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How I fell in love with Rob: MySpace and her Sister

*Time for another letter from a reader about how they fell in love with Rob… this one just may involve her sister’s MySpace and some good ol fashioned videos*

Edward WHOOOO???!!

Dear Rob,

Here is my story for the R/TA (Rob/Twilight Anonymous) because each fan girl has the story on how they fell in love with Twilight and maybe, you Rob.  The crazy things they have done, grown ass women acting like their NKOTB days, it all started somewhere and it all starts the same, you read the books like it was your job, watch the movie, googled, YouTube, message board, staked supported the actors (100 Monkeys Khyber in Philly anyone?) and let’s not forget Fan Fiction! It’s all the same.  We should write a Chicken Soup for the Twilighter, Roblovin Soul.

One day I was perusing MySpace (I know so 2008) and I hopped on my little sister’s page. I was instantly confused. Her profile was filled with I heart Edward Cullen, Edward Cullen is my life now, when I sleep my dreams are filled with Edward.  Who the fuzz is Edward I asked myself, I thought Lil Sis’ flavor of the month was blah blah blah (not Eddie).   So I Google, “Who the eff this Edward Cullen and why is he my 15 y/o sister’s life now?” A fictional vampire? I mean I am usually down with the kids, I read like all the time. Um ok, obsessive much sister? So sister is all like Awesomebigsister you must read Twilight it is the most brilliant thing like eva.  Edward is soo dreamy. Nah I think I’ll pass, vamps ain’t my bag Lil Sis.

Wait, why is everyone freaking out??

Ok so as you know by now I read that shit. In like 8 days. Right in the middle of Christmas.  I hardly slept; I hid from my kids in the bathroom, in the laundry room, hid the books under my desk and read at work.  Obsessive much?  After the books I went to the movie.  I was expecting this hot ass mo fo to stroll into Forks High cafeteria. What were my eyes attacked with…a lanky dude with poofy hair, and the eye brows wtf?  Eyebrows are a deal breaker for me. I know I’m weird, but they were waxed or plucked or I don’t know but they weren’t right.  Then Edward had the nerve to spit out spider monkey, Um no, not sexy vampdude.   I didn’t love “they guy who played Edward” at first.  Nor did I love “they guy who played Edward” for the next several weeks.  I remember wondering why the hell these chicks were losing their shit when he OMG CUT.HIS.HAIR.OFF. OMG OMG, what the hell is wrong with you crazy people *side eye*, he is not the real Edward yo!
Then it happened, it’s happened to all of us, an interview sucked me in.  Rob (yeah I learned his name while on my awesome Twilight message board HOLLA Nesties) but yeah after that interview Rob owned me.  The funny thing is I read the interview, then I ran to YouTube watched the interview, then watched 3475903785 more interviews, and I was owned again and again and again and……  Weeks later I stumbled upon an effing-awesome blog *gasp* Letters to Rob…squeee (yeah I’m one of those “crazy people” I just gave the side eye to above) This aweseomass site had me rolling, saying things that I thought,and introducing me to the likes of Pocket Edward (own one), The Dad Case (my H owns one), The Tuck, 2nd hand Embarrassment, Dumpsters,TomStu, Rob’s “awesome” fashion.  I mean I can go on and on.  But the point of my story is that I have not been so obsess I mean so supportive of a famous person(s) since New Kids on the Block.  See what you do Rob, all because of an interview and the way you say under pants, org, or Sidewalk& Candy (in your American accent) and my most favorite word that comes out of your mouth is literally...LIT-TRA-Lee.  I could get all fan girl but I won’t, so just keep on being your hot hobo self, say literally more, and the lumberjack beard is hot, seriously it’s hot the things that I would……..  Ps. don’t hide more much longer I am starting to go in to full Robwithdraw.



Thank you Awesomebigsister!! What was it for you? WHat made you fall in love with Rob? Why don’t you write us an emailRob and tell us how you fell for Rob!


