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Robert Pattinson, a big ‘Mo or not? I’m unconvinced

Brokeback got us good, don't it?

Dear Rob,

The gossip interwebs have been buzzing lately with news that Tom Sturridge totally didn’t outted you as gay. If this were true I’d probably throw a party, run a victory lap around the neighborhood and laugh at myself and UC for writing this blog for the last year and a half. But as it stands I remain unconvinced either way. There are days I just want you to be gay and end all of our misery, make the Robsteners and the Nonstens feel ridiculous and give me back half my week. But then there are days like after a photoshoot comes out or when I watch certain scenes from Remember Me I really hope you’re giving it good to me a nice lady (yea, I said that). So to help convince me either way I decided to make a list of the indicators… and of course I hit up some of my best gays and my straights to help me figure this out…

Gay as a Christmas Tree Straight as a board
  • Nominated for countless best dressed awards
  • Dresses like a homeless man
  • Shops for underwear with male BFF
  • Buys cheap underwear at Marks & Spencer
  • Details – Posed with nude models for artistic photoshoot. Touched models with one finger
  • Details – Jokes he is “allergic to vagina”
  • Kristen Stewart – Shows zero affection towards her and their odd at best relationship. Contrived PR cover ups and spin regarding their relationship
  • Kristen Stewart – Their relationship and the contrived PR cover ups and spin regarding their relationship
  • His hair – just too awesomely styled to be the work of a straight man
  • His hair – What gay men would forgo washing hair for days on end?
  • The Brit Pack – too many good looking/talented boys hanging out together, borrowing each others clothes
  • The Brit Pack – Bros before hos
  • Refers to dressing up as “Claudia” as a kid with such fondness
  • Wears his Dad’s hand-me-down’s
  • Able to sew together a shirt like a Project Runway contestant
  • Penchant for cheap beer and microwaved meals
  • Sharing clothes with Kellan and/or Kristen
  • Loses car in Los Angeles and has no idea where it was. Actually driving that beater
  • Runs like a wounded duck
  • Steals clothes from set wardrobe
  • Plays a womanizing French socialite, a Circus veterinarian, a sparkling vampire, a golden boy wizard, a bumbling nerd who buys girls pregnancy tests
  • Plays a womanzing ladies man, a brooding college tough guy who gets into fist fights, a vampire that kicks ass and takes names

Wait, you think I'm what?

So wait, now I’m just confused. How can your life be one big gay/straight double standard. Don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely not a big ol queen but you’re also not Captain of the Football team with a power saw in your garage.  Just when I’m thinking you’re one or the other it could swing either way! I even asked one of my gays what makes him think Rob ISN’T gay (cause they love to claim the cuties) other than Rob dresses awful and he said: “there is no other reason which means he’s a big ‘Mo. And besides he makes my gaydar go off and that’s never wrong!” NO! So I turned to one of my straight dude friends and asked him for reasons why Rob is straight and not gay and he said “No closeted gay man makes jokes about being allergic to vagina, but the hair, the movies, Kristen, he’s gay dawg!” WHAT?!

Rob, how does this work? I’m I even less convinced either way now that I’d made this list, consulted “experts” and devoted 10 minutes to thinking about this? Just don’t let us wonder for 10 years until one day you adopt a couple of twins that Kristen surrogate mothered for you and then come out with a People Magazine cover. Just say NO to livin’ la vida loca.

There’s really only one way you could convince me either way…….. sign on for Brokeback Mountain 2, Tom Stu I love you

I wish I knew how to quit you!

PS While I was writing you this letter, Brokeback Mountain was playing in the background. I cannot make these things up.

So what do you think? Besides that Gossip piece being of full of crap? What did I miss, any indicators? Would Rob help you hem your pants or would he buy tickets to the football game? Obviously it doesn’t matter either way but it’s fun to speculate!

Big thanks to Phil, The Font, Too_Far_Gone, Brian, and some anonymous folks!

*This is in NO way meant to out or closet Rob. It’s all meant for fun. We love him whether he loves lady parts or dude parts*

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  1. This is hilar!!! I have been waiting for Rob is Gay fad to pop up via the web any day…probs some jealous hubby/bf started this because their signif. other has been mind sexing about Mr. Walking Sex more than them…

    great post Moon…love it..can I run the victory lap with you if it’s true, because it was just be a perfect ending to our “ridiculous internet game”

    • ha! Misty…jealousy, just jealousy!
      Or..second possibility, some lousy gay hairdresser-stylist said that, after never been called again for totally gay looking red-carpet-hair-or-outfits!SURE! lol

      • Isn’t it weird that guy THIS HOT haven’t had a girlfriend since Nina Schubert?

        I say he is Bi. I was all Robsten crap but lately I’m more and more convinced KStew is just a cover. Or RobStuStew is a real life love triangle! LOL

        And what straight man in his right mind would take this role:

    • it really would just be the perfect ending, because fawning over a gay man is NORMAL!

      • isn’t it?

      • Moon,
        you wouldn’t shut down LTR if Rob turns out to be gay, would you? Personally I’d have a lot more fun speculating about him and Tom than the other Stew.

  2. “Able to sew together a shirt (like a Project Runway contestant)”or NOT….lol

    too funny…
    I’d say that is written on the wrong site, gays don’t sew shirts, they buy new ones 🙂

    If Rob is gay, me is still Queen Elisabeth!

    Beside all jokes, what a weird idea the gay-thing, I never got it, hot young guys are like that here….just sayin…

    I truly love Tom for never saying ONE single word about his friend!

    • robgirl if Rob is gay and your the Queen of England I am Princess of Italy…lol you funny girl you!

    • True friends are a rare species…Tom is one of them…and I AM NOT THE QUEEN OF GREECE!

      • Hi Mel, your avi is soooo hot, love that pic! and do you know that the King of Greece and the Queen of England are from one familiy? I read that at the dentist… educational moments there….lol

        • Yes Schatz I do…I’m a historyaddict…they are both descendents of the kings of Denmark! Ahhh…my avi…is gorgeous…I have to change it all the time to make this man justice!

          • Squeeee Mel!!! I love your avatar!

            One hot Rob! Sigh

          • SB!!!! ❤

          • Hi RG! Howdy?

