Posted by: Bekah | March 22, 2010

What Rob’s been up to

Dear Rob,

I have, like, ZERO idea what you’ve been up to lately. I know you’re shooting a new movie, and I know you’ve been seen out in public in London. But besides a picture or two that was emailed to me or a tweet or two I’ve caught recently, I’m really in the dark. While I know there is a core group of Rob fans that read LTR and are also aware of your every move, I know there is a BIG GROUP of your fans that rely on Moon & I to bring them the important news. And since lately we’ve basically told them NOTHING, it’s quite possible many of your fans don’t know what you’ve been up to or if you’ve been up to anything at all.

So today I’m hopping on my favorite source (and basically ONLY source) for Rob info, Robsessed, to round up the latest dirt on you- our favorite guy:

  • How much do you want to bet Rob couldn’t say this location of Bel Ami filming without busting up laughing?

    HOLLYWOOD stars Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci were spotted at Balls Park yesterday (Wednesday 17th March) whilst filming their latest movie.

  • A TON of new Rob-pictures mean a TON of new Rob-wallpapers. This one selection really shows us Rob’s “Uncle Jesse” charm ( <—– Click that)

    "Talk to me"

  • Rob looks like a Grandpa

    But like a hot Grandpa that really turns you on
  • Once again, Rob confirms he thinks he’s been in love.  Robstenites squeal with delight because they assume he is talking about Kristen while Nina Schubert locks herself in her house for 2 weeks as she’s reminded, once again, how she let him get away. We’re just reminded of how we once wrote a letter to Rob’s ex-girlfriend and will read it for old times sake because this was the funniest we’ve ever been:

    1. Explain (in detail please) what it was like to kiss Robert. Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out.
    2. Were you the one to take Robert’s flower? Please explain, in detail, what it was like (maybe not the first time, but after a month or so) Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out.

  • Lots of fans get up close & personal with Rob at the London Remember Me premiere. But I can’t help but feel that if I got that close to Rob, I’d probably put down the camera & grab his face. Or at least get a better centered picture of Nick.
    ereTsOh who am I kidding? If I’m THAT close to Rob, that means I’ve been in line for days and my pockets are filled with goldfish crackers. I’m sticking one in Rob’s open mouth just so he’ll never forget me…
  • Rob gives hope to 20 and 30 somethings EVERYWHERE during a NY1 interview
    Vodpod videos no longer available.
  • Rob shows up to the Remember Me premiere in looser-than-normal-for-red-carpet-events-but-tighter-than-normal-for-rob-pattinson-every-day-wear pants & has something in his left pocket.

    We swear we weren’t looking there when we discovered it. (Okay, fine we were, but we quickly realized there was nothing to see there at this red carpet event and proceeeded to try to figure out WHAT you are hiding in those baggy chinos. Is it a pack of smokes? A snack for later? (Do you like goldfish too?) Did you trade in the jitterbug phone for a sleeker, yet still incredibly dated, Nokia?)
  • A gazillion things from New Moon were released and/or leaked over the weekend and thousands of Rob & Edward screen shots were made. However, all that work was in vein because the only screenshot ever needed to be made in the world EVER was this one:

    h-o-l-y c-r-a-p

So there you have it, Rob. A ton of news, a ton of hot new pictures, a ton of stuff for us to wonder what the REAL story is, not to mention what seems like a a thousands New Moon clips (I haven’t even watched ONE yet) PLUS an Uncle Jesse-inspired wallpaper? I’d say you’re busy!

Have Mercy,

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  1. Thanks for that clip! I hadn’t heard him talk about the 20 and 30 somethings showing up to his premieres.

    I think I can translate:

    “Which is nice” = “They’re legal”

    • LMAO! But seriously, 13-yr-olds can’t drive or sleep outside overnight for these premieres. And if teens are at premieres, that just means their moms are even bigger fans and just brought them along.

  2. I know exactly where he’s been. In my bed! LOL!

    • And you haven’t shared? Either info or Rob? We need to talk- sharing is caring.

      • If there was a remote possibility that I would ever be in a position to have this guy in my bed (and sharing was the only option) I’d share without a moments hesitation!

        • Good, so long as that’s all cleared up.

    • he’e been in mine too that pussy hound….but I can share the goods…

      • Te he he pussy hound!
        Glad your back misty!

        • thanks Good girl!! I missed my LTR

  3. I’M BAAAAAACK!!!!

    I just have to tell you this…before I left for my trip, I promised myself and my hubby that I will leave ROB out of mind and try to live like a normal person for 1 week….do you know how hard that was (that’s what she said)????

    When we arrived to the hotel…I swtiched on the TV for some background noise while I unpacked…Twilight was on….on the plane I reached in the pocket to read the free magazine and ROB was on the cover, I dreamt of Rob almost every night (they were amazing dreams) and fml I just can’t get him out of my head…..

    UC and MOON thanks for getting my up-to-date with everything Rob..I love his red carpet look in London for RM…
    h.o.l.y.c.r.a.p. is. right.

    • Welcome back, Misty. Was the trip good? It sounds like your dream state was!

      • thanks! Yes the dreams were amazing….trip was meh compared to the dreams…is this normal?????

        • hahaha, srsly NO, not normal, but it’s cool you’re back.

          • Minuit,
            I pray (hard) you are right about Rob’s politics. YOu. Wrote. Him. A. Letter?

            love you,

        • maybe the location of your trip enhanced the dreams! And ‘that’s normal’.

          • I think your right and MP I was just joking….

