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We are the Rob – Peace among Robert Pattinson Fans!


Hands across Rob-merica

Dear LTR-ers, Rob fans, Rob Bloggers and crazies,

Lately with all the Rob news and rumors and nonsense we’ve been feeling a rift among the fandom. Many fans have taken sides to declare their allegiance, their friends, their foes, and what they will and will not stand up for. But we want to bridge the divide between the Nonstens and the Robstens, the TammyO* style commenters, the waring Rob bloggers, and the haters in general. First let’s start with a ritual airing of our grievances so we can better understand each other… I’ve polled the different sides of the argument to get a consensus on why we all feel the way we do…

Robsteners Say:

  • The nonstens need to get a grip if they are upset that Rob is with Kristen and not THEM! If his needs are being met, great – MacyBlair
  • I get tired of Nonstens thinking they know what’s best for Rob, he’s a big boy – Robpattzlove27
  • ROB-fucking-sten all the way. The others are delusional & I’ll fucking tell them to their faces. You bitches are blind – Brooke
  • How can the nonstens deny what’s right in front of them? and be so mean?! – boz1320
  • Nonsters = Dont like em cuz they take every shred logical evidence and DENY cuz they want Rob for themselves – Veravanye
  • I know a real life nonsten and she thinks she has a better chance if Kristen’s out of the picture. that’s real delusion – Sparkletwilight

We seriously (seriously) solve World wide Rob peace after the cut, PLEASE JOIN US!

Nonsteners Say:

  • Thumbs up to us ALL!!

    Thumbs up to us ALL!!

    In my opinion most Robsteners are 14yrs old who can’t see the difference beteewn characters in a book and real life people. The only reason they want Rob and Kristen to be together is because they want Bella and Edward to be together. – Veddersgirl

  • I don’t like Robstens because they over-analyze every photo and it makes all the rest of us fans look bad. – Disconap
  • “Cuz they ARE Bella & Edward for real, their love is for real” (not *my* opinion) – MaliciousMandy
  • Nothing personal against them – just worried for the future of the movies should things go awry. Not that they’re glorious pieces of cinematic brilliance, but that pent up sexual tension could do wonders for Isle Esme. Just sayin’! Also, the belligerent Robsteners kinda scare me – Heyyyybrother
  • They can & DO get along. Both just have to be open minded & not stubborn – JBell

Don’t give a crapsteners Say:

  • YES, I want them to “all just get along” and shut the eff up. Who gives a flying fucksten? I am tired of thinking about it. But a porn tape would be nice – Janetrigs
  • It’s the vehement “one or the others” that become too hard to deal with. All opinions should be supported without shoving either down anyone’s throat.Marta
  • I think they are all morons. LET THERE BE PEACE! *gets out peace pipe* – Kortnii
  • It’s insane how every little detail is nit picked by each side no matter how minute but then Robstens/Nonstens are the ones who freak when the Pappz does something that invades Rob and Kristen’s privacyVickyb
  • Recently converted to Crapsten. Everyone loses their senses of humor over the issue. In real life, it’s nobody’s business. – Freya



Pattinson Pants Lady Says:

  • Yep, it’s me. They’re my jeans. Just made them for fun. Nothing better to do one day. Only been to one Twilight function. Comic Con. Wore them the first time to How to Be screening. Again, just for fun. His biggest fan? (fattest? maybe…biggest? nope) Not his biggest fan. Never stalked him or anything. I do work. Only wore the jeans twice, but I’m TRULY happy that I could give y’all something to make fun of. I’ll go ahead and retire them since they seem to upset everyone so much. *sigh* You should know me though. I’m a nice person. Wouldn’t say anything bad about any of you.

TammyO* the comment hater says:

  • F@CK YOU ALL! Its comments like these that piss me the hale off…well let me tell you something you crazy obsessed fangirl/cougar whatever you are.. you would be so lucky to have the talent/money/fame thats she has..but we all know what you really want is her freaking BF who wouldnt even let you sniff his stinky azz feet after wearing those shitious GD nikes he’s been wearing for years..
  • You need to watch what your saying because what ever you do and say about one person comes back doublefold you tw@t..and I’ll gladly take my punishment for telling your azz kindly go to the gates of hale..your daddy lucifer is waiting to let you in you evil f@ck
  • You’re all ugly!

Rob Bloggers fight over:

  • Are you recognized?

