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How I fell for Rob: Not the usual story

*Welcome back to our reoccurring post called “How I Fell for Rob” where readers tell us well, uh how they fell for Rob. Want to share your story? Email us and you could be featured!*

Wait, you didn't think this dude was hot enough to be Edward??

Dear Rob,

You’ve gotten so many letters that follow the following pattern: Girl never heard of Twilight; Girl finds out about Rob; Girl thinks Rob is “meh”; Girl sees Twilight; Girl obsessed over Rob; Girl proves why he deserves to be obsessed over. While my story has the same outcome, it’s a bit different.

I had read books 1-3 (the 4th wasn’t even out yet) of the Twilight series before the Twilight movie was even thought of. And let me tell you-Edward had my heart! When it was announced that a movie was in the making and that YOU were playing the part of the delicious Mr. Cullen I had to Google you and see how you measured up. Unfortunately, in my eyes, you didn’t measure up AT ALL (I know, I know…How can I even call myself a fan? I am SO sorry, and I will make it up to someday!! Just give me a call ;). I even visited the Twilight fan sites that were demanding for a replacement, but, to my credit, I didn’t sign any petitions! Eventually, I got over the fact that you were going to be playing Edward, and I even convinced myself that you were actually perfect for the part. I went into the movie theatre opening night with no ill feelings towards you at all. Until you appeared on the screen (Oh, I should’ve warned you that this letter actually gets worse before it gets better).

You like my bouffant?

While some people could see past the ridiculous caked-on white makeup, the red lips, the boufont hair…And those eyebrows! Yeesh!…I could not. So I left the theatre disappointed, and feeling how I did in the beginning-How could this guy be the one they chose to play Edward??

Months went by and I forgot about you and Twilight. I only saw the movie in theatre once, and I didn’t even buy it when it came out on DVD (in fact I didn’t even own a copy until 3 months ago!). It wasn’t until I loaned the books to my sister-in-law to read that I even thought about you again (and this too was probably only 4 or 5 months ago). She mentioned that after she read the first one, she became an obsessed Twi-freak and watched numerous interviews you and Kristen had done on YouTube. She had me curious-What were you like when not playing a vampire? I got on YouTube, clicked on the first interview I found, and BAM. I was done for.

You were gorgeous and funny and your accent was so sexy!…*Sigh*…I was in Heaven. I completely and totally fell for you. Not you as Edward, or the sexy smoldering version of you that is in all the magazines (although that side of you is very HOTT as well). I fell for the adorkable, stuttering, stammering, hair fondling, musically inclined Brit that is you, Robert (AKA Spunk Ransom!).

Don't mind me... just stuck in this fog

Needless to say, my obsession with you grew quickly, and I now have all the magazines, books, calendars etc. with you on/in them. I listen to your songs daily. I have seen New Moon in theatre 4 times and have 3 different copies of the DVD on reserve. I even have my own version of Twilight, and I can finally see past the makeup/hair/American accent.

I love you Rob, yes, as Edward, but more importantly, just as YOU. You make my life sparklier every day :)…Just don’t tell my husband I said so (even though I’m fairly certain he already knows!).


So…. Rob is in a new movie. Have you heard? Did you buy your tickets yet? You can buy them in advance on Fandango.

Anndddddd there’s a campaign going around to make Saturday March 13th, “Remember Me Saturday.” The idea is to go back and see the movie again (assuming you’re seeing it Friday night) and bring your family and friends- yes, even your grandpa. Having trouble getting the man in your life to give a crap about this movie? How about printing a picture out of Emile De Ravin, who has been looking smokin’ lately, and telling him that he’ll get to see her in some sex scenes? Oh, and make sure NOT to mention that Rob is in the movie. Then he’ll probably go with you for sure! Check out the Remember Me Saturday website for more details

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Pic from Robsesssed


  1. Am I the first to comment…how come???Anyway, girls, we are all sisters in this. All our stories no matter how they began have the same ending…we all totally fell for ROB, not Edward…somehow this man put a spell on us, it’s the way he speeks to you with just one look, the way his smile has 100 different meanings and we all know by now what all his smiles mean and when you see him smile it makes your day and nothing else matters and when he’s sad it’s breaking your heart and you just want him to be happy.It’s the way he sais WHAT? and WHY? and the fact that there are 100ts of beautiful men out there but he just has all the xfactors there are in the world and that he doesn’t get it makes him more perfect…that’s why we all fell for him…hard!!!

    Oh, I wish I could express myself better in english, would so much love to write a letter to him.

