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Robert Pattinson, please come to Russia!

*Because of a major computer and life fail last night my original post has been postponed for a day. Please to enjoy a letter from our Russian reader Abby! XO-Moon*

Yup, he's already got the Russian Vodka part right

Dear Rob,

I live in Russia. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s that really big country about 2500 km east of England. It’s in Europe (partly), so you might be familiar. Here in Moscow we speak mostly Russian, but many people also speak English. (Sorry, no Mumblish though.) There are a few English-language newspapers, which I enjoy reading from time to time. Today I was reading one, and I saw this in a listing for films being shown in English cinema:

Did you know that in Russia, everyone thinks your name is “Richard Pattinson”?

I know that there are certain stereotypes about Russia. I’ve heard them all: Russians are Communists, they only drink vodka and eat potatoes, there are bears which roam freely about Red Square. One stereotype which I’ve noticed that seems to be true is that Russia is a bit behind the times. Women often dress as if they’re taking fashion tips from Molly Ringwald circa 1985. The most popular type of mobile phone is Nokia. Every man drives a Saab Old Pepe. HALE, we haven’t even discovered the Hot Pocket yet! But here’s the shocker:  it seems that Russia is SO behind the times, that not only have they got your name wrong, but they may have, in fact, mistaken you for Dick. I hope this is not true, since you are young and hot, and he is not. However, you did look a bit like my grandfather in New Moon, so I can perhaps understand why they might think you were an almost-elderly, retired car salesman. Actually not really… which is why you need to come (that’s what she said) to Moscow.

Richard, is that you??

Now, I know that you relish the fact that some people don’t know who you are, that you can go out in public without worrying about being mobbed by screamers, BUT. I really think you need to rectify this situation we have here in Moscow. I think you should consider making a visit here, you know, to correct this mistake. Russia may be a bit scary, but don’t worry. I am fluent in Russian and English, so I can act as translator. I also know where to buy Heineken, and I’m sure we can find some kind of Hot Pocket substitute in one of the many street pastry vendors. I am not a smoker, but cigarettes are hella cheap here. There are also many dumpsters here, so I think you’ll feel right at home. I can, um, show you how Russians dispose of their trash, and if we happen to engage in other activity at that time, due to the fact that you simply can’t resist my sexy accent, I won’t complain.  If you come in winter, don’t worry about being cold. I will warm you in bed with my naked body and then lick hot tea off your happy trail while whispering erotic Russian poetry in your ear show you where you can purchase a fur coat. My girly bits Your fans in Moscow need you, Rob. I trust you’ll make the right decision. Don’t disappoint me us. Until then, do svidanya.

Molodaya sladkaya

P.S. If you decide not to come (twss), can you at least do your own dubbing? Some random named Aleksei simply can’t do justice to your smooth, beautiful, fuck-me-now voice. I can help you with your pronunciation… and other things which involve gymnastics of the tongue.

What other Russian things is Rob missing out on? Do you want him to come to your home country? Why? Send us a letter!

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  1. I would actually kind of love to see Rob in one of those giant fur hats…

    • yeah and nothing else ha ha

      • ohh! yumz!

    • bahahahahhahahahah!!!!!<3

    • @ Jodi-O.. re Russian fur hats..
      He might as well wear a “beaver” on his head..
      (no pun intended). ahem.


      • HockeywardH00rs ftw! Wooo!

  2. Dear Abby, that was one fine letter!!! totally funny you are girl! Though I thought that potato-eating is a german stereotype….lol, Rob-Richard SHOULD go to Russia, he’d appreciate best vodka and your warm welcome!!!

    Dear Rob,
    go and visit Abby in Russia, it’s quite near Detroit and London!

