Posted by: themoonisdown | December 13, 2009

My ultimate Bro Crew for Robert Pattinson aka I pick out hot guys Rob should hang out with

Dear Rob,

I got to thinking about your friends the other day while hanging out with my own. Your crew can totally make or break your good times and since everyone needs a good time I started assembling your ultimate crew in my head (cause I have a life). Now Tom, Marcus and Bobby can stay cause they seem like a good combination of laughs and hottness and that hobo-ishness you love so much. And since it’s no secret that most girls have a thing for accents I took that into account too… so witness my ultimate Rob Pattinson crew… aka Panty Drop Crew 2010

Jim Sturgess

He’s British… he can rock a pea coat and can sing like an m-er f-er (also see: Across the Universe)! Aren’t those really the tenants of being hot shiz?

James McAvoy

Yea, yea he’s Scottish but it’s all the same island so cut me some slack and besides who doesn’t want a crew that includes JAMES MCAVOY! Accent, freaking cute and he will KILL YOUR arse in Atonement AND Becoming Jane. The sign of a good man? He can work out a period piece like no other! Talk regency to me James!

See the rest of the crew after the cut

Ben Whishaw

So remember what I said about a man rocking a period piece film? Well, I just saw Ben play John freaking Keats in Bright Star and he pwned me pretty hard. I mean like bawling pwned. So on that alone and the fact he kinda has this Bob Dylan-esque vibe (he was in I’m Not There) about him he SO belongs in The Panty Drop Crew. Oh and for serious SEE Bright Star, Ben reciting “When I have Fears that I may cease to be” and “Bright Star” might be likened to a religious experience. You know like looking at Rob in Vanity Fair. Same stuff.

Chris Pine

Ok, I KNOW he’s not British nor does he have a kick ass accent but he’s an actor I’m sure he can pull one off if need be and besides you gotta keep it real, you need at least one American in your crew. And I’m sure he’s got a peacoat he can rock.

So there you have it… let the beautiful music and panty dropping begin. I can only imagine the legions of heartbroken girls they’d leave in their wake. Just looking at this crew it’s a group to be reckoned with! Please Rob, let’s make this happen… you make a few calls, I’ll make a few calls (to UC) and we’ll get this done.

It’s a bromance made in heaven!

If you could pick out some other dudes for Rob to hang around with, who would they be? Remember the tenants: hot accent, rocks a peacoat, maybe a musician, maybe American, maybe Scottish, recites poetry… you know. Let’s add to this hot list.

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  1. That group desperately needs a gal. Guess what, I VOLUNTEER !!! For the beer and the tequila shots, for the trashy jokes, for the nights that end at 8 in the morning and EVERYTHING ELSE that might go with it!!!

    • lovely crowd, one hotter than the other…

      Rob…let me think…who could be your new bro? (ähem sis?)
      who has a hot accent, knows some poetry, can rock a peacoat, is european, likes beer…..and is cyber-HOT too……….???
      Just do a call….:-)

      Reading this I’m aware that this actually sounds
      like the letters I critized the other day!!!……
      but who cares?
      Just normal! 🙂

      • This is completely unrelated to this post, but robgirl, it wouldn’t let me reply to you about the RM script. If you could send it that would be awesome!
        thank you!!

    • Why is my post a reply to the french rival???
      The internet is against me today…
      Hello minuit!!! 🙂
      Love me some Rob too!

      • I thought you had a family gathering today. So go socialize with the relatives, I’ll socialize with the guys.

        • In fact..
          I call this multidating..ähemm..tasking!
          So you can socialize with the guys..
          I will socialize only with ONE guy!ok?

          • Ok OK you can chose anyone you want from the guys listed above*.
            *Offer only available for the guys having their photo in the post.

            xo, I’m off, need some new ski shoes

      • Minuit, be nice and share! 🙂 Don’t you both have some socializing to do? Hmm?

        • SB …you are judgementally-spoken…a WISE girl!

        • Don’t worry SB. There is enough room behind the dumpster.

          • Ahhh…the fakerfan again…lol

          • …minuit…omg the dumpster..
            ok ok…I can share…lol

          • Why fakerfan? Because I don’t have any Rob porn?

          • Wooot! I’m gonna go find a dumpster now in this frigid weather! I;m sure we’ll be warm and cozy.

    • Minuit thanks for the script!

      I agree, Rob needs a girl pal! Or three girl pals(Robgirl, you and I).

      • …honey you forgot all the lovely ladies here
        I said it, there will be a line like…100m? long but peaceful!
        Poor Rob!

        • He’s young – I’m sure he can cope!

    • mmm mmm tequila!!!
      im up for this crew!!!

  2. Have to go change. It just doesn’t seem right going to church with ‘puddly’ pants 🙂 Love you Moon. Thanks for giving us another ‘swoon’ morning.


    • Ahhhh… Someone I might love just as much as robbie, JIM STURGESS! Anyone who has seen Across The Universe would understand. (Sorry Rob It’s True)

      • Shmeganp13, I got it bad for Jim Sturgess, too. Across the Univ. killed me.

  3. preach it, moon, preach it!!!