    • Truth! I don’t want to be taking anything away from the HHH- as if right- but A LOT of guys fit both those columns in these parts.
      I think that’s part of the mystique of Rob!!
      So ordinary yet so totally EXTROADINARY all at the same time. *sigh*

    • tom seems like a GREAT friend! how awesome for rob to have someone like that

      • He is, he is!!!!!!<3

  3. I find this post really funny. My dad who has never seen any of the movies walks in during our Easter viewing of New Moon takes one look at Eddy, rolls his eyes, groans and says ” Oh that kid is SO gay !!” He stays in the room for all of two min before announcing he can’t take anymore and goes off to find suitable male conversation.

    • You should have educated him on the total make-up, wig and wardrobe fail of New Moon..who can avoid looking gay in white powder and mauve lipstick? I bet HE would look gay himself if you made him up like Edward! 🙂

      • Ohhh I loved NMEdward 😦 not gay…not gay at all…now my avi is sad too…lol

      • LOL he knows all about the magic of movie making (realitives in the biz) I just found the post funny due to the Easter conversation/debate we had. The hubs ( precious lurv him !) was quick to defend NOT GAY ! He snuggled and watched the movie w/us girls.
        NOT GAY. If there is clevage he’s looking at it.
        You can see the pervy wheels turning IF he thinks before he answers a question and the OOOOPS maybe I shouldn’t have said that,but it was funny so I’m going to giggle like a school boy anyway IF he didn’t take a moment to pause and think before answering.
        Going back to the hand holding thing at I think there were at an airport and didnt know any cameras were around. My hubs has about 10 inches on me. When we hold hands while walking eventually my hand will slip up closer to his wrist as he concentraits on not tripping over his feet and tires of leaning sideways. The more we walk we start at elbow crook slipping to hand holding, then to wrist or pinkie depending on how fast we are walking and if we are bothering to keep up w each other. I think if they arent together now I’ll bet they were at one time. NOT GAY !!! I will not rule out switch hitter though LOL

  4. This really made me laugh today! Thanks. I’ve been wondering when the Rob is gay crap would start. I agree with Misty & RG, it’s all about jealous significant others being pissed because they’re woman (or man…whatever) imagine Mr. Walking Sex when they’re in bed!!!!

    Don’t see why men are complaining…Rob certainly has made sex lives all over a lot better!!
    I gotta run for the day…Hubby is pissy again, so I’ll prob just be lurking for a few days again.
    Have a wonderful day! 😀

    • Hi Melinda, as far as I remember the rumour popped out when LA scenes leaked on youtube,just like see? he’s gay, he’s kissing a guy…

      • Something popped out (and was tucked in) during LA.

        • 🙂

        • LMAO!

        • LMAO!!!! That was a good one, Jules.
          RG, I didn’t realize that was when the rumours started. Did they not understand it was a MOVIE??? I mean, no one thinks Jake Gellenhall (or however you spell it) is gay just because he made out & had very descriptive & steamy sex scenes with Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain!!! (I think that’s who was in that movie with Ledger) Anyway. Rob being gay is absurd!!

  5. Hrm, well, being a recovering fag hag (my gays called me that) I have a pretty good gaydar myself and although I would give a dollar to see a photo of Rob and Tom making out, I just don’t hear any alarm bells. Sigh. It would be so much more fun for me if he was gay, though.

    Rob, you missed my birthday. Can’t I have just ONE photo of you kissing Bobby on the mouth? I promise I’ll keep it to myself!

    • I second that. I’m a recovered fag hag and no bells whatsoever. Then again, I think you can only tell when you see somebody in the flesh. Care for a field trip, JodieO?

      • Well, I *have* seen Rob in the flesh, but I don’t think I got nearly a good enough look. I’m up to the task! Let’s DO this!

        • My best friend is gay, and loves Rob, but doesn’t think he’s gay at all. Like.At.All. It’s the awkward and the ill-fitting pants.

          • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. If he was gay none of these baggy clothes would fly. He’d want to show off those pecs and that bum!

          • You had me at “Nail.”

            I want to live in the gutter today.

            Thanks, JodieO.


    • Um, I’ll throw in a dollar to that cause.

    • i have seen him in the flesh (ducks tomatoes and snowballs) and i get kind of an asexual vibe. which is weird to say but ya know… it dont feel it either way. hes not oozing sex and the gaydar is not going off. i dont think he’s trying too hard either way.

      • bi.

        • Agrees..seconds it.. Bi.

      • Moon, I think you’re right, there. In all seriousness, despite what I said below regarding him oozing sex, that’s really just his public image that he throws out without really trying. Some people are just in to other things besides sex sex sex all the time, and I’m sure Rob is one of those people that isn’t trying to get in someone’s pants every minute. And I’m glad he’s not a man-whore.

        • Ehm, Old One, did I mention the other theory I’ve been trying to ship? The “Rob Is Not Humping Anyone Because He Is A Good Catholic Boy”-theory?

          *crickets chirping*

          No, not much luck with that one either..and what the heck do I know anyway, being a Lutheran..?;-)

          • Ha!! Someone else on the face of the earth who thinks that! Awesome.

          • And just to clarify, it’s not that I think he’s completely, ahem, inexperienced. I just kind of get the feeling from things he’s said in interviews (like wanting to give more than just sex the first time you go to bed with someone) that he takes that sort of thing pretty seriously and probably hasn’t been with that many people.

          • MariaCecilia, do we know if he was raised religiously, as in going to church and more or less following its precepts, or if his family is just Catholic in name and don’t really follow it?

          • I like your theory.

            It seems to fit with things he’s said. I don’t know if its necessarily religious upbringing but a very strong moral fiber so-to-speak.

  6. He is a bit ambiguous thats why I like him, and also he seems quite sensitive, and arty, kind, polite, amusing, witty, gentle, perceptive and gorgeous – who am I kidding thats not gay thats just my ideal straight man !!!!!!

    • Me too! But I prefer then, I prefer my men to be practically gay.

      • I prefer my men to be the polar opposite of Sandra Bullocks soon to be ex.

        • that’s pretty much Rob to a T.

          • Thanks for seeing my point, D2D!

