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Robert Pattinson changes the way I think about everything

yea we get it already moon, you like my beard. give it a rest!

yea we get it already moon, you like my beard. give it a rest!

Dear Rob-

Sometime Sunday I tweeted about the fact that I had spent the better part of the evening watching and rewatching a video over at from the set of Remember Me in which you totally beat the living tar outta some dude in the street. I asked others if it was normal that I thought watching you punch someone was totally hot. And of course as we’ve learned around these parts anything that seems off base is probably way normal. But the weird thing is I’m not a violent person, in fact I HATE fights, I hate seeing people get punched, I can’t stand to watch any sort of professional boxing/martial arts/ultimate fighting stuff cause it freaks me out… and even a few years ago when I saw my friend get into a tussle with some stupid Hollywood Dbags outside of a club I started crying! So why is it that I find you punching that guy so hot?

I think I should just realize that all bets are off when it comes to you. Everything I thought I knew about myself or what I liked in the opposite sex is skewed by anything you do. Case in point: BEARDS! I never never liked beards before and now after seeing you with one I’m all about Beardward! Bring on the mountain men! And my latest change of heart? Punching people’s lights out! Ok, ok, I’d probably cry if this was actually for real but still it did something to me. So what’s this all about? Why do you make me rethink everything I previously thought I liked? Stop messing with my brain!

Watch the fight!

Now come over here and let me hug you!

Has Rob changed the way you think about something? Is there something he does, has, is that you previously thought wasn’t for you? WHY is that?

PS Poor UC is going to come back and see that I’ve turned this place into Beardward central. I โค you UC (and beards)!

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  1. ps i totally just watched it another like 10 times. fyi.

    i like when he starts jumping up and down before he rushes in to kick ass.

    i need professional help!

    • BTW did you notice how he goes to town on that guy…that was definitely extremely hot!!!

      • “i need professional help!” LMAO! That’s normal!

    • You DO need professional help…and, so do I. At least in RL. But, ‘Hi’, we don’t live there. That is, mmmmmmyummy! Ok, so it’s not real, and in RL I suspect Rob would not be useful in a fight. I’d be like shielding his face with my body, cause NOBODY touches that mug!

      Fightward? Smackdownward? Punchward? Bruiseward? xo

      • rob has completely screwed up my head too! I also find facial hair unappealing but that is my very favorite pic of rob. he has even changed my moral fiber making me consider doing things like blow a certain someone in or abouts a dumpster. my catholic parents would be so ashamed! know what though? screw it!! Bring on the dumpsters and worry about teternal damnation later!!

        • hi! this is my first post here; i’ve been lurking for weeks. i just had to jump in and answer the question. i’m a white girl who’s been with the same black man for 17 years. i have NEVER been attracted to a white guy. until now. i’m totally obsessed. i’m at the point where i could watch Rob watching paint dry. he fascinates me.

          if anyone finds out anything about that group therapy thing, please make sure you let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚ i think i need it badly.

          • awww yea! welcome outta lurkdom leafyqueen!

            “i could watch Rob watching paint dry” hahaha thats saying a lot!

    • I fell apart watching him walking at the end, because he’s obviously still in character and adrenaline is flowing. Where was THAT look when Edward rescued Bella from those skeevy Port Angelans? Hardwicke should have had him punch the crap out of some people before he shot that scene. And filmed it. And put it on the DVD as extra footage.

    • Living in the land of hillbillies and lumberjacks up here I can definately tell you that I don’t find beards, smoking, stinking, fighting, or threadbare plaid in the least bit attractive. I actually prefer them to be kinda nerdy and so metrosexual that they are practically gay. But Rob is like the Candyman. He takes the sunrise and sprinkles it with dew, everything he bakes is satisfying and delicious, he makes the world taste good, etc. In fact, you can replace The Candyman with The Pattinson in the song and it would make even more sense.

      Maybe we could get a group rate on the therapy.

      • “But Rob is like the Candyman. He takes the sunrise and sprinkles it with dew”

        LOL! The Candyman can…the Candyman can…

      • JodieO–You nailed it, Thread over.


    • When you find a therapist tell me!

      • i have calls to in area therapists to see if they can do group sessions for a few hundreds gals at a time. let’s practice…

        hi my name is moon and im a robaholic…

        you all: HI MOON!

        • FUNNY!!!!!!! Love that one. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I’m agreeing with you. They’re coming to take me away….ha ha ho ho he he. ๐Ÿ™‚ Gladly….I hope they allow DVDs, computers and wall art in there. Hey, fine, now I can spend ALL MY TIME here.

    • Nah, Moon, just look at everyone who agree’s with you and If that’s the case we all need therapy. We admit there is something hot about a guy wailing on another guy, its a primative thing. It lets you see him in a different light.. as a protector, someone who will take blood to defend you, and thats’ sexxxxxy.
      Also, we never seen Robbie in this mode. woohoo. its masculine. the whole thing screams MALE. the beard, the cig, the shabby i don’t give a crap way he wears his clothes…

      also, fyi, the movie “fight club” was very popular as well, turned Pitt into a star.

      • I, too, agree that we are all attracted to him in a very primitive way. I’ve noticed that when we describe him, we always include the fact that he is tall. This includes KStew! I believe she described him as “tall, British, and quite witty.” Well said, KStew. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s exactly what I thought!
        Primal, protector + scruff + smoking = damn sexy!!!