    Hey LTR girls,
    me is back from the best town ever!!!
    I had soo much fun and if you ever think of the right place to go to have the fun of your life, go to LONDON!<3

    P.S. Be sure to love beer and ciggies, I guess I've to recover for at least 2 weeks… 🙂

    • oh RG welcome u were in londnon?nice.
      it was like 2 weeks ago last time i heard about u i guess which i was wondering your review about RM so much.
      watched it?
      have a wonderfull time in london ha?
      lucky girl
      missed u

      • che, hi, watched RM and loved it, as the dubbed version was urgh, I watched it at Leister square, that was nice! He has such a beautiful voice…sigh*
        of the rest…WONDERFUL!!!! 🙂

      • che, I forgot……I LOVE your avi, that’s the best!!!! ❤

    • Glad you’re back and had a good time ❤

    • RobGirl’s back!!! YAY!!!! Welcome home!! We sure did miss you!!!

    • Hey Robgirl! Any London tips? I’ll be there at the end of May.

      • ….pubs,caffes,pubs,vintage shops,pubs,darker pubs,very dark pubs,clubs, pubs again…..let’s say I sort of avoided all “normal” places to go, worked for me, so no general “tips”, music and especially people are great and very very NICE!!!!will go back soon…..sigh*

      • wannaeffrob…feel a thumb up, wordpress is against me today….one thing that has NOT changed the last 2 weeks, cannot “thumb”-ing…lol

    • RG…Schatz…I am so happy you are back!!! I missed you a lot!

      • Have to go now, have a nice time your all!! ❤

    • Willkommen zuruck! Sorry I can’t figure out how to type umlauts(!)

      Glad you had a fabulouso time here.x.

      • GGGP, thank you so much…and …”fabulouso” is exactly the right word! Jealous of your city……… lucky girl……..!!!!

    • Welcome back, robgirl! So jealous of your fabulous London vacation. Did you sit in the same chairs in the same pubs as Rob did once upon a time? Did you get to see all the wonderful cultural sites such as the underwear racks in Marks & Spencer?

      • TOO, you KNOW what I did for YOU! and it felt GREAT ! 🙂

        • ❤ you! Mwah!

    • Dearesr robgirl,

      where the Rob have you been?! I missed you to death!

      You missed sooo much!


      Now it’s my turn to summarize the week for you right?

      • B. right…just DO it…..<3

        • ok…

          You missed:

          —Rob and his cane… which caused perverted thoughts all over the fandom (or maybe it was just me?)

          —Biel made another (pretty damn hot) video

          —we know what the eclipse book covers look like (Rob’s pretty hot and it is more Robward friendly altogether)

          —I met Robert P at work

          —I think Rob may bought a new shirt but I am not to sure… and the pants look new too (or maybe it’s because they are clean?)

          —this (even though you may not be too sorry you missed it..)

          —WaxRob is being revealed and no it does not look anything like him! I prefer this one:

          —and of course the many many “accidental” fan encounters of american fans (no offense)


          I am sooo glad you are back!

          • hahaha, thanks…

            I thought he finally married KPerry as I saw some wedding ring….

            the pants are not new, just a bit tight now, but I’m not complaining at all


          • No that was another Brit that has smth going on with Katy Perry.
            And Rob better not make him mad or he will pull a Brüno at some awards show and land with his ass in his face! Russell Brand is def that crazy… btw is it only me or is he just a pervert without any sense of humor… or maybe I just don’t get the english humor??

          • well B..last time I saw him he sat in a pub having some beer, but I went away, I’ve no interest at all…….lol

  3. Of course I want Rob to come (duh)!

    In fact, I think Rob NEEDS to come to Rio, you know? To learn to speak Portuguese and get familiar to the location of Isle Esme (a.k.a my bed) all in the name of Breaking Dawn research, of course…

    • I think Portuguese is a very sexy language…and then with that voice of his…death!

      • oh yes… D.E.A.T.H indeed!

    • oh giseli!

      We were discussing this just yesterday with my girls.

      I really really hope he gets some portuguese lines in BD! After all Edward talks to the staff on isle esme in portuguese right?

