Posted by: Bekah | March 19, 2010

Rob, how many drinks does it take….?

Dear Rob,

Today we are giving UC a much needed night off so that PinkPixieChick and I can ask the one thing we all want to know.  Okay, not that question.  We’ll leave that up for debate in the flat.  (Sparkly hoodie is still my opinion.)  No, today we want to ask:

We spent the better part of  yesterday some time yesterday trying to scientifically find the answer.

Drink 1:

Nick gave it to him to get him out of the van.  It was enough to help him get through the long lines of screaming fan girls.

Drink 2:

Rob is obviously more relaxed.  He’s forgotten the rule about keeping his fingers out of his hair.  His cheeks have a slight blush and his feet are returning to their natural wonky state.

Drink 3:

Beannie on to hide under.  Blood shot eyes.  Being very careful not to breath on anyone.

Drinks 4 – ?:

We decided no more analysis was needed.  We’d just let the pictures speak for themselves.

In the end we decided the answer to our question really didn’t matter, we would lick like him either way.

Starting our Crunk early as we wait for Rob to join us,

PinkPixieChick and ZephyerSky

You know how we always talk about The Forum & our most popular area “Rob’s Flat?” Well, Pixie & Zeph met there, forged a friendship and NOW make RobPorn together. THIS, TOO, COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

Thanks you girls for giving me a break today! I LOVE Drunk RobPorn!!! Make sure you check out
the gal’s Fan Fiction: Some Life in Me by PinkPixieChick and Cure For Pain by ZephyerSky

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  1. DrunkRob might just be my favorite kind. One of my favorites.
    He definitely knows how to have a good time!

    • I’d like to combine drunk rob with interview rob and then we could all take a lil trip down to the dumpster depot and see what happens……

    • DrunkRob is slutty Rob, so that blonde chick from Lost probably got lucky…I’m still thinking that Brendan Fraser is like the ghost of the future Rob..remember when Brendan was hot?? That hair, his face..and now he got mothering hips and is losing his hair.

  2. See, kids, this is why booze and cold medicine are not a good cocktail!!!

    I had to laugh at the first of the 2 pics in the cab/car; looks like he’s saying “yeah, right there…that’s where I’d like to see some fandom!”

    • The second one in the cab/car is the one that intrigues me–why is he making that sign with his fingers, and who is he looking at when he does it? Wasn’t it TomStu that was sitting in the opposite corner of the cab there?

      • I think that’s him.

      • Love the finger gesture. He appears to be looking at me . . . .

        My answer would be “Yes”.

      • Oh, that is no sign, that is just bad co-ordination. Or possibly secret sign language for “Take me home immediately and do what you will with me.” I hope. 🙂

        • I’m guessing that a fuck you sign to the pap taking the photo!

  3. PinkPixieChick and ZephyerSky- thanks for presenting the stages of DrunkRob. This is very important info.

    I think that he may be very happy and and sweet while under the influence.

    BTW- look at his feet in the second pic- very large!

    • LOL – I totally noticed the size of his feet too!

    • Glad I”m not the only perverted one!!!

    • Geez I noticed that too lol.

    • In the car he looks sweet and HOT! the end!

      • He does look sweet and hot.

    • I noticed them before anything else!! Think we’re looking at size 12 or 13? Has his shoe size already been debated?

      • In 2008 there was a Twilight interview where he talks about his shoe size, I don’t have that saved, but someone might!

        Maybe they can post it here.

        • size 10, english size = 45 german = ??? american…lol, well he has big feet!

          • Shoe conversion charts say 10.5 American. Hmm. I feel he’s bigger than that though (TWSS).

          • Yeah he did say he has big feet, he said because he’s kind of a tall guy. 🙂

      • There was an article that said he is an Size 12US. He’s so skinny that his feet look bigger than that. Love pointy toed shoes on him though!

    • I’ve always noticed the size of his feet and wondered….

      • I will say yeah it’s long [wink] Have you not seen the Japan airport pic? hahaha

  4. Picture 1 = weird body contortionism going on.

    Do you know I have gone over every red carpet picture (I have spent more time than is sane doing this) hoping to discover a BI for London… unfair, in future tighter trousers Mr. Pattinson, please!

    I just love tipsy/beanie Rob. He’s the best!