          • misty me too, but if I had any robdream, I might just feel the same. What’s the secret?

          • MP the secret??? I dunno, I actually wanted a break from Rob..just wanted to free my mind for all this LUST, you know?? …but everywhere I turned in Saint Maarten, I saw him…magazines, tv MY DREAMS…maybe it was in the trying NOT to think of him that gave me the dreams…the best part was I told him I was married and he said he didn’t care…now that’s dreaming!!!

          • Misty I’ve been trying for months to ditch this guy and 1) never happens 2) 0 Rob dreams. I did have a one week holyday completely snobbing the Rob but now I’m back in the lust hole. You at least have the Rob dreams. Enjoy!!!

          • welcome back misty
            luved your dream and saint maarten
            lucky gal

          • MP- ‘the lust hole’ sounds really dirty. Nice!

          • hahahahahaha! draska, i call it comment (yours) of the day!!!! starting an introspection right now, need to know what my brain is telling me. I might just find the Rob dreams.

          • I have the occasional Robdream but they’re never sexual.
            Such a waste of a dream opportunity.

          • @ Jules – I never have Rob dreams…in fact I hardly ever remember my dreams….so maybe I do have rob dreams but don’t remember them.

            I only remember dreams about people I don’t really like. Point in case I dreamt about David Cameron last night and he’d lost all his hair (don’t remember any thing else about the dream so have no idea what he was doing there). I think I may have dreamt about him because I saw him yesterday down on the Embankment (sports relief run) he was in the race with a few other minor celebs – all slapping themselves on the back for being so charitable. Nothing like a politician to cash in on a charity event just to raise their political profile especially seeing as the elections are nearly upon us.
            I am seriously considering moving out of the country if the Conservatives get in this time!

          • hahaha! M!M!M! – I had to google David Cameron. Don’t dream about him, he’s no Rob.

          • lol mine your dream sounds hilarious.i don’t have any Rob dreams too and i can’t figure out why, i mean i have tons of dreams everyday but not with Rob at all
            plus i hardly recognized u with your new avi. girl, interesting chocie
            and not that i know about british politics or wanna get a subject about that but i hope conservatives won’t win,pls don’t leave your country:)
            Rob said he dosen’t know which party he ‘ll vote but other day i saw Daniel Radcliffe is supporting liberal he talks a lot about how he would luv to be a politic writer or writing speechs etc i wonder if he clarifies his politcal aproach openly cuz u know at some counties like TR artist kinda allways try to stay away from that(unfortunately experiances from past and conditions made them to)
            ok..sorry..this was unnesesary but i couldn’t help myyself

          • @che
            It’s a fan pic of Rob BINY, but it just doesn’t work as well in miniature as it does when you blow it up. It still makes me giggle though.
            And I will refrain from discussing politics with you, politics in Britain drives me insane and makes me rant like a loony. I am banned from watching the news at the mo (due to the elections), cos I start shout at the TV. It’s coming up to general election in Britain, and quite frankly it’s a two horse race (always has been), between the Conservatives and Labour (the Lib Dems don’t really get a look in and most people think that a vote for them is a wasted vote…..).

          • ha, i acually wrote a letter to rob based on his answer about politics.
            and che from what i know about Rob I’m sure he would vote for a left party if he had any idea about politics.

          • MP – do you really think that he would be a Labour (left) voter? I’m not sure, I think he would be a Conservative voter ….. just from background etc…very middle England. Though Labour did capture the Middle England voter when they got in the first time, however that support has been eroded over time. I think the Cons will get in this time, either that or an hung parliament…which is just no good for anyone! The Scots, or rather the SNP are hope for a hung parliament, may give them more power in the political landscape if this happens. Anyway, as I said earlier I’m banned from watching anything to do with the elections so I haven’t really got much of a clue what’s going on this time round. so everything I’ve just said could be crap and probably is!

          • i actually don’t know anything about politics in GB. But I think in France he would be a left voter, we don’t have Labour but Social Party but all artists (of the rich kind included) are left voters, actually Paris is mainly left, gay left deputy major, don’t see that in many countries. A lot of more then middle-class people who vote left and on the contrary less than middle class in the country side vote right, it’s more of a values thing. Not making any sense but i have to leave, be back tonight.

          • well this is last but i agree with MP.although i don’t think it’s nessesary to support a party.eventhough he may not be a hard labour supporter but i guess he may be at the left sight i mean i wish he is cuz i don’t like conservatives in any country
            ok sorry again and probably it’s the same everywhere when it comes to election time so be patient

        • HEY misty, love your “free-Rob-trip” or “Rob-trip” or “trip” or just “Rob” …lol HUGS!

          • Hey RObgirl–fml…tyring to break free for a week is IMPOSSIBLE..I luv rob too much…

          • yeah, misty, I think I noticed that already! 🙂

    • welcome back Misty 🙂

      • thanks mine! its good to be back 🙂

    • Welcome back! You just can’t get away from Rob! Haha!

  4. What is in his left pocket? Ah, the mystery that is Rob!

    • left pocket options::

      – pack of ciggies + lighter
      – his jitter-bug
      – box of Ju-Jubes for the movie
      – his iTouch phone so he can watch his dog over the internet while he is away from her
      – his new beanie for the after party
      – his LONG leg (notice leg is NOT plural)

      • it looks about the size of a Hot Pocket.

    • that thing in his pocket was a special dedication to us. thanks rob. just wanted to let you know I prefer the real thing.

      • word!

