Posted by: Bekah | March 6, 2010

Saturday am Delight: Robward

Dear Rob,

Let’s be honest, most of us like you because you were Edward. Sure, sure, ever since we fell for you as Edward we’ve learned to appreciate your other works- but we weren’t sitting around having “Saturday AM Delights” in Cedric Diggory. We weren’t writing Daniel Gale fan fic (scratch that- I wasn’t writing Daniel Gale fan fic. Other people supposedly were. *shudders*)

So while we wait to see you in a new role next weekend and as we anticipate a trailer showing you reprise your role as our beloved Edward Cullen, how about we reminisce all the good times we’ve had as we’ve watched you portray our one half of our favorite romantic couple since Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky on Full House.

Get your tissues ready for this one


Rob is my perfect Edward. I read the books before I knew about the movies so I never really had a person to play Edward in mind. When I saw the first trailer with Rob, I wasn’t convinced, but all it took was one second of Rob walking into the cafeteria for me to be convinced he was the one!

Help us out by participating in a poll after the jump:

You may have noticed a trend on LTR that we don’t post our best crap on the weekends. In fact, we specifically choose the worst stuff for weekend posts OR fan letters we have a TON of (like “how I fell for Rob”). That’s not because we hate you or hate the weekends, it’s just because internet traffic dies on the weekends and we like to save the best for when traffic is high. With the exception of all the Remember Me crap that has been out this past week, content about Rob has been…. slow, to say the least. We were thinking of running an experiment and NOT posting on the weekends for awhile or until stuff gets kickin’ again.

That’s not to say we won’t have a place for people to connect & chat. Whether that’s here on the blogs under a weekend post of some hot Rob pic or somewhere specific on the forum, we’ll provide something. And we’ll only do this if there is a consensus that our marvelous readers will survive. So please, participate in the poll!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. I admit, I don’t spend much time online on the w/e. But I’m so used to going to LTR first thing every morning-I’d feel lost without you!!! Even if it’s just Rob vids, please post .

    And there is Daniel Gale ff! I have on in my favorites-I haven’t read it yet, but the title alone hooked me:

    • I heart Daniel Gale!!!!

  2. Weekends are the only time I can read LTR/LTT first thing in the morning! I have to wait weekdays until late afternoon/evening to read your blog and then it’s too late to comment since everyone else posts comments early! I would be lost without this outlet for my obsession Please…I need you…we all need you!

    I know you and Moon have a life but please don’t take away my weekend fix!

  3. i read the books after i saw twilight so Rob was always ideal Edward for me ,i’m not sure what would i think if i read books before cuz i’ve really strong could be like RP ruined my Edward but.. no no it’d change immediatly after watchin’ him on ellen or jay leno.i love Edwrad so much but he’s not the one who i’m obsessed 🙂
    about the weekend post ;i guess i can survive for a while at least when he’s not around cuz we definetly need weekend post when it’s like last weekend

    • me too, I read the books after I saw twilight, I refused to give into the twilight hype. But when New Moon came out , I figured why not? Let me see what that Robert Pattinson is about, and voila … that was the end of me . How can any man can be so perfect and charismatic , and Yummy ! SO desireable…. OMG!

      Regarding the weekends post , I always find them interesting.. Especially if they are about Robward , he’s my favorite:) he’s always number one in my heart:)
      sorry about being so corny:) have a nice weekend ladies 🙂

  4. I start my day with a dose of LTR/LTT too. It’s my espresso shot of funny before I have to get out of bed.

    I didn’t read the books until after T and NM came out so I read them with Rob as Edward and he was my perfect Edward just slightly buffer I guess? I didn’t even know his name when I watched Twilight but that cafeteria entrance made me imdb and google him for about 2 hours after I watched it.

    Love that first video – Biel rocks my socks.

  5. agree, agree agree!!!

  6. Biel is an effing genius!

    • She is the best Rob-video maker !! Ever!!!
      thank you Biel!

    • Did you see my comment the other day about Summit sending her the Eclipse footage, & seeing what she comes up with….