    • YES! YES! YES! Please join my club, promoting the third sex: heterosexual men who are not all about cars, beer, sport and porn, or speak in monosyllables but are intelligent, sensitive, funny and still sexy as hell! I married one…

      • When you put it like this…count me in…you had me at heterosexual men who are not all about…sport…or speek in monosyllables!

    • i wanna join to this club

    • I think he’s totally Bi… Like he could have totally hit that (TomStu) and can totally be hitting this (KStew).

      And that makes the whole threesome fantasy thing seem much more appealing… IMO. ‘Cause I could totally join Rob and Tom, but there’s no way I go near KStew :ugh:

  7. Whenever I hear him giggle like a girl and look at his posture during interviews, I must admit I have my doubts. But I think he’s just the type of man who natural selection would have killed off brutally in the prehistory, but whos gay-ish adorkable manners somehow make him a VERY desirable reproduction partner in these modern times. His behaviour attracts fertile females all over the world, talk about preventing inbreeding. He’s just one step ahead of most men, evolution-wise.

    • you said what I said but better !!!!

    • omg, best sentence ever!!! ❤

      "He’s just one step ahead of most men, evolution-wise."

    • BAHAHAHA! Comment fashioned from total win.

    • Thans Alice

    • Totally explained Rob’s mass attraction there Alice.
      You deserve all these thumbs up!

      Btw; Not An Addikt, may I asked if it’s based on the K’s Choice song?

    • i love it alice! SO true. he’s just better than the rest for reasons unknown and indiscernible from what society would call a “manly man” who’s nature’s ideal

      “make him a VERY desirable reproduction partner in these modern times. His behaviour attracts fertile females all over the world, talk about preventing inbreeding. He’s just one step ahead of most men, evolution-wise.”

      • He could even be two steps ahead…or three….just saying…

    • THIS is the perfect comment! I ❤ you for your theory! 🙂

  8. Oh lordy…this topic has plagued me for over a year…sometimes I think he’s gay, other times I say No Way, and then I bring it up and either get bitch slapped for even thinkig it or get told “who cares, if he’s not doing me I don’t care who he’s doing”. I don’t know…for some reason I REALLY CARE who he is doing.

    • don’t know…for some reason I REALLY CARE who he is doing.

    • thumbs up!!
      won’t acutally let me thumbs up anymore 😦

  9. What I think woulod be truly hilarious if all 3 of them -Rob, Kristen & Taylor-turned out to be gay. There is so much talk about all 3 of them in this vein…I think my head would actually fall off from all the laughing.
    And Tom Stu would be outed as a sneaky dead straight alley-cat manwhore…oh the joy!

    • ha ha it’s a possibility
      of the three of them it would only be rob who would suprise me, i really don’t think he is,

    • OMG eatmyjorts, i think you’re on to something!

    • Sneaky dead straight alley-cat manwhore?

      My fav. phrase of the day!!!!

    • @Jorts:
      The possiblity of: Robbie, Tay Tay and Kstew being the 3 gay amigos.. and
      TomStu being the hetro naughty rogue .. now THAT would be hilarious. —
      On the other hand.. you know, you might have something there.. I often tease and make fun of TomStu (my little cupcake).. cuz he’s so pretty –anyway.. the guys who seem ambigious..(I’m from San Francisco) .. they can pull the rug out from underneath you… you just don’t know until he’s got his hand down your shirt and is going for it.. —

      You just don’t know if a big big suprise is waitin’ for you inside of that box of Cracker Jacks…

  10. I’m firmly on the side of NOT GAY, for one reason and one reason only.

    Mr. Old knows I like him and if there was ANY indication that he was gay, he would use it to mock him and me whenever he saw him on my television set.

    The fact that he didn’t set off my husband’s gaydar is enough proof for me.

  11. I need to see some footage of him dancing before I can make the call. Not HP or Twi-prom dancing, but really dancing. Then I’ll know.

    • hahahahaha, that’s so true!
      Rob cannot dance at all, so………………..omg, so funny,what a proof!

    • Show us the tape of Rob do the livin’ la vida loca dance with Tom. then we’ll be convinced

  12. I am not the first to say this but:

    He’s not gay, he’s just English!

    Lots of guys just like him here (well ok not so many, if any, who are quite so stunningly beautiful/sexy) … but in terms of character/mannerisms/sense of humour/intelligence, the whole “sensitive” thing (*sighs*) …. he’s a prime example of one of the pretty common english male stereotypes. Although he is a bit more dorky than than your average middle class, privately educated London guy. Tom is the non dorky version! No wonder they get along well and I also salute Tom for obviously being a great (non fame seeking) friend. Long live the bromance!

    • exactly my opinion! thanks for saying it in proper english…lol

      • It was my pleasure robgirl86! And dont worry your english is great … I was just a little more wordy.

        ps just to make it really funny …. I am not married to one of the above mentioned english stereotypes that we love so much, though I grew up with a shed load of them … I married one of your countrymen! But I moulded him good … took a few years, but now I have the best of both nationalities!

        • I love…”took a few years”…haha…we girls are like that, right?
          best of both? GREAT!<3

          • … but I have never managed to get the “let’s get to the head of the queue” mentality out of him (you know what I’m talking about don’t you!!), but frankly that’s quite helpful sometimes, so now instead of being all English and embarassed when he storms to the front of the line I just tootle in behind with my head down.

          • hahah, you make me laugh, I thought THAT was an italian thing… go straight to the front of any line….like…you know..1 man, 5 women and 14 kids… the airport or such…lol
            anyway I really appreciate your standing to the left in the tube and all the English politeness….<3

          • Nooooo…that’s a Greek thing!!!

    • What I can bring into our discussion from personal experience is…that boys who grow up with older sisters have a dendency to behave a bit feminin…they grew up around women, the sisters played with them as girls and dressed them up as girls…give these guys a brake, lol…they had a hard childhood!

    • Soooo agree w/this! I (being from the US), dated a guy from Cheltenham for two yrs. VERY similar mannerisms. I just pick up ‘English.’ He was even a musician!
      Just sayin.

    • You took my response, EG! Of course he’s not a Ralph-Lauren-Abercrombie-wearing football captain with a penchant for fixing cars or whatever – that’s an American stereotype. And he’s no American.

