Posted by: themoonisdown | April 10, 2010

Open Weekend Post – Hosted by Rob’s limp hair

Dear Rob,

I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t really been into the filming of Bel Ami. I mean I’ve missed all sorts of news, you and girls filming, you getting rounds of applause any time you exit a building, etc etc. And I think, besides being hella busy the last 2 weeks, it’s because you look like this…

The turn of the century influenza in a waist coast look does NOT become you. I’m sorry, it had to be said. And while we’re going there can we talk about that limp hair. Anytime you have to use the word “limp” to describe anything, it’s NOT good. I’m hoping like hella that your character Jacob Jankowski in Water for Elephants which films next IN LOS ANGELES (it will be good to have you home) has a much fluffier hair did and you will be able to wash out all that gel and cobwebs from this old mop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Bel Ami gave us pictures like this…

Ain’t nuttin wrong with a lil bit of Top Hat!

But THIS???


I’ve already taken the liberty to set up a hair appt for you once I pick you up from LAX (cause I am, duh) where I will whisk you away to have all that nasty goo stripped out of your hair and for it to be CUT. Trust me your hair will be in very good hands!

Counting the days,

So does anyone else think this hair is nasty mcnasty? Would it be wrong for him to just wear the top hat for the whole movie? Even when he’s uh… you KNOW… So sorry but our open post this weekend is hosted by Rob’s LIMP ASS hair…

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  1. miss the sex hair
    bring back le bouffant!!!!

    • Le Bouffant!!! Qui!!!
      I miss Robbies great BIG GREASY HAIR…
      He looks too much like creepy uncle rob with the flat hair..
      It makes his nose look a bit flatter as well..

      Re: the Top Hat-
      On the other hand –what a contradition.
      Those top hats were also called Beaverskin hats back in their day as well.. Because they were made out of beaver skin..
      And the code word for vagina is beaver.. so.. maybe that’s what he meant by I’m allergic to vaginas? He’s allergic to beaverskin hats?
      Maybe I’m stretching it all a bit..
      Or I’ve had too much wine.

  2. I don’t think that last pic is all that bad.
    Maybe because I’m distracted by the jaw porn and I’m not really focused on the limp hair.
    (btw- “limp” should NEVER be used in the same sentence as Rob!)

    • Agree 100%!!!

    • wise words!<3

    • You know I actually like the last pic :-).

  3. I miss the sex hair but hey, It’s Rob.As long as he’s got hair I’m not complaining.

    I’m sure his hair will be a bit fluffier in the sex scenes.

    • That’s something worth looking for dtd…I’m ok with everything as long it’s Rob!!!

    • Yes for sure, someone’s gonna be grabbing onto his hair, one of the lucky women. Sigh.

      • That’s a very important point, SB–more to grab on to!

  4. Thanks Moon, somebody had to say it and you said it perfectly; exactly what I was thinking as well. Bring back the bed head, it helps with the fantasies!

    • yeh, ive had ro resort to fan fic again lately ha ha, i had detoxed after i read WA for the 3rd time in 6 months, but the bel ami ain’t doin it for me

  5. Ohhh Moon…honey…why??? He is so sexy in the last pic, I would gladly take him of your hands if you want!!!

    Now…let’s face it…we will not die for his looks in every single movie he’s gonna play (although I really think he looks great in Bel Ami)…but…I am ok with that, cause I know that in real life he is the hottest most gorgeous man alive (or dead) with the most perfect sexhair…and I have just to wait for him to slip out of costume and slip into something more…comfortable…if ya know what I mean!!!

    And I’m a very patient girl 😀

    • I guess you’re right, “heartthrob” is not exactly his fav.image/role..

    • The last pic is my new fave pic. It’s my desktop theme. I’ll take limp hair Rob , tuck Rob. I’ll take him unconditionally and preferably unclothed:)

      • niahid…you’re my girl!!! And this last pic…limphairIdon’tcare…with this expression, hmmm…makes my fantasy go wild!!!

        Rob…are you looking for me baby??? I’m somewhere among the screaming girls 🙂

        • Nah…I’m just waiting here patiently for you… in silence!

