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Open Weekend Post: Hosted by Edward’s Deleted Scenes

Hello all you weekenders!

Have you recovered from your midnight dvd release party? Did you actually go to a midnight dvd release party or are you just waiting till the nice UPS guy delivers some New Moon goodness right to your door? Probably a smarter idea than braving a Walmart to catch a glimpse of someone’s bald spot or mini dress. But that’ll be a story for another day I assume.

Like we said last week weekends for a while are going to be open posts for you all to comment or talk about whatever you want and for us to plot world domination in our down time. The usual.

This weekends open post will be hosted by none other than the extended scenes from New Moon and I’m just posting the ones with Edward in them, cause who wants to see those other people? Duh.

Oh wait that’s Chris… this open post should be hosted by his cough and singsong voice. Oh wait Edward’s wiggly eyebrows are giving Chris a run for his money. NEVER MIND it’s hosted by everyone!

Don’t mind the 5 minute Bella/Jacob scene at the beginning. It’s worth the wait! Aro AND Edward.

Have a great weekend and share your stories in the comments!


PS do you have your DVD yet?! GO GET IT! New Moon is out now!

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  1. Yup, waiting patiently (*cough*) for Australia Post to deliver my copy. I’m allowing to weeks to come from the US to here. It should be enough time. And when I say allowing, I mean 2 weeks to get here and for me to watch it constantly (yippy, it’ll be Easter hols!) and also to put the finishing touches to my DVD party! 😀

  2. I’m abstaining from watching until I get my dvd today. I did watch the Eclipse scene from the Walmart dvd..meh.

    • I am doing the same D2D.

  3. Still no DVD here, so I enjoyed to watch them

    Chris Weitz looks really cute at the beginning, I’ve still a little crush on him, I noticed funny ears and beautiful black eyes, I love it.

    Dear Chris,
    all the scenes with Edward I’d have prefered in the film, just sayin, especially the one at the Volturi, he looked sooo beautiful there, just heartbreaking..
    But perhaps it was good as you did it, because according to me and myself NM should have been a 90min Edward film and I guess,that was NOT written anywhere!

    • LOL, yeah it’s all about Edward. I wanted more of him. But I understand because CW has to follow closely to the book, I was just glad they were able to insert Edward here and there as apparitions.

      Rg, you crack me up w/ your little “crush” on CW. LOL. So don’t give me grief about Josh Hartnett now ok, because I’m really gonna tease you about CW! 🙂

      • honi, I said “crush” NOT love….and Josh H., you can have him, I’ll all for Rob!
        I saw the Volturi scene again and it’s soooo funny to watch “wonky Robward”


        • Haha I don’t love Josh! It’s a harmless crush. Pfft.

          Love the wonky Edward…sigh.

          • lol, not true….jkjk, new avatar? NICE….<3

          • Yes, new avi. I want some outdoor pic so here I am. ;-P

          • I hardly recognized you, SB!!!

          • Drsaka, that’s the idea! 🙂

            How ru today?

          • I’m fine.
            Have you recovered from the discussion yesterday??

          • Drsaka, I haven’t quite recovered yet! It was way too hot here yesterday!

            And you?

      • What I don’t understand is why he couldn’t have included the extra Edward scenes. It would have only extended the movie by a few mintues. So it’s 2 hours and 10 minutes instead of 2 hours – big deal.

        Also, I can remember when they first started filming NM and Summit was concerned about not having Rob in 2/3 of the movie because he was soooo popular. Remember the debate about whether or not they should add more Edward scenes or stick strictly to the book?

        If you had concerns about not enough Rob in the movie, why would you delete scenes with him? It seems like you would include as many scenes as you could.

        Also, I’m very disappointed that there was no post Italy deleted scenes. I would have been so excited to see something more from their reunion 😦 .

        • So true, the one thing I loved was the reunion…too short plus no going back scene………..and you’re right as well about the other Rob-scenes, no big deal to add them..lots of smirk and nice Edward in it! Failure!

          • Me too, there’s a bunch that were not shown. Like the trailer for the reunion was sort of different from the one they showed in the theater. I want to see more making out of Edward and Bella!