    Are you recognized?

    You didn’t site your source for that news/translation! And I’m mad about it!

  • You scooped my EXCLUSIVE news item/image/video/whatever and called it your own!
  • You stole my idea/my commenters/my sayings
  • We are SUMMIT endorsed, you are not!
  • How can you post paparazzi pictures and live with yourselves?! We are paparazzi FREE!

Whew, you all have a lot to say about this fandom!

So with the inspiration of a one Ms Janetrigs, our lawyer in residence and with the immense help and creativity of Kristin: forum moderator and lyricist extraordinaire,  we’ve come up with a fan anthem to bring us all together. Now gals and lost Unicorns, let’s all hold hands in a circle around a shrine of Rob campfire and sing. Yes, ALL of us:  Robsten, Nonsten, Don’t give a crapsten, Haters, Tammy O, The Pattinson Pants Lady, Bloggers and Rob himself to sing our very own song of peace: We Are The Rob (sung to the tune of We Are The World by Micheal Jackson with USA for Africa, video with music below).

*Now to get the full effect play the video below and sing along with these special lyrics. DO IT!*

We are the Rob

There comes a time when we feel the Twilight call
When the Fandom must come together as one
There are fangirls crying
Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to Rob
The greatest Vampire of all

We can’t go on fighting day by day
Hoping Robsten and Nonsten will soon make a change
We’re all a part of Steph’s great Twi family
And the truth
You know Rob is all we need

( CHORUS #1 )
We are the Rob, we are the fandom
We are the fans who make a plaid-er day so let’s keep Tweeting
There are pics to post now, we’re saving in our files
There’s a Twicon comin’ to town, so why dont we meet?

We’ll, send’em some beer so they know the fandom cares
And their Tweets will be drunker and free
As Rob has shown us, by getting trashed at night
and so the dumpster is where we shall meet

( CHORUS #2 )
We live for Rob, we want to lick him
We are the ones who quote his words with grace, so shut-up-in-yo-face
Rob’s a force we’re fighting, sometimes we get hormonal
but we keep on lovin’ his face cause “that’s normal”

When your clothes are dirty, and you have nothing clean at all
you can do just like Rob, and on your friends you can call
Well, well, well, when you realize that you can borrow the “Patty Pants”
They’re elastic: we can wear them together as one


So are we ready to declare peace in the Fandom?! What do you think?

Hands across Rob-merica yall!

PS are you musically talented? Are you tone deaf?! We want to hear YOU singing “We are the Rob!” Even if it’s only a line or it’s the whole song we want to hear it, we’ve got special plans ahead! Email us your version of “We Are the Rob!!”

Special Thanks to: All the twitter folks for participating! Janetrigs for inspiration! Kristin for helping with “We Are the Rob” lyrics! XO!

Head over to Letters to Twilight for some super awesome radical Twilight “Post Secrets,” Seriously it’s awesome
Hold hands and sing with your fellow fans in the forum
Wanna be apart of the fun? Are you following us on Twitter?

*TammyO is the craziest, whackiest, meanest commenter we’re ever had at LTR/LTT and we now refer to all crazies in the comments as TammyO style commenters.


  1. Just because people are asking. TammyO comments almost every day- we just keep the comments to ourselves so that when Moon & I get in a fight we have some material:

    “F*ck You Moon. UR a fat, uglie cougar” (nothing is better than fighting w/ misspellings)

    For example. So far today:

    ‘LMAO..thank you ladies for the shout out..your still robsessed cougars..peace to all you b@tches!’

    (apparently she’s ‘pretend’ cussing. CUz it’s really different when you use symbols instead of actual letters)

    and my new favorite:

    ‘Oh..and meant to add..with the big shout out and all(blushing)..i can only assume you miss me dont worry..i’ll be checking in..and truly your post really did have me lmao..i fucking lurve it..and also UC i dare you not to be so selective next time and post ALL my comments..but didnt like being called out on your BS to much..did you?’

    what the HALE is she talking about!?

    TAMMY (no) O LIVES!

    • ps so no one gets the wrong impression: varied opinions & nice lil’ arguments are wonderful and welcomed on LTT/LTR. But if it goes BEYOND that- being cruel to all of you who we love so much (they can be cruel to us- we can handle it!)- you lose your right to comment. We asked TammyO to tone it down via email and she didn’t. Thus- no comments for her!

