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Rob gets a new dad: Myspace Artist on Artist

Dear Rob,

One of the VERY first videos I watched of you was the Myspace artist on artist conversation between you and Hayley Williams from Paramore, and it’s still to this day one of my favorite interviews of you EVER. So, I’ll be honest I was worried that your artist on artist interview with Pierce Brosnan might not live up. It’s not going to go down in history as my favorite Rob interview EVER, but there was some great stuff here:

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First of all, can we discuss your outfit? Gray (is that a slight pinstripe?) dress pants and a white T-shirt? What is that? Marks & Spencer store brand? Did you show up in sweatpants and a t-shirt (your PJs of choice) on this morning and the Myspace people were like, “No way. Not gonna cut it?” Did they look around everywhere for another outfit option and only came up with the pants from the gaffer #3? Some poor guy is standing behind the camera, holding the microphone, pantsless (I’m sure you offered your sweatpants once you realized what the Myspace people were doing. However…. I’m gonna guess the gaffer took one look at those haven’t-been-washed-in-3-months sweatpants and said he’s rather just hang out in his whitey tights for awhile.)

How cute was it that Pierce watched the movie with his entire family? Were you pissed? You seemed shocked that he saw the film before you did. I mean, you’re the executive producer! By the way, what does that mean? Did you give them a little seed money in exchange for the right to tell Summit- hell NO I’m not letting you promote this movie saying “Edward Cullen finds himself a new “Bella” and they eat “Italiano off each other”? I think it’s great. You’re all grown up- from vampire to executive producer. From sweatpants and a tshirt to pinstripe gray dresspants stolen off a poor union worker! I’m so proud.

When you guys discussed your favorite scene, you both laughed. It wasn’t a “Remember that hilarious scene we did together” kind of laugh (cuz I hear its not so much of a hilarious movie). I’m feeling there’s a story there. Come on, you can tell me. What happened? Did Pierce fart one time right after the director said “Action?” Did Tyler break into a British accent which caused his Brooklyn raised dad to start talking Irish? Did you guys get pissed at each other and throw steaks at the Oak room? Did something happen with Emile sex-related? Did you guys have a threesome?

I know Pierce played your dad in the film, but I was kinda surprised to see the father-son relationship you had during the interview. I hope Dick doesn’t see it- he might get a little jealous. First there was the excitement the ‘dad’ had for his “son’s” new job. Pierce seemed so proud of you about Bel Ami (and also a little like he wanted to take you out for beers and ask for details on all the beautiful woman you mentioned!) Then he starts asking you about the “vampire piece” you have coming out. It’s so cute. It’s like you’re in college, home on spring break, and your dad is asking you about something he doesn’t understand- your philosophy class or something. Then he starts imparting wisdom on you about how the studio will try to drag out the series even longer than just the 4 books. He shares his experience, “Well, back in my day when I waked through ice, snow & sleet to school… there were only 7 books- but that didn’t matter.” And you’re SO interested! “There were only 7 books!? So Connery did most of the books?” I see the wheels turning your head. You’re thinking you’re like Connery. You’re proud that this “dad” figure is comparing you to Connery. Or to himself. Like maybe Pierce sees a little bit of himself in you! And whoa- that’s something. Cuz Pierce Brosnan isn’t just any dad. He’s a dad who has hooked up with the hottest women EVER. He’s…. well, JAMES BOND. Poor Dick… he doesn’t stand a chance. When choosing between James Bond or a car salesman for a father figure, he knows who you’re gonna choose…..

So while it wasn’t Hayley Williams, cokes around a table & jokes about southern accents, it was pretty cute. However, I think I wanna watch this one again… just to reminisce:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
(Outside US)


PS- I missed you at the Oscars last night. The experience was… much less satisfying. I actually WATCHED the awards (read: got drunk on champagne) instead of scanning the crowd constantly for any sign of you

Also, I’d like to take a moment of silence for the following adorable pictures:

Did you buy your Remember Me tickets yet? What are you waiting for!?

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Pics from TwiCrackAddict


  1. Good morning Ladies,

    I can’t see the video (since I’m outside the US AND since youtube is blocked at my work) so I will comment on HER “speech” again from last night:: *cough

    but she did look pretty.

    p.s. thanks Robgirl, Draska and Mountainlion for the nice comments yesterday..I didn’t have time to check back in to LTR to thank you.

    • you’re welcome, misty!

    • thx misty and I can assure the video HE looks pretty! 🙂

      • ooohhhh..I bet he does and which “grey pants” was UC refering too?
        The same tight, grey pants that showed of his long legs and yummy man parts from a recent interview….twsssssss……

        • the pants are grey jeans, not the grey suit pants, but I was focussed more on the kinda thinny fabric of that ol’white Tee, a “winner” in my book 🙂

    • Misty is that you and Rob in the avatar? Squeee!

  2. “Did Tyler break into a british accent which caused his Brooklyn raised dad to start talking irish?”

    Love it! Hilarious!

    Have always loved Pierce Brosnan! Still remember the scene in one of the Bond movies where he’s soaking wet just out of a pool. Oh be still my heart………..

    • Hey honey, so glad you’re here!

      • Hey SB, last week was crazy one for me but I’m back now…. lol.

  3. “There were only 7 books?”

    ROB…..the view, the eyes , the SHOCK, the thinking, the SHOCK, the “learning” ohhh Rob, HOW I love that moment with your “new” Dad!

    P.S. Nice arms and skin you have!

    • I loved his response too.

      I was wondering if he felt underdressed in that t-shirt next to the well-dressed Pierce? BTW- underdressed and Rob and welcome in the same sentence anytime.

      • ohhh I can’t wait to get home and see it………I love anything that makes me swoon for him more….luckys

      • don’t know, a bit awkward in the beginning, the whole “Dad”-attitude…Rob looks a bit like a lil’ lost bunny, SO he does his best PUPPY-EYES!!!

    • He’s genuinely shock when Pierce told him” they never gonna let you go” Ka ching
      Poor Rob.
      Relax !! Just 2 Breaking Dawn and you’re off the hook , Man.
      I love how Pierce keep saying “Man”, so in the now 😉

      I gotta say, i love this better than with Hayley .

      • Right, I guess he pictured himself at age 35 filming the “Edward-made-up-fan-fic-version” of Twilight No.15 or so….


