Posted by: themoonisdown | March 23, 2010

What would life be like without Robert Pattinson?

Would we even care about this right now?

Dear Rob,

While listening to “Rob Radio” at MyRobPattinson I thought about what would have happened if you had decided to quit acting and you’d never been cast in Twilight and we probably would have never started this blog. Would I know about you if you were a musician, since brits who sing Americana folk music seem to be a dime a dozen these days? And what in the HALE would my life look like right now if I hadn’t spent the last year and change writing letters to you with my friend? Would her and I even be as close as we are now?

I know I definitely wouldn’t be sitting on my bed in the middle of the afternoon intermittently plucking my eyebrows and writing a letter to you for a blog. I might still be in that office where this all began wanting to die or be run over by a car crossing the street. Or maybe I would have made the same decision to leave and would have even more time right now to pursue my goals.

Justin TimberWHO?

Instead of photoshopping you in jorts and a mullet, I might be doing the same to Ryan Gosling and then sending it to some of my friends. Or maybe I would have really made a go of the LOLHipsters site I created with a good pal and I’d currently be typing text like “Can haz neon spandexes?” instead of words like “Jaw porn” or “Robgasm.”

Or I might be writing letters to someone completely different say…

Dear Justin Timberlake –

I’m writing you cause I have no one else to occupy my time with and since I was 15 you’ve been it for me. Please write and record another album. This 4 year (FOUR YEAR) drought is entirely too long. I don’t want to see you running around town with Jessica Biel again unless I have a new album of future sex love sounds in my hand.


Thanks for saving me from that ultimately sad entry into my blogging career. I’d much rather contribute to someone’s “Rob Porn Collection” or write about your armpit hair that beg ol Timberfro for some new aural action. Cause these things have become normal, right?


Can you imagine what the last year of your life would have been like without Rob? What would you have been doing? Is there anyone else who can hold a candle to him? Were you a JT or a JC girl?

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  1. Seeing as how I don’t even remember what I used to do with my time, I’m thinking my life would be pretty sucky without you guys. And, of course, without Rob.

    Aaand the people I’ve met on here are so awesome, so I would’ve missed out on that too!

    • ❤ 🙂

  2. My life would be pretty boring..
    I wouldn’t know that elephants liked breath mints, that you could microwave carrots, that plaid was coming back in style… the list goes on.

    I have a story I feel like telling:
    Yesterday in History class (yes, i’m in high school) a girl asked me if Remember Me was a good movie because she had seen me at the theatre and asked what movie i had seen. So yesterday I told her it was an amazing movie and that she should go see it, of course. So she said ok and walked away. The girl sitting beside me said “I hate Robert Pattinson.”
    ME: *GASP* *wide eyes*
    Her: “Tell me what happens in the movie cuz i’m never gonna go see it anyways. Does he die?”
    Me: *wide eyes*
    Then here’s how it went down in my head.. “You bitch!” *slaps her across the face*
    Here’s how it really went down: “Uhm.. uhh.. yea.. how did you know?”
    Her: “Well the title gives it away.”
    Me: “uhhh.. not really but okay..”

    Then I had to share a history textbook with her for the rest of the class. It was awkward.

      UC or Moon can you please edit and add a spoiler warning. No offense LauraBee, I know you didn’t do this on purpose. It’s not your fault European theaters suck. But DAMN!!! I’m pretty sure the people who haven’t seen the movie yet do not want to know the plot. Again, nothing personal!

      • ahh Alice thank you so much for the big SPOILLLEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!

        *thanks god for skim reading*

        And kudos for being so ladylike – if I read a spoiler before April I just know there are gonna be f-bombs dropped

      • Ahhh! I’m really sorry I didn’t notice!

        • I feel so bad right now 😦 I’m sorry if someone read that that hasn’t seen the movie – I wasnt even thinking

          • don’t worry, shit happens and I guess most of the girls here know the plot ❤

          • I love what you said about Elephant breath mints and microwaving carrots, LB.

          • LauraBee gets credit for the elephant ref of the day!
            and you know that I love to talk about the microwaving carrots story!

          • Don’t feel bad! It’s just a movie ;).

    • oh, how I can relate to your story….
      “I hate RP!” Me: ..why? (trying to do my best to have a normal face :-))
      TOP 5 answers: ( my thoughts in brackets)
      – he never showers ………….(okayyyy)
      – he is gay………………………(for sure, rolling eyes)
      – his hair looks weird………….(really? God bless him)
      – he has strange eyes……….(NO, not the eyes, please!)
      – I dunno!…………………….. ( ????)
      Hearing the last….. these girls obviously saw tons of interviews and are just LYING!

      • I ❤ you

      • I second every word you said…and I believe every word that comes out of your mouth.
        Afterall…you are my personal proffessor (doctor) of the Robscience!!! 🙂 🙂

      • “His hair looks weird?” Yes…G*d bless him.

    • :((( I’m so sad right now…
      I’ve tried my best to preserve my RM-virginity and let me tell you, it was hard as fuck! Resisting to peek in at LTR last week, resisting to just fuck it and watch it online… *weeps*

      I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but somebody please put a spoiler alert on that shit!

  3. Well I’m thinking that if it wasn’t for my obsession I could well be the CEO of a large company (NOT), because the amount of time and effort I expend on Rob (cyber) stalking could be channeled into furthering my career, which is now on a back-burner due to not having enough time. Only got time for one concerted effort and that effort is all going into my Robsession. I am sure 10 years from now I will look back on this time and kick self for being so stupid whilst all my colleagues (who are not robsessed but jobsessed) have passed me by and climbed that mythical ‘ladder of success’….but what the hell I don’t really care that much….don’t really like my job enough to care, think I would rather be restoring paintings or learning to decipher Hieroglyphics.
    Wonder if we would all be blogging today, if TomStu had got the part of EC, that’s who many of the twifans wanted! Just think of the jumpers!

    • Tom as EC ? I cannot see that, but I have no clue, I think Rob’s Edward was just perfect!

      • I think Edward as EC was perfect, of course 2 yrs ago, 75,000 bloggers were against him but I think they all recovered very well now. 🙂 We are all in love with him now.

        I srsly can’t picture anyone else to be Edward Cullen. Rob was born to be him. Squee!

        • I’d like to know where are those 75,000 bloggers, and how do they feel now…

    • letters to tomstu – i kinda like it. we’d discuss tomsten instead of robsten. and we’d all fall in love with tom’s lessor known bff rob. and make fun of the silly duck and flower jumpers rob wears… oh wait we do that already (blue jumper, im looking at you.)

