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How I ‘fell’ for Robert Pattinson: Part 1

Sometimes we get really obnoxiously annoying “OMG I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON THE VAMPIRE FROM TWILIGHT SO MUCH TELL HIM I SAY HI WRITE ME BACK” e-mails sent to us. And then sometimes the letters to Rob are so full of win that we fall passionately in love with the writer. This is one of those letters:

She thought this was dirty and greasy?

She thought this was ugly dirty and greasy?

Dear Rob,

I have an unholy confession to make.

Before I was passionately ushered in to the inner sanctum that is the world of Twilight fandom, I thought you were ugly. And dirty. And greasy. And had massive eyebrows. I could not appreciate the “fine bouquet” that every one else seemed to. I remember seeing the Twilight trailer (never had heard of the books) and thinking, first of all, I hated Kristen Stewart for being a white trash slut in Into the Wild and secondly, that you were not that hot. And then my husband chimed in with “Great, now they’ve made vampires gay”. I have to say, with a shame that cuts me, I agreed. It looked totally gay. Like Teen Choice FAB-U-LOUS! gay. And so my life continued on as normal for the next several months.

And then I watched the MTV Movie awards. I’m not saying you won me over then, don’t get me wrong. I only watched to see Andy Samberg do his shit. But then Twilight slaughtered the awards, and your almost kiss with K-Stew excited me in ways I don’t usually get excited while sitting on my couch in my mismatched flannels and huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup t-shirt. So I gave in, I put Twilight on my netflix queue and awaited my husband’s mocking. It came, along with the movie and I sat, by myself of course, and watched you in all your cold, sparkly glory. Consensus? It was ok, not the worst movie I’d ever seen, but alright. And you looked much better than in real life. So I thought that was it. I’d let down my guard and joined the Hot Topic crowd for 122 minutes. Then out of desperation I picked up Twilight to read on a plane ride. How ironic that the day I bought the book that has turned my life upside down I stood in the checkout line and pointed out a tabloid with your face on it to my sister-in-law and asked her why you had to look like that in RL. Needless to say, I was done the whole saga in a week. And then I started to look up stuff about New Moon on the world wide interweb. And then I watched video of the panel at Comic Con. And that was it.

You could’ve stuck a fork in me and called me done. The first time I saw your adorkable, self-deprecating smile and heard your charming guffaw laugh I fell. Because I’ll admit I have always had a thing for British guys – who doesn’t right? But a funny British guy? How could I not? So I have spent the last 3 weeks or so starting and ending my day with video mashups of pics of you set to truly awful music. I started following every post on LTT, trying to convince myself thoroughly (as Moon and UC do) that I was not the crazy one. That designation was saved for Pattinson Pants Lady and AmanDUH. I could laugh at them, just as the school bully makes fun of the special needs kid – if only to make myself feel more normal. But its not normal. I was reading a post just the other day of people’s sexy dreams they’ve had of you and I was jealous. Yes, that’s right, I was jealous of the time people got to spend with you in an unconscious state. I hadn’t had a dream of you, did that mean I didn’t care as much as I thought I did? Well I have to thank LTR for posting that 18 second slice of heaven called you at the Oscars giving a fan an eye-f***, because I watched it 12 times before bed last night and then you came to me. [UC Note: That’s what she said]

You were bartending at a restaurant in a tux. I was running behind the rest of my party and so I walked in alone. You scanned over me quickly as I walked in and then looked again. I of course couldn’t tear my eyes off you. Then I had to get up to go to the bathroom and ‘we sort of ran into each other’ because there were these other guys blocking my way. And you gave me that same exact Oscar look. Let me just say I woke up happy. No I didn’t get to do x-rated things to you, but in my mind this was even better. We had a moment.

So I guess in a way I want to thank you. You have turned me from a hater into a lover, from a normal person living a normal boring life into a person who doesn’t care if she stays up till 3 am watching all the interviews you’ve ever done. Of course no one else knows of my obsession. My husband makes fun of me but he really doesn’t know about the hours upon hours me and you truly spend together. Even most of my best friends don’t know I’ve read the series or that I watch the movie every time I get on my elliptical to exercise, which is about twice a week. I usually get to the field trip scene before I can’t breathe anymore. I seriously don’t know if its the running or your face. So thats it, I’ve confessed my sins. I remain yours truly.

Mrs Finneyfrock

We want to start featuring your stories on the weekends of how to came to love Rob, so send us the great ones via e-mail. And share the not as great but still good ones in the comments! xo UC & Moon

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After the jump, someone infiltrates Rob’s blog for a special birthday message:emmebirthday

Happy Birthday Emmeloowhoo from all of us! XO


  1. ROFL!!
    Mrs Finneyfrock that letter was awesome.
    My RobStory is not as great.
    Basically, well before I’d ever heard of Twilight I was Googling through pics of my first literary/movie love, Harry Potter. It was there that I stumbled across a photo of some bloke called “Robert Pattinson”. And then I realised who it was: Cedric bloody Diggory.
    Well I was so blown away with his hotness.
    But I couldn’t tell my friend because they already thought I was what they consider “weird” taste in boys and so I never would’ve heard the end of it!
    Fast-forward to late November last year when I first saw the Twilight trailer and practically drooled all over the keyboard.
    Rob was the sole reason I saw Twilight in the first place, and so began my love affair with him, the books and the film(s).


  2. Oooh, first on LTT AND LTR?? Pays to live in Oz! haha

  3. Rob has a way of sneaking up on you, doesn’t he? I didn’t fall madly in love with him at first either. I’d never heard of Twilight before the movie came out (if I had I’m sure I would’ve ridiculed it as some stupid teenybopper craze-if only I knew..)-I thought the trailer I saw on TV looked sort of interesting (say it-OUT LOUD-wtf? who knew), the guy playing the vamp wasn’t too hard to look at-so, I went one night with my husband and a friend of his who was visiting from England(he also wanted to see it, based on the vamp aspect). Long story short, husband and friend fell asleep (after making fun for awhile they just gave up) and I was intrigued.

