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Rob, Motown and a walk down memory lane with EastFriend

Yes it’s true! One last day of a double post. We end our anniversary week with a letter penned by EastFriend of The Quad. Eastfriend, being the oldest wisest among us, thought she’d center her letter around some of her favorite memories from the past year. She’s included many links for all you newbies to go back & check out what we talked about way-back-when! Instructions: play the video and sing along while you look at the rest of the letter!

Dear Moon, UC, and Rob,

One year…I can’t believe it’s been only a year, when it seems as you’ve been in my life for at least a decade. Back when the three of you were teenagers and I was in my mid-20’s. Whatever.

I tried to pen a letter that would adequately reflect the love and affection (sing it, Nelson!) I hold in my heart for each of you. But since we all (and by “we all,” I clearly mean the five us…those to whom this letter is addressed, and WestFriend, of course) are lovers of a great tune, I found a better way to express my love. It’s Motown style, thankyouverymuch.

Moon & UC, I’d be your faux lesbian life partner any day. And Robert Thomas Pattinson…well, when grown, married women write of the stuff they’d like to do to you, it just gets creepy. And I’m not creepy. At all. Nor did I start that whole dumpster shiz. Ahem. (Love you.)

Baby, It’s You… (by The Shirelles)

(thanks to The Shirelles for providing me with a soundtrack for my walk down memory lane.)

It’s not the way you smile, that touched my heart…

OK, it does touch me. You and that "foreplay" look right there.

It’s not the way you kiss, that tears me apart…

(But--SWOON--that does kinda tear me apart. In a good way. Amen.)

Many, many nights roll by…I sit alone at home and cry, over you…what did you do? You done gone & tucked your shiz, that’s what you did…

We were horrified, and accomplished nothing that day. Except looking at you.

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‘Cause baby, it’s you…Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la…

It’s not the way I turned lesbian for Sam Bradley’s mother:

It’s not the way you had Almanzo Wilder hair...

Doesn’t matter what they say, I know we’ll meet behind a dumpster one day

What can I do? When it’s true? I can’t help myself…’Cause baby, it’s you…

Even when you looked less-than-awesome and we got all controversial and "Quad" became the latest 4-letter word.

Yes, Rob…it is you. Never before has a man inspired four grown women to waste countless hours of their day in a manner such as this. Thank God we’re normal for it! Thank God for Moon & UC and this website…who’ve made all this joy possible.

If I don’t shut up now I’m gonna sound like a cheesy Hallmark Channel movie. And we can’t have that, or else my fan cred is lost forever.

Special hugs and sloppy kisses to all of you,

We love you EastFriend LONG TIME. From the presents you sent us within a few days of knowing each other (I mean, seriously, it was a travesty I had never seen “Girls just wanna Have fun”) to the jokes we’ve had and inappropriate emails we’ve sent and pictures we’ve texted (okay I’ve  texted…) it’s been a blast. Thank you for being such an important part of LTT/LTR! XOXO

This is our 2nd-post of the day! Did you read the first one yet? You don’t want to miss this: Coo-Coo for Pattinson and PLEASE MAKE SURE, even if you’re not an LTT reader, to go over and LOVE LOVE LOVE Moon’s video she made today!


  1. NO wait.. I take that back.. that thing you texted from your brother the other day? I’d call that MAJORLY inappropriate! there.. we’re even!

    • oh east friend i love your walk down memory lane and the shirelles. you own me with that

  2. hahahaha, great letter, you should have more “Quad” posts, miss them!!

  3. Oh I can think of a number of ahem, “inappropriate” chats/texts/whateves from EF. But I don’t care. I ❤ her and her love of my loves. Thanks for being such an awesome member of the quad. 🙂

  4. Yes baby, it’s You…only You!!!

    “The first, the last , my everything”…isn’t that a Neil Diamond song?
    Strange enough, an ’86th remembered me on an 86!
    or 68? or 69? THAT would be goooood!

  5. ha ha and ha. Taylor’s weewee is where Rob’s peepee should be 😀

    • …and he’s looking at the peepee!
      Or he’s looking at MEEEE and it’s ME looking at the peepee…???
      Confusing triangle that pic!

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, TSOT. TSOT said: Were not done w this dbl post thing weve got goin on yet! LTT #2 LTR #2 @letter2twilight […]

  7. HAHAHAHA!!!!! That’s one way to get me to look at Taylor…put his face over Rob’s privates. Classic!!!!

    I love a soundtrack with a letter! Helps set the ‘mood’.

    Happy Anniversary, ladies!!!

    • I agree with everything you said. Plus I wonder why I never saw Sam Bradley’s mother before. I want those genes in my unborns!

  8. Awww – You are the bestest EastFriend…

    We started chatting and within the first week, we had a two hour phone chat. All made possible through this blog!

    Thanks again for the fantastic Hanukkah present!!


  9. Yeah, so, the Surgeon General called. He said from now on any post this funny has to be accompanied by a warning: Do Not Drink While Reading! Caution Should Be Taken To Prevent Choking!
    That’s 2 days in a row I almost died while reading LTR. But dying in a place reading something I love, seems like a good way to go…

  10. It never fails to amaze me how awesomely creative those who live/breath/work at LTT/LTR are…

    *leaves to sing ‘WE ARE THE ROB!’ loudly down the hallway*

    • ps. don’t you worry, tomorrow on my day off, i’ll work at memorizing this one too!

  11. Baby, It’s You. Is one of my favorite songs. I just adore this blog. You guys are so awesome.

  12. I posted this on LTT, but it pRob belongs here even more.

    It’s an honor to have spent this past year with you all, even though I haven’t posted much lately & that has been under a different name.
    Haven’t read through all the comments, but thought I’d jump in to reminisce about the Wedding Fiesta. What a crazy time that was!
    MsJBell got HHH to start, French_Nugget had TomStu, Carrie had Simba & on it went until the only single actors/characters left were GaysianEric & ButtCrackSanta. Wedding plans were made, bridesmaid dresses were picked out & it was an amazing thing to see everyone with a FutureDH/DW.
    So many memories – (God, sounds like this was SO ‘backinnaday’!): the Church of HHH, St Mattress & sermons, the naming of the RobnanaNutMuffin, the letters to Clare & Richard, Gen dropping in to shower us with incredibly enormous Robpics just when we needed them most, the United States of Roberica, JAG’s awesome videos, and the gift of the Forum, where we cultivated a couple of our first unicorns, Jordan & ArmyUnicorn, & left snacks for Giggles, the GoogleBot.
    Many have made a home here. Some we have lost along the way – Vogue & Birdie, if you are out there, we remember & miss you. xoxo
    Others have shifted focus to the Forum or Twitter, but we all identify ourselves as LTR/LTT when we are together.
    I have made amazing friends here, some of whom are now RL friends. You people ‘get me’ better than my old RL friends ever did.
    I thank you, UC & Moon, for building us this Hot Pockets fort to call home, furnishing it with kneepads & dumpsters & keeping the fridge well-stocked with Heinekens, just in case HHH stops by.
    *raising beer* A toast- to many more years of fun & snark, because I couldn’t stand to go back to having an un-obsessed life! Cheers!

  13. That was great EastFriend. Lovely song choice as soundtrack.

  14. HAHAHA!

    We also spent the entire day, OK OK,
    staring at ‘The Tuck’

    Is it bad that I love that Little Ashes mano e mano kiss too?

    Remember Me is gonna kill me

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