      • jorts,
        I didn’t see your comment about Summit and Biel but wish it were true.

        She is so gifted.

        • Biel- thank you and yes. you’re gifted!

      • maybe she’s the new editor Hatchet is talking about (over on LTT)

        • That would be great if it were true, Abs. Nice to see you here!

          • 😉

  7. “Rob is my perfect Edward. I read the books before I knew about the movies so I never really had a person to play Edward in mind. When I saw the first trailer with Rob, I wasn’t convinced, but all it took was one second of Rob walking into the cafeteria for me to be convinced he was the one!”

    That is exactly how I was for me also.

    BTW, love the Biel video!! Her videos are my favorite.

  8. Dear Moon and UC,

    I love LTR, I appreciate ALWAYS your posts, like EVERY DAY !
    I totally understand that mantaining a blog every day “high” is not even possible, although the “subject” is so HOT!

    I can speak only for me and I think your work and effort is wonderful and I really don’t care if there are days where the posts are shorter or longer….do what you think it’s good for you and your ideas.

    My selfish ME loves LTR every day !!!!

    Edward or Rob?
    I like Edward, BUT I LOVE Rob!

    • Exactly what RG said!

      • Same here!

        • you changed your avatar again!!!

        • wowow…that outtake is my fav. of the whole shoot!
          great, I love it !!!

        • Yep, changed it again. I’m fickle like that, so many Robs to choose from…I felt like a smiling hair stroking Rob, it’s more Spring timey!
          Sorry for confusing you guys. 😉

    • Robgirl,

      What’s that “C.” all about? I can think of a few things, such as curious, cunning, capable, confident, capricious, or is it charasmatic, but I wanna know the truth?

      Tell it!


      • CRAZY about AND CONGENIAL to ROB 🙂

  9. Rob was the only reason I even saw Twilight in the first place!

    I totes get the weekend thing.
    You chicas need a break!
    Seriously, I don’t know how you do it.
    I’m funny and witty and random, unplanned moments but to have to write something everyday and be funny? That’s gotta be ahrd (TWSS).
    But, duh, we love yas for it.

    • *at random moments

  10. I saw the trailer for Twilight before I read the book (which was before I saw the movie) so I always had Rob in mind.

    The first video just rams home to me how much hotter I think Edward is in Twilight compared to New Moon. He better to bringing it in Eclipse!

    • Snaps for you shleeeigh! You got rams, hotter & Edward into one sentence! Bravo!

      Havn’t seen you much here since the epic Bafta post, have you been “cured”??

      Also agree with RG re: wknd posts. I’m just thankful your here in any capacity!

      • That’s an excellent sentence.

      • Funny you should say that, I’m having a Robistential crisis! I’ve cooled off on him, I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t think he’s been looking that hot recently or what! I’ve been spending my time over analysing everything and trying to work out what’s going on – but don’t worry, I’m still lurking!

        That and work’s been a total bitch to me over the last week.

        • RL gets in the way sometimes, but the allure of Rob will bring you back!

          • dr,
            Ok, and I’ll show her Details, too…that’ll convince her. lol

          • maybe not Details-! I’m not sure what she would be convinced about concerning Rob then!

        • HI Shleeeigh~

          Thanks for saying “robistential.” I haven’t cooled off on him(…and that sounds fun btw) but have had a few crises of my own where he is concerned, so I get it.

          On another note, can you believe how many “rob” words we use?


          I think my mother has a robversion. Last night she told me she doesn’t like him because he doesn’t look clean. LOL Like I care.


          • Good list ML!

            Show her the OscarRob pics- he cleaned up pretty well there (but still was our Rob). He looks clean in the VF pics too.

          • Don’t forget

          • Sorry that downrjumb was me and my wonky hand eye coordination AGAIN!

          • Thanks for the additions, T.O.O. I knew I was missing a bunch of them.

            Thanks GGGP!