    What really sealed my fate was seeing Rob on Leno-the charm, the humor, the awkwardness, the hair. I started googling him (guiltily at first- it felt a little creepy,haha) and I was hooked.

    I read the books in a week, and even though I was very disappointed in BD, that was it. I couldn’t get the books out of my head. So, between Robstalking, rereading the books and watching Rob’s movies, I’m pretty busy theses days.

    • It gets like that.
      I used to use the computer maybe twice a day to check Facebook and a coup,e of other sites. Now it’s as much as I can get on!

      • haha me too! I never even checked my email. Now my husband has to badger me to get me off it! He knows it’s all about Rob too.

        Oh Rob, what you do to us.

  4. It’s all “true confessions” up in here. I love it.

    I also love that Moon & UC heard my “True confessions” many months ago (it was like going to confession…they just weren’t wearing robes or sitting behind the little sliding door of a confessional). I’m thankful they are like priests–and sworn to secrecy, and will not repeat my confessions. That shiz is sacred. And holyl

    Right, y’all?

  5. Amen to all of you who said that their love for Rob came like a thief in the night. A few people had mentioned the Twilight books to me but I only took an interest in reading them when a blogger whose taste I admired started posting about how the books became a “guilty pleasure” for her. Started the books myself and became addicted as well. I started Googling about the movie as I wanted to visualize the characters (while reading) as closely to the movie as possible … so my Edward Cullen has always been based on Rob. In doing so, I discovered the magnitude of the Twi-fandom … saw countless vids about the cast. One of the first ones I saw was the MTV Twilight Tuesdays interview with Robert & Kristen … and that was it. I watched it and found them both so cute together, I was like WTF – who are these people? Then I watched more & more interviews of Rob, discovered LiveJournal, and against my will, I fell – hook, line & sinker. I too thought initially that when he wasn’t Edward, he was dirty, greasy, not my type at all — but his laugh & his giggles & his intelligence & his sense of humor & his humility — they all grew on me & the rest is history. My day is not complete without visiting my favorite Rob sites — LTR/LTT is most certainly 1 of them.

  6. Very eloquently put Mrs Finneyfrock!
    Enjoyed the read this morning!

  7. Yeah you know it is funny how all our stories are very similar with of course the uniqueness of our own situations mixed in but mostly same. Wow Rob, it is like someone “up there” chose you to be our muse. Hmmmmm.

  8. Love, love, love this letter!

    Hhhmmmmm how did I fall for this?

    Step 1. Our babysitter tells me I must see the film and read the books.

    Step 2. Saw the film one Saturday night with husband. He actually said it was an OK film and I thought so too…….

    Step 2a. Immediately after watching said film, quickly move to computer to “google” Rob for “any pictures” that might be available.

    Step 2b. Several hours later, realize there is a “whole new world” out there which is far more interesting than making lunch boxes, school run, feeding children and husband. And more importantly, wondering how I missed all the hype surrounding the official release in November 08 and that darn Vanity Fair publication?

    Step 2c. That night after watching said film wake up at 2am thinking that Rodward is sitting in the corner of room watching me. Realize my vivid imagination is somehow creating Robward out of my curtain, TV and a plant in my bedroom. Husband sleeps though all of this.

    Step 3. Rush out and buy books and finish within a week. Then start re-reading them all again much to my husband’s amusement.

    Step 4. Find out there are “others like me” out there via FB friends and told to look at this site called “letters to Rob/twilight” and “30+ twilighters” amongst many, many others.

    Step 5. Purchase Pocket Eddie

    Step 6. Ignore news and race to the computer every morning for next LTR/LTT posting before I can start my day.

    Step 7. Arrange a Twilight Weekend in Dallas with a good twichum (who I might add I have not seen in several years) and gatecrash Twicon. Suddenly realize that there “arerealfans” out there who I really wouldn’t want to meet in a darkened alley if you paid me….

    Step 8. Start a “Summer Adventures of Pocket Eddie” album on FB. More friends have commented on this than my family pictures.

    Step 9. Receive a Twilight Birthday cake for my birthday

    Step 10. Realize that life before Twilight was crap.


  9. Oh my, guess its all out there now. Thank you guys for not mocking my late-comer-ness to Rob worship. I guess I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover, once you see inside sometimes that really changes things. And then you want to dry hump the book (and its delicious cover) in your sleep. It’s funny that now all the stuff I thought was gross – the not bathing, holey t-shirts, the BROWS, just add to his easy charm. But I’ve never been a big believer in love at first sight anyway.

    Love you all for making me laugh everyday.

    • Oh, and God knows how much we want to dry hump the book in real life lol.

      Glad to know you’re on this side of the rainbow now, Mrs Finneyfrock, and thanks for sharing your story!

      Hugs from Chile.

  10. I have the almost exact same story. When I saw Harry Potter, I was like “what?? that kid hot?? he has a caterpillar crawling above his eyes!”

    Then the trailer for Twilight came out, and again, I thought it looked like a B- vampire High School Musical. I’m an Anne Rice lover(old school Anne) and was not about to watch some Avril Lavigne wannabe vampires, and a girl who has the same eyes as a bassett hound flying around like Crouching Werewolf Hidden Spidermonkey.

    The more I saw about Twilight, the more I hated it.

    Then it happened. While being bombarded with Twilight paraphenalia for the 100th time walking through Walmart, they broke me. I caved and bought the book. Knowing full well it was a waste of money and time, I was going to prove to myself and the world it was crap.

    I read the first book in one night. It wasn’t the best book ever written, but I couldn’t help finding Edward interesting. I had to know what happened to him. Bella wasn’t so bad either.

    Went to Walden books the next day, and bought the rest of the series and finished in a matter of days. Eclipse was the book that sealed the deal. I was a Twifan.

    So, I had to watch the movie. Robward dazzled me. I had to know everthing about him, that’s when my housework really started getting behind.