      • the duckies and tulip sweater is kinda growing on me!!!

        • oh dear! 🙂

          • Is that a bad thing, M!x3? 🙂

          • No, only jk! 🙂

          • me too!

          • heehee 🙂

  4. Don’t know what would have been, I never look back in life too much, soo

    -I met really tough girls here, like REALLY…<3
    -I had so much fun
    -I've learned "some-"interesting"-english-words"

    Dear Rob,
    you're one dirty guy in that pic!!!
    doesn't help me to get away from you AT ALL
    thanks a lot!

    P.S. It would be sooo much better if you would NOT be famous! London is so near, you STILL could be there playing some weird chords in one dark bar…..<3

    • well RG – a tweet saying that (they don’t know who they are) saw rob driving past the bus stop this morning in Glenburn (Barnes) so make of that what you will

      • mine! “Rob” and “driving” and “this morning” is TOO much for my poor heart, I really don’t know where to begin… 🙂

      • Mine! Are you f-in’ serious????????????? Thank God I called in sick today because I think I am going to have a heart attack…you LUCKY, LUCKY girl…o.m.g. *said like Angela in Twilight

      • Really? I wish I was there. 😦

    • lmao RG

      dear rob,
      thanks for closing the pearly white gates of heaven for me. If it weren’t for you of putting me into this “lust hole” (MP), I’d be going to heaven. Since I am going to hell now, thanks for making heaven on earth by looking so damn good.

      p.s. I accept drive bys and booty calls now too (only from you)


      • good repeat of MP ‘lust hole’- still sounds really dirty!

        • “lust hole” is worthy to be added on our list, MP goes LH 🙂

      • misty…Good girls will go to heaven, bad girls EVERYWHERE!!!

        • Can I go just…to heaven…WITH Rob??? 😀

        • Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go down…


          • YES!!!

          • hahaha oh yes!!!

      • oh my

    • Robgirl,
      Tell me what interesting English words have you learned here? Would love to know.


  5. let’s see

    well, without you Rob, when my ex husband calls me at 730 am to talk about his new girlfriends boob job (true story! from this morning!) I would stay in a bad mood… instead I wander around on the internet and laugh at other snarky girls who like you as much as I do.. and look at yummy pictures of you.. and in ten minutes I’ve forgotten what I was mad about and I’m giggling like a 14 year old.

    I also wouldn’t have a super secret stash of rob pictures hidden in my closet. I wouldn’t hang out in my closet so damn much without you Rob.

    Also, my 4 year old wouldn’t tell me to “calm dooooown” every time she sees your pic on something.. the girl knows me well.

    Frankly, I would be an unhappier person, because when I am pissy and grumpy you always cheer me up… and so do all the LTR girls… And that’s a gift 🙂


    • your lil’girl is sooo sweet, compliments!!!

      • Has anyone see the vid ‘baby girl crushing on Rob’? it’s funny, but a little odd…but mainly funny!

        • that’s ‘seen’…’seen’…not ‘see’….soz!

        • Yes I’ve seen it, she’s so friggin cute! I hope Rob notices her and I hope she meets him! 🙂

          • SB – have you seen the one where she’s in the cot and she’s got a pic of rob under her pillow? Still think it’s a little odd, but funny!

          • MMM – haha, yes I’ve seen all of her videos. She is robsessed just like us. Good thing she’s not a teenager yet right? That’s a pretty little girl though. She’s a cutie, imagine how she will look when she’s all grown up. Have you seen the one where the mom gave her the Twilight magazine? She went ballistic! LOL

          • SB – yes i’ve seen that one also.

            Yes she is very cute little girl.

          • they are very cute vids- i like the way she pronounces ‘Robert’.

          • She says “babu.” That’s a very cute nickname she coined for him!

    • @owl_ransom

      men can be such pigs!

      Glad rob cheers you 🙂

    • oh wonderfull post @owl_ransom
      glad u find your way to be happy with ROb and LTR like many of us

      i heart u today,sorry for your ex ignore him

      • @owl_ranson

        I am happy for LTR and girls too, so cheers to the rob porn!
        Be they in the closet or collected in folders labled PMS so bf’s/hubby’s don’t look at them…..LONG LIVE ROBPORN


    • owl_ransom- stay here with us at LTR and with Rob- much much much better than, well anything else!

    • owl_ransom – Big hugs, sorry for that ex of yours! I would have hung up on him.

    • well girls, I am glad to be here…. and my ex’s girlfriend can HAVE him.. I wrote her a thank you note when he started seeing her.. since maybe he’d quit calling me so much.. LOL

      I’ll stick with the unobtainable for the moment, having MUCH more fun.

      I looked at that little robsessed girl… and she’s a cutie. She will be trouble when she’s 14 tho… just sayin’…. My daughter is all into Jacob.. but she says it’s because he’s a werewolf (she digs monsters) so as long as she only gets crushes on made up creatures, I figure I’m in the clear 😀 hehehe

    • Rob IS “The Gift”

      God’s gift to women that is.

  6. I caught a glimpse into what Rob’s life would be like if he hadn’t been cast in Twilight. It happened when I saw Remember Me.

    Every time they showed the “Apartment of Skank” I thought to myself, “Yep, I can imagine Rob living just like that.”

    The green slime growing on the bathroom tile, the walls that looked like they hadn’t been washed in decades, the sheets that probably hadn’t been changed in months.

    We think he sometimes looks dirty now, can you imagine if he didn’t have “people” watching out for him?

    • well, he lived already like that, remember the story that he carried his stuff to wash only twice in a year with the bicycle-trailer?
      and of the “watching out”, he seems pretty immune to that…and I love it!

      • RG- your Rob brainbank hits again! The bicycle trailer story!

        I’ve had visions of the flat he had in Soho over the restaurant. Imagine every frat house you’ve ever seen x3.

        Maybe Rob should have gotten a credit as a scene designer on RM- they asked him what state his Soho apartment was in and voila- The Apartment of Skank!!!!

      • I remember reading about that story…that’s so endearing. I can totally picture him on his bike with his dirty laundry. LOL

        Drsaka, LOL on that apartment, you talking about the one with the restaurant on the first floor? Haha.

        • Yup, the one where they say out on the roof.

          • arghhh, where they sat out on the roof-

          • Haha, I am picturing him and I sitting out on that roof. Watching the stars, eating (gluten-free)pizza and drinking beer or wine(make it a little classy). 🙂


    • that bathroom made my skin crawl. Only with Rob would I have shower sex in that nasty shower.

