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Robert Pattinson and his brows are among good company

I like big brows and I cannot lie

I like big brows and I cannot lie

Dear Rob-

Remember that letter I wrote to you like a month ago when I told you you should take a few weeks off and disappear out of the spotlight? I’m so glad you took my advice! Buuuuuttttt now that no one has seen hide nor hair of you in days upon days I might have to retract that letter cause we’re kinda dying for news from you. Sure, we drooled like fools over those THUMBNAIL images from last week and loved the one tweet from David Slade about you being on set, but really what could you be doing all this time?! We know you’re getting all method with Kristen and doing the Bella/Edward thing but can that really take up 24 hrs of your day? What else could you possibly be up to? Since I am a loser love making lists, I compiled some ideas of things that could be filling your time and besides “getting into character” (ahem) the only other thing I could come up with is grooming your eyebrows. I mean those things are like wild beasts. I’ll even loan you my lion taming whip if you need ant extra help with those bad boys. Yes, I own a whip, but you knew that already.

Thinking about your eyebrows got me to thinking about the Twilight DVD commentary and how you said “never trust a man who plucks his eyebrows” well sir, I’m here to say (from experience) “never trust a man with a unibrow.” Truth!

I gotta say I’ve never been a big ol eyebrows kinda gal but lately it seems like there are tons of folks rockin the caterpillars and doing it well. So I decided to compile a list of some other folks working the brows so you can see what you have to look forward too.

Follow the cut to enjoy some eyebrows

01. YOU! duh!

02. Sandy Cohen, AKA Peter Gallagher
The maker of the best bagel and smear and keeper of the brows. If these brows can take in a delinquent kid from Chino than we should all grow ours out. If you’re lucky Rob, maybe one day you can star in a movie about teenage ballerinas that Oxygen plays on repeat.

03. Chase Crawford
Well it’s good to know that if you ever open your eyes and change your mind about Ashley, she digs some serious man brow action.

04. Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Too bad his brows couldn’t do the ‘blue steel’  his face is pulling. Just think if you had auditioned for Disney you could have been singing and dancing with a basketball in a high school. And thank god that didn’t happen since we know about your dancing skills.

05. Tom Selleck – Magnum P. Brow
I’m praying he has Jorts on and nothing else. Please God! So does having big brows mean you’re gonna have a man rug on your chest too?! You better invest in some electrolysis, just in case.

06. Dawson Leery… I mean James Van Der Beek
Obviously his brows are crying because Joey left his ass for Pacey. You would never scrunch your brows up for KStew.

07. One of the JoBros
Taylor Swift, you’re way better off girl!

Camilla Belle
Equal opportunity yall

Any brows we missed?


PS Thanks Brooke for the brow idea!

It’s UC’s turn to get sappy and introspective over at Letters to Twilight today
Groom your brows over at the forum!

*edit courtesy of j9necessary and robsten4life there is a VIDEO of the brows that i missed! man they have a video for EVERYTHING now! what’s next? im not sure i wanna know

ps wtf is this song?!


  1. I love a strong brow too. Every feature of Rob’s face is perfect-even his nose, which is a little crooked. It all adds up to one unfairly beautiful face.

    I don’t buy for a minute that he doesn’t think he’s that good-looking. How could you look like that and not know????? Though it’s endearing that he’s so modest, unlike Zac Efron-who probably kisses his mirror at night before he goes to bed.

    • Couldn’t agree more..We all love Rob for his humble nature and are thankful that he is nothing like Zac Efron who cares more about his looks than his gf does about hers…

      • which makes the fake plastic smile on the Gayfron’s face at the TCAs even funnier, when more fangirls screamed for Rob’s phone number than for his.


    • I think those features (nose, even eyebrows) make Rob look more masculine. Although, I still think I could wreck him. I’d at least try.

  2. This is so funny, I call my husband’s eye brows caterpillars too! But I got to say, it takes a “specail somone” to be able to pull them off….those who can’t: people who were too much makeup (i.e. Zac Efron)…and the Sandy Cohen reference: priceless…hail King of the Caterpillars, long live the King.

    • *spell check: special someone…it’s too early to spell worth sh!t!!!

      • another spell check: were = wear, omg.

  3. I misread Camilla Belle as ‘Camilla Brow’…

    And can someone PLEASE explain to me why Rob had to pluck his eyebrows for Twilight, because I never once read Twilight and thought that Edward’s ‘perfect brows’ meant looking like something from a Revlon advertisement.