      • exactly!
        i think it’s cos he’s not the american stereotype that he’s considered gay.
        yet over here taylor who is the biggest stereotype you can find would be considered far more likely to be gay than rob,
        i actually see very little evidence for rob bein gay, other than he’s not out whoring it up which will usually raise eyebrows

        • Totes agree! I just don’t get this preoccupation American men have with believing that a man is gay simply because he’s not some macho posturing, beer-guzzling manho. There are no outward signs of him being gay, and believe me there’s always something that’s a dead giveaway. Maybe that’s a stereotypical belief, but it’s still true. I have tons of gay friends. My gaydar is strong.

    • I care not one whit whether he’s gay, straight or questioning.

      However. I do totally agree that he’s ENGLISH. Husband’s BFF brought his three late teen straight sons over from England to visit us (we live near Boston MA). Holy crap the looks and even abuse those guys endured walking down the street or the mall *even when with my DD and her friends* for their style. That stinks but London fashion is markedly different from around these parts for sure.

      You guys, set me up with Rob and then we’ll know for sure.

    • That was my very first thought too… He’s just British! They’re all slightly effeminate. Well, except for Jason Statham. And football hooligans. And steel workers.

      Well maybe steel workers… secretly.

      • LOL

      • David Bekham style…you mean???

      • Yes, like Hugh Grant.

        But, oooh, Jason Statham. I want to fish in his chips!

        • Oooooh Handsome Rob….. *giggle*

      • Although I totally know what you’re saying, there are also lots of English men – ie my hubs- who are entirely non-feminine & as far from gay as despair…He’s not a steel worker, but is a crumpled faced, stubble covered, beer drinking, motorbike riding engineer, & has never been near a public school in his life. Now, my Father, on the other hand…

    • Totally agree. I thought a certain English family friend was oh, so gay! He hung out with his “Brit pack”, giggled, slumped all the time, seemed indifferent at best to females, loved cigarettes, drinking, bad food, clothes, theater and music, was gorgeous with long thick hair, ill at ease in social settings, BUT was unfailingly polite, interesting and oddly sophisticated at the same time. Yes, he was the product of English public school system, not too far from where Rob grew up, which seems to give English lads simultaneous traits of being dorky, yet poised; narrowly educated but able to converse meaningfully when “occasion calls”; grungy, yet almost instinctively knowing what clothes to wear/fork to use for formal occasions; incompetent with females, yet also very sexually alluring… you get the picture.

      Punchline… he is totally straight, of course, got married in his late 20’s and is now a proud father.

      I see Rob exactly the same way… give him time to grow up.

      • Great description.

  13. Once I’ve had him behind that dumpster, I’ll let you guys know.

    • Thank you honi, generous as always, I totally count on you! Sharing is caring!!! ❤

      • I care, baby. I care!

        • She cares deeply.

          • and intensely….

          • I heart you two, deeply, intensely and irrevocably.

        • What about unconditionally?

          • That too, ML! And you are included in all the deeply, intensely, irrevocably and unconditionally…

  14. I don’t care if Rob is gay or not-wouldn’t bother me either way. I love gay boys, and there would be some benefits to Rob being gay-

    -A sex tape with Rob and TomStu would be much hotter than one with Rob and any woman

    -Gay Rob would finally once and for all kill all rumors about the mullet. I’d totally be pro-RobStu.

    -I’d love to hear Rob say “I am a fortunate homosexual man”. Or whatever. Just hearing him he’s gay would be hot and would conjure up all kinds of dirty scenarios in my head.

    Of course then the chance of ever hooking up with Rob would go from almost nil to nil. Not much difference and I’d be happy to add TomStu to my fantasies.

    Let’s hear it boys-We’re here! We’re queer! get used to it!

    • Having said all that, I think it’s more likely he’s a beard for the mullet.

      • hahahahhahaha

      • OMG! D2D, you’re awesome. hahaha

      • Luv the Dazzle.. “Robbie = a beard for the mullet” ..
        You know there were rumors about Stewie earlier on.. before she even started Twilight about the whole lesbian thing..

        Once the franchise is over it will all come spilling out of the closet..

  15. “There are days I just want you to be gay and end all of our misery…” Moon…you said it girl!!!

    Rob…honey…my hub (and to be honest every men I talked with)thinks you are gay…but…why is it that I would gladly be the mother of all your children???

    Please don’t live la vida loca…I don’t believe in gossip whatsoever…I believe only in things that come directly out of your mouth in vids that show you actually say the words…so whatever it is…I want to hear it directly from you!!!
    Whatever it is…doesn’t matter to me!!!

    • “Whatever it is…doesn’t matter to me!!!”

      my thought exactly.

    • my husband is also convinced that he is gay, but that doesn’t bother either of us when I think a/b Rob while I’m in bed with my hubby!

      • Definitly no problem there…just be carefull never to call the wrong name 😀

  16. He is SOOO straight, I’m sure, but it’s worth to doubt for a sec just for hilarious posts like this one or for the fun of RobStu, my favourite couple since forever.
    And I’d still do him even if he was doing both TomStu and KStew.
    Now running to subtly introduce Rob to gay friends, why didn’t I think of it before, I really need a RL Rob junkie.
    Moon, will you pass the bottle…ahem the trick…once you discovered how to get over Rob?

    • honi, I already did that, they LOVE him…like they L.O.V.E. him, be prepared!

    • Min, I think that plan could work, the introduction, I mean.

  17. I don’t give a crapridge.

    • Keisha, the word crapridge sounds so filthy, like filthy, filthy.

  18. Moonie, you’re back!
    I laugh so hard my stomach hurt.
    “Oh Rob, I wish I know how to quit you”
    Yes, Rob . stop haunting my days and nights. I need my life back. Oh, wait. I had no life before Rob 😉

  19. “but you’re also not Captain of the Football team with a power saw in your garage.”

    I bet there’s one in his pants. 😉

    • Ooh Jena – only you! And you’d like to help him power it up as well … just to test of course?

    • Ouch!


  20. Well here it is…(he seriously didn’t seem gay to me… but what do I know)

    Hmmm…wonder if Rob could dance like that!!!

    • hahah! Ricky Martin is sooo gay that it hurts….look at his dancing(not speak about look and such)…hahahha, he looks like my workout trainer at the gymn, just dancing in front of the mirror for his own pleasure…..
      Rob would loose the rythym after one nanosecond and I love him for that….