      • I haven’t seen the film yet…so I can only imagine.

        Perhaps I wont be inviting you round to my flat any time soon….well not until I’ve cleaned up! 🙂

        Can I just say I hate cleaning up and I have a rather ‘Quentin Crisp’ approach to said cleaning i.e. What’s the point it’s only going to get dirty again (that’s not an exact quote but you know where he’s going).

        • don’t worry-my house isn’t exactly sparkling! But just wait until you see that apartment. I’m not a big fan of cleaning either, and with a seven year old it really seems like there’s no point in cleaning. However my husband disagrees with me on this point.

        • Mine’s a mess too! I have a 2 yr old. Before she came along I was obsessive-compulsive about neatness. That went out the window when she started walking and exploring. And srsly I think I’m just a bad housekeeper, I can cook really well, but I hate, hate, hate cleaning!

          So MMM you are in good company here. My DH(like D2d’s) also disagrees w. me.

        • Quentin Crisp! I think he said something like, “the dust doesn’t get any thicker after 3 years.”

          • TOO – that is correct – but he also said thats why he never cleans – cos it just gets dirty again. I did say it wasn’t the exact quote. Just the ‘Quentin Crisp’ approach to cleaning.

          • I just remembered that quote because it’s always been one of my favorites, and unfortunately has become my motto for my housecleaning style! And I thought it’s hysterically funny to bring up Quentin Crisp on a blog about Rob!

          • TOO – did I sound like I was being off….sorry didn’t mean to be.
            I ❤ Quentin Crisp….I saw the 'Naked Civil Servant' when I was quite young and have been in love with QC and John Hurt ever since.

      • dtd, with Rob I would have sex in ANY shower!Who cares about clean or dirty when HE is in ! 🙂

        • omg me TOO clean, dirty, there, anywhere….FAK!!!!! I can’t concentrate…

        • That shower was pushing my limits. I might have to take a 5 minute break to scrub the shower down, THEN continue with the shower sex.

          • good idea!

          • lol i luved your idea
            it remands me Bree from desperate housewives. at one old episode she was going to have sex with her hubby, the first one(what was his name?)at motel then there was a piece of pizza and the sauce was almost leeking on the sidebord or something so she couldn’t focuse cuz she is obssesive about cleaning and her hubby was annoyed with that so he stoped and kicked her out

          • thumbs up for Bree!

        • Me too, I don’t care. Rob is Rob, I don’t care where, just do it! 🙂

      • Only with Rob would I do it

        – Anytime
        – Anyplace
        – Any, and I mean ANY way!!

      • I was amazed that the whole thing was actually a stage set and not a location, so somebody must have painstakingly applied the faux fungus to those grout lines.

  7. My life would be so boring without Rob! I never spent much time on the computer, would have laughed at an adult woman reading badly-written teen lit, and would be spending way too much time cleaning and cooking. I never expected to crush so hard on anyone (esp. since I’m married-if Rob was not so untouchable, this would be a problem).

    I doubt I would have cared about who played Edward in Twilight if not for you, Rob. I might never have read the books, or gone to my first midnight showing since Rocky Horror.

    Rob, you have enriched my life (and by association, my husband’s) and I look forward to obsessing over you for years to come.

    If you would put out an album and sever all ties to the mullet, my life would be perfect.

    • “If you would put out an album and sever all ties to the mullet, my life would be perfect.”

      If only……hahahaha!

    • 1000 thumb up for the “Rocky Horror Picture show” ref!<3

    • *Highfives D2D

    • D2D,

      I love that you said Rob “enriched” your life. That’s certainly one way to describe what’s happened! I like it.

      • I know “enriched’ is perfect!

  8. I thought about what would have happened if you had decided to quit acting and you’d never been cast in Twilight and we probably would have never started this blog.

    i was literally going to cry when i read that
    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! completely nightmare

    • TOTALLY nightmare!!! LTR is the best blog I know…<3

  9. My friend and I were totally talking about this this weekend. I mean we were besties before, but what the hell did we do?

    I remember a lot of target visits… maybe some college in there – it was an entirely different life, even our phone conversations revolve around (squeel)Rob or (boo)Taylor. Its like I have been reborn… or something…

  10. So ladies, what do we think of this little article….is kelly Blakewell Robs secret pregnant (not his) girlfriend!!!!!! Is she the red head he was seen with at Notting Hill…..oooooooooooerrr!

    • WTF?
      so the girl with him at isle of white was Kelly Blakewell,who him spend new year eve together

      • oh come on it’s a good ‘ridiculous’ story. It’s been doing the rounds for the last couple of days, but it only just seems to have hit the main web links.
        I don’t know who the hell she is, apparently there’s photos, but according to everyone they are photoshopped.
        I’ve seen one post from someone who claims to know her and they are implying that it could be true.
        All seems a bit odd/dubious to me…but what the hell do I know.


        • absolutely agree and was jk

    • @mine!

      how do you find this stuff?? and thanks for giving me hope that he would date a pregnant woman b/c I’m TTC. Also the hope that he is not with kristen and with someone else is great news too!

      • this is Kelly’s picture….I don’t think Rob would date her…honestly and she is blonde not the “red head” I dunno what do you think…

        • she has that Pamela Anderson plastic surgery bimbo look-doesn’t seem like Rob’s type.

          • @dtd

            I agree…not his type…

        • @ misty – fake blonde? could be a red head? how old is the picture? Don’t even know if that is she? Never heard of her until recently. According to girl who said she knows her she’s a bit of a big mouth i.e. chatty so no she doesn’t seem the type that Rob would date, but who knows! Her tweet page is disabled so could be a fake but before it was disabled she was promising pictures of her and Rob. Apparently the Kelly they are talking about is pregnant…make of that what you will. ooooooo feel really bad regurgitating gossip which doesn’t seem to be based in fact/reality. Am feeling just a little bit dirty!
          She’s supposed to be an ex model cum singer. This girl doesn’t look much like a singer to me, more like a page three model.

        • Is she a porn star?

      • Misty good luck on TTC! 🙂 Fun times.

        • @SB

          thanks…its been 3 yrs. already…but I think this time everything went perfect!!!! *fingers corssed

          I ❤ u!!!

          • Misty, I’m crossing my fingers for you!

            I had the opposite problem(sorry my DD isn’t a problem). Mine was totally unexpected and I freaked out!

            I ❤ u too! Keep me posted!

    • SURE!!! So he can be the young father without any eff eff, too lazy even to produce his own baby, so… yeah totally true that story! (rolling eyes again)

      • and sooo HIS type this girl!