    It’s like I’m having an affair. I drool over Rob while my hubby is at work. Then clear out my cookies, files and history so he doesn’t know what I’ve been doing. I make up sickness as an excuse on why I have gotten absolutely nothing done all day.

    I ‘m like a 13 year old boy w/ a booby mag. Hiding from my kids in my room, covers up over my head with my laptop watching Rob say “bitch” and “What?” a million times. AJ and I texting each other about Rob fantasies dreams and magic carpet rides.

    Mrs. Frinnyfrock, it’s normal.


    • Remember back before Rob took over when we used to have all of those grand conversations about things deeper than the origins of the “hair thing” and whether or not Rob would ever pose in fur?

      I fondly remember your first Rob texts, questioning me if I had ever noticed how hot that Cedric kid was sans the bug brows. I was like “umm..okay”.

      It took me seeing the interview (cannot remember who it was for) where he is wearing the white shirt and looks as if he has been up all night to get it. I now I’ve GOT IT BAD!

    • KT,

      I just had to reply to your comment, because it kind of punched me in the face. Being obsessed with Rob is like having an affair! I have a husband who knows that I love all things Twilight, but he really has no clue about my Rob obsession. Or how many sexy dreams I have about him. It makes me feel guilty sometimes.

      Unlike you, I watched the movie first. I was bored and got it on Netflix to see what all the fuss was about. I watched it 3 times because I could not get enough Rob! So of course I went online, watched his interviews, and fell for him in a different way, the wit, the intellegence, the giggle, the accent, oh man the accent…
      So I then read all 4 books in 10 days, never looked at the husband once, forgot to feed the cat, and probably lost 5 pounds by forgetting to eat.
      And the obsession is in full force!

    • I’m sort of amazed at the impact Rob’s had on my life..I have to force myself to do the most basic chores, laundry, etc. Cooking?Forget it. I used to freak out if the house went too long without a proper cleaning but dust bunnies don’t bother me anymore. Not when there’s Rob-stalking to do, haha.

      I swear this man is on my mind 24 hours a day-I cannot get him out of my head. Nor do I want to. I should probably be worried, but that would take time away from thinking about Rob. Oh, well.

      • Oh Dazzled, I hear you loud and clear! Cooking meals is BEYOND aggravating! I think I’ve developed Roborexia. Loving him like a madwoman hasn’t made me take up exercising, but I certainly don’t give a flying f*ck about cooking and eating which both interfere with the access to my laptop. I’m considering setting up a hotplate in my home office so that I can meal prep and surf LTR etc simultaneously! (The fact that I’ve lost weight is a bonus, but I do feel mildly guilty that my 10 year old has lost 10 lbs this summer.)

  11. Confession: I didn’t think Rob was hot before I got into Twilight… I thought he was quite dreamy as Cedric Diggory, though I didn’t know that was him until much later. Reading Edward and having Rob in my head was definitely the catalyst to my acknowledging his dreaminess…

    But, that being said, my “crush” is most definitely on Rob and not Edward. I hate when the Twi/Rob haters get all “you only like him cause you think he’s Edward.” No. False. Did Edward open my eyes to Rob? Yes. Do I prefer Edward’s “look” over Rob’s? Not really (I like scruffy, though I wouldn’t mind Rob sporting a nice pea coat every once in a while). Do I prefer Rob’s personality over Edward’s? Heck yes! Love me some giggly, awkward, self-deprecating Britishness!

  12. I had never heard of Rob until last summer. As an indulgence, I looked at E Online every day for silly celeb gossip, and when the Twilight publicity hype started to heat up around the time of ComiCon, I saw a photo of Rob/Twilight cast on the site.

    I thought huh – he’s interesting-looking. Kinda sexy but a bit skinny. And then I really didn’t give it a second thought.

    Then there was more and more about the movie on the site, and Rob just had something that caught my attention (sex eyes/sex hair/bone structure). Because I was intrigued with him, I decided I’d go see the movie even though I am also an early Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire) lover and these vampires seemed pretty tame and less sensual than hers.

    I had heard about all the squeeing fangirls at the theaters, so I went in the middle of the day on a weekday. It was me and a bunch of Twi-Moms in the theater – perfect. Best move I ever made, because I was able to enjoy the film the first time without a bunch of stupid girls quoting every line and screaming every time Edward came on screen (had that lovely experience at a subsequent viewing – totally pissed me off because it ruined the mood).

    When Edward walked into the cafeteria, I was like Oh my! When he kissed her, my panties went up in flames.

    I walked straight from the theater to the bookstore and bought Twilight. Finished it immediately, and went back for the rest of the books. Not exactly great literature (a few too many mentions of “his marble chest”), but good enough as harmless romance. And the best part was that I was visualizing Rob as Edward.

    That’s when I started looking Rob up on YouTube and found all of the cute, adorable interviews. I got to see his ratty clothes and beanie, hear him say all kinds of things he probably shouldn’t in that sexy accent, watch his crazy rubber-faced expressions, hear him say that he would “definitely!” be willing to date an older woman, hear his music, etc.

    Stick a fork in me – done!

    I was a mess – wondering if I was crazy being so focused on this guy! Then I saw a comment on an E Online post from UC or Moon, referencing LTR. That post saved my life! *snif*

    Now I know – That’s Normal!

  13. Mrs Finneyfrock, I have a fake lesbian crush on you now. Your story was hilarious, and you are a great writer. I lol’d!

    Happy sunday,

    • Wow, you are making me Bella blush. I’m half tempted to cut myself a mullet and go get a commitment ring for you.

      • 😉

        ooo, mullets make me swoon….

