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Living Single in a Rob Kind of World: Robsten, Nonsten, I don’t give a crapsten?

Dear Rob-

I recently gathered together a group of single ladies to talk about all things Twilight in a little series I’m calling “Living Single in a Twilight Kind of World” and of course any conversation involving Twilight naturally devolves into a conversation about YOU! And what would single ladies talk about other than who you may or may not be banging! Of course in particular we discussed Kristen and whether you were in fact together or not, if we really cared and why. I think you’ll find it interesting that a portion of us didn’t really care who you were with as long as the fantasy wasn’t ruined and still others thought if you did end up with KStew that might really change how they think of you. Interesting, no?

So I know you would have much rather been here in person for the single ladies chat but you were busy so I interviewed them alone… next time you can be the one asking the questions and we’ll try to put two sentences together and come up with an answer for you. “Yes, no, to get to the other side, 1.772…”

Yea yea we don’t want to know the square root of pi…

Some single ladies discuss Robsten, Nonsten and I could care lesssten…


Robsten Lives?

Moon: what do we think about the brouhaha that is ROBSTEN??
janetrigs: Nonstein
janetrigs: Fuckery and Nonstein
Brooke: i’m don’t give a flying fucksten
freya: I refuse to even look at your picture, Moon.
Marta: Hahahaha, NONSTEN
Marta: i think they’re cute, but i’m not obsessive about if they’re together
Calli: we all know i love the Robsten

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Bong me please!

Everyone just wants to get BONGED
Moon:Now it seems to me there is a larger group of Robsten-ers who happen to be married why do you think marrieds (not you calli) want to believe in Robsten so much?
freya: They want Rob and Kristen to be Edward and Bella.
janetrigs: Exactly, making the story come to life
Brooke: i just don’t understand why people have to declare themselves one way or another
Brooke: sorry nonstens, he boned her hard (ps, why do i keep staying boned?)
freya: The idea IS romantic. But to force it is not right. And not respectful of either of them.
janetrigs: Fuck, I don’t care itf he’s gay as gay can be, he’ hot, and don’t care if he’s banged KStew, but I would still blow him behind the dumpster
Calli: but i only love Robsten bc i think they actually have something going on. if i didn’t really think they had something going on… i wouldn’t care.
freya: Brooke wants to get BONED.
Brooke: i do hard. Multiple time
Brooke: from behind
Moon: but bonging and being together are two different things
Moon: I mean BONING not BONGING!
freya: Maybe Brooke wants to get Bonged, too, I don’t know.
Marta: that should be our new word for it. it’s covert
Brooke: i do want to get bonged
Moon: bong me please rob

Moon: So Nonstens, why not kristen then? If not her than who instead?
freya: Me, instead, of course.
freya: Whatever. Take the fun out of it, Moon.
janetrigs: Brookie I think they Bonged to, but who cares? I don’t want the story to be true, cause it ruins my sexual fantasies
Moon: TRUTH JANET. I think thats a lot of it for most people. Nonstens i mean
Brooke: smoke a little doobie with robbie and then bone
janetrigs: Again, don’t care who it is, I just want to bong him myself

Don’t mess with my fantasy. Stay in your room and read books. No BONGING!
freya: If not with us then no one. I want to believe that he’s reading esoteric, poncy books, waiting for the right woman to come along, saving up his sperm for the magic moment.
janetrigs: He’s MINE
Moon: yea sometimes I like to think no one too but is that plausible? On the other hand really WHO is he meeting that we dont know about, ya know? If he pees it’s on Twitter in 2 seconds
freya: Honestly, I don’t care who he’s bonging, as long as it’s discreet and the fantasy stays intact.
Moon: ok so he’s a nun if he’s not with us, is that what I’m hearing?

Janet has a one track mind

Drunk Rob is a flirting machine

Drunk Rob is a flirting machine

janetrigs: Okay, or I want to get him drunk and “Smoke ciggs with him behind the dumpster”
Moon: HAHAHAHA I’ll smoke his cigg
janetrigs: EXACTLY
Calli: i love rob
Brooke: LMAO calli
Moon: from the SINGLE standpoint do you think they can really be “just friends.” Cause I’ve said it up and down that they could be just friends, cause i have those relationships…
janetrigs: Moon, they could be friends with benefits, or he’s bonging Kellan cause who wouldn’t want to?
Calli: is it weird that i sorta want to be friends with him too?
Marta: NO

Hooking up? You come here often?

Brooke: okay, lets talk about the fact that he’s fucking someone
Marta: they definitely hooked up in some way
freya: I think they’ve hooked up. LTR has convinced me.
Moon: HAHAHAHA, using our power for evil apparently!
Brooke: there’s no way that boy is not getting ass almost every other day
Moon: damn how do i get in on that?!
freya: Wait in line…
Marta: not sure about that
Calli: i really don’t think he gets ass every day
Moon: i dont think so either Calli
Brooke: i said every other day!
Calli: i just can’t picture him making the moves
Marta: me neither
Moon: i really think he might be very isolated. Which also makes me sad
freya: I honestly think he’s like a scared little hermit crab. All the crazies have kept him from getting ass.

Myello there

Myello there

Marta: especially when he’s filming. Unless a friends visiting. Or filming the Twi
Brooke: he doesn’t make the moves. The girls make the moves on him
Calli right and i don’t think he likes it
janetrigs: Nooo, he mos def has no game unless he’s drunk, hence why DRUNK ROB is the best rob
Marta: give us a pic Janet! hahaha go to your archive!
Moon: how about this pic? (to the left)
Brooke: that picture just killed me… brb searching for batteries
freya: DAMN–that picture! I just had to put on some Kings of Leon to get me in to the correct mindset.
Marta: that would make me think less of him. i have to say
Calli: i don’t think he wanders out of his social circles much
Marta: i want to believe he’s not like that, but with all the stuff around him, prolly not
janetrigs: I don’t think he’s ever been a game player unless the chick flirts with him first, he doesn’t have that confidence
Calli: and i don’t think he’s got much of a circle in NYC
Brooke: no, i don’t either, but I’m sure we don’t see everything
Calli: i’d believe that he was doing lines of coke everynight before i believed he was manwhoring every night

Bodyguard: Hey Rob, how bout this girl? She good enough for tonight?

