Posted by: Bekah | December 12, 2009

Start your day off right with a little Saturday Morning Delight!

Dear Rob,

Remember Saturday Morning Delight? When we watch videos of you and have a really good day afterwards? Yeah, we’re gonna do that today!

I’m kicking us off with this little treat. What IS it about fast-moving pictures of you to a hot song? Makes you alllll the hotter:

Wouldn’t be a Saturday Morning Delight in December without a little cliche “All I want for Christmas is Rob” now would it?

(It’s true. All I want for Christmas IS you (oh and a Twilight calendar)

And though this has been out for a few weeks, we haven’t posted it yet and I can never pass up posting Biel’s videos. Amazing Remember Me video. Are we EXCITED about this movie or WHAT!?

After watching this next one, @Brookelockart told me she was pretty sure she was going to have wet dreams tonight. Just thought you should know. It’s that good..

Happy Saturday!

Love & sweet wet dreams,

Fear you missed some past Saturday AM Delights? Fear not sweet one, here is the archive!

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  1. These are awesome! Except for me they are Saturday night delights! haha

    • Australia?
      It’s summer there right?
      ChristmasRob in a bathing drawers!

      • Love your new avatar! πŸ™‚

        • thx, but not sure about what you’re seeing..K?/R?
          If K…i love that pic, my absolute dream-look πŸ™‚

          • It’s Kristen, she’s gorgeous! I can finally see it!

          • I’m seeing Rob so … win/win!!

  2. Thank you for the morning delight!
    Hot music + Rob = win win situation

    LOVE all the videos of BIEL!
    This one especially!

    It gives me WET DAY DREAMS…it that counting too?

    …and I’m have to say what I ALWAYS have to say when we mention sthg. about “Remember Me”

    THAT film will be my death!
    I hope Rob will do much press junket for the film and explain TYLER as well as Edward!

    • That’d be a bit of a downer if there were mass casualties at the Remember Me premier. My gravestone will say, “and she regrets nothing.”

      • I know I know….
        minuit sent me the skript and now I’m here
        …skript + trailer+ Rob drought…
        def. too much for a girl today!!!

        • Robgirl, will you please send me the script. Southernbelle has my email addy thanks!!!!!


          • done! hugs back, have a nice day ❀

        • I cried for so long after I read the script! I kept having to pause that R.M. Biel video, actually, because I felt like I was going to throw up a few times just knowing what that movie is about and everything, hahaha. πŸ˜›

          Saturday Morning Delights are magical awesomeness, by the way, hahaha. πŸ˜›

          Excited for R.M. yet knowing I`m going to be that-girl-who`s-sitting-there-crying,

          – Cassie. πŸ™‚

        • Everyone keeps talking about this script, and I haven’t read it yet and I’m dying.

          • Do you know someone here around? email? i can’t tell you mine, it’s my full name…lol

  3. love it =]

  4. Good morning, 4th video! If it weren’t for the video clip breaks in there – I think I would’ve gotten pregnant watching!
    Is it wrong that all I could think of while listening to that song was, “I wonder how sexy it would be if it was Rob making all those mouth-tongue-clicky noises?”
    Oh yeah, and now I’ll never be able to listen to Mariah Carey again without….oh, nevermind.

    • You’re killin me with “Drop it like it’s hot”!!! I’m suprised it actually worked so well lol!

      I had MY FIRST Rob dream last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked if I could play with his hair and he said yes. So I did…and he liked it!

      The dream was ruined when I woke up to my stupid neighbor’s dog barking. That dog and I are going to have a long talk!

  5. The fast moving pictures ones are almost too much for me! I feel breatholess afterwards – it’s like being facepunched with pure fuckhawtness.

  6. Good morning! I love these videos!

    I just saw “Love Actually” for like the 100th time and I’ve been singing that “All I want for Christmas song.” When I was watching the movie, naturally I thought of Rob again. I guess hearing anyone w/ a British accent makes me think of him. Wait? When do I NOT think of Rob? πŸ™‚

    So anyway, I watched that “All I want for Christmas video” 5 times straight! I love that pic of him on all fours, with his pants and belt loosened. I was just looking for that pic too, I saw that on Facebook early this year! So sexy!

    • I hate it, I can’t see the video b/c of copyright question in Germany…arghh
      But I know that pic, do you thimk it’s real or photoshooped? The arms/body didn’t look as HIS ?!

      • I think it’s real(are we talking about the same thing)! Anyway, if I email you the video, will you be able to see it?

        • hon…plz..try!

          • I sent it to you, the Christmas one!

    • And that video also has a vf pic of Rob standing in front of the mirror. I was really really confused, because I didn’t know whether to first look at Rob or his reflection. Both angles were so good….