    • HAHAHA that shall now be her new name “camilla brow”

      • Yes, Camilla Brow…. I approve…. love it! 🙂

      • Wow.. I would love to know who does Camilla’s eye brows.. (mine need to be tamed a bit)

  4. The granddaddy of all the caterpillar brows!

    Camilla doesn’t have eyebrows, she has weapons. Her brows are so severe she could use them to cutabitch. You better watch your back, Megan Fox!

    • And Jodie for the WIN!!!!

      How could she forget Scorsese????

      Fail on moon.

      • Thanks, Zeph! Err, I mean Sassy! ;P

        • LOL!

    • “Camilla doesn’t have eyebrows, she has weapons. Her brows are so severe she could use them to cutabitch.”

      Do I love you for that statement? Yes, I do.

    • Ha! What about the Juice Guy? Does it count if they’re grey?

    • i figure any man past 60 is gonna have some intense eyebrows so i left out the geriatric demographic on the brows but martin does have some intense ones!

      oh and i think we uncovered the reason behind the camillia/joe jonas break up. THE BROWS!! thats just too much brow in one relationship. they kept fighting over who was awesomer. and bigger

      • Hey, just so you know Tom Selleck is 64.

        However, he will always be that hot older dude that Monica dated to me.

        So he’s timeless.

  5. You missed Statler’s brows from the Muppet Show ; )

    Physical Functions of Eyebrows (who would have thought it!) and I quote:

    The main function of the eyebrow is to prevent moisture, mostly salty sweat and rain, from flowing into the eye, an organ critical to sight. The typical curved shape of the eyebrow (with a slant on the side) and the direction in which eyebrow hairs are pointed, make sure that moisture has a tendency to flow sideways around the eyes, along the side of the head and along the nose. The slightly protruding brow ridges of modern humans could also still play a supporting role in this process. Together with the brow ridges, the eyebrows also shade the eyes from sunlight. Eyebrows also prevent debris such as dandruff (!) and other small objects from falling into the eyes, as well as providing a more sensitive sense for detecting objects being near the eye, like small insects.


    • Statler? Gold!!! Win!

  6. Here is a video singing the praises to Rob’s eyebrows.
    (I hope I posted the link right)

    • I’m going to be singing this song all day now….

  7. I know, I keep thinking that that post, while I couldn’t have agreed with you more at the time, has totally rob-blocked us!

    You missed the queen of the catee-brow: Brooke Shields!

    And I love me some rob brow. Rpattz + contoured eyebrows = sold out to the man

    • THANK YOU. Brooke Shields was obviously the first person to make the “Untamed” look famous!

  8. I love Rob’s eyebrows, they’re one of my favorite features, of his, especially becuase his face can be so expressive and the brows just drive that point home.

    An ode the Caterpillar Eyebrows

    • Great minds think alike….posting the same video!

    • Awesome! I was looking all over YouTube trying to find this – it’s perfect for today’s post!


    • Great! I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day. My kids think I’m wierd enough as it is

  9. All I can think of is Alec Baldwin saying Joe Jonas’ eyebrows looked like they were drawn on with a Sharpie. Also that I totally touched Joe’s leg last Friday night in a handslap gone awry at the JoBros concert.

    Adrian Grenier has some major browage. Also, Javier Bardem, and Dave Navarro, though Navarro’s brows aren’t unkempt so much as deliciously wicked. While we’re on my second favorite subject of wicked rockers, I’d like to throw in a little Henry Rollins for your brow waggling pleasure.

    • I give you a thumbs up for making me think of Dave Navarro and all his sexiness this morning!

      • Dave Navarro and Rob in the same post thread… it’s a good morning today! 🙂

        • I just saw Dave Navarro preform with Jane’s Addiction this summer. He’s so brooding. He had that Cullen Smile. 🙂

          • Alright, who gave Katie S a thumbs down for this? Is it because you hate her for getting to see Dave this summer at the NIN/JA tour? I hated her too, but then she mentioned the Cullen Smile and I loved her all over again.

          • I love Dave Navarro! LOVE HIM!
            I’m still upset he and Carmen
            aren’t together….and I wish
            Rockstar was still on so I
            could get my weekly Dave fix.
            True story.