        • Glad to hear it! ( that your lurking still)

          If you find that “cure” lemme knw. I may or may not want it.
          *hangs head in fangirl shame*

      • Please all holy Rob Gods, I don’t want to be cured!!! (I read the cured question and immediately thought that it’s indeed a sort of affliction, but like I just stated:)

        Please for the love of Rob. Don’t ever let me know if any of you find a cure. I can be easily bored and crushes come and go. Rob’s been hanging in there, I want to hold on to my Robsession. I want to grow old with my Robcrush. Thanks! 😉

  11. Still can’t believe how this man dragged me out of Middle Earth (sorry girls I am an absolut Tolkienperson, worship the ground this man walked on)…it was the second he opened his mouth in the biologyclass to say “I’m Edward Cullen” when BAM it was over for me…he pushed the deletebutton in my brain, but seriously it’s all about Rob, there wouldn’t be Edward if it wasn’t for Rob and after ComiCon 08 Rob is all that matters anyway,it’s all about him since…can’t hide in Middle Earth any more CAUSE HE IS NOT THERE!

    • Rob gets all of us in one way or another; all other interests dwindle away.

  12. I think most of us can get near their computer only weekends anyway…workdays are so busy I can’t even breath, it’s a miracle if I manage to check into your site once on a workday, but I can understand if it’s to much for you…it’s a great site girls, we will read you one way or another…and oh Biel is a genious no question about that.

  13. I think it’s fine not to post on the weekends, you girls have a life too and I know this takes a lot of time out of your lives. So I’m really okay if y’all don’t post on the weekends :-).

    As long as M-F is open, I’m all set!


  14. On another OT note: Remember Me won’t be released in my country March 11 after all. It’s been pushed back to April 1. (And that ain’t no joke…)
    So RG, just that you know as well. April 1 it is for Holland. Me is not a happy camper about that…

    • Cath- that’s too bad! Boo!

    • NO!!! that’s really BOO !…thx for telling me, so I have to wait..damn!
      1 April, I hope it’s not a joke…anyway 25th March is it out here…so BOO again….lol
      NOT FUNNY to hold back ROB from ME!

  15. Dear Moon and UC- I’m still rather a newbie at LTR, but I really enjoy it. But posting a letter every day must take a lot of energy and real life gets in the way (dammit). Please don’t stop altogether! Its too much fun.

  16. Dear Rob,

    What am I supposed to do now on our anniversary??? 😉



    • Dear Rob,

      I got stood up as well, and honi, it’s not the first time!
      Not funny at all!


    • :-(. I know the feeling honey. Did you figure out the exact date? The day Rob swept you off your feet?


  17. Right on, UC!

    He is my perfect Edward as well. Much like Brad Pitt is still my perfect Louis in Interview (Tom Cruise not so much as Lestat).

    Breathtaking, heartbreaking vampires… What’s a girl to do?

  18. I fell in love with Rob when he played Cedric Diggory when Minisinoo wrote Finding Himself, a fantastic Harry Potter fanfic. When I read the books back in 2007, I thought “wouldn’t he be a great Edward?” and then, he got the part, and I almost wet my pants. So, I was a fan of him, and the books, long before the movie came out and anyone was cast. Yes, I’m being a snob. I look down on the movie folk.

  19. Videos are awesome sauce. I’ll miss the weekend posts but definately understand. Just glad to have you doing this for us at any capacity.

  20. I cannot deal with split screen Robward!! I don’t know which one to look at… so much Pretty!

    UC & Moon- You do what you gotta do.

    • Keisha,

      I love that Biel had the smarts to put his Twi/NM images side by side. When I first saw NM I didn’t like Edwards make up so much, but now that I see this it’s not so bad, or is it the drought that has lowered my standards?


      • ML- realistically,we’ll take him in any makeup! Except maybe for clown makeup: clowns scare me. I hope that he doesn’t have to dress up as a clown in Water for Elephants.

        (Cath-see I got an elephant mention in again).

        • Know what Drsaka? I have a feeling that he would LOVE that……the clown-thing………and they scare me totally as well!

        • Woot! Bobo all the way! (And wouldn’t like Rob in clowns make up either, although I wouldn’t much mind him as a classic Pierrot for once, without a red nose or crazy wig.) Talking about Bobo and WFE, the All I Want Is You clip is totally circus themed as well, quite appropiate, only that Rob is not playing a dwarf, but his enemy IS the trapeze guy.
          Ha! Made another Rob/U2 crossover!