Bodyguard: Hey Rob, how bout this girl? She good enough for tonight?

janetrigs: I think that he now probably has peeps that go get his bitches for him though
Moon: The bodyguard sends some over
janetrigs: He just sits back and waits
Calli: i think he sits in corners and counts the number of matches in a box
janetrigs: Or tiles in the ceilings. Or # of shots to give him to get him to be drunk rob
calli: then when he’s done that he makes itty bitty lists of what books he wants to read
Brooke: I’m back, rob works his magic quickly…actually with reading LTR everyday, I’m pretty much on the verge at any given moment.

So friends, enjoy your Tuesdays and let us know what you think, married, single, in a relationship SPEAK OUT!

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Special Thanks to this weeks single ladies: Marta, Janet, Calli, Brooke, Chelsea and Freya!

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  1. “Fuck, I don’t care if he’s gay as gay can be, he’ hot, and don’t care if he’s banged KStew, but I would still blow him behind the dumpster”

    “I honestly think he’s like a scared little hermit crab. All the crazies have kept him from getting ass”

    LMFAO with these comments and too true!


    • Oh God. You live in my brain really

      ” I think that he now probably has peeps that go get his bitches for him though”
      LOL big time

      I’m on “I don’t give a crapsten ” boat.
      As Gozde so eloquently said : If he’s not shagging me i don’t care who he shags. and even if he’s gay I’d still think he’s all that hot.

      • I’d have to create a new boat to be on. I’m married so it’s creepy and on the verge of adultery that I want to serve rob up a big ole slice of dumpster lovin. The thought that he’s bangin people is unsettling but not that big of a deal, I say get it girl, wish it was me.

        Then here comes the complicated: If he were hookin up with Kristen I would lose so much moist feeling for him because she seriously annnoys me. I would be sad, she’s all twitchy and lame. It’s like watching someone with a nervous system condition trying to act out Shakespeare or some such. So, while Rob should bang people, in hopes that one day he’ll make it to South Carolina to bang me, if he screws Stewie I might very well be over it. Massive loss of cool points on his part.

        • Right on sista on the “Robbie bangining stewie scenario” …

          I would totally loose respect for him as well (thought the boy had better taste in women!) not for some dumb little dush bag with one brain cell. I gave stewie a chance but after watching her performance at ComicCon, I’m learning to trust my instincts.

          And her constant bleeting of “DUDE” would drive me nuts (Pattz makes fun of her in one of the interviews from last year.. re-the Dude thing). LMAO.

        • Totally agree with you aquiredtaste. I would actually give up following this Twilight obsession if he does end up with her and fantasies that he did do Johnny Depp like someone had said on here. I hope he does screw her then so that I can join your ‘over the rob’ team! 🙂 I love your post, so very funny.

    • Was is said here “if he isn’t pounding me, he’s pounding spam”? Words to live by…my mantra…strangely, i DO care if he’s boning kstew. i want him to. it’s like she’s okay in my mind cause they (well edward and bella) are already together and it’s just not right when “they” aren’t together. it’s like a hole would be filled…heheh…uh, where was i…oh right, yeah nope, i want them to GETTTTTT boning! right now, go guys!

  2. I have never understood why people want him & kristen together so bad. I use to care who he was dating and had a strong voice on the subject but now I think he maybe really lonely so I really hope he has someone. i dont like Sad Rob…it makes me Sad Lisa.

    PS if he is looking for a girl to fit the part. I will quit my job and be his “assistant”

    • amen sister i will be his anything!

  3. You girls are too much! Oh how I wish I was in on that original convo! I spend far too much time speculating about Rob and his ‘getting some’ or ‘not getting some’. I’m on the fence, the irrational part of me so wants him to be gay…because if he’s not doing me, he shouldn’t be doing any woman…no…of course he should. He needs to ‘do’ someone…… oh the conflict!!

    • Yes!Yes! Exactly! Oh, that “someone” is me, btw…

  4. I don’t know why I’m so invested in this but I CANNOT stand the thought of Rob with Kristen. Please God no. I really can’t see it, and so far I haven’t seen it so I choose to live in denial. There is no Robsten in my world. I would absolutely rather Rob be gay than w/ Kristen. They weren’t together at Comic-Con- Rob was with Johnny Depp, holed up in a cozy room somewhere. There it is, my gay Rob fantasy pairing.

    It does seem hard to believe but I don’t think Rob’s been bonging anyone either. When does he have time to hook up with anybody? There would be pics sooner or later. And I don’t think Rob’s a manwhore, although I read somewhere that last week he invited three-not one, but three- girls into his trailer on the RM set. That made me laugh-just imaging that scene.I can’t remember where I read that-did anyone else read it?

    I feel silly admitting this but the thought of Rob with anyone except my older, married self is -well, displeasing to say the least. The gay angle really works best for me.

    Just NOT Kristen, ok Rob?

    • Agreed! I hate the idea of him ‘doing’ KStew…..oh and why do I care??? I have no idea….I can’t stop caring though…I need an intervention ; )

      • What does it matter whos he’s with..seriously..and do you ladies actually think he’s a monk..lmao..its because of remarks like this he has to keep his personal life hidden..and yes sorry to say Kstew is probably the one he’s doing..accept it and move along..if you were a true fan it wouldnt matter..I thought everyone loved Rob for who he is…not for his love choice..its so unfair to him.

        • I’m not a true fan…(tears)

      • Do you know of any intervention about the caring part that is?

    • Ladies, u think way too highly of men if u think for one second that he isn’t getting bonged or receiving BJs on a somewhat regular basis. I think we need some men to weigh in on the matter. Cause believe you me, I have a good amount of guy friends and if they worked as hard as rob did to achieve his new body, he is going to take full advantage!

      • you are spot on! Not even half of my single guy friends possess even a quarter of Rob’s smexiness and they get it quite often and from some very surprising and cute women.

        How do you think Rob stays so relaxed all the time? lmao!

      • he’s so awkward though- i feel like a hot girl would come up to him- all willing, and he’d jump into some existential conversation that freaks her out and she runs away… and he goes home, another night, BJ-less

        • Now I know why KStew was interrupting him during the EW interview. She was probably thinking, “Dude, I was ready to fuck you until you started talking.”

        • Okay, I’m coming out of Lurkdom too. Rob has been seen out on dates at TMZ. Video proof people. The picture of him above with the brown coat is exactly that night TMZ caught him inside on a date along with TomStu and his date(girl) and that tall hot guy with the light blue sweater on who was trying to protect Rob from all the cameras in his face that night.That was at Chateau Marmen. The guy acted like a publicist. But Rob said he had friends who were club promoters and others who are apart of the industry.