      • Ha ha ha . Good one

  11. Life existed before Robert Pattinson?

    • He is the Alpha and Omega 😉

  12. Firstly, that smoking pic of Rob is, well… smoking hot.

    Secondly, if Rob wasn’t famous I definitely wouldn’t be single. Way to raise the bar too high Rob.

    In all honesty I’m always obsessed with someone famous, my first was Liv Tyler (when I was a kid) and I just wanted to BE her and would watch Empire Rocords over and over. Then I had a huge obsession with Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian, and pretty much stalked him down until I met him. I’m currently obsessing on Alastair Cook (cricket player) as well as Rob. So in all likelihood I’d just be on another blog dedicated to another hot guy!

    But I like this one so I’m glad I’m not.

    • And how was meeting Sergio? I’m currently stalking him (my friend likes him).

      And Rob didn’t just raised the bar to high, he pretty much ruined us for everyone else, no one will ever be good enough after him.

      • SERGE IS HOT. It was a few years ago now, it was brief, but magical. I’ve seen Kasabian about a million times, I was also on a Channel4 programme about them, I got to go to the first place they played and stuff. This was all because I had the hugest thing for Serge.

  13. OT but my DH and I(again) watched NM. It’s his first time seeing it. He had a commentary about everything and was so annoying! He was analyzing everything too much and kept asking questions and of course making snide remarks about Rob….Oh well I just kept saying read the book and stop making fun of Rob. I finally just left him alone to watch it.

    Ok rant over….thanks for listening.

    • Awww… that’s too bad. Nothing worse than someone trying to spoil your NM viewing or your Rob time. This is how it would be in my house as well..

      • Haha it’s the last time I’m watching this with him!

    • SB- awww, DH just might be a tad jealous. But he shouldn’t be- he gets major points for surprising you with the DVD!

      • Drsaka, yes he got major points for surprising me the dvd ;-). He used those points soon after.

        He’s jealous you’re right, which is really ridiculous!

        • sorry, grammar fail, I meant “surprising me with the DVD.”

          • Aw SB, still think your HB has a serious love-hate thing with Rob.
            But one day he’ll be won over. But you might not want that either though…;-)

    • i watched NM last night -for the second time after almost 5 months i guess-and i liked it as at the first time .i think CW did very good job i mean at least movie was almost same with the book so if there is something dosen’t satisfy someone it must be the book (me)ok plus ED’s make up
      and after the dream talk yesterday and watching NM,all i can think about was Robward i mean Edward.i just got to bed and hoping to see him but when i woke up in the morning first thing what cames to my mind was that i had a dream with Laurent yes i was wishing for Edward but all i got was Laruent
      that’s not fair

      • Che, hello there Rob’s beautiful mouth :-).

        I have been having lots of dreams of Rob, they come and go. Some days I have nothing, some days I am bombarded. I like the bombarded days :-). My dreams are always so sterile though, never any sex. I have a word for it but I won’t say it, let someone else say it LOL.

        I’ve had 2 nightmares where Rob was a bad guy…isn’t that weird? I woke up crying from those nightmares.

        • oh belle i can’t get any Rob dream not just sex related:) but seeing Laruent rather than holy Edward…
          which i had 2 dreams, first was just i was watching NM in my dream too
          excuse me i already did that so why seeing same thing in my dream too instead of some hot Robward,what is wrong with me?

          plus i’m really curious about Rob being bad guy at your dreams,i mean how come this cutest angel becomes bad guy and how bad that even makes u cry perphas u need a dreamcatcher from Jacop

    • I hate when movies get talked over.. I took my ex and my kiddo (who’s 4) to see New Moon in the theater and my ex kept talking… my four year old said “DAD!!! do. not. talk. during. THIS. movie” Still cracks me up!! you need a husband zapper for those moments (like a bark collar, but for talking husbands)… can you tell my marriage didn’t work out? LMFAO

      • LOL, your DD is funny! So glad she put the ex in his place!

        Yah I absolutely hate talking during movies. Especially hate it when Rob’s talking and Dh was talking over him last night. Then he would pause the movie and go back because he noticed something “inconsistent.” Argggghhhhh~!!!!! So annoying! He kept doing that!

  14. I’m trying, but I’m having trouble remembering life before Rob clearly. What did I do with my time before?? …………..Oh sorry, I drifted off to Robland there for a moment (happens a lot).

    Things I do know:
    1) I walk around smiling about something Rob did or said or about what some wrote on LTR,
    2) I’m a little more ‘excited’ in some aspects of life- you know what I mean,
    3) I laugh out loud every day in response to LTR and,
    4) I’ve met some great people through LTR.

    So while my past is hazy, I’m enjoying the present (and future) obsessed with Rob!

    • So basically you’re saying:
      Life before Rob = Human
      Life after/including/with Rob = Vampire; human memories lost/hazy/fade due to transformation

      • maybe! I’ve changed somehow!

        • yeah, you’re not quite vampire. You shimmer instead of sparkle.

          • or maybe its my scintillating personality!!! hahaha

          • yes, there is that!
            ❤ you!
            …for your personality!

    • I’m with you on 1,2, and 3!

    • With you on all points drsaka!

      I feel like Alice when you talk about Robland, wonder what happened if I crawled down the rabbithole?

      ‘What a wonderful place is Robland. It’s such a nice place to live. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that it’s always a little bit cloudy, *cough*, wonder why?

      And it sort of smells a little bit here like stale beer. But I’m not complaining.
      All men look like Rob. Some wear a beanie, some plaid and some an old denim jacket…

      The music’s good here as well, although there’s a little bit too Van Morrison.

      But the giggles in the air make up for that…

      P.S. TomStu is the Mad Hatter. Who’s up for the Cheshire Cat?

      • I’ll be whatever you want me to be as long as you take me with ya to Rob’s wonderland!!!

        • Cheshire Cat it is Mel. You’d love it there. 😉

          (Old School Disney Alice Cheshire Cat)

          • Hmmm, I’m stubborn like the CCat, why didn’t that work? Try again:

          • Can I rub myself all over him Cath??? and sleep on his lap??? I will be whatever cat he wants…

          • CCat can do whatever it wants Mel. Do what you like!

      • I was wondering if MP meant ‘the lust hole’ was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, but into Robland?????

        • We think alike drsaka, I thought exactly the same when I read that!

  15. Kelly Blackwell……? {{{{googling}}}}

    Life without Rob means LIFE WITHOUT LTR!!!!!!! Aside from Rob, its the best thing about this “acute fondness” I seem to be suffering from.