    • M!x3- we appreciate your dedication. I’m certain, based on the frequency of BI pics in the past, that there will be another opportunity for a BIL pic.

    • I meant picture 2…..doh!

      • Thanks for trying, M!M!M!
        I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities this.

        • for, this. I meant for this.
          Gah, drunkRob pics so early in the morning is killing me.

    • Rob looked great in that silver jacket (very sparkly – did he steal it from Taylor’s collection?)

      But I agree about the pants. Waaaay too baggy. He should have worn the gray pants from his interview on the View. Those were so tight that Drunk Rob probably would have an accident and the peen would have come busting out! That would have been epic.

      • I looooved that gray suit.

        DrunkRob and BI Rob at the same time???

        oops, sorry, I drifted away for a minute,

        • um, “BI” ?

          • BI is our abbreviation for ‘big in’. In some pics Rob appears a little…… ‘excited’ if you get what I mean.

            Can someone find the BIJ pic?

            That’s ‘Big In Japan’

            My usual disclaimer: some think its a manip, other chose to believe.

          • IT IS NOT A MANIP!!!!! 🙂

          • Drsaka – since we’ve seen several BIs, I think it’s safe to assume it’s not a manip.

          • There is contention about that BIJ pic, but I believe!!!

          • drsaka & Jules – so do I, so do I!

          • Clearly I don’t spend enough time on here anymore.

        • DrunkRob & BI would be the death of us all, Drsaka!

          • Sadly, being drunk and being big at the same time is often mutually exclusive. Just saying.

          • TOO- you may be right, but we can hope! Rob’s unusual in so many respects, so…….

    • well this was the only pic i found maybe we can consider BI ldn

      • Well @che, there is a hint of BIL, but I’m not sure it’s of a similar standard to the other BI photos….this one may not make it into that coffee table book, I’m afraid 🙂

    • I was on iTunes the other day and stumbled upon a song called Big in Japan and I instantly thought of you and Minuit. So wrong. So, so wrong.

      • Should that be our theme song????

        • Yes!

      • That’s AHA”Big in Japan” 80ties stuff….and soooo wrong! lol

        • love you for that comment, RG.

    • I’m not sure it’s completely the tightness of his pants that matters- shiny material help too 😉

  5. Last pic-
    Finger Porn!

    He’s so wasted he’s litchrely giving us actual finger porn.

    He’s like “F*ck it. Howz that for fingers?”

    • He still looks heart-breakingly beautiful even when he’s pissed!
      Life is so unfair…….

      Finger porn pic….
      “What are you doing with your fingers there, Rob?”
      My thoughts exactly when I saw that pic, it’s nice to see all our minds are residing in the gutter together. 🙂

      • EXACTLY! The look on his face? Oh, he knows. Naughty boy.

      • I propose that he’s infact all squinty-eyed cuz he’s just come from the dark (inside) to the insane brightness of flashbulbs going off every tenth of a millisecond (outside) …..anyone? ….anyone?….

        • Rob needs his Ray-Bans!

      • ..”it’s nice to see all our minds are residing in the gutter together.”

        Firmly in the gutter…..

    • And we all know Cupcake Donna where you would like his fingers to go, in your cupcake mixture. Just remember to fold in the mixture and stir a few times for good measure and always lick your fingers and spoon afterwards 🙂

      • you filthy, filthy h00r

        • we will be perfect as room mates then ; 0

    • EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • when I saw that pic I laughed so hard I teared up. THE BEST

  6. I ❤ Drunk Rob.

  7. I would NOT like to have camera shoved in my face after I’ve had a few. All things considered, he still manages to look pretty good.

    Each of these pictures makes me laugh.

    • I love your more “serious” note, actually the flurry of camera flashed more than the whole firework on St.Patrick day (Is there a firework? lol)
      Just “normal” Pattypattz stuff on an official holiday!

      • no fireworks here for St. Paddy’s Day, but there is drunken revelry!

        BTW- I said on that post that Rob was probably in no need of education regarding beer drinking. I think I was right, but it does look like he’ll need some help in the recovery stage. I think I’ll volunteer.