  1. ok so first lol at “grown ass women acting like their NKOTB days” hahahhah…
    second: I thought just about the same these couple of days. About falling for him, why, and how come I could fall for him… Especially because I am falling again. But I won’t spoil too much now you can read that tomorrow on my blog.
    But I seriously love remembering all the good times of reading the whole night, online-stalking Rob and finding lots of online friends that thought just the same as me…

    • Like me some spoilers, Bleriana…feel free to share!lol

  2. yeah…the interviews… the beginning of the end…….sad story that.. 🙂

    P.S. eyebrow-week!

    • I know right? Everyone seems obsessed with eyebrows this week.

      P.S. I just plucked mine 😛

      • lol I just waxed mine!

    • Eyebrows rule!

      • Rob’s eyebrows rule. Mine suck. True story.

        • sorry to hear that- reason?

          • Oh they’re just a bit feeble, I have extra fine baby hair…I’m having a bad hair life basically…

          • well, if the actor/musician thing doesn’t have longevity for Rob, maybe he could be the source of hair/eyebrow transplants for others and help out beakerj! As someone said when commenting on his hairy forearms, ‘the hair sweater is coming’.

            I’m joking- aside from that being really creepy (look, I have actual Robert Pattinson eyebrows. ewwww!!), it wouldn’t be viable as a procedure. Don’t ask your doctor for it!

    • What’s up with all the eyebrow stuff? 😛

    • interviews for me too. Just didn’t get it until I came across youtube interviews…and why was I searching youtube for him, well i share a flat with a twi-hard (she prefers Edward to Rob [idiot]) and had to see what on earth she was banging on about…I haven’t let the flatmate in on my own obssesion, couldn’t bear the stick I’d get from her, so this site is ideal for venting madness with other likeminded souls……and so I am now a fully paid up member of the ‘cult of Rob’.

  3. I think the interviews are THEE source of robssession for a lot of people who actually still don’t get Twilight or Edward. Like myself.

    And Rob, you’re really hardcore with all your hiding. I don’t even know how you look like or if I’m still in love with you.

    • Yeah. I didn’t like him as much in Twilight… I fell in love with Interview-Rob. (hides in the closet and shames)

      And I agree on the hardcore hiding… I seriously need to see him bad… I’m so desperate I even search distration with other vampires…

      Dear Rob,

      for the love of God give us a sign you are still alive anything. Go get a coffee at Starbucks, Go walking with KStew or shopping with Lizzy… Anything! Pretty pretty please?? I just want to make sure I still love you.

      A very desperate,

      P.S. Is it only me or do the RM questions suck? Like seriously! He’s going to be asked that shit by interviewers as well?! Can you tell I am desperate yet?

    • uhh…the drought..that’s another very sad story…

      Dear Rob
      cannot be that!
      come out of the closet!
      with beard or without!
      with stainy shirts or without!
      with sewed pants or without!
      You’re NOT funny to hide…
      P.S. Tom..pls…kick him out!

      • hahahah…
        with pants or without?? I’d prefer without.. :p

        I hope the paparazzi get good pictures of him during the ‘Bel Ami’ shoot so we can disrespect him nice and slow…

        • and we could do without the stained shirts as well!

          Nice and slow- yes please! Here’s to great BA pics!

          • Ladies ladies ladies…stop stressing over The Invisible Man; JUST ENJOY THIS. Think of Rob’s abscence as foreplay. Relish in the bitter sweet anticipation of his return. When he finally “comes” (twis) it’s just gonna be that much more awesome!!

          • absolutelyvlc…thanks for your eff…but unfortunately it doesn’t work to me…………..sigh
            although I like your “comes” thing very much…………lol

        • disrespect him nice and slow! perfect.

        • lol disrespet him nice and slow, me likey!

        • without the pants… wanna bet he has some South Park boxers?

      • Rob, please come out and play with us!

    • Honey, the moment he emerges your love for him will be back completely!

      • probably. all that effort for nothing. it’s like coke. you never really get over it.

  4. Sweet letter, Awesomebigsister. Interview Rob is completely irresistible (in the early days interviews). I dare anyone not to fall for his dorky charm. He was so open and silly while being crazy attractive- a deadly combination.