      But chin up TammyO! You’re now an LTR ‘character.” You’re the bitchy commenter everyone loves to hate!

      • “an LTR ‘character'”

        That’s awesome.

      • has she ever indicated how old she is? i can’t remember. in all seriousness she could be a really angry 12 year old

      • Hehe. An LTR villain. Perfect. We can blame things on her just like Summit. Cause its fun.

      • LOL! That’a hilarious! She deserves it. 🙂

      • An LTR character?? Please, oh, pllleeeeeaaase someone draw a cartoon of her!

      • p.s. – I gave you a thumbs down (and NOT a hugs up) because W.W.T.O.D. (What Would Tammy O Do)?

    • I dunno…from her most recent posts, it appears that Tammy No O may have a little crushie crush on UC.

      “peace to all you b@tches”
      “with the big shout out and all(blushing)”
      “i’ll be checking in..and truly your post really did have me lmao..i fucking lurve it”

      peace, lurve and blushing…need I say more?

      Also, love that she &$^-ed “bitches” but not “fucking”

      UC, you need to show Tammy No O all the things only a Robsessed cougar can!

      Shame she can’t reply to that one, bc I can only imagine the c%ssing I’d get.

    • FECK YOU UC!!!

      the crazy thing is we’re not even cougars. but we can spell. so that probably gets her going.

      also I gave you the shout out today tammyO i did! crush on ME today… you love you some UC though and thats alright.

      • haha FECK

        I was thinking that you got totally shafted (teehee) by the TammyO love today, Moon. I wonder if UC is willing to share.

        Unfortunately, I completely see myself being a resident (not mayor…but a civil servant…mail-carrier?) of Cougartown…but luckily, not for quite a few years.

  2. Oh dear god…Moon u just crack me up too much…seriously people is looking at me with a big wtf look on their faces…and about this shit…why the fight? i mean just why? at least that this s going to give me money i better get my ass to study instead of fighting with weird people i don’t even know…i used to be robsten but now i just don’t give a crapsten…if they’re happy i’m happy…with each other or with other people…except Oregano…Kstew can do better…WAY better…and Rob…except with Paris H. lol and also…’We Are The ROB’?? seriously do u want to marry me?? pretty pleasee??

    PS..As Rob has shown us, by getting trashed at night
    and so the dumpster is where we shall meet…Oh The Dumpster…sigh

  3. Breaking it down, TammyO style.

    Come out, come out, wherever you are.
    Miss you. Mean it!

    Seriously guys, I love that chick. For realz.

  4. “We are the Rob” oh my gosh, BRILLIANT! I can’t stop laughing!

    She said twat……BAHAHAHAAH! Ahem.

    • Twat is one of the best words ever.

      My other favourite is skank. So versatile! Skanky, skankness, skanktastic…

  5. Rob is the cure for vaginal dryness and world peace! His power knows no bounds!

    Dear Pattinson Pants Lady,

    Please, oh please do not retire the pants!! I beg you. You are a strong independent woman and you should follow your heart! Do not let the haters bring you down! We love you and your pants. I will be the first to sign a petition to keep the pants alive!


    • You just quoted Twilight. LOL “You are a strong, independent woman”

  6. My fave line….
    “There are fangirls crying”


    Kristin, we live 20 minutes away from each other, when on earth are we gonna get together!? It’s blasphemous this hasn’t occurred yet!

  7. Time out, this is bril!

    “We live for Rob, we want to lick him
    We are the ones who quote his words with grace, so shut-up-in-yo-face”

    Yes, I’m reading as I post……SO! LOL!

    • er….I mean posting as I read.

  8. What’s so funny ’bout Peace Love nad Robsterstanding?

    THIS SONG!!! That’s what’s funny, omg you gals, effing hilair!!

    (Though TammyO almost stole your thunder there with “You’re all ugly!”)

    • “robsterstanding”…..I ♥ U hard!

  9. I get up disgruntled this morning but then I see an email from one of my blogger buddies at Not An Addikt telling me I’m quoted on LTR and everything is all smiles after that!

    Except I don’t know if I consider myself a Robsten… what is a Robsten again exactly?

    Does a Robstener wish, want and hope Rob and Kristen get together? Because that’s definitely not worked into my nightly prayers before I go to bed. Or are Robsteners just people who are okay with the idea if Rob and Kristen were to get together? Because then I’m the latter.