  14. It was my student who brought me into this new world. It was like late november and I was teaching when he told me that I had to read that book. I asked him what was all about and when he told me it was a vampire story I said no way. I didn’t like vampire’s stories and thrillers didn’t kick me off any more. He went on and on telling me to give it a try or I would lose big. I kept on refusing. Then the film came out and there he went again, but knowing that his favoutite film was saw I didn’t have second thoughts. I refused again. Finally I went to watch the film without knowing it was twilight until I had aiready got the tix. I don’t remember how was my life before that cold December night, my first selebrity crash was waiting for me at that dam cinema the moment he entered that stupid caffeteria door. Since then nothing is the same I am at my happy place in front of the my pc and the rest is history.

  15. I’ve got a confession…

    I only saw Twilight because Cedric Diggory was in it. And I waited until it came out on DVD so I wouldn’t be caught in theaters seeing it. I avoided the hype with a vengeance. I rented the movie and watched it with my mom and brother’s GF. And then my life as I knew it was over.

    I went out the next day and bought the three disc special edition DVD fom Target and the first two books. Only buying the first two was a huge mistake on my part…I know how I read. I read Twilight and New Moon in one day and went back the next day and bought Eclipse and BD. I finished the whole series in 3 days. I’m pretty sure that’s like a record or something.

    Since I already had the hots for Cedric, I decided googling Rob would lead to fun times. Yay me, I was right. I watched every blip of video on youtube that had Rob in it that I could get my hands on. He never failed to make me giggle and need to change my panties (overshare?). I hate when people say I only like Rob cuz he’s Edward. Edward’s controlling and frigid (unless you read FF, then he gets his groove on and that is alright by me!), Rob is sexy and dirty and funny and doesn’t pluch his eyebrows. I’m down with all of that.

    So I’ve rambled on forever now….I’ll shut up now. Drumline is on anyway.


    • “…need to change my panties…” love it.

      As we all know, Forks makes you wet…


  16. I don’t know if my tale of falling for Rob is great or mundane, but I thought I’d post it anyway. This is my first comment left here though I’ve been visiting for months. I love this site.

    I’d read Twilight. And loved it, but felt strangely addicted to it. It infiltrated my thinking and real world time more than a teenage book about vampires had any right to do. So I didn’t pursue reading the rest of the series. Told myself I’d read the book because I work with teens and needed to understand but I refused to admit to the fact that I loved it.

    Several months later a coworker friend took one of the kids we work with to see the Twilight movie. After returning the kid home she calls me gushing about the actor who plays Edward Cullen. Beautiful! Perfect! OMG!

    I was apathetic, I’d seen the movie posters and trailers and was not impressed. But was very intrigued by the fact that my friend was, she’s so not the type to enjoy a tween movie or crush on a teenage vampire.

    So she started reading the book, and our lunch hours were now spent talking about the book, the movie (which I still hadn’t seen), and this Robert Pattinson person. And all those strangely addictive yearnings I had about the story the first time reared their persistent little heads and sucked me back in.

    As I was devouring the rest of the series my friend kept me supplied with emailed pictures, interviews, and video montages of Rob. I’ve got to say I was falling hard. Gorgeous, funny, adorkable, self depreciating. That smile, that laugh, that voice! Oh yes certainly falling hard.

    Then I finally saw the movie. And Good Lord it was everything my friend said it was. I had to clutch my jacket to my face to stop from squealing out loud at parts. But I realized as I was walking out of the theater, that though I already knew I was going to be back to see it numerous times in the theater, for me Edward didn’t even compare to Rob. I’d been waiting for a huge laugh or a funny face or something. I remember thinking it was ironic that Edward was compared to marble so many times in the book because he was a little too stiff for me in the movie.

    And the awesomeness continued because in the midst of falling for Rob I also found out that being addicted and strangely attached to Twilight isn’t strange after all! Even though I’m definitely not a teen. There are in fact places on the internet that encourage adults who love the fandom. In fact instead of just the empty squeeing that teenage fans partake in. We older fans have squeeing, with lusting, snarking, laughing and swooning thrown all together. Which I think is the best combination ever!

    You guys totally enable my addiction. And I’m thankful every day for it!

    • so happy to enable! YAY! for your first comment XO

  17. Like many people on here I was quite taken aback by my love for the Twilight saga. I had vaguely heard of the books, and I simply dismissed them as some corny teen thing. And I wasn’t that interested in seeing the movie for the same reason. It was already out on DVD, and the only reason I watched it was because somebody happened to have a copy of it and I was bored. So I watched it for want of something better to do. The moment Rob appeared on the screen, I was like, hello, who the eff are you and why are you making me squirm in my panties? Still hadn’t read the books and really had no intention of doing so, until I came across Twilight by chance. I was on vacation and a friend’s daughter had the book. I had run out of books to read so I started reading it and I didn’t stop until I had finished it. I fell hook, line and sinker. So I bought the rest of the books and devoured them in one weekend. I must say I felt a bit silly, cause the prose is rather purple, but it captivated me completely.

    Having seen Rob in the role before I read the books, I was drawn to find out more about him. Went onto Youtube, watched some of his interviews and that’s when I truly fell down the rabbit hole. I found him utterly mesmerising. I have never had a celebrity crush, but this guy had me drooling like some oversexed teenager. I was astonished, and a just a little bit mortified at my reaction. It was like WTF? Then I discovered LTR and LTT and I was so relieved to find other like-minded people with a healthy dose of snark and wit who can laugh at themselves over this crazy addiction to Rob. I haven’t really had the urge to re-read the books, but Rob, *sigh* I could never tire of looking at his georgous face over and over again. I’m convinced he’s like the devil or something.

  18. Hello, Mrs. Finneyfrock:

    Long before I ever heard of a young British lad named Robert Thomas Pattinson, I stalked the internet for bits of pieces about a show called “The West Wing”. Sam Seaborn (played by Rob Lowe), summed up your situation quite nicely in Season One, Episode Six:

    “I’ll tell you what, let’s forget about the fact that you’re coming a little late to the party and embrace the idea that you showed up at all.”

    And so, Mrs. Finneyfrock, I will forget about the fact that you wasted precious time and energy belittling and demeaning my beloved Rob, and rejoice in the fact that you finally came to the party at all.

