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Roblosophy: Can we really be objective about Rob?

Gals- twist your hair up into a sexy bun, fasten it with a pencil, put on your sexy librarian glasses hike up those tweed pants and unbutton the top button on your work shirt, and let’s get serious for today’s Roblosophy, coming to us from toooldforthis:

Dear Rob.

I admit, this isn’t really a letter to you, it’s a letter about you.  So why don’t you take a break – go have a beer, film an orgy scene or do whatever it is you do when you’re not reading LTR.  I have a question for the LTR gals today.

Dear LTR Ladies:

After watching Remember Me last weekend (no, this is not a Remember Me letter), I began to ponder whether or not I can really judge Rob’s acting.  I spent some time surfing some Rob fan sites and not surprisingly, some of the more avid sites were filled with comments about how great Rob was in RM.  But I expected that because there will always be a certain number of fans who love whatever he does no matter what.  And that goes for any popular actor, not just Rob.  That’s why LTR is my favorite Rob site.  We all love Rob and think he’s hot and sexy and want to do him behind a dumpster, yada, yada, yada.  But what makes this site unique is that we can also make fun of him for the ridiculous and awkward things he says and does.  And we’re not afraid to be honest when we see him looking less like a f*#ckable movie star and more like a hobo in desperate need of a shower.

Which made me wonder this weekend, am I being too hard on Rob?  Am I expecting more out of him than I would any other actor, simply because I don’t want to be thought of as one of those rabid fans that thinks he’s always wonderful?  Am I like those parents who say, “Yes, a B is a good grade, but I expect my child to get straight A’s”?  Can I truly be objective when it comes to Rob?  ‘Cause let’s face it, we may not consider ourselves like the “other” fans, but we still read a blog about him every day and post comments on that blog almost every day.  That makes us pretty big fans.

Wow! What a good lover err, I mean, actor you are, Rob!

When I sat down in the theater last Saturday, I had to remind myself to be objective.  But when I first saw Rob sitting outside his bedroom window smoking and drinking, my heart sped up a little and I thought, “Oooh, there he is.  That’s Rob!”  At that point he hadn’t said a word and already I was thinking “Rob” not “Tyler”.  For the rest of the movie I was thinking things like, “I wonder how hard it was for Rob to watch his sex scene knowing his family was watching it too.”  or “I remember Rob talking about this scene.”  If he can’t convince us he’s someone else for 2 hours, is that his fault or ours?  Are we too close to the situation to judge him fairly?

I thought he did a good job in Twilight.  But when I first saw that movie, I had no idea who he was.  I read the book a couple of weeks after seeing the movie and I remember thinking then that he did a good job.  And I was much more objective back then.  (BTW- After reading the book, I thought KStew did not do a good job portraying Bella – but I’m not brave enough to start that sh*tstorm!)

Even today, I still think he did a good job in that movie.  Sure there were moments he looked like he needed an Ex-Lax and I would like to have seen him smile a little more during the middle of the movie when they were falling in love, but overall, I think he portrayed Edward well.  I know some critics felt he was too “angsty”, but Edward is a 108 year-old manic-depressive, virgin vampire who has the misfortune of falling in love with the one person he wants to kill the most.  He’s not exactly a happy-go-lucky character.  (But for some reason I still have it bad for Edward :)!! ).

However, I didn’t think Rob’s portrayal of Edward in NM was all that great.  He seemed very reserved, almost like he was phoning it in.

Bring Back Daniel Gale!!

That brings me to Remember Me.  I thought he did an okay job in it.  There were moments his lines seemed forced, and other times he seemed to be bringing his “A” game.  But after a year’s worth of “Robsession”, I have to wonder about my objectivity.  Maybe I need to see Rob in a completely different role.  Sure Tyler was human and he could have sex, but the character is artistic, brooding and emotionally messed-up (sound like Edward?).  I think Rob really needs to break out of that type of character and show us what he’s got (twss).

So I’m interested in what everyone else thinks.  Do you think you can truly be objective?  Or do you think you’re too “close” to the situation?


When I read this letter last week I was like “HMMM- I think she’s right.” And “HMMM- we must discuss this” and “HMMM- this made me remember how hot Tyler-sex was.” Andddddd Discuss!!!

Thanks to my husband (who will never see this thank you) for telling me to change “I’ll sing for Hot Pockets” to “I’ll mumble for Hot Pockets” on the hobo picture. I know you secretly love that I love Rob.

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  1. I hate to be the first to comment on my own letter, but . . . .

    I wanted to make a slight change.

    After watching NM this weekend, I have changed my opinion. I thought Rob did a pretty good job. I think my original reaction had more to do with me not really liking NM as much as TW. 🙂

    • I loved his acting in all the scenes that weren't in the film! (???)

      • Yeah, he was good in the deleted car scene.

        He was stiff (twss) during the party scene. I thought he got better during the scenes with the Volturi.

      • Agree!

      • He was awesome in the nightmare scene!!

    • TOFT – (BTW, I agree with you on KStew.)

      • Sssssh! Don’t bring on the wrath! 😉

        (My prediction is that by 4:00 this afternoon, when all the teenie-boppers get out of school, you will have a gazillion thumbs down for this. And I will be forced to turn on you and proclaim that KStew is the greatest actress of a generation. Just warning you ahead of time 😉 )

      • TCW – I gave you a thumbs up to counteract the oncoming thumbs down.

        • 🙂

          @TheColdWoman – I’m just teasing. I will stand by you. Funny thing is, when Mr.Old watched NM this weekend, he commented on KStew. He said she didn’t look very much in love for someone who was supposed to be head-over-heels. She looked like she was 50% in love and 50% annoyed!

          He made similar comments when he watched TW. And I was not leading him in that direction. He noticed it all by himself. And he’s not usually one to comment on the acting itself, he usually just gives an overall opinion of the movie. For him to point it out, I think is very telling.

          And now I’ve started the shitstorm I said I wasn’t going to!

          • Sorry. That might be my fault for bringing it up. 😉

        • Thanks Jules!! Today I will be bolstered from the teeny-bopper thumbs down by remembering that one time I had 24 thumbs up. Ahhh. What a day. 😀

    • After watching again NM this weekend I decided that I don’t like NM, I didn’t like the book that much either. Taycob irritates the hell out of me (his voice, his acting, his always flexed muscle… I agree with Lainey here, he looks like made in plastic ugh)

      Anyway about Rob acting skills… I think he has a lot to learn and he knows it. But I believe he has the potential to be a really great actor. In little ashes there’s this really strong scene… the only thing I’ll say to not spoil for the ones that want to watch it yet… In the scene he is situated under a table, doing sothing… Anyway, THERE, in that scene I got convinced that he CAN act, man, his expression, the teary eyes, I was impresed.

      So after that he made Twilight wich he does a good job, NM wich I think he overplayed the tortured vibe and RM, that he had great moments mixed with some not so great (SPOILER: liked all scenes with his sister and of course the hot moments, but not so much the fight with dad scene) END OF SPOILER.

      I’m looking foward to Bel Ami, it seems like a very different character and can show his range better.

      • I totally agree about the Little Ashes scene. I went into it with a pervy mind to see him do that “something” and ended up tearing up myself because he really brought the emotion with his face. I felt crushed and sad for him.
        Thanks for bringing me out of lurkdom. I haven’t commented in a while.

        • How do they do that??? Bringing us out of lurkdom???

        • Exactly! IMHO Only someone with real talented can do these kind of things. I’m not telling that the movie is perfect, tough I liked it. But man, this scene is still one of my favorite rob one! It is moving, it is hardcore, not at all hot scene and it made me appreciate Rob and the whole movie a little more.

      • @ViviLit – I think the whole Taycob situation is what soured me on the NM experience. Taylor seems like a sweet kid, nothing against him. But I didn’t appreciate Summit shoving a 1/2 naked kid in my face everytime I turned around. It was gross. I also thought they intentionally tried to pit Taylor against Rob. Um, hello? They’re actors, they’re not actually Jacob and Edward.

        Unfortunately some of the fans couldn’t tell the difference either and when I saw NM in the theater, I had to listen to pre-pubescent teenage girls hooting and catcalling whenever Taycob had his shirt off and laughing/booing during the Italy scene when Rob was disrobing.

        I found that after watching NM in the privacy of my own home this weekend, I liked it a LOT more.

        • “aylor seems like a sweet kid, nothing against him. But I didn’t appreciate Summit shoving a 1/2 naked kid in my face everytime I turned around. ”

          I can see your point. I don´t know if he´s sweet or not, ’cause the perception I’ve of him is this kid actor totally controlled by the “good image” publicity rule or something. God, the guy seemed to have more personality after New Moon! I used to see a sweet slightly talented kid with some charisma, but not anymore. I guess you are right to blame Summit and but I also blame whomever are responsible for his career.

          I would like to add, about my opinion on New Moon
          – There are really nicely done scenes.
          – Rob acting was kind of off in the beginning of the movie, but the break-up scene was nice (the moment he kiss Bella’s head is great)
          – The Volturi part is Good
          – The end was rushed. But the last line – and the reaction -was priceless.
          – Wolf Jacob is cute and made me forget the not so great Human Jacob (I still think that Taylor can portray sweetness well enough, but failed the moments he had to be more feral – he is a new and slightly uncontrolled werewolf after all).

  2. I found myself thinking the same thing when I watched RM – about Rob more than Tyler.
    I feel like I can be objective about his acting, but whether I think something is good or bad won’t make a difference. I’ll probably like what he does, just because he’s in it.
    Make sense? Maybe. Hm.

  3. Interesting topic TOFT
    Yes, I can be objective about Rob I think you all know it.
    Yes I think he needs a more complex role to show his acting abilities.
    Yes I’ll have a crush on him no matter what.
    And I love ‘hobo’ Rob or whatever people call him. And the “hobo” pic –just love it. I have to say that red carpet Rob doesn’t do it for me, doesn’t seem like the real Rob, the one who’s drunk by the dumpster. Well, I guess it all comes down to that.

    • It’s the real Rob, that makes me (us?) think and write here! The end!

      • Professor you said it!!! If it wasn’t for the Real Rob…there wouldn’t be an Edward or a Tyler or whatever anyway…Who could see the Real Man and still think about the roles?

        • Mel, honi <3, I don't like "professor", sounds old, wise and like "knows-all", me is young and a fool, just sayin! 🙂

          • How about my young and sexy professor??? Sounds better??? Ok…it’s just my young and sexy muse from now on!!!

          • lol RG. I like your response to the “professor”!! My son calls me that when I correct his grammer & your right it makes me feel old, etc!

            Now, about the post today, I totally agree. I thought I could be objective, but now I’m not so sure. I Love Rob for Rob because without Rob, we wouldn’t be blogging about the same person portraying Edward, Tyler, Daniel Gale, Cedric Diggory, or any of the other characters he’s played.

            I love that TOFT said she’s isn’t brave enough to start the Sh*tstorm about Stewpot, but I agree with her about the portrayal of Bella. Stewpot didn’t do a very good job, in my opinion. I didn’t read the books until AFTER I’d seen Twilight and I kept thinking “Is she the best they could get for this Bella character???? Damn they must have been desparate because this chick SUCKS.” I think maybe all the stuttering & stammering is my biggest issue. Bella is clumsy & very unsure of herself…especially when it comes to being with Edward… but she’s not a total airhead. To me, that’s how Kristen Stewart portrayed her & I didn’t like it. Thumbs down me if you want, but I am intitled to my opinion just like everyone else!! LOL

            AAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD Back to Rob…I still have yet to see Remember Me but I swear I’m going this weekend if it kills me!! After I read the Twi Saga, I thought Rob did it a very good job of portraying Edward. I do wish he’d smiled a bit more, but hey, “he’s a 108 yr old virgin vampire in love with the girl whose blood makes him wanna kill her”!! (I don’t remember who put it that way but it was perfect so I had to borrow it. Sorry) I watch NM with my sister-in-law & all the extras yesterday and I must say he was wonderful in all the deleted scenes! I’m both looking forward to & NOT looking forward to Eclipse because I’m a bit worried about how badly they f**ked it up. I don’t even wanna think about Breaking Dawn. That shouldn’t have even been written.