  4. Preach it Moon!

  5. That’s quite the selection of man-hawtness! Thank you for the smorgasbord!!!

  6. mcavoy pattinson= win
    very nice bromance suggestion, becoming jane reference, win.
    What about that guy who plays in maria antoinette, the one she has an affair with, he’s got an accent and hwat!!!
    But according to the dog whisperer there needs to be a pack leader and I vote rob (shocking, right?!?)

    • Good call, Misty. I liked that Marie Antoinette guy (Jamie Dornan), too.

  7. I think that your list is pretty awesome, and I loved that video of Tom. He kind of reminded me of Josh Jackson.

    O.K. I’m going to go a little fangirl on Rob’s best mate, Tom Stu, because I just love him in Pirate Radio. If you have not seen that yet, please go!!!

    Who else would I add to this list?? Hmmm, Tom Wisdom. He’s English, and was also in Pirate Radio and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (didn’t see that movie, though) Really hot…

    Russell Howard is a blonde cutie, that is a stand-up comedian from Bristol. I just saw him on the Jonathon Ross show. His humor seemed quite up Rob’s alley. He could bring the funny…

    • Sorry, I meant to say Jim, with regards to the video. I guess I have Tom on the brain this morning.

    • Who was he in Sisterhood? I love that movie. (Great books too!)

  8. Oh yea, Jim Sturgess. Gotta love some Jude.
    In the 60’s there was the Rat Pack. In the 80’s the Brat Pack. What would we call Rob’s posse? Crack pack? As in butt crack? Hot Pack? Panty drop Pack? Any suggestions?

    • I like Panty drop Pack. Maybe Brit Hobo Pack??

    • Actually, I read somewhere the other day that Rob and his musician friends are referred to in England as The Brit Pack. Of course, we can have our own name for them, but the British media and fans call them The Brit Pack.

  9. I have one too…. TOTAL Panty Dropper AND an Aussie. Sam Worthington!! From Terminator: Salvation…

  10. I like Jim Sturgess :-). I’m barely familiar w/ the rest except for Chris Pine. He’s hot. Not in a Robert-Pattinson-kind-of-way but still hot.

    I think Rob would love hanging out w. comedians. How about Jimmy Fallon? Or George Lopez? At least they’ll make him laugh!

  11. I’m new to this site – – – you having named Jim Sturgess – – – now I know for sure we kindred spirits. I LOVED Jim in Across the Universe. He’s adorable. However, Rob is ‘other-wordly, make my heart skip a beat, almost painful to look at HOT’, while Jim is earthly, beautiful, yes I’d definately do him’ hot, but not in the same league as Rob, of course. Just sayin….

  12. I love James McAvoy!! Loved him since I saw Penelope, which, incidentally, had a Twilight sneak preview on the DVD. So, he kind of already has an in.

  13. Yay for James McAvoy! But there is someone missing = a hot guy with australian accent and I nominate Jesse Spencer:

    • Oh yeah! He seems “sponge worthy.” I have no idea how where that came from, but I guess my brain just pulled it from a dusty Seinfeld file.

      • seinfeld mention!!!!!!! FTW

  14. Whishaw is doing something off Broadway in Feb. I think. He rocked in “Bright Star” but I couldn’t get passed that bitch, Abby Cornish, for busting up Reese Witherspoon’s marriage. Although Reese did prove the old addage about living weel is the best revenge by snatching Jake. I’ve heard they’re apart now too, but I digress.
    I’d like to see Rob chill with some older actors like George Clooney. He would learn how to go into stealth mode and avoid the papz. Plus- Clooney has a wicked sense of humor and they’d have a blast.

    • plus…
      I know the italian villa of George Clooney…beautiful place…
      perhaps they could share some vacation there…

  15. living WELL…not weel.

  16. If Rob’s gonna hang out with older guys, I vote Colin Firth.

    I adore Jim Sturgess and James McAvoy and can’t wait to see Ben in Bright Star.

    Ben’s got some amazing cheek bones in that photo.

    Nice list, Moon!

    • I was thinking of Colin too…very debonaire!

      How about Ben Barnes y’all?

      I also like Jared Padalecki, I think he and Rob will get along. He’s a nice southern boy.

      • Speaking of Colins… How about Colin Farrell??

  17. jared followill. and come on how about real life tom sturridge…or however you spell his name…i have a lurking husband and no time to spell check.

    • I’m gonna go along with this one and throw out Caleb Followill too. C’mon.. with a voice like that? Love.

      • mmmmm….caleb too. sighhhhhh. i love a man who sings ugly. really, you wouldn’t think much upon initial sight of him, but watch him sing…died.

    • Real life Tom…yessssssss

      • I mean Jim….too many hot boys in my head.

  18. You ladies love the Brits? Here are some guys Rob should hang out with, they’re musicians, very purty & totally lovely guys.

    Yes LTR friends, let me introduce you to a couple of my friends…
    Try, & if you want some new British eyecandy. I myself can vouch for their accents…

    Many mwah!

  19. james McAvoy was superfit in shameless, and was naked almost all of the time! – good times

    • Really, naked almost all of the etime, Robzanne? I’ve just added this to my list. THANKS!