        • *hugs* 😉

          • Back at you 😀

    • Well said Mel!! I’ll take him however! You can ALWAYS run your hands in it and mess it up! Plus I’m distracted by the jaw porn!

      • Thank you Pammy…”ALWAYS run your hands in it and mess it up”!Perfect description…perfect dream!

    • The jawporn is very, very distracting….and I meant that in a good, sexy way.

      • Btw there’s lip porn too. Oh my.

  6. Wonder how many hours it tooks to wash all that shizzgel out of it…

    ..I can see beautiful eyes, lips, stubble, and … jaw…….sigh*

    Rob, you are beautiful! (pathetic moment on a sunny saturday…)


    • RG…it’s not pathetic to love someone with such love…it’s…just LOVE…unconditional love… otherwise we would be in love just with one of his roles OR just with him as RLRob and I personaly looooove everything…including his choices (ya know…ehhhh…shit…yeah ok)…

    • not pathetic at all… *starts singing* We Are the Rob

    • RG, just the thought of being in a shower and washing his hair…..whew! I think I need to sit down!:)

      • 😀

      • Pammy…you are killing me !

      • Dear Pammy,
        you totes stole my idea! J/k 😉

        showering with Rob is what we dream of everyday at TCS after all…
        I can’t blame you for being a PattinPerv since moi is the hugest…

    • Oh me, I’ll gladly wash that stuff out of his hair!!!! Squee! LOL

      • SB…you and me both…wash his hair and all the rest down under…you and me…greek souls!

  7. Agreed, I want the sex hair back where it belongs! BTW, does anyone else think he looks like he’s gained a bit of weight? I am not complaining, he just looks a little bit heavier to me.

    • yeh he has, prob for BA

      • Yeah…well…that has to go for BD though…can not immagine Edward with more pounds.

        • i know, he must look like this at all times

          even if it was drawn on!

          • Thaaaaat’s right unde…! 😀 but I’ll have him even without the sixpack!!!

          • i meant for playing edward
            i prefer his hobo look!

        • “well…that has to go for BD though………”
          you just gave me another visual

          Rob at the Weight Watchers


          • HOw do you know Weight Watchers, RG? LOL!

          • SATC! MIRANDA!!!! hahahahah

    • yes he did for the role cuz he has to be look older like 30

      • Che…hi…just wanted to say…after reading your comment yesterday…we are sisters girl…trust me…twins…these could be my words you wrote down! Love you!

        • thanx mel first we were neighbours now sisters yay!!!
          luv u back

          • Can’t choose my neighbours…but…can choose my sisters…if you know what I mean!!!

  8. I loved his hair in summer 2008 +2009, Comic Con 08/09 and RM….double sigh* because double HOT!!!

    • yes he was at his hottest then summer 09, RM and VF are testament to that, can’t wait for eclipse!!

    • YES…YES…AND YES AGAIN!!! But I really think he just doesn’t want to be THAT hot any more…guess he was kind of pissed that everybody went crazy about his looks and thinking of him just as uneathly beautiful Edward!!! He wants to separate the teams I think!
      You know what I mean…right????

  9. i liked the third pic.he looks handsome(cuz he is)
    eventhough i’m not a fan of this hair,to me the pants are bigger issiue cuz they make him look fat and not in a good way_uknowwhatimean-
    i’m wondering about the WFE hair cuz Jacob has red hair but on the other hand Georges has moustache but they changed it so i hope they’ll do some good adaptations for Jacob’ hair and will look better

    • yep pants are major fail!!
      keeps the BI’s to a minimum

    • Rob+moustache= NO-GO
      Rob+red hair= NO-NO-GO, would make me laugh..

      I’m looking forward for Rob + Elephant(s)


    • I’d love to see red hair Rob

      • ha!
        Rob: “I wanted to be HER (Pippi)”

        Pattypattz Longstocking!

        • Pippi Langstrumpf??? RG…you reminded me of Berlin… Rob with red hair… NOOO!!!

          • for MEL…..1.25…….just hear 🙂

          • 😀 😀 :D…love him…just loooove him…RG…you keep amazing me girl!