    • I understand your english well, but I’m german 🙂

      and you sound soooo sweet in LOVE ❤

      • You got that right…is there anyone who doesn’t fall in love with this man…Oh please give my love to germany, I grew up in Berlin da konnen wir zusammen Deutsch sprechen, habe dann auch Deutsch studiert, lebe aber jetzt wieder in Griechenland.
        Alles Liebe…

        • Danke! ❤
          just read this morning that Rob stayed for a longer time in Berlin when he was younger, Berlin ist sooo cool und ich liebe Griechenland!
          Schön, dass du uns gefunden hast…HUGS ❤

          • where did u read that RG?

          • sorry just saw it.couldn’t get a chance to read anything today about Rob

        • Danke! I read just this morning that Rob stayed for a longer time in Berlin when he was younger, right, Berlin ist cool, Griechenland auch!
          Schön, dass du “uns” hier gefunden hast…<3

    • melronin,
      love your avi.

  2. btw, I love my avi…I’ve totally become this little blue crazy creature…Rob through me of balance…big time!

  3. That’s probably the best one I’ve heard (no offence to the others that sent theirs in)
    I would attempt to explain and send it in but I can’t remember half of it (it was all just a blur of good times..)

  4. “I LOVE you Rob just as YOU!”

    here the same
    through films, shoots, press tours, interviews, pap-photos, word vomit, jokes, manners……blablabla

    I guess the thing that makes my love complete is at least your great, unique and gorgeous

    SENSE OF STYLE …..and with style I mean LIFE !!!

    • I second what rg said and will add BIJ to the list just for MP and DRS.

      • thx, ML

  5. Dear Mindi, all paths lead to Rob, it seems. Congratulations on arriving at the destination of Rob and LTR. His allure after viewing his interviews is impossible for anyone (women and some men) to resist.

    Aha!! We thought he was otherworldly and he is!
    Resistance is futile!

    (ref ST:TNG). Sorry, geekgirl moment with a Star Trek ref- now back to being cool girl.

    • I told you he was an alien! Or an incubus, it’s all good. Bring it on Rob, I’m not afraid for a cute British incubus! 😉

      • Um, that’s afraid of…

      • I think TOO said something about him being an alien as well. I like the incubus idea. It implies ‘night time activities’.

        • Sorry if this comment shows up twice–internet fail this morning–anyway resistance IS futile when it comes to Rob! The Borg could totally take over the earth with a ship full of Rob replicas. The female portion of earth anyway would put up no resistance. You can assimilate me any time, Rob.

          • TOO- I’m glad that you got my geekgirl moment!

  6. I fell for Rob when I saw KStew pull crap out of his teeth and he said she was the best actress of our generation.

    I was a GONNER after his Twilight commentary. My crush will never go away with that at my disposal.

    • That commentary is the best!
      I don’t remember the teeth thing (where was that??), but I remember his quote.

      • hahah…MTV interview, the first, on the set of Twilight…you KNOW it! lol

      • She cleaned something from the corner of his mouth and wiped it on his sleeves. Same MTV interview.

        *hides in shame that I knew that

        • I so don’t want to remember, haha.

      • I remember now- hahahaha

    • I became totally spellbound during exactly that interview as well and it will probably last forever…

    • I love that interview!
      I loved the awkwardness of his “chilean kiss” joke.
      So cute.

      • Yeah for the chilean kiss joke, Jess…I thought it was hilar, too but Kstew didn’t get, so I guess that means I belong with him.


      • The first time I heard that I didn’t understand his joke either, but it was because of his accent. He pronounced it, “CHI-lian”, and I am used to hearing it pronounced “Chi-LAY-an”.

        Maybe the Stew had the same problem?

    • Boo hoo. I STILL haven’t experienced the Twi commentary. It’s been eating away at me for months (have only been aware of the whole Rob/Twilight thing since June).

      But I don’t buy anything Rob or Twilight. Never buy magazines, the DVDs, nothing. My hubs knows I’ve read the books (borrowed surreptitiously from the local library) and that I rented Twilight once and actually went to see NM all by myself in disguise, but he would probably be worried about me if I actually purchased the Twi DVD with extra features.

      This is when I wish I wasn’t still closeted and could actively seek out and meet fellow Robsessed folk in RL so they could loan me their Twi commetary when my hubs is out of town.

      I’m so pathetic…

      • “actually went to see NM all by myself in disguise’- you’ve got to tell us what your disguise was!!!!!