      Portuguese is just hot as hell! Cristiano ronaldo made me realize that…

      • I agree w/ you: it would be GREAT to hear Robward speaking in Portuguese in BD for SO many reasons… LOL
        I would love to teach him how to use lips and tongue and sounds to -uh- speak (riiiiiiight) Portuguese (ahem)

        Anyway, I couldn’t imagine that Portuguese is sexy for some people!
        But I agree Cristiano Ronaldo is a good reason to think that hehee

        • Oh portuguese is my secret love… Everyone seems obsessed with french and I just think that spanish/portuguese are the hottest languages that were ever invented…

  4. I’d love for Rob to take a trip down South to visit SouthernBelle and me… LOL. In fact, I’ve already written a letter inviting him….

    • I’d also love for Rob to take a trip ‘down south.’

      • Oooh, Shleeeigh! Naughty, Naughty!

        I was thinking the same thing when I wrote it, but I actually meant the southern part of the U.S. Tennessee, Kentucky.. ya know.

        • He DID say one time he would like to record a proper album in Nashville. He can stay at my place. 🙂

          • Really? When did he say that? I musta missed that one…

          • I think it was in one of those MTV on-set interviews.

          • Really?! Oh Gawd, now I’m thinking about Rob recording a song with Vince Gill and I’m getting heart palpitations! #thingsthatwillneverhappen

          • Keisha: I was thinking he could do a remake of Billy Currington’s “Must be doing something right”. Panty-droppin’ music for sure. Heart palpitations indeed!

          • tupelohoney: Ooooooowwweeee!!! I love this!
            Ty Herndon’s “Steam”? Mmmm hmmm

        • Hey tupelo what part of south are u from? I’m from Nashville:)

          • Hey Pammy. I’m from Millington. Just north of Memphis.

          • Hey Pammy! I’m from Nashville!! 🙂

      • LOL wouldn’t we ALL

  5. Rob could so do little detour on his way back from Budapest –
    Drunk Rob on Russian vodka with a fury Russian hat on chasing THEY’RE NOT BEARS around Red Square would be brilliant!….. (ok i had to google Russia’s location from Hungary and this is not at all possible)….

    and i totally read your letter, in my head, in a Russian accent! lol

  6. Top 2 sexiest accents ever:
    1. any accent that comes from Rob’s sultry lips
    2. Russian

  7. RobDick would be awesome as that dude that falls in love with Anastacia. OR the big Russian from Rocky.

    And I don’t know what you are talking about Abby. Dick Pattinson is THE Silver Fox. Hawt!

    • He IS the Silver Fox!!!

    • I read “Rob dick would be awesome”. That is all.

      • You cute little perv!

        • 😉

      • @vlc ~ LOLOL totally want to multi-thumbs up you right back for that one! #Robdickwouldbeawesome

        Best sentence of the day so far.

  8. What a great letter!

  9. Russian has to be one of the sexiest accents ever. Rob with a [good] Russian accent might kill me.

    Great letter, so-obviously-super-sexy Abby!

    • i agree, Rob with a Russian accent= beyond. hot. it would probably keep me warm through the winter!

  10. Dear Abby,

    I feel stupid, very stupid. Your letter in English is better than any letter I could write in English, let alone Russian.


    Cazza x

    • i told Abby the SAME thing basically.
      And then i told her about the vodka I had at a Russian wedding…

      • is that the one that ended with you and the baguette in the loo?

    • I felt that way, too! Great Letter, right?! My stuff always ends up sounding like some 3rd grader wrote it.

      Dear Rob, do you like me? Circle one: YES or NO


      FTW, Abby!

      • omg puma you sound just like me!

        Yesterday I ended uo asking if someone would beta my twitters because I am so fail! Especially when I have to reduce it to 140. Thats not possible in B-world!

      • Pumagirl, I wish I could multi-thumb up you. I totally just giggled out loud 😀

      • I think we all know that with men, is easier to keep things simple so I think this definitely would work for you!

  11. this letter was a total WIN

    I can totally picture Rob in a fur hat, vodka in hand.. behind a russian dumpser

    ah, the things dreams are made of

    • I think we might have grounds for some seriously sexy fanfics here…

      • Ooooooh no. Someone needs to work on that NOW. Not me though. Someone else needs to do the work.