            ANYWAY…I think I’m done for now! Hopefully I won’t get TOO many thumbs downs but if I do, OH well. I’ll be ok! When I do get to see RM, I’m going to do my best to be as objective as possible…if that’s even possible! Have a great day/evening everyone. I gotta clean my carpet so my hubs doesn’t b*tch when he gets home from work! If only I had Rob…then it wouldn’t matter if the carpet was clean or not because he wouldn’t care!! Probably because we wouldn’t see it much since we’d be in the bedroom most of the time!!! AAAAAHHHHH what a beautiful mental image I just had to that thought. Crap, I GOTTA get off here!! *** 😀 laughs at my unintentional pun 😀 ***

          • Melinda – the first paragraph of your post? So ironic.
            ❤ U

          • Thanks Jules. It’s true though!! Instead of LTR it could’ve been LTTom or LT-who knows!!:D ❤ u 2!!

            ps as you can see, I still haven't done the carpet. Well, I got started then my crack-dog decided to she didn't like the carpet cleaner & kept chasing it so I gave up on the carpet for now & washed the dog instead. Yeah, she didn't like that AT ALL!!! 😀 I suppose I could get the carpet done now since the crazy dog is sulking in my bedroom!!

    • MP – sent you email in reply to your question re. LT

  4. @TOFT:: I subscribe to EVERYTHING you said…even about Mullsten and her attempt to play Bella….any hoo–

    I try to be objective when I watch moves with Rob..the Twilight movies I think he does a good job, Cederic was really good (actually that’s how I pictured him when I read the books) and I haven’t seen RM yet (I will this Friday) BUT I saw him in the HA and I was not impressed and I started watching LA and I couldn’t get into it..I fell asleep…but I will give it another try.

    In reality, whenever I see Rob on a magazine cover or up on the screen my heart skips a beat and I say “there Rob is” too…it is hard for me TWSS, to watch him in character b/c all I’m thinking about is that I want do him right then and now and how freakin’ HOT he is…ifyaknowwhatImsayin……

    great post today!

    • “I want to do him right here and now….” misty, my twin!<3

      • I heart you RG forever!!!!!

    • I’m not a good fan because I’ve only seen him in the Twilight movies and RM. 😦

      • You should see Bad Mother’s Handbook and How To Be. He’s quite good there

        • ok thanks, I’ll check thouse out to..but dare I say this I think he looks ugly in How To Be…you saiyin’ my opinion don’t kill me now…

          • @misty
            BMHB is good, Rob playing Daniel Gale is win. Take note of the dragging into bathroom at the end……I would love to drag Daniel Gale into my bathroom, though I will have to clean it first!
            HTB – not so good. But everyone on here seems to like it. I just don’t, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t like Rob’s look in HTB either.

          • excuse me, ugly ? 😀 is taht even posible

          • sorry that and possible
            and i gave u 2 thumbs down hahaha sorry take that as a luv expression

            heart u but no word to Art 😀 😀

          • @che

            is that you thumbs downing me and Misty? 🙂

          • @che
            sorry for bad english that should have read ‘misty and I’ 🙂

          • yes it’s me cuz u called my Art ugly 😀
            and sorry for bad english? girl u are english and totaly can be my tutor

          • che! I love love love that pic!!!

  5. Loved your letter! My LOVE ROB meter doesn’t get affected by the movies he’s been doing at all.
    I agree with you about Twilight, and about New Moon, maybe because I also come with high expectations, when it comes to see him acting:)
    Just like you , I love Edward so much, that no other character he has played so far, has taken a hold of me as it happened with Edward. He’s like my first love. For me The whole Twilight series is about Edward, I don’t even pay any attention to Bella or the Wolves. Frankly , don’t care:) LOL

    • Here! Here!


      • Or is is Hear! Hear!? (although we all want Rob Here!)


        • that should be “Or is IT….” *face punch* myself 🙂

        • I’m going with HERE HERE I mean, we are talking about Robward, right? 😉

  6. TOFT- thank you for your great letter. For myself, I think that I might have a bit of a problem being subjective regarding Rob’s acting. I think I’m overly critical.

    I think this stems from how minutely I analyze and concentrate on all his interviews/photos. I’ve never done this with any actor before, so I’ve never had such an extensive background (and time invested) in an actor. Because of my interest (or acute fondness), I want him to do really well.

    Because of this, I think maybe I expect too much out of him. Alternatively, maybe I hope too strongly that his performance is ‘really great’.

    I have to remind myself that he’s only 23 and hasn’t had that many acting challenges yet (but he will).

    I can be subjective enough not to automatically think everything he does is brilliant, but I hope that he’ll continue to improve.

    I heart Daniel Gale (Rob, please do more comedy).

    • arghh, you know I mean objective in the second to last sentence! Trying to do several things at once!

      • I think your “(but he will)” just say it all!

    • I agree, drsaka-Rob should definitely do comedy. He doesn’t think he’d be good at it, but I think he’d be a natural. My dream is to see him on SNL. I bet he’d be one of those actors who crack up in the middle of a skit.

      • Totally agree, I would love Rob to do some comedy. I really think his wonky adorkableness would translate onto the screen. As far as being objective about his acting….I don’t know, I do believe my deep love and wanton desire for him must cloud my judgement. That being said, I think he does well with what he’s given, but I do feel like he holds back a bit. I think his best job to date has been “How to Be”.

        • Agreed. How To Be is my favorite Rob movie so far. He definitely does weird/quirky/understated comedy very well.

      • I’m not sure about comedy like “haha” how funny, I don’t think he has this talent (ha! did I really write that? lol), I saw him very embarrassed sitting in the tree, willed to stay at the joke, BUT quite conscious about not being a comedian at all!
        “How to be”= british humour= Rob can do it = I love it 🙂

      • Agrees with Dazzle:
        Comedy will help Robbie grow as an actor as well.
        Comedy isnt easy to do.. its tough work.
        Comedians have good timing and some great moments on screen have come from comedians doing drama.

        He plays the confused awkward guy pretty well.. I have a strong feeling that perhaps because he’s not really “acting” when he’s in the role (i.e. Daniel Gale character) But Daniel Gale really is Rob and vice versa.
        ok, hit me with a thumbs down.. !!

    • I agree about everything, but very much so about the comedy bit:

      Let’s get Daniel Gale married in his next movie, want to see him in a Daniel Gale style tux!

  7. I felt like you the first time I watched RM…way too focused on Rob!. So I went back the next day to see it again w/the sole purpose of trying to be objective about the movie, Rob’s acting (& whether I could *see* him as anything but Edward), and the much discussed movie’s ending.
    -I would have probably gone & seen RM w/o Rob in it but not on opening weekend, and not twice. After the 2nd time, I still liked and was very moved by the movie. After seeing it the first time, I actually said to myself in my car, “Wow, I am SO not living my life out loud”.
    -I was not offended by the ending (however I can understand where some might have a very visceral reaction to it if not prepared for it).
    -I thought he did a decent job w/Tyler. That said, I didn’t feel the chemistry of Tyler & Ally. I saw the passion, but I didn’t *feel* it. I had a stronger reaction (read: !THUD!) to the groan he made in the birthday nite kiss scene in NM than anything in RM. JMHO.
    So, can I be objective when it comes to Rob? Yes and no. Am I delighted that there are 3 more movies coming down the line to decide for sure….ABSOLUTELY!!!

    • he groaned in the birthday night kiss? I missed that, I’ll have to watch closer on my next viewing.
      I felt chemistry between Tyler and Alley, they (the director/editor/writer?) just didn’t do a good job developing the relationship, that made it hard to connect/care about the romance.

      • Jules, def look again, it was HOT!!!…full of unresolved sexual tension 🙂

      • Jules,
        As UC said (months ago) just close your eyes during the kiss and listen for the groan.

        Ready. Set. Go…

        HEre’s to “the groan.”


        • Jules…if you see it once you want to hit that repeatbutton a million times, trust me, I’ve been there!

        • ML – I would need to close my eyes for that.
          btw – NO FAIR, I thought you were posting the groan for real. I looked for the link and everything.

          • There you go, Jules.

            Here the groan at around .38 or so.

          • ML- I just closed my eyes (like you suggested) and listened to that 5 times in rapid succession.

          • See I told ya so!!! Who cares if it’s about lust or just hunger for her…it’s still f…

      • *Stupid alert* I don’t get the groan! It doesn’t sound sexy it sounds like “I can still smell your blood and I want to suck your blood but I won’t ’cause it’s your birthday and that’s probably the worst thing that could happen to you on your birthday besides being broken up with so I’ll wait until tomorrow to do that”.
        And if it does sound sexy it’s because he’s thinking “you know when you did that thing with your eye when you asked me to kiss you, you look like Neve Campbell. Mmmm, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in Wild Things…. MOAN”

        • Good one.

        • Wow, he put all that into a simple groan? He MUST be a good actor!

        • My thoughts exactly!

  8. Well TOFT, I’ll have to agree with your initial opinion: I didn’t like Rob in NM. He took serious to a whole new level in that movie and it was just too much. He did a pretty good job in Twilight, though.
    I’ve only seen “How to Be” (am I a bad fan for not watching “Little Ashes”? … hmm, probably) and I really liked him.

    And now… *taking deep breaths* … let’s get to the point: I don’t think much of Rob’s acting skills, *ducks* I think he’s mediocre *ducks again* and he’ll probably never win an Academy Award (although I sure hope he proves me wrong someday.)
    But for the love of God, I really don’t care! I am irrevocably in love with him just for being The Rob and couldn’t care less about his acting skills. And I’m sure he’s got plenty of other skills he could impress me with. (twsss)

    PS: I do very much love his singing!

    • I agree totally with the “irrevocably in love with him”, but I still care very much about his acting just because HE cares so much about it and wants to do it good…and I really hope he proves us wrong a wins an Oscar…or aomething…I just want him to fullfill his dreams in the best way possible!!! is that bad???

      • Mel,
        I just want him to fulfill *MY* dreams in the best way possible!!!! Is that bad???

        • That’s not bad…that’s goooooooooooooooood…ahhh what a dream…what a dream!!!

      • When I said I don’t care about his acting, I meant that I don’t love him any less for not being an extraordinary actor. Of course I care about his career and everything that’s important to him (well, most of it anyways…)
        I do think he has great potential and hopefully he’ll make it through that “uphill battle” (@TOFT) and deliver a performance that screams “in your face, bitch!” someday.

        • I know you did!!! “A performance that screams “in your face, bitch!”…you said it all!

        • Well, I’m glad you clarified that, Moan. I considered giving you a thumbs down for that statement but I held off (now I’m glad). I’m not quick-triggered with the thumbs.

          • I AM quick-triggered with the thumbs so I totally understand the down-thumbs on this one.
            And thank you 🙂

    • MIM – I tend to agree that his acting skills are average and hope, hope, hope that they improve with experience and age as would be very sad to not be able to be so, ahem, *focused* on him.
      Of course, would not mind one minute if he quit acting in exchange for singing!

    • @moaninmymouth – I went to see RM with my friend (who also loves Rob), and she said the same thing about his acting. She doesn’t think he’s a very good actor.

      That’s what go me started thinking about this letter. We had spent the better part of 2 hours making comments back and forth to each other about how “hot Rob looks in this scene”, “I bet Rob’s apartment really looks like that”, or “I bet Rob really makes spaghetti that way.”