        • I’ll help you to help HIM! 🙂

  8. DrunkRob is my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Remember how I told you to call me? This would have never happened if you did. I would have taken you out away from the flashes straight to the nearest dumpster to…pass out. But not to worry, TomStu would have immediately come to keep us warm with his extensive vintage premier jumper collection. Cause I just know he brought several jumpers at the event, he must be one of the guys who changes outfits throughout the evening.

    Let’s pass out together!

    • MP- This is a very educational post- now we all, and you!, can recognize Rob in all the stages of intoxication.

      Was TomStu there? I didn’t see the duckies and tulips sweater so I might have missed him.

      • do you know that TomStu is wearing that tulip/duckies sweater in the photo they use on Wiki……does the man never take it off????

        Must say pic at Wiki is rather yum!

        • hahahaha, thanks for pointing that out, M!x3. Where on earth did he find it?

          • I read somewhere that it was given to him by his younger sister.

            1) I could be making that up (seems like a plausible explanation for having such an appalling jumper)
            2) I could have read it on LTR
            3) I could have read it on the interweb.

        • Confession time:

          I heart TomStu, and his sweater even more, but he doesn’t do much for me in the looks department. He’s handsome, but I’m totally Switzerland on him. (lookswise)

          I prefer it that way though, I mean, wouldn’t want to come between the bromance that is RobStu.

          Hahah, um yeah, as if…(I know)

          • @Cath.

            I don’t rate him much either on the looks front but I do think the pic at Wiki is one of the better ones of TomStu.

            The Twi fans (so I’ve read) wanted TomStu for EC before RP was given the part. I can see it somehow, I think he would probably have been just as good as RP and we could have all been blogging on Letters to TomStu instead ……hmmmmm i don’t thing so!

          • I heart TomStu for being such a good friend. I mean this sincerely.

          • What drsaka said!!!!!

          • TomStu has really been growing on me lately. You can find a radio interview with him on one of the TomStu sites that is so sweet, and he’s even more self-deprecating than Rob. It’s great Rob has a friend like that he can hang out with.

      • Dsaka, watching the life-stream all of sudden I saw on the red carpet two very very skinny legs , coloured sneakers and ANOTHER BEANIE, so YES, Tom was there 🙂

        • RG – Ever so observant.

          • haha, I love to be prepared… 🙂

          • That’s why you’re my dealer.

          • And mine tooooo!!!!

    • different jumpers AND different SHOES! love that!<3

      • excellent, RG.

  9. Zoolander was on cable last night.
    I laughed every time Ben Stiller did the “Blue Steel”.

    Did Rob watch Zoolander a few too many times?

    • Yeah, I was totally thinking about Blue Steel when I saw these pics. Rob could give Ben Stiller a run for his money…. lol.

      • Hahahaha! Me too!

    • I think in this case he was making the Blue Steel face because he was trying not to vomit on the paparazzi.

      • would have served the paps right!

        • Yes, come to think of it, he should have just let it out!

      • HAHAHAHAHA omg blue steel Rob!!!

  10. Robs a Brit, and we drink waaaay too much! Ha, I reckon he’d had 2 or 3 at least before facing the fans. (I have that whilst getting ready to go out for the night!!!!) It was great to see Tipsy Rob, but I felt sorry for the poor bugger having the flashbulbs in his face after a night out. If he came to drink at my house, he wouldn’t have that problem!

  11. When I saw the pictures of Rob in his beanie, it was like an angel was given their wings. I’ve missed the beanie, and more importantly, drunk Rob. Rawr is right ladies. Rawr. Is. Right.

    • Amen. Drunk Rob ranks right under Suit Rob/Clean Rob for me.

      I want to know where the beanie came from…like did he have it in his pocket or was someone holding it for him for later? Maybe it was in Clare’s purse?

      • omg… I was wondering the SAME exact thing!! I was thinking, “It looks like it would be too lumpy to just stick it in your pocket” (that’s what she said). Maybe one of his handlers held onto it for him. I would like to handle Rob. I’ll hold his beanie any day. IfyouknowwhatImsayinandIknowyoudo. 😉

      • And ps…When I read your post at first, I thought it said “Slut Rob”. And I was okay with that.

      • He changed shoes (Adidas), too.

        • right, the famous Samba-adidas, so comfy!!! the red-carpet shoe were really UGLY!

      • I wondered that about the shoes too. When the beannie came out so did the nikes. Where were they hiding before?

        • TomStu!