  2. No you don’t need professional help Moon…the way you feel its like totally NORMAL!!! LOL I can’t stop watching either but then again ANYTHING that Rob does drives me crazy and he’s so sexy while doing it…hell he could be PEELING ONIONS and I would still thing he’s a sex god and go gaga over him…so this only leads me to believe that if you need professional help then I should be locked up in a looney bin!!! Cuz I hate onions…LMAO ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Great post today moon, the feeling you get when you see Rob beat the shizz out of someone is the same I get whenever I see him smoke. Before he came along, I never understood why anyone would want to smoke the ‘cancer stick’ and I never had the urge to start as I have asthma and would essentially be voluntarily suffocating myself if I did smoke! But, seeing him smoke, has not only become a turn on; but its making me want to have one myself because he somehow makes this nasty habit look HOT. Of course, i’m aware that if I did take it up I would probably look like a complete imbecile, (imagine Seth from OC trying to smoke and times this by 100) compared to him, not to mention the dying part doesn’t appeal to me much either. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yea, you are right, he does look kinda hot with a cig in his mouth, but oh, what a shame that it is so, if it turns desperate people to smoking. My boyfriend’s dad died of lung cancer, and let me tell you, slowly choking to death is not a pretty way to go. I care too much about Rob to wish that upon him. So, what do you say, stick to chocolate cigarettes in the future, wot?

  4. I’ve always loved scruff but generally I do not like beards. However as we know Rob cannot be made unattractive and he is HOT with a beard. Strangely some guys who I normally don’t consider attractive look better with beard-Jason Lee, Chris Robinson-even Steve Carell looked kinda hot in Little Miss Sunshine. Of course Rob is attractive with any amount of facial hair. Jeez, he even looks hot with bruises and cuts all over his face.

    • seriously. i want to put neosporane on his cuts.

      • Moon, maybe you can attest to this, too, since I know he is your boyfriend and all, but I was seriously attracted to Conan when he came back on after the writer’s strike and had a beard!

  5. I only liked plaid flannel shirts when I was a very young teenager and my previous sweetheart Kurt Cobain wore them. And when the grunge scene was over in a fashion sense I couldn’t stand them anymore.
    And I don’t like guys who drink or smoke too much.
    Or dress like homeless people.
    Or don’t wash their hair daily.
    Or wear shiteous Nikes instead some designer brand or Adidas or Puma or Converse.

    And I find myself staring adoringly at photos of Rob representing all mentioned above and DL them and feel warm inside.

    I have never ever been set stalking because I’m too lazy to stand somewhere for hours. And I’m thinking of going to NYC for a few days only to catch a glimpse of Rob on a movie set.
    And I’m thinking of going to Toronto this autumn – because it is a beautiful city, and there is so much to see and experience there , and all I am thinking about that I might meet Rob in some club or shop or bookstore.
    I never wanted to be on Facebook or myspace or other social networks, yet I have recently joined Twitter to stay in touch with other Rob fans around the globe.

    Yes, HHH change the perception of everything for me

    • Oh, I can relate..I never even cared about watching a movie being filmed but I am planning to go to NYC to try and see Rob filming.

      And I definitely never thought I’d be posting here (or anywhere really) , visiting the forum, or joining Twitter. Which I still don’t fully understand but I’m learning.

      But then again I’ve NEVER spent so much timing pining for someone I have practically no chance of meeting (gotta have a little hope!)let alone anything else.
      Discovering Rob has definitely been a life-changing experience.

    • rob in converse. i am died

    • I forgot: I like guys to be clean shaven and waxed = metrosexual (yes, if girls have to do it, men have to do it too).

      And I find myself liking his chest hair and his hairy arms and the happy trail….

  6. wow. definitely hot. still don’t know why…maybe we all think he’s doing it for us? to protect us? in case he needs to protect us, he can? idk

    • Guys who can fight can f*ck.

      • YES!

      • WORD!

      • That’s it, 100%. You see him fight and some part of you pictures angry sex. Awesome.

        • There is nothing in this world better than angry sex. Nothing. With Rob. The end.

          • AMEN….before my friendly divorce, some of the best sex we ever HAD was angry sex. Lawd have mercy….. I guess I always DID like hickies and pinches and spankings. LOL OH GOD. there
            s no delete button here. HAHAHHAHAHAH QUICK.

        • God,you just made my night!I`m going to bed right now with Rob and angry sex…That`s all I need.Perfect mixture.Good night.

      • guys who can f*ck don’t have to fight

        • Guys who can fight can f*ck.


          guys who can f*ck donโ€™t have to fight

          LOVE YOU BOTH!! i feel like theyre both true. HOT

        • expat, you nailed it, thread over.


        • I’ll go with that. Intelligent men work it out without fighting. Either that, or they don’t put themselves in those situations. PEACE. Love Rob. He’s a lover, not a fighter. WOOF.

          • Come on robsessors….don’t you remember the interview where ROB HIMSELF said he’s KISSED MORE PEOPLE THAN HE’S HAD FIGHTS WITH. oh yeahhhhh Rob,…….

      • tiffanized, you nailed it, thread over.


      • Its a manly man thing, I agree.