        • Not enough Rob. The reunion scene- remember the footage from the other day, from another angle? Put that it, it was awesome!!

          • Where did these reunionscenes we saw all this time come from anyway, if not from an extended version…just asking…the different angles we saw were much better then the one they actually showed on film!

  4. The Jacob/Bella scene in Bella’s room is a good one as well, to me there I saw the first time a real connection between them, especially for the love Jacob suffers from..
    So perhaps it was the final cut, that was not so my taste….I don’t know, during the film I had always the impression of a missing flow to the scenes.

    • Hi Rg,

      Being second best is really, really painful. That’s what I gathered from that scene.

      • and that’s what I gathered as well and I didn’t get it during the film so much as in this scene. I was thinking about the possibility if the scenes in the final cut between Jacob and Bella were quite a lot but sort of too short to get the feelings they have, especially Bella. So less scenes but longer ones would helped a lot.

        In the end of the scene I laughed about the wires on Jacob….

        • Haha, yeah the wires were hilar.

  5. going to get my dvd in a few minutes (after coffee!!) we have a back to back twilight/ new moon afternoon planned with lots of popcorn… can’t wait!

  6. No DVD yet :-(. Long story.

    Edward saying : You gave me everything, just by breathing…..oh wow, *died*! That’s so romantic. Sigh.

    • I love that as well……double sigh*

  7. No copy for me either yet guys…I’m still waiting…
    Ahhh…the more Edward the better for me…the more I hear Rob’s voice the more I get crazy (not good at all…)
    and Chris is kinda cute…sweet man!!!

    SB…you gave me everything, just by breathing… I would soooo kill for a man to say this to me…sniffff snifffff!!!

    P.S. I would sooooo kill for Rob to say this to me!!!

    • OMG…the volturi scene…should be in the film…can he get more beautiful then this???
      Rob…hunny… I’m comming to comfort you…you need noone else!!!

    • Mel, Rob’s voice is the best, I could hear him reading the phonebook, I’d love it.
      And so it’s really bothering me that the first time when I’ll watch RM on Thursday I’ll hear a dubbed Robvoice, so perhaps I’ll plug my ears in theatre just to enjoy the film in a better way 🙂

      • Oh no! Dubbed? Is there any place you can watch where it’s not dubbed? It’s a travesty to dub over Rob’s voice!!!!

        • I know, I have to move to the Cath-land, they are way more intelligent there and never dubbing anyone as far as I know!

          • Honey you should! Like Mel said, hop on a plane or go on the Euro, just go.

            Rob’s voice is like honey…dripping. So sweet and you just gotta have it!!!!!

          •…the Netherlands are near, 45min by car…NO plane needed and what’s the “Euro”?

          • Sorry Rg, I meant Eurorail…I’m not quite awake yet, you know I’m not a morning person. Haha.

      • Oh noooooo RG…this is terrible…Rob speeking german with the voice of a stranger!
        Hunny…get on a plane and I’ll meet you in Athens and there we can watch THE MAN and THE VOICE in the originall!!!

        • Mel, the MAN and THE VOICE in ORIGINAL, never say that again, that hurts TOO much..<3
          The dubbed voice in Germany is awful, that man sounds like a bulldozer!!! 😦

          • Yeah…I know…hurts like hell…but a veeeeeeeeeery special man to me said once “THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!!!” and I’m like grabbing myself onto that…hunny…don’t ya give up!!!

    • Melronin…I know, isn’t that just the sweetest thing to say? Sigh… I mean I may be just completely hormonal today, but I felt my eyes tear up at those words. I wish someone would say that to me.

      *sniff, sniff*

      Have to go now.

  8. I went to the midnight release party at Walmart so my friend could get her copy, mines getting delivered today. It actually was not that bad. They had a cake and some games. The woman behond us on line was supwr cool, we told her about ltt and ltr, hopefully she will visit (hi ryan!). They gave away postcards and tattoos for the first few people in line, we fortunately were some of those people. Haven’t watched it yet. Gonna be a fun day.

    • Its sounds fun!