          Anywho, there was another vid from TMZ showing him waiting with this tall brunette by the valet outside a restaurant. The girl looked pissed because of the attention and before Rob drove off he waved to the paps. That part of the vid is in the airport vid were Rob butt was exposed.

          Another time TMZ caught him was when he came from a club and the pap walked with him a long time. There were 4 or 5 girls in front and one blond in back walking the whole way with him. What let you know they were with him was when one of the girls in front turn her head back to ask him “DO YOU WANT US TO GET THE CAR?” He was like, “WHAT”? Then the girl told her friend to go get.

          There is this pic with him out with girls. I love the one were the girl fell on her ass and Rob is just looking like WTF. He didn’t help her up either. Remember he does not like to be embarrassed.

          So yes, Rob has gotten some from a few people at least last year he did. That’s only those we saw. Well I saw, y’all missed everything. Please watch TMZ more often because y’all are missing major s***. This boy is not a saint or a virgin. He was often out at clubs and bars last year. And industry parties. There is a pic of him with Rasheda Jones(The Office) and Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl). So Rob got around to a lot of places to meet hot chicks and hook up. He was not at home knitting.LOL Oh and my last piece of evidence is the story of him out with his friends at this bar in LA called Horses and Coaches(I think that’s what it’s called). So Rob introduces himself to the waitress when she first comes over and shakes her hand. She was so nervous that she couldn’t hardly speak. So the boy can talk to girls first. Do anyone not remember Rob’s corny pick up lines? “I just got out of prison” and “I would look better in those clothes”. Wait, one last thing the vid of him in the green room at Ryan Seacrest radio show flirting with those girls. He has the video camera on one girls boobs and tells the other “your so beautiful”. The boy MOST definitely knows how to talk to girls and get girls. Hence Nina for 3 years. HELLO !!!!

          • Sorry for my long ass post.LOL But about Kris I cared before and now it’s like whatever. They will do what they want to. From Kris saying to Nikki “Summit wants you to stop talking now” and Nikki saying”that’s not bad”. Tells a lot. Summit doesn’t want the focus on their personal lives. Yes, it helps to with curios fans to go and watch the movies. Overall, it is damaging to them as actors. So yeah, Rob has been doing other people and if he is not with Kris he will continue living his life being a normal 23 year old guy. Which includes effing chicks. He has the time to do those things.
            It’s called Saturday and Sunday and any day he gets off. Or a short day of work.

        • awkward, yes… he’s an ENGLISH man, relatively soon out of public school. I think it slows them down. My gorgeous cousin was so awkward around women, I thought he was gay.

          He figured it all out in his mid 20’s…still somewhat shy, but a real lady-killer now.

        • I don’t know about that. He’s Robert Pattinson! He could talk about how he chews his toenails and likes to wear hot pink thong underwear and I think the ladies would still go home with him. (At least I would!)

  5. Alright ladies, I’m coming out of 7 months of lurkdom because I MUST comment on this topic. I think he boned her (or bonged her). I think he continues to bone her every time they get together to film a new movie.

    Oddly enough, that doesn’t bother me. I hope they are not actually together in a relationship. That would make me lose respect for Rob. I like to think he’s smart guy. He seems witty and funny and one of those guys you meet at a party and you’re surprised because he actually challenges you intellectually.

    But if he was dating her, that opinion would go out the window. Sorry to any Kstew fans, but she doesn’t seem like she can string two coherent sentences together. How could my funny, super-mart, talented Rob be with her?

    • Alright, where is the edit button? I meant to say that my Rob is “super-smart” not “super-mart”. (I think that’s where he buys his clothes. It’s closely related to Wal-Mart and KMart.)

      • I’d shop at Rob’s super-mart.

    • umm…I dont even know what to say to that..the point is..regardless if anyone is a Kstew is not your place as a fan to chose his bed parter or love are not a true fan to turn on him because of this..and do some research on KS..jealous fans have made her out to be something she’s she’s with him or not..and with that I’ll take myself off of this board..JFC..I knew their was a reason I quit coming here..all you ladies have reminded me why..get a life people and leave Rob alone with his personal choices..I fear for your mental health at times.

      • Am I a true fan? Hell, yes. Because what makes me a fan of Rob is his acting, not his bed partners. I believe in one of my more serious moments there I mentioned that I don’t think it’s respectful to “ship” either of them.

        Real life is rarely barrels o’ fun. Speculation, however, is wicked fun. And snark is the height of fun. That’s what this panel, and for that matter, this website is for. You want real news on the Twilight cast, there are several Meyer-approved sites on the web. You want sarcasm and snark, however, this is the place.

        • preach!

      • “Now be gone before someone drops a house on you too!”

      • Oh my god! I love your face so much…srsly. Do you also think its wrong for me to want to get him wasted and take advantage of him, cause I don’t think so. It’s waaayyyy normal and I am totes carrying out said plan next weekend. Not to worry though, I’ll take pics.

  6. This is exactly the fun, light-hearted conversation that I enjoy when it comes to any controversial subject matter. Well, done girls. I’m glad y’all didn’t resort to the level of bashing/hating that I’ve seen elsewhere. (Ahem, cough-cough, peopleonTwitterwhogettheirpantiesinawad.) Clearly, that kind of stuff is done by people who don’t have a life.

    For the record…I’m a Could Care Lessten. Because does it really matter? Does it? Really?

    It. Does. Not.

  7. He’s not a manwhore and his bodyguards aren’t sending girls over.
    There’s plenty of women and girls around him all the time. Summit employees, movie set assistants, extras, Brit Pack’s girlfriends’ friends, friends from home, friends from Spain, friends from Portland, …. so many friends and they all flirt with him and they become friends with benefits. No wonder he looks annoyed with girls/fans hanging around movie sets – he is being chatted up constantly.
    And occasionally, while drunk, he just goes with it.

  8. (ok I had just written this whole thing and I fucking deleted it by accident. ARGHfm90oibhjk)

    First, he’s not gay. He just isn’t.

    Second, I keep going back and forth on the Robsten issue. Some days I’m convinced they’re “together” (by that I really mean just boning or them being an actual couple, I don’t really care.. I mean together in any way), and some days I’m convinced they’re not (for various reasons, ie. sometimes I really get a lesbian vibe from her, and it actually has nothing to do with the Joan Jett hair). I think both sides have valid “arguments”.