        • Oh, it wasn’t an elaborate disguise or anything. I had this pink PUMA sweatshirt I had received as a gift which I never wear because 1) pink is not my color, and 2) I don’t like being a walking advertisement with apparel company logos emblazened across my chest. But it was the perfect time to bust that baby out. I put on my skinny jeans, the fab pink sweatshirt, stuffed all my hair into it, pulled the hood up, and wore sunglasses. Then sort of slouched around with my hands in my pockets like a teen.

          If anyone was there that still recognized me, they never attempted to approach me, so I think I pulled it off. Have kept the sweatshirt for the next two Twi films.

          Just realized while writing this how ironic it was that the sweatshirt is a PUMA one. Ha ha.*

          * I am not a puma.
          I think. I forget all the categories….

          • its always best to hide in plain sight! Funny with the puma thing!!!

  7. Great letter, I love hearing about how we fell for the same guy…and funny enough if we all liked the same guy in “real life” (shall I say) I would totes NOT want hear about how you fell in love with him too…but there is such a sense of community when it comes to Rob

    *humming kumbaya

    p.s. yes that’s me in my avi!!! it was not photoshopped

    • misty , now I’m jealous, what the heck are you doing there with MY man?

      P.S. Team? pfttttt…

      • bhahah I new I would make some heads turn…it’s me infront of the Remember Me gigantic cardboard thingy at the movie theatres…that other girl (Emily DeRavin) is who is really in the shot (don’t tell anyone that lol)…

        P.S. I ❤ U Team pftttttt….

        • Misty- that’s a great new avatar! That was a great idea!!!

          • thanks….though, some say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one………..meaning my friends yesterday thought I was a total nerd for making them take a pic of me and were totes 2nd hand embar for me…why can’t people just understand “it”….

          • A little 2nd hand embarrassment is worth it!!!

          • misty, that was a great idea!!! and…you look beautiful, so ..mhmm…dedicated!!!<3

    • I’m totes bothered, Misty. jk

  8. I don’t even dare to write a letter in English (I am from Curacao and live in Holland) LMAO–> Don’t mind me… just stuck in this fog. I loved reading this letter!

  9. Girls have you seen the pictures that robertpattinsonau posted yet…OMG they take your breath away…the black and white pics are to die for, he’s sooooooooo gorgeous!
    Oh and it was to late for me to comment on the hat-thing last night…who cares about the hat…who cares what he’s wearing anyway…wouldn’t stay on him for long that’s for sure.

    • the b/w ones are always the best, we like to call it “art” here 🙂

  10. My ‘acute fondness’ began Nov 09. So fairly new to this madness. Didn’t bat an eyelid when the whole twilight stuff hit the cinemas in ’08. He just seemed like another teen idol similar to that guy from High School Musical. It was the interviews that did it for me, though it was gradual, didn’t really get it at first, but the more you watch those interviews from ’08 the more the ‘acute fondness’ takes hold. Once that happens you’re lost…lost forever in the beauty that is Rob.

    On another note….I’ve just been reading posts from yesterday and someone (can’t remember who) posted an old BI…photo (similar to BIJ). I spend so much time looking at these photos and giggling like a 14year old….but I just love that so many intelligent, interesting, charming women spend so much time looking for pictures of Rob’s Knob.

    Way to go ladies! 🙂

    • M!x3- there seem to be quite a few of those pics- it seems our Rob is quite excitable! Anyway, the collection is increasing for our coffee table book!

      • I have to admit that whenever new pics of Rob hit the interweb that’s the first place I now look…….*hangs head in shame*…..just can’t help myself!

        • Me tooooo…oh and I’m not ashamed of it at all…new pics of Rob are like food for my soul and heart and brain.
          Oh and can I say, you know by now, no razzies for our baby (such a stupid nomination anyway) and oscars without Rob???NO THANKS!

      • What’s going to be the title of our Coffee Table Book???
        And Mine;LOL at Rob’s Knob. Love you Brits!

        • It’s got to include the word Knob in the title….only because it will make me giggle.

        • Some title with ‘excitable’ in it. Can’t have ‘Excitable Boy’- that’s a Warren Zevon song about a killer. It would be perfect except for that.

          • Drsaka – what if there are many pics like that because that is the natural dormant state? What if we haven’t really seen him “excited”?
            Food for naughty thought, I tell ‘ya

          • If these are his ‘dormant’ state, then just imagine how we’d react to his ‘excited’ state. Heaven’s have mercy.