    My man bought me a digtal frame for my Bday (3/20- natch!!) and I was debating uploading all the HHH photos into it. I dont think he would understand. Thats Normal, right?

    • @tigerkitten36
      do it….go on do it…..


  16. “What would life be like without Robert Pattinson?”

    It would be the blackest kind of blasphemy!

    • What Jena said!

  17. What would life be like? Can we just not even go there?!! I would be one stressed out be-otch! Instead I spend my mornings (while doing as little work as possible) laughing at LTR and LTR girls’ comments. Sighing and drooling over Robporn! And yes! This is the only place I get my Robfix/Robnews. Some days when I’m feeling especially unproductive I will venture over to Robsessed, but usually only if I’m pointed in that direction from something on here. So, Moon, I thank you for taking the time to develop this blog, I barely even read the news anymore. I get all my news on LTR and LTT!! What else does one need?

  18. “What would life be like without Robert Pattinson?”

    • and less WONKY! I can’t second that! 🙂

      • We all love wonkiness now, could you have predicted that?????

        • wonkiness=sexiness
          When exactly did that happen?
          Chapter1 of the Robphilosophy!!!

    • Amen!

    • Someone’s been watching Princess Bride.

      • 1000 tumbs up for the Princess Bride ref. + Rob!!!!

        me likey 🙂

      • I have!!!

  19. Life without Rob? Is that even possible?

    I remember a little bit of my life before Rob(BR), it was not as fun as now, that’s for sure. I was kind of in a funk and my DH actually got me the Twilight book because he said I needed a “hobby.” Before that, he rented the Twilight dvd for me and that’s when I fell for Rob, thank you DH.

    Nowadays I spend so much time on the computer that it sometimes causes fights between DH and I. So I’ve been trying hard(twss) to discipline myself and limit my Robtime. Frankly it’s not really working out so well for me. I guess I just need Rob everyday, many times a day.

    “He’s like a drug to me, my own personal brand of heroin.” LOL

    Life w.out him, well it would be sad and I would not have met all the wonderful people I know now. I would not have written silly stories and posting my craziness here, this blog would not even be here at all :-(.

    • Rob is to me, what his beanie is to him.
      My beautiful safety blanket.

      Dear Rob,

      Sorry for calling you a blanket.
      But you know I didn’t mean it litererally.

      Don’t you go anywhere,


      • Hiiii Cath…lol=lot of love 😀

        10000 thumbsup for the safetyblanket…!

      • I love that Cath….

        Did I tell you I “litrally” have a Rob blanket? Hahah. I’m serious.

        • SB…your hub is a saint…a saint…!!!

        • Hahaha, I know SB. Love that, never saw one here, might be very tempted if I ever saw one…Snuggle time!

  20. Before Rob my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then he shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
    If he were gone, it would be like the meteor has fallen over the horizon, everything would go black. Nothing will changed, but my eyes are blinded by the light. I wouldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything…

    • Oh dear, some one has been reading too much of the Twilight books!!! hahahaha

      • Yes! I’m modifying NM quotes.
        I’m lame like that. 😀

        • Rob = Meteor Blitz!
          I ❤ you!

          • Hey guys, RG’s ‘meteor blitz’ reminded me of this song-

      • hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahhaha

        My thoughts exactly.

        ❤ U

        • ❤ you too, M!M!M!

          IKR, Edward had NO idea he was describing our feelings. None.

    • Way to go Jules!

    • my eyes got wet, not kidding really
      u are so original
      so much heart u jules for that comment

      actually all of u ladies

    • So fitting!

    • Perfect fucking statement!

      Dear Rob,
      Do not fear me, I MAY HAVE A BAD MOUTH BUT I CAN DO GREAT THINGS WITH IT. *wink wink*

  21. I would probably still be hiding in Middle Earth…would never have heard of you…would live in total boredom… would be like total darkness…

    BUT…since we have a life WITH Rob…where are you all right now??? At home? at work? in the car???…wherever…
    lets just have our one moment of happyness today…

    You’ll probably seen this befor…but its worth every penny (and plus…one (little or…ehhh multiple Robgasm wouldn’t hurt anyone…right?)

    • Holy cow!!! Thank you Mel!!!! I love u for that!!! I think I’ve seen it before, but I don’t care, Rob is Rob and I don’t mind watching him over and over again!

      I’m melting here for real.

      • Hunny…SB…are you sure it was just melting…cause Rob in those pictures…OMG all
        12 greek gods together…I can’t even say what he does to me (we are PG13 here???)
        How could we all live without HIM!!!

        Btw…my Indianrobavi…hmmmmm…didn’t indians use to walk around without a shirt?
        My indianrobavi witout a shirt???Wooooooooooow…just Woooooooooooooooooowwww!

        • Hey Mel, I don’t know, I have no words, I felt like I was melting in a puddle here but there were other things happening that I just can’t put into words.

          I don’t know if we’re PG-13 here LOL. I don’t think so.

          The day is just starting for me….ah I need to stop, haha.

          I love your avatar, sitting Indian style. Native Americans, well they wore shirts, maybe not all the time. I think I’d like to see Rob shirtless…ahem.

    • @Mel

      thanks. now I will get NOTHING done today…lol

      Why does he look so mmmmm but act like the guy next door??? He makes it seem like we could together, when I watch him in interviews; so shy and modest, adorakble and sweet………BUT photoshoots like this make him so so he REAL??????

      Dear Rob,
      are you real? can I test that theory? I’m not begging remember lol

  22. Have you seen ‘Enchanted’? The part where Prince Edward (ironic, I know) finally finds Giselle and she says ‘i’ve been thinking…’ and he responds with ‘Thinking???’

    that’s me. Totally confused. Life before Twilight? Strange words.

    • I love that movie, very cute. I thought of Edward Cullen when I heard the Prince is Prince Edward.

  23. Dear Rob…

    Life befor you…I was a normal girl…very polite and smiling and saying good words and making good things, ya know…just like everybody wanted me to be…
    Now, life after you…well…I’m a bit of a bad girl these days,
    i think I have to hang a biiiiiiiiiig N around my neck…you know, like the N for New drivers…well…mine will mean…
    N=New Robsessed-Robperv…and just stay the hell away from me!!! Hunny, I just don’t want anybody to destract me from you! 🙂

    As always…love you to death

  24. If I had never found Rob (I resisted Twilight for a long time.. cra-zy) I would still hate Twitter and that makes me super sad. Also this miserable ass winter would have been 100 x more miserable without having fan fic to snuggle up to… Oh gawd! And I wouldn’t know what fan fic is! I have to stop thinking about this… I’m starting to twitch.