  12. Dear Abby

    I loved your letter…Living in Greece I understand exactly how you feel. Not many actors come to my country and if then, only to Athens…and I live up in the North! I love Russia and I have a crush on St. Petersburg…lol…was never there…just by reading Russian history I fell in love with that place…hope I can come one day…hopefully the same day Rob is comming…maybe we can warm him up together! I really would love to see Rob playing a part in a Russian story…like…Anna Karenina or War and Peace. He would be so hot in fur!!!


    Dear Rob

    I really hope you will visit Russia soon and meet with Abby! As far as Greece is concerned…hm…cause I am a bit disappointed because of the fact that everything happens in Athens…I would love you to come and visit just ME! It will be like vacation…very relaxed…just ouzo and souvlaki!

    Love you as always

    • I like the Anna Karenina idea! Was the character’s name Count Vronsky? Rob, we’ve got you busy with movie parts for the next decade at least.

    • yes St. Petersburg is quite lovely…. I think it would be very necessary to keep rob in bed all day…you know, to stay warm ;). then we could take him to Greece for a break from the cold!

      • I love you Abby…I just do!!!

        • ❤ to you too! we foreigners must unite to get rob to visit!

  13. Love the letter!! I asked ducth_josie to write a letter together why Rob has to come to Holland this April 30th LOL

  14. This letter is awesome.

  15. I would love Rob to come to Iceland just for the sake of my selfishness(:
    I realy realy want him here.

    • Hi Elin, Björk-land, that’s GREAT!<3

      • I’ve been to Iceland. Rob, you would love it there!

        There’s a trailer for White Night Wedding on the How To Be DVD. Evidently they have a film industry despite the country’s recent financial woes and you are drawn to quirky independant movies. So you could star as a lonely brooding fisherman (must be a scene with a wet shirt at some point) just waiting for the right woman *Elin* to love him. And then all your expenses are covered. Good yet very expensive booze: make sure to bring stash of Hot Pockets and Hob Nobs.

        No need to thank me, just hire me as your personal assistant. ❤

        • Hahaha brilliant:)
          i have often woundered about if he would like it here or not
          and i will def hire you as my assistant<3

  16. I love reading letters to rob. I would translate and I don’t speak russian.

    Another beautiful baaasstard pic. A message perhaps today since it is spring break from school this week?

    I need this beautiful baaaasstard!!!!

  17. Did a Russian really use the word “hella?” I’m in love!

    • I know right? I have a new crush now 🙂

      and on a sidenote…hello everyone 🙂 I broke my ankle/foot so I have been mia for a while. Had a cast for 4 weeks and am now in a boot a la bella….where is my blue prom dress and stilettos with ribbon ties when I need them?

      • Err… More like where’s Promdate Robward????!!!!!

        Hope you feel better now you’ve visited ltr, it never fails to provide a Cullen smile.x.

  18. Love your letter! Rob, your existence is a force for world peace and understanding as all females around the world unite in their desire to give you a warm welcome to their homelands (TWSS).

    • Ha ha ha- that gave me a strange visual involving Disney’s “it’s a Small World”.

      • Haha! Scary kind of visual, I think.

    • so it’s true…global warming Rob!!!!

  19. What an awesome letter.

  20. Dear Rob,

    You should definitely go to Moscow to see Abby! AND I will be in St. Petersburg FLORIDA in late August so you should go there too. The Salvador Dali museum is there so we could go tour that together and do inappropriate things behind the dumpster out back. PS- bring Javier too!

    PSS- And I would totally buy this hoodie to help out art cuz I know you love hoodies:

  21. Dear Rob,

    please go and visit Abby in Russia. Then I could come and visit too! (I have relatives there… Duh!)


  22. Btw please tell me what you think about the new design and the new blinkie! But I warn you it’s a hardcore RobPorn wrapped up in a gif!