    Also I’m pretty sure PPL has to have read LTR at some point and seen her picture. Her pattinson pants look like scrubs and that gives me an idea to bedazzle and plaster Rob’s face all over my best friend’s nurses scrubs for her first day of work like that

    • “Or are Robsteners just people who are okay with the idea if Rob and Kristen were to get together? Because then I’m the latter.”

      I think this might technically make you a Crapstener. I’m the same way. I know I’m quoted as Nonsten, but I’m a Crapstener (maybe with a few Nonsten tendencies, but only because I’m concerned for the greater good of the Saga!). Otherwise, good on them if they’re together. May as well have some fun while they’re young!

      • Yeah I think you’re right. I don’t really care if they date and if they did I wouldn’t be bothered. It might actually even be cute…

        By the way, reading your message and understanding 100% of it, do you ever wonder about how one day words like crapstener, robstener, nonsten, robward, etc will makes its way in our real world conversations and we’ll embarrass the hell out of ourselves?

  10. In all seriousness to you UC..i just have to tell you i really use to enjoy visting LTR/LTT..i found all you ladies quite amusing..but over time it just seemed the more R/K relay seemed to come to light(assumed relay)it just seemed there was more snark in your post concerning KS..ok i know you ladies love your snarky sarcastic post..right..i just decided to skip on the days you made those..but lately theres been so many of those what would seem to me just an underlying ugliness in your post about her..didnt care for those..but still try to skip..and then you have the post with the “pic” know which one..and of course i wanted to read that..who wouldnt..and then i started seeing post calling KS a druggie tweeker..on more than one occasion..and this person was never called out by you ladies in any that just led me to believe you have a like sorry anyway you look at it..its wrong to run a blog/fansite about Rob/Twlight and not moderate comments like those..they are wrong/cruel/destructive..and i have to say didnt mind moderating my go ahead and brush this post off also..and it will just confirm my belief that my opinion of you ladies was right.

    • Hey TammyO! I’ve missed you. Lova ya, mean it!

    • Dear TammyO,

      If the comments here bother you so much, may I suggest some other reading material for you?


    • Tammy0
      I received a text message from Rob last night, he said to tell you that he has been stalking you and not to worry he knows you speak an exotic language including English and he finds this hot, that you are a moderator of another blog. He also said to warn you, he is jealous of the other chap you blog about, you know the married one with two kids who always has affairs with his co-stars and takes up most of your study time. He wonders why you are crazy about him (banging) hooking up with Kristen while all that he wants is you. That he knows you hate smokers and that’s why he ‘s been improving of late and he finds your timorous-sten cute, endearing really – the way you swear “F@ck” “tw@at” he wonders what it would be like to make you say those words OUT LAUD in -Ahem – appropriate circumstances or just KRishna! . He also said to reassure you that he is over Moon b/c she gave away their recent threesome venture with Kristen and he is also over Kristen b/c she has refused to explain Angarano’s magical disappearance, he thinks she is double –(banging) dating. So you see? You are the only one now , just calm your (pants) self down

      We are the Rob, we are the fandome,
      We are the fans who made a plaid-a-day so lets keep blogging…
      (love the new lyrics)

  11. Wow. The hater comments… ::ahem:: excuse me, TammyO comments were insanity. That’s scary that someone can be so hateful.

    Peace. Love. Equality. Bitches.

    ::puts earbuds back in and cranks Glory Box and daydreams of Tattward::


    • I too dream of Tattward sigh……

  12. Wow, this was the best one ever. LMAO
    Thanks gals. You made my day.

  13. I also find it truly ironic you all find my comments mean and hateful(not denying)while your comments arent?..classic crazy!

    • All kidding aside, Tammy,

      This post was about peace in the Twi-world, so here we go: I hate to be a bummer to you and everyone else, here but by coming to this site, you have to know that the posts made by UC, Moon and all those who reply are full of sarcasm, humor, joking, and aren’t true. I wouldn’t actually leave my husband if I got drunk-texted by Robert Pattinson (I think). I don’t actually think you have a crush on UC.

      UC and Moon are just two funny ladies who like to make fun of something they love. I don’t think anyone would doubt that they are huge Twilight and Rob fans. It’s like a comedian making fun of his wife. Of course he loves her, but he sees the humor in certain #facts about her or her idiosyncrasies. Or see any episode of Saturday Night Live. One of the best ways of conveying humor is by farce and exaggeration.