    This being said, if they are “together”, I really think they’re the kind of people who would NOT give a fuck if people knew they were. I mean, they both usually seem to do and say and generally act the way to want to act. On the other hand, I’m sure, either way, that they’re having the time of their lives (maybe not literally but still, having fun… while being annoyed), laughing at us all overanalyzing every single thing they say and do. I honestly think they must be laughing their asses off knowing they’ve fooled us all this time.

    Regardless, I wish we could once and for all know for sure, but I know we won’t, eh. I’ll say this, it would be kind of a relief if they were indeed “together” because we already know Kristen. I hate the thought of “having to get to know” a new girl (don’t take that literally..), whoever he gets with next. Does that make any sense? We’d have to.. kind of “get used” to a whole new person. Ick, I don’t know how to word this in a way that doesn’t make me sound like a freak.

    Man, I know I care way too much. But please know that it isn’t because I think I have an actual, legitimate chance with him, eh! I just have no love life whatsoever at the moment and I’m living vicariously through others’ lives.

    • Woah I cannot believe I wrote all that. Ooops. Haha.

      Also, I’d like to add, I’ll *really* believe it when I see a picture of them either kissing or holding hands or whatever. EVERYBODY has a camera phone these days, so I can’t believe no one’s ever managed to take a picture of them during one of their many supposed “sightings”.

      I’ll stop for now. Maybe I should start on a bit of work? I *have* been at the office for an hour… Nah.

    • I don’t think he’s gay either – but my point is, I don’t care either. He’s FUCKHAWT! He can be gay, bonging KStew, and the whole world, but he’s still MINE! And I love him!

  9. I’m in the Nonsten crowd. Not because I don’t want them togeter, but just because I don’t think they are. If they were to publicly come out as a couple it wouldn’t ruin anything for me, but I really think the most that happened is they were hanging out one night, woke up naked on the hotel floor the next morning all awkward and embarassed and said ‘Let’s never discuss this again’.

    • lmfao! woke up naked – I’ve unfortunately had that happen a couple of times. Stopped drinking tequila shots after the second time *wink!

    • I’m with you. I don’t care if they are together but just can’t BELIEVE that they are together….I mean, did you see them at CC? They were like brother and sister….It was like, “hey you saw me naked, I saw you naked, let’s forget it and move on.” Way uncomfortable!
      BTW: I would never say that to Rob – If I saw him naked, he would not see the light of day for a week at least….and then I’d allow him a cigarette and then back to bed….just saying…

  10. Brooke: i’m don’t give a flying fucksten – holla Brooke! Same here – lmfao!

    But he has to be getting bonged. Mayhaps a well paid celeb ho, mayhaps just a lapdancer or two…I cannot abide a world where someone so beautiful is not getting it daily and nightly and eva so rightly! Srsly, where is the fairness if guys like Jon Gosselin are hittin it and Rob isn’t?

    • I totes agree with Rob ain’t hurting for action. But look what Jon Grosslin is hitting. I’d rather Rob hit nothing than THAT (or those?).

      • Tell me you did not bring Jon Grosslin in to compare with his HHH. please GOD no, tell me it aint’ so.

        • not comparing – GOD NO! Just saying someone as NASTY as Jon Gosselin is cashing in on his fame and he is NO WHERE close to HHH!!! lmao!!

    • Hey shudder…holla back!

      I hate this subject cause everyone’s panties get all twisted. Remember people, all of us panelists were very tongue and cheek

  11. I’m probably gonna get blasted for this, but the minute I even entertained the idea of Rob and Kristen his hotness factor went down a notch.

    I think they might have done the deed, but there is no grand love connection. And just the thought of Rob macking on her while she was with another guy is off putting.

    • I don’t know. I have a secret belief (fantasy?) that Rob is kind of an asshole in real life. Macking on Kristen while she was with Oregano seems plausible.

      • Me too, but I really didn’t want to get torn a new one. I’m not as brave as you, lol.

        • Exactly, did he not ask her to marry him. She said in that Access HollyWood interview that she knew he probably said that to a number of people in his life. He even showed his cell phone were therewas a text from some girl he couldn’t remember asking him are they still on to get married on Friday.LOL

          Rob said it way back that he had a crush on Kristen after seeing Into The Wild.

        • I’m not brave. I just have no filter.

      • You know, I think it’s good to fantasize that he’s an asshole in real life. That way we don’t feel so bad about never meeting him. I can just say to myself, “Sure he’s gorgeous and smart and probably has a huge schlong, but he’s an ass.”

        See, I do feel better!

  12. Speaking as a married here, I couldn’t care less whether they are together or not. I just don’t want to see it. I don’t want them to go all Bennifer on us. I can’t stand Kristen, so seeing them together would annoy the hell outta me.
    Anyone with brains would know that those two are VERY different than the characters they portray in Twilight (well, Rob does seem to sparkle for a week or two after he takes a shower). Wanting them to be together to bring the story to life is just plain stupid.

    • I just want to shower with Rob for a week or two.

    • I got BOO’ed!!!!

      • Don’t sweat it. I look at those rating thumbs all the time and think “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”. Even if I disagree with someone you aren’t going to make me hit “thumbs down”. I don’t wanna kill no gladiators.

        • Eh, no offense taken. I just thought it was funny I got some thumbs down. I’m more than willing to agree to disagree with my fellow LTRers.

  13. I’m a nonsten, I don’t think there’s anything going on between them. I’m ok whoever he ends up with as long as this person will take care of him and make him happy. I would love Rob for me but c’mon ladies, let’s face it, he’s a star. And I’m somewhat happily married.

    As far as getting laid everyday, gosh I don’t know…when does he have time? He works so much. Maybe every now and then he gets it but his personality just doesn’t scream “sex god.” Yes how he talks and carries himself he seems like it but deep inside he seems more like a shy person. Like someone said, girls are the ones making a move for it.

  14. “janetrigs: Brookie I think they Bonged to, but who cares? I don’t want the story to be true, cause it ruins my sexual fantasies”

    I know, right?! Cause all I can see now is KStew’s sicknast hair and the fact that it’s so mullety it probably doesn’t even move when banged into a headboard! Ahem…I apologize, that’s mean. 😉

    “If not her than who instead?”

    Uh…me! PLEASE! 🙂 I’m already having ocular sex with him so why not the real deal, huh?!