  23. Nice letter! you’re right, I do feel stupid becuz someone who speaks Russian can write a better and funnier english letter than I can..

    Richard Pattinson?! definitely a grandpa sounding name, must have been all the tweed he wore in NM that got all the ppl in Russia confused!

    Today my manager pulled me into his office when I came into work and talked to me about my “career development” and his plans for me for the rest of the year…really, I think its him saying “stop wasting all our company money looking at pictures of Rob and reading LTR all day long” =X

    • Hey, if companies want to keep their employees happy they should let them look at RobPorn!

      • RobPorn ftmfw!!

        Have you seen the very hardcore-ish Robporn RoseArcadia made for moi?
        You def should!

    • I agree, it was the tweed

  24. Dear Robbie:

    Please come to my home town; San Francisco.
    Its a part of the USA (sometimes). I promise, I won’t take you on a tranni walk into the Castro district (unless you insist), However, if you bring TomStu (my little cupcake… le sigh). I can’t promise where he’ll end up.

    You’ll feel right at home. Foggy cool weather that burns off in the afternoon. The City sits off the ocean and has a great big bay (nothing like the Thames though). We could take a ferry over to Alcataz Isle where I would lock you up in one of the cells and have my naughty way with you.
    (unless you bring TomStu and then you can wait outside for us).

    My city is sometimes known for its eccentric ways.. (the last administration called us “Bagdad by the bay) .. however, I assure you, we are as American as anyone else.. (sort of). Anyway, our gay folk are less flamboyant than the gay folks down in LA. But come Gay Pride out! cuz we party like its 1999, (or 1976) whatever.

    I know all the great bars and clubs and we would have a blast. After we get wasted, stoned (in the Haight, I know a great opium den), plastered, pissing drunk… I would take you on a wild cable car ride (I know one of the conductors), he’d be willing to NOT to use the hand break as we hurtle down Nob Hill, while you hang precariously off the side of the cable car and scream like a girly man as you watch your life flash before your eyes….. just kidding. I’ll take the outside and you can sit inside. no problem.

    So, please, please come and visit my city. Where little cable cars, ride half way to the stars and the morning fog may fill the air.. but heck we don’t care.
    xoxo – Hermes

    ps. bring TomStu.

    • @ hermes – I’m in SF too… well, East Bay but close enough, right?

      I suggest a Bay Area Rob night out where we can all discuss the merits of Rob, TomStu, Hob Nobs and Rob’s Knob.

      • Bay Area represent!

        • CP-;)
          I knew you had to be from NorCal when I read your comment about a Russian saying “hella”!

          I’m in SoCal, I would get just as excited if she wrote “dude.”

          • @snow; You mean “DOOOOD” ..
            Like Kstewie says it..

          • duuude..I’m from socal too.

          • LOL- there are so many pronunciations/meanings for “dude”. It’s almost as versatile as “f*ck” … or at least, “aloha”.

  25. Dear Abby,
    Why is your English better than my English?! You are all kinds of win today. I also think it’s pretty awesome that you are so good at English that you already know slang like “hella” and “twss.” I would like to know slang in other languages, but all I can usually muster is “Hola” which is a total fail. You rock my socks off.

    • I always end up having to google other peoples slang. My friend in England called me a strop and I had to go look it up on urban dictionary so I could know whether to get pissed (I did..but it took me a whole day to get to yell at him because of the time difference.)

      (strop: Someone who is easily agitated, throws a wobley then goes into a sulk.
      These people generally are unable to communicate their feelings effectively/openly, but instead build up the thoughts inside their head then just explode) geeeee thanks grumpy english boy

      thank God for the interwebs

    • thanks SarahG! it helps to have an awesome american slang dictionary!

  26. wow thanks for all the love ladies!

  27. I would love to know where all the subscribers to this blog come from! won’t you?! Maybe UC and Moon can work their magic and do a little poll?.. Rob will need this info to plan ahead his travel itinerary.