    But, like a good party guest, do remember not to drool on the guest of honor. There’s a good guest. Oh, and remember…when the party is over…..he’s leaving with me.

    Ta-ta for now…..

    • “I’ll tell you what, let’s forget about the fact that you’re coming a little late to the party and embrace the idea that you showed up at all.” I love that!!

      I also read the books after the movie came out, because the marketing for the movie, seemed geared towards teenagers, even though, I am a vampire movie fan. “Say it. Say it out loud.” was just too lame… Didn’t make me want to see the movie.

      I actually read the books just weeks before the DVD came out. I was interested in seeing more, because of Rob, but was not hooked until I bought the DVD, and wathced the interviews and him playing the piano. Just watched it again this morning on my iphone actually. I think that he is amazingly talented, and the most beautiful man on the planet. I have always had a thing for British men. I think that his smile is amazing, and that intense stare, gets me every time. When photos of him from the New Moon set in Italy came out, I nearly passed out…

      The reason why I love LTT/LTR so much is because of their honesty regarding the movie. The movie is not that great. Disappointing in fact, but Rob makes it worthwhile to watch over and over again.

      My husband mentioned in passing that he was looking at jobs in Vancouver. I immediately said, “I can’t live in Vancouver. It would be too weird.”
      His comment was, “Why, are you afraid that you’ll run into your favorite vampire?” Sad, but true…

      I think that if I ran into him in Vancouver, out somewhere, I would be so “taken aback” that I would Just stare at him. So intensely, I could win the staring contest with him. Now I am wondering what I would win…a kiss maybe?
      Something to dream about tonight…

      I Love Unintendedchoice and Themoonisdown. You guys are the best. Wish I had found you sooner!!

  19. I could have written this exactly. Glad to know I”m not alone.

  20. Ok, love this post, it may inspire me to write my own letter on how I went from Twi-hate to Rob-love. However, I would like to say that the BEST thing about this letter is reminding me of the 18 Seconds of Heaven – how could I forget?!?!? Ohmygod. I am *dieeeeeddd*.
    I can only add that I am wild with jealousy that you got to experience this In A Dream. How did you get so lucky??? How can I get so lucky????
    I’m Definitely lookin’ to get lucky.

  21. Love this letter – I would have written the same exact situation 3 months ago but I was too busy reading Twilight, watching Twilight and thinking of Rob.
    This makes me feel soo much better that if I am crazy, at least there is a TEAM CRAZY that I can join.
    I will write my own letter one day….

  22. Mrs. Finneyfrock–

    Once you’ve discovered your passion for Robert Pattinson–you can never go back!! Life as you know it will never be the same. You will spend countless hours in front of the computer screen, squeeling like a 14 year old fan girl, and loving every minute. (even though it has been 20 plus years since I was actually 14) Welcome to the club!

    • haha completely agree!!!

  23. he def does sneak his way into our pants, i mean, our lives. 😀

    i actually resisted reading twilight for a good solid 3 months last yr. a few girls at work were reading it and tryin to convince me to read it.. not to mention the endless bumper stickers i was getting on facebook, that i would be rejecting for 3 months. i wanted nothing to do with it.

    i ended up caving in and picked it up in july. a wk later i came out of my room all done the entire saga, and wondered how i was livimg my life before i read them! and i began thinking “what now?”

    googling twilight i realized what the craze was on the movie, and watched that craze get bigger and bigger by the months counting down to nov for its release. i ended up allowing all bumper stickers regarding twilight to appear on my wall… i did google the shyt out of rob when i realized that he was the hot stud that i had a teen crush on in HP 4.. and started to understand some of the jokes that the girls were throwing back and forht that were related to twilight.

    rob’s the one that sucked me in really.. as i was reading the books, rob’s looks were exactly how i pictured edward to look like, making me fall head over heels for him the minute that i saw all of his pics… *sigh*

    soon, friends were posting albums related to twilight, and i was forever checking them out and giving my 2 cents worth of what i wanted to do to him.. and have never turned back

    came across this blog in may/jun of this yr, and have loved every minute of it since!! u guys give the greatest posts and give me my dose of rob when he disappears himself 🙂

  24. Well, I need to say something about the story of Mrs Finneyfrock, because my story is a kind like hers, but I am a harry potter’s fan and because of that I saw the movie were Rob did Cedric, but when I saw Twilight I don’t recognize him, and I never ever heard about the saga and I think…”wow..he’s perfect?? and beautiful?? mmm…I’m not sure…and thats it! well, later few days past and I goggle it , later I found this amazing books and red them on 1 week, I guess?? and totally fall in love with the saga and of course when I saw all this beautiful pics with Rob’s smiling..I’m completely in love and obsess with him…I can’t live without this, I read every day your posts and all I can read about him..because now, is not only about the saga is about ROB…and now I laugh when I saw him with this old clothes, or smoking (I don’t smoke), or drunk, or whatever he does!! he’s funny and thats perfect for me, of course I love the accent too, before him, but now…love him!! and no one knows about this, this is just between Rob and me…my secret impossible love…

  25. That was utterly hilarious. All of that happened to me minus the husband, Reeses butter cup shirt, and replace Rob with K-Stew. I saw twilight when it came out with my boyfriend at the time and walked out of the theater early with a loud “THIS IS SO GAY”. Several months later curiousity got the best of me (damnit) and one simple week in mid-July turned me. The second I opened Twilight I knew i had lost my dignity- I’m not afraid to admit it.

  26. Awww, I’m sure a lot of us here can relate to you Mrs. Finneyfrock. What a nice letter! 🙂 I’m so glad we can all have an outlet for our Robsession where we can be ourselves because in real life most of my friends truly don’t get it.

    Please don’t hate me y’all but when I first saw Rob, I felt the same way Mrs. Finneyfrock did! I said Rob was ugly(big regret). And I vowed never to watch Twilight. Of course I ate everything I said and I even own Twilight now! Now I think Rob is the most wonderful and beautiful man in the world! LOL

    • It’s the *death stare* of his, he just sucks us all in with those eyes……

      • That’s so true! He has beautiful eyes, like pools of water and they mesmerize women! He dazzles!