      So when she said that about his acting, it got me thinking that it really wasn’t fair. We know a lot about him from watching so many of his interviews, it’s almost like watching a close friend or family member onscreen. Of course it’s going to be hard to lose yourself in the character.

      I’m not saying I think Rob is going to win an Academy Award. I’ll root for him :), but I think he has an uphill battle. He needs to choose really good roles, plus I think once you are labeled the “Next Hottest Thing” in Hollywood, you’re automatically thought of a just a pretty face with not much substance.

      • TOFT, great letter, btw. I think you’re spot on that it’s like watching a friend or relative, and kinda cringing for them while watching.

      • thump up! We know so much about him, that it’s difficult to separate him from his roles!<3

    • I agree, I think he’s mediocre but he learns a lot to be better in every movie. That’s the first step to true success. Plus, it takes a lot of courage and hard work for a shy guy to be an actor. Let alone a great one

  9. TOFT- congrats! The photos you’ve chosen have two of the most talked about Rob sweaters- the HP-era blue (really old) sweater and the DG rainbow sweater- awesome choices!

    • I actually didn’t actually choose the photos. UC picked them and captioned them.

      But they are fantastic, aren’t they?!

      • I love the first pic! There he looks like a normal (HOT) human being….lol

      • TOFT – I accidentally referred to you as TOO below, sorry.

        • Happens all the time! 🙂

          And I’m not offended. I love TOO!

          • I love TOO, too. HA!

          • Oh, geez, you’re making me blush. ❤ you!

        • Crap. I did the same thing below. Sorry, TOFT (and TOO, who now has to say, “It wasn’t me!) 🙂

    • Woot I love that DG sweater!!!!

      I hope it shows up soon!

  10. I try to be objective and not just love anything Rob is in unconditionally, regardless of his acting. I have said I’d watch him read the phone book (and I would) but I’d much rather see him doing great work in great films.

    That said, I don’t think all his films have been great. I love him in GoF and Twi movies because I love the books. I think he does a pretty good job (esp. in GoF), but there are cringe-worthy moments, Twilight. But maybe that’s the screenplay and not Rob. I don’t think DeNiro or Nicholson could deliver the line “hang on , spider monkey” and make it sound good. (Why have they kept Melissa R. on?? )

    I liked Little Ashes for the most part. I think Rob’s great in Bad Mother’s Handbook. Haunted Airman could have better-they butchered the book it’s based on, But Rob is great in it. I liked Remember Me a lot, but I don’t think it was a great break-out role. I think Bel Ami, Water for Elephants and Unbound Captives willl really show Rob at his best.

    One thing that I think Rob needs to do is get a vocal coach. His accents are a little shaky and it really bugs me to hear his sexy Brit accent come through. Wait, no it doesn’t. I think he should use his British accent all the time. But when he can’t, he should get a coach.

    • what she said!

    • One thing that I think Rob needs to do is get a vocal coach.

      totaly agree his voice is so unique and has so mouch potential i think

      • vocal coach! I totally second that!<3

    • I can’t believe how much I love this response. Yes, and yes. He desperately needs a dialect coach. He’s sorta bragged twice in interviews I’ve seen that he didn’t use a dialect coach. Well buddy, we believe you. And Summit must be beyond cheap not to get him one for RM.

      Oh, and down with Melissa Rosenberg. She totally sucks ass. And with a sucky book like Breaking Dawn, I can only imagine the horrible lines we’re gonna be subjected to. I’m sure she’ll give great lines to the CGI baby.

      • I hear they’re looking for Academy Award winners to direct BD. That’s probably the only thing that can save that movie(s) from being a complete cheese-fest.

        “I’m sure she’ll give great lines to the CGI baby.” — WIN!

    • I notice when his British accent slips in. But again, only because I know so much about him.
      When I watched my first interview with him, after seeing TW, I was shocked to find out he was British. I never heard anything in TW that would have given me that impression.

      Of course, now that I know he’s British, I can go back and hear the times when he doesn’t sound quite right. My husband didn’t know he was British until I told him and he was also surprised and would not have picked up on it otherwise.
      So again, are we being too hard and too picky?

      • I’ll agree on Twilight that he sounds OK – but then again, Edward is supposed to speak “like you’re from another time” or whatever, so I get it there. But the movie made about New Yorkers, filmed in NY and Summit can’t spring for dialect coaches for him and Pierce (Emilie had no trouble it seems)? Just poor. I love Rob but I think even he could benefit from coaching.

        Yes, I’m being too hard on him.

        • Struggling with his accent makes him sound like he’s from another time – I never thought of it that way. I like it. 🙂

          I was surprised to learn that Summit didn’t hire dialect coaches for RM. Three of the lead characters aren’t even American. Loosen the purse strings a little.

  11. Great letter, TOO.

    (puts on my plaid tweed skirt – yes, I have one of those.)

    I find myself being way to easy on Rob. I suppose I’m always thinking quite the opposite (like his c-game jumps to an a-game because he looks sexified). There are very few moments when I will willing say, “Ok, Rob. You’re killing me here. I cannot defend that odd pause while you yelled at Pierce’s character…”

    Then again, I have no trouble at all saying that I did NOT like the acting in Twilight, aside from my friend Jessica (I know, right?). But then he was so doable in Twilight that I’d watch a million times over. Objective? Not at all. Normal? Totally.

    • I wanna be “easy on Rob,” too.

      Thanks for the visual, KS.

    • Plaid tweed skirt, the school uniform right? 🙂

      • @SB, Haha, it’s not, but apparently, I never grew out of it. Lucky you, Rob.

        @mountainlion, I figured someone else would catch that. 🙂

  12. ok I’m going to be totally honest….At first (and for a very long time) I didn’t think he was any great shakes has an actor. I thought he was too twitchy, contrived and quite frankly, it was difficult to belive in the characters he protrayed. I saw all his stuff before he was twilight famous (except for Little Ashes which I watched just recently), and I thought they were all pants (this is pre-robsession) He didn’t stand out for me and was complete forgettable. And I watched those films because of other actors involved with the projects not because Rob was in them.

    However, since I’ve ‘got’ Rob I’ve rewatch some of those old movies (still hate How to Be) love daniel gale, edward and I’m sure I’m going to like Tyler, (CD hardly stretched his acting skills…blimey if you blink you’d miss him). I obviously have no objectivity any more because all those things I thought about Rob and his acting abilities don’t hold now…is this because I’m obsessed by HHH
    or was I blind to his abilities in the past?

    As far as Little Ashes is concerned, the first time I watched it I thought that Rob’s acting was terrible, and I felt bad for thinking that, so I watched it again just in case I’d suffering from some form of brain fever and do you know what on second watch (cos you’ve now gotten over the twitching and the mushy) He actually does a really good job of portraying Dali. Rob is Dali. You really feel dislike for Dali by the end of the film and have no sympathy for his character whatsoever, (who lets face it was a rather repulsive human being). This makes me think that maybe there is an actor in there but he’s just taken on the wrong roles in the past and perhaps he should consider changing his manager to ME (sorry Nick/Stef not sure which one is his manager). I’m sure I could steer him away from all the crap he’s gotten himself involved with over the years.

    Bring on the thumbs down 🙂

    • Thumbs up for honesty!

      I have yet to see Little Ashes. It’s on my Netflix queue and I’m afraid to watch it. The Tuck scared me to death. Then again, I’ve only seen The Haunted Airman up until now and that was fairly brutal to watch. I thought his acting was ok… though there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of acting involved in that movie. There was a lot of laying there smoking and brooding. Honestly, that was just fine in my book.

      • I think the problem with HA was it’s nothing like the book so if you haven’t read it there is not much chance of actually understanding what the hell is going on. I watched HA cos Julian Sands was in it, and I didn’t even realise/remember Rob was in that until recently when I rewatched it (and he’s got the main part). What I do remember about watching HA the first time round was that it wasn’t very interesting, I didn’t get it and Julian Sands is not a very good actor. He is always Julian Sands no matter what part he plays….I also feel this about Kstew. No matter what part she is playing i just see her and not the character because she plays everything the same way. Just my opinion! 🙂

        • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who see Kristen Stewart that way. She plays everything exactly the same & it’s irritating.

      • Don’t be afraid to see Little Ashes, the Tuck only lasts for a second, and the rest of the movie is worth seeing.

        Agree that the Haunted Airman was a lot of lying around brooding and smoking (we know Rob’s good at that!).

        Oh, and to put credit where credit is due, it was TOFT’s great letter today; sadly not me!

    • hate HTB? nooo mine why? to me it’s the best
      and yes i hate him as Dali i mean i hate Dali at the movie and luv me the main problem was his accent.then i thought come on he’s not spanish so it’s normal him not to have an accent like others but when i learned that the actor who played Luis Bunuel was british and had wonderfull accent thought Rob u should had to worked harder

      • @che
        that’s why is portrayal of Dali is so good….you hate Dali and that’s who you should feel. He’s wasn’t a nice character in Little Ashes or RL. Don’t really get that bothered about accents….don’t really mean a lot as far as films go. We suspend disbelief everytime we watch a film, it’s more to do with believing the character than whether his/her accent is correct. I fell in love with Lorca. (not the actor) but the actual poet. The ending is tragic and heartbreaking, films don’t often make me weepy (they aren’t real) but this made me cry (a little) more embarassingly it made me cry when I was retelling the film to my flatmate, who just shook his head at me and told me I was pathetic…..he does have a point.
        As far as HTB is concerned, this is another film I saw a long time ago, and I thought it was really boring and unfort. I still do. It is the only one of his films that I just don’t like him in.

        • @che
          ‘his’ not ‘is’…….soz

          • also
            ‘how’ not ‘who’

        • i agree with with your thoughts and i luv Lorca, the poet and as i said i’m planing to watch it agian to be more objective or maybe my problem wasn’t his performance but the movie genaraly wasn’t so good i don’t know
          and i thought some people didn’t like HTB becuz they don’t like british humor but on the other hand u are a british and u didn’t like it too

          world is a strange place 😀
          jk(don’t think i’m that shallow cuz belive me there are supposely funny movies too and i don’t like that eventhough i quite like Turkish humor)

          i don’t know i like all the caracters on it.Art ,his frineds and his’s so funny and sad at the same way.Art can be so annoying or so sweet at the same time.

    • M!M!M! – No thumbs down from me.

      In the past I’ve wondered if I hadn’t seen his interview with Hayley, Laura Culpepper, TRL and others if I would still be Robsessed. Probably not.
      Now, I don’t question my Robsession at all, I just accept it.

      I’ll be watching LA for the first time this evening, I’m looking forward to it.

      • It’s not out here for another week or so, but I will also go and see it when it arrives in the cinemas even though this is the type of film I would usually wait for the DVD release, if I bothered to watch at all. See my obsession with RB has got me watching films I would never normally watch!

        Have a lovely time tonight Jules. I look forward to an unbiased review on RM from your goodself 🙂

        • Sorry Jules just realised you are talking about Little Ashes, don’t know why but I read RM rather than LA…..Doh!

          It is worth a second watch if you find you hate it(rob) the first time round. He really plays the part of Dali well, once you’ve stopped giggling over the ruffle shirt and mushy. I found the Second time was worth the watch. Rob/Dali are horrible, selfish, narcassistic etc all the characteristics of Dali and he really makes you hate/dislike him by the end which is good acting in my book. Though a little distrubing to come out of watching a film not liking Rob (but it’s Dali you don’t like, ho you know what I mean)!.

    • This just shows how subjective great acting is. You thought he was terrible in Little Ashes and I think it’s his best work thus far. I bawled at the end – the scene of him painting and listening to the radio – I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it – anyway, I thought his chemistry with Javier Baltran was about the best ever (way better than with KS in New Moon!).

