Posted by: themoonisdown | December 6, 2009

Rob Pattinson as a young dad?

*I was thinking about writing a letter about this whole Rob/paparazzi/respect Rob/whatever blah blah stuff but I’m not sure I wanna touch that subject w/ a 10ft pole… maybe tomorrow ;)*

Dear Rob,

I’m 100% convinced this shy, self depricating schtick you’ve got going on is a total act. You know EXACTLY what you’re doing to us all. From hot ass photo shoots, to carrying around books like you’re some brainiac to the answers you give in interviews. Take this Japanese interview for example…

When asked about having a family some day you talk about wanting to be a young dad… are you serious?! Do you know how many emails, texts, ims, dms that I got from girls who died a little hearing you talk about that stuff?! For serious!

So of course that made me think about you being a dad and I decided to hit up google and see what I could find on Robert Pattinson, young Dad. Cause you know hitting google images is like looking into a crystal ball!

prepare to be creeped out after the cut (I’m too embarrassed to leave them on the main page)

Rock a bye baby in my HUGE arms… when my arms bulge the cradle will rock…

Good night baby… good night moon… good night my floating head

Awwww they fake grow up so quick!

The happy creepy family! I’m on my way to Aaron Brother’s frame store, don’t get in my way yall, this one’s going over my fireplace!

Ok, I’m too 2nd hand embarrassed to find anymore so I’ll just leave you with these to ponder Rob, I mean it’s almost like seeing into the future right?

Glad I use photoshop for the right kind of rob shenanigans,

Have you found any creepy awesome photo manipulations? Feel free to share them in the comments so we can all be scared together!

Source: weird people on google image search!

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  1. These are way creepy.
    I think it may cause me nightmares tonight.

  2. in that last pic Rob looks more like a psychopath who broke into the young mom’s house and is terrorizing the mom and her creepily mature-looking baby.

    • It’s just me or the kid in that pic is kinda looking
      like a baby version of Stephenie Meyer?

      • lil’ bit.

    • while the house burns down around them (how else do you explain the weird squiggy lines in the background and the mark on Bella’s face that is clearly soot).

      Oh yeah, by the way CREEEEEEEEPPPPYYYYY!!!!

  3. *shudder*
    Those are wrong on 345903202.23 levels.
    I’ll take Rob with the word “shart” written over him any day over creepy demon baby-daddy Rob.
    I’m going to shower. I feel unclean now.

  4. Come on the third one is actually CUTE .. I’ve seen it before the others are scary .yes .. but NOT the third one .. I think I made my point clear .. LOL

  5. OH MY GOD! That’s SO creepy! That first one! WOW.

  6. the first one looks like all that sympathy weight went into his arms. If my dad looked like that instead of the little fat guy that he is now, i’d probably be scared. The second one looks like he’s creepily stalking a baby. 3 is cute. 4 looks like Kristen’s bout to send her woman-baby to attack the crazy man that walked into the house.

  7. Oh rob, ‘I want to be a young dad’. Riiigght
    Next he’ll be making more outrageous claims, like ‘I wanna marry a twimum’ or ‘tomstu is not my boyfriend’

    • ‘TomStu is not my boyfriend’

      Genius… LOL

  8. has a bunch of these on the main page…like a slideshow of creepy. People like seeing Kristen with a baby bump I guess. Personally…I’m freaked out!

    And that last happy family photo made me scream out loud. Burn it. Burn down the interwebz. Make it go away.

  9. Think about having Rob as a dad. He’d show up for your soccer practices sauced, flirt with your teachers at conferences, miss your recitals because Sam has a show the same night…AWESOME!

  10. I admit, I died a little when I heard him say that. I know it’s looming in the future and sooner or later I’ll just have to get over it.

    I love the first picture, it looks so tender. It reminded me of my husband when he held our daughter the very first time, he had tears in his eyes. So did I. It was a very beautiful moment. I hope Rob will have that moment someday. But not yet Rob, you’re so young and I’m sorry but I’m a little selfish, though I have no right to be. 😦

    • Hi Hon, you are so romantic..reading this I had nearly tears in MY eyes!
      Rob sincerely has no clue!He wants to make a baby to be his “cool friend”, I mean…with that requirement the kid would give him surely a kick in the ass..:-)

      • I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m very sentimental. I belong to the hopeless romantics club(seriously), I run the forum! πŸ˜›

  11. Dear Rob
    diapers are so NOT smelling like sparkles..
    that’s the REAL shit…lol
    just saying
    love you
    ME ❀

    • Haha, you got me at “that’s the real shit.” That is very literally true! LOL. Countless dirty diapers!

    • I didn’t even know that sparkles smelled!

  12. *CRINGE*

    Rob would be a hellahot dad, but why, WHY do people have to do this shiz? I can’t handle this amount of 2nd hand embarrassment. It. Is. Too. Much.