      • niahid:: “I love how Pierce keeps saying “Man”, so in the now”

        bahahahah LMAO

      • If Steph runs out of money and finishes Midnight Sun, maybe we’ll have a 5th movie…just sayin’

    • haha that was sooo funny
      only seven books, yeh just seven
      wait what only seven books
      yeh that’s right just SEVEN!

  4. Pierce SO played the part of proud dad when he asked about Bel Ami. The look on his face when he said “oo you got some beautiful ladies there.” Aw.

    The Hayley/Rob one is still one of my favorites though. I love how he imitates the way she sings “here.”

    Those pictures kill me. The one from the Bel Ami set? So freakin adorable.

  5. Loved this interview, too. I always enjoy watching Rob really engage in a conversation rather than have to answer stock questions all the time.

    And those jeans in that 2nd picture do things to me…good things.

    • I’m soooo glad he found this jeans again, best jeans EVA!!!!

      • I agree. It looks clean and ironed too.

  6. Love it!! I have always liked Pierce Brosnan, but put him in the same room as Rob & it just makes it perfect. I know what scene you’re referring to from Bond & I agree, BE still my heart!! Now I’m imagining ROb in that particular scene from Bond & dear Lord, I think I’m having heart failure!! 😀

    • Rob in that Bond scene…. Somebody call 911!! I think I am DIED!

  7. I could see the wheels turning in Rob’s head when Pierce talked about their only being 7 Ian Fleming books and ‘they made the rest up’. I loved Rob’s reaction.

    Rob, were you thinking- oh boy, there are only 4 Meyer books, but what if someone makes more up (hello fanfic)??

    Fun fact for today! Did you know that Ian Fleming also wrote the children’s’s story ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ about a magical flying car???

    • Drsaka, we had the same idea….making up Twilight-Edward using some fanfic-story, I guess Rob pictured “the Office”, not that I know it, but when he did the interview with GQ that fic was the most noted or not? As I said….I have NO clue

      • I was thinking along the lines of what niahid said above- about ‘they’re never gong to let you go- ka-ching’. I was amused that this seemed like ti was a brand new idea to Rob (it can’t have been).

        • lol, I guess he actually NEVER has thought of this possibility…too funny

  8. “Well, back in my day when I waked through ice, snow & sleet to school… ”

    I thought that was just MY dad …
    Oh Pierce, you’re such a … dad(?)!

  9. Hi everybody!
    I haven’t watched all the RM interviews and I’m sure there are a lot of glorious moments like the half bra story and the soft spot, but can I please take a minute to be a bit of a deal-breaker? I’m just worried the cool guy I had a major crush on seems to become a bit of a Hollywoodish star.
    I mean how can you say things like being a singer and an actor is cheesy (which is a bit radical IMO) and then do smth that’s way waaay cheesier like say yes to Madame Tussauds? Where’s the coherence in that?
    Not to mention I was soooo second-hand embarrassed watching the videos from The View with his whole family. It’s like uncle X and auntie Y are living their celebrity dreams through his interviews. Showing up once on Ellen may be sweet, maybe (!!!), but third time on a TV show it’s just tooooo much, and believe me I’m measuring my words. And of course all that reminded me of zygote model Rob, help!
    I’m sure none of these weren’t his ideas, but still he’s 23 not 13, he can say no, right?

    P.S. that Artist on Artist conversation with Hayley was all sorts of great, difficult to do better I suppose, but I can’t watch the new one right now.

    • were not weren’t. duh again!

      • I see where you’re coming from, but re. Rob’s family I think it’s really important that they’re there with him, over & over again, at all these premieres etc, so that his life is not cut into two halves…it’s good for all sides to be involved in each other’s ‘everyday’ lives, so they experience life together, however crazy it may be. Plus his family probably all love these get-togethers they’re all having, & all the fun of being ‘with the leading man’.

        I know I’d want my family there, just for the fun of it, as well as to keep me sane. Just having other Brits with him when in the States must be helpful. Who else would dare tell Rob if he was being an arse? Who else can he be so totally safe with, & say what he thinks with? That’s a small group for him now.

    • HI babe, my 2 cent
      – the Madame T. thing needs no agree as far as I know…and if yes..he gave his agree to a doll as well
      – the family-thing…well you know who’s idea that prolly was, no judge 🙂
      – did he ever say “No”?

      I love both interviews and Rob cannot say to Pierce “Oh man,how I love your irish feet” or such…

      …and welcome BACK

      • booo to the Madame T. thing…I think it’s totes LA GAY!!!!
        (not in a “La Push baby” way either)

        The family thing I think is very sweet, but nwhen you mention it, it does get a bit creepy now that you say Uncle X and Auntie Y are now appearing for their third time on the same show…

        Overall, I think family support is awesome. IF I were a star anyone in my family and close friends (including LTR) can come and spport me….sometimes when we are too off putting by family it reminds me of emo kids.

        • If YOU were a star, like…let’s say the female part in RM, ME would come to support you and ROB! 100% SURE 🙂

          • don’t say anymore you had me at: “like a female part in RM”…..

            I heart u

          • misty, your avatar….as I said ..your dedication is so lovable!<3

    • Welcome back, MP! I hope that you had a good time.

      I think its difficult for us to know what he has approval on and what he doesn’t. He said in one interview that ‘nothing is run past him’ referring to merchandise.

      I think its kinda sweet that his family is there (its a bit anti-hollywood), but I get your point as well (‘but third time on a TV show it’s just tooooo much,’). Again, it difficult for us to know the real story.

      • well, you’re right, I saw his family on “The View” and perhaps they treated him nicer just because his family was there, I don’t know, but many said that usually these women are not soooo nice, so MOM and the SUIT did a good job!

        • They were totally inappropriate, like they always are. They asked him about his “unit” and his vagina allergy – it didn’t matter that Mum was there. Youtube their Efron interview to see that it makes no difference. He could have brought the Queen with him and they still would have said vagina to him.

          • which just made the whole mum thing more embarassing.

          • lol, I actually picture now The Queen with her corgies in the audience to support Rob, thx for the vision ❤

          • I’m glad you brought this up. I was cringing while watching that interview. His mom and sisters were sitting 20 feet away and those stupid harpies just kept badgering him about his unit and his vagina allergy. It was beyond second-hand embarassing. I think at one point Elizabeth turned to look nervously at the audience and tried to point out that his mom and sisters were there, but it certainly didn’t stop Joy and Barbara.

            I’m not a prude and I think Rob’s candid interview moments (like when he talks about sex toys) are great. I love a little “dirty talking” Rob. I also like my husband to talk dirty, but not with his mom 10 feet away and listening.