    • Girls, you should know by now, that thing in his pocket is HIS Pocket Eddie. He carries it everywhere with him. It is approximately 6 inches in height, 2 inches wide, has difficulty in standing erect but perfect for photo opportunities whilst travelling around the world at famous tourist attractions -you just whip it out, play with it, take a photo and then return to where it came from…… 🙂


      • Cazza,
        Do you think he has as many Pocket Eddie’s as you do?

        Maybe it’s a Pocket Cazza with a mini LAX stick and bagpipes.

        • Oh think of the marketing opprtunities, a Pocket Cazza…we can add a button that when you press *I speaks Scottish* with some choice phrases…..

  5. That thing in his pocket is his beanie I think.

    Dear Rob,
    will you wear a modistypatch while filming breaking dawn? (oceanscene, breaking headboards and biting pillows …oh God I need a cigarett and pronto!)
    Thanks XXXX
    your Heinekengirl

    • Please say yes

  6. « Which is nice ».
    Rob, you know what’s even nicer than random 20s &30s crazies? Us!!! And I hope you know this by now.
    So before you go to the States for UC&Moon, can you call me while you’re still in London so we can hang out (by the dumpster) at your friends upcoming gigs?

    • I totally second that! 🙂

  7. Dear Rob, what’s with the quote that you think you’ve been in love? What happened to our love?

    I think you need some reminding. Get over here.
    Love (yes, love),

    • he was just respecting your privacy draska, you know, since you don’t walk around with 10 bodyguards like KStew.

      • I thought that we all agreed to ‘disrespect, nice and slow’- that goes both ways, you know,

        • Oookay, count me in for disrespecting HHH nice (or not) and slow (or not).

          • Ah, but don’t we want the same treatment from Rob?

          • I want every/anything from Rob whatever it is.

          • YES!!!

    • Drsaka, it’s not like he can ever get over you, your love is true!

      Ps: I don’t care what’s in his left pocket, I rarely look in that direction, we all know he umm, hangs right.

      • hahaha, now that’s what I call an informed person who goes ‘right’ to the point.

        • Min – cf any BIJ.
          I’m a perv, evidently.

          • and so am I. LTR pervs reunite.

          • you can count me in also.

            On another note:

            I’ve been trying to work out how to change my avi….can someone tell me! Feel like a technophobe today, can’t work out how to do it.

          • mine! to change your avatar…go to
   sign in, then you can upload what you like<3

          • RG – Thanks

      • Our love is true (I think I can only quote song lyrics today).

        • Drsaka, since you’re quoting lyrics…how deep is Rob’s love?

          • Gotta love a Bee Gees ref!!

  8. I’m one of those that counts on you to get me all my Rob goodness. Thanks for coming through yet again.

    • you’re welcome.
      Your friendly newscaster,

  9. Balls Parks?!?!? Hahahahahaha!!!

    Oh, can we talk about Rob wearing gym shorts with black trouser socks in the Eclipse footage??? I died. I’ll bet he leaves his black troser socks on during sex. I’d still do him…

    • Those were special gym shorts, too, Katie S. The whole ensemble was classic Rob! And he still managed to look hot in it and while running. How????

      • It’s just not fair…

      • I bet he’ll have panic attack if he lost the beanie .

        • I think Dean carries a couple extras just in case.

    • the beanie (and I love the beanie) while doing sports INSIDE dressed in almost sports outfits…hilarious!!!
      Now why did you have to mention socks and sex in the same sentence? But I’m sure I wouldn’t even notice it. The sparklepeen has big (!) attention capturing potential.

      • Haha, sorry. You know it’s true. But you could just command him to lose the socks. He’d love that. I’d let him keep the beanie on though… No panick attacks necesarry.

    • Carlisle said ” Here we have giant hamster wheel. ” then camera zoom on Rob running. That crack me up big time.
      His running style improved a lot, bye bye mountain goat, hellooo Hamster 🙂

      • and he was oh so tweed serious about it, look at his face expression, like it was a matter of life or death. The day I’ll see Rob running, OMG!

        • He was concentrating sooo much , like counting inside…one, two, one, two…lol

      • haha @nihaid i liked how u called him Carlise rather that Peter

    • u’re hialrious katie S and i wanna add this to your socks&sex comment
      “When you really love someone and you go to bed with them, you always want to give more than sex”. In the corner, his manager coughs: a coincidence or a well placed censor cough?”#El pais

      • what? were you quoting from an interview? i really need to start reading those.

        • it’s at robsessed MP and there u can find this hialrious gifs him running and fighting

          • che, seriously since saturday I tried to do these gifs by myself and until yesterday the side CRASHED from all people doing gifs of sporting ROB!MY THEORY lol, might be wrong…or not!

      • and maybe Nick coughed because he and Rob had some sex/couple problems.

      • Che – Do you have a link to this interview?

      • Ha! His word vomit is amazing. I’m going yo watch that a few times, forget he’s talking about his movie and pretend he’s talking about me. Aaah, to be normal.

    • Me too Katie, I meant the black socks. Haha!

      And you know socks in the bed during youknowwhat is one of my pet peeves…but just for Rob, I’ll let that one go. I’m a softie when it comes to him. Pfft.

  10. “If I’m THAT close to Rob, that means I’ve been in line for days and my pockets are filled with goldfish crackers. I’m sticking one in Rob’s open mouth just so he’ll never forget me…”

    Best Idea Ever

    • i’m obsessed with goldfish crackers. I’m like a 4 year old. I had them for breakfast this morning and envisioned putting them into Rob’s open mouth…

      my fantasies MAY be boring, but no one ever goes hungry in them…

      • UC are you Italian? You must have been in a past life or something..b/c for Italians food is our way of showing love

        btw the pic of Rob with his mouth open remined me of a fish out of water..but a cute one of corse…

      • I buy goldfish for the kids. Yeah…..that’s it.