          • No thumbs down! I was far away. I could only see his majestic, rippled, glistening, naked torso from the jumbo tron. JUMBO tron.

            I could not, however, smell him. I’ll bet he smells like leather, expensive strippers, and Cool Water.

      • Li-li….you and your Navarro….you lurv those bad boys! 😉 xo

        • She and I must be cut from the same cloth.

          • Word.

    • Adrian Grenier was who I was expecting as numba 2 on the list!! How could Moon forget Vincent Chase?! He’s got the caterpillars to end all caterpillars. he’s not afraid of letting them play together as one either.


    • I gave you a thumbs up for touching a JoBro at a concert. You are my hero.

  10. P.S.

    Moon hits epic gold with this:-

    “Obviously his brows are crying because Joey left his ass for Pacey. You would never scrunch your brows up for KStew”

    • omg I loved Dawson’s Creek! I couldn’t wait for Dawson and Joey to get together,then when they did she was such a bitch. Her character pissed me off. After that it went downhill for me.

    • I totally agree with you. I also love that its this picture of van der beek’s giant head crying. In my perfect fantasy we have Rob, Joshua (Pacey) and me…….

      • Mmmm…Pacey AND Rob. WIN!!!

      • Team Pacey!

    • seriously dawson was a loser. my hs crush and i would sit in the back of our history class discussing dawsons creek. TRUE LOVE people!

  11. You brought up Dawson! Hahahaha. Under how many layers of dust was he covered?

    Dear other-than-Rob-brow-guys (and Camille),
    You may have the brows…but that’s about it. *
    (sorry this didn’t exactly turn out into a memorable one-liner)

    * No offense to Efron, Jobros and Chace lovers. I’m sure your men are beautiful is their own special way.

    • Ohh and you forgot Luke Perry! Of all people! He made guys tweak themselves a faux-scar. THAT makes a real King of guybrows I’d say.

      • Aaaaaahhhh….. Dylan McKay!!!! Score!


        PS – My maiden name is McKay and I used to tell people we were related. ::facepalm::

        • You were damn right to be having fake shared DNA with fictional hotness! McKay was so the Cullen of the nineties. As if people named Cullen would ever deny being related to Edward. AS IF.

        • dude did you get to ride around in dylan’s car of hottness during family reunions in the bev??

          awesome story!

  12. I still think that Rob’s caterpillar eyebrows look like they are going to eat his eyes in that first pic…but hey, that’s just me.

    And I cannot see JVB without thinking, “I don’t want your life”

    • If I didn’t already like you, you would’ve won my heart over with your Varsity Blues mention right there. All these years later that line STILL makes me laugh.

    • OMG me either about JVB!!! I call him Mox.


    • WIN WIN WIN!

      I remember nothing about that movie except for that line.

    • oh you mean THIS:

      i LOOOOVVEEE that movie!! however terrible it is but it still rocked. dawson looks way better with darker hair too i might add. i totes wanted a navy blue truck like tweeder. OHHHH tweeder!

      • OMG just kidding this ones better. get ready to cry laughing

        • Not sure why, but my youngin self LOVED Dawson. I wanted him together with JOEY. But more mature Brooke, loves some Pacey.

          Varisty Blues is awesome. That movie contains more WIN than I had ever expected. Yes, JVB looks sooo much better when he didn’t have to try and look like a 14-yr-old.

  13. President of Croatia Stjepan Mesić….


    We like to call him Kiwi, inside green, outside hairy :)))

    And Rob….well dunno, some days I like his brows, some days they are just tooooo BIG :O

    • Wow…those give Scorsese a run for the money!

  14. I love Rob’s eyebrows, I wouldn’t change it. It’s part of who he is and I think it looks good on him. As long as it’s not a unibrow, he looks fine and dandy to me! My DH has eyebrows like that. He plucks it though, to make sure he doesn’t end up w/ a unibrow! LOL

    I think a pair strong and kind of thick eyebrows on a guy is hot. I certainly don’t want it to look like a very thin line. I think for women that’s good but not for guys. That’s my 2 cents.

  15. Any excuse for a close up of that face!! Long live the brow!

  16. OT: wonder what Rob was doing 7 years ago today. It is GCSE results day here.

    The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects by students aged 15–16 in secondary education in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (copied from wiki).

    I know it is wrong to want to know how many he got and what grades, but I just do.