  15. my thoughts

    He is still a virgin until I get hold of him!!!!

  16. But seriously….I don’t think anything is going on. After the Charlie House incident I was 90% convinced, but not now. However, if something is going on they are doing a damn good job at covering it up. And if something is going on, (is there an echo in here?), then they have my blessing. I admit it’d be cute to really see Edward and Bella together for realz. But I’m so hot and cold with KStew. One minute I love her and the next minute I’m doing lots of “wtf’s” with her.

  17. I guess I don’t really care one way or the other. As long as he isn’t doing Mulletstew, cause that’s just wrong.

  18. btw, that hug encounter at the airport yesterday was on TMZ last night and the paps talked to those girls. They were completely shitfaced. They said their flight was cancelled so they spent all night in the airport bar drinking and the one in pink said she heard Rob was arriving so she was going to make an idiot out of herself and go up to him (she had her BD book in hand) and she was the one that went up and asked if she could make out with Rob and the bodyguard said “NO!” LOL! Normally this kind of behavior pisses me off, but I gotta admit it was funny that they admitted they were drunk off their ass loons.

    • TMZ rules – TRUTH!

  19. I would be very disappointed in Rob if he was REALLY interested in KStew. No way do they have anything in common. She’s a stick of a girl who thinks looking sexy means looking surly. Meh.

    As far as who he’s “bonging”…. who knows? If it’s truly such a mystery… then I think it says alot for his ability to be discreet.

    Frankly… he’s probably “home alone” more often than not, loving the privacy and getting off with no worries of any kind.

    I still think Rob is attractive… will enjoy watching him grow as a man and an actor… but I think I’m almost back to normal now. It’s been fun, ladies.

    • cuz if he’s ‘bonging’ any of those hot gals that come up to him— they AREN’T staying quiet about it.. we would totes find out about it

      • Would you tell? I wouldn’t tell. Or, more accurately, I would agree to keep quiet if he continued to bong me on an ongoing basis.

        • If I was bonging Rob I’d make up a T-shirt that read ‘I bonged Rob and I got a lot more than this stinking t-shirt!’

        • I think you have the perfect idea! Is he bonging you? Tell me, I promise to keep my mouth shut. Srsly

        • I wouldn’t tell either….it will be our private little secret.

      • I agree!

      • I agree….if he was out being a man-whore we’d find out about it pretty fast…
        There are plenty of stupid bitches out there who would so sell that story as fast as they could get their clothes back on-they even sell it if they have a photo and a semi-plausible story
        If I were Rob and I were picking up random chicks, I’d be worried the whole time that she was recording it on her phone or taking pictures of the post-coital glow after I fell asleep…
        but then I’m fairly paranoid and have little faith in humanity

        and if I ever got to tap that….I wouldn’t tell ANYONE! If God grants such a miraculous occurence that shit is all MINE!

        • Actually, There were two girls who posted on Eonline. They sounded sane and not like a fangirl. They talked as though they really did know him. They said he was a nice and respectful guy. He was normal, “no hype no drama”. And was really good in bed.

          Here it is:Robert Pattinson on Girls, Gettin’ Naked &Joe Jonas
          March 12, 2009


          #7. giraffe. If Rob had more time for the interview he could
          of dedicated a whole 4 page to talking about what we did behind
          closed doors but I don’t think he wanted to point fingers. He’s a
          nice and respectful guy which is why he keeps things like that
          private. He’s really good in bed tho just so you know.

          Rob Pattinson: 1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila…Score?
          November 13,2008


          #69. honeybee. He smells wonderful by the way* I found out the
          intimate way. He’s just a normal guy* no hype no drama.

          See these girls wanted it to be known that Rob was cool and normal.
          But they were no famewhores. They didn’t want their lives to be
          turned upside down. Not everyone who f***s a celeb does
          a Tell All. We know that their are loads of girls who have f****
          plenty stars over the years and we have never heard about it
          out in public. Now we have the internet were girls can go to
          websites that talk about what celeb they f*****.

          Like back in November there was some hate from Ted C about
          all the drinking and clubing Rob was doing. And the he “smells
          bad “and “doesn’t shower or shampoo” thing. So the girl spoke
          up and let people know there is nothing wrong with Rob.

          Now this year in March this girl spoke up probably to
          let everyone know that he is respectful and good in bed. Rob was
          joking about Joe. So she maybe wanted to let people know
          he is very much straight and very good at what he does. She
          sounded very satisfied.

          • They pulled the linky, its not their anymore. 😦
            I think if you boink a celeb. you have to sign some sort of “agreement” that you won’t talk….(seriously)

            The said encounter would go something like this:

            Rob: “Ah miss, yes, you, the one with the big rack.. please sign this form so I can take you upstairs and have nasty hot sex with you… but you can’t talk about it to anyone, or take any pics or vids, because I’m under contract, and I don’t want to get sued by you either” ….

            Sounds a bit awkward to me. He probably drinks himself to sleep, and the right hand is getting a work out.

      • so true. i doubt it a girl would keep quiet if she had even a vastly exaggerated Rob encounter. i don’t want to bring it to jon and kate, but look at all these girls that “claim” they are with jon now and he ISN’T EVEN A MAN (or at least not in my eyes because what man leaves his kids behind for a younger woman–oh yeah a lot).

  20. I’m a “I wish people would stop talking about it-sten”. I think both sides can get a bit crazy but the push to BELIEVE there’s something there because it HAS to be…is weird. If they are together, they’re OBVIOUSLY going to great lengths to keep it HIDDEN. There’s probably a reason. And did I mention it’s weird? To fret over someone you’ll never meet and who he’s banging? Yeah, I meant it, it’s weird. He could bang the entire prep school population on the Upper East side and it wouldn’t ever effect me. At all.
    Um, hello, has anyone seen that scene in Twilight? If she didn’t hit that she’s the stupidest person on the PLANET. Like EVER in the history of stupid people. If she was smart she cozied up to Taylor, too. Equal opportunity, people!
    He’s probably alone more than he’s with people. Sad as that is his ‘fans’ that stalk him and tweet how many sugars he got in his coffee and at which Dunkin Donuts are the reason.

    • I love Kool-aid, that’s all!

  21. To bong or not to bong? That is the question.

    I don’t think they are together. Do I think Rob tapped that scrawny ass once or twice before? Probably. Hey, everybody crushes now and then. And who couldn’t resist giving that mullet a tug?