  27. OME – I effing love this post! And someone needs to send me that eye-f*** vid STAT!
    – Lorabell

  28. I do have to confess….

    I’m more of a fan of UC and Moon’s before I was ever a fan of Rob’s (gasp). true confesson.. so while we are at it.. (no one will read this anyway). I’m not that into Twilight either.. Its schmaltzy and poorly written… (gasp gasp) … but the fan girls crack me up.. (the ones that take this way too seriously.. the nutters) you know who they are.

    AND while we are at it.. Rob does kinda resemble a gay vampire (gasp gasp gasp).
    -Kristen Stewart is totally miscast as Bella (no suprise their) . She Wants IT, but Bella’s suppose to virginal, and that’s a big stretch for this girl to play. Apart from the blinking and stuttering, which is PAINFUL to watch.

    If it were not for the older actors in supporting roles, Twilight would be worse than it is..

    love you Moon and UC ❤

  29. Dear Rob,
    I still find it extremely embarrassing how much I like Twilight, but I am not embarrassed by how much I now lurrvvve you. I’m trying to own it, OUT LOUD. You are the epitome of a MAN to me: unkempt/sexydirty, funny, tall, devastatingly handsome, adorkable and skinny-ish, into music, nervous and giggly, and with a lit’rally perfect accent and voice to boot. I am so glad I saw that movie trailer for Twilight back in November where I had exactly three reactions: A. What is this tween crap that I have never heard of and probably don’t want to? B. Interesting–it takes place in WA state, where I live. Looks like WA, too. Interesting. C. Who the hell is that smoldering Sex on Legs wearing a veddy English peacoat who is giving *me* The Look while staring at that blank-looking pale girl and making me drool and think about buying the tween crap book that the movie is based on?

    I tell my RL Seattle friends that I got interested in Twilight because it takes place in Forks, but I don’t think they buy it. And, yeah, I’m lying, because YOU are the reason that I downloaded the book on my Kindle before vacay in Mexico in December and then wanted to lit’rally die when I finished it and couldn’t connect to get the other books and had to wait like four whole more days when I was back stateside to read the books and then spent all of Christmas week with my family up all hours of the night reading. And then I was hooked. I saw the movie by myself in early January when I was done with the books and got home. I inhaled more loudly than the 11-year-old next to me when Edward walks into the cafeteria. Got home and immediately began Googling to find out who this hotness was. Thankfully I almost immediately found LTR/LTT and quickly realized it’s NORMAL to think the books are not well-written and yet to still be hooked on them and that it’s also NORMAL in the age of the interwebs to admire a celebrity like I’m 11.

  30. Dear Mrs. Finneyfrock,
    You rock. My only advice to you is to keep your Robsession on the down low from your real life friends. I have made the mistake of owning up to my Robsession to the non-Robinitiated and several are truly worried about me. I have tried to convince them THAT’S NORMAL if I get a little antsy when I haven’t been able to read “my blogs” (LTR, LTT, RAorR, Robsessed…) today and find out where Rob is, what he is filming yesterday/today and is he still okay or has Mrs. Pattinson Pants broken through Under Armour’s security detail, but the RL friends aren’t buying it. Forcing them to watch the DVD with me, thinking they will begin to understand the Robsession, isn’t working, either since most can’t get past how bad Cathy made the film (BTW, I am still laughing at Crouching Werewolf Hidden SpiderMonkey from above–funniest. comment. ever.). And even though my best friend in the whole world is a Twi-mom, even she admits that she really loves Robward more than Rob. Le sigh. Anyhoo, best to keep this all on the DL lest your hubs or others attempt an intervention, as I fear is up next for me.

    • I agree-my husband knows, but I don’t tell anyone else. I know how it would look to someone who doesn’t worship at the altar of Rob.

    • Oh believe me, only the husband is even slightly aware. I’ll slip and say something Rob/Twi related to him and he just shakes his head. Although…..he did listen to my 2 hr explanation of the whole book series, finally watched the movie with me one night (all the time asking questions) and then (holy possible future Unicorn alert) he stayed up later than me one night and when we went out to breakfast the next morning he says “Well, I turned in my man-card last night, I watched Twilight again.”

      Well, let me tell you my Banana pancakes almost flew out of my mouth. I felt a tiny inner squee instantly suppressed by a darker ominous feeling. Seriously, I almost feel guilty for thinking about Rob so much and feeling that every god-damn perfectly accented thing out of his beautiful mouth is the height of humor. Do I want DH to know the extent of my hysteria? He even kinda watched the dvd commentary and laughed along with me. Oh god. Starting to have visions of him asking me to “turn him”. NO. He must be shut out along with all other unsuspecting friends in RL. I have always been an over-sharer. I will have to learn to keep it secret, keep it safe (sorry I watched LoTR the other night) Thanks for the advice. I heart all you ladies – you make me feel NORMAL. Ahhh.

      • “holy possible future Unicorn alert” – loved this!

  31. I love this post too.

    It’s pretty much *exactly* my path from Twi-hate to Rob-love (which are both terms I <3!) – the thinking he was dirty and really needed to shave, to eyebrows (which I am now desperately addicted to), and thinking that he wasn't really that great in Twilight the first time I saw it.

    But now….*swoooon*
    Yeah. Rob creeps up from behind to shock you with your own sudden inexplicable (and irrevocable!) obsession. He's like an obsession-creation-stalker. Or a ninja. Actually, I quite like the image of him sneaking up on me silently, dressed entirely in black, preparing to whack me with the sudden realisation of his hotness.

    Also, I seem to be one of the few people who had the forethought to buy all four books at once. To be honest though, I did this:

    1. Because they were on special at Borders, and I could get all of them for less than $100, and

    2. I was already embarrassed enough buying them, and didn't want to come back in case the same serving people were there and worked out that I was buying them for me, and not my 16 year old niece or something.