      • well ladies, what’s about the pic from RM with the white shirt, he is sitting?
        Do you know it?
        MINE! the Knob-word is disturbing, in german it has a very “little”sound, like button or such 🙂

        • I quite like the word knob, it makes me giggle….sorry, just a bloody 14year old at heart.
          what are the alternatives?…. penis (to clinical) willy (sounds like a little boys..*shudder*) cock (too crude) dick (short for Richard so sounds wrong), after this we enter the world of porn and I’m just not going there 🙂

          • hahah, I love how this is becoming a serious discussion, Rob called it “his private parts” and that sounds good to my ears, but I’m not against “knob” at all 🙂

          • RG – ‘private parts’ …..hmmmm sounds like a granny discription or he could have used… ‘his bits and pieces’…. that’s how my granny used to discribe them (male and female)

          • mine! LMAO…I guess he talks sometimes like a lil granny,you’re the english expert here……my german ears cannot distinguish the words-details-meanings at all………but I just died about your comment! ❤

          • I read a fanfic where the author refers to it as “his twig and berries.” That had me rolling. I prefer equipment or package or just parts. We all know what parts we’re talking about.

          • OMG…..twig and berries


            That’s really silly, but highly amusing…..hahahahaha!

        • RG….re. white shit – is this a BI…. photo? Giggling girls need to know 🙂

          • whoops…..I obviously meant ‘Shirt’ and NOT ‘shit’…….hmmmmm

        • I love “Rob’s knob”!

          Has a good ring to it, and is straight to the point. Not like the euphemism in that old Steve Martin movie, The Jerk, in which he refers to it as his “special purpose”. Still never fails to crack me up.

          “Rob’s ‘special purpose'” ?

          • “Rob’s ’special purpose’” to seduce us all.

          • Indeed, drsaka, indeed!

  11. what about the Greek word “lili”…sounds like a flower to you ehhh!!!!

    • melronin……good, but doesn’t sound dirty enough for Rob’s tackle….

      • LOL…I know not dirty at all and we want him really dirty…Greek is a crazy language.
        Now girls, don’t be shocked, I decided to get rid of the little blue creature (as much as I like it) but had to pay respect to this man…kept me going for a long time…you all know first love never dies…hope I don’t offend anyone and above all Rob (he surely knows how much I love him) looking at your avis made me so nervous, God it’s like talking to Rob…so I wanted a little mantomantalk here…LOL

        (Don’t even know if it will work…)

  12. No didn’t work at all…I’m so not into this computerstuff.

    • go to sign in, download the pic, then you have to wait a bit and clear the cache…it’s quite easy, i hope it helps<3


        • oh it worked…thanks so much schazchen…you are all so good at this I’m like retarded here. Now we can talk…

          • de nada, BUT who’s that? Sorry , I’m an ignorant in celebs, I know only Rob and that’s not him…lol

          • melronin said she was a middle earth devotee and that Aragorn or Strider (Viggo Mortensen- he did a great job in the movies).

            I guess my geekgirl doesn’t want to hide today- first ST and now LOTR. I’m busted.

          • Oh, I thought this was photo of Rob very well disguised…I’m so lame and blind…

  13. This is Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen)in Lord of the Rings, you obviously didn’t see this movie…it would take ages to explain, but in short, after this movie and this man no other movie was worth watching on big screen for me… well that changed when I saw Rob in Twilight (of course), now he has taken over my brain…so this man is just to remind me of my first love…yeah Greek women are so melodramatic…

    • well, I saw the films, I know Aragon….sorry, didn’t recognize him…I read the books and saw the films years ago, I’m lame today 😦

      • RG – no you’re not…I couldn’t work out who it was either!

        I was going to ask about the avi thingy, thinking of changing mine. However, I realised that not many pictures of me exist, well none that I would want to share with you lot. My facebook picture is of me asleep in the back of a black cab which was taken at 3am in the morning leaving Soho….it’s not pretty but it’s the only recent photo of me in existence. the only other ones are of my knees!!!! All black and blue (v. swollen) from a night out at a Roller Disco….yes I said Roller Disco….whoever thought that wheels and alcohol make a great combo was insane……I nearly killed myself, but did manage to pick up the worst skater award!!!

      • mine! lol, I love the Roller disco, it’s great fun, well with alcohol the whole thing gets more giddy. You can work on the pics, make them bigger, smaller or showing only a lil part of it just like me did, I just cut out ROB, annoying that guy, he was on Roller skaters holding up a beerbottle….too weird for my taste!

        • RG – Giddy…..more like downright dangerous, the amount of people I end up face down in their laps or boobs was truly bloody frightening. Quite an ice breaker though 🙂

    • I had the hots for Aragorn as well. Damn he was fine all sexy and dirty and manly. Problem was that when Viggo wasn’t in costume, I didn’t find him anywhere near as attractive. It was only as Aragorn, in fact, only as dirty ranger Aragorn, not as clean, fluffy-haired King Aragorn, that he got me all hot and bothered. Oh, and Orlando also wasn’t nearly as charming without the blonde wig and pointy ears.