  13. Way too second hand embarrassed to respond…

  14. These are cool Greta pics.

  15. Did you guys notice how he said in the interview
    “I want to make a kid….” and then hurried to change it to “I want to have a kid…”
    He doesn’t want to be a young dad he just want to get a little somethin’ somethin’ goin’ on in the bedroom πŸ˜‰

    Well, Rob, we’re here for you anytime you need it πŸ˜€

    • HAHAHA!!! “Practice makes perfect”

  16. 0_o


  17. Those are creeptastic. And not in a good way.

    My first thought after watching the video was “Awwww” and then reality stepped in.
    I may be too harsh about people saying they want kids young, because I AM a young mom and my son is a special needs child, but it makes me crazy when people talk about doing stupid shit like having kids on purpose below the age of 24ish unless you have the maturity of a 30 yr old at 19. MAYBE. I still believe people should be made to take a parenting quiz before being able to procreate, but anyways…..

    Men seem to have a fasination with the idea of “creating” a child. Its like constrution! They made something! And instructions weren’t needed!

    Let’s flip this bitch back to reality:
    Rob, you’re 23. You have at least 2-3 movies that will be filming in the next 2 years. Plus all the touring and interviews. And possibly music if you’re still interested. And buying a house. And making a production company by the time you are 26.
    So, sometime in the next 2-4 years (Because after 27, I’m sorry, you’re not a young parent) while all this is going on you have to meet someone and either marry them or feel comfortable enough to co-parent w/out being married etc. and if you aren’t dating Kristen Stewart, and don’t have time to date like you sometimes claim, when the hell will this building of a child occur? And pregnant women aren’t fun. And childbirth sucks to watch and you’ll either get your hand or your balls crushed during. And babies are messy, pukey, stinky, and needy. You seem like the kind of guy who’d be a grouch without sleep.
    And that’s if the baby is healthy. What about living in hospitals for weeks-months on end? I can tell you from experience that hospital beds and food sucks! You thought hotels were bad….

    AND you want a kid to be your friend?!? I’m telling you now that that’s not how it works. I mean, my son is awesome. He loves the Beatles, comic books, and Harry Potter, but we argue!

    Go back to being adorkably cute and rambling about peeing in cups. Kids can happen later πŸ˜›

    • Jamie,
      Thanks for putting Rob’s remarks about fatherhood into perspective.

      • Men seem to have a fasination with the idea of β€œcreating” a child. Its like constrution! They made something! And instructions weren’t needed!

    • Men seem to have a fasination with the idea of β€œcreating” a child. Its like constrution! They made something! And instructions weren’t needed!

      I loved that line. And Jamie, I hope that he actually reads your post. You were straight up!

  18. Actually he didn’t talk about a woman to “make” this kid, perhaps he wants to create it by himself?
    So, possibly the aussi magazine rumour wasn’t a rumour?
    Rob, show us your armpits! Come to mama, show it!
    Come on…lol!

    • Maybe your avatar is telling us something. . . I see a bulge in that armpit, plus he’s kind of rubbing it like women do with their prego bellies.

  19. I’m so glad you didn’t write poor lonely Rob cornered by paparazzi… letter.
    These photos are so much more FUN….

    • I agree, those pictures of Rob being hunted like a caged animal broke my heart. I don’t want to ever see him like that again. 😦

    • simply disgusting!!! poor baby…

      • Papprazzi = scum of the f**cking earth.

  20. Those pics were creeptastic! But I have to admit that the video of Rob talking about wanting to be a young dad, made my uterus rejoice and prepare! I can almost not get myself to tell “her” that it will not be happening!

  21. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

    Those pictures made me die a little bit more.

    It’s almost like Alice had a vision of Rob and a baby…almost like the part where Edward gets to wear all the beige he wants! It’s spooky.

    I prefer Rob holding a beer over Rob holding a baby…anyone else?

    xo Ash

    • Yes, Ashley!

      The first picture made me die a little, too, but not because of the baby…those arms and his expression. *melt*

      Give me the cigs and beer photos any day.

      Moon, thanks for reminding us about Rob’s “act.”

      • Duh. I’m such a sucker…those aren’t even Rob’s arms in #1. Just proves that looking at Rob’s face causes me to lose my mind and ability to think things through clearly.

  22. Dear Rob:
    Babies don’t eat Hot Pockets, and people frown on putting Heineken in their bottles.
    Just something to ponder.
    Love, Poochi

    • Hot pockets can be put into a blender.

      Just sayin.

      • Healthy too. Veggies, Dairy and protein.

        It’ll make them grow more hair than Rob. *nods in agreement*

  23. Poochi : Yes, babies and booze is a big no no. However, I think there are those food processor thingys where you are supposed to take your dinner, and make it into baby food. I never used one, seemed a little strange to me.
    I guess someone COULD make a puree ala hotpocket…..