      • hahahahaha! Look at him swiveling those hips. I’d pay serious cash to see Rob try that. Serious cash.

        • picture that: one move to the right-yeah, one to the left-yeah, upps, where are my arms? and now…where is me?…ahemmm…lost…what was my name? 🙂
          Jules….a leaked dancing video= serious cash…I just died when I imagined him dancing to “All the single ladies” tipsy backstage the MTVawards…priceless

          • HAHAHA!!! RG, you just died me!

      • I really didn’t get that he was gay back then…I mean Hugh Jackman dances but he’s not gay…right!!! Ohhhh we Greeks are so innocent…hey…when Greek men dance it’s sexy as hell…

        RG…Ilooooooooooooooove it that Rob can’t dance as long he makes the right moves around…my body…I’m fine!

        • it was hot actually to watch him real

          • CHE…my secretSakislovinggirl…BRAVO…I was looking for that… he’s hot…and ohhhh can he shake…and he’s…oh shit…yeah actually there are rumors that he’s bi…married now…but…in his youth…ya know!!!

          • well i had to cuz u said dancing sexy greek guy
            plus i think he can be,a bit feminen i guess

      • I know he just came out but I’ve always known….:-). He is so handsome and hot though.

      • so gay it hurts!! bahahahhaha ME DIED RIGHT ON THE SPOT RG…

        I KNEW HE WAS GAY (thats what everyone says)

    • oh i used to like him, like when i was 12(and Leo)
      and i might refused to belive he is gay lol

  21. OK, I have been a long time reader (since like, Jan 2009 or so) and never brave enuf to contribute but I just had to respond here. Moon & UC, you girls are the best, I luv U, you make my day, every day, but…….HE CAN’T BE GAY GUYS – look at the way he ogles boobs. Also, he doesn’t hang out w/ a bunch of girl friends. The whole Brit Pack can’t be gay too. AND he’s too awkward (which I love BTW) & don’t most gay guys seem more self assured? Also, I watched the love scenes in Little Ashes & just can’t buy it. So to sum up my scientific breakdown of this situation, NOT GAY. (Bsides it would totally kill all my fantasies & then my hubs would suffer too, the world would tilt on its axis, floods, famine, pestilence, etc. )

    • We love you back!!!! Thanks for the first comment!

    • Second every word you said ms.J…zillions thumbsup and…he didn’t really convince me in LA either!!!
      “look at the way he ogles boobs”…so damn right…why didn’t I think of that!
      Verdict: NG=NOT GUILTY=NOT GAY

    • Sorry to burst your bubble here, but gay guys totally ogle boobs and even stutter while they’re at it. Trust.

      I am not giving up Rob to the other team, however. HALE no.

      • They do??? Why???

        • Dunno. Will have to ask gay husband and report back.

          • If gay men ogle boobs it’s cause they want boobs!

      • I ogle boobs too.

        • For researche only I guess… 😀

    • hi ms j!!!! welcome and glad you decided to comment.

  22. Moon, out of all your lists you didn’t even bring up Little Ashes! The one film where he is supposed to be gay! 😉

    I must say that I am from Wyoming and if we really had hot gay cowboys like Heath and Jake, I would have never left!


    • DUDE how could i forget little ashes?! i knew there was something i was leaving out!!

  23. I am totally pro RobStu, so I hope that they are long term lovers.

    Either way, Tom’s sexuality is not up for debate as far as I know. And that is based on one interview I read on the internet, so It Must Be True.

    • Thanks for the link, that’s one epic interview!<3

    • That is an amazing interview! I loved the part about the Hot Hobo Love Club-I’m joining.

      • I tried to join the Hot Hobo Love Club, but they rejected me. I cried into my pillow for days “Why, Why me”, whilst trying to hold together the giant hole punched in my chest . . . oh, wait, that was someone else.

    • Loved that interview and the one they did w/Rob. Especially this snippet:


      So, give us something weird or really interesting that you’ve found so far?

      “Well,” says Pattinson, tapping his leg manically and looking up to the ceiling in thought. “There’s this little group of fans online that apparently ship me and my best friend as a couple. It’s, you know,” He laughs, nervously. “Kind of bizarre. I’ve read fanfiction from their club on other sites that’s pretty intense. I never thought of anything like that happening, Bella and Edward of course but stories of Me? Actual me?” He laughs (we think) and gives us a weird look.

      Go on, we encourage actually intrigued. “What? About what?” About the fanfiction, the little group of fans, why you’re wearing such a hideous shirt? Anything?

      So a group of fans ship you and your bff, as in a guy-on-guy romance?

      He nods, we’re horrified. Unified fangirls shipping two best friends? That must be disturbing, and something we have to see.

      We ask if he knows the name of this group. He uhh’s and uhms for a second before telling us that all he remembers is something about hobos and plaid.

      Hobos and plaid. Totally LOL’d. LOUDLY.

      • Did you read in the comments where Gozde says the article is a fake, and someone from the blog confirms it? Then references the Hot Hobo Love Club? Is it their site, and they make up interviews for kicks? Guess Tom’s is fake too. Too bad, I’d like to think they’re real.

        I love where Rob wrote down the HHLC’s url on a napkin-we know you really do that, Rob, even if this article is fake.

        • Yeah, I know :/

          Still super funny though. 😀

      • A bit of an fyi for you all..regarding the Hot Hobo Love club (and there is one by the way.. also known as the “Order of the Plaid”…

        Its hard to get into the HHL /Hot Hobo Love club since their WordPress sight was hacked last year. –the girl that runs’ it.. said the Utube sight was hacked into as well ….guess someone doesnt want her writing the guy on guy bromance stuff (even if its all in good fun) .. so she’s very reluctant to let just anyone in.. (whatever that means).

        You know, someone asked Bobby Long about those stories.. (seen it on one of his Utube interviews) he just shook his head non comitally and said “yeah.. pretty bad ” … or sad.. one of the two. So even he’s heard about it.

    • @ Milfy; yeah.. that Sex.Synomous interview with TomStu was da bomb..(do they say that anymore)..I had come across it last year too. wooo.hooo.. if it was the real thing.