      Maybe Kristen gets called out more than others…but seriously, would it be as funny if they posted about Biology Lab Student 2? (the answer is no, but if Moon or UC were cast as that character, you’d better believe she’d be getting all our love)

      You say you think this site is funny–and it really is! But getting all angry and belligerent and calling people names isn’t funny, and, as you may have noticed, won’t make you any friends here.

      I’ve been coming to this website daily for not even two months, but I already feel like I’m a part of this totally awesome, gut-bustingly hilarious group of people who want to laugh at something we love and respect. We laugh, we cry (see Cyndi’s letter to Twilight), but the main point is that we are all laughing at ourselves.

      Seriously, the world right now is too fucked up to not be able to laugh and most importantly laugh at ourselves. Everyone here is “normal”…and I think that’s the point.

      *steps off soap-box*

      –We now return you to our previously scheduled snarkfest–

      • Amen – what she said! ❤

      • And the choir said AMEN!!!

    • You need to seriously lighten up. Get your hair and nails done, light up a bong…whatever. Like Eric said, “chillax.”

    • You should try my margarita recepie. its good.
      tequlia, triple sec, mezcal some fizzy lime juice..
      put you right in a good mood right away.

      Cheers 🙂

  14. I am a RobStu-er. those pics of Rob and Tom in NY before filming of Remember Me made me very happy indeed. The idea of Tom sitting back in Rob’s hotel room carefully darning the holes in the Vodka shirt is so hilarious, I laugh every time I see that shirt.

    Pattinson Pants Lady should get together with TomStu shirt lady and set up a website selling their wares. I love them both and salute their courage – especially PPL for coming on here and being so gracious.

    The song should be sung to James Brown’s You Got A Friend.

    “When you’re down, and you need a shirt, cos all of yours are stained,
    just call your friend Bobby and the purple plaid he’ll send.

    You can wear it to the awards and everyone will know that you and Bobby are a couple,

    and Kristen is just for show.

    And if Tom gets jealous, call him on your phone
    and tell him that you’ll see him as soon as you get home.”

    • YES!! EMMA!!!
      TomStu , the Bromance lives!!
      hurrah!!! -I’m on that side actually.

      There’s a triangle that has emerged:
      The Robstenes, the Nonstenes, and then the TomStu/Bromancestenes.

      ps. your not Emma Watson are you?
      If you are, you don’t need to confirm.
      so hows the last harry potter movie coming along?

      • No, Hermes. I m not Emma Watson. I’m a cougar from London, UK who is writing her first vampire novel. If it ever gets published, and I get famous, you can say we met on LTR!

        • Good luck to you Emma C.
          I hope you gets lots of bites from your first novel.


  15. I just read TammyO’s post – she reads like the Florida Lady who wrote you the rambling letter about Twilight and the blacks the other day. Perhaps they are one and the same?

  16. […] We are the Rob – Peace among Robert Pattinson Fans! « Letters to Rob – view page – cached #Letters to Rob RSS Feed Letters to Rob » We are the Rob – Peace among Robert Pattinson Fans! Comments Feed Letters to Rob Vanity Fair Outtakes… What kind of boyfriend is Robert Pattinson? — From the page […]

  17. So I stumbled onto LTR/LTT by chance via another website. Haven’t commented until now. I just wanted say thanks for the laughs. UC and Moon, the sense of humor is appreciated!

    We are the Rob? WORD.

    • HUGS!!!!!!!

      • And right back at ya!!

        The blogs are addicting. And it’s nice to know that there are fellow 26ers/twentysomethings who love the Rob as such AND can have a sense of humor about it.

        Keep on keeping on.

  18. The Airing of the Grievances…LMAO. We are the Rob is a Festivus miracle!

    Let’s all meet up at a Twicon, Brit Pack show or alongside a dumpster in Vancouver and crank this sucker out for YouTube.

    • I am so in for this.

      Maybe we should film it around the Festivus Pole.

      • Hale yes!

      • I would grind on the Festivus pole for Rob. I’d just practice with Kristen.

  19. This post rules me. I jst want to hug everybody here in the name of Rob (((hugs))).

    Even you, Tammy O. You always provide the shock value here just when comments start to get too tame. You and your misspellings and 8 year old grammar. What will we do without you?