    MayaM from Georgia (the country, not the Peach State 😉 )

    • that’s a GREAT idea… b/c I bet ppl would be surprised at how many people from outside of the US read us. We see the numbers and sometimes it’s a little less but sometimes it’s split evenly or even more!!! We’ll do that soon!

      • I bet most of LTR readers are from the south and midwest.. only a few of us on the “left coast” as we are called out here.

        Is it Moon your UC that is from the L.A. area? I forget.

        • I bet they are not! Call out the lurkers too!
          I’m in the NorthEast (USA) but I was born about 40 miles from Rob.

      • I could make a little world map, with the countries in color!

        (I did one for my thesis presentation, but they made me take it off 😦 and I was damn proud of that little world map!)

      • Yes, that’s great. And UC, may I suggest another great idea? How about stalking the stats and see if Rob is lurking on a regular base :). What? What do you mean by I said that ten times already?

    • ooo @MayaM u are a neighbour from east.
      where are u from?
      is it Tiflis ,Gorki’s town?

  28. Dear ROB,
    b/c of the today’s post i’ve decided to invite u to my city too.
    But apart from many good reasons to visit it,i’ve a more important intention .it’s a big mission,a really necessary job to do :To improve your geographycal knowledge.
    u know what Rob there is just one place where u can ‘literally’ be at the middle of Europe and Asia-u know the continents ? 😀
    (ok maybe there is somewhere at the Ural mountains too)
    The passes through the middle of istanbul and divides it into 2 pieces.east and west.
    it’s not a river,more than a river(i’m sure clearer than Thames ,like u can go fishing or swimming)
    plus it has a wonderfull view;palaces,mosques,castles,bridges,ottoman era waterfront houses bla bla bal bla
    So i’m asking
    Would u like to travel acroos the continents with me?belive me it’s not like a long plane trip.
    it takes shorter than an half hour and enjoying every minute.
    feeling the wind,listening the waves’ sound,feeding the seagulls with simit(it’s a traditional trip thing) and watching the wonderfull view.
    yes babe it’s possible to have thatt kind of continental trip.
    so come here and have a once in a life time experience with me(well million times for us)
    p.s. warning u it’s far far away from Detroit if u like to check out at the world map

    • plus here a little vision for u

      • Dear che,

        I love your avi. Just saying.
        Rabbit-ears never looked this hot to me!


      • Nope! My girl che is actually kind of albanian aswell 😀
        Now I am soo proud of myself because normally I have the memory of a goldfish.. for realz…

    • @Che..
      Thought you were from Cuba or South America somewhere.
      (Che for Che Guevara) the famous Cuban revolutionary… -But your from Istanbul.. wow..still, Turkey… that’s very cool indeed… I bet Rob would love it…. Midnight Express notwith standing.

      We should all get one of those “pocket” Edward and take a pic of him at a famous spot in our home city and have LTR post it in the Robward travel section of the new website.

      • THAT is prolly the best idea EVER!
        Lets do this!!!!

        • Yes! …and whomever the American fan girls are over there in Budapest, they need to take a picture of pocket Eddie with a pocket Vlad/Dracula.
          Vamp bro’s!

        • I’m in!!! Where do they sell Twi-shizz?

          • @minuit;
   should have the Robward doll.
            A pic of Robert the doll in Paris? très bon!

            Posing on top of the Eiffle tower? or on a boat ride along the Seine? –Or how about him riding a crossant with a pat of butter on his head ? –son tout bon..oui ?

      • oh girl it was an awful mistake-midnight express-and even oliver stone apolagized from us.
        it’s kinda scary how movies or tv makes us to belive everything how they decide to promote..

    • Can I come too che??? Istambul is only 5 hours away from where I live…or Rob can pass through me first and then I bring him to you!!!


      And che…really…I thought you were from Cuba too…yeah well…Che brings only one person in mind and that’s Guevara…lol

      • Mel,
        I love that you said, “Rob can pass through me.”

        Yes, please!