    • Hi y’all, happy to talk to you again.

      I also think it’s cool his family and friends come to the premiere and spend time with him in the States. It’s just them going to the TV shows being presented and stuff that seems a bit of a circus to me. It’s like they’ve always dreamt of celebrity and now they’re living their glory moments. You can’t blame them for that and I can totes understand they’re proud, but it’s just not coherent IMO for a guy who cares about his image to the point of talking about it in interviews (all normal) to bring his family and make a show out of it on TV. And I’m not talking about him dragging TomStu to all sort of awards, that’s cool, because we all know this is how it works in a lot of fields, we/I did it also for my job, it’s just the family on TV that’s so second-hand embarassing to me.

      As for the licensing and goodies, I think he had a contract so he couldn’t say anything about all the Twi things, but Madame Tussauds is different. He has to agree because it’s his own persona, noting to do with Summit, and has to go to a lot of modelling things, throughout the making of the statue.

      I just think he likes to please his family and can’t really say no to some things.

      • Well, if you’d have a brother that is now such a star, you’d be proud as well and many parts of the celebrity life is nice, I guess, I cannot blame them to be proud of him, but I got your point as well……..
        The Madame T. thing…looks like Edward or Rob that thing? When somebody posted it here some days ago, it was a very creepy thing….

        TomStu was everywhere….lol…and I have a feeling that he enjoyed his status as well!

      • Rob’s a contradiction in himself MP. Because I see your points as well about his family. He talks a lot about needing nothing, being his own persona, even in that RM interview posted below. But on the other hand he takes his family to shows and so on. He’s an enigma. Man on the other hand, little boy lost on the other, love that.

      • Minuit…..I kinda get what you’re saying. At the moment I’m in Stage 5 (see previous LTR Post). It seems to me that we all fell for that ’08 interview guy, but it’s now ’10 and he’s changed somewhat, but then nobody can stay the same, particularly when you are living that kinda life. He’s getting older, wiser and more use to the whole celeb thing. He’s getting more Hollywood, not in the true Hollywood sense, but it’s only a matter of time I suppose. I also, feel differently about him than I did. I haven’t enjoyed the RM rounds as much as the ones he did last year or the year before.
        The family thing doesn’t really bother me that much, maybe it’s an English thing, I know I have an extended family that were I to become that famous would be accompanying me everywhere (whether I wanted them too or not!!!).

        • I think Rob would die before “getting more Hollywood.”

          • that’s what we want to think maybe, it ties into our idea that he’s ‘one of us’. I don’t think he’s ever going to be ‘real hollywood’, but he is changing. Still think he’s beautiful though, and that doesn’t mean to say I wouldn’t go and watch his films.

          • lion, just..KUDOS!<3

        • I think it’s a bit of adapt & survive…no-one can go through that much change & remain unchanged themselves…it’s about finding coping strategies that you’re happy with & that don’t ruin you as a person.

        • I think its SUPER sweet his family is there to support him ….besides, they’re probably there all the time in a lot of his events and the camera only caught them a few times? They seem genuinely down to earth caring folk who just want to be there for Rob, not attention seeking at all to me. It could be an English thing too…I’m Asian and family is super important to us, its kind of a given for your family to support you always in everything you do and nobody ever ever thinks its “weird” or “creepy” if they are always there (well…when you’re a pimply teenager maybe hehehe) but otherwise…I love that Rob has such a solid, supportive family base which probably explains why he’s so real and down to earth too.

      • MP,
        What has happened to you? YOu are saying, “y’all” now?

        I missed you!

        • haha
          I was just copying SB, I have 0 personality in English, ah, those foreigners!
          Missed “ya” 🙂 too!

          • Hey Y’ALL!!!!! How y’all doing today? 🙂


        • I think a little bit of SouthernBelle (and a few of us others) must have rubbed off on her…

    • I love that Rob’s family supports him in this way. I think it’s very un-Hollywood for a guy of his age and status in Hwood to be so publicly close with his family. That’s a big part of why he remains so grounded and adorkable, imo.

      • I agree DTD!

      • I think I’m the only one really shocked by this. You know how some people said the Details interview made them reconsider their Robsession? I loved that interview, but these 2 things (the wax and the family circus) made me wonder about the low-key cool guy I’ve been thinking of for months and months. I think he would still be very grounded even if his family didn’t make a show on TV, just my opinion. But it’s probably very cultural, if someone did that in France, you can be sure he/she won a ticket to weeks of mockery on TV. I have close family who’s invited on the important shows, and I’d love to accompany them because befriending famous journalists would be great for my career. But I don’t do it, because showing up for doing nothing would give me less than 0 credibility and give them a whole lot of joke subjects. So back to Rob, what I’m saying is that him being close to his family is cool and normal, but his family making a show on TV is just very very surprising to me.

        • Don’t be too severe with him, he said during the press junket, that the only people he really wants to impress with his work are his family and friends and he is still a young guy, I don’t think this is gonna be happen from now on everytime. Actually I saw them only on “The view” and on the red carpet or am I wrong?
          I think he’s still a cool guy, but it’s normal to grow and react to what is happening around, remaining like he was 2008 would give me a feeling of slightly ignorance.

          • they were also 2 times on ellen but more descrete. I don’t get your point, in what bringing the family to TV shows means he grew up?

          • I wasn’t refering to his family, you mention often that you loved how he behaved in his early interviews and obviously he has changed a bit, that was my point. Actually his mom went to all his premieres and he said that she took all his tickets for the “enlarged family”…lol

      • I agree!!!! <3<3<3<3
        I also love that Rob never even seems the LEAST big embarassed that his family is there, (I remember when his mom and dad were dancing in his first ellen interview..) I'd probably cringe a bit if that happened to me, but he seemed totally unaffected by it and was even proud that they were there!! Such a sweetheart.

    • Hi family came to see the premiere to support him. They were offered tickets probably for several or even all the shows, and they accepted for the ones they could or wanted to attend. I don’t see this as a big deal. Although I don’t know why they would choose to attend The View rather than JStew. Questionable taste.

      Also, I see Rob being asked about the Madame Tussauds, and him just saying, “Um, yeah, sure.” Again, I don’t see this as a big deal. It’s not like he’s doing advertisements abroad for wireless companies or whisky.

      What I love about Rob is that he is true to himself, and that he doesn’t seek out a Hollywood persona, but that he also doesn’t actively pursue some anti-Hollywood image. I think it’s more important to just try to make great art rather than to focus on what type of “image” you are projecting, and I think he’s moving in this direction.