      Interviewer: Boys or Girls
      Tom: Boys (then blushes).
      Interviewer: Where do you like to be kissed?
      Tom: On the thighs..
      Interviewer: Would you star with Rob in a gay romance film?

      He starts blushing furiously and nervously laughing at my question. Finally! We’re getting somewhere.

      Tom: ”I don’t know, it would be very uncomfortable I think, since we’re such good friends. It’d be weird having to kiss him in front of the whole crew and stuff.”

      and so on and so forth..


    • I think he nailed it: Very Staright Gay Man, or very gay straight man.
      But, ummm, “vanilla chai latte”, that’s one girly beverage, even for girly girls. … and a latte doesn’t help a hangover.

  24. Funny. Was *just* having this convo w/ my coworker and fellow twi-junkie. It hit me…out of the blue.

    Why in the WORLD has this hot man NOT been spied “with” women. Why in the world does he NOT talk about women? I started freaking out. I was like dude…he’s either gay or Robsten lives.

    Either choice was semi-distressing to me. You know, because a 33 year old, married, overweight mother of 2 has a CHANCE with hotness personified. 😉

  25. Funny you should mention this now: it’s been on my mind lately – I feel like it would be a big loss if he was playing for the other team, but on the other hand, then I could focus on something going through a sex change myself. 🙂

    Must be gay: he does not seem to be banging any ladies AT ALL. That is NOT normal. Unless you’re gay.
    Can’t possibly be gay: He sure as heck hasn’t set off my gaydar, which has worked fine so far.

    But then again, I firmly believe in the third sex: heterosexual men who don’t feel comfortable with the standard male role but carve out a version of their own. I love them! And so far I have been sure that Rob is one.

    Oh, and about that “allergic to vagina” joke: in Britain that is a heterosexual guy joke. “I’m allergic to vagina – I swell up every time I get near one, ho ho!” That would be Rob…

  26. I don’t care either way, as I’ve said numourous times. However, I am writing here to express my hatred of Moon. Also, I no longer like Ron.

    • Oh, you’re not kidding anyone Janetrigs! That is just code for “love of Moon”, you big fake lesbian you! 🙂

  27. Great post!! So not gay!! I just think tomstu might be jealous of all his attention and wants him all to himself! But maybe if he borrowed that god awful sweater! Lol. We can’t have our Edward fantasies ruined! Love him!
    -big shoutout to all my southern peeps! Tupelo, superhuman moran and southernbelle!

    • Pammy,

      I know girl, not gay please. That will ruin my lovely fantasy life. Haha.

      How can he be gay when he kissed me so well last night? 🙂

      • I dunno, SB. Gay or not, I really don’t think my fantasies could be ruined. I gotta say tho, he was hot in Little Ashes, so I don’t think I’d mind if he leaned just a lil’ bit in that direction! But for the record, I seriously don’t think he is.

        Got some awesome kisses, doesn’t he?

        Heyyyy Pammy!

        • Hi Tupelo, how are you?

          That’s ok, I don’t know I guess I’m so used to him being straight, haha.

          My hubby insists Rob is gay, that’s because he is jealous of him! LOL.

          • My dh thinks he’s gay too. He calls him “that white-faced vampire S.O.B.”, “that pussy” or “that gay MFer”. Just plain ol’ jealousy, that’s all!

          • Oh wow, my DH calls him pussy too. Arghhh. Ah just for that he doesn’t get anything, nothing at all. Hmppph.

        • Hey does have some awesome sauce kisses! And the hands….oh the hands!! And any man that play the piano! Sexy!!!

          • My thoughts exactly!

  28. I’m so hoping he isn’t “Team He Bangs He Bangs” but if he is I have no issues with cutting my hair even shorter, no longer bleaching my upper lip and slapping on a strap on. just saying.

    • Um, Beaverhausen?

      • will and grace reference. i would so be a fag hag given the opportunity.

  29. Team I don’t Give a Fucksten for the Win. If he’s gay, I’m cool with that. If he’s bi, I’m cool with that too. I don’t really care if he’s banging TomStu or KStew.

  30. I don’t really mind either way, but if I had to guess, I think he is a little of both.

    • Ooooh – so possible. So awesome to contemplate.

      Thanks for that visual, operarose 😉

    • Yes. Actor: Sexuality =Gray area.
      I change Twi teams all the time Edward, Jacob, Carlisle, Sam, Aro, Jasper, … Alice ;). I don’t think Rob has to stay on one team, he is his own team.

    • My theory = Everyone loves him, he loves everyone (so to speak), and all is right in the universe!

      Seriously the fact that he comes off as ambiguous is probably best for his career, his fans, etc., if he stays that way (or at least pretends to be that way). Better for everyone, really.

  31. the fact that robert pattinson is replacing heath ledger’s face may have just made my day.

    it is my two favorite boys with wonderful smexy accents combined into one.

    loved this post!

    • IKR!? And Oscar Rob first thing in the morning… WIN!

  32. If this were true I’d probably throw a party, run a victory lap around the neighborhood and laugh at myself and UC for writing this blog for the last year and a half.
    this would be the funniest thing i mean it’d not be funny if i was alone it’d be harsh like discovering your real one is gay but with LTR and millions of women out there ,would be just hilarious

    plus Rob if ur doin’ bros i think u should go with Bobby long babe,he is way hotter that Tomstu sorry,,at least i would X him

  33. He couldn’t even convince me he was gay if he’d re-enact this video as Freddie Mercury together with Tomstu…

    • Dear Rob,

      You fail at being gay. Telling it like it is here. 😉



      • haha, gay fail Rob.

      • Million-zillion-trillion thumbsup from your Medusagirl!!!

        • Btw…I love Queen and Freddie had the best voice eva!

    • Cath<3….omg, I cried 3 days when he died…he was awesome, thanks for posting!!!

    • this is just carzy 🙂
      there is no one who i can think is more 80’s than FM

      • LOL…che…it is CARZY…Freddie belongs in any decade of mine!!!

    • Hahaahah! Thanks for sharing!

      • Sorry the LOL was meant for your comment but not at the man who died, :-(.

        • Ah, we ofcourse understand SB!

          • Thanks Cath. And yes Rob totally fails at being gay!

  34. No.
    Not gay.

    Just British.