  9. Greetings all, how’s everybody today?

    I got my DVD and I haven’t looked at the second disc yet, but did re-watch NM. I to have to say that there is some ‘not great’ acting going on there! Not from Rob, he’s fine accept there’s not enough of him.

    Did anyone else think that they’re all mumbling their dialogue?

    • The wolfpack (not Jacob) was horrible, and…*cough cough* not sexy at all, sorry to say that, but their acting made me laugh at the theatre PLUS the scene where E.& B. are “running” slomo through the forest, the clothes ….oh my…

      of the mumbling I can say nothing, in the dubbed version they almost shouted loud , so I enjoyed the O-version much more…

  10. Guys…had an idea last night…Cath asked me (where are you Cath???) yesterday if she could come visit me here in Greece…I said yes…with or without Rob…BUT…why don’t ya all come over…we could have a LTR-convention,
    all of us in one place…for days…talk Rob…eat Rob…drink Rob…breath Rob…and then we could invite him to be our guest of honour and he could have a little speech or something (with his honeydrippingsweetvoice) and we would make him feel very comfortable and relaxed…ehhh
    and noone would notice in my little town…

    Whaaaaaat???? Why????? Carried away???? Oh come on,
    a girl can dream, no???

    • Sure, I’ll come and I’ll bring him home with me…heheheheh, sorry my bad.

      • SB…where is your christian spirit…if ya have two coats you have to give one to the poor…well here we have only one “coat”…so please learn to share!!!

        • I heard that Greece hasn’t coats to “share” anymore darlin’ 🙂 , BUT I like your idea, just make sure HE’ll come…jkjk, Greece is sooo beautiful, always warm and so full of history..wait! Say Rob, he could learn one or two things about History, like why is the Acropolis kaput and such…

          • Hahaha…RG…I personaly have pletty of coats to share…you know that…
            and sure…I’ll teach him a lot of Greek history…Greek art…Greek…love!!!

        • LOL, hahah sorry I’m a little selfish. Ok I’ll share Rob. Haha.

    • I vote for a Greece LTR convention! I’ve always wanted to visit.. think I’m going to try to go to Kefalonia maybe next year.. my friend in the UK always goes there, and his pics are BEAUTIFUL

      I am sooooo ready for a vacation!

      • Thanks owl_ransom…I’ll wait for you…and Kefalonia is beautiful!!!

  11. Thanks to everyone for the discussion of the great DrunkRob (with great captioning) pics yesterday. The discussion’s devolution into the epic peen size debate was the best!

    • EPIC! lol…..but Drsaka, DO we have results today? I’m still confused….

      • The matter is still under discussion and we need more empirical evidence- we need more BI pics!!!

        • nothing equals the real thing I say!!!
          I also missed most of the epic scientific maths.

    • It was the bestest ever, so sad I missed it yesterday, but read ALL about it this morning! Also not sure if I’m losing my marbles here but at the afterparty did Rob change trews aswell as shoes?? Because from the pap shots of him in the taxi they looked oddly familiar like BIJ familiar?!

      • GGGP, NO, he didn’t change them, that’s why NO BIL pic since yet, NOT nice
        Mr.Pattinson, not nice! 🙂

      • “like BIJ familiar” mwhahahaha.
        Rob, you coud have done it for us, c’mon.

        • I love it when I make 10000 spelling mistakes when I write to Rob. I’m sure he would think highly of me…or NOT.

          • its okay, MP. He said one of his projects was to work on his spelling. He’ll understand.

          • LMAO! I think highly of you but that isn’t so interesting, minuit he read about BI’s and was irritated, lol, so now we have to wait that he forgets everything and DOES it again, let’s week or so!Since he’s in London, somebody washes his stuff

          • and..what drsaka said, he hardly writes any thing without mistakes, he’ll not notice

          • Aww I think Rob loves it. x.o.

          • And I can’t say anything: you all know by now that I have ‘submit before reviewing-itis’.

          • you’re right, what was I thinking?

            so here’s what I saw first thing this morning (and by morning I mean 12.55 PM). Guess I know what I’ll drink at the brunch. Don’t look if you want to spend a good day in denial.