      Sorry if someone has already said this. My laptop is having issues, and it’s taken me like 15 minutes to finish writing this stupid comment!

      • The point I’m trying to make is that fussing over one’s image, whether it be Hollywood or anti-Hollywood smacks of immaturity. Being consumed only with passion for your craft (and a few LTR girls) is sexy.

        He’s wary of releasing an album now because he would prefer to do so on his own merit based upon actual musical talent rather than because it would sell due to his Twi hunkiness. This is totally understandable. But I don’t give a rip about M.Tussaud’s. That has nothing to do with his craft. So what if they make one in his image? Who cares?

        Now if Rob ever ends up purchasing a mansion in Beverly Hills, a yacht named “Stupid Lamb”, and 3 Hummers, I will feel differently. Don’t do it, Rob!!

        • I love it how you hold the general truth, “fussing over someone’s image is immature” (apparently I’m immature and so are a lot of industries since so many things are all about image) but in the same time there are a lot of ridiculous stereotypes that repel to you.
          I fell in love with Rob for his “image” (the cool laid back guy he seemed to be in interviews, so different from internationally famous actors –since you don’t like Hollywood stereotyping) and not for his “craft” because neither Twilight nor HP (the films he’s been known for) are on my favourite film list. So since I like the guy not especially the actor, I have a subjective opinion on his public appearances, especially since he made it clear it was important for him. And he’s right, this is the only way to know him and have an opinion on the guy rather than the actor.

          • Shame it’s so late now. Couldn’t check back in at work, and now no one will probably read this. I want to make sure that everyone knows I wasn’t calling anyone on this blog “immature” or anything else. I was saying that if all Rob cared about was his image, instead of trying to become a better actor, better musician, or just a better person in general, I would find that immature. And I don’t think he does. He worries a little bit about releasing an album on the heels of the Twi franchise, sure, but he doesn’t belabour things like M.Tussauds. Nor his family supporting him by being in the audience at one of his interviews. Because he is a laid back guy.

            Also, certain “stereotypes” do not, in fact “repel” me. I said what repulses me are greed and grotesque displays of wealth, which I don’t think will ever characterize Rob.

            And clearly, I never said that Twi was some work of art. Twi is what you take a role in when you are a desperate, out-of-work actor. Rob at least did the most he could with the role and the script he’d gotten. And I admire the fact that he continues to try to improve.

            I don’t like my words being twisted. If they were misunderstood, I hope this clarifies!

          • For some reason the thumbs-up is repelling my attempts today. Anyone, that was a nice explication of the point you were making. It’s difficult to get a “tone of voice” across in words sometimes, so the meaning can be misinterpreted.

          • I meant “anyway”. It’s late.

        • I too don’t get the problem with Rob’s family being there. In fact I love seeing them! With all the crap that he has to contend with (because let’s face it…being THAT famous at the moment can’t be a barrel of laughs all the time)’s great that he has family there to keep him grounded. Also let’s not forget… there is so much media/fan interest/curiosity about Rob and anything Rob related that anyone is up for scrutiny! His family have kept out of the way for the past 2 years but it’s not their fault that they get recognised when attending events with him. I find it really funny that in all his interviews I’ve never heard him refer to his sisters by their names and on the occasions when interviewers have asked him about his family he only anwers briefly and changes the subject.
          He’s lovely…I don’t think he’s changed….just more careful about his answers perhaps depending on the circumstances.
          Having said that ….New Moon promotion was a bit off….he wasn’t himself at all I feel….different to Twilight and VERY different to Remember Me promo…very odd.

    • I wouldn’t think Madame T needs the celeb’s approval or agreement. Or else that museum would be devoid of most of their figures. Most of those figures are most unfortunate – I assume Rob’s will be as well. He has said in previous interviews that Summit asks him nothing when putting his likeness (a la Edward) on products. It’s the control one gives up when making a franchise. On the other hand, I wish he would say no to making Breaking Dawn. Thumbs down me if you want, but that book was wretched and making it into two movies is beyond the pale. Rob DOES have enough power at this point to say he’ll do one movie, not two. Especially if Kristen concurs.

      The family at his press things is partly sweet, partly weird. Have these people never heard of a green room? Maybe it’s to help Lizzie launch her career in the States?

      • are you kidding me? I would so love for him not to do BD, but I guess at this point we can only hope he doesn’t do 2!!! BD.

      • I had to upthumbs you for that, well said.
        On the breaking dawn thing I also completely agree, why oh why would this warrant 2 movies, apart from a big fat ch-ching for Summit?
        It’s a big ol’ book but really what actually happens that would warrant two PG13 studies in melodrama?

        • Are you kidding? Soooo much happens. I mean, it will take 20 minutes just to get to Isle Esme (how many modes of transportation did they take?).

          And then there’s the angsting about the pregnancy.
          And let’s not forget about the wolf pack patrolling the Cullen house. (I think that was 10 pages alone)

          Ooh, then we get to hear about every single vampire that is in existence and we get to learn about each and every vampire’s special skills. This will be important later when they don’t use them in the great battle.

          And then we get to the “Great Battle That Never Was”. That will take at least an hour of screen time. Seriously, they did a LOT of talking and debating. That’s good stuff right there. You don’t want to leave anything out.

          • Bwahahaha!
            ❤ heart you for articulating what I couldn't.xo.

          • HAHA! TOFT, I heart you for that synopsis.

            About Breaking Dawn, I don’t care if they make it. I can live without seeing it come to life, but if they do, one movie will be sufficient, IMO.

          • toooldforthis – hahahaha! I think the wolfpack patrolling bit was > 10 pages! Will we get to hear the totally out of place patriot speech by Garrett (wtf was that???). There was so much that was totally bad, its difficult to choose! And the battle that never was should make for a riveting close to the series!

          • toooldforthis,

            This was brilliant: “Ooh, then we get to hear about every single vampire that is in existence and we get to learn about each and every vampire’s special skills. This will be important later when they don’t use them in the great battle.”

            So spot on! They will most likely have to do up a fight scene that wasn’t in the book, a la New Moon fight between Edward and Felix.

            Can I just state for the record how fcking lame Stephenie Meyer was in that ending? No one died (and please, Jasper dying after saving Bella, for his brother, after nearly killing her 2 books earlier would have been awesome!) and no one got their arm ripped off. Boohiss, SM.