  11. I read somewhere that he’s going to be back in the USA in 6 weeks. So how long will he be in London? He’s still got the filming to do in Budapest…’s all getting a bit confusing, and I’m kinda losing the will and/or ability to keep up.

    • I think he goes to Budapest in early April for a couple of weeks. I read that he’s supposed to come back too, for the Eclipse pre-launch or something. But it was on a questionable entertainment site, so who knows. What is a pre-launch anyway? The movie doesn’t open til the end of June.

    • still 2 weeks in london. then off to budapest then off to LA. Is the thought of only having 2 weeks more motivating?

      • Min – You have got to get on it. When are you heading to London? You know I’m counting on you.

        • i dunno, noone is ever going.

          • YOU got MAIL! ❤

          • Dear RG

            I am probably being really dense, but what is it with the
            ‘you’ve got mail’ thing? I don’t understand? Please can you tell me.

            ❤ Mine

          • M!M!M! – You made my sadsmile that time. LOL
            RG sent Min an email. Also You’ve Got Mail is a movie title.

          • Ps – I heart you.
            I need you to send/[post me a cheer up something, today is a bit whacked!

          • hahaha…girls…I send a mail to Minuit…means just that, she’s always so busy at the Rob, that she forgets about ME! I’m jealous, that’s it!

          • @Jules
            I have changed my Avi just to please you. Also, it makes me giggle like a school girl. It was this or a picture of my knees!

          • M!M!M! – Thank you for the avi change!
            I’ll take BINY peen over your knees any day. Not that I don’t love you or anything (cuz I do) it’s just that I love Rob’s BI pics so much more.

        • @jules
          I don’t blame you for the ‘sadsmile’….I’m dumb most of the time!
          I’m not having a good day. I invested in new work pants this weekend and they are too long for the Vans so had to put on heels. Said heels have (apparently) sole revivers…..ha! Sole revivers my arse my bloody feet are killing me and I’m in a foul mood.

          • HAAAA!!
            I vote you revert to the stapled trousers. Infact, you should always wear those pants, on the off chance that you run into Rob. He’ll appreciate you that much more.

            I’ll look for something to cheer you up.

          • I thought of the stapled trousers as well!

          • Mine, I can see your new avi.

            If you go to “Tools/Internet Options/Delete Files” you’ll see it, right Southernbelle…isn’t that how you refresh the screen?

          • ML – can’t you see my new Avi? I can?

          • ML – I miss read what you said.

            Why do I have to got to internet files? I’m confused again, or are you taking to SB about something completely different?

            God I’m being so dumb today………

          • ML, yes that’s correct, you have to empty out your cache files. It depends on what version you’re looking at.

            Mine, ML is talking about how u can see your new avatar. Do you have internet explorer?

        • JUles, I have something “cheerful” to send you, but I don’t know how to post a gif here. Anybody? Help, please…


          • Ask RG, she knows it ALL!
            I’m looking for it, ML.
            Thanks in advance!

          • Jules, we are working on it now.

            I call it: robfineassprom.


          • JUles, I can’t do it.

            Will you please write me at:
   and I’ll send you the gif.


          • Done!

          • ML – Received! YES! YES! YES!
            I love them!

      • I suppose, but I’m off on holiday at the end of the week so…….
        I’ve not got much time….but

        Is it normal that I can’t really be bothered? There is absolutely no chance of meeting him in any real sense……it all seems so pointless and time consuming and somewhat embarrassing.

        Anyhoo…..Camden tomorrow, will report back if I manage to get in and he’s there, more tickets have gone on sale today (7.30 sold out, tickets still available for the 10pm). I now have a problem, which would he more likely attend, if at all?

        We shall see!
        Or maybe I’ll just hang-out in the general vicinity and see if he turns up? and then see if I can get in. However this is going to involve trying to convince friends that this is all a good idea, without them finding out that I have gone complete insane

        • Mine, I admire your self-restraint! And that while living in London. 🙂

          • @Cath I don’t really have that much self-restraint. It’s just that it all seems so embarrassing to be stalking a complete stranger without having the whole mental breakdown to fall back on when you get arrested for said stalking! Though I’m sure my lawyer could make a case for ‘a mental breakdown.’

            I’m not 20 anymore and though I have a silly obsession with thePretty, it’s in the head not RL. RL is crazy, silly and embarrassing enough without adding more of the same to it.

            That’s why I love LTR…it’s a fantasy world not RL, though I would happily invite any of you ladies into my RL, cos you are all so (in)sane!

          • Mine, ITA with you on the fantasy world. I feel the same. As much as I love Rob, I just can’t see myself waiting for days at a premiere. I can’t see myself following him around even if I had the means to do so(I think I do, haha). I don’t think I can contain myself if/when I meet him. I hope it’s some random meet, preferable somewhere quiet, away from screaming fans and paparrazis.

            Kudos to those who can do it! 🙂

          • Well said!

          • @gggp
            You have time for being classy all year, but you can be discretely less classy for the next days and accidently find yourself in the surroundings of HHH at a venue or smth. I also don’t think I would speak to him, but still drunkRob seems really promising and full of surprises. What if he falls just next to/on you, have you seen the premier pics? What if he told you the now cult line ‘I think I’ve wet myself” as he did with some girl who was ‘accidently” there.