        • He hides them in bushes around theaters for when he phases at afterparties.

  12. Drunk porn is a close 2nd to finger porn!
    he needs putting to bed, is hair holding and his back rubbing, and i for one am totally up for that job!

    im with you girls, sparkly hoodie, all 9.5 inches of it, which was mathematically calculated in the flat!! and therefore must be true!!

    • please explain more about this calculation and its ramifications!!??

      • Drsaka – Don’t you measure the size by measuring from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the forefinger. When the hand is making an gun shape?

        He’s got mighty long fingers……*sigh*

        If this is the case, and actually does measure size, can I just say that I’m mighty thankful I’m not a bloke!!!

        • ‘a gun shape’ not ‘an gun shape’ ….soz!

        • Wait, what?!?!?!

          • @jules.
            Do you not measure possible penis size this way?

          • hahaha, M!M!M! – I just learnt that formula from you.
            I shall apply it in the future, it may save me some disappointment, or smth.

          • Girls pleaaaaaaaaaaase…it is tooo early to talk about his fingers and his…ehhh…penis size…I hardly can breath because of aaaallll the pics you just put into my brain….OMG…I just sooooo love his…ehhhhhh… finger…size!!!

        • M!x3- I’ve the idea that this is the correct way to ‘imagine’ it. I just really wanted to hear more about the proceedings of the discussion that lead to the calculation; I like logical reasoning, and you know, that this is important info 🙂

  13. Ahhh, DrunkRob. The Rob I am destined to bang.

    Thank you for this information. I am going to use it as a guide for happy hour. I think I should print it out and distribute it for girls’ night tonight!

  14. It all comes down to the shoe size again,
    we know that them shiteouse Nikes are a UK size 10, FACT!
    After 3 pages of footporn one crunk, one flatmates DH, (Iknow) informed us of a chart that calculated the length of sparklyness using foot size,

    see if google shows you this then it must be true, google is the law!! Rob carries round a whole 9.5 inches!
    The flat is like school, we learn new and vital information every day!

    • robzanne – I assume you mean erect?????!!!!

    • What?! Nooooo…. You think??

      • heehee!

    • Hm, these things tend to be false, but in my (very limited) experience there exists a certain correlation in this case..

      • Yes the correlation of foot/finger ratio to penis is true, honestly.

        Large feet = large penis

        long fingers = large penis

        Rob’s got both so am assuming he’s hiding a rather large trouser snake in those pants……oh god, have i just had that thought!
        *hangs head in shame and disgust*

        • Mine! and what’s about the “nose-penis-correlation”? lol

          • He doesn’t have a big nose so in Robs case it would be

            Small nose = small penis

            No, I’m not liking the nose idea 🙂

          • Nose/penis correlation? LOL
            How did a drunRob post turn into a penis size discussion?
            Pervs. The lot of us.

          • There is no correlation between the size of a man’s nose and his penis. I know this first hand. Trust. So, no worries there MMM!

            Jules – it all started with the finger porn and the wonky feet and drunk Rob. From there…. it is inevitable that the conversation turns to penis size discussion.

          • KB – Truth!
            finger porn + wonky feet + drunkRob = Sex
            Sex = Rob
            Rob = BI
            BI = penis (size)

          • Mine! Its okay, todays opposite day 😀

        • God, I really hope he doesn’t lurk here today.

          Hi, Rob!

          • I love “shipping Robuit,” TLG.

          • @ml, thanks. I need to push cool French girls his way…I thought I should also and mine!mine!mine! but there isn’t a good way to combine Rob with it, and then my name would be too long. I’m rooting for a cool English or French girl because I’ve have enough of the sullen American one.

          • TLG (shipping Robuit) – yeah for the cool french girl = MP…..x yeah for getting rid of sulky american girl = Kstew.

            thanks for thinking of me also, but I’m no way french cool.

            I hold my trouser together with staples! Sad but true, I have had to staple my trousers up today, hem came down and have no thread/needle so had to improvise (boss not too impressed) I now have a row of staples round the bottom of one trouser leg = scruffy uncool English girl…..but hey I’m happy! 🙂

          • thanks for the trouser stapling story!

          • Staples are a plus for you today, M!M!M!

            I think you should seek HHH out while wearing the stapled pants.
            Do it! He like ’em scruffy.