    • Lol!

  25. Let’s start with:

    1) I’d actually still have one.

  26. Life before Rob?!
    I can barely remember it. I do know there was going out with friends, an interest in working & socialising.
    Even was a time when chatting with regular everyday folk was not gratingly boring because they don’t get Jawporn, BI__’s and lusthole’s (MP) and not thinking “god I need to shake these losers before I gauge my own eyes out”.

    Now there’s just a permanant stack of unwashed
    clothes, movies that go unwatched, skincare regime that’s out the window, poor eyesight from spending too much time on the iPhone, friends that don’t get contacted….the list goes on and on.
    But I wouldn’t have got the chance to read LTR, all the amazingly witty comments & the hilar letter to Justin Timberfro! XOXO!

    • “they don’t get the jawporn…..” TRUTH!<3

  27. My house would sure be a lot cleaner and the kids might get fed if Rob was not a part of my life.

    Moon, please don’t start writing to JT. He is so commercial. Rob is becoming commercial but he just seems so himself, plaid and hobolishness and so nummynummers. JT is just too polished, hot but too put together. He would never carry a jitterbug and walk around with random stains on his shirt/pants.

    Srsly, I would be lost without LTR/LTT so I am glad Rob has come (twss) into my life!

    • Haha, yeah life without Rob = a clean house and well-fed children and husband!

      Weren’t you into JT back in the days? I was kind of, my sister rubbed on me. “What comes around goes around…” LOL.

      • No JT for me! I am a bit old skool. Menudo all the way baby! The original boy band! Pre-gay Ricki Martin was hotness!

        • LMAO! Yes pre-gay Ricki Martin was hot!!!! I don’t remember much about the Menudo but I do remember Ricki.

  28. i just wanted to say that i’ve had LOLhipsters bookmarked for like… over a year. i’ve been internet stalking you without knowing.

    without rob… not gonna lie… i’d probably be happier. he is my life now.

  29. Dear Moon,
    Thanks for the phrase “aural action.”

    Loved your post!


    • …and I would love a new album full of future sex love sounds, but I’d prefer if those sounds came out of Rob’s mouth.

      • lion is “lovestoned” and I like it…lalalallalala<3

        • “Lovestoned” I like it!

        • a really good song title- Lovestoned.

      • Lmao!
        Even J trousersnake is a mere footnote in the sordid tales of what we wanna see/do/hear with HHH.

        • A mere footnote, indeed, GGGP.

      • Sex sounds from Rob’s mouth? Squeee! Oh wow honey that will be a best-seller!!!!!

        • I should manage him.

          • Oh I know you will “manage” him alright ;-).

  30. I hate to think of where I WAS before Rob came into my life. Dec 07- Feb 09 was my darkest period.
    I knew there would be a point in my life where it would all seem silly and distant. I just didn’t imagine it would be right around the corner. The ONE thing I learned is this..
    “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger” Amen!

    However….I like to give credit where credit is due… so..

    Thank you UC and Moon!
    You two have really made all the difference. You have been my therapy. I have so much love for you, I wanna prove it! I’ll buy you each a Hot Pocket and we can down that shit with Stoli vodka! What do you say? =)
    Thank you so, so much!!!

    Sorry Rob, but you have merely been the “tool” we’ve used to become a big happy family. *group hug*

    UC, Moon,
    Have a VERY nice day, because you have made mine!

    • Awwwww! sweetly said ❤

    • Glad that you’re here, whiteflower. And thanks for reminding us about the interview where Rob called himself ‘a tool… (you know the rest of the quote)’.

      • I do. That day the world rejoiced!

  31. Life pre Rob or how to go from a sparkling life to being a moron.
    Before I had passions, dreams, career aspirations and a crazy life.
    Forgetting all I’ve worked for, nevermind changing jobs, that would mean a massive cut in the Rob cyber life.
    Say no to most work networking events or professional lunches, duh, I need my Rob dose, screw those people who could help me.
    Realising everyday I’m pathetic but still enjoying it.
    Trying in vain to find reasons to explain my sudden lost of interest in career or meeting with RL friends everynight like good old times. (Can somebody just tell me what you answer when people ask you “but what are you doing instead”?)
    Failing big time at attending all sorts of cultural events. Last time I’ve been to the theatre? It’s been months!!!!! Am I up to date with what’s happening in literature right now? Duh, of course not. My Rob blog reading is very fulfilling. And if I drag myself to an exhibition, well I’m late and they don’t let me in, I’ve been on a Rob highly important convo.
    Telling myself everyday to make a hairdresser or doctor appointment, since months, never did it though. Still hoping I’ll succeed one day.
    Carrying around a jitterbug for now a week because I lost my phone but didn’t bother to buy another one, of course.
    So basically going from a real exciting life to no life happens more quickly than you can imagine. The social recovery on the other hand is not that quick or just not at all. Once a junkie, always a junkie.

    P.S. The good thing in the whole story is stumbling on LTR one day and meeting so many funny “normal” gals. And for that UC & Moon I’ll always ❤ U (in spite of the JT confession 🙂

    • well minuit ….your sum up sounds

      kinda sad and kinda funny
      kinda sad and kinda funny
      kinda sad and NOT kinda funny at all 🙂

      once a junkie always a junkie!!!

    • Favorite line and one I can relate to most:

      “Changing jobs would mean a massive cut in the Rob cyber life.”

      I can’t face a job change either, but I’m not sorry for any of this.

      I love having an “almost” secret life.

    • (Can somebody just tell me what you answer when people ask you “but what are you doing instead”?)

      I also wanna know…

      • Research & Development!<3

        • Perfect!
          Sound useful enough to society.

        • I ❤ you, RG. R&D is a great answer.

    • Min – what you said, certainly rings true for me as well.

      RG – great Robquote!

    • I was hoping that MP would contribute to this post and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. Excellent summary of most of our lives pre- and post-Rob, MP!

    • OK, minuit, you’re very obviously not a moron.
      What do you tell people who ask what you do instead of going out? You can say your interests have changed and now you spend your evenings in study and contemplation, you just don’t have to say what it is you’re studying and contemplating.
      Sometimes I try to blame the economy for my Robsession. If my work load was not so light, I could not spend so much time obsessing, but on the other hand, if I was not obsessing, I could work harder at drumming up more work. I don’t really like to think too much about that.