          • V good! Have you ever seen Wim Wenders’ “Wings of Desire” ? There’s a circus theme there too. Its a great movie, thought the two follow ups are not (named after U2 songs- until the end of the world and Stay, faraway, so close). And I think Wenders directed the ‘Stay’ vid.

          • You know, I actually still have to see that one, it’s been on my list forever and ever and it’s actual great that you remind me now. And you mentioning ‘Stay’ is so weird, just saw it on VH1 here. I LOVE that clip and the song also. Smoking Angel Bono in Berlin, what’s not to love?

          • Its really worth seeing. Nick Cave is in it too. The Stay vid (and song) are on the top of my favs list.

        • drsaka~
          YOu got an elephant mention in, but what about BIJ?

          • I need help with that today- still woozy fro the pain meds.

            chryredlipstik found this yesterday- how perfect is that??


          • I didnt see yellow?

          • do you want a yellow one? We might have to request custom orders!

      • haha, it’s the drought PLUS your eyes…in the video the NM-Edward-parts are ALL or b/w or enhanced or processed with colour or slightly blurry….lol……..just sayin…and the NM-make-up on Rob was meh’

        • RG,

          LOL…can’t believe I didn’t notice that. My eyes are going:(


  21. Dear Rob,

    I live in a shitty little city in a little coutry where nothing ever happens. I will never have the chance to come to a premiere or see you at a booksigning or a mall. They haven’t even set a date for the release of RM here, so I depend totally on the girls of LTR for news of you or your movies. I just can’t go to rehab for my robsession every weekend. Could you please talk to them my darling!!!

    • where are you from?

      • ooops sorry am new at this…should reply here…as I said a little shitty city in Greece where nothing ever happens!!!

        • melronin- Greece is beautiful! And this is a good use of the internet (IMHO)!!!!

          • Oh thanks dear drsaka for the comfort, Greece is nice for holidays… I would rather live in London right now though…maybe near these orgyfilminglocations they are talking over at robsessed…a girl can dream right???

          • there are some beautiful pics over at Robsessed-

  22. UC & Moon,

    Thanks so much for ltr and ltt. You two have been amazingly consistent and creative and I wish I’d found you sooner.

    Do whatever you have to do…k.


    • I second that, mountainlion. How UC and Moon can keep up the funny day after day and week after week is so impressive, and we are the lucky lucky recipients!

      • TOO- it really is impressive. UC and Moon, I appreciate every single day on LTR, but do what you have to.

  23. In a little shitty city of Greece…yeah…it’s like living on Mars guys and obviously he is living on Venus with all you girls…so I’m totally dependent on the net for everything Rob’s about…can’t even find decent magazines with pics of him here..

    • I’m sure Rob would love visiting Greece. The beauty of some of your wonderful islands…oh my…:-)

      • OMG don’t say things like that…I will not sleep tonight…thinking of what I could do with this man on a little desert island of Greece…

        • Ah oh, that’s a new image melronin!

  24. Dear UC and MOON,

    I totally understand everything you said and will stand by you, no matter what. If this was a once-a-week thing, (hope it doesn’t get that bad)
    I would still come here for you and Rob.
    As someone here said the other day…

    “I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist”


    Me =)

    • Can you please tell me the way to live in a world where he DOES EXIST knowing that he will never know that YOU EXIST and still live a decent life without going nuts!!!???I mean this hurts more then the fact that we will never have him…if anyone of you has the answer… please, I need to know how the hell I’m going to survive here. And I thought I had it all under control!!!

      • melronin- you should refer to the topic from 2 days ago-

        This will help you manage your crisis! Hang in there and take heart- we’ve all been there!