            How was the week-end, any Rob London news?

          • MP – I saw that all over Twitter yesterday, but I don’t understand the context. What is it supposed to be? Did he just sneeze on her? Was this part of a scene? Was that supposed tone some show of affection? What is it?

          • I vote for sneezing.

          • Well if you both put it this way…
            I like your pink lenses.
            So how was the week-end?

          • I’m okay, how are you?

            What’s new?

          • Min – I’m serious when I say I don’t know what that gif depicts. I believe they’re together, like together, together.

            Weekend is dull, picked up NM on bluray at blockbusters, not happy with this version, only the CW commentary/behind the scenes and some music stuff. Bleh

          • Have been out and about with friends trying to do some cultural stuff *cough mostly drinking cough*, needed to keep my mind of things (read Rob’s leaving is depressing). So I’m not sure whether it’s in the “I’m OK” or “I’m not OK’ category, but I don’t want to know.
            Also got rejected for the second time for waiting in line to see an art exhibition (too many people) and attended a work party where people ended up getting a bit nekkid (and that I’m sure it’s in the embarrassingly traumatising category).

          • jules, didn’t see your comment when I posted. I thought it was affection of the not only friendly type. How can she not be happy when he’s doing that to her? Srsly, it’s instinctive, no matter the cameras.

        • … And by tone, I mean “to be”.
          iPhone fail.

    • Girl I was still reeling from that “discussion” yesterday. We must have been all ovulating yesterday or something.

      See Rob, look what you’ve done to us! Haha.

      • SB – you know the ovaries are always weeping for Rob.

        • Wasn’t the name of our band, ‘The Weeping Ovaries’??? I think it was ! Dammit! I never wrote that song, ‘Mullet of my Heart’.
          What have I been doing with my time!!!

          Thanks for the reminder Jules.

        • Well yah we formed a band remember? Drsaka, Cath and I…the Weeping Ovaries!

          We can take in more members if you want to join!

          • Ofcourse I remember the band!
            I was a member, but I did volunteer to manage.
            So many projects, so little time!

  12. OH MY GOD…guys…I’m just freaking out right now (dramaqueen!!!)…a friend just called and said that our little shitty cinema actually plays RM and that she will go tomorrow…

    What shell I do…don’t know…shit….I said I wouldn’t go see it because of the ending….


    • Mel- you should go if you want to, but you’re aware of the ending so prepare yourself.

      • Draska…will you come with me??? I’m scared shitless…ya know…being still a newborn robsessed…I may need a shrink after watching him die…seriously…I may need pills just to convince myself that’s just a movie for God’s sake!!!

        • I’m sorry, but I can’t make it over to Greece this weekend!

          As SB says below, the ending is very disturbing as many of us have personal connections to family members and friends whose lives were ended on 9-11.

          Please go see the movie if you want to, but be prepared. Enjoy Rob in his characterization of Tyler and enjoy all his intense hotness and beauty.

    • I wish I(!)’d have your problem…just sayin…

      • Seeeee….that’s why I neeeeeed ya so badly…NOTHING comes between you and Rob,
        RG…you are my hero…nonono…you are my muse…Robgirlmuse…sounds great!!!

        • haha, nothing comes between ME and Rob?……wishful thinking girl, wishful thinking………….<3

    • Mel just go see it, some of us are very sensitive to the ending because we had connections to the 9-11 thing, some because they had family and friends there too. We didn’t want to scare you and not watch the movie.

      Please go and watch, just know that the ending was disturbing to some of us and be prepared. Rob was really, really great and just think of it that way. And you can’t miss all the sexiness, gosh you would gasp/die the moment he comes on the screeen. Trust me, he is so hot in this movie. Even when he was all beat up and stuff, I still wanted to push him against the wall and you know what. Haha, ok I can’t believe I just said that. I must still be sleeping.

      • OK I just realized I said “comes on the screen.”

        Ooops, sorry. Where’s the delete button when you need it?

        • Oh SB- too much fanfic already this morning????

          • Your “comes on the screen” just did it for me SB…I’m sooooo gonna go and see it now!!!