  7. What can I add that’s not been covered by this brilliant gruop of girls:-
    Smoking my biggest turn off check now Robhot

    Fighting well I might struggle if it was for real but as above… check now Robhot

    Beards/Designer stubble always complained “go shave it scratches” check now Robhot

    Scruffy clothes check now Robhot

    Dumpster diving always been a behind closed doors girl for Rob…… check now Robhot

    Drinking OK I am fine with a few but for Rob, go boy I’ll deal…. check now Robhot

    Basically whatever the Man does is HOT to me, but THAT’S NORMAL
    โค the post Moon Thanks…….

    • That is exactly the kind of change of heart thing happend to me for Rob. Only Rob.

    • Word Ruby, word.

    • RubyT, you nailed it, thread over.


      OK, I am repeating myself, I agree with ALL.

  8. You like men. Plan and simple. THings start to look differently to you when you find that perfect man that makes you want to get all sexy and make babies.

    If he has a beard, makes you ovulate. If he fights, makes you ovulate. If he has complete disregard for fashion, makes you ovulate. If he smokes and drinks beer, makes you ovulate.

    Why do all these things happen?

    Cause you lurve him.

    It’s primal. But true.

    Just go with it. And bask in that furry-manly-bloody man. He’ll love you back.

    • @sassysmart – ‘bask in that furry-manly-bloody man’ LMAO. All of that is true.
      And we all lurve him. We don’t mind a thing about that man.

      • I โค You Girlie!

        If he wakes up in the morning, you ovulate.

        • If he breathes, you ovulate. If he scratches his balls, you ovulate.

          Wait, was that last one a little too far?

          • Nope!

          • never too far, ss….

    • sassysmart- he’s love me back??!!

      say it’s true girl say it’s true!!!!!

      • It’s true.

    • I also agree. Good point. When you LOVE SOMEONE, you see beyond their faults to their inner self and find the beauty there. We are ALL beautiful inside, but most of us aren’t in touch with that side of ourselves….we let our egos get in the way. Rob is a good person and we all have faults, if you love someone, you love them for themselves….whatEVER that is. Such a good point. I agree.

      • and yeah…..if Rob scratches his balls we ovulate. LOL
        Getting too fucking “deep” debbo…..lighten the fuck up.
        amen. LOL

  9. There are 2 things that Rob does that I make passes for:

    2) Hobo Chic

    Any other guys can do these things and I would be turned off but not with Rob. I only like him more. I decided along time ago that this website is like my therapy group because we all have the same affliction.

    Hello my name is Lisa and I am a Rob-aholic…

    • Hello Lisa. *gives empathetic head nod*

    • Yes Lisa, you are in the right place……we ALL want to lickohRob………

  10. “you totally beat the living tar outta some dude in the street. I asked others if it was normal that I thought watching you punch someone was totally hot.”

    I know, right?! I did the same. And I don’t promote violence, LMAO! But hot damn Rob can smack down!

    • he like totally (fake) pummels the guy even after cut! HOOOOTTTT

      *goes to watch again*

  11. Haha Rob fighting is HOT!

    Today however I am concentrating on Rob kissing Javier.

    And my pause button is about to expire.

    Sadly no sparklepeen in the “Dali recollects swimming at Cadaques” scene, right at the end of the movie (but they are defs naked, unlike the original scene in which they wear UNDERPANTS)


    • Rob & Javier kissing-that is hot. There’s nothing like two gorgeous guys all over each other-mmm mmm mmm. I hope there are more gay love scenes in Rob’s future-those I can enjoy without being consumed by jealousy.

    • that midnight swimming scene in cadaques is HOTTTT

      • Love is love…..I didn’t think of them as male and male. I just thought it was beautiful. INTIMACY is something I will crave all my life. It was INTIMATE. To be allowed to see intimacy in films is probably why I WATCH FILMS. Not enough of it in my real life…..thank GOD for movies and vulnerable, brave actors. sigh…

  12. NORMAL!

    its totally hott. as is his scrufff. im not much on the beards but on him, HAVE MERCY


  13. You’re not alone Moon, Rob change the hole perspective of my live too. First i hate smokers, yes i use to have friends and family, including my mother, who smoke and i hate it, not just because i’m asthmatic but because i hate the smell of the cigarette not to mention the taste on the mouth (yes, i use to have a boyfriend who smoke too). But since Rob, i can’t stop thinking how sexy he look with a cigarette. And i can’t stop wondering how good taste his mouth after smoke….

    The other thing that i change my mind is about the ages, i don’t believe in older woman’s have a relationship with younger guys (like Demi More and Asthon Kutsher….) But since Rob i will give the opportunity to try that at my 33 years old, if he like it.

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who think watching Rob hit someone is sexy, i mean, this is HOT, so don’t stop watching it. I don’t.

  14. He’s such a good actor. Bless him.

    • Rob’s not a fighter. If he makes it look real and manly, it’s because he’s a good actor. He got his adrenaline pumping to do the scene. That’s what the jumping up and down was for……I find his acting technique sexy. He is so FOCUSED and IN THE MOMENT. Now THAT is sexy. woof.

  15. I have no tolerance for a stinky man. I will tell you, though, that when those rumors were swirling that Rob didn’t bathe and had killer B.O., I thought about it long and hard (heh). I remembered the worst body odor I’ve ever smelled–it was considerable–and thought about Rob smelling that way. I. Didn’t. Care.