  32. hooooooly crap! that’s my story… exactly. ok, not exactly. no exercise machine is allowed within 10 feet of me.

    i thought rob was alienesque, greasy, and overrated. i ordered Twilight through netflix when my husband and i couldn’t find anything else to watch. “oh, this teeny-bopper film is surely going to suck.” we knew nothing about it.

    watched the movie, thought it was “alright” but nothing special. i couldn’t understand why everyone was so obsessed.

    then, in a 3-hour layover in phoenix, i stepped into the terminal’s bookstore. what was staring at me? “Twilight.” meh. i thought “well, i must waste some time… might as well do it in a mind-numbing fashion.” 5 days later, 4 books and a partially written Midnight Sun later… well. i’ve seen Twilight far too many times to admit.


    and well… the blogs, the desktop wallpaper, the days and days of youtube, the google image searching, the wikipedia scouring… they all fell into place.

    last night, i discovered two things.

    1) robert (my LAWDY, robert) sings in the movie. yes, i discovered his music career. HOW DID THIS SLIP PAST ME?? it’s too late, children. i’m over the edge.

    2) is it wrong to search there in genuine interest in the tribe, but to be secretly pretending to be bella… eying all of the landscape for some hawt vampire movement?

    my husband’s in the air force and we found out that our next base might be in north dakota. i was so upset… until i read about it.

    tiny population? check
    small town set in beautiful nature? check
    surrounded by Reservation? check

    i’m not so upset anymore.

    help me, please. i can’t keep hiding this from everyone in my life, can i? they’ll surely notice the life-size cutouts, “I’d Rather Be Watching (Robert Pattinson) Twilight” t-shirts, and Pocket Rob. 😦

  33. Confession time. I’m only coming out of the woodwork cause I see now I’m not alone. I’ve been lurking here for a bit. Love LTT and LTR.

    Like Mrs. Finneyfrock I was not interested in Rob (I’m sorry Rob) or Twilight when I first became aware of them. My 10 year old daughter went to see the movie when it came out and fell in love with him. I listened to her crush on him, and wondered what the hell was she thinking when she would point out pics of him in magazines. When the dvd came out her grandma bought it for her and I wanted to watch to see what all the fuss was about. I watched about 30 minutes and just didn’t get it. I wondered seriously what my daughter was thinking obsessing over Edward/Rob.

    When school was out for the summer she started reading the books and kept up a constant stream of chatter about the books and what was going on. She was on the third book when I decided I might want to read them. So one night about a month ago, when I was desperate for a distraction from real life I picked up Twilight. OMG. What a distraction! In about a week I devoured Twilight, New Moon, Midnight Sun, watched the movie and stole the soundtrack from my kid. When I wasn’t reading I was listening over and over and over to Never Think and Let Me Sign.

    Within another week I had gone thru Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I was a freakin zombie at work, staying up till all hours reading.

    Once I finished (and caught up on some sleep) I watched every youtube interview I could find. I can’t admit this to anyone in my life. I have a thing for the dirty British boy who always looks like he just woke up in last night’s clothes. How did this happen? He’s almost half my age! And dirty! He needs a shower and new clothes. And gaah he’s HOT!

    So there, it’s out in the open. Sigh, I feel better. I have lots of unanswered questions about my newest obsession and I’ll probably find my way to The Forum to investigate. It sounds like they know EVERYTHING. And I can’t wait to learn.

    I’ve been wanting to squee about the latest onset pics for days but wouldn’t let myself post my first post just to squeee. But here goes SQUEEEEEE. Rob looking so “Rob” enters the trailer and Edward looking so “Edward” exits the trailer!!! With a Coke. That made me giggle!

    So now I’m off to watch 18 second slice of heaven. That’s one I’ve never seen before. Woohoo, can’t wait. Too far gone, nothing can be done. Except feeding my addiction with pics and youtube vids. Thank God for youtube!

    • thats normal!! welcome too far gone!

  34. Mrs. Finneyfrock, you moved me. I think there a little bit of your story in all of us. Seriously, the “alone” time spent with Rob that your husband and friends don’t know about hits close to home 🙂 My love for Rob developed after reading the series. I wouldn’t let myself watch the trailer to Twilight until I was finished reading it. I was afraid that I wouldn’t agree with their choice for Edward. Boy was I wrong. I watched it and that was it. I was hooked on this gorgeous god. I don’t know when it will end. It is just too much fun!

  35. Can’t believe it took me so long to find this site… and LTT!!! Thank you guys, for saving my life. Here I was thinking there must be something seriously wrong with me, and then I find you and notice that I’m not alone after all.

    Thank you!!!

  36. Ssssssooooo. That’s what they mean by “eye f*ck”. Right. I’d write more but I’m in a bit of a horny stupor. Bye.

  37. Mrs Finneyfrock “YOU’RE ALIVE!!!” (in my best Mike Newton’s voice) Welcome to this torturin, amazing, funny, smelly world Robert Pattinson is…because by now, I am pretty sure the obsession goes beyond the books and the movie (which we all love and profess adoration) but (at least mine) attention is now centered in one incredible individual named Robert Pattinson…WELCOME DEAR ONE, WELCOME!

    P.S. Today’s letters totally made my day…Mrs. Finneyfrock you were the first person to make me laugh today!! (usually UC and Moon get the honor) THANK YOU!!!

  38. Mrs Finneyfrock, I believe I just fell in love with you a little bit. Well, at least this letter. Amazing read. I’m glad you have turned over to the Rob-side.

  39. This is my second post, posted a little something yesterday. I have been reading LTR and LTT for awhile, but never had the nerve to comment. But UC and Moon, you crack me up so much! I sit here laughing like an idiot and my husband looks at me like I’m crazy. You guys saved me from my paranoia. I truly did feel so lost, here I am, obsessed with Rob, thinking of him 24/7, feeling a little crazy, and noone to talk to! My sister loves Twilight, but not Rob (yeah, and who’s the crazy one?) She thinks I’m dumb for lusting after someone who is not within reach.