    In the UK, you can leave school at 16 (if you want). Do you have to stay on until 18 in the US?

    Anyhoo, back on topic — where the eff are you Rob, we miss you!!!!


    • Probably thinking about auditioning for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Movie came out in Nov of 2005 they took, what?, two years to film and then edit cause all the kids were in school so they could only shoot for so long each day.

      That’s my guess.

      • And maybe this was the point that Papa P said he had to make the choice between acting and A levels. Or earn enough money to pay his own school fees, which he obviously did. And then some!!!!

        But Aug 2002 might have been too early for GoF shooting. His next project would have been Ring of the Nieblungs or Vanity Fair, I would guess.

        I still wonder what grades he got – esp if it provoked Papa P into giving him the ultimatum…….


  17. Andy Rooney

    Tom Cruise

    Rob’s Hero: Jack Nicholson

    And that is off the top of my head.

  18. Honestly can’t say that I have thought too much about Rob-brows until now. But, of course, his are perfection. He had to tweeze for Twilight?! For shame!

    And any post that mentions Jorts gets a thumbs WAY up from me!

    My biggest laugh today, though, came courtesy of a Mr. Dawson Leary….that picture is so damn funny.

    P.S. My vote is for a post dedicated to Rob’s pout. Its what he looks like right before we make out.

  19. Other Celebs with the Caterpillar brows:

    Kevin Richardson (from BSB)

    Some of the worst eyebrows ever: Madonna’s daughter Lourdes

    Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle

    • You pulled out the KRich!!!! I used to heart him hardcore back in the day! Wasn’t a huge BSB fan, but I loved Kevin like no otha! Good call on his brow action.


    • DUDE!!! kevin richardson! how could i forget! and lourdes! hahahaa

    • Holy Crap, Lourdes! They look like they’re trying to braid themselves together. Helga the hot waxer – get that stache, STAT!!

    • I might have to nominate you for the Twitterwall BSB #1 fan thingo.

    • LOL. Lourdes!

    • HAHA! kevin richardson! thats exactly who i was looking for when i first read the blog!! haha

  20. Oh, Joe Jonas. It’s like he’s got cats above his eyes or something. Someone hold that kid down and wax him.

    BTW, you KNOW Rob has been holed up eating Hot Pockets and Peach Snapple. With Tom Stu.

    • The news on TomStu is that he’s in London town now rehursing for his debute in the west end (london’s equlivant to our Broadway in nyc). He’s going to be in a play this fall called “punks” I beleive its called. about kids who commit a columbine style killing at a public school.

      My little anorexic, pale, cup cake a murder!!

      So TomStu’s NOT hold up with Robbie in Vancouver scarfing down the hotpockets and slamming back that cheap dutch swill that passes for brew. Although perhaps they twitter or chat to each other over the computer or phone, more than likely.

      TomStu is the numero uno bromance for Robbie after all

  21. Brooke Shields?

  22. Could you have found a funnier picture of James VB? No. You could not.

    I like Rob’s brows as is. I hate when dude’s brows are over-tweezed. If you want to do a little manscaping here and there, I’m all for it… but you should NOT have thinner and more shapely brows than me.

  23. I love you for putting Peter effing Gallagher as the second on the list, makes me miss the OC so much. The eyebrows made that show.

  24. “getting into character” (ahem)

    Is that what the kids are calling it these days? I wish he could get into my character.

    Oh yeah and Rob’s brows are fab. I hate it when guys wax or pluck too much (it’s okay to pluck to prevent the unibrow). Like HeyyyBrother said, I would never be with a guy with thinner and more shapely brows than me.

    I think they plucked his brows for Twilight b/c Bella says “he raised one perfectly arched brow at me” or something along those lines (I think someone asked in the comments above).

    This post makes me want to go and pluck my eyebrows. They’re a little unruly today.

  25. Love you and your eyebrows. Mean it! (I have no funny to bring today….sorry)

    • I gave you a thumbs down for not bringing the funny.

      • GAHHH! Thumbs down to you too! ❤ ❤ ❤

  26. I think this is funny, robert doll manscaping his own eyebrows:

  27. QUOTE: “Remember that letter I wrote to you like a month ago when I told you you should take a few weeks off and disappear out of the spotlight?”

    You know he waited a month for your advice to take effect because he is a man. They have to pretend like everything is their own idea.