    As for fighting, I’m all about it. But it has to be a real fight, none of this namby pamby Hugh-Grant-vs-Colin-Firth-in-Bridget-Jones crap. I like hockey for the fights alone. I don’t know why, because I’m generally non-violent.

    • “I remembered the worst body odor Iโ€™ve ever smelledโ€“it was considerableโ€“and thought about Rob smelling that way. I. Didnโ€™t. Care. ”
      Well the not caring ‘That’s Normal’……and as for the rumours, when they came out, I shrugged and just thought about showering-bathing him cause THAT’S NORMAL TOO!!!

    • i love that you REALLY thought this one out tiffanized!

      i thought about the worst body odor id ever smelled! HAHAHAA

  16. He dresses like a homeless person, wears flannel, stained, unwashed clothes, he smokes, drinks, has very little sense of personal hygiene, listens to random 70’s music, reads obscure lit, is a talented artist, has the same friends as when he was in school….I just made a startling realization….HE IS MY LITTLE BROTHER!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

    OK, my ‘little’ brother is thirty-three, but still! God, what does this mean. Maybe that Rob is more normal than I realized? Or that my Brother is infected with the same oddness. I need to find a therapist…STAT!

    • is your brother single/ hot?

      • Aye, my dear Aye! Lives in AZ still. And loves him some Jesus! But dating a girl twelve years younger than he is. Looks like it runs in the family. We lik’em young! Ahem.

        Tall, skinny, blue eyes, dark brown hair. And none of us can tan to save our lives.

        • 12 years younger… I think Im better suited for your hot brother.
          Im only 6 years younger. hook a sister up!

          • I’m on it! xo

          • stop holding out on us pros! geeez!

        • I can’t tell you if he hot or not….cuz that would be…um….weird.

          • I disagree I could tell you that I have hot cousins and my sisters are hot. I’m not gonna make out with either of them but I have eyes. Use your eyes pros3!! That’s all we ask of you. That or give us photographic proof of said brother. Let us judge for ourseleves!

          • Er, gross! I don’t know! Not! He’s my dorkball brother!

      • that was my first thought lol

    • hahahahah that’s funny. Rob IS normal. That’s why he can’t figure out what all the fuss is. Him not knowing that makes him even more beautiful. I think he’s getting it now, I hope he stays humble. I love that about him. I know you all do too…..

      Remember when Rob mentioned how the year before Twilight everyone like HAIRLESS chests and now all of a sudden since Twilight HIS HAIRYNESS is now considered SEXY? He knows fickle when he sees it. That’s why he takes it all in stride. I say he should date someone he knew BEFORE he got famous. Then he will know it’s for real….and not have to wonder….

      • Weell, I still think that less hair on a man’s chest is bound to be better than too much, and believe you me, I have seen TOO much!
        Rob’s is OK though, I can live with that.. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Shaving, alas, I think is not an option. Too scratchy.)

  17. I cannot wait for this movie. (yes I read the script.)

    • Me too. I think it is going to be a really beautiful story and can’t wait to see him in it. So excited!

      • u read it Sass?

        • Yes. Jena sent it to me and I was doing great through it until the end and then I curled into a ball at my desk and sobbed like a baby. It was just beautiful how it all came together.

          • Ya, I can’t even go there. Read it late in the evening a week or two ago. I couldn’t sleep after I read it. Thought I’d wake up the whole house with my anguish. No lie. Even hurts right now thinking about it. Quick, somebody say something funny!

          • SPARKLEPEEN

          • Ruby! I can always count on you…God love you woman! x

          • ok, now you made me want to read it; I thought I would wait for the movie, but now i can’t
            does anyone have it? can send it to me? plz…. :)))
            > uk

          • I want to wait for the movie….to see how he acts in it. BESIDES, I bet you money there was dialogue changes. Maybe the basic plot is the same, but there are always rewrites. Ya know?
            Don’t tell us the ending….PLEASE.
            love to all robsessors–UNITE. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Afraid to watch this video because of the spoilishness. But I can’t watch at work anyhow, cause they suck. Oh well…

  19. Yes Rob Give us a Break .. stop messing with our minds … Seriously .. Yeah’re right about the beard thing ..LOL …
    “Rob I wonder about you sometimes” .. I just watched How to be I had to write that ..My favourite line totally Hilarious..
    No seriously what’s it about this guy? I guess we’ll never figure this out

    • I adored the self talk pep talk. We should all be able to do that. It was sweet. I LOVED the HUGE APPLAUSE they added too. All Art needed was to believe in himself…and accept himself as he was. Of course. But he still “lives the dream” with the applause in his head being so loud. Then at the end my FAVORITE LINE IS….HE LOOKS AT THE BAND AND SAYS: “THAT WAS WICKED”!

      HAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHHAH I’m a musician…that line was shit funny!
      Great way to end the film. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all in our heads any way….confidence. I wish I had some more of it. I’m insecure as hell…not as bad as Art though. LOL I just wanted to hug that character for like an hour. SO SWEET. Rob knows how to be adorkable lovable. SO CUTE. Have mercy on us Rob. Now all I have to do to remember the Art in Rob is to see his little pigeon toed feet. Below all that beauty….he’s just a cute adorkable person with flaws like the rest of us. But in his case, they are what make him even more handsome. It’s WONDERFUL that we all figured that out. Why can’t we do that more in real life?