          • I think it’s great that he likes Pippi Långstrump (yeah, thats how it’s spelled in swedish). Perhaps he got some of the hobo style from her. 🙂

        • Spunk Patty

    • I don’t mind the black pants, but the gray I really don’t particularly like. I’ll tolerate it for the movie :-). The top hat and the all black ensemble is hot though. I love how he looks with the cane. Is that for spanking naughty women Rob?

  10. Just wondering if anyone else has seen pics of Mullsten in Budapest for her birthday yesterday, popsugar rumored her to be there?!?

    • Misty, you’re back! Only seen a video where you can see someone who’s a lot shorter than Rob comes out of his trailer, just after him. But you can’t see who it is. This is like a criminal investigation 🙂

      • Yes I’ve been checking in everyday just no time to post… thanks for the buon welcome MP…who’s leading this criminal investigation because obviously their doing a shit job

      • i haven’t heard any thing like that even from tweeter(which ppl there tweets every details)hope she’s not but she said she had a long holiday like till the BD so she might be there ,never misses any chance to get closer

    • Hi Misty! one minute ago I thought, where is MISTY? (true story)
      about youknowwhoIcannotsaybecauseallsecrethere.. rumours, rumours..RTL said, it’s her, some did manips,some didn’t see, some are undecided…blablabla
      in the end it’s all the same….
      Rob is HOT, the end!

      • Hey girl me luv you long time!!! WTF is she doing there on her own bday??? Desperate much??? I guess she didn’t read the LTR post on how crazy it is to go visit him in Budapest….and yes long live the hot Rob!

    • She’s in Budapest?
      Well then , good for her, retrieving her gifts from God.

  11. “just wear the top hat for the whole movie? Even when he’s uh… you KNOW… ”
    Bwhahaha. That would be one logistics challenge.

    • Bahahahahahahahaha, thanks for the visual, you made my day!<3

      • and the sound of the hat constantly hitting the boom operator’s mic.

        also disappointed in Rob not doing some magic with his hat, imagine all the things he can hide inside.

        • Lol thump, thump, thump… mmmm what’s coming over me??TWSS

          • mahaha, I”‘d pay to see that even if it were in 3D. What am I saying, Rob and his cane in 3D, it’s even better!

        • But I saw him doing some nice magic with the cane…and WE know that under the Top hat he hided the beanie, the cell and the ciggies….

          • Brillz

          • + a BIG bottle of Heine. Gotta keep up the hydratation level.

        • The Tuck part 2?

          • 🙂 !!!!

          • OMG the tuck!!! brillz!

  12. Oh god, I am SO happy other people felt this way. WAY too many people have been going crazy over these photos exclaiming how sexy he looks. I just have to disagree with them.

    Also, I’m not too into the top hat. In all the facing forward pics, he kinda looks goofy.

    • i know cant believe the 23434 million videos of filming everyday and all the freakin out about it!

      • lion had the best theory…
        the film is called “Rob-walking-on-street-with-cane-Tophat-and-umbrella!”
        that’s what “Bel ami” is about….

        love you lion!

        • It’s true, RG, there really have been no sign of other actors until this week…just Rob and few accessories.



  13. Of course that hair is nasty! Thanks Moon for mentioning it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he definitely looks hot in those period costumes and top hats but when he gets rid of that hat and we get a glimpse of him with his limp hair…it’s just not pretty. I hope in WFE he gets his old hair back..Ah so much talk regarding that man’s hair..

  14. …..
    “IN LOS ANGELES (it will be good to have you home)”

    Hello? Moon? I had a hard time with that ….just sayin

    • Second that…a lot!!!

  15. I don’t think his hair is nasty. He’s playing the role of a guy from the late 19th century. In that time, guys oiled down their hair with greasy products/animal byproducts. While it’s true is nasty mcnastypants, at least someone is paying attention to accuracy. I majorly look forward to this movie (mainly because I am the biggest freak for 19th century romantic dramas) because it looks good…and it doesn’t hurt that Rob is wearing a top hat and ivory waistcoat.

    • I just learned something new. Thanks.
      The make up artist just won BAFTA, so she’s really good at her job right down to details.