      • Well I did exaggerate a bit with the no life examples but TOO trust, I am a moron. And I guess they’ll end up believing that I’m so off the rails, that I’m doing incantations.
        And you’re being lovely as always.

    • MP, you rock and could totally write a book about your Robsession and how it destroyed your social life.
      Then you’d get published, Rob would read the novel and want to meet the amazing author.
      You two will meet, fall in love and he will play himself in the movie version of your book.

      P.S. Can I have a cameo as a journalist who interviews your future bf?

      • we all want cameos!!!!!!!

        • I would be ok even behind the camera…dressing him up…or wash his hair or something!

      • Hahaha, cameo’s for all! I hope, because it’s sort of MP’s book. (although I kind of like this idea, might steal it, hahaha)

        Working behind the scenes dream job. I know a good one, modesty pouch taper…just sayin’ (imagine the giggling…)


        • or butt massager for when he pulled a groin muscle the the first day of shooting Twilight.

          • drsaka, does he need to get his butt massaged for pulling his groin muscle? I’m confused now, where exactly is that groin muscle at???

            Intrigued now!

        • Oh yes yes yes…that job is mine!!!

          • Mel – so greedy today! hahaha

          • Jules…i have to fight my way through all of ya somehow…right…:D

          • Why didn’t my smilingface work all of a sudden???

          • Mel – your smiley didn’t work because you put it too close to your ellipses ( … ) you need to leave a space between otherwise it’s just four dots and a D.

          • four dots, a colon and a D.
            blah, I’ve got Robporn on the brain today.

          • Thank you sweety…I’m still learning!!!

      • Yet another Robproject to add to the list.
        Where are we at now?
        -The band – Weeping Ovaries
        -The Coffee Table Book
        -Min’s Memoirs
        -Drsaka’s Song
        I know I’m forgetting important stuff here, please add to the lists, ladies.

        • The BI collection, we can’t forget that one!

          I also still have to kind of write a script outline in which Rob plays the Tom Hanks part in Cast Away 2 Jules. Starring TomStu as Wilson.

          RL is a bitch. 😉

          • And since we loved him all running…what about a Forest Gump 2???

          • Cath – TomStu as Wilson (OMFG!!! ) killed me!
            There were some moments between Chuck and Wilson which were priceless.

          • Cath, Yeah that’s our pet project right now! 🙂 Hahaha, don’t give it all away just yet. LOL

          • I’ll keep hush for now SB, haha.

          • bwhahaha TomStu as Wilson. Cath you have to write TomStu a letter.

        • We really have a lot of work to do!!!

          I think that the Coffee Table Book with all the BI pics should be first- that will supply infinite motivation to complete the other projects.

          • add ‘Lovestoned’ to the songs we need to write.

          • Agree with the Coffee Table book! And then we can do a cover of youknowwhat with The WO’s!

          • draska I love you encouraging speech when it comes to BIJ. sooo serious.

        • haha love it. With all that we’ll be more famous than Rob, and he’ll be the one drooling for us.
          Bf once referred to us as the “Claudettes” of Claude François. Don’t google, it’s beyond embarassement.

      • Minuit, are you paying attention? Get writing, now.
        I’m ready for my cameo.

        • haha sorry, i’ve been a bad LTR friend today. can’t wait for your cameo choice. What is it? Say it out loud!

      • Cath, you’re a genius. And I trust everyone to come up with the bestest cameos.

        • Aw MP, and you’re my fave Parisian Robgenius! Let’s make those cameos happen! (And ofcourse the novel… 😉 )

  32. dear god no! My entire being cringes at the sad thought. My fantasy world would be a cold, dark place without rob (or edward).

  33. Is it normal that I bought a bottle of red wine simply because the label said Robert something?

    • Normal, WF723.

      • ML, Thanks!
        I knew I was in the best of company.

        It’s California wine though, not at all my type. I’m no wine expert but CA wine gives me headaches.

        I’ll let you know how it goes between the bottle of “Rob” and I!

    • Haha, normal!!!!

      What kind of wine?

      • It’s called Meritage…
        A mix of 5 diff wines.
        It’s gonna F me up!! Dont expect anything less..hello… it does say Robert…on the label.

        • Sure I’ll drink Robert. 🙂

          He’s gonna mess me up for sure.

          • “Drink Robert?”

            Sound dirty, tooo diiiirttty!! Now I wanna taste him.

          • I really hope Robbie Baby is real busy today and not lurking..

          • I know, me too WF.

            Dear Rob,

            Please stay away from LTR today. I’m sorry I can’t help myself, that “I’ll drink Robert” comment came out wrong!

            I love you.


          • By these standards, he should stay away everyday. cf all posts in the last 2 (or more) months!
            I get the feeling, he’s a dirty boy anyway.

          • lol on dirty boy! Just look at his b/w PIC!

            look, just look what WE DO with you!
            I have a feeling that you can learn a lot and you love learning, right?


          • Sh!t RG – just when I was cooling off, you had to ref that pic. GAAAH!
            ps: I noticed I’ve been extra comma (ing) today. grammar fail all around.
            Blame The Rob.

  34. Another OT. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond this morning. I was looking for a cast iron skillet. I saw a guy pass by me, he looked good-looking and oddly familiar. So I looked again but then he disapeared. Well 5 mins later I heard this voice behind me asking “can I help you find something?” I turned around and I thought Edward Cullen worked at BBand Beyond! He was so handsome(and very friendly), very rob-like, black cotton shirt, dark jeans(tight), Converse, messy reddish hair….squeal!!! Oh and TALL too.

    I gasped, I did. Haha, shame on me. I didn’t know what to say. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of staring at those blue-eyes I said, “I’m fine thank you.”

    I hope I wasn’t seeing “apparitions” but he really resembled robward so much!!!! I should go back there later! Haha!

    • Next time snap a pic on your camera phone SB!!!

      • Yeah SB!

    • I’m moving to Kentucky to stalk Robward’s twin

    • But he still wasn’t the reall thing SB…not the reall thing!!! Well…I’m baaaack…and I missed the whole fun…didn’t make enough money either…shit!!!

    • Must’ve been his evil twin SB! Imagine Rob working at a store called Bath, Bed and Beyond. Well, the bed and beyond part actually sounds good.
      I agree, next time we need photographic evidence. 😉

      • Cath –

        Well the bath part sounds good too! Don’t you want Rob in a bath tub? Haha. It just reminded me of Haunted Airman.

        • Squeeeeeeeeeee infinity SB, that Haunted Airman scene.
          I want to be that nurse…Sigh…

          • LOL, that nurse was so lucky….uhmmm.

