsessed, and have been wondering ever since why we didn’t get more details, so I’m happy to finally hear all about it! Thanks for being our vicarious stalker! Take note, mine!x3 and minuit passé! And I wish I had a picture of drunkRob and half of my face, too.

    But backing up a little, you say you saw Rob’s whole family at a screening of Little Ashes? OMG, I would have been so second-hand embarrassed and would have been looking through my fingers during crucial moments in the film–The Tuck, the kissing, and roof sex–to see Dick and Clare’s facial expressions/reactions to those scenes. Do tell if you were spying on them!

    Oh, just one more Educational Moment: you missed one other American/English word difference: the “interval” is an “intermission” in the U.S.

    Green with Envy,
    The Old One

    • Always happy to share 🙂

      Blurry/grainy Daddy Pattz at “Little Ashes”………

      Paul Morrison (director) and Philippa Goslett (screen writer) at “Little Ashes” ……

      And there was a Q&A afterwards but we could not stay 😦

      That was 29 March 2009, and although RP was filming some small movie (Blue Moon, New Look, ??) I was very excited by my first Pattinson encounter.

      So yes, I saw “THE TUCK” with Mamma Pattz, Pappa Pattz and those beautiful “twins”


      • “Blue Moon? New Look?”
        BG, it was NEW POON

      • @Barnesgirl..
        OK I HAVE TO ASK… While you were at the Lyric Hammersmith performance and beyond..

        Can you give me ANYTHING ON TOM STU?(my little cupcake?)
        Anything.. I’m dying.. so he sat with his family? Was his sister Mathilda their as well as his little redheaded brother Arthur?
        any other details? like is he going into producing more shows? or other areas other than acting?
        (sigh) all these rumors you hear about his careers these days..

        • Hermes at 2.07pm

          You will kill me. Because Mr BG11 could not come to the theatre, we went to the Lyric for a late lunch and whilst we nibbled on pizza, Tom Stu was there and although I had my back to, Mr BG11 was giving me a running commentary on what he was doing.

          Also he was sat right in front of me 🙂

          I loved watching he and RP interact whilst the gig was on, esp the whole kerfuffle with the broken mic….RP seemed to be getting more and more frustrated.

          But the gig was so good I kept forgetting the people around me (I know, right?)…and then would com back to earth with a bump.

          Tom Stu was curating the gig, but the MC was Henry Lloyd Hughes, his co-curator. Tom spoke briefly but Henry was the main intro and outro man.


        • Yes, the whole family was there – Charles, Phoebe, Matilda and Arthur


    • Nooo, noo TOO, don’t remind me of the bazillion gigs/ occasions fail to meet the Rob. I’ve yet to finish a presentation for tomorrow, i can’t get batshit drunk yet. I’m ready for a London trip since December, any hour of the night and day, problem is I’m always the only one in the Robiverse.

      • Sorry, minuit, I don’t mean to pressure you. I know you have other obligations. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable stalking by yourself, and all of your friends fail in that department, too. But I need a stalking proxy on that side of the world! However, even I knew about this Lyric Theatre thing back in early March, simply through some light Googling. I knew TomStu would be there, and Rob’s other buddies, and knew he would almost certainly show up. BarnesGirl was right on it, and look how her life has changed forever, immortalized on the internet with a photo of drunkRob and her right dimple! Your life could change too, minuit. You can go incognito, take a page from Rob’s book and wear a beanie and a hoodie and pretend no one can see you, spray on a little eau de Hot Pocket and get the laminated card ready, and I know you can do it! Puh-leeeze! But hey, no pressure!

        • Girl, what pressure and what RL obligations? The Hot Pocket perfume and the laminated are in the luggage since forever, ready to jump on the train any second And trust, I know all potential sightings, there are gigs he can go to every week (3 this week already), except it’s not the Twi environment so he doesn’t end up online.
          We’ve been planning a LTR meet-up for ages but it was never the good moment (except for me, always available :), what does that says about me?, nah don’t want to know the answer to this one). Since January, I’m warning at work not to count me in for any events “I might need a couple of days off for private reasons”, they probably think I’m crazy by now.
          I could write sketches about all the LTR failed plans, it’s ridiculously dramatically hilarious.
          And the bestest is that I used to go to London every month when Rob wasn’t around, like you go out for drinks on Friday and next thing you know you’re on the train next morning with no luggage, great excuse for massive shopping.