    • Thumbsup…ocnlvr83!

    • Glad you brought that up. I always wince at period dramas with modern-day hair, men or women. This makes me have hope that the movie will be decent, if they are bothering with period details as much as they seem to be.

  16. I’m kind of liking the pictures, actually. I love guys in historical looks. And besides, that vintage sleeked back hairstyle is back (see:Chuck Bass). Although I think the style looks a bit better on guys with darker hair. Also, not sure I see the “weight” that he’s supposedly put on but I think he looks “healthier” based on these pictures than he usually does (as Edward,) so I guess if that’s the weight, then I like it too. I guess with all that said time to book my tix to Budapest to stalk you, Rob. (#justkidding)

  17. I don’t mind the hair. I always wondered what he would look like when he wasn’t doing the sexhair thing.
    It’s just a phase. This too shall pass!

  18. Spending zillions of hours looking at his hair…trying to picture him with long hair…because after the total efialtis, failure of Colin in Alexander the Great (he really looked like shit)…I wonder if Rob could play Alexander!!!

    Dear Rob

    I know you like chalenges…so how would you feel about playing Alexander the Great…in real locations…and because I live in that area I could help you with your Greek!!!
    I’m waiting for your reply soon…you can choose your own director ofcourse!

    Love you

    PS…NOOOO…Anjelina will NOT play your mother!

    • heyyyyy like shit? don’t say that for my pre-Rob favourite(still the favourite)actor. i guess i’m almost the only one who likes Colin as Alexander.
      yes i like him blond.the shit wasn’t Colin it was Oliver Stone
      and i’m not sure about Rob playing that kinda caracter but after ages i hope he can be Alexander or Achilles whatever he likes

      • It’s Oliver Stones shit that’s for sure…but che…please…I like Colin…but he was a terrible Alexander…just terrible…the blond shitwighairwhatever…geeezzzz…otherwise I like badboy Colin too…in other parts/roles…you know!!!

        • it wasn’t a wig and still insist i like the blond hair (short one) and he’s also was tan so looked hawt. i think u should see some becoming Alexander pic of him(training stuff,riding horse)

          he’s not a badboy anymore and i’m glad he’s not
          he’s funny,hot,smart and talented guy

          ok sorry we’re not arguing about him.ROB is the best end of subject 🙂
          luv u sis

          • I LOVE HIM ON THAT HORSE CHE…OMG…HE SHOULD BE LIKE THAT IN THE MOVIE…lol…no fighting over Colin sis…he’s all yours askim!!! Semi seviyorum!

          • no i want ROB!!!!!!!!
            s ‘agapó
            σ ‘αγαπώ

  19. I want Rome Rob’s hair back.

    I want Rome Rob. Period.


    • I want Rob in my house in Rome.Period!

    • Squeee….sex hair. Sigh.

      Thanks Cath, how can I get things done now?

  20. Try again:

    Jawporn overload too!

    • OK, You Tube is conspiring against me and Rome Rob. Just click the link lovelies!

      Have a nice weekend!

      • Cath…love…we don’t have to see Rob in Rome…we remember all tooo well the way he looked in Rom…my alltimefavouriterob…eva…!

    • Cath, I’m exhausted NOW, omg…the screaming, felt like I had to sign all that stuff……..what hair? I saw only neck! 🙂

      • I like Rob’s neck too RG, and yeah, the screaming Roman girls!!!
        There should be a better vid out there of his Rome hair, better than gelato…well almost. 🙂

  21. Did anyone else see the word “goo” above and think Moon meant to say “good?”

    Thanks to Janet, my vocab is all effed up!


  22. Dear Rob:

    I like you, your greasy mop and your smirk.

    p.s. haven’t said “4ever” since I was 10.

    • 4ever and 4ever = R&L = 18(alphabetical ranking R) +12(same here for L)=cross total 12 = cross total 3 = Eternal Everlasting LOVE
      hahahaha, we played that shizz at school………<3

    • You and me, together forever!

      Ok well maybe in my dreams Rob.