    I am married with kids and 8 years older than Rob. I know that I have absolutely NO chance of bonging (love this!) him, but I still don’t really want to think of him w/ KStew. I just can’t find it in myself to like her. Sorry.

    That said, I wouldn’t be shitting any bricks if they were together. I just don’t think they could hide it if they were together.

    Do I think Rob is a He-whore? Nope. I know he is getting it somewhere but I don’t think it’s all the time with random chicks.

    This is where my motherly instincts kick in. How twisted is it that I have motherly instincts about a celebrity’s sex life. That’s just all kinds of fuckery wrong. Anywho, I hope he is getting his relationship needs massaged however often he needs it. I really want him to be happy. Whatever it takes.

    Dear Rob,
    I have never been unfaithful to my husband of almost 8 years. I will, however, seriously consider it if you need your “relationship” polished up to a high sheen. You can call me anytime at (911) 166-1144. That’s (911) ass-call.
    The Potential Adultress

    • Doppelganger! 🙂

    • @therealrobzilla

      LMFAO! “The Potential Adultress”

      You just said what I’ve been thinking for the past 6 months. Gah! I did manage to obtain a free pass from the husband if the “opportunity” ever came about, not like I’d ask or require permission anyways, but it was nice of him nonetheless. 😉

    • You said what I’m willing to bet all us married women think… Yep.. I’ve found a new line to stand the .. “the Potential Adultress” line…

      Of course I might need to borrow a hoodie incase my hubby comes looking for me in the “I lost my wife back in Novemeber 2008, last seen clinging to an issue of GQ” line 🙂

      • Potential Adulteress….I like that! My DH won’t. 🙂

  22. OMG Brooke you are one of a kind. Srsly, “I’m back, rob works his magic quickly…actually with reading LTR everyday, I’m pretty much on the verge at any given moment.” had my just about peeing my pants here!!

    I agree that Rob’s definitely gotta be gettin some …I would doubt that it’s every day or every other day tho. Havin said that, maybe the craziness going on in NY has prevented him from getting as much as he’d like …which would explain why we get a lot more “cranky rob” pictures and far less “smiley rob” pictures these days?!

    • Mrs K, u have no idea how I was dying laughing during this whole converstation. Serious tears and nearly peeing myself (just a little bit) during the whole chat.

  23. The thing is: The thought of Rob bonging THE cold fish fantasies. I think Rob can bong someone better than that. But in the end of the day, I really don’t care.
    What do I care is: Is he getting bonged? B/c he must have being bonged by someone. If not, there’s something wrong w/ the world… what a waste, don’tcha think?


  24. Well clearly I’m Team Robsten but not in the crazy obsessive way. I’m more “guilty until proven innocent” If pics emerge with Rob making out with one of us lovely ladies or of KStew and Oregano piggy backing again then I’d be fine with that. As long as they’re happy, I think regardless they’re pretty good friends.

    My belief in their relationship has wavered quite a bit, but the familiarity they have with each other’s parents puts over the edge to the “they’re so doing it” side

    I’ve also been hot and cold with KStew of late, I think the mullet is the most hideous thing (I know it’s for a role and all but still…) and I’m sure that Rob has an extremely hard time bonging the mullet.

    I feel bad for Rob I think his time in NY hasn’t been a pleasant experience overall, he’s probably having a hard time getting out his sexual frustrations, I definitely don’t think he’s the type to approach a girl (unless massively drunk) and unfortunately he probably spent most of his nights holed up in his hotel. I think he’ll be much more relaxed when Eclipse starts filming.

  25. “Now it seems to me there is a larger group of Robsten-ers who happen to be married why do you think marrieds (not you calli) want to believe in Robsten so much?”

    Because a lot of marrieds can’t stand the idea of a happy, unattached person. They want us to be as miserable as they are.

    • haha i’m married. and laughing (and happy ps 🙂 )

      • Haha. I’m also married, been married for 6 yrs and I’m certainly not happy but at the same time I’m not robsten. I confess, I used to be but I fell off that wagon a few months ago.

        • Oh gosh I need to correct my post, I meant I’m certainly happy (as a married person and happy with my husband)!!!!! LOL.

          • Im glad you corrected yourself you and your husband were about to go on my prayer list… =)

    • Um… hmmm.. I don’t think all married people are unhappy… just as I know single people aren’t always thrilled with their lives…

      Maybe more single women don’t like the idea of a robsten deal because if he’s taken… they don’t have a shot…

      By the way.. this is not said to be argumentative.. simply stating an opposite theory..

      • Yes, I believe that if Kristen were out of the way, Rob would be mine. I hear he really goes for pudgy, stretchmarked, divorced mothers of two that graduated from high school when he was eight.

        • Hot damn! I’m in luck then? Except he was 6 when I graduated from High School. Now I feel like a perv.

      • I didn’t say “all” married people. I said “a lot” of married people. I don’t think all married people are unhappy, or even most of them.

        • Again…. I wasn’t trying to be arguementative… just the other side… that’s all… I think that fantasy plays a huge role where Mr. Pattinson is concerned… whether married or single, kids or no… any body type.. hair color.. doesn’t matter… his existance promotes fantasy… I’m not complaining… I happen to enjoy my fantasy.. somedays more than my reality 🙂

          • girl, you can play on my team—<3

          • I wasn’t trying to be argumentative, either. I just type in the tone of bitch. I’m a nice person in RL.

    • yeeeeeowza!!

    • Incendiary statement, that. Could it have been typed with tongue planted in cheek?

      If not, I guess I’m in the minority since I’ve been happily married for nigh on five years and don’t really give a hoot who’s banging whom. I just hope Rob’s getting some on the somewhat regular. I don’t want him getting furry palms or going blind.

      • Thank you for noticing my tongue in my cheek. I’m well aware how many of my beloved fellow LTR readers are married and quite happily so. I’m kind of sad at all the thumbs down. *tears*

        • Oh, stop crying. You’ll ruin your mascara. ; )

  26. bonging? crapsten?

    omg amazing!

  27. heeheehehehehehehehehehe 😀 I so want to go out drinking with you guys…. I swear the night would be epic…

    • FYI – We kind of ROCK!

    • It would be EPIC. I have proof of a said night of epic drinking. Janet being her lovurley drunk self. FUN. TIMES.