  20. I thought I detected discord, glad I am not going insane.

    Peace to all, let’s agree to disagree, and concentrate on the funny 🙂

    Plus, I am excited ‘cos I saw PapaPattz today, looking fine in navy top, navy shorts and a back pack, with trendy sunglasses on. I thought Rob got his looks from MamaPattz, but Richard looked all kinds of cute.

    How old is he please? (does anyone have a RPattz book with this info?)


    • *gasp* This is a whole new dimension of Rob that I hadn’t really thought about!! You mean to tell me that now I have to be on the lookout not only for Rob (even though I am nowhere near Vancouver…hey, you never know when he may feel the need to visit a small town in North Jersey), but also for PapaPattz and MamaPattz as well?? Parents love me…maybe THIS is the angle I need to get to Rob!

      I think my head is going to explode.

      • In the name of peace, I re-read what I just posted, and it might sound much snarkier than I meant it.

        So, to clarify…I am insanely jealous that you saw PapaPattz…

        • I have to take what I can get as I am nowhere near LA, VanCity, NYC, or indeed, America.

          But 5 minutes from Barnes, London, SW13.

          Seeing C and R is the closest I am ever going to get to Rob, I am just easily pleased I guess.


    • I have to know. What kind of shoes did he wear and does he have skinny legs like Rob? What’s up with a backpack? LOL. Now I’m going to have to crush on Papa P too?

      • Shoot! Did not notice the shoes *facepalm*

        I wondered about the back pack too, was dying to follow him but I was in a car, and he was on foot. Obvious much?

        It was not BIG like a rucksack, but a cute little back pack. He looked fantastic, very healthy and handsome. Not gonna lie — I defs would!!

        Sorry Clare


        • Giving you the thumbs up for being willing to shag PapaPattz (even though his hair is not as awesome as his son’s). I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would totally do him too. Saw him on Helen and he is adooorable. Maybe I should start a Letters to PapaPattz Blog… *puts finger on lips and looks up thinking* nah! I’ll just keep hanging out here cuz you guys rule!

          • Here is some more weird Dad shite for ya. (disclaimer, I really love my dad and do not, in any way, have any Daddy issues, but something about you, Dannygirl, brings it out)

            The concept of doing PapaPattz is like an entire course in Roblosophy.

            By doing PapaPattz, you have a glimpse of what it would be like to do Rob, and you hedge your bets because he is probably more likely than Rob to sleep with you (its a numbers issue…see # of hits to Rob websites vs. # of hits to PapaPattz Websites). However, you thereby destroy all chances of ever doing Rob, because really, who wants to do the chick who did your dad?

            A double-edged sword, my friends…a double-edged sword.

            Annnnnd….I have reached a whole new stratosphere of NORMAL

        • “Sorry Clare”


    • I love the Silver Fox.

      Just love him.

  21. how the freak did tammyO’s comments get through? I blame Summit

    • Maybe she changed her email address? In the future she can also change her screen name and email and she would be able to go thru right?

  22. I am definitely on Team Robsten, but I cannot understand the hate between the Robstens and Nonstens. Until they say something, it’s really none of our business. And as far as I’m concerned, anyone who makes him smile like that is good enough for me.

    I so *heart* We Are The Rob. But my fave part of this whole thing is in the comments:
    We lift up our hearts; we lift them up to the Rob.

    It IS right to give him thanks and praise. Amen. 🙂

  23. I love you all and give *hugs* to everyone. I’m a natural peacekeeper, I will do almost anything to prevent a conflict and I hate to upset people. But I have to admit, it’s always a lively day on LTT and LTR when TammyO comes out to play. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t enjoy it – thanks for the giggles, TammyO.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot…You’re all ugly.

    (it almost hurt my fingers to type that, b/c you ladies are so awesome, I would never want to hurt your feelings. See what I mean about upsetting people?)

    • Don’t worry, only the truth can hurt. 😉

  24. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen ALL week. I love you guys.

  25. Do I care if Rob is with Kristen? N.O.

    Why? Because I am with him in my daydreams and occasional night dreams…that’s really all the matters to me. Hubby will get over it.