          • Drsaka, haha, no but last night I read some FF.

            Melronin, good! I know you’ll find Rob very appetizing. 😉

        • SB- UOEM just updated!!!!!!!

          • OH my, how I love always the “urgency” through the comments when fanfic (what is is updated, makes me think that Rob now has to read other stuff about “himself” to remain updatet as well…lol

          • The University of Edward Masen on Its very romantic.

          • Drsaka, really? Awesome!!!!

            Did you read it yet? We will have to dissect this scientifically later. lol

          • yup, read it. Talk after you do!

          • Dr – you are quick! I’m outside right now, the weather is beautiful here, birds chirping and the sun shining, I think I’ll fall asleep outside while reading it. 🙂

          • Drsaka – I read it whilst still in bed. Gah!
            Is it normal that reading UoEM was the first thing I did today?

          • Well, it is a really important thing to do!!!

          • Jules-it’s the first thing I do every Saturday. I don’t get out of bed until I’ve finished it-it’s my Sat. morning routine. My husband and child have learned that nothing happens until UoEM is finished.

            The last two chapters…oh my.I looove this Edward so much.Talk about romantic.mmm.

          • D2D – so it IS normal, I thought I was the only one.
            Every. Single. Saturday. Morning! Yes, omfg, the whole story is outstanding, but the last two chapters were hot!

            Drsaka – we do know our Saturday morning priorities.

          • D2d and Drsaka, this Edward is so sexy and so romantic. I love romantic men. And he is in such a power position, I love that too!

  13. Dear Rob…hunny

    You probably know by know that I’m nuts…no I mean not nuts about you….I’m so much more…about you then just nuts…I say I’m a bit fucked up and I need your help now, ya know…you said you’re a pussy (you did!!!) and I’m a pussy…so please tell me…Do you want me to go see RM in cinema or just wait for the dvd so that I don’t have to see ya die!!! I will do what ever you want…as always!!!

    Love you to death

    • And I’ve been crying like a baby all this time because of living in Greece and in this tiny little shitty city where nothing ever happens…and NOW…I will see RM tomorrow…befor many of you??? LOL…what do ya have to say about Greece now ehhhhh????

  14. I’m going OT here for a moment to share something I saw in my local news. It’s part of an RM review:

    Remember Me l*l Rated PG -13 for Violence,
    language, sexual content, language, smoking,
    and the way that Robert Pattinson looks at you

    How great is that? Pretty much says it all for me, but doesn’t explain the one star rating.

    • haha, that’s why they are called “local” news…, they will NEVER make it to “global” news…….. 🙂

      • Well, at least the newspaper has a sense of humor. None of the other short reviews said ANYTHING like that about any other performance.

        • I think I just understand the half of what you said…lol……..all I read was one*………….sorry, the rest is GOOD, that’s why ME is local and NOT global…..<3

    • “The way Robert Pattinson looks at you.”

      Well, I wish Robert Pattinson would really look at me….I would come undone. The end.

  15. Hi girls
    look at that………..eclipse…
    Rob running and fighting…………

    • THIS is AMAZING!!!! getting so excited!! haha and yea it was funny to watch rob running and fighting in …basketball shorts??? lOlz

      • This IS amazing at all !!!

        Rob goes sport fashion…………WITH BEANIE…hilar
        and shorts from the late 80ties or so….

        I love that!

      • but the black sox have GOT to go!

        • Why do I never really SEE what he’s wearing (are there really black socks?)…
          is there something wrong with me or have I a robisgorgeouswhateverhewearsvision???

    • Run. Rob. Run!

      Who says he can’t run? That looked good to me!

      • Hello??? wires? exercises for WEEKS??? look at the fight, that’s the real shit! 🙂

      • the running was seriously hot. +1

    • Rob looks great on the ‘hamster wheel’ but those shorts with the beanie! ahahahahaha

    • How awesome is that to see Rob running!! Squee!!! Run, Rob run!

      I’m so excited, can’t wait to see this movie, this is my fave of all the twi books!

  16. I am totally out of context here, but have to say it…
    Went back and read the Detailscomments…
    Girls…this was epic…this was endless…this was Homer writing his epos…this was all you in your best!!!