    Most people thought that his disappearance was… you know… from like working, and thus Summit induced. Then some people blamed Kri… her.

    Now, we all know who has brought the Rob drought!

    And, if you ever pull a stunt like that again, it might the basis for the first Internet stoning. Of course, in the online world, that just means we upload pictures of jagged rocks to your page, but they will not be very pretty!

    Yeah, that’s right. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

    • hahaha, internet stoning. Thumbs up for the idea. Maybe I can post that on US Weekly’s website “Kendra and Kourtney Talk Babies” GAAAH!

    • HAHAHA IT WAS ME!!!!!!!! i brought on the drought! damn man cant take advice when it’s given to him. IN JULY. bring on the stones

      oh and zees PLEASE do go stone that us weekly nonsense

  28. Ahem…..
    I give you….

    Colin Farrell… Eyebrows and an irish accent…

    • Le sigh!

      Colin is the bad boy Rob wants to be when he grows up.

      I still think C.Farr beats out Rob for sexiness while smoking and wearing 3-day old clothes. Plus, the accent. THE ACCENT! *melts*

      P.S. I am somewhat immune to English accents, as my dad is from Cornwall, but Irish accents are enough to make me spontaneously combust 🙂

  29. Center Stage, hahaha. loved it. When I think caterpillar eyebrows the first person that popped in my head was Peter Gallagher-so good job!
    My fave line of the twilight-commentary-eyebrows is when Rob asks if they could work his out of control eyebrows into Edward’s depression for New Moon. “Maybe he could get eyebrow implants”
    My husband has naturally perfectly shaped eyebrows and it makes me a little jealous. I’d let Rob keep the caterpillars.

  30. I almost spit my drink of water out all over my monitor when I saw that Dawson Leery photo, ROTFLMAO!
    “I don’t wanna wait, for our brows to get smaller, I want to know right now will we be waxed or plucking.”***

    (***to be sung to the tune of “I don’t Wanna Wait” by Paula Cole….famous Dawson’s Creek them for those who don’t know and honestly….who doesn’t know? LOL)

    • That was the best theme song manip I’ve ever heard!! Lovelovelove!!


    • Jena.. ❤ you for this song!!! So funny! I also wonder if Rob screams profanities a la 40 year old Virgin when he has to get them waxed/plucked and shaped.

  31. Also – Jennifer Connelly, she’s in competition with Camilla Belle and Brooke Shields.

    I love Rob’s caterpillar eyebrows, he wouldn’t be Rob without them.

  32. Zac is totes wearing Avon’s earth brown blush in that photo I just know it!

    • EXACTLY!!!!

    • and covergirl foundation in malibu bronze. WTF

    • Yeah! gimme some Gayfron!
      (really is that Avon’s earth brown blush??.. that looks quite attractive that does)

  33. OME I heart RP’s eyebrows! I just want to lick them. Is that wrong? I want to hold on to those suckers and ride him like the Christmas pony I never had! *slaps her own butt while screaming yeeehaa!*

    • Ha, so true, in some pics they totes appear to be able to provide the necessary grip and leverage for proper Rough-Rob-Riding.

      True (Unrelated) Story:
      Was telling my fam about the American Idol Concert that I went to last month (make fun, it was totes awesome!) and I mentioned that there was one guy who worked on an oil rig. “He’s a rough-rider,” said I. Dad (very very very straight-laced dude): Zees, I’m pretty sure you mean rough-neck. Rough-rider is a related to pornography.” So thanks, Dad, for clearing that up for me!

      • Ha ha ha! That’s so funny. It made me remember my first sex talk between my Dad (who is a teacher) my 2 brothers and my sister. I don’t know which one of them asked the “where do babies come from?” question (moron!) which led to a very descriptive (drawings of female and male reproductive organs included) talk…seriously, that sh*t scared me for life. Maybe that’s why I keep having lustful thoughts about Rob and his eyebrows (ahem, not to mention other body parts)…thanks dad also!

        • Im still first-hand embarrassed about it. Hubs still thinks its hilarious.

          One more, and then I am done with Zees-Family sex ed stories, because as awesome as they are, we are here to talk about Rob’s eyebrows:

          This is one-hundred percent FACT:

          My GRANDFATHER, who would be well over a hundred today gave the following talk to my dad, the sum total of his father-son sex talk….