          • MP – I haven’t heard that one before….did he really?

            See that’s the kind of Rob you can imagine running into but I suspect that the Rob you are more likely to run into will be the drunk rob surrounded by friends meaning no chance of actually speaking to him. But then again I don’t think I’d speak to him if I did bump into him in a pub/club. I think it would be near on impossible and v. embarrassing trying to speak to him.
            I just couldn’t do it.

            Can someone please tell me how to change my avi, it’s driving me nuts cos I can’t work it out…..I’m dumb I know!

          • @mp, classy all year…lmao. No one believes that I really AM a good girl! I know re this week I’m going to attempt some subterfuge and get out into some grimy London pubs before I go to Lisbon this wknd, alas time is not on my side if Rob is indeed off next week!!

          • Mine! i know what you mean and you’re right but srsly i should say this since there’s a bit of a sea betwen me and you/Rob. BUt you have nothing to loose, you can go to a gig/pub which is smth you would have done anyways, you’re in London, normal going out. and if he happens to “wet” himself again well that’s just great, if not you at least spend a good evening as usually. so to answer your previous question, go to both places, goooooooooooo!

          • GOOD ggp
            I may know of some exact pubs, but don’t want to write it online. so if you didn’t figure it out you can write me at

          • You’ve got mail MP

        • mine!

          what is happening in Camden please?

        • laura marling!!!!

          the 10pm seems most likely

    • i guess on 20 april Bel ami’s gonna end and on the 22th of may he will start filming water for elephants at LA

      • Thanks for the info….I’m still staring at your avi, I can’t stop. Go away Rob!!!!! I have stuff to do!

        • your welcome BELLE and it’s normal i’m staring at too 🙂

          • Why are his lips always red and lush? Gee whiz….he’s so kissable. I can’t think straight.

          • Mouthwatering!!!

  12. Truth: I love Uncle Jesse. That website was the Best. Ever.

    • I love Uncle Jesse too. I wanted an uncle like him.

      • I didn’t want him to be my uncle, ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

        • Bwahahaha, yes I do know what you’re saying….he’s HOT.

  13. personally… I don’t think he’s hiding anything in those loose chinos…

    Question of the year? Where IS the beef?
    just sayin…

  14. I hope the “rumour” that Rob is going to be on Oprah is true..Oprah will make him squirm. And hopefully he’ll be on for the whole hour.

  15. I am sitting at my dealership waiting for my oil to be changed, my face an inch from my iPhone screen which is zoomed in on Rob’s crotch to see what he has in his pocket. This is my life now.

    • That is all our loves. I’ve never spent so much time studying photos, or analyzing someone’s every move. I could probably get a job with the FBI.

      • lives, not loves. Freudian slip.

        • candidate for best Freudian slip of the day.

      • Rob’s ruining me and i’m loving every moment

      • the h00r sparklepeen FBI task force! LMFAO…

    • tiffanized- try looking at it as multitasking.

      • Drsaka bahahah love it!!!

    • LOL, you are so predictable(and normal)!!! And love u for that!

      A month ago I was staring intently, I bumped my head on my laptop screen. Haha. Srsly, as I can get any closer.

      • An A for effort on your part SB! There’s no harm in trying!


  16. I haven’t watched any of the New Moon extra bits (or the movie yet, for that matter), but I pretty much know that I’m going to spend the entire time wondering why Rob looks so hot in the extras (see screenshot above) and so fail in the movie.

    Why, Rob? WHYYYY?

    • very good question, Shleeeigh- especially for the reunion scene.

    • Because he didn’t have to kiss KStew in it?

    • I KNOW. Great question!

    • I’m blaming he tweed. Who feels sexy in tweed?

  17. Dear Moon and UC- thank you for the reminder about your for amazing letter to Nina (what was I thinking) Schubert.

    Crazy funny-

    • Nina, what were you thinking? 😦

      • She’s probably banging her head against some wall as we speak. Or am I projecting here? 😉

        • Cath, honey if I was here I’d be banging my head on the wall too…my whole house would be full of holes!

          And yes maybe you’re projecting a little bit here? Hahaha, JK.

          • Hi SB! I totally am, haha. I like your new avi btw!

          • Thanks, I’m trying to go incognito.

  18. Ya, I looked there too. Not gonna lie.

    Let’s put the grey, ‘View’ pants back into action. Cuz pretty sure I can make out a goldfish (ahem) in those babies.

    (astute Monday observations)

  19. We do know one thing Rob has been up to lately- do not forget the ‘I make funny faces when I’m a bit tipsy, Rob’ at the RM London premiere.

    • I love Rob a little more for not caring that there are pics all over the internet of him completely sloshed, practically being carried to his car.

  20. “I swear we weren’t looking there when we discovered it (Okay fine we were)”
    That so reminds me of awhile back looking at a picture of rob. I tell my friend “mmmm look button fly” she busted out laughing and asked “why were you looking there?” I thought that would’ve been obvious as to why I was looking there. 😉

  21. Where’s RG86? *waves*

    • hahha…here niahad, I’m working on Rob (not really) 🙂

      • Hi. And it’s niahid 😉

        • see? that’s what he’s doing to me!!! sorry ❤

  22. Dear Rob

    Yesterday I saw Remember Me!!!
    Today, infront of all these girls, I admitt, I was wrong!!! I didn’t want to see your movie in cinema…I was an idiot, I will never again say shit like that, I promise…I will go see a movie of yours even if it is a greek b-movie…because you are worth it.