    • You beat me to it, CD!

  35. I want to know what Bobbygee and Facepunch-a Unicorn have to say about this.

    • “Special Friends” on both LTT and LTR today. Interesting. Moon, UC do you know something you are not telling us? Is there a “tent scene threesome” sex tape out there that you are setting us up for?

      • I certainly hope she is!

  36. Ok, moi from San Francisco will weigh in on this one.. –I’ll say.. he likes both.. so he’s bi….
    Hence the ambigious sexuality.

    On the other hand, some British men give the perception of being a bit “fey”.. as the saying goes.. but that does not make them queer. i.e. Colin Firth, is a British actor that sometimes comes off that way (see his interviews) , but he’s certainly not gay (he’s quite the rogue as a matter of fact).

    Also, its more common in Europe for straight men and gay men to mix and be buddies (British folk weigh in on this one if you please).
    It’s not a big deal, like it is with straight men over here in the states..

    I don’t know why.. it just is, ..and gay men in the states tend to have more female friends..

    Re-Brokeback RobStu (love the pic by the way). Giddy up and ride’em cowboy!
    I love TOMSTU! (my little cupcake)..le sigh.

    x H

  37. haha this letter gave me lots of laughs this morning! anyway, yea I don’t think he’s gay at all, just british like everyone has said. i think the fact that he could careless about the way he dresses says it all. and also how he only hangs out with the Britpack…and like hermes said, most gay men seem to hang out with many more lady friends…I have a MUCH larger tendency thinking Taytay may be gay becuz he has NO friends (see LTT)!

    • I agree with you, I have a gay uncle and yeah he likes to hang out with the girls! He is so fun to be with! I love him!

  38. Great post!

    “Able to sew together a shirt like a Project Runway contestant.”

    You know his hands are rather big, I have no idea how he threads the needle? I have a hard time as if and I have small hands(duh I’m short so I better). He does sew really well. And that made me laugh so hard when I found out about his sewing his shirts and pants. I honestly think that’s the cutest thing! My brother can’t sew nothing and he’s always asking me to do it for him! So Rob sewing/mending his shirts and pants like it’s an old friend is just so freakin adorable!

    I have better things in mind to do for Rob’s hands… 😉

    What? I meant playing guitar and piano! Haha.

    • Noooo you did not…mean playing guitar and piano…admit it… 😀 Noone could see his hands and think of pianoplaying…

      Rob can definitly join the Greek Army since he can sew his shirts and pants…

      Now back to the hands…

      • If you missed this video…well…you missed a hell of a lot…and after watching it for the 10th time today…


        • HAHAHAAH, Rob looking at me with puppy-dog sad eyes…Awwwww.

          Mel, don’t worry honey, I don’t think you gotta jump Mt. Olympus!

      • No she did NOT mean playing the guitar or piano but thats also a plus!! I’m a softy for talented musicians so please rob, continue to use those beautiful hands to play piano and guitar..among other things as well of course

        • Haha, am I that obvious? 😉

          I’m also a sucker for musicians, I married one. And I play too(guitar and piano). I guess birds of the same feather flock together as they say.

      • You know I really, really love the part where you can see the garter of his boxers! That’s so sexy…sigh. His blue button-down shirt was flapping in the air and it revealed some skin and the garter.

        Cath, go ahead, make fun of me now. LOL.

        • It’s your kink SB, it’s your kink! 😉

          • Thanks Cath…..


    • Southernbelle- If you like to sew or restyle tees (Rob, you too), this is a great book.

      • Thanks! That’s cool. I think this is more for Rob though :-). I like to sew new things, not mend old stuff. LOL

  39. Pre-stylist Rob = Straight as an Arrow

    Post-stylist Rob = the next John Barrowman…

    As a fag hag, I have only known one gay man who had worse style, taste and hygiene than Rob and he was 340lbs, 6’5… so that is 1 out of my 50+ irl gays…

    Conclusion… Straight and still my future husband

  40. Hi Moon…..The last bit of your post hit me like a hammer -“I wish i knew how to quit you”…..That in a nutshell sums up my miserable life right now…..I am a 28 yr old woman leading an otherwise respectable life with a loving husband and a well paying job…Or atleast that was what i was till about three months ago when i chanced upon a funny interview by Rob on youtube…..I sat up for 4 hrs that day scouring youtube for every possible Rob interview…..The last straw that finally broke my back (pun not intended …wink wink) was a video with rob singing “let me sign”……I got pulled in hook line and sinker with that and that’s it!!!!!! My whole life is ruined now….Just yesterday i had to jump up and stand in front of my laptop to shield the screen when my boss walked into my cubicle without warning….Instead of learning a lesson and turning over a new leaf i went and bought a screen filter that evening, to allow me more time to jump up ad stand in front of my laptop the next time my boss comes around……I was hoping that this obsession would end once it hits the three month mark, but its showing no signs of letting up……HELP!!!!!SOS!!!!!

    • Sorry but now your commenting on LTR – there’s no way back from this !!!! 🙂 just accept it !! ha ha

    • sounds familiar!<3

    • Sorry, ROB RUINED ME, your life as you knew it is over.

    • Story of my life…sorry to say it lasts waaaaayyyy longer! just glad I don’t have a boss!
      Ruined you…and who else!!! Welcome…happy you joined the club! And once you are in LTR you became an addict…no turning back now!!!

    • Honey welcome! But there’s no turning back now!!!!! 🙂

      Can you just turn off the screen? That will work! Just press the button, screen will go blank.

    • WELCOME to the LTR madness!

      By watching that interview you have purchased a non-refundable one-way-ticket to RobVille!

      You can’t get out, you can’t get back and you are stuck here forever!

      Your welcome Present? Your very own RobPorn.. see all pages that contain it…


  41. gay? let’s hope not….. but i wouldn’t be too surprized.

    • hahaha that was funny and those lips need insurance before i met him

      HE İS NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. My two cents: There’s just too much sexuality oozing from Rob’s pores to be limited to the females–he’s a sex god for everyone female, male, bi, straight, and that’s what everyone picks up on. Stereotypical straight males call him “gay” for the very reason they’re attracted to him, but don’t even realize it!

    • Can I show your comment to my hub…Stereotypical straight males call him “gay” for the very reason they’re attracted to him, but don’t even realize it! LOL…He will want a divorce!