    • girls i love latin amerika and my nickname comes from Che Guevara. it also comes from chelsea fc and i like it’s meaning too.
      yes i’m from turkey with some albanian mixed
      and i would luv to see all of u here and with Rob it’d be a legendary trip 🙂


      like that

  29. WTF? My summary for Robgirl is awaiting moderation? All of a sudden now? Pfffff

    Well anyhow:
    Mel I wrote you an e-mail finally… (I suck)
    btw I remember to talking to lots of you girls about swapping e-mail-addresses. But due to the fact that I have the memory of a goldfish I probably need a bit more help. So girls: write me mails!!

    Lots of love,

  30. Dear Rob,
    I think you should come to Sweden! We are known for our liberal views on “free sex” and have some of the most beautiful women (you know from the “beautiful gene”)!
    We like to party too…..we are close to Russia, so throughout time/ history we have adopted some of the vodka culture of Russia but we also enjoy a beer or two! It can get very cold here during the winter and then we enjoy cosy indoors activities and I would be glad to show you what we do during the looong, coooold winter nights! Summertime is romantic with long bright midsummer nights(when the sun don’t set but stay up all night) which are often enjoyed outside in Gods creation doing what comes naturally………. Please come and let me show you!

    • susie, cannot believe you played the swedish “free sex”-card…hahahhahhhaa…love you!!!

    • haha.. look what we’ve started! From Istanbul to Sweden to San Francisco.. A smorgasbord of love..
      jezz.. I hope his Robness can read this.. Its all way too good and funny.

      ps. susie.. I cant believe you pulled that “free sex” card as well.. (thought only in Amsterdam).

  31. Thank you, sweetie!!!

  32. Abby that’s a great letter! I think Rob should do some European tour and maybe visit also Poland? It’s not that far away form Moscow. Or maybe I could just hang out with you and Rob while you’re talking a stroll on the beautiful Arbat street? I can speak Russian (not to perfect but still quite good;) ) so I don’t think that Rob would notice anything 😉 Nah just kidding 😉
    Anyway, Rob, if you ever want to just stop by in Poland for whatever reason – feel free to do it. I know you like vodka so you’ll be happy to find a good one in here (just ask Bruce Willis 😉 ). And I can assure you that there is a lot more to discover here (for example me 😉 ) And who knows? Maybe after visiting my country you’ll love it?
    Hope to see you soon,

  33. Dear Rob,

    You should come and visit me in Paris. I could take you to that Boltansky art expo at Le Grand Palais where you’ll be more than happy to find:
    – a wall of food packagings (it’s mostly biscuits, but we could try and see if there are any foie gras Hot Pockets if not the original ones)
    – a huge pile of clothes in the form of a dumpster (and I think you know how dumpsters are important for us, here at LTR)
    – a lot of used clothes, that could serve as inspiration when I’ll take you to some great vintage shops and help you (undress) choose one or two T-shirts that you’ll wear for the next ten years.

    Then I have to take you to another art expo at the Palais de Tokyo, it’s called The Razzle Dazzle of Thinking. Dude, the artist said ‘DAZZLE’ that expo was made especially for you.
    To tell you the truth, the reason I want to go there with you is so you can take me (to the seventh heaven) in that restaurant in a transparent cube placed somewhere above the roof. Don’t worry, should you think we’re getting too high, you can get down on… ahem…the ground, yeah that’s what I was thinking of.

    Waiting for your call,

    • Also, Abby, great letter. May I suggest you to send him a photo of all the home made Russian vodkas, I’m sure that will ensure some extra motivation, for cultural curiosity reasons only, what else?


  35. Abby, your letter is totally hysterical 😉 I couldnt stop chuckling and giggling while reading it.

    The only one thing though – I live in Moscow (well, just moved back) but its the first time I hear about “Richard Pattinson”. Do we really live in the same country?

  36. […] Pattinson: Invited to visit Orange County Right on the heels of a plea for Rob to come to Russia, snowwhitedrifted talks up her area in attempts to sway Rob to pay her a personal […]

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