    I don’t “know” rob personally, I wish I did, but even though I dream that we are together (is that normal) I could care lessten if they are or not….

    p.s. though I do enjoy reading the posts ripping on “mullstew” just for the mear idea that she is sleeping with OUR man! heheh (*evil sinister laugh)

  26. FUCKAWESOME! You go girls…. This was a great post. Oh, and on another note… I was at Comic Con, how in the hell did I miss the “Pattinson Pants Lady?” Damn…

  27. I am laughing my ass off. These guys are the funniest out there..hands down. I am now officially on the team of “Calm the fuckDOWNsten” And I am officially reading this blog every day cause it make me smile. Love Rob, love Kstew, love the writers, love the crazy bitches out there that make me feel better that I am not a wacko lots of love..thanks.

  28. There will never be peace between the two camps! never! (kidding). -Its like waving a red flag at a bull.-Everyone’s on opposit camps… CHARGE! – Anyway, its so much fun to keep yanking Robstener’s tail, they yell so loudly, and
    I can’t help myself! I’m so naughty.


    So I got this great Margarita recepie I tried out over the weekend, and am just sobering up from. It contains tequlia, triple sec, and Mezcal,
    with just a enough fizzy lime juice added to make it all hit your blood stream like a freight train.
    Any takers? email me if you want the recepie :
    hermes at yahoo dot com.

    • oops that email for the margarita recepie if you want it is:

      hermes2501 at yahoo dot com

      (oye veh!) still not sober. sorry about that.
      Good thing I’m on a mini vacation (no its not rehab!).

  29. […] Here is their full article and all of the “sten” debate. […]

  30. “F@CK YOU ALL! Its comments like these that piss me the hale off”
    “your daddy lucifer is waiting to let you in you evil f@ck”
    Quoting Bella Swan “Holly Crow!” I love TammyO I want to marry her. Her comments made me laugh so hard. I read this several hours ago and I’m still laughing. Where tha hell is she?!

  31. *stands to applaud*
    Awesome post! Beautiful, Moon. Simply beautiful. *tear*
    World Rob Peace is now my official platform.

  32. I’m (for once) speechless – or is that type-less? Best lyrics. Cannot wait for the music video.

  33. These Robsten-ers need to take that stick out of their asses and stop caring. Go Team I Don’t Give A Crapsten! We shall reign…

  34. this is amazing LOL
    please someone record that song!!!


  35. I still think that tammy o is really tommy stu

  36. Why didn’t I pee before starting to read this post and all the comments? You know how hard it is to laugh when your bladder is full? Holy Hale, it’s not easy!

    For the record, as long as Rob is happy and getting a piece, I don’t give a fuck about the details except if it’s in video form.

    UC/Moon – love ya! Love you long time!

  37. i just sang that song. this is fantistic. we are the rob. amazing.

  38. Hey TammyO. Can I call you Tams? I just know that we are gonna be besties. You are not afraid to dish the nasty and I like that in a person. So all these mean biatches can just go to HALE! I luurve how you called them out on their BS today. You are, like, my hero. I believe that you are just misunderstood. I too have had to deal with the backlash from people who get upset that I call them ugly twats. WTF? I mean, you gotta calls it like you sees it, right? *Sigh*, seems honesty just has no place in the world anymore. Far from finding your comments offfensive, I feel like you are merely expressing your right to be hateful. Our forefathers didn’t fight for our right to be mean and spiteful just to have it taken away by some wannabe Rob-bangers who hate on girls with mullets. They wish they had mullets like hers. Like, OMG, best hairstyle ever!

    I feel you girrl. Fight the power!

    Now please join me in a resounding
    F@CK YOU ALL!!

  39. I am neither Robsten or Nonsten I am simply whatevermakesrobhapy!! I like Happy Rob! I miss Happy Rob!


    lol long time.

    Hell maybe Im actually bff with KStew. yeah, we suck that peace pipe all night long….LOL
    Robs peace pipe that is….HA!


    you guys have killed me from laughing once again!! ❤


  41. […] their analysis here and leave your […]

  42. My Robsten friend pisses me off bc she believes EVERY pap-crappy thing she sees. She’s one of those people who believe everything they see in those horrible trash mags. I don’t believe ANYTHING until its confirmed! Plus, especially now, I don’t think Rob is all that turned on by Mulstew…and how uncommon is it for people who are filming a movie together to go hang out at night? They’re friends, yes, but they seem more like bro and sis to me. I personally don’t like her attitude, that’s why I don’t like her for Rob, not that I think I’d EVER have a chance in hell with him or anything like that. In interviews he’s said he doesn’t like her personality… she of course says she doesn’t like ‘his smell.’ I think they’re just pals who used to have a lil crush on one another but then became friends and were smart enough to realize that if they got together and then BROKE UP IN THE MIDST OF THE TWIFANDOM.. it would not be pretty. I don’t hate Robstens…. I just disagree. That’s my whole side.