    Look at how he’s sitting in the Culpepper (awesome) interview: he’s almost folded in half!

    I’ll take his lead and work on my spelling, too!

    • As will I!
      My list for this week includes:
      Hiding, lit’rally, dot oooorg, plaid, dumpster, and microwave.

  5. speaking of NKOTB. no one has made me go this ape shit since Donnie Wahlberg when I was 16!
    Now I’m freaking crazy in love/lust with Rob but now I’m 34. Too old to know better but I cannot resist him at all!

    • None of us can- he has super powers!

      • It’s like he’s got some Compell Spell, like a vampire or smth!!

  6. ‘He was so open and silly while being crazy attractive- a deadly combination.’

    So true drsaka, that AND his British charm= irresistible.

    And Rob’s probably in hiding because he’s busy tending to his beard…combing and such…;-)

    • Can’t ignore his British charm! Though we don’t really know him, the self depreciation is charming and rings true. With some other celebs, not so much, you can tell that they’re faking it and/or its a carefully constructed PR personna (crafted by committee) rather than an honesty.

      This came through from Rob in the interviews and that’s why I (and many others) fell.

      • You know, I really must work on my spelling, I meant deprecation, not depreciation. I really will follow Rob’s lead now.

    • The Robeard involves a lot of upkeep.

  7. I so agree with you, I got hooked at the 1st interview I saw & heard him. Everything you said is my life too, except for the part about Edward walking into the cafeteria, dang, so HAWT. I adore Rob, & will support him in any film, with any look he will be wearing.

  8. NKOTB??? WTF? You guys are BABIES! I haven’t been obsessed like this since I decided at age ten that I was going to marry Ringo Star!

    Yeah. I’m the same age as Rob’s mother, but so what? Who can resist the pretty that is His Holy Hottness? I don’t think I was the OLDEST person at that 100 Monkeys gig at Khyber! [Baby Jebus! Wasn’t it about 110 degrees in that effin’ bar? I never even bothered to squeeze into the room where the band was making all that noise that night!]

    Every time my co-workers give me the side-eye over the two FSEs and 4 RPatz calendars decorating my office I start to have doubts about my sanity. I am so very thankful for LTR because you validate my feelings and tell me that I’m NORMAL!

    • RINGO STARR FTW!!! (but seriously, I probably would have picked John….ok, let’s be real, I’d pick any of them….except for George).

      • Nice, a discussion of which Beatle was the cutest! Its a timeless question! I just saw “a Hard Day’s Night’ again (don’t know how many times I’ve seen it) and they are all so funny, disarmingly charming and cute, its hard to choose! I think I’m gonna be sad….

        • PS- I saw Paul McCartney in concert this past summer and it was really good. 2 1/2 hours of happiness!

          • At the Cavern where they started in Liverpool, there is a pic of the original band before Ringo was the drummer, original was Pete Best, and Paul McCartney looks like he was about 15 or 16. Too cute! But with rugbymom I can agree. There is something about Rob that speaks to all ages. Call it creepy, disgusting, give it a name, we really don’t care. In the end , it’s ALL about Rob!

          • Pete Best was darn cute too!

      • I like John too. 🙂 And Paul. I blame it all on my mother, she is a huge Beatles fan and rubbed on me.

    • thanks for calling me a “baby”…I’ll love you forever <3…and the Beatles were kinda hot….a bit….really?Ringo Star?…NOT normal………the rest …ALL normal!lol

    • Are….are you…a…a…sabretooth?

      *Gasps at own temerity*

      I may be somewhat long in the tooth myself…but my teenage crush was Bono c.1982…

      • Awesome choice!

      • beakerj

        I. am. DIED …………Sabretooth

        Laugh out loud funny.

        • Sabretooth is really funny!

          • I stole it straight from one of UC & Moon’s friends who posted on here about a 100 Monkeys Concert they went to…they mentioned a Sabretooth who had two Cougars (her cubs) with her.

            I laugh every time it comes to mind.