    I also admitt. I am lovesick…I had a Roboverdose, I am on Roboverload. I won’t even get into details, cause it would take a whole day…damn that black shirt…damn that chesthair…damn that handthroughhairthing…I had no doubt that you would be too hot…too gorgeous…too sweet… to handle. When you first show up on screen I had to bite myself not to make any sort of sound…you were so absolutely amazing…not unearthly untouchable beautiful like Edward…you were reall…you were Rob…you are out there!!!

    I also had no doubt about your skills…in bed…in the shower…against the wall…boy you gave me fever! I will have many sleepless nights putting myself in the place of Ally…you know what I mean!!!

    The movie was maybe not the best…the script was maybe not the best…the dialogues were maybe not the best, but I don’t care…YOU were at your best…you did good, and I am so proud of you!!!

    So what was the main thing besides you??? You know how we all have the immages of this terrible day still in our mind, but when I saw you the last time infront of that window and then the expression on the face of your “dad”, I, for the first time, felt the full force of the pain (a fragment, I’m sure) the people that lost loved ones must have felt…and even if it will not stay forever in me, it will stay for ever in them…and that just killed me. I was biting my teeth so hard together not to cry…I really think I injured myself!

    I know what you wanted to tell us…we are just one second in that foreverpart and in that second we have to fit everything…I know…I just don’t know how to do it!

    I’m sorry for the long speech…I love you…more then ever!

    PS. Rob…please don’t ever die on me again!!!

    • Yay! Congrats Mel! You finally saw HHH!!!!! Isn’t he just gorgeous in that film?

    • Hi Mel, I think I heard your screaming till Germany 🙂

  23. What’s in his left pocket? It’s the black beanie!!!!!

    And the caption for the last pic, holy crap indeed. I love, love, love his expression there! He’s so handsome….oh my gosh, Rob’s like my breakfast, gotta see/have him every morning. Sigh. I’m lovestruck again.

  24. “A hot grandpa that turns you on…”


    Is Jeff Bridges a grandpa? ‘Cause then…YES.

    • LOVE this!

    • no… REALLY!? Bridges!?

      • Vintage Bridges maybe?

  25. For me the event of the week (read 2 days) was sporting Rob

    I saw him RUNNING, a dream came true, my thoughts:
    -that looks GOOD, rythm, straight look (like I know I can DO it), determination, sexy!

    I saw him FIGHTING, another dream came true, my thoughts:
    – what is he doing with his arms? Where are his feets, when he is “punching” the other guy, he missed the guy at all, NO…look, he’s fighting like a girl, and…..strange enough… still sexy!

    So 2 dreams, SAME RESULT, Rob is HOT!


  26. The cover of The Sunday Telegraph interview right now on Robsessed…


    That photo…

    • The interview also mentions his publicist relating to the Details interview.

      I knew it, I just couldn’t believe he wouldn’t have one.

      That being said:

      Rob’s publicist must have many days off…

      • Wait, I thought you were the publicist and I was the PA? LOL I think I got us all wrong Cath.

      • Cath- I thought Rob didn’t have a publicist.
        I’m confused.

        • Hi Jules, I understand, but it said so in that interview.

          Rob’s just an enigma. And his so called publicist is too, haha.

          • Cath – Have you got a vid today? I wouldn’t mind chair dancin’ again. 🙂

          • Not that kind of vid Jules, have to keep it a little bit exclusive, wouldn’t want you to get to exhausted!!! 😉

            But soon, when the inspiration hits me!

      • Cath, I think there is still hope for our *cough* professional *cough* future. A journalist who interviewed him once told me the PR he had were the distributor’s.
        But I am more than interested in any other information on the subject. Hi fellow lurkers. Anything you’d like to share with us?

        • MP! Yeah, there is! Hurray for us! 🙂

      • Um yeah SB, that’s why I couldn’t believe he didn’t have one…

        (We’re his undercover publicist and PA, have to be discrete about it, LOL)

        • I’m confuzzled.

          • You made me think of Winne The Pooh, SB.
            Now I’m singing the hephalants song in my head. Darn you!

          • Thanks for the almost elephants ref!!!

          • Actuall, speaking of elephants, here is a a tweet from britpacker, @marcusfoster1:
            “rehearsing tommorrow for some recording I will put a post on myspace soon, I have been so busy juggling elephants”

          • What does that mean??? Is it really from MF??

          • I have no idea and Yup.
            I’ll email you the link.

          • @Jules, LOL. How do I not know that? Haha.

    • I know right? I always go to robsessed before I go to bed, so literally his face was the last thing I saw last night(if you scroll down, you’ll see they posted it yesterday too, that same pic).

      How does he do that? Him with his peaches and cream complexion and smoldering look….need I say more? Btw his eyes look green there, I love his eyes. Some days it looks more blue, some days it’s green.

      • Ah, I didn’t see it before, stupid me, haha!

        It really IS the best picture, I agree, his eyes look beautiful there and very green indeed.

        Also love the interview, but it seems I’m behind times. LOL.

        • Aw girl you’re not stupid! I go to bed very late, like 2 am so I saw it. I try to go before bed, it’s the only time I really have.

          • SB – How was your Robiversary?
            Also, did you DH see Remember Me on the wknd?

          • Jules, my robversarry was great! I got the DVD(from DH) and we went out to eat. HA, I don’t think we went out to eat for the robversarry, it was just a coincidence. DH didn’t go see RM yet. One day he wants to see it, one day he doesn’t. I have no clue what’s going on in his head. I told him, “you like Emilie, so go see it for her.” Haha.