      • moaninmymouth – I felt the same. His reflection is awesome though isn’t it? He has the most beautiful profile in the world. And I love when he looks disturbed/serious. He looks even more gorgeous that way. Sigh. We just luv Rob so much.

        • oh yes! Hail GQ for those pictures, they’re still my favorites!

  7. Yeah, me too Mariah Carey’s song gives me NEW visuals. (much better than MC frolicing around the snow in the red suit with Tommy in a santa suit)

    Happy Saturday


  8. I declared to Mr. Fang that Bad Romance was going to be “our song” a week or so ago.

    Now, Rob will be flashing through my brain when I hear it…

    Is it ever gonna end?


    • Now my Snoop love will also be affected by the Rob love.

      Conclusion: It never ends.


      • Pattinfiltration, that’s what I call it.
        The infiltration of Rob into everything I previously loved – like Snoop, NY Yankees baseball caps, cigarettes, corn on the cob, and warm blankets….you get the idea.
        Plus, Pattinfiltration sounds kinda dirty, so that makes it even better.

        • wow…Pattinfiltration…you’re are GENIUS!
          Sounds pretty dirty, but in a gooooodd way!lol

  9. Mmmm – delish! Since I have to work this morning, this almost makes it worth waking up! What would make it completely worth waking up? Rob on the other side of the bed! I work from so he could entertain me while answer phones…oh hell, I’d just call in sick.

  10. How about an afternoon delight. Singing in the rain is so cool too. What hoppin to the videos. Nao sabe nada.

  11. I’d never seen 1.34 on the Christmas video until today.

    *heart sank, pupils dialated*

    I’m with fangbanger (love your name btw). This is never going to end and I don’t want it to end.

    “Pattinfiltration” = perfect. Thanks, Poochimama.

    Enjoy Tay-Tay tonight on SNL. I’m sure Rob will be watching and that’s something we can do “together” and this is a normal way to think, right?


    • I would have to say that’s normal πŸ™‚

  12. I had a bad day and these completely turned it around. Thanks girls!

  13. Roll call – LOTN?

    • I’m here!!

      • Obviously…LOL

        • whaaat? where did you come from? i haven’t talked to you in forever! holla lady.

          • I know??? What’s new?? Read any good FF lately?? What have you done all day?? I bet it was super fun and exciting.

          • Crap! Those question marks after “I know” should have been exclamation points. That’s what I get for being a smart ass.

          • nothing’s new! and what is this FF you speak of? i don’t think i’ve ever heard of that in my entire life – it sounds interesting! and yes, my day was completely jam-packed. i haven’t had a moment to myself! i’m exhausted!

            how about you? anything new? do anything completely awesome and not at all boring today??

  14. Well, I’ll spare you pure mind of the corruption that is FF. You’d probably hate it. It’s absolutely dreadful and NOT full of lemony deliciousness. Wow, I’m sorry you had such a busy day. You should take it easy. And make sure you eat LOTS of fruit since you need the vitamins for energy and whatnot.

    I was rather busy myself today. I had to hurt a few of my friends’ feelings today because everyone wanted to hang out with me. I’m only one person! Ya know?

    • yes, i’m so pure and innocent, it would be a sin to corrupt me. shame on you for even bringing up something “dirty hot” around me! shame!

      you know, i SHOULD eat some fruit… i don’t think i’ve had any today. and i certainly haven’t eaten 7 oranges. i’m severely lacking in that food group.

      awwe, i’m sorry to hear you had to turn down so many people! i know how hard that is, you poor angel. how ever do you cope which such demands? you must be stretched so thin! and i bet you had many large, tasty meals today too, didn’t you? that’s what socializing does!

      • I’m SOOOO sorry. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m going to be gone for a few minutes to repent. And definitely NOT read any FF.

        Well, I’m glad you haven’t eaten 7 oranges today! I’m sure there’s a limit on how much Vitamin C one person should consume in a day. Speaking of Vitamin C….

        Uh huh, Uh huh…LOL

        I’m so glad to have ONE friend that understands I have limits! I’m not an object! LOL

        • oh, you were repenting… i was wondering what was taking you so long to respond. i forgive you.

          i’m kinda wondering why you chose that particular song… you know, “the itch” might have been more appropriate.

          seriously, wtf keeps hitting my window? edward, is that you?

          • Thanks. I felt REALLY bad.

            Honestly, it came up first. lol I ended up watching part of that one too… Was this on a movie soundtrack? I don’t recognize the clips.

            It can’t be Edward. He’s too slick for that. It might be Jacob…

          • yeah, it was from some crappy movie kirsten dunst was in. holy hell that song is terrible. i think my ears are bleeding.

            i prefer to believe it’s edward. i mean, it is – 30 outside and the window is frozen shut. how else is he supposed to get in here?