          • No, it wasn’t 100 Monkeys, it was a Britpack thing – Marcus or Bobby or something. Der.

      • Like Rugbymom, I’ve got a thing for drummers. I had it bad for Larry Mullen Jnr. (maybe I still do…. a li’l bit).

        • Roger Taylor of Queen and Duran Duran. Yum

  9. “We should write a Chicken Soup for the Twilighter, Roblovin Soul.”

    I.WOULD.SO.BUY.THAT.BOOK!!!! Just sayin’.

  10. Literally is my favorite Rob word, too. I could literally listen to him say it over and over and swoon each time.

    I also read the books in 8 days. the worst was when I held them on my lap when I was driving (suburban s@hm – I spend a lot of time in the car). I’m really lucky I didn’t get in an accident. That would be so painful to explain – sorry honey, I rear ended that car because I was reading Breaking Dawn on my lap and Bella’s about to have a baby ripped out of her by Edward’s teeth.

    • It’s time to get them on your iPod.

      You can listen, yell stuff, laugh etc all whilst driving *mostly* safely. Depends on the scene a bit…anything where Jacob’s in pain & I’m not gonna be paying enough attention to the road in front of me…

      • I ALWAYS seem to get something in my eye at that point. Weird.

    • You are hilarious!

      How about me, reading it while cooking! LOL. Bad! I became a hermit, every waking moment was devoted to reading those books. I think we ate a lot of takeout that week because I would forget about the cooking and burn it. I stayed til 3-4 am almost everyday reading. It was pure craziness.

  11. I love that we are a generation of people who fell hard (twss) for a guy, because he’s genuine.

    I can’t imagine an actor from my mother’s era (she’s 76) talking about toe nails and underpants. Everyone would have thought that was crazy, right, but we love it.

    I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest person here, and don’t mind if anyone disagrees with my perspective. I love hearing other ideas, which is part of the reason I’m here.

    NOw, let’s all sing, We Are the Rob.

    p.s. Thanks for your letter, Awesomebigsister!!!!

    • Would that be the Elvis Presley era? Tom Jones followed and my mom had a melt down every time Tom was on Tv. I can still remember the grin on her face and the way she would dance. They may not have been open about it then, but they sure did feel it!! The goodness for LTR so I can have “talk” therapy for my deep seeded obsession.

      • Snapped,

        Yes, my mom watched Tom Jones every week. Thanks for reminding me about him. I don’t know if she ever went through anything like “this” before.

        The internet has fueled so much of my roblust. At what other point in time would there have been so much access to one person? I’m amazed at just the sheer number of photos and interviews Rob is in that I can look at all the time.

    • Back to the Beatles discussion above, I think there are parallels between Beatlemania and Robsession: John was also smart and irreverent and tended to say anything that popped into his head in interviews, that’s why I liked him the best. The Beatlemania was first all about the epic screaming fangirls, pop-star NKOTB stuff, the HAIR (sound familiar?), but when people realized the depth of these guys, not to mention the music, that’s what drew everyone else in. Imagine if the internet had been around, how much more monstrous their popularity would have been!

      • Oh, and I read the other day that the guy that’s coaching the cast of Bel Ami in music and singing (why?) is working on a John Lennon biopic. If the lead hasn’t been cast yet, I think Rob would be great in that part! The Liverpool accent still makes me weak in the knees, luv.

        • I read that, too about the singing coach…and I’m so curious.

          Rob would make the most amazing Lennon. I just emailed you a photo of Rob from the…is it Wonderland shoot, where he looks so Beatle-like.

      • YOu are so right, T.O.O about the similarities between Beatlemania and Robsession.

        I knew I was forgetting something very relevant and important, duh?

      • TOO- I think that there are parallels with Beatlemania and the fervor around Rob. I liked your mention of the tendency of them (esp. John) to say whatever popped into their heads; I think they had the snark gene in full force (‘Turn left at Greenland’) and seemed to be fairly self-aware, but with a joyous quality.