          • M!x3, I’m sure Rob has stapled his clothes together a time or two–something you can talk about together, compare notes, etc.

            BTW, if you are really serious about stalking, you’ve got to get on the twitter/fansites of his music buddies so you’ll know where they will be playing next. Do it for us, please!

          • For real. Hi lovah!!!!

          • He doesn’t. Clare probably does.

        • “Rather large trouser snake in those pants…”

          There goes my productivity for today.

    • robzanne, LMAO!

      Drsaka, pls add that schedule to the coffeetable, printed out and lamineted, for those who’ll need more than a concrete vision, like facts and figures!

      • I will and thanks for the vital discussion! (I can’t click on the link at work, I just can’t).

    • How am I supposed to get any work done now???

      • Bwahahahaha… won’t.

  15. I don’t mind drunk Rob, but I think he is just as sexy sober..the only thing that might make me prefer him drunk would be the increasing likelihood of him falling into my arms and being dragged off to a fate worse than death.. 🙂

    Since this is the weekend maybe I should set up my camera at home and make an experiment: after each drink I check a photo of myself to see if I have started to resemble Rob yet. If not, I must have another one.

    • I applaud your proposal of experimentation.

      • It’s not working..yet. Will have to get back to you. Laters babe…

  16. These pictures would have NEVER happened if Dean/Steve was there.

    • haha, I missed Dean/Steve as well, his new bodyguard was trying to have way too much benefit from the situation, touching here and there the Rob-body!
      I was so jealous; I can handle Dean/Steve better, he’s so familiar.

    • Haha, I think Dean was on holiday.

      Come back already Dean/Steve!!!!! That other bodyguard is all over Rob!!!

      • Why in God’s name did this man touch him soooooo much!!! Seriously I wanted to punsh him…where can I get an application to become his bodyguard!!! Anybody???
        Knows??? No???? Ohhhh you just want the job for yaself!!!

        • Hahah, I want to be his bodyguard too! Between you and I melronin, we sure can be efficient! haha!

          Srsly where can we get an application? Anyone? Y’all? lol I’ll bodyguard and embrace him at the same time.

          • Hunny between me and you and him there wouldn’t even fit a pin…we would squeeeeeze him so tight!!!

          • Ah girlfriend, did you have to say “squeeze?” lol

      • Wasn’t the Cannes bodyguard a little ‘handsy’ with Rob a s well?

        • Oh yes!!!! I remember that burly man!

        • Yes, he was, and Rob was BIC.
          cf. RG’s pic post from a few days ago.

    • Sassy!!!! Look another innocent topic totally over taken by a discussion of Rob’s peen. I think it inevitable – all thoughts lead to Rob’s peen.

  17. depend on the person. Maybe a fifth. That should hit the spot about right. Then add- the fun stuff.

  18. I dunno guys…. I’m always suspicious of the foot measurement theory. My ex was size 11 shoe, long fingers and only 6 1/2 inch (Uncerc.)
    I’m a big fan of the earlobe to shoulder method. That’s always been pretty accurate.

    BTW I heard there was a pic of Rob staring down someones shirt again last night, but haven’t been able to find it. True or false?

    • @Jamie
      I’m standing by the finger/foot measurements for indication of possible penis size…it’s never let me down 🙂 heehee

      • Sorry, I’m curious, how do you do that now? 😉

        • do what? measure penis of finger/foot? 🙂

          • that should have read
            ‘measure penis? or finger/foot? not ‘measure penis of finger/foot’ ????

          • mine!mine!mine! – I think you’re making all those typos cuz you’ve got Rob’s penis on the brain.
            ps: are you back in London and are you gonna look out for (stalk) him this wknd?

          • hmmmmmm interesting concept!

          • the brain is not the right place

          • @jules
            typos constant in my life, everything done on the quick.
            I am in London today, but I am off to visit friend this evening for weekend, who unfortunately doesn’t live in London. Will not be back in London again (for possible drinking) until mid/end next week. So have decided that if RP’s not left London by then I am going on a mission. I am going to stop FANNING AROUND and try a bit of mild stalking.
            So girls got any ideas where I should start ?

          • minuit…..yeh think !