    – Jamie

    • Ah yes, the pureed Hot Pocket.
      It’s what Rob will be craving 60 years from now! πŸ˜‰

  24. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight and Jennifer , Sam Wright. Sam Wright said: This is just creepy RT @letter2twilight: Does your uterus explode at the sight of Rob as a young dad? […]

  25. oh yikes. That is all.

  26. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: Does your uterus explode at the sight of Rob as a young dad?

  27. oh well *sigh*

    dear rob,

    so you want to become “a young dad”..? what about the mother of your kid(s)? does she have to be _that_ young as well? if not, i’d be availabe anytime – just call me, or write an email – or just send the helicopter straight away – we shouldn’t lose precious time, right? πŸ™‚

  28. CRAP!

    What the frig happened to: I don`t like kids. Like, at all… ?!


    Look at all of those comments with multiple punctuation and, My-Uterus-Is-Ready-ing! What have you done to these people, Rob?! Gosh. Just a couple of comments about wanting to be buddies with a kid and wanting to… wait. Wait, wait, wait.

    I read a comment up there about him saying he wanted to make a kid or whatever the frig, and then saying quickly that he wanted to HAVE a kid.

    You said that you wanted to be a young dad.

    And make a kid.

    And, well, let`s be honest…

    Rob just wants to have lots of sex.

    So, SLOW YOUR ROW for a second, people, and, PLEASE, do NOT bring KStewing Up Some Trouble into this. Rob`s basically saying that he just wants to have lots of sex.

    So, I mean… let`s all take a vote here.

    Comment if you would be happy to oblige to Rob`s thinly veiled attempt at getting women to have sex with him.

    Comment if you just wanna have beh-behs with the adorkable Rob.

    Comment if you think that he`s just saying that to cover up him and TomStu`s love beh-beh.

    Don`t comment if you wanna say something about KStewing Up Some Trouble.

    Sincerely wanting an adorkable Rob Letter to Rob and with a confused uterus,

    – Cassie. πŸ™‚

    • Im happy just to have lots of kinky sex with Rob… Minus the Beh-Beh…. I already have one and thats enough… (Still trying to convince the doc to tie tubes… sigh why is being only 25 a problem????)

      • I am, too. I`m too young to have stretch marks because Rob wants to have lots of smexi times. Minus the beh beh for me, as well.

        And, TIE THEM if you want to! It`s your uterus, not the doctor`s. πŸ˜‰ Hahaha. πŸ˜›

        – Cassie. πŸ™‚

        • If I could tie them myself I would LOL

          • That sounds like fun times, hahaha. πŸ˜›

            You`d go all Uterus-Chewing on yourself and pull a Bella, minus the panicky Jacob and Doctor Uterus-Yum Edward.

    • “…PLEASE, do NOT bring KStewing Up Some Trouble into this.”

      Thank you THANK YOU for that – I do NOT want to think about that. But I am commenting because I am happy to oblige to mindless hours of sex! WOO!

      • Oh, no problem AT ALL. I want to refrain from all thoughts of KStewing Up Some Trouble in this particular situation completely if I can.

        And, hours of mindless sex? CHYES! WOO is right! Hahaha. πŸ˜›

        – Cassie. πŸ™‚

  29. Now that last picture was simply creepy. Although, I have to say the little girl is quite a good choice for Renesmee.

    The manips were pretty good, though, if I may say so.

  30. I was curling my toes and screaming “WEEEEs” (I tend to yell out WEEE when I think something is cute) when I saw this video. Something about hot men talking about being a father gets me all squishy. It’s sweet. I think he’d be a fun dad.

    And I am behind in blog checking and I just saw yesterday’s post and UC, your cat is ADORABLE!!!!! He looks like my Wyler.

  31. I only use the internet via my palm so I’m really sorry that I can’t reply unless I start a new comment. Otherwise this site works wonderfully πŸ™‚

    Anyhoo, back to the pureed hotpockets:

    I’d be elderly Robs live in nurse any day!
    Oh, except that I’m also his age, so I’d be then as well….
    OH! But he’s a smoker so he’ll look 78 when he’s 50, and everyone is saying that for women 50’s the new 30 πŸ˜›

    – Jamie

  32. Aww, I think this is sad. Rob thinks the only way to get the kind of friend he wants is to “create” one, in his own likeness. This breaks my heart for Rob.

    PS Rob, most kids hate their parents until they’re older, which is what it sounds like you’re trying to avoid. You’d have more luck with a niece or nephew.

  33. the whole rob carrying a baby fantasy is totally lost on me. so not hot.

  34. So Moon, where’d you mount your Demon Family creeptastic portrait painting?

  35. Correction: He doesn’t want to HAVE a baby, he wants to “MAKE” ONE!

    That whole interview was just so he can mention how much he wants to have the sex. With. Every. Fangirl. (and maybe just that Hispanic guy who asked him to bite him) *squeeee*

    oooohhh, how I want to grant him his wish on that couch. :-/

    • ps. People NEED to be banned from photoshop. *includes self when covering Kstew’s face with hers*

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