        I think Rob tends to be more sweet and open. Maybe not so really self- aware (‘shirt mis-buttoning???’), IMHO, but still as serious about his chosen career.

        And of course, the focus on the HAIR!!!!!

        • I think if Rob allowed the humor out that he seems to have in private, he might rival John in cheekiness. Did you ever read that quote from him when the Beatles played at a command performance for the Queen and other royals, and John said, “Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.” Haha!

          • Yes, I remember that one! Classic! Cheekiness is a good word for it. I’d love to get the chance to see in person if Rob is that humorous in private!!! Wouldn’t you? (rhetorical question).

          • Why, yes. Yes I would.

  12. *thank*

  13. Dear UK Papparazzi~

    YOu suck!

    p.s. and it’s normal that I want some movie star stalked in order to fuel my lust, right?

    • your ….two-words-letter..= WIN= I ❤ u

    • totally normal!

    • Since Rob didn’t bother to “demystify” himself and have a blog, twitter account, smth to feed the crazies, Imma have to subscribe to that : British paps suck!!! And the whole thing is a mystery to me. Cause trash press is very trashy in the UK. I’ve seen paps running after some taxi in Soho (London) when you can’t actually do anything, that’s how motivated they were, so how come we have nothing of Rob.

      • Its stealth Rob- he can vanish when he wants to. Another one of his super powers.

  14. The first time I saw Rob was in November 2008, around the time Twilight was coming out. I wasn’t interested in him at all. I saw him and I basically said “he’s hideous.” Sorry, Rob if you ever read this. I was a fool of course!

    So then I was looking thru a magazine and saw how he cut his sex hair, I think that was in Dec. 2008. I was the same, I was like “who cares?” I laughed so hard when I heard about all the commotion.

    Fast forward to March, I’ve completely forgotten about those 2 little exposures to Rob. DH came home w. the Twilight DVD (which I didn’t want to watch). I did and I realized that this guy is so enigmatic and he drew me in, just like his character. After watching Twilight(thank God for hubby) I started to feel something. So I was eager to know more about Rob and I searched the internet high and low for any info, interview, videos. I watched a ton of interviews on youtube and I think that’s exactly when I fell in love. Hearing him speak and just absorbing everthing he said….it was pure magic to me! His words were like dripping with honey.

    I think as the days, weeks and months pass by, I’m even more drawn into him. He fascinates me so much to no end. I can’t stop, I have to just have a little bit of Rob here and there everyday. It’s an addiction, kind of like chocolate. LOL. Srsly when I think of Rob, I think of chocolate(it’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac).

    And so now it’s Jan 2010 and I’m completely bonkers over Rob. 🙂 This is our love story.

  15. I like this chick and I’m sooo of like mind. Rob, I understand why you would tell yourself that the insanity is all attributable to a bunch of prepubescent girls who have difficulty distinguishing between you and SM’s “character.” I”m sure it is helpful in maintaining your sanity and perhaps in the beginning that was a significant part of it. Goodness knows, “the character” introduced most of to you. But boy have I got news for you, Boo! At this juncture it is decidedly NOT about HIM. We are a veritable army of strong, educated, articulate, attractive grown a** women that very simply have one thing in common – we think you are far and away the most f*ckable man on the planet. This, regardless of what you may happen to wear, say or do, because we figured out some time ago that behind the “sculpted brows” lurked a gorgeous soul to go along with the gorgeous everything else. Just keep being you because that’s who we all adore.

  16. Your story sounds so familiar to me. I saw RObert first in Harry Potter and I thouht he was just a handsome guy, I did¨nt like twilight the firt time I saw it, butI think he looks extremely handsome, and that was all. It was all his interviews that made me fall in love with him. He is not only a cute guy, he has something that only few humans have, Charming and charisma, or as we say in spanish, he as an angel of the size of the universe. Trust me, I have seen to many male actors in my life, Ihave a 12 year old boy.
    I have photos of him in my self phone, wathing them is like a piece of dark chocolate every day.

  17. I saw today the remember me trailer in the cinema, big screen, it was great, what a beautiful present for this day.

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