      Off the subject, this is why I believe Kristen & Rob started dating during the filming of New Moon. Because their chemistry in that movie sucks ass. Their chemistry in Twilight was good. Really good. But then they prolly went and “did it” during the filming of NM and ruined the angsty chemistry they’re supposed to have as E/B. Just my theory. 😉

      • oops, I spelled his name wrong. Javier Beltran. Whatevs. He’s cute.

        • Javier is HOT 😉

          • I also loved Matthew McNulty (Bunuel). Hot!

      • This is my biggest fear for Eclipse! All the rumors started so I’m afraid that while acting in Eclipse they wouldn’t want people to think they were a real couple in real life so they don’t touch as much or as long or as realistically as a couple deeply in love would because they think it would be perceived as affirmation of a relationship. And then David Slade was so embarrassed to even be associated with Twilight he didn’t really care if the romance scenes were done well. He’s made his fame from action films so he was all about the action and not necessarily the romance of E&B.
        *sigh* Please prove me wrong in June!

  13. I’ve thought about this, too, particularly after seeing Remember Me again this weekend… heh. The truth of the matter is that I really don’t know anything about acting. I can tell when someone is really bad. I can sometimes tell when someone is really good. But, anything in between and I have no way to judge. I think Rob is somewhere in the middle, and I have no clue if he leans more toward good or bad.

    I like movies that get me caught up in the story by making me think or by making me feel something strongly. I think all of Rob’s movies I’ve seen up to this point have been good in some places and bad in others. However, I will say this, not once have I been so enraptured in one of his movies (except maybe GOF) that I didn’t let my mind drift to ogle mode.

  14. Really good letter, btw…I have to admit that the first time I watched RM, I was caught up in remembering the “insanity” of last summer, in certain scenes. I mean, I already have saved on my zip drive, shots of him sitting on the Alice in Wonderland statue. It was distracting at times.
    I was still impressed with his performance though. His scenes with Caroline and his dad were quite good. I was really proud of him, when I left the theater.
    Now the 2nd time I watched RM, I took my friend who isn’t into Twilight at all or Rob, but went with me, because we are best friends, and we do that for each other. She knew nothing about the movie, and was pleasantly surprised at how good he was. She also said that He looked hawt, even bloody and beaten up!! She is a big fan of Bradley Cooper, so she understands celebrity crushes.
    I actually thought that Rob was amazing in How to Be, so I knew that he had “it” in him, to pull off this role. I am more impressed with how the whole cast was able to stay focused in the midst of the crazy paps and fans, while shooting. Kudos to all of them!!

  15. I love this letter TOFT, it’s written with love!<3

    You're right, high expectations are never a reason to love somebody, it's like judging a person without appreciating the personality.

    Watching other actors in whatever roles I'm able to say "great performance" or "what a douchebag", because I don't care really of the real person behind the role, but when it comes to Rob, things/feelings change totally!

    With him I have zero expectations, wether in matters of acting neither in matters of just "being" himself. I'm looking at this guy, hearing what he says, HOW he says things and in the end he makes me smile, laugh or think about specific things.

    Rob does NOT like judgemental people, neither I do! That said, I can make fun of him or critize things he says, BUT my "special feelings" don't allow me to hurt his feelings or what I think his feelings are!

    I'm totally biased and I cannot blame myself for that. I just love him! 🙂

    Sorry for my epic thoughts today, but Roblosophy is not supposed to be a short novel!

    • Hunny…he may not like judgemental people (who does)…but don’t you think he likes the truth??? I mean…I can’t immagine that he is into all these screaming girls that worship the ground he walks on (not that I don’t)…he surrely apriciates an honest opinion comming by a friend or me…maybe??? 😀

      • Huuhh… “the truth” what a big word!
        I cannot tell the truth, I have no clue about acting and I’m sure he loves his fans and all the attention and especially the WORK POSSIBILITIES that come along with fame.
        Don’t know about the screaming, I don’t think it’s his favourite part of the job, neither 14y teens or Twihards, it’s just the other side of the medal!

        • Yes you can…and you will…when you see him. You’ll say:”Hi Rob…I love you, not only because you’re hot but also for your beautiful mind…and now lets cut the smaltalk and get to the point”… right RG??? 😀

          • well Mel, I don’t think I would waste soooo many words at all! 🙂

            and…it’s not the point to critize or to make fun of him, we do that all the time here, but being really harsh to him…it’s just not mine.
            Read about him that he was sad about the negative reactions received for NM (I guess more for lovely C.W. then for himself), but I felt sort of sorry as well, and NM is def.not my fav. film he did. Without Rob in it I’d have never watched it!

          • RG…you said the SADword…don’t say the sadword to me…you know… it makes me want to get on a plane and go comfort him…don’t put ideas in my mind…I’m Greek!!! Could never be harsh or say anything bad to him, I just want him to be happy!!!

            Happy Rob=Happy Mel=Happy Rob…!!!

          • hey RG i don’t know why-cuz u know Edward isn’t there so much and that’s not normal cuz twilight saga mostly means Edward to me-but i luv NM and i agree with u about CW he is so sweet at all the extras

          • RG,
            I agree. Without Rob in NM…I wouldn’t have seen it…

          • RG, Rob’s about the only motivation for me to see the movies that he’s in.

            And I don’t give a rip about what critics say. 🙂

            *sharpening claws*…just kidding.

      • I think he would appreciate on honest opinion. I know he appreciates the love as well.

        Dear Rob,
        I truly love you, I do!
        Good luck in all that you do!

    • Ah, me too RG, I love Rob way too much, some days I don’t think I am normal….

  16. Well…hot topic TOFT!!! I think I’m one of the last persons on this earth to have seen Twilight (a whole year later) and to have fallen in love with Rob. Since that happend, I ofcourse read all Twibooks and saw all Rob movies I could get my hands on…and no…I can’t be totally objective about this guy…i love him too much!!!

    I also said that I wouldn’t go see a movie just because he was in it…and I took this back also…I will go see ANY movie he plays in, even if it is a little supporting role…

    What I don’t say is, that I will LIKE all the roles he plays and HOW he plays them…and by that I mean…it will depend on how much he can convince me to think about the character he plays and not think of him the whole time.

    So far…yes he convinced me that he is Edward…he convinced me that he is Tyler…he did not convince me that he is Dali and I didn’t like him very much in How to Be (need not to talk about HP here…)

    The point for me is that with every role he played since now, he showed me that he matured, he practically grew up in front of my eyes…and yes I expect much more of him , because I believe that HE REALLY CAN DO IT!!!

    However…I may hate him in a role…he will still be gorgeous-hot-tomuchtohandle-Rob in my real life.

    • … “I think I’m one of the last persons on this earth to have seen Twilight (a whole year later) and to have fallen in love with Rob. Since that happend, I ofcourse read all Twibooks and saw all Rob movies I could get my hands on…and no…I can’t be totally objective about this guy…i love him too much!!! ”

      Mel, you are my long lost twin!!

      • EmclaireL…what a reunion…love ya sis!!!

    • Mel, question: I totally respect your opinion, but what if he canNOT do it, roles he’ll act bad or music that will sound like a smitten cat? Would that change something? ❤

      • Noooooooooooooooooooooooopppp!!! I would still die loving him…but…I TOTALLY BELIEVE HE CAN DO IT…he’ll prove it to us…as SB said…we’ll be around to see it… and I will sit on my wheelchair at old age and still dream of someday meeting him!!!

    • hey mel i saw twilight last october almost 1 year later so u’re not the only new one

      • Che…so we saw it exactly the same month…the fact is that I didn’t even know who Robert Pattinson was befor that…didn’t pay a lot of attention to him in HP…he was just a cute guy…still can’t explain WHAT exactly changed between HP and Twi???
        It was actually Edward at the beginning I guess!!!

        Forgot to tell ya all that I got my NM copy today…am very happy, but feel also like a child of a lesser god…cause here in Greece they don’t have the best of copies…I mean, why did Summit make so many different copies of the NMdvd in the first place?

        • Summit wants to make as much money as possible with their golden boy! I saw his Tyler-clothes on the internet, selling them for thousands and thousands of dollars!

          • I don’t like the sound of this RG…”make as much money as possible with their golden boy”…makes me kind of mad…makes me think of some other areas of work…if you know what I mean. But I know you are right…still it’s sad!

          • haha, what do you mean…sound of RG? Summit increased thanks Rob the whole company 5 times or such, it’s the business, not the kindergarten!
            And …don’t be sad, ❤

          • Ok…I believe ya…I’m just tooooo sexitive when it comes to “make money” out of Rob!!!

          • SENSITIVE…I ment sensitive…oh my God!!!

          • Mel, I think you meant sexitive. Your subconscious speaks very loudly, missy. Loud and Clear.
            I know where your mind’s at.

          • Is it THAT obvious??? I guess I’m just speaking up loud now…HEY WORLD…
            I’M IN LOVE WITH ROBERT PATTINSON AND WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM…ok there I said it…out loud!!!

            PS. Dear Rob
            I’m kidding! Actually I want to make love with/to you! Not just sex!
            Love you

          • Mel —–

            Sexitive? LMAO!

        • good u’d seen him at HP but i hadn’t.i remember when People choose Hugh jackman as sexiest man alive and when i saw that on the news they also mentioned Rob so i saw a pic of him i guess from Twilight LA premier and think well, he is ok why they overstating so much-i was expecting something better cuz i like british guys but wasn’t a dissipointnment like at Orlando Bloom cuz really i don’t get it at all ,he is literally ugly to me or i hate him cuz i have a neighbour looks like him and he is so so so annoying.

          anyway eventhough i’d heard a wampire movie called twilight i choose to ignore it till i watched Rob at jay leno&ellen last october so coinsidentaly
          and everything just began..
          a true love story:)

          • Wish you hadn’t…sometimes? We would have such a normal life…not reaching for the stars??? Ahhh Rob is a dagger which cuts on both sides (exact translation from greek)…can’t live with him, can’t live without him (that’s impossible now)!

          • no i would never wish that
            didn’t u read my comment at yesterday’ post
            life without Rob.. i was going to cry when i read that post
            and that also means not chating with u wonderfull ladies
            no i don’t want that kinda normal life

          • TRUE!!!

  17. well i think i can’t be objective at his look ;if someone says he’s not the most handsome guy i would literaly insist he is (eventhough i didn’t feel like that before i knew him and don’t wanna except that i think like that b/c of my feelings.)no mather someone says stupid for his gigglings or word vomits i would still think that it’s the cutest thing and no mather what he wears i will think he’s the best dressed man-ok not at all cuz i still think the denim jacket is awfull.But the only thing i can be objective is his acting cuz i want him to be better.i liked him at Twilight but to me (eventhough he didn’t look-TWİ ED’s style was the best ) but he was better at NM.İ think he was good at HP and at BMHB,HA but i didn’t like his LA performance so much maybe i should wacht it again to be more realistic-only once isn’t enough for judging.But i adore him at HTB. he was just awsome i don’t know why maybe Art’s dorkiness reminded me Rob a lot.i didn’t wach RM so can’t say anything but when i read the script i thought Rob could play this easly.i pictured him as Geroges Duroy very well too but i think him as Jacop at WFE would be a key point ,i realy wondering and so exciting about this role,and hope he can cope that

  18. T.O.O – Thanks for the honest letter.

    I believe I can be objective about Rob, I’ve both critisised and praised him on this blog.
    I like the movies that I’ve seen him in so far. I haven’t seen all his movies yet, but I’m working on it.
    For the first few minutes of RM, I gasped, sighed and squirmed in my seat a little, because that was my first time seeing (human) Rob on the big screen (OMFG!!!). I quickly got caught up in the movie though, and saw only a very hot Tyler.