            Pics of tipsy/beanie rob always give me hope that one day I’ll meet him in a seedy pub and have a chat. He always appears the most accessible when he’s pissed….extreme excitement always sets in and fry’s my brain….

          • PREACH

          • @Jules


          • I love your theory but there is one condition for that. You actually have to be in London!!! No Rob length size theory can do smth about it.

          • Yes, care to explain? 😉

          • Minuit – I intend to be in London next week (assuming nothing comes up) but then I’m off on holiday, so it’s my last chance 😦 and of course that means RP must still be in London and going out and not packing for Europe (so can’t go out and get drunk….yeh right) or hanging out with Kstew…she’s already said she’s got a vacation coming up after next week…..what do you think? will she turn up in Budapest or London? God I hope she doesn’t turn up in London 🙂 actually I hope she doesn’t turn up in Budapest! She’s got a bday on the horizon so I’m expecting her appearance in Europe at some point!

          • …and just like that you almost ruined my day, M!M!M!

            Min – You can’t use words like Rob, length and size in the same sentence. Are you trying to kill me?

        • This all feels way too complicated. I’m only going by the “you show me yours” method.

          • Yep…that works everytime and you can judge by yourself…you know by visual experience!!!

          • katies, that sounds like a good plan…ahem.

          • With the whole measurements before you see you’ve got a reasonable idea of what you can expect. Your way relies on blind faith….. 🙂

    • I’m suspicious of the foot measurement theory too….I don’t know, in my experience, that’s not the case! lol

      I’ll just leave the sparklepeen alone.

      • I also can disagree first hand with the shoe size/peen equation. My ex was a 13 shoe but only had a 6.5″ inch disco stick.

        • Oh pumagirl, you made me laugh so hard (twss)!!!!

  19. I just wanna know in which pocket he was hiding his beanie on red carpet…. and his sneakers. I don’t recall his bulge looking extra bulgy….did it?

    Some talent you got there, Rob-ler-ward! *phew* tongue twister.

    gosh, luff it when hes drunk. his fingers get all retarded and twitchy. AND the beanie appears…from his pocket.

    *stares at his finger doing the nasty* *dreamy sigh* He’s soooo goood. :-/

    • ps. *idea* I know now what I’ll give him if I ever meet him!!!

      A fanny pack! IN PLAID! He can hide his whittle beanie and flask full of tequila. Maybe ciggy’s AND nicotine gum. I bet he’ll drop in a slightly warm hot pocket….extra flaky to save for later. Oh, and a chapstick, that’s a necessity!

      Yes! \o/ He’ll remember me forever!

      • Fanny pack…LOL. Oh dear. I bet if he used it, then fanny packs would be in style again!

      • Please, god, don’t say ‘fanny’ to Rob when you give it to him.

        • i think fanny is a really funny word!

          • yes, but doesn’t it mean vagina to you Brits? And you know his, ahem, allergy…

          • Isn’t fanny the word for “butt” in British English?

            One of my neighbors(that I’m good friends with) is from England, I guess I should ask her the next time she passes by my house walking her dog. 🙂 I don’t want to offend her though.

          • SB – It means vagina in England. But It still makes me laugh and it’s one of the nicer words we use for that area of the female body.

          • Mine – oh wow thanks for telling me!!! I’m so glad I don’t need to ask the neighbor! Hahah. Boy I was kind of way off wasn’t I?

  20. Rob is Rob, everytime everywhere, working, having fun, drinking, saying this or that.

    To me he was sooo happy to be in London having “his” premiere, that he just tried to recover lost time.
    So what is suppose to happen in one week, he does in one day….
    Results? Lots of random thoughts on fansites, funny pics, weird eyes, fingerporn and…….


    So..all in all a successful evening!

    • Hey RG,

      I love the chest hair peeking above the shirt….rawr.

      Oh my dear and the lovely long fingers………..sigh.

      *fanning myself* It’s getting hot in here!

      • honi ❤
        ..the Rob drunk "chest hair+clavicle bones+skin SHOWCASE" = me DEAD! 🙂

        • Donde estas?

          Honey Rob’s gonna give you mouth to mouth rescucitation….hahahah and cpr. Get ready! Clear!

          • It’ THERE where I wanna have his lips….!!! 🙂

    • Did I tell ya that I love ya today??? Drunk Rob, or exhausted Rob, or sleapy Rob, or pissed of Rob…or whatever Rob…is just fine by me!!!