  20. However, I may get weird if people say *fruity* things about them as they’re like little brothers in my world…

  21. “Talk regency to me”

    YES, YES, YES! That is my uber-fantasy. Something about a man in a waistcoat does naughty things to me. James Mc Avoy, Matthew MacFayden, Colin Firth…MMMMM. And I just saw the deleted scenes of Rob in Vanity Fair…holy Mary mother of God was I a smitten kitten!!

    • Matthew MacFayden! OH le swoooonnnn

      • yes but only in P&P, cause he isn’t as swoon-worthy in real life…

  22. Moon, you had me at Jim Sturgess.

  23. I think a little Jude Law action in that pack might add a little ‘older guy’ coolness, no? He could bestow his wisdom on the ways of making babies and sleeping with nannies. Plus, he has the accent…which is why I love him too.

    • My soul mate!!! I just posted this same suggestion down the page. Loves me some Jude.

      • Thanks babe!!! And, BTW, could your screen name be any more f*cking hilarious??? LOVE IT!

    • Yes, Jude Law. How could I forget the pool table scene in Alfie? Thanks for the reminder, Mrs. P.

      • Hey girl what’s up with your avatar?
        Quasi quasi I didn’t recognize you! lol
        OK, I can see the wild thing, it’s b/c you are a cougar now?

        Alfie was great…and sexy!
        Not like Rob (…he’s beyond ANY normal sexy-definition)
        but sexy!

        • Yes, I’m bored with the single eye, so I just went with the cougar…just like me.

          Yes, Rob is beyond ANY normal sexy-defination….


  24. Ladies, what’s about lovely SAM RILEY?
    British, actor, handsome, very handsome!!!

  25. I think you need to throw an older, more fatherly figure into the mix. Perhaps Jude Law???

    • NOOOO please honey, behind Jude (hot!that’s right)
      is SIENNA, the man-eater…
      now I will have a nightmare…don’t get me wrong,
      I love her…for fashion, but that’s it!

      • LMAO!

  26. I like your choices – I’d like to add Jared Leto the mix since he’s into Rob…he’s name-dropped him a few times lately. I think they met each other at an Oscar after party. Plus Jared is extreme hotness and has the musician thing down pat.

  27. I LOVE Jim Sturgess. He can sing me Beatles songs any day of the week. Seriously. I’m turning on that soundtrack right now.

    And I don’t know this Ben fellow. I will be checking him out. He has some awesomely crazy hair there.

  28. Jim Sturgess! YES! Oh man, if I ever saw a photo of him and Rob together I would combust!

  29. Okay I am gonna add one of my favorites. He is irish, sings, plays an instrument, and plays royalty. That would be Jonathan rhys meyers. I loved him in august rush and never miss an episode of the Tudors. Since accents are favored he will fit right in. He has some bad boy aspects which might make him more appealing.

    • Ahhh…. JRM and Rob bromance: shirts off, playing guitar, drinking brews… Oh, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  30. Jennifer, get outta my mind. I went through all the comments and was surprised that no one mentioned Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

    It helps that I have a thing for Irish men. 😉

  31. By the way, have any of you seen Bend It Like Beckham? Jonathan almost became the death of me in it!

    • Oh yes, totally agree with you! He was beyond sexy in Bend it like beckham, nothing like ROb, but close enough. Btw, I love your screen name….

      • omg your name is hilarious!

  32. This is just a whole world of hot.

    Ed Westwick anyone? English and hobolicious in his down time.

  33. I personally wouldn’t mind if Rob and James Mcavoy did a remake of Brokeback Mountain but with more making out scenes….just sayin’

  34. I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to say that Bright Star was AMAZING. Jane Campion is a film-making genius. Ben Whishaw was unbelievably good. I bawled for a couple of hours after that film ended.

    He’s also very good in the mediocre Brideshead Revisited.

    Rob would do well to sign on for a British period film, stat.

  35. I LOVE JIM STURGESS – I would have his babies, if it wasn’t for his piano-playing girlfriend…yeah…she was in that clip. I have seen Across the Universe more often than it is humanly safe (more times than Twilight…:-O).
    I also love James McAvoy – he encompasses every bit of my obsession for Scottish men…. Again, I would have his babies, if it wasn’t for his wife!!!

  36. […] My ultimate Bro Crew for Robert Pattinson aka I pick out hot guys Rob should hang out with Dear Rob, I got to thinking about your friends the other day while hanging out with my own. Your crew can totally make […] […]

  37. OHHH JAMESUS!!!! How I love me Some James McAvoy.

    Here, here! The best in movie accents spoken guy last year….or whatever you call it.

    He was my crush before Rob Rob.

    Yeah, it changes.

  38. OOOOHHH Jim Sturgess. Can I take you home with me tonight? I have no shame. I’ll make it worth your while.

  39. It’s kind of unfair that Rob has so many hot guy friends =( and when I saw Marcus out and about in a pub in London a month ago he was there with some friends and guess what? THEY were the hottest ones there! Do only goodlooking men hang with other goodlooking men?

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