          “Son (pause), Don’t get the syphilis.”

          I am pretty sure my brother has had the same talk with his 14 year old son.

  34. YUMMMMM. ❤

  35. Oh Jeebus, Dawson looks like a major DePussy in that picture! But I’d be crying to if I had to watch Katie Holmes side-talk all her lines.

    And am I the only one who liked Rob’s slightly manscaped brows in Twilight? They’re tasteful, still manly and fit in well with the character – I can’t imagine Edward wearing designer clothes while letting his eyebrows mate and have baby eyebrows all over the place. I’ll just remind you of the tastiness.

  36. Any man that plucks his eyebrows, is no man at all. What’s wrong with guys having caterpillar brows? I think their part of the whole “masculine” thing… then again, when their eyebrows are so thick they look like they were drawn on with a sharpie… but that’s another story.

    • and by “their” I meant “they’re”…. wow.

  37. There is a newscaster in this town who I have seen twice at Home Depot (yes, twice) and he is blonde and he waxes his brows within an inch of their lives…He looks bizarre. Rob is right, he is not to be trusted. I love Rob’s crazy brows…

    Peter Gallager, Sellek and Vanderbeek and the Creek in one post!! Complete brill.


  38. Ohhh!!! I forgot: I found the scripts of Bel Ami and Unbound Captives. If anyone wants to read them, e-mail me and I will send them.

    I’ve read them and they have worked for me to think of future Rob projects where I will not see him “getting into character” with … her.


    • @ Libby:
      I want (Bel Ami) script please?
      email to :

      hermes2501 at yahoo dot com.

      muchas Gracias!!!


      • I sent it to you yesterday, you got it?

  39. Must not forget Eugen Levy from American Pie.

    • That man is in serious danger of having a full-body eyebrow.

    • Ah! The sex-talk Dad to end all sex-talk Dads!

  40. Holy bananas I lost it when I saw the picture of Dawson! Leave it to you guys to find the one that is absolutely ridiculous! DC feels like forever ago that I watched it… is anyone going to catch The Vampire Diaries? It’s from the same people as DC so that guarantees for cheesey teen drama that you’ll get lost in but won’t want to admit you watch

    • Cheesey teen drama? Count me in! 🙂

  41. Has anyone else noticed that we are discussing Rob’s EYEBROWS?

    I seriously heart each and every one of you for being just as normal as i am.

    • I heart you too ❤

    • I was going to bring that up, but I decided it’s Normal.

  42. “Equal opportunity yall” !!

    We girls have to endure brazilian waxing and laser body hair removal and bleaching and eyebrow waxing and breast implants and fake nails and stuff….
    and they get to have chest hair and caterpillars on their face – NO!

    Plus I think Edward’s eyebrows were nice, not over tweezed and Rob’s eyebrows are nice too, because he’s Rob and everything about him is fine with me. Most of the time.

  43. re: to the name of the song in the YT video

    its Catepillar Eye brows by Inventing Eve


    Things My Husband Says About Rob #71

    Via G-Chat at work about 4 seconds ago
    Zees: blah blah blah, threesome, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense (that’s right, I work really hard)
    Hubs: We should try a threesome once
    If Rob is willing

    Did I not tell you I could write a book! Damn my darling hubs for never ever ever being serious!!


  45. Did you guys watch that video? “Those aren’t eyebrows, those are my aunt and uncle.” DIED.

    Although I am not a fan of super caterpillars, every part of Rob’s face works for me. I don’t like them too manscaped either, cuz that reminds me of Billy Zane in Titanic and those brows were redonk.

    I have another submission to the list of entertainers working the brows. In honor of our dumpster stalking ways, I present Oscar the Grouch:

  46. I’m sure you’ve already Twittered the hell out of this:

    Shh… Don’t let him see you. You’ll spook him!

  47. HAHAHAHA I am reading this while my nephew is watching Sesame Street and THIS came to mind of who to add.

  48. How could any of us forget Bert?!?! He has the craziest eyebrows of them all. Though, I don’t think any of us have mentioned Frida Kahlo, either (who was very famous for her dominant eyebrows).

  49. You know I didn’t even realize his eyebrows were so thick until someone pointed it out. I think for him it just works, unlike some, say Peter Gallagher.

  50. Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from GG)….love me an English men with caterpillar brows.

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