      Dear Rob hunny,

      You look a bit exhausted in these pics and a bit pissed…so whenever you wnat you can visit me in Greece for a little relaxationtime and maybe a bit of rehab! I promis that I will take good care of you…I will be there for you for everything you need and the most important thing…you will be totally incognito her!!!

      Love you to death

  21. Haha, thanks girls for these pics and your captions, they are hilarious! Perfect!

    Rob is so hot when he’s sober and drunk….:-). I was looking at these pics the other day and thought wow, I could have whisked him away and he would never even know, that’s how drunk he was! Lol.

    Awww Rob, you’re so cute, stop teasing me please!!!! It’s only 10 AM here!

  22. Epic DrunkRob porn, girl! So much win.

    • Massive WIN!

      • agreed!!!!!

  23. I’d be very dissapointed in The Rob when it only takes 4 drinks to get him that state, let alone 4 beer, hahaha.

    Rob is one tall guy, I guess ten.


    • Cath, I’m guessing 10 with chasers 🙂

      • Indeed Mine, indeed!

    • *waves* Hey Wilson.

      Well I think it has something to do with what he’s drinking too! Some drinks are awfully strong! How many Guiness can he drink?

      • Sorry, grammar fail. I meant “Guinesses.”

      • I volunteer to be on the island too!

      • *Wilson waves back to SB*

        But we know who Wilson really is, wink wink…

        drsaka want to play Friday? Mash up between a modern classic and an old classic.

        • Did you do it? Did you think about it last night? Email. 🙂

        • sure Cath! (or Kath!)

    • Cath,
      I think Rob is a “cheap date.” He doesn’t eat all day and gets drunk easily…

      I love thinking about Rob being “easy.”


      • ML, easy? Oh dear…..I need a drink, a margarita, anyone please? It’s Friday? Can we celebrate earlier in the day? Haha!

      • He’s very slim. probably didn’t get a chance to eat first.


    Yes! The cussing and all caps were highly necessary. DRUNKRON is the BEST RON!

    • Jane…as usual you are dead on. DRUNKRON IS ALWAYS THE BEST RON!!!! 🙂

    • I thought of you when I first saw the pics and we began to caption them.

      • awesome captioning job.

  25. He doesn’t take pictures with Kristen and avoids being seen with her at public events BUT he and his handlers let all these pics of shitfaced Rob get taken. I love it.

    • Good observation

  26. Hi Rob…ehhhh…Cath…I mean Cath…He obviously can’t handle the drinking very well so I suggest you send him over to me and we can educate him here in Greece how to drink properly…we start with a little bit of ouzo…

    • I love ouzo.

    • My dear Mel, I’m so flattered that you believe I have that kind of authority over Rob, haha.

      IF I had I would directly send him over to Greece and you ofcourse. Can I have a little bit of a vacation there as well while you teach Rob drinking?

      • My dear Cath…You can come with or without Rob (yes…seriously)…oh…why don’t ya come all over I have a biiiiig house, plenty of room…all of us together for days in one place talking about Rob, dreaming about Rob, breathing…Rob…ahhhhh what a dream!

        • Sounds wonderful Mel, will ask Rob. 😉
          Your hospitality is heartwarming btw!

  27. I feel sorry for him. Hang in there Rob!!!

    • why?

      • The list is long and could be: having to deal with screaming fangirls, having to deal with a jillion photogs flashing his pic, having been mandled by his bodyguards, OR it could be all of our talk about his anatomy! I’m with niahid!

  28. Girls, you all slay me! It’s not even noon and you’re talking ’bout the peen! Love it! All it takes, apparently, is some finger porn and shoe shots. Sigh.
    Anyways, my hat’s off to the two ladies who secured these photos – how the hell did you manage to find these?! Nothing makes my Friday better than seeing that Rob had a good time on his night out at home. These pics had me laughing my ass off at work. At some point I am going to have to explain what I think is so funny and then the fun will be over.
    Love the last split pic in particular. I think in the one on the right, Rob’s trying that magic trick where you stuff a red hanky into your hand and then it disappears. Except that he forgot he doesn’t have a hanky. Makes doing the trick easier, though, I bet.
    Abara Cadabara! (sorry, I don’t do magic so I might’ve mispelled that).
    Love to you all!