        • Oh, I’m deffinitely at stage 4 DEPRESSION…must be the last person on earth to watch Twilight (just 4 months ago I was hiding in Middle Earth…read all 4 books in 3 days afterwards ) and then NM…man it just gets worse…this man is killing me softly…or not so soft…and I don’t think RM or Bel Ami will cure us…I’m seriously afraid to watch these movies…I will not survive them…

  25. I’m just glad this site exists. You guys deserve the weekends off!

    It’s 1:30 and this is the first chance I’ve had to get on the computer all day, so if you guys decide to end it (sniff, sniff), I’ll totally understand.

  26. Uncle Jessie and becky Full House? This would be wild ncle Jessie-becky Rob and the rest of full moon and twight all in a full house. Now that would makea great story.

  27. Gah- TUOEM just updated, be back soon-

    • TUOEM? Whats that?

      • fanfic- The University of Edward Masen- one of the better fanfic IMO. Give it a try!

        • So good, it was updated today, still have to read the new chapter!!!

    • Just finished 24 last night, no spoilers please! 😉

      • Can’t wait to read it!

    • Sounds urgent, Drsaka.

      I ❤ you for that.

  28. Hi Melronin and drsaka,

    Thanks for telling us about robsessed photos and Cath don’t worry about the hat because he’s gonna take it off.


    • maybe he’ll leave the hat ON!

      • Girls, look what I found!!! (And yes, HE can leave his hat on in that way)

        • Cath- nice (that’s what I was referring to!!!!!) And bonus points for the Tom Jones version (I’m not a Joe Cocker fan).

          • Couldn’t resist…And those pics over at Robsessed, I really don’t mind the hat there. The first one…omg!

          • yeah, really really nice-

  29. I sometimes check in on weekends (like today) but not always.

    Gotta say I love that video by Biel. That is exactly the ignition of my Robsession. Edward started it all. Actually, sometimes I think I like Edward better. But then Rob washes his hair and eschews the hoodie for a suit and all is forgiven.

  30. GIRLS===for God’s sake take the weekend up!

    It’ll only mean that there’ll be even better and more awesome weekday posts…if that’s even possible 🙂

    Love y’all.

  31. I’m concerned about the results of the poll. Because I’d like you to keep posting on week-ends, in fact it’s the days when I could spend more LTR time and not get fired. So if you feel inspired, palease continue posting during week-ends (ditch letters to Twilight if you have to :)). But hey, I won’t say anything, I’m really glad for this space you created, def. the bestest blog, and you’re def. the bestest Rob bloggers. By far!!! Love you for you’re editorial angle and your sense of humour.
    Oh, and to support my thing, you know Rob has also more spare time during the week-ends to lurke? OK, that’s not the best argument, but at least I tried.

    • Hi MP- not a bad argument at all! I try to do stealth LTR at work and I’m going to get caught one of these days!
      Are you back from your ski adventure?

      • now back.

    • your not you’re! double duh!

  32. MP! Great lurker argument there! Did you survive the fact that we missed Drunk Rob at Bobby L. a couple of days ago? You were not far off with your Marcus prediction! Good one!

    • awww, don’t tease MP- I bet she’s non to pleased at missing DrunkRob.

      • none

        • Haha, I’m sorry, just trying to share my trauma here. 😉

    • what? no trauma till now because i don’t really know what happened last week but I have a lot to catch up with. Drunk Rob, OMG!

  33. Thanks Moon and UC for all your love and hard work that goes into making this site what it is. I don’t know how you do it! I totally understand that you want to take the week-ends off for some needed rest and recuperation, although I will miss you!!

  34. like my new avi?

  35. I sometimes check into LTR on the wekends…but during the week I always check out the vids on Sat Morning Delight…as long as you keep those coming Im happy!

  36. My cousins were constantly badgering me to read the Twilight Books and I told them that I was not interested in reading about vampires. I heard and saw pics about Rob but, at that time, I honestly couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Then this past January, my cousins gave me the DVD to watch and told me it was similar to the book. So, to appease them and get them finally off my friggin back, I took it and watch it. Well, that is all it took and I was totes hooked and crushing first Edward and then adorkable smexy Rob. Now those two beyotches giggle at how robsessed I have become over this beautiful man.

  37. BAHAHA! Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky FTW!

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