    It’s true that his accent slipped a bit in the role, but I imagine it’s very difficult to hold an (foreign) accent whilst trying to emote, remember lines, listen to Director’s instructions and stay in the shot at the same time. A coach would definitely help. His acting will improve with time and more challenging roles.

    I think LTRers are some of the more objective of Rob’s fans, read any letter/comments on any day and it’s proven there.

    PS: what I like most about this blog and regular posters; we don’t freak out and try to save The DrunkRob, we make plans to take advantage of him…behind the dumpster!

    • hell yes Jules!

      This is also way I like LTR, we are not dumbass girls worrying about Rob’s soul, health etc. nore do we take him or ourselves too seriously, but enjoy the obsession without the need to be committed….we are all normal over here at LTR.

    • …”PS: what I like most about this blog and regular posters; we don’t freak out and try to save The DrunkRob, we make plans to take advantage of him…behind the dumpster!”

      jules = <333

    • lol on the dumpster ❤
      I do think that this blog is very special, funny and with a satirical spirit, don't know if that makes "us" better……… OR if just some commenters on other blogs, like the one which find him TOO young for everything is just WEIRD and CONFUSED people at all, no matter for who or what….

      • RG – We are better, I said!
        Ask anyone on here (only on here, this is a limited survey) they’ll tell you.

        Jules = UNBIASED poster

        • Jules, 🙂

  19. SH!T, I meant TOFT!!!

    • thump up for shortest comment of the day!!!!

        RG, you kill me sometime.
        me loves you much.

      • RG,
        I like that you say “Thump” instead of “thumb” and I’m pretty sure that’s because you are thinking of humping.


        • OMG, Lion. I missed that and I think you’re right.
          RG knows, Wednesdays are hump days!

          • thumb up for hump days!<3

        • omg…that’s the heat ..lion, only the heat!<<3

          • Ahhh, the “heat.”

            ❤ you!

  20. Is it just me or have I gone totally loopy…but that wax of HHH isn’t half bad. Usually those waxes don’t look anything (and I mean anything) like who they are meant to be. I’m not saying it’s great, but it’s not bad…..i am so shocked!

    • Yes, much better than his action figure!
      The *only* thing that isn’t perfect of the wax figure is the mouth and they even tried to incorporate his mouth dimples and that is my effing favorite Rob (think “You really shouldn’t have said that”)
      The FaceBook page says fans are encouraged to run their fingers through his hair. *Died* I will be in Vegas in September… I hope it’s in Vegas’ Madame Toussad by then!

      • That hair will not last long…if ya know what I mean!!!

      • Ok, I don’t know what I was smokin’ last night. Took another look at WaxRob. He looks like McDreamy

  21. Great letter, TOFT! I’ve had the same burning question going through my mind.
    I’m with tuesdaymidnight, I don’t know what great acting is. Alec Baldwin keeps winning Best Actor awards and I think he’s one of the worst actors ever. Yeah, his lines are hilarious on 30 Rock but I hate the way he delivers them.

    I love movies that make me get caught up in them and make me feel like I am living in the town with the people and sneaking a peek into their lives. I feel like Remember Me did this for me and I felt like I was living in that sicknasty apartment with them. And I really liked seeing Rob in a role that could be like his real life, just talking to his buddy and his family. Now I hate reality TV more than the next person but I almost wish Rob would let cameras follow him around as he interacts with his people just so I can make sure I’m not wasting all this time adoring a complete prick even if he is the most beautifully sexy man I have ever seen.

    • @keisha

      If only he was a ‘complete prick’ then maybe I would stop obsessing about him and get on with my RL.

    • …let cameras follow him around as he interacts with people…REALLY scary! like really, but I like this sh*t…………………….jkjkjkjk

    • Hey Keisha, you should have a look at that clip where they follow him around the Goblet of Fire set. In that one, and in other “filming of” films, you see Rob doing a lot of either giggling with the other actors, or listening seriously to the director. So, no, he doesn’t SEEM like a prick, judging from those little candid moments.

      • Agreed and I have seen one of those (are there more? golf cart in the one I saw) but that’s him working. And it’s freaking Harry Potter which can springboard you into stardom so you want to be on your best behaviour.
        TBH I just want to see MORE ADORKABLE ROB!

      • i adore that video

  22. Great letter TOFT. Personally, I first became a fan of the Twilight books, Rob just came (twss) as a bonus because he was cast as Edward and is a hot drunken British hobo in real life. I thought he did great in RM and the only time I remember thinking about Rob instead of Tyler during the movie was when he had an accent slip. I feel like I can be objective because I didn’t like HtB but then again, I thought he did a good job in it. So maybe I’m not as objective as I think I am.

    Still though, I’m not going to rush out and watch a movie just because of Rob (or any of the other actors in Twilight). If a movie looks interesting or entertaining, I’ll go to the theater. If it’s only marginally so, it will be relegated to a rental. If not at all, no soup for you.

  23. “Edward is a108 year-old manic-depressive, virgin vampire who has the misfortune of falling in love with the one person he wants to kill the most.”

    Lmao! Win! Love it.

    And no we probably can’t be objective about him. Not truly and completely… But I’m not sure that that bothers me so much.

    Btw; Tyler sex was hot.

    • So hot! I actually pulled my phone out to record it during my second viewing but thought that would be way too merv the perv.
      I also snuck into RM before going to see Bounty Hunter but it was just to the scene where Tyler and Aly meet. I just absolutely love how Rob says “This is one of those thiiiings…”

  24. Some days I think I can be objective but some days I don’t think I can. It really all depends on what I’m looking at. I think I may be a little too ga-ga over Rob right now.

    I liked his acting in RM and Twilight. There were some scenes in NM where I wished he did something differently, like that one in the classroom where he was reciting Romeo’s lines. I wish he emoted more. I don’t know, that’s just my 2 cents, I guess I’m a hopeless romantic that I just wanted him to have more emotion when reciting those lines. Romeo was broken-hearted, I wanted to see/hear that from Edward.

    And like you said TOFT, when I watch him in movies, I always think Rob. Rob this, Rob that.

    PS. Robler was hot.

  25. Here is my comment. It’s the accent. If he can be British maybe he won’t seem so the same. Uptight and tense. I’m hoping with Bel Ami he can be a little loose. Not so on the verge of jumping off a cliff to end it all. I mean the character gets laid ALOT so he shouldn’t be tense.

    • Not that anyone cares, but I completely agree with this statement.

    • Agree. It’ll be interesting to see if he seems more relaxed and natural when speaking in his natural district.

      & I know I can’t wait for that: A movie stuffed full of rob sex scenes beginning to end? Sign me up!

  26. TOFT, I wish I really was too close to the “situation.”

    Great letter, by the way. I can’t help but imagine how 30 or more years from now, we can look at these experiences and think, “wow, remember the days when I was so gungho about Rob?” Of course for some of us, we might still be gungho about Rob in our latter years! Ahem.

    Rob’s gonna be one hot old man….kind of like Robert Redford.

    • Woot! for the Robert Redford reference!

      • We are old souls Cath….

        I believe Rob is too.

        • SB, must be, I just know I met him somewhere before.

          (In 1720 when he was a Chinese emperor and we his concubines! 😉 )

  27. I loved Rob’s performance in Little Ashes…loved it so, so, much.

    I also believe he could do comedy, although he doubts it. I thought he was adorable and very funny in the “bothered” skit with Jimmy F.

    • I loved Little Ashes as well!
      about comedy…I thought he was funny watching him embracing the tree, but I think it was just ROB and NOT planned at all, BUT you’re right, perhaps it’s that, natural comicality, that makes people laugh!<3

    • I’m making it my mission to see Little Ashes this weekend. I hope it is worth it. You know, I lived in St. Pete, FL for 13 years, the home of the Dali museum, and never went. Perhaps if I like the art in Little Ashes (hehe.. Art is from HtB) I will go “get cultured” when I’m back in August.

    • I didn’t think I’d like LA but I actually do.

      Is there anything I won’t like at all that he’s in? I think my thinking is already jaded for the most part when it comes to Rob.

      • SB,
        I love that you said you were “sharpening claws” above.



        • ML, thanks. I will if I have to, you know I’m a little overprotective with people I love. 😉

  28. Great letter TOFT! You really like Rob in Twilight better than New Moon? I am the complete opposite. I am not sure if it is Rob’s acting that is making me feel that way or the way I feel about the overall film. It really is hard to be objective about all things Twilight.

    UC -You have made my day with the Daniel Gale Striped sweater. Thank you!

    • Lot of people say they like Twilight better than New Moon…agry with you 3hboyshouse… don’t know why exactly…he looked much hotter in NM and more…Man…also the story was more dramatic (yep…dramaqueen)…anyway I loved it more…the colours, the wolves, Italy, the Volturi…the kisses (finally…more kisses)…I think I can relate more to the “like I have a huge hole in my chest”.

    • Definitely liked Twilight better than NM. But TW is also my favorite book in the series, so it’s hard for me to be objective.

      I thought Rob looked much better in TW. In NM, he looked too old. But I think it had more to do with the feeling in TW. It was just a more romantic movie and there’s just something about that “falling in love” stage. Plus, the kiss in the bedroom in TW was so hot!

      • Agree with you, TOFT. Rob was gorgeous in Twi. Loved your letter today!!!


        • Thanks! 🙂

      • I agree 100% on the bedroom kissing scene in Twilight!!!! HOT! Don’t get me started.

        • Hey SB, let’s just hope that we see a leg hitch in Eclipse that can out shine the bedroom kissing scene of Twilight! Come on David Slade the shorties are on your side!

  29. I feel like I can’t be completely honest on this matter since I have only seen Rob in Twilight, New Moon and The bad mothers handbook… Yes I am a bad fan but it gets even worse:
    I am almost 100% sure I can’t be objective about Rob. Wanna know why? Well TOO pretty much said it in her letter. Due to the fact that I would feel like a crazy fangirl whenever I found anything and everything Rob does great I judge him a lot harsher than other actors. Somehow I have no problem saying that another actor is great. With Rob I kinda overthink and compare it to his previous performances.
    It’s seriously not like I do it on purpose but a part of my brain -and I don’t know how strong that part is- thirst for is blood… i mean knows that I judge him too hard sometimes.

    I am going to see Remember Me for the first time in a few hours and then I’ll come back and tell you if I managed to make an honest nonfangirly opinion about it.

  30. Btw robgirl shouldn’t you be in the cinema right now seeing Remeber Me? can you explain that. And I didn’t want to miss LTR doesn’t count… i didn’t miss it either…

    I can’t believe it’s out today! (at least in germany)… Now I can jude the spagetti shower UC and Moon have been talking about myself! Wooooo (my new joke from how I met your mother. The wooo-girls episode)

    • lucky lucky lucky girl
      have a nice time

    • Here it’s not out today, it’s out TOMORROW!
      Dubbed-Rob, I just can’t wait 😦

      • Dubbed Rob is better than no Rob! 🙂

        • honi, that’s NOT funny!

          • ❤ back!

            I know we all want to hear Rob's honey dripping voice. But you can make do til u can get to a non-dubbed on. 🙂

      • RG dubbed? i thought Germany was a realy developed country for that
        (don’t say what’s the deal with that)
        i mean here in TR we have subtitles like never find movies dubbed at theatres (eventhough people hardly had a second language and don’t like reading subtitles) except kids movies

        i feel your pain girl i hate dubbed movies even at TV

        • Che…we are neighbours??? That’s if I got it right! That’s great…then you understand my mediteranian spirit much better!

          • yes girl from both sides cuz i come from macedonia(was born) and live at İstanbul

        • I in no way want to offend you…but please tell me that you mean Macedonia/Greece…
          otherwise I think its Fyrom…for me anyway!!! Love you!!!