  20. I can’t bear violence either. Never thought smoking was hot or noticed a mans hands or ever just looked at a guy and thought, “beautiful”.
    I think it is safe to say that Rob is redefining the standards.
    Its like he owns me. Like I sold my soul to him for a smile. And for eight months now I have been Rob’s whore.

  21. Tyler is such a badass character! He’s like the dirty little secret boy-toy that you have incredibly hot sex with before going home to cuddle with Rob.

    • “…Heโ€™s like the dirty little secret boy-toy that you have incredibly hot sex with before going home to cuddle with Rob.”

      OHHHHH now im even more intrigued by this movie!!!!!!!!

    • That’s funny. Give me the huggable Rob. But you know, an introvert mostly keeps it all inside any way. Who knows what Rob is really like. We only know what he lets us see…. That’s the luxury of being an introvert. I’m a “expressive introvert”. I bluntly let it all out. But I’d still rather be alone to read a book on my own and get worn down being around people too long. Meyers-briggs test. Went through all that shit after my divorce. I know who I am now. Not happy with my truth, but at least I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Weeell, ladies, I think we have to realise that love messes with your head, and that what you like in theory is not the same as what you enjoy in real life. The guys I have hung out with that I thought would be good in a fight were so NOT the guys I wanted to go to bed with. And the guy I am with now would probably be as good as our Rob in a fight, aka useless: he’s a pacifist and I love him for it! (No problems in that other department though, I resent the slur on peaceful men’s lovemaking, tiffanized!)
    But when you have an acute fondness for someone already, it beautifies most of what they do and are, like beards, smoking, messy hair and fighting. However, if Rob in real life turned out to be the aggressive type that gets written up for assault and drug abuse all the time, I for one would probably be less about you other fangirls?

    • AMEN SISTER! ๐Ÿ™‚
      But I believe in Rob. He gets tipsy for sure, but I think he’s a pacifist and he seems to have his shit together. But who knows. People fuck up. I just hope he can handle the long term of show business. But I think he’s got character and he’ll probably do a few films, save some bread and go find a private pad and travel and read. As much as I will miss him…..I think eventually he’ll burn out from this shit business. I hope his friends keep him real. But I believe in Rob.

  23. you know what? my father is from england, his name is robert, he has a beard and he smokes like a train.
    ALL of these things use to be a major “no-go-because-that-is-way-creepy”, but now…
    oh rob. you are totes screwing with my brain.

    • My Grandfather’s name was Robert. But everyone called him Bob. My other Grandfather’s name was Jasper. Swear to God. I can’t get away from it.

      • Would you even believe me at this point if I said Edward was on the Very Short List of names for my son? It is true.

      • ..and he’s 12!!

        • You KNOW I believe it at this point! Edward, really? Family name? My Mom was always so embarrassed as a kid to have a Dad named Jasper. Now, it’s all the rage! Oh, and one of my daughter’s middle names is Jane. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. If you asked me for my two cents on Robert Pattinson 6 months ago before Twilight ate my life, I would have been like, “eh.” I vaguely remembered seeing him on Ellen (which FYI is repeating on TV this week) before I paid any attention to the movie or the books, and thinking how entirely idiotic his hair looked and I just didn’t get it.

    Cut to now, and I find myself wanting to run my hand through that hair. And I totally relate to inexplicable but necessary viewings of Rob because this was like when I kept watching the VF shoot and how I wanted to be the one asked to jump into his arms.

    The fact is that if Rob where an average Joe on the street and I met him, I wouldn’t think twice about him because he is in real life completely antithetical to who I would actually be attracted to (and therefore would be ashamed to admit the things I overlook for this man).

    The hipster look
    Doubtable hygiene
    Lanky physique
    Facial hair (really, only ever good in theory but let’s be real, it’s an itchy crumb catcher),
    Accents (I’d never previously been one of those swoony girls who love men with accents)
    Smoking (my #1 peeve)

    So the most endearing thing is that underneath all of this Rob seems to be an awkward, humble chap who’s afraid of being stabbed in a mob of 14 year olds chasing him down the block, which I find completely amusing.

    • Me too, I like his paranoia.

      But you know…that shit has happened…Lennon for example.
      Some crazy assed bitches out there. Look what happened to Selena.

      God bless him, I hope he makes his money and splits for a private life.
      I’m glad if it’s crazy, he walks away. I think he is learning when it’s safe and when it’s not safe. Also…if you scream….the man is GONE. LOL A musician hates that shit. It’s like scratching on a chalkboard. Sing to him instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You’re so right, I do feel bad for him after seeing those pictures where he was practically gang attacted by those girls. I really do hope he doesn’t go completely mad. Personally if I ever ran into him, I’d be the quiet, view-froma-far-because-I’d-be-too-embarrassed-to-approach-him kind of fan.

        • amen sister.

    • He he he… “Twilight ate my life”.. I can relate to that! Still waiting for it to spit out the leftover pieces ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • It’s so true.. I really tried for a good month to let this frenzy pass but it never did and now I’m stuck with Twilight fever indefinitely, and probably for life! I’m 23, I shouldn’t be saving myself for my Edward but still I am because I’m delusional.

  25. I am the exact way when it comes to anything sort of confrontational. I avoid it like the plague and cry especially when it is someone I know that is involved.