          • OK, I guess it will happen one of these days. As long as you’re ready to go! Sigh.

  34. Was he awesomely drunk? I do love me some drunk RON!

    • Yes he WAS drunk and it was goo


      • I now hate you, as I hate Moon. But I feel as though you will understand this hate. Grrrrr

      • So wait. You are telling us that you actually met DrunkRob aka RON?! ugh. I give up! You win!

  35. I loved Drunk Ron too


    I have to go offline for a few hours, back to chat later


  36. Loved your letter Barnes…..lucky you! But please this is killing me…. WHo is sitting next to him in the picture (right side). Did they have chemistry? That would really make me happy and I can forget all about elephants!

    • It is the girlfriend of Marcus Foster, and MF was performing.


  37. awww so jealous! I think I’m more jealous of the fact that you got to witness him interacting with the britpack and banter with cute is THAT!

    boo I live in LA and I still have yet to see him in RL..even at a fan event or premiere cuz I’m too scared to get trampled by the crazies…

  38. Dear Barnesgirl,

    I’m so jealous of you. There goes my day…

    Me =)

  39. Dear Barnes girl..
    Can’t you hear the loud SQEEEEEE from the fan girls reading this as it makes its way over to the UK and beyond!!??

    Sounds like you had a blast at the Lyric Hammersmith. In anycase, did you know that nights entertainment was a Tom Sturridge production? Thats right .. he produced the evenings entertainment.. Look at the program. It should have his name listed. Hence Lord Sparklepeen (my name for Robbie) insistance that Tom “fix” the microphone.

    Oh to have been there!
    Got anything on U-Tube to post?
    Would love to see it ..give us a link if so.

    cheers, xH

    • Dear Hermes

      My LEFT dimple and Tom Stu (on a separate occasion)

      He was yummy!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. Also Barnesgirl..
    Anything you can share about TomStu would be appreciated.. (sigh).

    • I SO second that!

  41. YAY!!! BarnesGirl! So excited for you!

    I must say this right here gets the TWSS award!
    “you would have had to push through a throng of chicks. Did you push on through? Or were you trapped in there for the whole of the interval?”



    • Hi Jena

      Thanks for your lovely comments. Cannot wait to meet the LTT forum girls one day – the USA ones and the Europe ones. In fact all of you



  42. Barnesgirl, I almost had a heart attack when I thought it was you on the photo with the girl behind Rob, spread legs. What if he turned around?

    And again, happy for you and happy you wanted to share with us.

    And now let’s go to (pervy) business. I’m curious about all sorts of off details. What kind of drunk are we talking about? I’ve read somewhere he was speaking for a while with a girl he didn’t know (Marcus wondered who she was). Do you think it was possible to get friendly with him not like sexy friendly but like drinking together friendly? Or was he just nice with fans but still cautious about people? Wasn’t he kinda hiding his face in the pic you posted in the theatre? And what’s that about Marcus acting like a ‘bodyguard”? Are you still with me 🙂 ?
    P.S. Drunk Rob on his way to the toilets is my fav Rob!

    • Hiya MP

      I would say tipsy not hammered. I suspect he does not really want to chat with fans whilst his mates are there…but who knows?

      The pic of his back in the studio/performance area is not mine, but I think he was just chatting to MF’s girlfriend, on his right hand side, not necessarily hiding his face. When the musics was on he looked to the left so I saw his profile – jaw and eyelashes.

      I think MF was on alert, so to speak, in case anyone got silly because there was no security. But I did not see any fans doing inappropriate stuff.

      What I said earlier: There was no screaming, no shouting, no grabbing, no crazy assed stalker fans, no bodyguards, no fuss………

      …just some fans asking for a photo with their idol, an international film star at a low key event, supporting his bezzie mate.


      • Hey there Barnesgirl (I was so used to your PG11 name but I like the new one as well)

        I didn’t know the girl was Marcus’ girlfriend, I saw her in Paris with him, she’s quite sweet.

        I asked about the friendly/cautious factor because I saw Bobby and Marcus in Paris and although I was with some friends and observed the whole thing from afar, smth struck me: they didn’t seem interested in really talking to people. It was more of a fan thing, then they left.

        And I go to a lot of gigs, musicians who are soooooooo much more famous then they are (like Peter Doherty hugely famous) end up really spending the night and getting drunk with people in the bar. Also saw Johnny Flynn who was cool and outgoing.