    • I don’t know if you could handle a night out drinking with us…hell, I barely handled nights out drinking with us…

  28. I’m a nonsten because i love the fun of making fun and shipping Rob with TomStu (bromance!).
    In the end I just hate the craziness that surrounds all this rumors, as if Rob needed any more. I’m against the media circus. If Robsten is ever confirmed, fine by me. I just hope that someone is banging that, b/c the thought of him all alone makes me really sad.
    PS. KOL and DrunkRob are the best.

    • @ Jules3. Me too re: “TomStu bromance”, is pretty good.
      Drunk Rob and Wasted TomStu is even better.

  29. This is one of my all time fave posts UC. I’ve always said Im on teamwhatevermakesRobhappy. But on that note I believed that Kstew & Rob have, at some point, completely banged banged banged.

    Are they together know, damned if I know. Will it ruin my fantasies umm hell no.

    Personally, I think Rob is a serial monogamous who prefers being in a stable comfortable relationship. I don’t think he’s a man whore however, I gotta believe, I gotta hope that someone gets to hit that HARD on a regular basis otherwise it would be a massive waste.

    End ramblings…hehe

    PS JanetRigs I ❤ you BIG! Almost as much as I love DrunkRob behind the dumpster. that's normal right?

    • i am happy to take credit for it, although it was moon’s post:)

    • you are SO RIGHT Jag

    • ooops sorry Moon, I loved this post so much.

    • @JaG (11.24am)

      Team Whatever Makes Rob Happy and DEFS Team hoping “that someone gets to hit that HARD on a regular basis otherwise it would be a massive waste”.

      Srsly – MASSIVE waste.

  30. I totally blogged about how as a (mostly) sane person, I care so much about the whole Robsten issue a few weeks ago. I’m just going to paste what I wrote here because I’m too tired to think of anything new.

    “I am a fan of this pairing, even though it is of little consequence to my life or the lives of others around me. “Shipping” as they call supporters of a specific coupling, is probably the most irrelevant thing on the planet, but there is something so inexplicable about wanting two people to be together. It’s not like me willing for something to happen between these two people is going to actually make something happen…I understand that fully, but it doesn’t stop me from reading gossip sites and mags and hoping that the speculation is true. It’s very odd and I’m not sure I’m proud of that. Whatever.

    Now, I don’t know if I believe they broke up, solely on the fact that I don’t actually believe they are “together.” Now, that’s not to say I don’t think they’ve hooked up. They’ve certainly fucked, that’s clearly the case…look at KStew’s bedroom eyes when she looks at him. Persistence pays off, and when it’s coming from the biggest movie star in the world, no woman’s resolve is that great, especially when she’s 19. Seriously, I could talk a 19 year old into doing pretty much anything as long as it involved free liquor.”

  31. I don’t know if Rob is gettin’ it from a chick every night, or getting any from KStew (please God, may he have better taste than that…) but I’m pretty sure he cozies with his right hand pretty often. Afterall, he is 23…possibly horny and male.

    (why do i feel weird discussing this?)

    Fuck Robsten or Robstu or whatever. Righthandbert. ifyouknowwhati’msayin’.

  32. Calli expresses my point of view very cleary! Thanks Calli!

  33. love the Living Single outtro! lmao

    “Fuck, I don’t care if he’s gay as gay can be, he’ hot, and don’t care if he’s banged KStew, but I would still blow him behind the dumpster”

    annnnnnnnd DITTO!

  34. Don’t care… never have… he’s young.. he needs to play!… he doesn’t need to be tied down… I hope he has lots of opportunity to play out there.. safely of course.. he needs many more single years ahead of him… his life is so not conducive to a steady relationship…

    That said.. I don’t think there is anything more than friendship going on… there is a bond there, definitely… but I don’t think it’s what some people make it out to be. I don’t see the chemistry…. my bad… it’s not wishful thinking either way.. I just don’t see it… of course if they are great.. tap that once for me….. you know what I’m saying… if not… I hope the man has something somewhere.. would be a shame if it’s just “me, myself & I” for him every night… a real shame! If that’s the case.. give a shout out… no strings attached here my fine young man…

    I know, I know.. get in line 🙂

  35. I am married, happily I might add, with 4 children. I am aware that Rob might not find my package deal very attractive, but in my fantasy world he’s all over it! I try not to speculate too much about who he is with or how often because it kind of brings out the beatabitch personality in me. 🙂

  36. haha what i would give to go dumpster diving w/ him.!!!
    im not too fond of the robsten idea tho, only bc i find her to be more of a greaseball than he..
    im single, 23, and have definetely had more than one conversation w/ a few other single girls of the fantasies of meeting him in the streets and mounting him right there.. hahaa. its all fun and games, but i really wouldnt be devastated if he were to come out and declare his love w/ some hollywood hunny bunny. as long as its not kristen, i wont be gettin my guns up.

    till then ill be singing to the tune of MJ’s ‘in the closet’, and thinkin,

    o rob, there’s somethin about you baby, that makes me want to give it to youuu!

  37. Moon, what a great post!

    I am personally, as you said, I don’t give a crapsten.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s Kristen, or me, or an ex-girlfriend, or me, or anyone of you girls or me….errrr….*wink*- as long as he’s happy.

    • “as long as he’s happy”… you forgot to add “with me” *WINK* 😀

  38. I’m single, divorced and just about getting into cougar-category, but still not in the Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Grand Canyon of age-discrepancies. I get carded all the time and was asked to go to an NYU dorm party recently. With that said, still feel weird at times lusting after Rob/Edward/Rob/Edward…Well, Rob. At first bought into the theory I was only into him because of Edward, but after watching every YT video of him known to man and watching Kstew’s movies, it’s not the characters anymore. And though I may have a fantasy or 2, or 3, or a gazillion, of he and I riding off into the sunset, I would be happy if Robsten bit the bullet and decided to come out of their closet. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, and truly think they have the raw materials to be a great couple, of their own merit.

    • Welcome out of the closet its crazed out here! But we all love Rob HARD!

  39. Lovin the post. Married, happy, nonsten! You know they have got to be sick of each other by now. I really don’t care whether he bonged, boinged, whichever, he is still hot. Maybe Kstew looks so sick-nast lately because he only bonged her once and she is totally addicted to it and he won’t give it up again. I know that if I had him once, that would just not be enough

  40. no one is going to believe this but i seriously don’t think about who rob is sleeping with (at least until now after reading everyone’s comments and theories of his possible exploits).

    i love rob. i love kristen. (yes, i love kristen.) i don’t really care who they are dating as long as each of them are happy, because happiness in love makes people goofy and i would be highly entertained by seeing either one of them on interviews emitting said goofiness.