    • OMG so true!! oh christ, my boyfriend hates that I swoon over rob but yet he loves the plaid styles that rob always wears…is he attracted to him too?!?!

    • I just had to give you a thumbs up for your last comment!

    • sexuality oozing from his pores….YES!YES!YES!!!!

    • Amen to that TOO! See I need to show this to DH.


      Yepp I agree so much I am actually shouting… pardon me

  43. Win! TOO. I think that’s very true, poor unknowing straight guys….;-)

    • The straight guys don’t need to feel that their macho-ness is being threatened at all–Rob’s sex powers are a force of nature, like gravity, and no one can help feeling the attraction, it’s not their doing, so they can relax.

      • TOO…I’ll send my hub to you so you can explain it to him…you’re doing a great job, maybe you should consult all our hubs…like therapy!!! THERE IS JUST NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT…YOUR WIFES JUST CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES!!! 😀 😀 😀

        • Just show him this Mel! 😉

  44. Just weighing in as a big time fag hag and San Francisco resident. This is fun to think about and HOT, but I don’t see it especially when taking Rob’s wardrobe, accessories, and questionable hygiene into consideration.

    But if it turns out that I am wrong on this issue, I won’t care. I will still be a fan and be proud of him for just being himself. Baby Jesus is going to owe me one, however.

  45. Great post moon
    Just for his ambiguity, I think he is still on the fence even to himself – given the chance he’d play for the other team but his current circumstances simply does not allow. give him another 4 to 5 years – Elton John anyone?

    • @Marie:
      So, do you think his Robness will be singing “Yellow Brick Road” in about 4 years then when his career has cooled? –I just hope he and tomstu will still be an item.

  46. I haven’t read all the posts, so if this has already been said, sorry to be redundant.

    I don’t care if he’s gay. I still want to do him.

    • lion, always focussed on the important!<3 I love that!!!

      • Where is Drsaka? 😦

        • I think she is writing a dissertation on Rob.

        • Work’s keeping her away today. Boo.
          Although I like your dissertation idea, Lion. 😀

    • So do I, ML, so do I!

      • oops, that was supposed to be a reply to ML wanting to do Rob, gay or not…

        • It was, Gawd, what’s wrong with me today?

          • Not enough Rob? Maybe you need to increase your robdosage? LOL.

    • OK I admit, I’ll be a little dissapointed, but I’m sure I’ll get over the initial shock. It is Rob after all.

      However, I don’t think he is.

  47. ok girls…

    First thank you for reminding me of Brokeback mountain while I am watching the hottness that is Justin Chambers on TV. I think I just spew my coke all over the laptop…
    Truth be told that movie disturbed me. And I mean really disturbed me. What it was? Well I have no clue but I am sure it was there… and I was shocked as hell.

    Now on to the main topic: Rob… (as always)

    1. He is just too hot to be gay. Srsly! That man is sex on legs. And I am not only refering to his looks. But his whole presence has smth sexy about it. Yupp he may be very insecure in RL but I have the feeling he is def not in the bedroom! #Ireadtoomuchfanfic
    Plus even if he was gay I would def do him!

    2. I can’t even type this but if I were a boy I would become gay too. Just because of Rob… that’s all I will say on that matter.

    3. He makes ambiguous comments all the time. I don’t know if you girls have noticed this but I have tons of RobVoicePorn to prove it… Srsly. (And don’t you dare and say he doesn’t do it on purpose!)

    I am starting to rumble so I’ll shut up here and now…


    p.s. Send me an e-mail with your mail-addresses girls!! I want to talk! But if I mention names maybe someone will feel left out! So anyone who feels like talking to me. Send an Mail 😉

    • Bler, you totally made me laugh. 😀

      • I was actually being serious… *looks serious as hell, kind of starts grinning and then burst into full on laughter*

        And I am noticing that since I started writing the blog my comments have become a lot longer!! Dayum! I didn’t realize I said so much… *hides in corner and shames*

    • Bleriana relax honey…breath…Rob should be listed in the dictionairy under the word sex… there is no doubt about that…but gay man can be sexy as hell…right??? So the fact that he puts even the air around him on fire is no proof…right???

      • I want a picture of him besides the words:

        – sex
        – sex on legs (I have a weird idea about that one which I will maybe reveal one day)
        – hot
        – sexy
        – all other superlatives we could come up to describe him
        and my two kind of invented words:
        sexalicious, fuckalicious, fuckable

        Can someone grab me a paperbag??


    • Sex on legs, definitely sex on legs!!!!

      • oh sex on legs…
        That word should have been INVENTED for Rob!

        He spoiled me so much that everytime I hear KoL now I have to think about him… It’s almost like they sing it just for him (which is weird since they are dudes but fine)

    • lol Bler sometimes i say i wish i was a man(and a footballer) but then think oo so i had to be a gay cuz there is so much hottie with Rob i’d deffinetly become

  48. If you’ve watched the DVD extras of How To Be, Does anybody know what Rob is rapping about (*sigh*) when he mentions “homophobic”? It’s during the part when they’re interviewing Art’s computer friend between takes.

  49. So apparently Summit is getting closer to choosing the director for Breaking Dawn and this dude could quite possibly be him..
    Turns out this dude is gay according to his IMDB board (not that I have anything against it)
    All I’m sayin’ is that Robbie better watch his back on set if this dude gets the job.. lol

    • Now that you mention BD and its director – Bel Ami also has gay directors who are a couple (Declan and Nick ) have lived together since their 20s. Belami is oozing with gays. If Rob is seen fondling Kristen in public after this filming we will have our verdict.

      Dear Rob

      Keep away from any female,
      do not fondle Kristen or
      wink at a female fan or
      even oogle boobs immediately after this filming in public unless you are ready to out yourself.


  50. I remember reading about the reason Rob wanted to audition for Twilight in the first place. It was because of a performance he saw of Kristen in Into The Wild. He was drawn to her, mesmorized, perplexed….he had to know her. Now I know that non-sten believers out there will call me crazy, but I honestly believe that it has always been about Kristen. There is no gayness; he is sincerely british, and wholeheartedly in love with Kristen Stewart. It is that romanticism that rules my world.

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