    • I wish I could take a pic but me and my low-tech no camera phone ain’t gonna do nothing. 😦

      Mel, I know it’s not the real thing, but right now this is the closest I can have to the real Rob, so I’ll take it. Sounds pathetic I know. My face flushed, srsly and I felt like I was just frozen on my spot and geez this isn’t even Robert Pattinson! How much more if it was the real Rob! I can’t do it….I might just faint or start crying.

      How ghetto would it be if I came in there with my digital camera and took a pic of him. Hahaha, I don’t even know his name or schedule…oh well. I just wanted to share this w/ y’all.

      • Aw, SB, just see it this way; as a good rehearsal for meeting The Rob.
        Just go to BB and Beyond a few times more, till you can handle yourself.
        Then the time is right for meeting the real thing!

        Woot! Happy that you got to meet surrogate Rob!

        • You know I will definitely go back. I just realized I needed a few more kitchen items ;-).

          Let me see if I can snap a pic….gah I can’t do this! This is so not me! Help!

      • Ah SB hunny…I feel you…I sit in a doctor’s office and look at some magazines and I come across a little tiny pic of Rob and I feel like fainting…seriously don’t know what I would do if i met him in RL…I probably would fall on my knees…damn…there are just not enough Roblike guys to make good rehearsal on Cath!!!

        • Hahaha Mel, you should get a cut out stand up of Rob.
          Tie him to a ceiling fan or something like that, watch him moving and then you can practise. I do this all the time! Succes guaranteed.

          Free advice. You’re welcome sweety!


          • Cath…don’t give me any creazy ideas…I have a standup figure of Aragorn standing in my room…if I get me one of Rob too…
            1. We’ll have an orgy (you said I should practice…)
            2. Greek man=jealous man=killing me!!!

            But I take any advice comming from you…ya know…i just luvya!!!

          • Sorry Mel, you know I was just kidding! Don’t want to work murder in hand…Be Safe, as Edwards says, haha.

        • Come here to Lville and I’ll show you Mr. lookalike. LOL

  35. So has everyone seen the Eclipse poster?

    You can see Jacob’s jeans and you can see Bella’s jeans but they have removed Edward’s lower body. Perhaps there was BIP (Big In Poster)?????

    • Thanks! I love it!

      Rob is, as always, beyond words!

    • I guess his “heat” evaporated the jeans and so they photoshopped haze and fog over the “area.”

      • GAHHHHHHHH. ML, stop it!!! Hahahah.

        • ML – Evaporated jeans?

    • You girls are cracking me up!

      I did see this today on Facebook :-).

    • And here is my adopted poster per @MsTallulahBelle

      Truer words have never been photoshopped onto a picture.

      • well, that’s just so much better than the real one!!!

        • THAT’S the one who will bring people to the cinemas!!! Summit should know that!!!

      • Alright, now we’re talking!

  36. “His Heat”


    • that was for ML

    • Hey Girl, your avi is making me overheat. *Sweet Baby Jeebus, and I’m at work*

  37. Well, seeing as I just finished my taxes, I can tell you that if Rob never got famous I would have made a whole lot more money last year and saved a whole lot of money last year from following him around North America.

    Hey chickies, thanks for the shout out today. 🙂

  38. Rob’s wax figure
    nahhhhhhhh not him at all

    • omg
      that’s exactly what he said… looks like “face reconstruction-surgery”
      plus the description? wtf?

    • Looks like wolverine.

      • If that thing would be in my house I’d have nightmares and probably a heart attack before those.

        Dead wax figure can never come close to the living, breathing, funny hotness that is Rob.

        I like my Rob breathing, thank you very much!

      • He does! And the neck looks a lot skinnier. I see a resemblance but it’s a little freaky isn’t it?

  39. Life without Rob would be so dull & boring!!! What a horrible thing to imagine…Life without Rob. That makes me a little sad. 😦 No I refuse to imagine what life without Rob would be like. I LOVE life WITH Rob!!!!!!!! It brought me to all of ya’ll & that has been the driving force that keeps my head straight most days! 😀 It LTR helps me understand that it’s OK to be ROBsessed!!!!!!!

    Yes, Life WITH Rob is oh so much better than the mere IDEA of life withOUT Rob!!! 😀

  40. so its been almost exactly a year since i fell for rob. i infact had my hands on his holy GQ in a Florida airport during spring break last year.
    i had seen twilight in march and told my mom to get me twilight for easter, so therefore i had my twilight with me in the airport.
    i think my exact words were

    “HEY! its that guy from twilight. What’s his name? Robert Patterson?? *picks up magazine* OMG he was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter!”*sets GQ down and walks away*

    such a sad story. 😦
    but now its all good.

    Before Rob i was a sad little sophomore in high school. Now i am the girl who has rob posted on ALL of her binders.
    i am sooo glad Rob is EC or i would be a mess.

  41. JT girl all the way! My senior year of high school my friend and I won NSync tickets from the local radio station by doing a super generic scavenger hunt at a ford dealership… the seats were not great by any means, but after Debbie Gibson opened for them, we decided to go get some snacks. Some how, we were so beautiful that a guy that worked at the venue casually said “hey, you girls have pretty good seats?” We’re like “nahhhh… not really.” He hands over two front row tickets to us and says, “well, now you do! Better burry to find your new seats!” It was nothing but pure WIN!!! Sorry for the length of the story, but knowing I am in the company of some NSync/Justin fans, I thought I should share it… best concert of my life, hands down!

  42. we don’t get the new moon dvd until the 14th april..**sad face** oh and yer..and thanks to Rob and everyone here for making me laugh and taking my mind off my crappy separation this past 12 mths + …love you rick my world…all other NORMAL activity i’ll keep to myself! he he he

  43. OMG I was TOTALLY a JC girl! He was my Rob back in…when was it?

    I was obsessed! And he was older so it was ok. Now Rob is younger and it makes me feel like a pervert.

    Now I see JC on Americas baddest dance group (or whatvers is called) and I cringe. I really did have him on a pedestal. Now, as I watch him talk a mile a min about gibberish, I realize he was and still is a bit corny. 😦 How I still love him, though. I had mind sex with him listening to his songs on the train.


    Yes. I don’t know where I would be without Rob. I sure as hell wouldn’t be writting an FF. (a wtfjust happened mental slap) But I do have to say, Rob has made me more aware of my grammar. If it weren’t for him I’d still be soundin’ like dis, ya heard? :/

    …or crushing on another dude. Maybe I’d still be hooked to James McAvoy or Wentworth Miller. I love them! ❤

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