      My experience with Rob/Edward was exactly the opposite. Edward doesn’t do much for me at all, what with the tweed and fugly brown shoes (although Twilight Edward was much hotter), but Rob? Rob without white makeup, lipstick, and lots of bouffant-maintenance-hairspray is perfection. Especially when he opens his mouth. (don’t go there).

      • omg…..i just loved the elves, they were the best…really gutted when the all got killed and bloom was really hot….but not in RL. Agree with you about Aragon hot dirty ranger, not hot in RL…though I did kinda find him quite hot in the Russian mafia film (can’t remember the name of the film) could have been the tats. Find myself really like jailhouse tats at the mo, but they are so over, and everyone who’s gone down that road are going to regret that they did it 10 years from now.

        • Yes, the elves were hot, especially Legolas. Although I distinctly remember loudly exclaiming, in reference to Haldir, “WFT?! Why is there an ugly elf? There’s no such thing?” Poor guy. He has since grown on me.

          But yeah, when I saw Viggo and Orlando out of costume, I was like, “Ew!”
          Don’t know this Russian mafia film you’re talking about. Will have to investigate. Is his hair brown, messy, kinda greasy, and shoulder length ala Aragorn? mmmmmmm.

          Re: tats. Agreed. Too many don’t give them enough thought prior to getting them done. I cringe now at some of the things I used to think were cool. So glad I didn’t have them inked all over me.

          • Ageed….I only have the one and I had it done quite sometime ago, however, it’s in a place that can’t be seen, not unless I want someone to see it. There are quite weird though, I remember when I got mine, I really wanted to get more, but I stopped myself and I’m really glad that I did….. it isn’t really of anything in partic. it’s a death symbol which sounds creepy but it’s not obvious unless you know which part of the world it comes from. I still really like it, I’ve never seen anyone else with the same one so i suppose it’s quite original in that sense.

    • Aragorn, Son of Pheremone, as my husband calls him. Sigh. Sorry to all here but I’d step over The Pretty to get to him.

      • Damn it. You all are re-awakening that forgotten Aragorn-lust of mine. I don’t need more distractions! Luckily for me, the lust begins and ends with those films, and I will never be Viggosessed. Though he truly did a phenomenal job in that role. Just wished he coulda stayed in costume permanently.

        I want Rob out of costume. Well, out of all clothing, really.

    • sorry- I should have read a little further-

  14. Oh, forgot to say, great lettter, Mindi!
    My previous post shows that I’m in the same boat. I saw the trailer for Twilight and didn’t think Rob was anything more than another young, kinda decent-looking actor. But then I clicked on an interview along the side bar and I was well on my way to being swallowed by insatiable lust.

    Only after I was fully Robsessed did I watch the whole movie, and since I was completely biased and won over, I thought Rob looked f*cking gorgeous as Edward. Especially during kissing scenes. Oh, those scenes. Oh.

  15. I think my story differs a bit because I watched the movie BEFORE I read the books.
    So in my mind, he was perfect. Every bit of him was perfect for that part.

    Oh, to go back to a simpler time. When my life didn’t revolve around sites called “Letters to Rob” and “RobsessedPattinson.”

    • so true 🙂

    • Jess,
      I watched movie first, then books…was hooked during biology scene.

      I outed myself to a friend today and she said, well at least your not into porn…I laughed, but cried a little inside.

      • Thanks, Rob! I owe all of this to you.

      • Ha ha ha! Love it.

        We all cry a little inside….

  16. Ahhh ladies…so you all know Aragorn…oh yeah he was very hot, very dirty and the basic love story is a bit kind of Twilight, immortal elf falls for a human, gives up her immortality for the human…I get crazy over such lovestories. The russian movie was Eastern Promises, ok I admitt out of love for Aragorn I saw all Viggofilms, but he is a great actor ao he deserves the credit.
    Oh Jess, our lives will never again be simple after we saw Mr Pattinson…love is never simple…

  17. This is for drsaka…it’s because of your avi I needed to change my little blue friend. This picture of Rob is so… alive and so hot…it made me nervous…thought I was talking to the man himself…so I wanted a face, couldn’t hide anymore, yeah well Rob makes my defenses fall you know…but needed a strong character though to talk to him…so I came up with my favourite fictionall man (ok…Edward is the best). XOXO

    • Thanks, I think Rob looks like an angel in my avatar pic-

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