    • AMEN!Glad someone on this board has some since…

      • See? There’s something for everyone here, even haters! Glad you hated enough to read. every. post.

        • *SNORT* Exactly.

          If you don’t get that this is all in fun, then YOU (not u MsKat) are taking it too seriously. We like to play here. And ponder. And make silliness out of our pondering. Why not? I’m sorry you wasted energy visiting our little neck of the internet and commenting when you clearly think that that is also a waste of time. Make sense much?

          • And Marta…thank you for spelling ‘sense’ properly, lol.

      • I guess you missed my post.

      • There is no reason to be rude to people just because they don’t share your opinions on “Robsten”. Cause, you know, everyone has their own opinion, which should be respected. If you can’t take the heat, quit licking the grill.

        • “If you can’t take the heat, quit licking the grill.”

          I’ve never heard this turn of phrase before. LOVE. IT. STEALING. IT.

          : )

      • You are WAY too serious for this group…nothing but oversexed, wayward fans here.

  41. When is UC doing the “married girls” panel. I so want to be a part of that!

    • Me too….I want to be in the married girls panel :-).

    • I’m in like Flynn.

    • Me too!

  42. If he’s been takin’ advantage of the groupies, we’d hear stories leaked to the tabloids by now. I bet he’s scared of any girl that puts the move on him now. Unless it’s via a trusted friend. Has TomStu been pimpin’ Rob out??

    • I agree – if he is a man whore, we would have got deets in all the gossip rags. I reckon he likes the idea of monogamy, esp since this meteoric rise to fame.

  43. I love how you guys bring up old memories! 😛
    My mom used to watch Living Single while she would braid my hair when I was little! That was like back in the 90’s!

    Oh and by the way, FUCKSTEN ROBSTEN!

    Thats right, keep it in the books and movies!


    Thats all.

  44. i always seem to be coming in at the ass end of these lofty discussions so it makes the role of devil’s advocate a bit complicated—ladies, just remember the blogger who wrote so humorously about her days on set: Rob is even more beautiful in the flesh & walks with the confident swagger of a guy well aware of his effect on the weaker sex—

    love to listen to him but tend to take much of what he says with a grain of salt—he’s an actor & (i think) a damned good one—who he’s bonging (??newspeak again) doesn’t really interest me, tho i’m sure he is not leading a celibate life in the Big Apple—the paps stalk him by day on the set & at JFK—otherwise (with one exception which really made Rob angry) at night there’s nada—it’s as if Summit had a contract with the paps: bug him by day but let him alone at night—

    if JAG is right & he’s serially monogamous with K.Stew, then M. Clive Handjob is more than an amusing nom de plume—

    • Clarification here, I didn’t mean to imply that he was serially monogamous with KStew. My point was I think he prefers to be in a relationship and that where he is most comfortable, most content.

      • sorry, should have read more carefully & not conflated 2 ideas—<3

  45. I am 23, I am married to a big baby of 30 years old (which is very jealous of rob btw) and for now, I do not think he’s in a relationship. I do not believe in robsten either … I need much more proofs than that! His life is so mediatized that I think that when he’ll have a girlfriend, we shall know it really fast 😉 And btw, I would really love to do him behind a dumpster too … lucky for me that my husband isn’t here too see what I’m writing … lol !

    Sorry for my english (I’m french so …). At least, I’m trying 😉

    • You did great! Dumpster bonging is the universal language of love, lol.

      • LMAO!

  46. Hi, ladies! Just wanted to throw my two cents in …

    Do I think there is a Robsten? Yeah. Would I be heartbroken if I were wrong? Not at all. What’s most important to me is that Rob is happy. Period.

    But I do agree that it would be a shame and a waste if that boy isn’t gettin’ some regularly … 🙂

  47. I wonder if the girls he’s hooking up with have to sign some sort of privacy agreement… because if he isnt with Kristen then who is he banging? dude….. if it were me, and I was one of his every other night I would be shouting from the rooftops…
    somehow I can’t picture him just doing random girls… but maybe its because I have an unrealistic view of him… I don’t think it he would be that big of a scum bag to be banging randoms…who knows maybe he is a d bag and we just don’t know about it… whateves as long as I don’t know about it Im fine. as soon as he has a gf im sure my robsession will be over lickity split…

    • i must truly be on the way to hell because i can picture any man doing random girls—<3

      • —or random boys if he swings that way—

  48. [Here’s an excellent point] – “I wonder if the girls he’s hooking up with have to sign some sort of privacy agreement… “

    • I just got the image of Rob whipping out a clipboard, a pen, and a privacy agreement as I drap him behind a dumpster…..yeah, that might dampen my mood… a bit. I’ll just have to remind him what he should be whippin’ out instead..

  49. I dont really care if they are together or not if yes well good then Rob has somebody to “talk” to and “share his problems with” *winky winky* well and if not I hope he will find a girlfriend soon cause Im seriously afraid that hes not getting enough “love” XD well lets hope for the best!
    But I hate all this shittin rumors they are so uneccessary seriously thats just plain stupid! And ppl seem to interpret sth in just every little thing like the rumors about them texting during comic con seriously thats just ehhh well my opinion ^^

  50. My whole stance. I’m a who gives a fucksten. I don’t care if they are together. I don’t care if they bonged. I don’t care if they are longing to bong each other. What I do know is that I trust people until they give me a reason not to. Rob has a censorship issue, he says whatever he thinks. Plus, I would think that if they were dating exclusively that Summit would be all over that because “Edward and Bella Together In Real Life! OMG”…it would be fabulous for them..people would love to watch them on screen knowing it was how they were off screen.

    Rob is an intelligent man. He is going to enjoy the ass, but at the end of the day he wants a woman to challenge him. Peak and then keep his interest. I just don’t think Kstew is mature enough to do that. I’ve said it before, he should date older women.

    Dear Rob,
    I’ll be 26 in about a week and a half. I’m older. I promise to keep you on your toes and not ever have a mullet. Come to mama.
    xoxo, me

    • And this is why I love you so much. You promise to “not ever have a mullet.”

      • and I love you! lmao. Loving the thumbs up and down by the way. Just so you know I’m giving everyone a thumbs down today. hahahha…kidding. But that would be funny…right?

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