    Watching this though… WOW. I too had to watch it a few more times.. and will again! It’s early.. (ok kind of early!) and I wasn’t quite awake.. NOW I am. eeesh!

  26. I mean, maybe it took like 45 mins to comment because I was watching that vid so many times. That shizz was hot! Thanks for starting my monday off in an oh so right way.

    PS– used to think straight leg jeans and all black tennis shoes were the bane of men’s fashion…and now…love that look!

  27. There’s a reason why I really really like the movie Fight Club…
    in real life guys who fight (without a just cause) are retarded. in movies its hot. his battered up face is a real turn on too… Iam a little bit of a sicko. I just want my man to be able to throw a punch if he needs to protect me or himself.
    I’ve always been a lover of beards (my Quileute name) blame it on living in the pacific northwest for so long.

    • “a lover of beards (my Quileute name) ”

      WIN!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it and this…

      “I just want my man to be able to throw a punch if he needs to protect me or himself”

      i think you summed it up with that tiffany! well done!

  28. I never like guys who smoke and drink. But one of my fave photo of Rob is the GQ smoking Rob.
    You are right . All bets are off when it comes to Rob.

    • My dad told me when HE was young all the sexy actors smoked and that’s why everyone started smoking. James Dean ect. Nothing has changed. As much as we all talk about not smoking….seeing a handsome man with a cigarette in his mouth is like a metaphor symbol for an ERECT PENIS.

      YEAH I SAID IT AGAIN. lol…..that’s what I see when I see Rob smoke. HOT
      Young men will start smoking because of him. That’s sad. BUT…ROB IS STILL HOT. We all have faults…

      • But then remember what Rob said in an interview…he didn’t sign up with Disney. He doesn’t WANT to be a role model. He’s just Rob.
        I love his honesty. Be yourself baby…

  29. I have to say that the first few punches thrown were nice, but the beatdown afterward? Not so much. And due to the crappiness of youtube videos and my computer combined, I could not see his still in character mode face.

  30. Dunno what to tell you ladies, but so far it seems like whatever Rob does = HOT. He can dress like a hobo, swill Heines, smoke, stink, etc. Most of the time I gravitate towards the men of sturdier builds, but he’s even got me rethinking that.

    My brain is broken now. Normal.

    • “My brain is broken now. Normal.”

      I LOVE that, DontQuestionMe!


  31. “Has Rob changed the way you think about something? Is there something he does, has, is that you previously thought wasnโ€™t for you? WHY is that?”

    uh..let’s see… Did I ever think that I, a married woman in her 30’s, would take the time on her slow internet connection to read every little tidbit, drool over photos, wait hours for YouTube videos to download for some 23 year old kid..okay…f-ing hot man?
    NOPE. The only other crush I ever had was when I was 14 and Bon Jovi was singing “Living on a prayer”. My mother drew the line at his life sized poster mounted to the ceiling above my bed! That was the last of my “crushes” until THIS MAN. What is it about him…? I don’t f-ing know, but he just seems to have it all rolled into one extremely nice package that makes my stomach flip, my breathing change whenever I see those GQ photos of him, or watch his crazy interviews…it’s like being back in highschool, only I am allowed to wear better clothes & makeup and lusting after the prom king. He’s just this combination of sweet and sexy. And ditto on beardward. Hey, does anyone know where I can get a life sized poster of Rob?…you know to mount on my ceiling…I don’t think the husband would mind…much.

    • errr i want to know what you did with that poster of bon jovi. ive loved him since I was a young young child. my celebrity crushes go
      john stamos
      bon jovi
      taylor hanson
      rob pattinson….
      should i be admitting this?

      • Lol Tiffany! I know, I bet that poster would be worth something on ebay now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bon jovi is still hot.

    • Just so you know, all normal. And can I just add..

      “itโ€™s like being back in highschool, only I am allowed to wear better clothes & makeup and lusting after the prom king.”

      also, with ridiculously expensive footwear, and 100% more confidence!

      • Yep! You got it…sigh…maybe I can find out what the prom king is up to..? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You said ‘Rob’ and ‘mount’ in the same sentence… *thud*

      • Debbo adds beavis and butthead laughter here…..You said MOUNT….uhh huh huh huh huh. I guess I’m old. LOL

    • you can get a life-sized cardboard cutout of Robward at FYE (US music store)
      why do I know that? That would be because I was there the other day trying to find the KoL cd I didn’t have yet when I saw HIM beckoning from the back of the store.
      Not wanting to publicly embarrass myself by molesting said cardboard Robward, I backed away slowly and went back to the cd racks.
      A few minutes later my mom shouted from the back of the store “Hey look, it’s a life-sized cardboard cutout of Robward….Do you want me to buy it for you??”
      all ten or so teenaged boys, 1 emo chick, and the female clerk in the store turned to look at me….and snicker….bitches.
      “No mom, don’t buy me cardboard Robward….what will I tell my husband when he’s sleeping in the bed btwn us??? That would be the last straw and I’d be getting divorced and moving back home.”
      BTW, my mom is almost 60 and even she appreciates the Robsession…so he is obviously death to all women regardless of age and apparently regardless of what they would normally find attractive.

