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Robert Pattinson’s sorta alright looking

Dear Rob,

We all know you’re an alright looking guy who given the right outfits, correct lighting, perfect angle, can look sorta decent if you try hard enough. So this lovely video maker wanted to boost your self esteem a little and let you know you’re beautiful no matter what you look like. Even if you’re not one of People’s 50 most beautiful men.


Lying like a dog

Thanks to the lovely Jena for always curating the bestest in Rob videos (including this one!) over at the forum!
UC treats us to some awesome over at Letters to Twilight today


  1. “Dedicated to the one beautiful soul that delights my days and charms my nights”

    That says it all – perfect.


    • loved the song……..the video? not so much. I am tired of all these robtube videos (robtube is now what i call youtube because the only thing i ever watch there are vids of him). I need something substantial!!

      Him smoking, running his hands through his hair,knocking on my door…. anything. I feel like he’s on giving us shit to gawk at strike!

  2. What a lovely video!

    Favorite part – when he’s in the water watching the silvery water droplets fall from those gorgeous, long fingers.


  3. correct me if i’m wrong, but did the song say “don’t move” just as Robward was saying “don’t move?” *melts* what a lovely video. thanks

    • It did!

  4. Thanks! It’s a beautiful video and the song is perfect :-). My favorite part is that scene in Twilight where Edward and Bella are lying down in the meadow and the snow’s falling. Ah, now I feel better. I’ve been nursing this cold for days now. Rob’s like my chicken soup!

    BTW what movie is that from when he was dancing with that girl w/ a green dress? Can’t see the girl’s face but he was kissing her shoulder.

  5. Lovely video and beautiful song.
    Am I a dork that the part I love best is when he’s speaking to himself in the mirror? So…touching.

    • I LOVE that scene in “How to Be”. There are moments in each of his films where I feel like I’m seeing a little bit of Real Rob, and that is one of them.

    • If you’re a dork, then I am too… cause that’s definitely my fav scene. Haven’t seen the movie yet unfortunately, but that was the perfect combination of hilarious, adorable and touching. Excellent.

    • Not a dork at all – I found that part so adorable!!! πŸ™‚ I also loved the slow motion biology scene where he’s shaking his head and smiling. Too cute!

  6. love the song – so shmexy

    but this is for Rob
    Dear Rob,

    Get an assistant please. you could borrow me for free. I saw your latest pictures and was devastated. Who on this mother f***king planet is your manager? what does he/she manage. He/she is not looking after you properly. I know most women claim to love you b/c they think you are spontaneous, care-free, scruffy, neglect your personal hygiene, don’t give a f**k about your appearance, but I warn you, these are the same reasons women HATE their spouse.
    Am a vegetarian – and although eating veg the whole of my life may sound a little boring, I do make it a point to spice it up and work at the visuals so my food is not just a lump of greens and creams, I make sure that on occasions its red hot…..
    So am asking you to spice your appearance up even though it won’t make a difference to your resume at this stage or your fan-dome. It will make for a good surprise. I love surprises

    And Rob I want you to know that I know what you’re thinking, you are thinking that ‘I DON’T have to do ANYthing fancy with GOOD-QUALITY veg’ you may be right –
    If its your intention to lose me then you have another thought coming

    • “lumps of greens and creams”…that made me giggle.


    • Vegetarians FTW!

  7. i have to go take a cold shower now. thanks.

  8. 1:32 was the best part. hahaha!

  9. OMG–Hahahahaha Today in the news
    “Hardwicke also had Pattinson style secrets to share from off the set. According to the director, Pattinson was sporting a not-so-fresh shirt at the Teen Choice Awards. “I was sitting on the couch next to Rob and he was telling me, ‘I didn’t know what to wear. I didn’t have anything clean, so my friend wore this shirt last night and did a performance.’ So his buddy did a whole performance in this shirt and Rob found it on the floor and thought it was the cleanest shirt he had, so he wore it to the awards.”


    • That’s dude-logic for ya!

    • THAT IS SO ROB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  10. Did anyone else forget how to breathe!?!? Holy efferson! I want Rob…!!!

  11. That was just lovely. Thanks, Jena, well done again!

    • I just found it. Didn’t, make it. But yes, it,s yummy!

      • Jenna, do you know the name of the song in the video and who made it?? Another question – I’m 42 yrs young -why am I loving Robert so much?? lol

  12. What a lovely video to watch before going to bed – it’s 3:30 in the morning here, and I may have just read all 16 chapters of The Office. My Twi FF cherry is well and truly spoken for, and now I’m going to go spend my Sunday morning ignoring my DH and laundry, and do something much more fun. This vid helps, as I am a visual creature πŸ˜‰

  13. I love SmoothRob. I opine our little video minx likes him clean shaven too. And was that song written & performed for this video? Because it went with it a little too well.

  14. Amazing find, Jena. ❀ your face!

    "Fool of Me," also from this same album by Meshell Ndegeocello, is also an amazing song.

  15. Well, that video was just like a knife through the ovaries……………phew.

    • a kinfe through the ovaries!!! HILARIOUS

  16. This. Is . The . Best.
    Jena, is this from you? I love this. I want to make it mine.

    • Nope, I didn’t make it, I just found it.

  17. hey, cool blog.

  18. is it just me or has that vid disappeard? 😦 😦
    its just a big blank

  19. So. good. πŸ™‚

  20. I can get the video. Great video!!!

  21. I love how it’s bits from all his movies and such a romantic song! Bril w/ the matching of the “don’t move”!

  22. This week’s In Touch mag reader poll (and I’m saying this like they’re such an authority) has Rob getting only 23% of the votes for “Sexiest Vampire”… 47% went to Alexander from True Blood and 30% (huh?!) went to Ian Somerhalder as soon-to-be vamp Damon from The Vampire Diaries.

    Don’t know how that happened! Though, my bestie tells me how hot Eric is but haven’t caught True Blood yet.

  23. AAHHHHH…..this is porn for women! I also want to be his assistant – I won’t make him be a vegetarian though….

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