    P.S. That vid and song just made me miss Michael 😦

  43. God bless you all!
    Now i feel the Peace!

    hysterical laughter…hysterical laughter…hysterical laughter…hysterical laughter…hysterical laughter…hysterical laughter…

    you guys are the BEST!
    Thank you!

  44. LOVE IT.
    Gonna be singing that one for a while…

  45. ok, i am a dont give a crapsten, and i love rob but that doesnt mean i dont make fun of him when he does silly stuff. and since kristen is running around all greasy stuttering and awkward she makes it so easy..
    HELLO!! NO ONE IS OFF LIMITS! When people do dumbshit i laugh its a basic rule of life.

  46. Hey girls! I totally loved this post. It’s PERFECT!:) It has everything: robsteners, nonsteners, don’t give a crapsteners (which is my team… Well I’m RobStu too) a Rob song, good ol’ PPL *sigh* everything… even a very own LTT/LTR crazy hater… btw, Tammy O, I love yaa girl, you’re so funny, even though you think we’re ugly, but don’t worry, our daddy lucifer told us that he’s not mad at you for that but I think he wants to see you at gates of “HALE” for being so rude and cruel with Moon and UC so don’t mess around with them! ‘kay???
    Anyway, great song girls! I would send you my version of “We Are the Rob” but my microphone is broke… may be the next time 😉

  47. OK.. I’m not going to the Robsten/Nonsten/Don’t give a crapsten arguement.. been there done that bought the tee shirt and Rob has now borrowed it and will be wearing it in the coming months..

    What I will say is.. that was the FUNNIEST FREAKING POST you have done.. bar none… OMFG.. I have tears rolling down my face I’m laughig so hard.. and I had to excuse myself once before I pee’d my pants

    No matter which side of the field you drawn your sword on… Rob, Kristen and the rest of Twiland should consider themselves lucky to have fans as passionate as this group.

    And for Pattinson pants lady… hey… it doesn’t matter what anyone says… if you had fun wearing them they searved their purpose and remember what Elenor Roosevelt said.. “No one can make you feel inferior without your letting them” So let the bird fly in the face of those who would try and hold you back and wear your pants whenever the mood suits you!

    (On a personal note… Moon.. thank you… without going into too much detail, I can’t tell how much I needed this laugh today!)

  48. LMAO!
    You guys are hilarious. I can´t look at Rob´s pic with thumbs up now, it cracks me up.

    Not giving any ideas but suddenly a mental picture of the fandom crowd chanting “We are the Rob” at the New Moon premiere… hysterical.

    “Rob’s a force we’re fighting, sometimes we get hormonal”

  49. Wow…. I live in a hate free Robworld. I had no idea that this many people felt the needs to vehemently defend their positions regarding a relationship/non-relationship that really isn’t up to anyone but Rob and Kristen – and (perhaps) their immediate families.

    Really? Robstens? Nonstens? Crapstens? I’m busy just trying to pay the bills, feed the cats, mow the lawn and squeeze in a little Robcandy every day.

    I can’t help but pity the poor guy. Put yourself in his shoes – if you decided you wanted to date someone, would you really want the whole world taking pictures, writing about it, and VOTING on whether they like your choice or not? Are you kidding me? And then to take it to hate levels? Really? REALLY?

    C’mon, girls. Let’s just all enjoy the wonderful yumminess that is Rob. THAT we can agree on…and let the rest of it go. (He’s not going to pick you anyway…. ) 🙂

  50. Last week I was in Denialsten.
    Now I’m Don’t Give a Crapsten because lets face it, it really isn’t going to affect me at all either way.
    What the fuck Eversten.

    I agree lets just calm the Fuck Downsten. To argue about this shit is silly. People have their own opinions, no one is wrong or right (except me, I’m right)
    If I want to be delusional and think that they aren’t together because he is waiting for me then that is my right. Tammy no O can suck it, she is entitled to her opinion but she doesn’t have to belittle us all for having fun.

    PS Moon and UC, I LOVE you guys!!! and all the commenters!

    “We are the Rob, we want to lick him” classic!!

    • BTW AMEN Twigirl!!!!!!!

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