          • the other one girl from former yugoslavia the one u don’t accept their names 🙂 no offence at all
            i’m half albanian/turkish or something 🙂

            btw i want to say that i may saw i greek god couple years ago
            he’s name is Sakis Rouvas.he was at istanbul for the eurovision song contest and give a concert and i watched him from the fisrt line
            God he is just total hawt
            u agree with me ?

          • Ahhhh Sakis…pffff…my afterRoblife just does not agnolige any other male as Hot but Rob!!! lol…but yes Sakis is hot…he is considered to be the hottest Greek man eva!!!

            Btw…these days all Greece is nuts about this ONUR guy…you know him…can’t remember his actuall name…my sister is nuts about him…she’s like OHHHHH
            ONUR….all day long!!!

          • yes i think he’s the hottest greek guy ever
            and ofcourse i don’t compree Rob with anyone
            just sayin Sakis might be the hottest male i’ve ever seen in RL i mean his budy is just … whatever

            who is Onur, is he Turkish,actor/singer?

          • Yes he is a Turkish actor…he plays in a series they show here in Greece now…
            his name is Halid (something) and the title is BIMBIR GECE!

          • OMG u must be kidding, come on
            Halid Ergenç? to me someone must be insane to find him attrective
            if u say Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ i would understand but oh i hated Binbirgece
            gross to me sorry for your sis
            i wish she could have a better taste like u (the best actually)

          • Yap…my thoughts exactly…but can’t do nothing about it…she thinks Rob is just a cute boy…can you believe that…so I leave her alone with Halid and she leaves me alone with Rob..what can I say!!!

          • oh girl world really is a strange place
            not logical at all 🙂

        • che, Germany is an idiot country for dubbing films, just because some german-euro minister isn’t able to speak some english, the whole country (read ..ME) has to suffer agonies!

      • I hate hate hate dubbed movies. They just ruin the whole thing (especially if it’s a comedy.) So glad I found a cinema that shows the original version! Sadly, I probably won’t be able to see it until Saturday 😦

  31. I can’t be objective either.. sometimes certian scenes leave me kinda second hand embarrassed for some reason.. but I love everything Rob does, and it could be total crap and I would still be all “squeeeeeee!!!!” about it because I can’t help it. Sometimes I think a lot of the twilight series has this internal struggle going on under the surface, that you can feel in the books.. but it’s hard to convey on the screen.. and I think since Rob read Midnight Sun.. he comes across as very tense as edward but it’s because he is trying to get across that “I really want to kiiiiiiiill you/I dont want to kill you!!” thing.. I think Rob does a good job in most things.. but then I’d probably say that no matter what.. so just count me out as an objective party o_0


  32. To me, great acting is when you convince me that you are that character. I don’t think you are delivering a line, but I believe you are living and feeling it. I think Rob did that in RM. I never once felt like a line was forced/wooden. In fact in the very first scene, I was sucked into Tyler’s anger with his father….I felt like he was going to explode.

    Sure the first time I saw it, I focused on Rob’s hotness, HOW he was delivering lines, outfits I recognized. But that’s my fault, not his. But I still was able to get lost in his character and I thought he had a few moments of greatness even

    There are a few scenes in Twi/NM where i thought his lines felt a bit wooden/forced, but overall I think he has done a good job portraying Edward. I think he learned alot filming RM and I have a feeling his acting will be even better in Eclipse. Just a hunch.

    I’ve never thought Rob was ‘bad’ in anything…not like some actors I’ve seen. Example: watching Christian Haydenson in Star Wars. It was almost painful to watch and hard to enjoy the movie because I was so bothered by the acting…sounded like he was reading lines off a que card!

    Rob is a capable actor IMO and has potential for greatness. Whether he reaches that potential remains to be seen.

    • Interesting point, L40s, that Eclipse was filmed after RM, and we may see a different, maybe even better, Edward in it!

    • True! We’re watching him from a whole different angle that the average person. So does that mean that our opinion shouldn’t count?

    • Hayden Christiansen in Star Wars was painful. And I think that’s a great example. I think he’s really cute, but I’m objective enough to say, “holy crap that was bad!”

      I really can’t object to Rob’s portrayal of Edward. I think he nails it most of the time. People love to criticize it, but I blame the material. Let’s face it, the Twilight series is pretty much a soap opera. It’s hard to give an Oscar worthy performance when you have dialogue like, “You’re my only reason to stay alive . . . if that’s what I am”. I wouldn’t be able to say that w/o laughing. So given the level of cheese involved in these books/movies, I think Rob gives a pretty great performance as Edward.

      • The way you say it (and I agree) our poor boy had a hell of a job to make a decent Edward out of Edward…and he did…he sure did…

        A zillion thumbs up for Rob’s performance as Edward!!!

    • ohH yes good point good point. I think he definitely improved his acting during Remember Me so I think we’re gonna see an even better Edward in Eclipse. And I do believe that the story behind Eclipse gives him a wider range of emotions too..not just sad and brooding..

      and hayden christianson …yuck…

  33. Ahum, I am SO objective about Rob…

    I fail miserably with him. Like I only want to see the good moments, not the bad ones.

    Am looking forward to seeing RM, but I’ll probably see the glass as half full, not half empty on his acting chops there.

    Oh Rob, what you do to a somewhat rational mind…


    • “Glass half full, not half empty”…exactly…you and a zillion other women too!!!
      Hiiiii…Cath…! 😀

    • Cath, thank you, I like your thinking, so if the glass is always half-full and never half-empty, our critiscm are sooo subjective that it does not make even great sense to try!
      Fighting against windmills! ❤

      • Thumbs up for the Don Cihote (did I spell that even right?) reference!!! Our very own windmills…we TRY to make a little critic about him and then we take it back the second we just look at him!!!

    • With emphasis on somewhat rational, I’d could never put in in to words like T.O.O.

      • Ofcourse I meant like TOFT, considering today’s post. But T.O.O. is more eloquent as well.

        Ah, these shorts are too complicated for me, haha.

    • Cath and I thought you were the rational one here. HAHAHA!

      ❤ u of course!

      • Yeah, totally rational SB! That’s me! 😉

  34. Yeah, I don’t know how to explain it but I also think that so far his best performances have been pre-Twilight. He was really good in Twilight. I loved RM but I could see that somehow he was holding back.

    I did feel like he felt self-concious in NM and RM, perhaps he’s feeling nervous knowing that a lot more fans are judging his acting abilities.

    I also think he shouldn’t pick all these roles of tormented characters. He picks these, he said due to the fact that he can identify with them. But then thats not acting.
    For example I could play an unhappy, unappreciated, cheated-on by DH tormented wife, loving, dedicated, devoted, grateful mother.
    And I’d bring home an Oscar!!! But that wouldn’t be acting, that’s my reality.

    So yeah Rob, sorry but let’s be real.

    PS. Anxiously awating Bel Ami

    Me =)

    • True dat! To all of it!

    • lol…you made me laugh <3, and….many actors are playing themselves, or parts of them like picking up little hints of the fictional character they can relate to and elaborate it on the role, he said he can relate to Tyler BUT that things changed during the shooting. What is quality? In terms of standard? Sandra Bullock won the Oscar this year, I don't like her acting at all, to me she is really bad! But that's only personal opinion and not universally valid. ❤

    • RG-
      I don’t like Sandra Bullock either. But she’s been around “a while” =)

      I must add; I really like Rob and I will see every movie he makes, I love him no matter what. And the things he does to me…..never mind I don’t wanna go there this early in the day.

      I read your comment a lil too late yesterday. I know, Rob’s been known to make me feel a lil too hot…and bothered. Lol!

      • you’re right, she’s around a while and I still do not love her acting, recently something in her face “changed” as well (bad tongues talked about surgery??)and… Rob is still not around US, that’s the real sh*t!<3

      • Whiteflower…you can go there…and tell me…it’s not early in the day for me here…somehow I feel we’ll have a lot of similarities!!!

        • Hahah! You go first!!
          I’m sure all our experiences match up. It’s kinda sad…
          How is it that this man can do THAT to women across the globe? Is he even Real? I saw him once but I’m not entirely convinced now..

          • Good question…he is unearthly real…and what he does to us…it’s like having an unearthly experience with an angel…if you know what I mean!
            You saw him???? And you survived!!!! Wow…

          • Yes I saw him!! A mere 15 to 20ft from where I was standing.

            Here’s the video..not my video. It’s not good quality at all..

          • Here’s the other one..

          • OH MY GOD…that’s all I can say. Seen this vid befor but now that I know you were there it has a whole other meaning…now its personal evidence that HE IS REAL!!! Ah you must tell me…how is he…how does he smell… every little detail… 🙂

          • Aww thanks. That was one of the BEST days of my life so far!
            I wasn’t close enough to him to smell him..I WISH!

            He was, as you can see, adorkable! He kept turning his back to us, he looked nervous, shy, and tired. He’s TALL, he looks amazing in person!!

            It was a long day to say the least. But it was worth it. Its very hard for me to put into words all the details. I do remember them clearly. I was just looking at him the whole time, my eyes never diverted to anyone else.
            I had my mom, daughter, and niece with me so I felt the need to keep it together and not loose control. And I did!

            I walked out of there that night and felt as light as a feather. It was WAY more than I ever wished for at the time.

          • Whiteflower…that’s for you (and everyone who feels like it today)…

          • Thank you hunn!

            I have no words. =)

            Touch me, take me to that other place. Teach me, I know I’m not a hopeless case. I promise!

          • Yeah…I know…I feel you!!!

          • Whiteflower- I’m so jealous!!!! I want to see Rob too! 😦

            I believe you, about having to keep it together. That must have been hard.

          • SB-
            I wanna see Rob again!!! I just want a picture, an autograph and to shake his hand. I wanna touch his hand so baddd!!
            That’s it! I think.

  35. Great subject today! I agree with a lot of the points already made, but I have to put my 2 cents in anyway.

    The first time I saw RM I let the fangirl out and just let Rob on the big screen wash over me. The second time I got my husband to go see it with me, sneakily–I casually let him choose between Alice in Wonderland or Remember Me, since what he really wanted to see was Up in the Air, which had just left the theaters. I tried to see it through his eyes, with no preconceptions, and thought Rob did a fairly decent job, considering how much of the movie was riding on his performance. Definitely not a wooden performance.

    That said, I think it’s too early to judge Rob’s acting skills in a realistic way. What other actor would anyone actively search out their totally obscure early film and TV roles? Ring of the Niebelungs? A film like Bad Mother’s Handbook or Haunted Airman, which was only on British TV, suddenly has a big demand worldwide on Amazon. This is so unfair to judge an actor by. Even Little Ashes, Rob himself has said he would have done it differently if he thought anyone would ever actually see it. He thought the same going into Twilight, not realizing the mass hysteria around the books that would translate to the film.

    Having said that, and having seen all these obscure little films, there is actually quite a range of characters, and in my opinion Rob has displayed great potential in approaching each one of them on their own terms.

    Let’s just give him time to mature, and in the meanwhile we can still drool while he’s young and hot!

    • A zillion thumps up…for every word…TOO!

      • Btw…guys…reading all your comments…man…it makes me feel like an allien…I’m speaking/writing such baaaaaaaaaaaaad english…sorry…. 😦

        • Nuh uh! I love reading your posts and I can read them just fine!

          • Thanks hunny…you’re so sweet!!!

        • Nah Mel, you are just peachy, don’t worry!

          • Muaaaahhhh=filakia…Belle sweety!!!

          • LOL @ SB – by the way, that winnie the pooh song I mentioned on that other post, I’ll post it for you sometime. I search and found jfy.
            Mel- it’s not all Greek to me, you’re doing fine.