    • hahaha, it’s soooo sweet that one of his main features is “to forget”!!!

  29. LOL…..hilarious……..luved the last pic

  30. This isn’t #drunkrob this is #ReallyDrunkRob and I think I likey. It would be much easier to carry on a conversation *read: take advantage of* this Rob. It would be hours before he realized I wasn’t Kristen 😉

    • LMAO!

  31. hahahaha 4 drinks is nothing for a Brisish lad we are talking double digits here and he’s not that bad here 🙂

  32. Oh have mercy I can’t think straight anymore with all these peen conversations!!!!

    Dear Rob,

    I sincerely hope you’re not lurking here today!!!

    Btw what were you doing with your fingers in the last photo! I love how you were smirking, hehehe, looks like you had something up your sleeve. Looks like you’re hammered too and ready to pass out….hot!


    • seriously…its 10am and all these pics of drunk rob and talk about his peen and measurement theories has thrown me off for the rest of the am I supposed to work?? what a highly distracted friday..

      • What better way to start the weekend early by drinking your morning coffee while looking at adorable DrunkRob and theorizing on his God Given Gift…

        Happy Friday, right? 😀

        • nice plan, pumagirlsf

        • I know! I LOVE it!

      • Work? Pfft…what’s that? Haha.


  33. Dear Rob,
    You had quite a night.

    -A woman kissed your hand right after you coughed in it.

    -You referred to yourself as a *ussy.

    – You said you wanted your wax figure unpainted (brill).

    I could go on…

    Thanks for being you, Rob…just thanks.


    • Don’t forget about the minister thing, J.Bond and his explanations what kind of films he will do:
      Rob logic:
      “The next film is kinda dark and kinda funny,
      the next film again kinda drak and kinda funny,
      and the third is kinda dark and …NOT FUNNY AT ALL!”


      • RG I had to watch that interview twice!!! Haha

    • And don’t forget the clever quip about only dating fans!

  34. I laughed my face off looking at these pics. So beyond funny!

  35. Dear Rob,

    That last picture on the right…
    “What’s goin on right now” (TQ)
    “Isn’t hard enough without all of this” (EQ)

    WALLflower =)

    TQ= Tyler quote
    EQ= Edward quote

  36. Drunk or stoned…. wasted Rob is the best Rob!
    In any case, why arent there any pics of him with TomStu? You know when Robbie’s with TomStu both of them are higher than a kite.

    TomStu does that to Robbie.. (le sigh… my little cup cake) is a naughty influence on him


  37. Drunk Rob= ALWAYS win!
    So where are the picks of drunk Dick TWSS (Rob’s dad) hehehehehehe!! LMAO Are they alike when drunk?

  38. Here goes the daily random post by Bleriana…

    1. I thought the title of today’s post was “How many dicks does it take…” -> yeah that’s criminal I know
    2. I am kinda happy and kinda sad, then kinda happy and kinda sad again but all together I am kinda happy and not sad at all (lame I know) because I spent 300 € on clothes!! H&M collection is the bestest!
    3. London Remember Me Rob died me today. He looks so adorable and hot and happy and DRUNK… I may or may not have a secret crush on drunkrob.
    4. Today is also the day I got “Pride and Prejudice” !! The guy in the bookshop told me that -quote- “You should also read Wuthering heights. That one is really good too.”
    5. Only 5 more days to go until I get to see the TaybertPorn first hand and not only hear about it!!

  39. UC, so I go to check LTR and the kids come and find me (they are on spring break) and they start saying:

    Kid one: Dude, that’s the Edward!
    Kid two: In the first picture he is like a normal teenager, but in the next one he is like a hobo with OK clothes.
    Kid one: He is massive cool in the first one, but just massive in the 2nd one.

    I think they may be more like their father than I thought. I am just thankful my other 2 kids don’t talk yet!

    Love the drunk Rob pics and thanks for the laughs today!

  40. I really hope Rob is lurking today!! So funny, so very funny!!!

  41. Seriously entertaining, seriously. 😀
    I kinda got sidetracked at the 1st picture though when I got to his feet, they’re huge!
    You know what they say… 😉

  42. I love when he plays with his hair. He does it alot in HOW TO BE just saying 🙂

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