  23. I actually have to admit I kind of liked the RobRoy pictures… Yes they were not as great as the Robler ones, but still… At least we got to see new pictures/videos/News of Rob everyday!


    and now on to business:
    I have some great RobPorn prepared for ya chicas over at TCS! Please visit!

    • Bleriana…good stuff honey…gooooood stuff…and Biel’s vid…the best!!! I think Rob will convince all the unbelievers of the hotness of Georges…your pics certainly convinced me!!! Not that I had that huge doupts…lol!!!

      • I already died watching that 1st video by dukkesa. And then something from biel? Totes too much on a Saturday… Waaay too much…

  24. Hey girls, I came here early this morning(before the day took over), around 10 but it was still stuff from yesterday, I thought something happened!

    Anyway, I admit, I’m not in love with the slick hair, I am in love with Rob. The hair can be changed anytime, it’s his character that’s got me(well his face and body too!). He looks so tired though, was the 1st thing I said when I saw the pic of him in the white vest. I was wondering if they made him look like that for the movie or was he just really exhausted…or could be both.

    The last one is one of my faves now, I actually emailed that to some of my friends the other day. However, I’m looking forward for the fluffy, tousled sex hair again which is like his signature look.

    But Rob I’ll always love you. And I….will always love you,ouououou. Hahah ok enough singing.

  25. I agree – I wasn’t into the Bel Ami hair.
    BUT, I did like the period costume (especially those black leather gloves … gah)! 😉

    btw – my fanfic: Blinding was updated over on twilighted (chapter 4):

    I’ve posted up to chapter 12 over here:

    Summary: Edward Cullen is intrigued by the new student at college, Bella Swan. But why is Bella really in Forks? Is Edward Cullen in danger? Will her secrets be revealed? Before it’s too late for both of them. ExB AH Rated M for Mature Themes

  26. And what do you like in Twilight’s Edward?

    I loved the second book much more than the first, that’s when I first connected with the character. You can be young or old, when you fall in love with someone at first you start to idolize her, then you put her on a pedestal, then the other is a mirror. But after a while, you see your faults in this mirror and the more you see them, the less you can bear it and in the end you destroy the love, saying you don’t need this. This is real, I can tell you that. It’s strange that a cheesy book for girls like this brought me to fame, but it happened and I won’t protest.

    did he really say that?called twilight cheesy book for girls,i mean openly without any fear of twi-hards reactions
    by the way good afternoon/morning all of u ladies

    • Hi che…how is my Turkeysis today? Yes…he obviously said that…good for him…shouldn’t be afraid to tell what’s on his mind eva…love him for that!!!

      • hi greeksis i t was a tired and bussy day .i hope u are allright too
        look what i found, god hate this girl 🙂 (seriously)

        • You know what gets me everytime I see them together? Why can’t they just come out and say they’re together…..I don’t get the secrecy…….do they think we don’t get it?
          That we’re stupid??? WE SEE IT!! Why pretend – ” No I don’t have a girlfriend, no I’m asexual…..I’m all alone in my hotelroom”? Yeah, it gets to me sometimes…..Sorry for blurting!

          • I’m gonna play devil’s advocate for a min…Are we sure that’s really Kristen?? I mean, the video is extremely shakey at best & (unless I just misssed it on one of the 15 times I watched it) I never saw a face on either of them. Realistically that could be just about anyone in the airport! I for one am going to pretend it is NOT her with him…better yet, I’m going to pretend that it isn’t even him & that someone video’d some random people in an airport & posted it on YouTube saying it was them. Yes, that sounds like the perfect idea…it isn’t really them…just normal people walking to their terminal to get on a plane!!
            and who is the person carrying a guitar? Again, I’m choosing to believe it isn’t Rob & it damn sure isn’t her with him!! 😀

          • TomStu was in that pic as well.

          • I know I shouldn’t really care or give a rats ass about who he sees/bangs…..I get it it’s none of my business…..just once in a while I do care…….
            Now I’m going to go look for my sanity, because I want it back!!!!!

  27. Limp hair? I’ll give you limp hair . check out Ed Westwick – now THAT’s some serious limp hair!!!

    • Agree!!!

    • it aint the only thing “limp” about Westick so the rumors go..

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