          • TLG – But Irina died! Don’t you remember poor Irina. Weren’t you heartbroken when she was ripped apart and burned? (I think her name was Irina. I don’t care enough to go back and look!!)

          • I think I love you……

      • Breaking Dawn is wretched, and I don’t think they can make a decent movie no matter who the director is. A step in the right direction would be to cut out the entire pregnancy/Renesmee thing. That’s where it all starts to go downhill-utter ridiculousness. Bring in lolashoes as an advisor, prolong the honeymoon and cut out all those stupid characters that came in at the last minute to fight (or not) the Volturi. God I hated that book and am getting annoyed all over again.

        But I’ll still go to see it for Rob.

        • I think this us exactley why summit have delayed making any other announcements re: doing this movie- they’re working their way thru each and every director insane enough to consider it! What they need to be doing is stalking TGI’s for cougarcath.

          • On the Awful Truth boards people were saying Tim Burton or Tarantino should direct.As if they’d attach their names to that train wreck.

            but just imagine-maybe TB could get Johnny Depp to play a vamp..Johnny and Rob together…not happening.

          • bwhahaha I’m laughing at the thought of putting Tim Burton and Tarantino in the same sentence as Twilight.

          • DTD; Depp and Burton ARE actually involved together in a vampire movies. A film version of Dark Shadows, Depp will play Barnaby Collins. Don’t think Rob will be in that movie though…


            ‘As a child Johnny Depp was so obsessed with Barnabas Collins that he wanted to be him, and is collaborating with Tim Burton on a theatrical film adaptation, in which he will play the character.’

          • minuit….I love the idea of putting QT and TB together, I suspect that BD would be a lot better if they had something to do with it. Also, would be happy if RP wasn’t involved in BD. It’s the least fav of the four. It’s downright weird really and could very easily be done in one film, if it’s two then that’s just Summit cynically milking it’s cash cow dry.

        • D2D – SO true. I bitch and moan and hate that book something fierce, but I’ll be checking online to buy my tix like I do for all his movies, because I’m a hopeless loser when it comes to Rob.

          And your mention of Lolashoes – WIN! Her LYLS was the brain bleach I needed to erase the travesty that was BD. Long live Lolashoes!

          • Its funny how much animosity there is for BD (I’m not a fan, don’t worry; especially not of the dreaded R character and the stupidity with Jake).
            However, if they bring lolashoes in and/or use any of her story, the rating will be X!!! BTW- not a complaint!!!

          • Ah, Lolashoes. You can always tell the FF readers on here, eh.

            My vote is YES to Lolashoes.

        • It was very obvious from the discussion with Pierce that Rob will be so happy to be done with the Twilight series–he was horrified that they might consider making up more stories just to continue the franchise a la James Bond. He was happy that he was getting too old to play 17, (and he thinks he’s too old NOW already!). He has signed on to do the last movie(s), and he’s the kind of guy that will fulfill his commitments, but he is so done with it.

          I think there was a discussion of the BD director over on LTT a while back. I thought Tim Burton would be great, because he could emphasize the cartoonish-ness of the book. Can you imagine a “Beetlejuice” -style birth scene? I can.

          • Now that would be awesomesauce!
            I would love for them to go all out fantasyworld surreal a la Pans Labyrinth, but that would get past mama Meyers oooh about the same time hell freezes over.

          • I think they would be getting someplace if they would consider doing BD in that kind of gruesome fantasy style, as the book really has that kind of vibe, IMO. The best directors, as you mention, besides Burton, would be Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth and Hell Boy) or Terry Gilliam. They’ve done the other 3 books with 3 different directors and 3 different styles, why not change it up again for the last one. It actually seems reasonable to me.

      • A very funny Rob-moment to me was when he was asked about the 3D-idea just like Avatar and he said that 3D gave him a HUGE headache! lol
        About BD, I’m really not a fan of the saga, but BD had NO storyline at all, when I read it I thought that the author had every morning a new idea, how to continue the writing.
        I’m still waiting for the thumbs down, you know when it comes to the books….

        • Eh, you won’t get a thumbs down from me. I really liked Twilight, but, IMO, the series went down hill (a pretty steep one) after the first book. Too much Jacob, not enough Edward and certainly not enough sexy time!
          I’m still pissed about NM. If she hadn’t made Edward leave in the very beginning, we could have had a LOT more Rob in the movie. If anyone deservs a thumbs down it’s SM for writing a 600 page book with hardly any Edward!

        • RG – No thumbs down here either. I read BD because I needed to find out how the story ended. I really thought Edward was gonna lose it on Ilse Esme and end up changing Bella. Imagine my surprise when she ended up pregnant (what?!?!?!?!).

      • Madame Tussauds DOES need the approval of celebs, because the celebs themselves have to do partake in sittings. They measure their features and so on.

        From the site of MT London a sculptor speaks:

        “I’d have to say the most embarrassing measurement to take is in the crotch area! It’s also a bit awkward measuring around the chest area if your celebrity is female…Sometimes they’ll give us their measurements beforehand so we can avoid it during the Sitting!”

        Sounds like an, um, interesting job…;-)

        • thanks Cath, NOW I want exactly THAT job, Chef-measure-girl responsable for the Rob-crotch! 🙂

          Question: if all these celebs were measured so well, why most of them look still so creepy?

          • That’s an excellent question RG, I think it’s because they are so close to the original, but there’s still something missing. And that’s life, so they always will look off. Although some of them are better than others.

            It’s not like these are sculptures, which we aspect to look somewhat different anyway. We aspect from these wax figures to be identically to the celeb. And that’s just not possible, thank God, because they miss the spark of life, are made of wax, have lifeless eyes, they never can come close to human. (They sort of freak me out)

            I prefer sculptures, which sometimes come closer to the original than life like wax figures.

          • and it’s not only the mesurements, it’s everything, like an appointment on hair check-up (do they need to add more hair blabla) it’s a WHOLE LOT of meetings to make sure everything’s right and usually the celebrity says the way he/she wants things done at every stage, so I’m guessing they have to approve of the final thing, not only of the statue being made.

        • To play devil’s advocate, can you imagine the stink if Rob said, “No, you may not make a wax figure of me.” I can hear it now, “Who the Hale does he think he is? He’s better than Prince Charles or Clooney? What a tosser!” You know it – so he prolly went with the path of least resistance. I sure would.

        • Holy cow, if I was the girl measuring his crotch, well my hands will be shaking so much, I won’t get an accurate measurement!