        So my conclusion with the “Britpack” is that they consider people going to their gigs as some Twi fans (which is true) but don’t really like them/ want to spend time with them (which is also understandable).I dunno, even the whole special area where they were is too star-ish for me (though understandable because of Twi craziness).

        Apart from that, happy for you.
        And O!M!G! the embarassement factor with the Pattinsons during that almost threesome Little Ashes scene. 🙂 loved that film (not movie).

        • MP

          1) Please can you email me every day with lists of the gigs you think RP will be at :)))

          2) I used to go to a ton of gigs and have waited at every stage door in London I think, to meet bands AND actors. Some bands/actors like to interact with fans, and others not so much. And it changes on any given day. Gary Numan married a fan!!! And RP alledgedly hung out with a fan in Spain 🙂

          I would LOVE to meet him properly, over a beer or five, but I’m not holding my breath…..


  43. Dear Barnesgirl,

    I hate you with a passion. In a very loving way of course. 🙂

    Jade with envy,

  44. GAHHHHH! I’m sooo celosaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    You make me express my feelings in spanish, dat’s how yealous I be!

    did you stare at him ALLLL night?! Did he notice… cuz people get that feelign they’re being watched…and cuz you were…?! OMG you got to see the button flies Jeans! Did they smell where you were standing? Better yet did you sniff the seat he sat on?! Was he with a certain someone we don’t talk baout? Did you pull her hair?! Did you step on her shoes to reach him?! Did you get to eat? OR where your hands shakign so much you couldn’t pick up your drink to get drunk?! Was HE drunk?! OMG You saw DrunkRob! Did HE eat?! Wait who cares about food! Did you see his mole on his neck?! *breathing hard* Did you get to touch his skin…like ACTUAL contact? Was it cold? Did it sparkle?! oh what i’m saying! *faceslap*

    OMG CELOSAAAAAA!!!! [insert crazy smiley here]


    *am died*

    • hold the iphone… why did he have a mic? What was he saying to 120 people?!

      yes, my two LAST questions.

      • The mic was for the performers and I think it looked (to RP) as if it was about to detach from the mic stand.

        A few people have asked since this happened if I ever thought RP would perform. TBH I was not even sure he would turn up, and when I bought my ticket (and then forgot I had it!!), Marcus Foster was not even listed as performing.

        But even the thought of him performing makes me sqqquuueee a little.

        Okay, alot


        • ohh me toooo! >.<
          But if he did preform, guitar in hadn and all, and you ACTUALLY witnessed it…. I would hunt you dowwwwwnnnn. grrrr. [murderous smilie here] CELOSAAAA!

          LOL did I scare ya? nah, I would never. I'd most definitely get lost in London airport…again. I'm not up for dat.

          but wait, what did he say though? Was he just talking mumblish again? Did he introduce Marcus or why was he up there period? He's so hilarious getting all bothered with the mic. lololol

          ok, i'll stop wit the questions. 🙂

  45. Hey BarnesGirl
    Squeeeee for you~!

    …and you gave the fandom a good name, total class act!

  46. […] One of our very own MEETS ROB!! And has the pictures to prove it! *Yup, that’s right one of our very own gals got to meet Rob and she lives to tell about it in today’s […] […]

  47. Dear BarnesGirl ~ Can we be friends?!?! You can teach me English English! I can be your silly American friend. It will be good times.
    Maybe I can move to London and meet a Brit boy there who can kick this Robsession and you can take credit for the restoration of my sanity!
    Sounds like a good plan to me!

  48. Now, I know that I am “age inappropriate” to be looking at all these RP websites. I mean, I’m almost 40. But tonight was the first time I *felt* it.

    I was looking through you tube and came across this nine minute montage of paparazzi following him around NYC. I felt so sorry for the man! So sorry, in fact, that I hunted for a website where I could write to him, and landed here.

    All he did was take an acting job. No one knew it was going to be this huge thing. I didn’t want anything to do with it until I was sick and decided to watch the movie (since I was already miserable). That’s it… I was hooked. In three days, I read all four books, memorized the soundtrack and completely ignored my sweet family the entire time.

    After watching that stupid video, I don’t think I can like (lust?) him anymore. I want to protect him from all of that. Now I feel like *gasp* a MOM!



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