  15. Hmmm…I kinda wanna see it nonetheless. It is pretty bad. And the video is super cheesy.

    Uh…superhuman strength??? But maybe he’s trying to play it down so you aren’t terrified that he’ll rip you to shreds in the throes of passion. LOL

    • the movie is different than what you see in that video. here, i found a link for you:

      what, so because he has super human strength he should rip my window out of the wall?! he’d better have some fucking super human carpenter skills too then!

      • I’ve totally seen that before. Thanks! You rock!

        He’s from the early 1900’s. Guys were VERY handy back then.

        • haha i can’t believe i remembered the title of that movie. i’m a loser.

          hmmm true, but maybe i’ll just give him my cell number so he can call me and tell me he’s at the window. then we can just avoid this whole hole in the wall business.

          • We all have our moments.

            Mwahahahaha!!! Good idea!

  16. In LOTN tradition…RandomE thoughts:

    My neck hurts from being in this position so long.

    Peanut butter crackers and chocolate Teddy Grahams, while delicious, do not make for a good dinner.

    I’m effin’ thirsty.

    I like this song…

    • my neck hurts too! that’s how i got my massive headache this morning. maybe that was a migraine, because that’s how bad it hurt…

      that does sound delicious. and thanks for bringing up food, cuz now i’m hungry. argh!

      get some water! or diet rootbeer. or apple juice.

      “she gets you high”… i can see why you like this song already

      • Awww….did it ever go away? I better readjust myself. I don’t want to hurt tomorrow.

        Sorry. I’m hungry too. And it’s too late to go to DQ!

        Ewww…diet rootbeer. Ewww…apple juice.

        It’s “She’s Got You High” thankyouverymuch. lol

        • the pain dulled, but it never went away. and is it bad that i pictured edward readjusting his titanium anaconda when you said “readjust”?

          yeah, i could go for some ice cream. though last night i had a cupcake and felt my thighs expand.

          what?! diet rootbeer and apple juice are my two loves right now. HOW DARE YOU!

          yeah i realized that afterward. whatever, same sentiment

          • Of course not!

            Rocky Road sounds delicious. Thank god for spandex, am I right??? lol

            Sorry, but EWWWW!!! lol

            It’s cool. And yeah…

          • dude, if your thighs are big enough to need spandex, spandex ain’t the answer.

          • LMAO! True dat!

  17. random thoughts:

    i’m cold, even though my room is freakin’ tropical right now.

    i need to stop obsessively biting and licking my lips, especially when i’m too lazy to get up and get lip chap.

    i’m hungry.

    my internet connection is a POS.

    • I like the word “tropical”

      That’s very FF-Bell-esque of you. I bet stalker Edward outside your window is diggin it.

      Me too. I want food.

      Mine isn’t fantastic either. Most of it probably has to do with my computer though…

      • i love heat. if i could marry something that didn’t have a solid form, it would be heat. but, like, artificial heat… not sun heat.

        it’s funny you say that, because i have a story from my acting class that involves someone saying i could be bella because of my mannerisms.

        me too. i’m going to go make crackers and cheese and syrup.

        our internet was slower than dial-up yesterday. i literally yearned for dial-up. YEARNED!

        • Like UV bulbs or something? They’re kinda phallic-ly shaped. I know. I used to have a turtle. lol

          They said Bella NOT KStew, right??? That would NOT be good. lol

          What? Like for real? That doesn’t sound good…

          It’s crazy to think that dial-up was cool at one time.

          • like, furnace heat. even the heat from a fire… which i know isn’t really artificial, but, you know. i’m a walking contradiction. the sun just hurts me, ok?

            and yeah, they said bella as a group. but i’m pretty sure one dude meant kstew, eek

            and what? that sounds delicious! though you distracted me with that video, so i haven’t done to make it yet. man i need to get up early tomorrow to make red punch and buy some goodies, yet i’m still awake…

          • Okay, that works.

            If it was just one guy, it can be counted as stupidity.

            All together?? I’ve never heard of such a concoction! Hmmm…holy cow it’s almost 3 o’clock! Where did the time go???

          • whoa, yeah. it’s late. ok lady, i’m gonna head to bed! lots LOTN love. xx heart your face

          • Backatch! We should totally do this again soon! Night!

  18. dear uc and moon, I’m can’t get used to see my stuff posted here, on your awesome blog… no, seriously, you have no idea how much it means to me!!

    Thank YOU so much for “spoiling” me this way… you made me a more than happy girl today!!!



    PS: it has nothing to do with this, but your “Two Words For The Fandom: Chill Out!!” remembered me why I love so much this site!!! you rock my socks off, bb’s!!! keep up the grrrreat work!!

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