      • Maybe it’s to help Lizzie launch her career in the States?

        to be fair if that was the case i think it would have been done a loooooong time ago, look at marcus boby and sam, what percentage of their fan base is now made up of fangirls, (even thought they are all clearly all talented in their own right and the rob connection has merely served to highlight this.) but if lizzie wanted to use that type of connection i’m sure she could have had stateside success just like them. also look at tom stu, surely his being rob’s bf (read best friend or boy friend!) would have brought him to the attention of many hollywood types but the only thing i can remember him doing lately is that photshoot for november vogue and he was only a model. so i really don’t think rob would surround himself with people who would cash in on him.

        MP it think the family thing is probably cultural too. over here it would not be considered weird to bring the entire family along. i’m suprised it’s making you have a meh moment over rob. but the details thing did the same for me i thought he had changed, but then seeing how he has handled being asked about it in interivews makes me realise that he was of course taking the piss and is still as cute and awkard as ever.

  10. Remember Me, an American story played by a Aussie, a Brit and and a Irish dude.

    Images of Pierce as Bond flashing through my head and Oscar Rob.

    I have plans to see RM on Saturday- just have to figure out how to ditch the SO and kiddies.

  11. Guys, have you seen this?
    Furious Rob did good things to my coughladypartscough.
    If I ever met him, I’ll ask him to yell at me furiously and i’ll roll on the floor having the best O of my life.

    • nice interview- its interesting to hear Rob talk about ‘forging his own identity’.

    • “NUTS”, laughing, yelling…. plus the white Tee again = makes me just happy

    • I can hear his British accent slipping it’s way through when he says “aren’t”.
      So cute!!

  12. Remington Steele will always own me. Always.

    • Those were the days.
      They played it in 1988 in my country. I was just 10 y.o. He’s my poster boy 😉

    • You are not joking. My only comment for today was that Pierce seriously could make me do ANYTHING. I could not take my eyes off him. His voice is just…WAIT!!! Rob was in that video???

      *runs back to watch again*

      Yep, still didn’t see him.

    • My first true love is Pierce. I had his picture on my closet door when I was 12. I wanted to be Laura Holt so badly so that I could kiss Pierce and watch old movies with him.

    • SHM, how are you doing these days? How’s the littlest one?

      • We are doing really well! Little girl is 7 weeks old now and the time has flown by! Thanks for asking! 🙂

        • SHM, I’m glad to hear!

  13. Bought my tickets for Remember Me, heading out on Friday night with 6 other women to watch (and by women, I mean women that really should know better than lusting over a 23 year old). I’m already placing bets on the ratio of female:male audience members….


  14. “Did Pierce fart one time right after the director said “Action?” Did Tyler break into a British accent which caused his Brooklyn raised dad to start talking Irish?”

    Big fat OfficeLOL!

    • Man, I had forgotten how great the AoA interview with Haylee is. “I always get referred to as an ‘ex-model'”. Adorkable Rob at his best. Thanks for reminding me, UC!

  15. Hey guys 🙂 Love the post, love the pictures, especially the one in a suit! ❤

    Btw, being an executive producer is just a title for the top investor into the project. Meaning, Rob probably gave the biggest chunk of change to be included in the buget. Usually, the executive producer only gets their money back once the project makes money and don't have any creative input into the film. When the executive producer is also one of the main actors however, the lines may become blurry and he may have had more clout in terms of creativity.

    At the end of the day, he gets the biggest pay day out of all the crew 🙂

    • This is one more thing that makes me love Rob, as if I needed an excuse, that he put up his own money, or maybe part of his fee for this movie, in order to have a say in how it was edited and marketed. Yes, he did say “edited” in the interview. He didn’t want it watered down to appeal to the tweens. And then he seems to be embarrassed that everyone is making such a big deal out of it, and doesn’t want to take away from the “real” producer. He’s really one of a kind. Sigh.

  16. I really liked this interview, as I liked the first one with Hayley. And I love Rob, I do. But the stark contrast of his mannerisms and Pierce’s is so fascinating to watch. Pierce is so self-assured and confident and Rob is so fidgety and hunched-over. I guess the confidence comes with age and experience. Rob is almost 24, he’s not 17. And yet, he seems more like a teenager in this interview. Maybe because he’s talking to a man who’s around 60 (?). But I love how proud Pierce seems to be of him!

    And it’s generous to call that a “white t-shirt”. That is an undershirt. Meant to be worn, you know, under another shirt. 😉

    • hi TLG
      I wonder why Pierce in every interview pointed out that Rob was the co-producer….he said it every single time! ?

      • Probably because he’s impressed with Rob and that at his young age he cares enough about a movie’s integrity to be an EP.

      • Pierce was gutted that he didn’t think of it first.

        • I think you both are right, thx!

  17. I love me some Pierce and he and Rob really got the father-son thing down. And LOL, Rob’s really getting a little bit panicky there thinking about how Twilight could go on endlessly like James Bond.
    I think he had a nightmare or two about that!

    And I really like the last pic, out of foresight I made it my avi, haha. 😉

  18. i agree with RG about his arms and skin and puppy eyes.the one with Hales was funnier but i can watch that thousend times just for this white t-shirt.i love how pale he is.about the oscars i felt sad and pissed of with my luck cuz i didn’t know him back in february 2009 and missed the whole oscarob joy

  19. The” Another man outtakes”…damn Rob is soooo frickin beautiful, what a pretty face, the last is my favourite…b/w = ART again…lol

  20. Robert Pattinson to play Bond, in my dreams AND in the future!

  21. I watched the Oscars , meh, not exciting. Saw the mullet come out in her Morticia gown (it was actually pretty, but that’s the first thing that popped into my head when she walked out), introduce the horror movie montage( New Moon? Edward Scissorhands? );the rest was pretty boring.

    The Oscars need you, Rob! Clear your schedule for next year.

    • I thought she looked really pretty and I’m not a Kristen lover or hater. But I did see some photos of her on the red carpet and now I know why she usually has her sourpuss face on. Because when she’s not smiling (basically frowning) she looks older. Once she shows a toothy grin, she looks like a child playing dress-up. She’s a beautiful girl and so I’m not going to criticize her anymore for not smiling. I’m guessing she’s been told by someone not to.

      I’m not even going to comment on the back-scratching whilst presenting thing. Nope, not gonna do it.

      Also, many of the films in that horror montage were not really horror.