          • SB,
            I love that your DH gave you the DVD. That is so nice!


          • Thanks ML. DD just saw your avatar and she said Kitty cat! LOL

          • Cute!!!

    • Cath can you post the photo..I’ve been gone for a week and I need my Rob fix asap…oh he is the devil of me!!

  27. Dear Rob,

    20’s and 30’s are nice! Mostly 30’s though!


    • I second that 🙂

    • Hey shortie bestie *waves*. Did you see it yet?

      I’m getting there!!!!

      • I am still a bad fangirl! The hubs is putting a boycott on all things Rob after the New Moon marathon on Saturday Night! I get one Rob movie per weekend so I had to go with New Moon. I will watch it soon….hopefully. 😉

        • What? A boycott? No way girl! Well just keep me posted so we can dissect Rob, err I meant RM. hahaha.

  28. Dear Rob,
    YOu look like a baby in the photo with your mouth open. It’s so adorable. But how am I suppose to objectify you when you look like a baby?

    I’ll find a way.


    • He’s so cute ML….but I’m sure you have your ways.

  29. …because YOU, are no baby!

    • a NO-baby with baby manners…lol

      • Truth!

  30. I’m one of the ones who relies on you for my Rob (and Twi) news! Well I go to Robsessed too, but usually only after you link me there. I just find that you provide me with all the IMPORTANT new, and in an unbiased, straight-to-the-point manner. Oh wait. Anyway, I would rather see/hear your hilarious take on everything Rob than have to sift through all the pointless bullshit any day!

    I think the thing in his pocket is the beanie. We were all wondering how it seemed to just appear out of nowhere! He really reminds me of one of my friends who, every time she gets drunk at her house, she immediately goes and puts on her pink Uggs. I have never understood why she does it, but it’s like friggin clockwork. Same with Rob and his beanie. Maybe it’s some kind of security blanket thing?

    • I have a theory concerning DrunkRob and the appearance of the beanie.

      You all know how much he touches his hair. Well, when he’s drinking, one hand is occupied with holding the Heine bottle and the other was probably holding a ciggie.

      To avoid either lighting his hair on fire with the ciggie or dumping beer on his head when he goes to touch his hair- he puts on the beanie and voila! no need to compulsively touch his hair!

      (he’s said he’s trying to stop smoking- the nicotine gum quote, but the beanis is a habit now).

      What you do think? Am I right???

      • Drsaka – sounds very plausible to me!

        it’s as good a theory as any and I’m liking it, makes perfect sense. 🙂

        • Mine, can you see your avi? If not I was suggesting the tools/internet options thing. If you CAN see it, then all is well.


          • ML – it just doesn’t have the same impact in miniature….I’m sad it doesn’t come out so well….but like I’ve said higher up the blog it still makes me giggle. 🙂

          • MINE! what is that? I can see jeans or such?

          • Drsaka – dude, that’s a well thought out explanation right there.

            RG – that’s a BINY fan pic. Side view.

          • Oooooooooooooook…now I got it too…

          • here RG mine’s avi

            and here is another BINY

          • hey jules didn’t see yours guess i was late

          • Jules, did you just call me dude?????

          • Yes, Drsaka – Dude is asexual to me.
            In this instance, dude = cool chick, Drsaka!

          • Thanks for the compliment!

      • Hmmm that makes sense, but who’s to say he doesn’t forget he has the beanie on, and then out of habit goes to put his hand in his hair, thus lighting the beanie AND his hair on fire, or still dumping beer on his head?

        Re: quitting smoking…I so wish he would for his health (okay, and his looks too), but DAMN he looks so hot when he does it. Maybe he could just quit but use a stage ciggie or whatever for photo shoots?

        • Elise- your thoughts are possible too! There may have been a lot of trial and error in his younger days when he was developing the beer gut before he was hired for Twilight. He said he had a lot of free time.

          • Haha I like the idea of there being an actual process behind him developing his beer gut. Maybe it was during this time that he also perfected his Blue Steel face that is at its best when he’s drunk. I would love to listen to him and the rest of the Brit Pack sit around and reminisce about all those drunken nights on the roof.

      • Win! Drsaka, that’s a great theory!

        LOL at Rob setting his hair on fire, he probably would!

        I wish Rob the best with quitting the ciggie, but it’s hard.

        I agree, beanie is habit now, and I think it’s also sort of his invisibility cloak.

        Or the Clark Kent to his Superman…

        I somehow suspect him of thinking that he’s all of a sudden incognito when wearing Mr. Beanie.

        Carpet Rob vs Beanie Rob. Ah Rob, like you’re fooling anybody…


        • I’m sure that drunken logic lets him think he’s invisible with the beanie on! Its his cloak of invisibility! Or an anti-kryptonite device.

      • Sounds like a good theory to me.

        I personally feel like the beanie comes out when he’s drunk, or when he’s feeling like he needs to hide. I think that’s the same beanie now for 2 yrs in a row too.

        If it was up to me though, he won’t be covering his sex hair. It’s one of his trademarks and it really turns me on when he’s running his fingers thru his hair. Sigh. See just like in Cath’s avatar. Hair and handporn!

  31. Agree 100 procent!

  32. Since my brain is totally blank today (just Rob in it) and I absolutely can’t think of anything logical-intelligent and funny to say…anybody want to dance???
    Just felt like singing that to Rob…

    • wow Robward with this song interesting

      • Che…your lips…ehhhh…are you girls doing the lickingscreenthing often…I mean it’s not a bad thing right????