          • Mel, filakia, well I think I understood Greek today!

            Btw I am not Greek but I have a Greek name(my RL name).

          • @Jules, yes post that song for me, I saw ur post yesteday but I didn’t post back anymore because I thought no one would see it anyway.

            Are u talking about the new Pooh Song? Like My friends Tigger and Pooh, we’re always there for each other? Hahahaha

          • SB…that’s great…greek name wow…!

          • @Mel, yes it goes so well with Pattinson too :-).

          • Do you wonna kill me girl??? Hmmmmm…Mel Pattinson…mine sounds better…

          • Mel, btw, you posted a U2 vid!!! I thought I was the only one to do that. Drsaka and I are big fans!

            But I seem to have this thing with the YT vids, I can’t see the red reply button anymore, so I can’t reply there. Argh, what to do about that? Don’t know how to change that…

          • Cath… :(…you gave me no attention at all today)…and I got your attention with U2…biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of U2…huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan…isn’t Bono a god!!!

            Wherever you reply…is fine by me 😀 😀 😀

          • Aw, don’t be sad Mel! I was paying attention, just not talking very much!

            Woot! You are in good company with your Bono love around here. Drsaka and I once contemplated about a Letters To Bono, but you know, there’s only 24 hours in a day!

            And yes, Bono is God, didn’t you know? One who likes his sunglasses. 😉

        • I’ve said the same thing to Robgirl, and other commenters from around the world–just imagine if we native English speakers had to comment in Greek or German or Indonesian, how absolutely impossible that would be. I admire you so much for your ability to express yourself in another language, and I don’t care about grammar or spelling when you have something to say!

          • Thanks TOO…that comming from you…well…lets say…you give me wings!

          • I remember well, and since you said that, I’ve lost my fear a lot…and what you said, was really nice! ❤

    • yes, it’s unfair! ❤

    • My husband thought Rob did a good job in Twilight. Usually when he knows I think an actor is “hot”(ex. Johnny Depp), he’ll give me a hard time. But he didn’t with Rob. Which I think is just further proof that Rob is a good Edward.

      And I think you are spot on about giving Rob time. We’ve all seen actors and actresses who win Academy Awards when they’re teenagers or very young adults. Often times, it’s one of their first movies and everyone thinks they’re “naturals”. But more often than not, that’s the pinnacle of their career and you never hear from them again.

      On the other hand, look at the more respected names in Hollywood: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn. These guys didn’t really hit their stride until later in their careers, and some of their early films were pretty awful. I heard someone say the other day that Rob is no Phillip Seymour Hoffman. But then I remembered that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in Twister. 🙂

      • I just really really wish we all will be around when it happens to Rob…to live his success and his joy with him!

    • TOFT,TOO
      second that

  36. I am harder on Rob than any other actor and that’s because I want him to be the best so he’s not another pretty boy hollywood story.
    Saying that, even if he sucked I still think he’s great. It’s a very bi-polar relationship I have with his acting!!!!
    Thanks for the letter!

  37. I’d love love love to write something as articulate as TOFTs great letter. Unfortunately I’ve just spent the best part of my only free 5mins today watching the RunningRob gif over at LTT today, does that count as objective study? Or Research and Development?

    • Def Research and Development!

    • DEF!!! we didn’t defind the details…. 🙂

    • I call it research. After all, how on earth can we really discuss Rob’s acting skills intelligently if we don’t “study” all of the evidence? We’re like attorneys. We must analyze every bit of information we have. (Might I suggest taking a stroll through the forum? Those lovely ladies post lots of “evidence” . . . . for research purposes, of course.)

  38. -I think if you can be objective about Rob’s acting or anything Rob does that makes you very NORMAL
    -I also think it will make all of you good mother’s if you already aren’t
    -I hate it when Mom’s think their kids can do no wrong or when girlfriends think their men are flawless and hung the moon
    -We have to expect him to continue getting better and realize that he has to do that to break free of Eduardo
    -Breaking free of Eduardo is what I really want for him b/c let’s face it other than our LOVE for all things twi (well most of us) nobody takes it seriously
    -RM may not have been that breakout role but I’m doing jiggy dances and looking forward to Bel Ami and WFE
    -This letter gets major cool points for me
    -The most annoying fans to me are those that treat Kristen or Rob like they are demi God’s.
    -They aren’t there yet, no matter how big either one’s fan base is, lots of people have no clue or could give a flying fig b/c they have a brain blocker when it comes to Twi.
    P.S. I am a Kstew fan too, and I can be objective about her as well. They both need improvement, big time.

    • @e
      well someone has to be a Kstew fan….heehee…jk!

      I’m not a great fan of kstew, but that’s cos i’ve never really liked her has an actress, that’s been my opinion long before the whole twi madness.

      but i agree with ‘the most annoying fans to me are those that treat Kristen and Rob like they are demi Gods’.

      ….but I’m almost certain that Rob may actually be one of those ‘demi gods’ you talk of.


      • I know he’s so beautiful that it clouds even my judgement at times. Sigh…

        We can do fist bumps over you not being a Stew fan and me being one.

        My sister sat next to me in NM and complained about her terrbile acting. I just gave her the bitch face and laughed it off. We still love each other and get along just great! She really isn’t for everyone and I can’t really pinpoint why I like her. She’s not a great actress, yet. Maybe I drank the stew-laid or something. **Shrugs**

        It’s so NORMAL to have differing opinions but not tear each other down. I’m going off on a tangent but I would LOVE for UC & Moon to do a “Can’t we all just get along Post?”

        • Excellent post, e! There’s no explanation for why we latch on and adore who we do. Defending it gets difficult sometimes and more often than not I just have to bite my tongue ’cause it’s not worth fighting about.
          I really liked KStew in Panic Room. I really believed she was diabetic and you couldn’t fake that. Plus having a fridge in your bedroom was way cool!

        • haha.. stewlaid!!
          love it.

          Be careful, if you drink the “Stewlaid” you may be prone to stuttering and blinking uncontrollably..

    • THIS>>> -The most annoying fans to me are those that treat Kristen or Rob like they are demi God’s.

      • Rob IS a God. And if you don’t think so you must be jealous and old and smelly!! 🙂

  39. English is not my first language, so this post may be a little confusing.

    I think I’m not a good fan. I follow his carrier since HP and when I found out he was in Twilight I’ve read the books. I hated the series and decided to not watch the movies (and I still didn’t ).

    I’m very objective about him. I don’t think he’s the most beautiful man in the world and he’s an average actor, but his personality is what makes me keep coming back to check his work (even if sometimes I don’t agree with the things he says or find him an idiot :P).

    My major problem with him as actor is that he’s inconsistent. Remember Me, per example, he was very good in a couple of scenes, average in most of them and bad in other couple; bad in the sense that I wasn’t seeing the character but Robert Pattinson. In my brain I was like: ‘look, look, there! It’s not Tyler, it’s Robert!’

    He has some annoying mannerisms like lifting his shoulders and there’s this thing he does with his face when his character is supposed to be angry. Those things are distracting! I think he needs acting classes ASAP. He has potential, he wants to improve and we can see that he gives his best, but it hasn’t been enough, in my opinion. I believe that an acting coach would do him good since the potential is there.

    Another think that is “bothering” me lately is him saying he wants to record an album this year because all his friends did. Come on, Robert, grow up. Your friends aren’t part of a major movie franchise nor are their work schedules filled with a lot of movie projects for the next two years.

    I think he is a good singer, although I don’t listen to his songs simply because I don’t like actors/singers, those types always rubbed the wrong way; they always looked greed in my eyes (I know a lot of people disagree with me on this). I’m not against him pursuit his dream, but launching an album now is throwing away a chance of being take seriously in the music industry in the future, in my opinion, of course.
    He should (in MY OPINION again) work on improving the craft that is giving him the laurels of fame right now: acting.

    Thanks God Robert would never ask me for advises, otherwise I would traumatize him!
    And that’s why and don’t comment on fan sites! lol It may not look like it, but I really like Robert! Seriously!

    • seriously u do? i think u shouldn’t comment at fan sites too

      😀 😀 😀 😀

      and don’t worry i’m sure he won’t reliase an album soon

      • release

        this must be an epidemic that i can never get rid of
        all the typin’ mistakes

    • Great comment, Flor. Being a good fan doesn’t mean you can’t be objective. And I agree, he should pursue his music as a hobby, and maybe someday think about recording, but if he’s serious about acting, that’s what he should focus on and stop being jealous of his music buddies and nostalgic about his open mike days.

    • I read your comment like this
      – you didn’t watch Twilight/NM, where he perhaps did other strange things with his shoulders or face
      – you didn’t listen to his music, so he shouldn’t release an album
      – you think he’s an idiot and you don’t agree with him…both only sometimes
      – you don’t comment on fan sites
      – he needs acting class, because you think what he tried was not enough
      you always come back to watch how he “developed” meanwhile you were “away”

      YES, I guess you’re right, you would traumatize him!


      • and english is not my first language as well , so maybe you just confused me!

    • Yeah Flor, I think you just traumatized ME! Lol!

      No estoy de acuerdo con tus ideas pero respetare tu derecho de creer en ellas. =)


      • CHE! Tutto quello che hai detto e’ giusto, io penso la stessa cosa!
        Grazie e arriverederci

        • Hunny! What does this mean????

          • Oh comme on…ΤΩΡΑ ΚΑΤΙ ΜΑΣ ΕΙΠΕΣ ΚΙ ΕΣΥ!!! Don’t even get me starded in Greek…I would talk without end!!!

          • it’s italian and sure you cannot understand it as I understand your comment?
            I second you, that’s it!<3

          • @Melronin
            My step dad was Greek. He never taught us anything though…

            No I cant understand it.
            What does that say about me?
            A big boooo to me! =)

        • what this means RG? my spanish is like a 1 years old
          did we start at our own language cuz i would luv to add something

          • hey sorry this was italian and i took just 2 our italian course
            how bad i am

          • sorry, didn’t want to confuse you…, let’s remain in english, the other language we both speak like babies…lol

          • Sorry! I started it.

        • All I understood was thank you and good bye.

    • Flor – I don’t think Rob said he wants to release an album at the end of the year. I think he was asked about his music and said he may have some time towards the end of the year to do some writing. I’d be surprised if he actually put out an album at this stage in his career, since he has always maintained that he doesn’t want to be a franchise person.
      Course, I could be wrong and you’re right.
      Thanks for speaking your mind.

      • Oh, thanks for the information! 😀

        Maybe I read it the wrong way!

    • re: Flor-
      good post. you were honest about it and I agree. Rob should take up acting classes if he wants to persue it seriously and get other types of roles.

      Also That “thing” he does with his face that you mentioned… it IS distracting, this one woman blogger calls it Rob’s “poo” face or his constipated face..

      • Thanks!

        Constipated face?! dear God! lol… I wouldn’t say that, but everytime one of his characters is angry I keep saying in head: no Robert, not that face, come on, don’t do that… here it goes… 😀

  40. Tooold … I just wanted to tell you that I AGREE – wholeheartedly, even. In the theater, I told my best friend before RM started and after it was over that I was completely unable to be objective about the movie, and especially about Rob’s performance. And I was right. I did not see Tyler-I saw Rob BEING Tyler. But then again, I spent most of May and June and July online every day looking at pictures and videos of ROB PLAYING TYLER. I read the script twice. I read the reviews from Moon and everyone else who saw the screening this fall. Nothing was new. Nothing was fresh. It’s not his fault, I guess. It’s mine.