    • And Zac Efron trying to steal Rob’s hair-just stop.It’s NOT the same.

      • I thought the same! NOT COOL!

      • +1000000000000000000000000000000000

    • I loved that C.Waltz got an Oscar, I like him so much and I hope he and Rob will work together in “Water for elephants”!

      • Yes! I watched Inglourious Basterds this w/e-it is amazing!! CW is going to be fantastic in Water for Elephants.

        • plus he is a very nice person as well, very humble and grounded!

          • I saw him at the Golden Globes, and now at the Oscars, and both times he gave the best acceptance speeches, and I’m thinking English is not his first language, but his comments were so well done! Very impressive.

          • He is from Austria, speaks german…sigh

      • yes, it was my favorite moment at oscars.he was so lovely.can’t wait to see him with Rob at WFE.
        don’t know why i start to gain much more love for Rob’s (potential)collegues
        first with Hugh jackman than Uma thurman and now cristopher waltz

      • I totally agree RG. He’s a brill. actor and it would be great if he’s in Water for Elephants with Rob.

      • rg,
        Thought CWaltz’s acceptance speech was beautiful and eloquent.

        That is all.

        • I didn’t see your comment yet, and had the same thought! Once again thinkiing alike!

  22. OT : it seems there is a RM premier in london at 17th march so that means another red carpet ROB
    plus i loved Emilie’s teenhollywood intv. they ask about love scenes and she says ; me and Zeus girl
    zeus ,adonis whatever just choose one of the greek gods:)

  23. Ahhh, Remington Steele still has it. . . Good looking man.

    Rob is adorable, but I must agree with UC on the undershirt choice. Although he looks hot in anything or nothing, where was the Stoli shirt when he needed it? He should have extras. Couldn’t TomStu lend him one? Yikes.

  24. I can’t watch the new interview at work… Booooooo work.

    Mr. Ron Pattinson is trying to sell me a new car in that first photo… And I like it. So much.

  25. Hi girls, it’s 5:10pm in Greece, so good afternoon. It’s a bit late for me to comment on the subject, you said it all, I read all your comments and what stuck in my head the most is the picture o Rob as James Bond…
    Reading all your comments and the passion behind them makes me just want to say…IT IS AMAZING how this man united us all and made us equal, our age does not matter (I froze at 23, I age with him) we come from the 4 corners of the world, we speek different languages and yet nothing matters but HIM…wow…I really think he does not know how many we really are…

    Also I decided to call him Robert (not Rob) from now on, try it Rooooo ohhh beeeeeeeeeeeert sounds so much sexier…and best jeans EVA Schatzchen!!!

    • thumb up for …I froze at age 23, I age with him! 🙂

      • Ah how are you today Schatchen…just came home from work and what better way to relaxe then with you all…thanks for making me so welcome.

        From reading all comments…was there something wrong with Robert’s interview with Pierce?…I mean he was so sweet I wanted to jump into the screen…a bit shy maybe, but otherwise he was great…and I never pay attention to what he wears when I look at his face (ok when he is in tux he kills me).

        • thx…no NOTHING wrong, it’s always the same
          Rob has…
          – old shirts on
          – great skin, eyes, and messed hair
          – great legs and is all together a sweatheart
          just this time he “learned” something from his “Dad”

          • I’m sure he will learn a lot from a lot of dads in the years to come, and if he does play with C.Waltz it will be great (so happy he got the oscar)… you know how all say for RM that it proved that Robert CAN act?? It so makes me mad…will they stop saying that…we all know he can act…man, was there a better way to play Edward??? What we will see from him in his futute roles, is him mature and grow up and learn and you will see guys, we will not survive Bel Ami.

  26. That first pic is kinda ew… Like Scary Uncle Rob’s Nephew or something…

  27. No video for me here at work, so I’ll have to watch when I get home. But, let it be know that while Pierce Brosnan may be James Bond to all of you, he will forever be “Stu” from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ to me. Just as suave, if you ask me.

  28. Bad Fangirl here! I had not actually seen the interview with Rob and Hayley and I must say that I was trying to distance myself from the acute fondness that I always seem to feel around Rob, but after that interview, I cannot do it. I have fallen into the rabbit hole once again!

    I am pretty sure that Rob and Hayley totally hooked up after that interview! I mean did you see their body language! Leaning into each other talking about doing music together. Yea, music that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

    Great post UC!

  29. There is some serious fingerporn in the Rob/Pierce interview. Imma need a gif of that shizz stat! Pierce is gorgeous. Rob really should have stepped up his game to compete with Pierce in the put-together-looks dept.
    Thomas Crown Affair has one of the best sex scenes of all time. That man is fine.

    • Ahhhh the Thomas Crown Affair sex scene…SingleStrand what did you remind me of now…
      in a split second I immagined Robert playing this scene…breeeeeeeeeeeaaaath…
      Pierce was great though in that movie, in fact he was great in every role. Fingerporn…oh yeah…I think Pierce has gone through the phase Robert is in now, he is so experienced and jnows how to handle his hotness well…Robert seems a bit lost, can’t compete in that with Pierce.

  30. I loved both interviews! Thanks for posting. And it’s been so long since I saw the one with Hayley – I only remembered his “Gah-den” burger comments. Forgot about modeling women’s rings?! Really, he is the ultimate loose canon in interviews.

  31. I really don’t get this whole Pierce thing. I’ve never found him attractive and I don’t like James Bond…any of them. Though if Rob played JB I’d happily re-think my dislike. And pierce is incorrect there are 14 books written by IF and the first was Casino Royal and Connor was not in that film. Books were written between 1953 – 1966.

    • that should have been Connery…soz,.

      • M!M!M! – Status report?
        I take it you didn’t fare too well this weekend?

        • Afraid not Jules, I think this is why I’m a bit miffed today re. RP, and next week I’m off to Manchester so no chance of bumping into him around London then. Anyway, I think there are in Kent this week and then off to Budapest so that’s RP gone for the time being, who knows when he will return 😦 Maybe not until next year when the films released I’m assuming they will Premiere it in London being that most of the film was filmed here. We can but hope!

          • So you’ll miss the UK premiere of RM on March 17?

    • hey i’ve never get PB thing too .i mean didn’t hate but didn’t find attractive at all.but since he’s Rob’s Father i gotta love him 🙂
      plus i’d not liked any James Bond till Danile Craig came out.
      i haven’t known him before but but now he’s my favorite Bond of course till Rob gets the licence

      • Che…if you like Daniel Craig watch Layer cake. That’s what kinda made his name…..I think 🙂 He did a few films before layer cake but not big parts, oh and some TV.