    • FUCKING AMEN SISTER. He’s bringing dead libidos back to life.
      HALLE-FUCKING-LUIA. Makes me feel like a college kid again.
      THANK YOU ROB…but unfortunately, I’m now horny as shit and have no boyfriend in my life any more. FUCK. sigh….
      Get out the vibrator ladies….it’s gonna be a LONG NIGHT.

  32. Is it slightly weird that I wouldn’t mind being the one being punched by Rob?

    • it’s over YOU JUST WON!!!!

      robyn zombee for the comment win. HAHAHAHAAHA

    • Oh my gosh! Im calling dr phil!

  33. OK, so I am totally into the beard too! My hubby actually did not shave yesterday and I am normally not turned on by that, but now that I see beardward, total turn on! Normal, right!??

    • Yes girlfriend that’s normal! My DH is starting to dress like Rob and now that turns me on too although I never like the hobo/homeless look.

      • Now I just need him to talk with the British accent! Now that would be hot!

  34. i’ve always been a sucker for tall, lanky, fairhaired guys with blue-grey-green eyes so there’s nothing new there.

    smoking doesn’t faze me since i only kicked the habit 3 yrs ago.

    spent 2 years trying to climb into a bottle so alcohol is no issue.

    the hobo style suits him though i would probably want to redo his buttons before letting him out of the house.

    what he has changed is my perception of myself. since celebrity crushes have never been a topic in my world it’s hard to believe that a lad of his age could cut into my days, bring me to slaver over photos, cause me to write notes to anon such as this or otherwise dominate my thoughts. each time i start to think that i’m on the best way round the bend & beyond hope or help, i console myself with Dylan: ‘[s]he not busy being born is busy dying’.

    then it’s back to my own personal brand of heroin.

    • quote dylan every day and ill love you forever

    • OH love the Dylan quote. Amen sista….

  35. Haven’t read all the posts but like PP said, I too live surrounded by hillbillies and so I don’t find beards, smoking, drinking and trying to act macho attractive at all. I don’t know why I love Rob so much despite of his smoking…I could let the drinking go if it’s just social drinking, he is British after all and over there, they don’t have the same concept of drinking as we do here. Here there is a stigma. Anyway, I care about him too much for him to have lung cancer or any other disease. My own dad smoked since 14 and now he has so many health problems despite the fact he quit smoking 12 yrs ago :-(. I just feel someday all the smoking, drinking, not eating right(drinking carbonated drinks and caffeine all the time) is gonna catch up with him and I don’t want it. Here I sound like a mom again.
    PS I don’t like facial hair at all! My DH has a goatee and I swear he grows it just to make me irritated!

    • Funny….I moved to “a city” to get AWAY from the cowboys and flannel guys. But Rob is a city man….he just dresses like a grunge musician. He teaches a good lesson to us all….NEVER judge a book by it’s cover. I don’t like being judged by my cover either. To me Rob has it all though…

  36. P.S. love this site, love Moon & UC, wish i could have you all for tea or sth stronger & a great bs session in english

    • we’re on our way…

      where are you?

  37. woah that is hot lol. especially since in real life hed probably get his ass kicked haha

    • And that’s the truth…that’s ok…I can get all blue-eyed, blond ghetto smackdown in a crunch. He’s safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. But I forgot to say that Rob has totally messed with my head…because despite of all that I still like him so much! I have double-standard now thanks to Rob! When I was single there was no way in the world I would go out w. a guy who smokes or looks dirty or stinky. LOL…wow how times have changed.

    I’m embarrassed about this obsession and so greatful to y’all for this outlet where we can all go a little crazy and bare all our deepest longings!

  39. Crazy testosterone Rob is SO hot. Is it wrong that I am more excited for Remember Me than New Moon? I think i am just excited about the idea of seeing Rob in a new role…..

    • WORD

  40. i hated fights but i seriously was turned on by him punching. so i now know i am not the only one.

  41. I hate to admit that despite being happily married and with a kid that Rob has made me insane and sometimes wish that I’m single again….terrible eh? I wish I could find some girls/women here to hang out at Starbucks or Borders to chat about this.

    • where you at? start a meet up for your city over at the forum! it’s been awesome to meet other ltr/ltt folks and know youre not alone in the crazy!

      • We are in the NORMAL world and those who don’t get Robert Pattinson in all his glory and beauty and HHH are in the crazy.

      • Hi. I’m in Louisville, KY. How do I start a meetup?

        Btw, JellybeanRainbow, what’s HHH?

        • His Holy Hotness….Rob. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Oh LOL….I totally agree! HHH indeed!

        • hey, i’m in Lexington, KY! yay! i never expected to find someone from my state here. LOL

  42. ok other things that i am turned off by that has changed.
    smoking. i was one of those people that thought if a guy smoke i just can’t go out with him. i think he might is hot but i still think he should quit the smoking still bugs me still.
    drinking- im in college he is still college america drinking is a thing they do it doesn’t matter even if they have a class the next day. it does bother me some what but as long as he doesn’t drive himself to where ever he staying.
    scruffiness. i like my guys clean shaven but i love rob’s scruff
    plaid- i hate plaid but know i everytime i see plaid i think of him.
    the only thing i still can’t stand is smoking.
    everything else is fine
    i just hope he will stop one of these days. i understand it is a stress reliever but there are others out there besides ciggies. he could try the smokeless ciggies that they sell down here in miami in one of the malls.