    Shit…where was I????

    • in Greece? 🙂

      • In Greece??? I was somewhere on fucking Mars!!!
        RG…the eclipsevid…beauuuuuuuuuuutiful…the end of it…you know THE MAN THE VOICE…pure poetry!!!

        • actually I didn’t make it to the end until yet, I was mesmerized by sporting

          • sportingRob = WIN!

    • that was some day melromin, lots of opinions, glad it’s all blown over!!!

  17. Went to the walmart thingy yesterday, my friend got a piece of cake with edwards head on it and is gonna freeze it. And some girl in front of us got jacobs head is also gonna freeze it. We had trivia games for Edward aluminum sports cups. And Plenty of the postcard tattoo things, I got like 3. We all got really mad when this like 12 year old answered a question wrong, and still got a prize because the answer sheet said she was right. What did edward get bella for her bithday…..that freakin cd. The small idiot said plane tickets to jacksonville….Carlise and Esme got her that!!!!! OMG we were upset. haha But most of us got stuff so its cool.

  18. I drank half a bottle of wine, 2 glasses of champagne, ate strawberries and watched New Moon in my pajamas… my saturday was LUSH

    now I just have to watch it 2783 more times to catch up to my twilight DVD

    I think they should start putting a little electronic ticker on the dvd boxes so you know how many times you have watched it



    • Sounds like a celebration!

    • I’ve already got my DVD loaded on my iphone so I can watch it while i half ass my work. brilliant 😀

  19. Is it just me who thinks Bella was an idiot for not grabbing Carlisle by his waist and humping his leg right there?

    It might just be me.

    ps. I was out all day and didn’t by the DVD. Boo me now. I deserve it.


    ohh, Robward and your quiet whispers in class. Do me. *dreamy sigh*

    • pps. You have NO idea how ‘tight’ Jake is bound. No idea! ok?! >-|


    • nah.. I think bella should have jumped carlisle there.. the way her arm was around his waist? she should’a gone for the gold lol

  20. Schoolward is all WIN. Shouldn’t have cut it, Chris!
    “…2 weeks picking out the perfect dreamcatcher. Hmm” Smirky Rob, a little out of character there!
    and at least 2 boobie glances while convincing her to go to the party! TBH I really missed seeing that part in the movie about how the Cullens were excited about the party. Didn’t know they actually filmed it and it just got cut!

    • I wish that they hadn’t cut any of those extras!!

  21. Hey girls, today’s my 1 yr ROBversarry!!!! 1 year of craziness and robsession!!!! Haha!

    I didn’t get the NM DVD, didn’t pre-order it. Well I had a lovely suprise this morning when I woke up. I woke up to find on the dining table! Squee! My SO was so nice to get it for me, I wonder how he know I wanted it? I never asked him….:-)but of course he knows me so well.

    I’m just about to watch some Robward right now.

    Have a nice day y’all!

    • happy Robversarry Southernbelle!! 😀


    • Happy Robversarry SB!

      Best wishes!

      Mine is also coming up on April 24th!

      Wallflower =)

    • Happy Anniversary!

    • Such a great DH! Have a good time watching NM!

    • happy Robversarry southern’belle’
      it seems u have a great SO out there

      ❤ xo

      • Staring at your avi ————->

        • and I’m actually staring at yours… like it.

          • what was that about a semi-nekkid work party, MP???

          • it’s about me dragging myself to work related parties to socialize because this is the way things work in my job and then be shocked every single time by tweed serious important people. Brain bleech emergency!!!!

    • SB, I know you’re team “Happy to be in love with Rob” so Happy Anniversary. Here’s to you two.

    • Thanks for all the well wishes! Haha! I love being ridiculous! I saw the NM DVD, squee! I want more of Rob of course. I can’t believe a year has passed and I’m still gaga over Rob! He is just super desirable kwim?

      Che, I want to kiss your avatar, for real…..sigh. His mouth is beautiful.

      Have a good evening girls! XOXO

      • Glad you got to see it, SB (and on your anniversary!!).

      • I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. He certainly has staying power….

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