        • thnx @mine i guess i like him just as Bond but i’ll consider that


    • I’ve just never been into any Bond films, period. My parents liked it though.

      However, Sean Connery is aging really well and still looks handsome.

  32. Robgirl,
    Love the “squint” in the 3rd pic.

    • baby, the “squint” is in the first outtake…lol, I guess I have to send you some other pics ❤

  33. You’re adorable.

  34. Have to go guys…duty calls…hope to see you soon…
    Want to leave you with that…heard it a moment ago and it’s so true…
    What a wicked game you play
    to make me feel this way
    What a wicked thing to do
    to make me dream of you…
    I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you

    Love you

  35. anyone saw that?
    hey jimmy u know Rob only could be the founder not the applicant

    • I saw it and I loved it!<3

    • hahahaha!

    • OMG. That was funny, random and weird, all at the same time.
      ‘Look at Sting’: harsh! And Matt Damon creeped me out with his laugh.
      Rob P for president indeed!

  36. From the Dept. of Simple Pleasures:

    Dear Rob,
    Thanks for blowing on your coffee at the BA set.


  37. Marks & Spencer for the win!!!!


  38. Did anyone send in questions through Robsessed when they were asking for them for this Artist on Artist bit? I read a lot of the questions that were submitted, and they did not use any of them, probably because 99% were of the “Rob will you marry me” variety. I posted a couple of reasonable questions, but I figure it was basically a ploy to get people to sign up for MySpace, not to actually get fans’ input. Where am I going with this? I don’t know, I’m just complaining cuz I can.

    • T.O.O., I wish they would have addressed one of your questions.

      Was your handle: The Old One or did you use something else…do tell…if you want.

      • Yes, I try to be consistent.

  39. Oh, and that first photo is kinda like Edward Cullen’s senior yearbook photo, circa 1963. Something about the creepy pompadour.

    • well, most of the questions came from Pierce…..and lol on the senior yearbook 1963!!!! ❤

      • They could have had Pierce read some of those questions to Rob. I can just hear him: “Rob, will you marry me?” That would have been funny.

    • LOL, you’re absolutely right!!!

  40. I laughe when I first saw that Hayley and Rob interview last year. if he thinks that’s cute how she says “here” when then he better listen to how I talk.

    You hear that Rob? You gotta hear my accent! 🙂

    About the Rob/Pierce interview, I really liked it. He looked awkward, kind of like How to Be awkward. I loved it though, he is so adorable(I use that word a lot for Rob)! He is so unpretentious and so laid back and his mannerisms crack me up. Srsly he looked like he just rolled out of bed and honestly he looks HOT and I like him the way he is.

    I loved how he said “dichotomy” —- it sounds erotic when he said it! 😉

    • Hey SB, dichotomy, hahaha. I agree.

    • Hey SB,
      If he likes Hayley’s” here” I bet our southern accents would just have that boy mesmerized……….

      • Tupelo, haha! Yeah I think so. Do you think he’ll have a hard time understanding? You know I think I sound different depending on who I talk to. LOL. If I’m talking to the locals here I sound more “southern.”

        We can also wow him with our southern hospitality. Now I just had a thought of your extra-large front porch!

        • LOL. I just thought about the swing on my front porch… And it’s warm here today too… Oh, the possibilities………….

  41. God Bless those button fly jeans! *THUD*

  42. So excited when I read Rob and Pierce were going to do one-on-one – I loved seeing them talk about the movie together. I just heard in an Alllen Coulter interview that they had to find an actor that people would believe could be Rob’s dad in the looks department – bingo, Pierce Brosnan. I have been a fan of Piece since my much younger days watching Remington Steele. I own the dvds so I watched the first episode again and Pierce looks sooo young. I hope the young lion has at least as good of a career as the old lion – I really have no doubts.

    • GayAnn,
      I love that you just referred to Brosnan as “Piece.”

      Best freudian slip of the day.


  43. this video is so cute, he just looks so awkward and embarrassed by the praise brosnan is heaping on him.

    and i love the one with hayley from paramore, when i first saw twilgiht last september, i remember going on google to find out who played edward and this was one of the very first interviews i saw, it’s one of his best. if the canteen smirk started the robsession, that interview compounded it!!

  44. The pic of Rob with the button fly ripped off jeans is my new favorite photo of him right now. It’s so random and he looks so happy and carefree. 🙂

  45. Oh my God… can’t wait to watch Remember Me!!! anyhow, I will attend Paramore’s concert tonight. Finally, I’ll see the coolest girl in the planet (for me) in person.. I soooooo lurrrrve Hayley Williams…

  46. Rob’s jizz residue was stuck in her throat….:cough cough::

    *looks around paranoid* WHO SAID THAT?!?

  47. wow, I hadn’t laugh like that in a few days! You said exactly what I thought about while watching it, only 100 times funnier than the way I would have said it.

    I don’t know why I get nervous when I watch these things. It’s kinda like the feeling you get when your best friend has to get on a stage and sing something and you’re just praying for her not to fall on her face or to forget the lyrics LOL

    And no, I’m not thinking about Rob as my best friend. I’m not that crazy…yet. 😉

  48. hi, in reponse about the family thing, Rob family comes out only when he has movie premiere ; twilight, NM and RM. and the only show they been was the Ellen show and last was the View, maybe because if was a women show.

    The talkshow host puts the attention to his family not their choice. Rob has not change at all, he wears what he wants and doesn’t care how he looks at all.

    The Madame trussauds thing is as they said because of high demand, and Rob being an easy going guy is cool with it…….its more benficial for them than for him…..

    Variety’s (the movie Trade) review of Remember ME…
    “Rob is in heavy James Dean mode here., this movie should enjoy a A short but sweet B.O. life”..

    Also they mention something about “Pattinson’s opaqueness” AND here’s one that suprised me: “Tyler and Ally once or twice become physically rambunctious but never get carried away, resulting in less-than-fulsome viewer investment in their relationship.”””

    Interesting read… would love to hear your comments.

    So, what the heck does BO mean?- can someone explain it to me!! Rob can’t get a break cut for him on his body order or what??

  50. This is late but *shrug*
    I LOVED the Hayley’s Robterview!

    They were soooo flirting. >.<
    They should date. She clearly is gaga and blushy over him on that vid. Sigh. I get her. *watching it again*

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