  43. OMG I SO AGREE WITH THIS! I swear, if i was a man, i woulda gotten hard watching him beat the shit outta that guy. and i DON”T watch any boxing or anything either

    i think it’s his intensity. God, it was so hot tho

    And yes, Def the beard thing.

    And dirtiness. not before rob did i find unwashed hair sexy.

    And fugly plaid shirts

    Shiteous nikes

    wife beaters

    omg, the list could go on all day

  44. Anything he touches turns to gold. Yes, hard, sparkly GOLD! GAH!

    It’s definitely love that does it to us, ladies.

    I’ve been with DH for over 6 years, and I’ve always insisted that he shave his head, cuz bald used to = HOT for me. I’ve been trying to figure out a subtle way to make him grow his hair out now, but I just know he’ll know why if I ask. He’s Mr. Jealous-Pants when it comes to anything Rob.

    Mr. Pattinson makes everything hot. Such as;

    walking with gimpy feet
    picking his nose
    not washing his hair
    wearing the same clothes over and over
    wearing ugly shoes
    being scruffy/unshaven
    making out with guys
    being dorky

    and yes, the list could go on and on…..and on.

    • Taking the stairs 2 at a time = HOT

      Why did I just watch that 6x in a row? Lord.

    • I like the sound of the “HARD” gold. LOL Ok, so I love adorkable Rob, but I’d pay money for a hardon picture. Does that make me an asshole again? so be it.hahahhahahah I told you I’m blunt. SIGH. Bring on the hard PEEN. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Come on Rob, just one….please? The closest I saw was Caaan in the black suit and the bodyguard. I think he was feelin “no pain” there. Lots of pressure at Caan. He’d have to slap one or two back to get through THAT SHIZ. Loss of control over hardons….come on Rob. GIVE IT UP. hehehehhehehe
      Ok, I’m a hornball. Hi, I’m debbo and I’m a horny Robsessor. Amen sisters.

  45. Can we start a petition to present to him to just go ahead and legally change his name to RobHAWT Pattinson? It would simplify things so much in conversation with the un-initiated.

    Me: OMG, did you see this?
    UI: See what?
    Me: These new pics of Rob, lookin’ all scruffylicious & beautiful!
    UI: Pics of Rob? Rob who?
    UI: Whoa, DAMN! Yes, he IS!

    See? And there you have someone new with whom to share the crazy/NORMAL!

  46. Let me tell you, that from the moment I realized that guys were exactly what I was interested in, I have been looking for a guy that is the perfect ‘ROB’ type. Some of you may know what I mean….sexy, introverted, guitar-strumming, mysterious…all those ‘ROB’ things that are so appealing and yummy. This is the kind of guy I have always been interested in and wanted to take home to Mom. And all of a sudden….there he is…Rob Pattinson! The perfect specimen of exactly what every girl is looking for….exactly what I have been looking for all my life. Damn…the guy is 23 years old and I’m…well we won’t go there but trust me when I say that ‘Cougar’ would be a compliment at my age. You young girls are so lucky. If I was 23 years old again…my, my, my…well MR. Pattinson would not have a chance in hell!

    • Debbie W…DO NOT WORRY, I am a cougar of the vintage variety and Rob is the ONLY young man I’ve ever fantasized about {well known fact here that my 3 sons are 21, 19 and 18, would be Robs mates if they ever met}.
      So whatever your age THAT’S NORMAL here and truely not your fault in any way shape or form……..It’s Rob’s for being so f*** hot and so adorably charming….We are only female and since we are alive, well 1+1=2 doesn’t it…just enjoy the ride girl it’s all good fun….

      • I think Rob has WAY MORE COUGAR Rob lovers than 14 year olds chasing him. The rest of us just have to work, or we can’t find him in the bars. LOL

  47. I likey the beard, but my hubs has had a beard the whole time I have known him. In fact, we met, right after he grew one for the first time, so he thinks those things are related, so he doesn’t shave it. 14 years of marriage, I still don’t really know what his chin looks like…..

    • “14 years of marriage, I still donโ€™t really know what his chin looks likeโ€ฆ.. ”

      LOL that’s so funny!

    • LOL, that’s a leap of faith right there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • That’s LOVE sigh…….

  48. Yeah, watching guys wail on each other is hot..there’s something about the whole male thing.. that’s why fight club was hot..
    anyway.. patti’s hot doing this cuz he’s always taking kind gentle roles.. its good to see him mixing it up macho style.

  49. The fighting is hot.

    The beard is hot. (Hello? Beardburn? Would be TOTES worth it).

    The clothes in themselves are NOT.Hot. HOWEVER, the cavalier attitude about what he has on … UBERhot.

    The shoes are … unredeemably unhot.

    The accent? Srsly? Perfect queen’s english? Infectious laugh? Perfectly hot.

  50. Macho Rob is HOT… strong Rob is HOT… Rob in a suit is way too hot… and yes… he has change the way I look at things… not just some things… everything!!!

    I keep imagine how he would look at some palces, or with some kind of shirt that I saw in a store… or how he would make this or that sound sexy…

    God… heยดs totally the hypothalamus of my brain… he can control my body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue.. oh yeah… he can…

    • Where’s the fucking night people on here? I missed all the good convo this afternoon. HEY, NIGHT PEOPLE..>SPEAK THE FUCK UP. ๐Ÿ™‚ WE LOVE ROB TOO!

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