        • Normal….:-)

    • Woot!!! Shakira!!!! Thanks Mel! That song is perfect.

      • Don’t know why I’m into Shakira right now…guess Rob makes me want to shake my hips a bit…well shake a lot of things actually…
        And SB…please don’t make me focus on Cath’s Avi today…it drives me crazy!!!

        • I like Shakira too, she’s hot! I like to dance, don’t you? Maybe that’s why we like her.

          I’m actually drooling over Che’s avi, yes I want to lick my screen, as sick as that sounds. And Cath, well it’s the hand and jaw porn. Darn Rob! Stop being so friggin sexy!

          • The thing is that I want to make many “sick” things since I met you all…
            lol…you made a good girl turn bad…or was it Rob???

          • Mel, I blame it all on rob, the aphrodisiac!

        • Haha, Mel, me and my avi greet you! 😉

    • Mel, could you teach me that trick of a totally blank brain with only Rob on your mind??? That sounds better than meditating, I’d be enlightened in no time.

      • Ahhhh Cath…what am I gonna do with you!!! Have no words…no words…if you ever change your avi…I’m gonna fall into major depression…I think I’m in love with you…

        Robblank…easy…you just think Rob eat Rob drink Rob watch Rob hear Rob 24/7… you have a Robblank brain in no time!!!

        • Shit…not a Robblank brain…a Robfullbrain is what I mean…ok…you get it!!!

        • Hahaha Mel, so you’re in love with me, Rob and my avi???
          I’m confused, but also flattered. Will try to not change my avi as it means that much to you. 😉

  33. this screncap is total win b/c of the hair and stoli

  34. Hey girls…have you seen this yet? It’s a spoof of Eclipse.

    It’s funny!

    • Hahahaha SB, great find: hilarious!!!

      Let me repost it this way:

      • Hahah, thanks Cath, that’s what I meant to do! The Asian guy is hilar!

      • Hahhaha, great stuff. 😀

      • That’s really good!

  35. UC, I can’t stop looking at the h-o-l-y-c-r-a-p picture of Rob!!!!

    I love it when his hair is messy like that. I just want to touch it, I want to frumple his hair. OK I think that’s a made up word but you get it.

    • frumple haha what a funny word…I wanna frumple his hair too!! and the stoli shirt! its been a long time since he’s worn the stoli shirt..where has it disappeared to???

      • It’s in a laundry pile somewhere, either that or boxed up. LOL


    PS Where my drunk Ron pics?

    • who is drunk Ron????

      • Drunk ron is drunk Rob drsaka!

        • When did we decide that? Or have I forgotten all the important things I ever knew???

          • Oh it’s been a while, from last yr. Someone decided that, prolly Janetrigs did, she’s been on here longer than me. Right Janet?

  37. Sb…seriously…don’t go on vacation without Rob again… you sound like an addict who desperately needs his shot today…you actually sound like me…so all over Rob…lol!

    • What vacation…what am I exactly talking about??? See total blank…SB you had your Robbirthday and Misty was on vacation “without Rob”…ok…now I have it…yeah…still SB you need your daily dose…

      • LMAO! Chillax darling!!! Actually we are going on vacay next month, nothing planned yet, but we’re going somewhere. I’m so taking my laptop with me! I ain’t going nowhere w/out Rob!

        I’m so addicted to Rob. Last yr in July we were gone for a few days and I didn’t bring my laptop with me, that was tough! Hahah I had withdrawal symptoms.

    • Did I tell u I love your avatar too? Him sitting Indian style…hot.

      • love that photo almost as much as hand in white linen shirt, while sitting.

  38. omg i needed that laugh so badly right now…i can always count on you girls (and rob) for a pick me up….much love

  39. Kind of a late response but I DO know what’s in his pocket…honest! I belong to a group on Facebook (Confessions of an Adult Twilight Fan) who had a number of women attending the RM London premier. One of them is makes jewelry and she made a pair of cuff links for Rob. She actually got to meet him at the side of the red carpet and gave him his gift which she said he put in his pocket, along with a small jewelry box of a gift she made for Emilie (she asked him to give it to her) so…TWO jewelry boxes are in his pocket!

    • WHOA!!!!! You answered the much-wondered-about question!!!!

    • Nice work, Lucky!

    • Woow the gifts were documented! AND IN HIS POCKET! How awesomesauce! Id faint.

      Now you can totally remind him and be all, ‘I know you threw them away but this was my gift Rob, remember?’ lmao. he’d be speechless.

      certainly a Lucky Woman. 🙂

  40. Well…it wasn’t as creative or exciting as some of the other responses, but since I really knew the answer I thought I’d share. Now…let’s forget that and go back to the FUN stuff! lol

    • just join the bottom commentators (like me) where its the ‘absolutelynothingeverhappens’ corner. It’s not pressuring cuz no one will read it. like a secret letter to Rob. Trust me. It’s funner. LOL 😉

  41. I wish I could get close enough to Rob to give him a present 😉 haha

  42. ohhhhh I’m in love with the Mr. Fitzpervert granpa one! 😀 Ok, Rob. I’m the poor unfortunate beautiful peasant. You be the rich pervert. Ready? Attack! *spreads arms*


    *agrees with that one screen shot* I looove him like that. if only he’d shave his forehead and face more often he’d look like that.

    • Ps. You know why they’re all in their 20’s and 30’s now Rob? Cuz bitches be finding M rated FF. K?THXBAI!

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