    But you guys, and everyone who comments, I love reading what you guys have to say. I feel safe and not crazy at all.

  40. OMFG!!! You know the same thing happened to me…i use to think Rob was ugly and I hated Twilight because i thought it was such a little tennage girls obessesion…but then I saw the MTV Movie awards and when i saw the chemistry of Rob and Kristen I decided to watch the movie and the movie was great so I decided to read the books…I went to a book store and bought all 4 books and read them in 3 days without sleep…Ive been hooked ever since!

  41. Same story, different postal code! Like bookgirl, above, I work with teenagers, and heard nothing but Twilight this and that all year long at school last year. I didn’t have time to pay much heed, but in June I brought home the four books figuring I’d check out what had all my “clients” in a tizzy. I read the series in 6 blinding days and thought back to a flight I’d taken in March when Twilight was the inflight movie. I hadn’t bothered to plug in headphones and snorted self-righteously a few times while looking at the silent screen (the running through the forest pre-meadow scene comes to mind). After reading the series though, I decided to give it a second chance, subsequently renting and then speedily purchasing the DVD.

    The commentary had me hook-line and sinker. Rob’s self-deprecation and infectious laugh were the clinchers. I proceeded to watch every second of interview footage I could find, as well as every movie he’s made (ROTN excepted) and I quickly developed an appreciation for MUCH MORE than just his humilty and his giggle. AHEM. I’m completely and utterly transfixed by the man. Everything makes me think of him, and I mean EVERYTHING. I can be grocery shopping, and every item I put in my cart seems to have some logical association with Rob.!!

    Luckily, my 10-year-old daughter has joined me in the adventure, and my husband seriously thinks I’m pandering to HER pre-teen tendencies. Ha! He’s so far offbase! I’m SO not ready to confess. Except here. So yes, I start my day with LTR and a few of LTR’s favourite associates, and end my day with a few chapters of fanfic, which I had never heard of until about 8 weeks ago.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to head back to work in a few days. My guess is my students might find themselves doing more “seatwork” than usual, while I get caught up on some very “scholarly research” on my laptop!

    All I can say is thank God for this site and all the wonderful gals who visit and keep reminding me that this is all PERFECTLY NORMAL!

    Again UC and Moon, thanks for providing this forum for sharing our appreciation for everything Rob. And as always, thanks for the laughs. You always make my day!


  42. This is my second post, and I only can said this: I’m completely agree with the comments because I’m feeling Normal talking with you guys about my Robssesion!! you really made my day always when I read your posts, and THANKS GOD!! I found you UC and Moon!!! You’re the best ladies!!!
    you rocks!!

  43. It was April. It was a Sunday and I was bored. I had read about Twilight through various trade magazines, but if I bumped into Rob on the street I wouldn’t have known who he was. (Actually, now I have nightmares that I DID bump into Rob back when I was Rob-pervious and I didn’t know who he was…)

    Anyhoo, so it’s an April Sunday and I’m flipping through On Demand. Twilight is there and I think – okay, I’ve got nothing better to do…why not?

    The movie was okay. I love teenie-bopper things even though I’m almost a decade past my teens. I didn’t mind the teenage love thing – I thought it was interesting. But I felt a desire to know what happened to Bella and Edward. So that same night I went to Barnes and Noble thinking I would skim through Breaking Dawn. Four hours later, I will still in Barnes and Noble reading New MOON. I left that night, not buying any of the books – thinking I was above getting caught up in this “saga.”

    I went to work on Monday and felt….strange. I wanted to read the books. So I went on my lunch break to Target and bought New Moon and Eclipse and went back to work.

    Now, I love my job – strange I know, but it took me a long time to get said job and it is a job most would kill for. But there I was – sitting in a meeting at a job I had worked since college to get and I was mad. The meeting kept dragging on – which meant more time before I could go back to my office and read…and I was mad. I was mad that those stupid co-workers were keeping me from Edward!

    Yes, I loved Edward first. I’ll admit that. But two weeks later I’d read and reread the books and was online searching for a copy of Midnight Sun. I stumbled onto a clip of Rob talking with Laura, the fan who got to do the MTV interview. He was talking about parking tickets and underpants and clipping his nails. I fell for Rob, then. Hard.

    At first, it was more of an “Awwww” feeling. Almost maternal, though not really because I’m just five years older than he is. But that’s how it started. With me seeing this innocent, uncensored, untutored, and naive guy who I just didn’t want to see gobbled up and spit out by the Hollywood machine. I kind of wanted to protect him.

    I asked a bunch of people I knew in the industry about when movie stars typically become jaded. I was enamored with “this” version of Rob and was dreading the day when he would inevitably become more rehearsed, more guarded, and more “Hollywood.” They had no particular answer for me and so I vowed to enjoy as much of “that” Rob as I could, while I could. Thankfully, “that” Rob is mostly still there (Porsche aside).

    I think my feelings turned to *ahem* lustful, right around the first time I saw him with scruff. Granted, the man is fine no matter which look he’s sporting, but as a woman a little older than he, when he looks terribly young and freshly shaven, I feel a bit like a predator. But when I first saw pics of him tan – like during the Rome premiere or the Vanity Fair article…? I believe…I may have…uhm,…kind of ….moaned. There! I said it.

    I was lucky in that I don’t have a husband , so no one to hide it from there….and also, a lot of my friends – and I’m talking Ivy educated post graduate degrees friends – are in love with the books and/or Rob too. So I can talk freely with them.

    Yes, a lot of my time could have been spent on other things in the past five months, but I don’t regret the decision I made that day in April, not one bit.

    And I”m happy to have stumbled onto this site where all of you feel the same way.

  44. […] I fell for Robert Pattinson: With the help of a pig-nose Last week we introduced “How I fell for Rob Pattinson” Sundays (cuz we like to start series and then forget about them). But look at us! […]

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