    But then I thought again about other actors I love and follow/stalk/obsess over. Like John Krasinksi – who I read about everyday, engage with other people online about, etc. When I saw Leatherheads, yes, I saw John, but I also saw The Bullet, and despite the shite that was that movie, John was fantastic. When I saw Away We Go – another movie that I followed religiously while it was filming, I saw and hurt and laughed and gushed with Burt, I didn’t see John. But I was proud of John when it was over. For some reason, I could be objective about John, and he always comes out on top of his performances (twss) even when the movie is not the best. But then again, John steals scenes from Meryl freakin Streep (Don’t believe me – watch It’s Complicated. The boy shines in every scene he’s in).

    So maybe the disenchantment is a Rob thing. Or maybe it’s how Rob kind of takes over your consciousness when you see him. But I doubt I’ll ever be fully objective about one of his performances again. I’m just too inundated with HIM. And for the record, I thought he was ok as Tyler and ok as Edward. Neither performance blew me away. Twilight is his best, IMO.

    • I don’t watch The Office and had never seen JK in anything else, but I saw It’s Complicated in January and leaned over to my friend and said, “OMG, I am loving this J. Crew preppy guy” married to the daughter. She informed me it was John Krasinski from The Office. Since then I rented Away We Go – cute movie but he wasn’t cute in it (sorry!). Now I know he’s married to Emily Blunt, who I’m pretty sure I’d be gay for. He’s adorable. She’s gorg. They’ll make pretty babies.

      OK, word vomit over.

      • Yeah, he’s not “cute” in Away We Go – that’s part of the appeal. Because John IS cute, and Burt is not, necessarily.

    • I don’t know much about JKras in real life. He’ll always be Jim to me. I’ve only seen him in License to Wed and was not impressed but that might be because of Mandy Moore.
      But I defs need to see It’s Complicated since you two thought he was so good in it!

  41. Loved your letter, TOFT!

    When I went to see Remember Me, I was half pervy 30-something wanting to ogle a 23almost24 year old hot guy, and half nervous mom hoping my kid does OK (I clearly have issues, non?) I thought he did great, and was really glad he seemed to have escaped playing a human Edward. I think he made the Edward face maybe only once.

    I’m SO excited for Bel Ami. Georges is not angsty. He’s a total ambitious I’llgetminenomatterwhat manwhore. Whoohoo!

    Of course, I’m excited for Eclipse too. My first love is Edward (sorry Rob). He says he’s lightened Edward up a little and I’m looking forward to that.

    • He’s a total ambitious I’llgetminenomatterwhat manwhore.

      WIN!!!!! I can’t wait!

    • Don’t ever feel like a pervy 30-something (because then I’ll have to as well 😉 )

      And I also cannot wait for Bel Ami. It will be interesting to see him as a scoundrel . . . . oh who the hell am I kidding, those sex scenes are going to be hot!!!

      • I also want to hear him use his accent. I wonder if he got a dialect coach (to do a 19th Century British accent). Ha!

        • I heard that he does.

          • He said in an interview that, ironically, the only dialect coach he has ever used is a British accent coach for Bel Ami. I can’t link where because I watch WAY too many of his random interviews and I don’t even try to keep up.

  42. I’m really glad I stated those were only my opinions.

    “you didn’t listen to his music, so he shouldn’t release an album”

    That’s not what I meant at all. In fact I think he should, he’s a good singer, but right now it would be like Edward singing to some people… It shouldn’t bother me, but it does, because I care for him and I want people to see him, not this character.

    I didn’t watch Twilight movies because I have a lot of issues with the story, not because of his acting.

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone.

    • well Flor,
      what YOU think about his music is the same Rob thinks about his music and that’s why he didn’t release an album until now and I’m sure he won’t soon.To say it in interviews after he got 5000000000 million questions about it is another thing than to do it. I said what I said, because your logic was not logical to me.
      BUT, I respect your opinion!
      it’s always nice for me to talk to new girls….

      • You’re so nice Robgirl! I mean it!

      • thanks! 😀

        Maybe I took him too seriously on this!

        • pattypattz = BS pattypattz = Chapter 2 of Roblosophy

          • Maybe I really should write him a letter and tell him my story. As you all by now know, my other big love(respect) is Viggo Mortensen…well, the man is also a poet and a musician…now if you read his poetry…well lets say…it’s not Shakespere…and if you listen to his music…well…he kind of whispers-moans… call it whatever you want. I BOUGHT ALL HIS POETRYBOOKS AND ALL HIS CD’s and I have the whole f…ing collection and I spent hudretts of precious euros on him (and I never even listen to them anymore). So that story would maybe convince Rob to release an album cause he would make a fortune!!!

            RG…I really think he would be good in it!!!

          • Mel – can you just stick those books & CD’s in the envelope with the LOTR DVDs when you send them? Also, any spare posters?
            Thanks elf-twin!

          • My beloved elf-twin…I NEVER said that I’m over Aragorn…I just am into Rob much more right now!!! I know it sounds bad…but…can I have them both???

            Btw…I also have a standup figure…yep…fullsize Aragorn…ya can do everything with that one!!! Oh and dozens of posters too…i must admitt…my man is a saint,
            how much can a man handle??? He will not survive Rob…I think!!!

  43. I am out from the cinema and all I will say is WOW…
    i’ll make a post about that later (when my mind is clear and because I don’t want to possibly spoil LTR or any virgin in the afterglow of it … Twss)
    For now all I can say is wow… Wow…. Wow…

    @RG I am heading over to D-town tomorrow just to watch it with you! Enjoy your RememberMeVirginity while you still can!

    Robler is just …. (I’ll make a list later)…


    • Why the hell the Bavaria has to be “special” all the time, even for ROB? 🙂
      Glad, that you liked it!

    • waiting for your reviews Bel
      did i mention u are a lucky perv *cough* i mean girl

    • Because Bavaria is just… awesome in this department (srsly. We had a New Moon prepremiere now the Remember Me prepremiere…)… This is the only good reason to be living in Bavaria…

      I want to stay as spoiler free as possible but it’s really hard (twss) and I don’t want to judge him too hard. It’s not his fault I could only stare at his prettyness…

      Did I mention I AM the lukiest perv in the whole wide world (read: Germany) ?

  44. Clearly I cannot be objective, because I would welcome Rob with open arms … when I would punt ANY other smoker to the curb! Smoking, ugh! But I would put up with it for Rob!

    • oH! same here! I would never come close to dating a smoker..but for some reason, I think Rob with a cigarette is just….no words….

  45. I would like to think that I can be objective about Rob’s acting…but I don’t know if I truly can. I want him to succeed so damn badly that I tend to overlook things. I can have a decent laugh at his expense, so I think that says something.

    I also thought “There’s Rob” many times during Remember Me. I blame it on my obsessive internet trolling. If I didn’t scour the web for him then I never would have seen all the pics of him on the statue and it never would have entered my mind that I was sitting on my living room couch when I first saw them, instead of truly being in the moment. That’s my fault, not his.

    I never really got him out of my mind until the board room scene. Man, he nailed it out of the park with that one and I thought to myself “Hold shit Tyler’s pissed” —Not Rob, Tyler.

    I do think that I will probably like whatever he does because I like his choices. Water for Elephants is a fantastic book and I can’t wait to see him portray Jacob (how’s that for irony?). I want to see him in a movie where he is moved to tears and breaks down. To me, that seems to make the actor. Whether or not they can lose it and still be honest within the character.

    Plus, he’s really hot, so I like to look at him. A lot.

    • Yes! I want to see The Pretty cry too!

    • Sometimes I wonder if haven’t I watched his interviews, still I would think there was something off in a few of his scenes. Maybe I’m too hard on him because I think he can be one of the best some day.
      The other day I caught myself defending his performance in LA. I really like that film and his performance in it. So I’m not sure how much being a fan is a problem in that aspect.

      I too like most of his choices so far. He’s so inteligent and thoughtful… and funny. Not pretentious at all. 😀

    • he is an epic Edwrad and will be an epic Jacop too
      what about taytay?
      hahaha just being bitchy and stupid

  46. I don’t know about Rob,….whatever. I just enjoy laughing.

    However, I do know that Mr. Choice enjoys my hat.

  47. excuse me he?

    he’s looking like that british guy from True Blood
    totaly not Rob’s look,his eyes are far better

    • Uh, there’s something… wrong… well, I don’t know. His eyes, maybe? The jaw line? I need a profile picture hehe (let it not be the jaw line, please).

    • Uhmmm I don’t really like that wax at all.

      I think Rob’s got more meat in all the right places. Something odd about the wax figure, I just can’t put my finger on it. Hmmm.

      • Indeed eatmyjorts,

        And SB, he misses a soul, he missed the blush and the giggle, and all other Robthings… 😉

        I’ve already decided yesterday that wax Rob scares me…

        He looks like his long lost psychopath twin. Sorry WaxRob…

        • He looks like his long lost psychopath twin. Sorry WaxRob…

          lol heart u cath

    • I think it’s just that it’s missing the inner animation that comes from Rob’s personality… that’s what brings his face to life.

    • Ugh… wax figures cannot be appreciated from shots straight ahead. They need to be viewed at an angle.

    • It’s his mouth…it’s totally wrong…Rob has such a beautiful mouth…and they couldn’t catch his smile…ahhh…looks more like a young Hugh Jackman to me!!!

  48. Good post today UC/MOON! Took some courage to bring it up–

    From reading what the critics say about Rob’s acting in Remember Me, it was (unfortunatly) not very positive. And if I take off my Rob blinders, I can perhaps see what they are referring to-

    On the otherhand, I don’t think Robbie ever came out and said he was anything more than what he is: ” an average guy who caught a lucky break”

    Robbie never compaired himself to Brando, or Nicholson, although he did say he admired their acting. I think if Robbie sticks to the brooding, suffering young guy roles he’ll do ok and his primary fan base = ( the twihards ) will love it.

    And then once he clears all the millions he wants to make he can go into music or be a big hollywood producer..etc.

    He’ll make a short but sweet run as an actor and retire early to do something else.. perhaps that’s his game plan.. hopefully.

    Ok, I’m ready now for the thumbs down I’ll be getting for saying this.


    • I respect every opinion…no thumbs down from me…but…ROBBIE…please, don’t!!!

    • I think I like Rob IN SPITE of all the Edward brooding. I like nice, smart boyfriend Edward not crazy, jealous, I want to kill you Edward.

  49. “If he can’t convince us he’s someone else for 2 hours, is that his fault or ours?”

    Definitely ours! So many people thought RM was going to make huge numbers because of Rob, but I think a lot of people stayed away because he’s “that guy from Twilight.” Of course the Robsessed went in droves, so I guess maybe it evens out for the money, but I think a lot of people are going to miss a good movie based on bias.

    I was actually prepared to be embarrassed by the acting, but I thought Rob and extended cast all did very well. Hopefully Rob will continue to grow as an actor, and from his upcoming movies, it seems like he’s branching out. The problem a lot of people have is all Rob can really be judged on is Twilight. And we all know that is a love it or hate it relationship for people.

    • Kind of OT, but kind of re: your 2nd paragraph Emily….according to Alt Film Guide:
      Robert Pattinson’s REMEMBER ME Jumps 20%: March 23 Box Office; Remember Me and The Ghost Writer posted — by far — the two biggest increases; Diary of a Wimpy Kid had the worst drop-off rate. To date, the Robert Pattinson romantic drama has grossed $14.2 million; (

      Nice to see (assume?) word of mouth might be working w/Remember Me.

  50. A quick fyi-

    I finished reading a lot of the comments posted here today.. . and I have to say.. I hope he or one of his agents/managers/friends reads LTR and passes this stuff on to him.. this is great information for him to take into account. Most of it is pretty insightful and thoughful. He could learn from it.

    • I agree Hermes. So TomStu; take notes! 😉

      • “So TomStu; take notes!” hahahaa ❤ it!

      • TOMSTU!??? where are YOU!! (my little cupcake)
        le sigh..

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