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Robert Pattinson changes the way I think about everything

yea we get it already moon, you like my beard. give it a rest!

yea we get it already moon, you like my beard. give it a rest!

Dear Rob-

Sometime Sunday I tweeted about the fact that I had spent the better part of the evening watching and rewatching a video over at from the set of Remember Me in which you totally beat the living tar outta some dude in the street. I asked others if it was normal that I thought watching you punch someone was totally hot. And of course as we’ve learned around these parts anything that seems off base is probably way normal. But the weird thing is I’m not a violent person, in fact I HATE fights, I hate seeing people get punched, I can’t stand to watch any sort of professional boxing/martial arts/ultimate fighting stuff cause it freaks me out… and even a few years ago when I saw my friend get into a tussle with some stupid Hollywood Dbags outside of a club I started crying! So why is it that I find you punching that guy so hot?

I think I should just realize that all bets are off when it comes to you. Everything I thought I knew about myself or what I liked in the opposite sex is skewed by anything you do. Case in point: BEARDS! I never never liked beards before and now after seeing you with one I’m all about Beardward! Bring on the mountain men! And my latest change of heart? Punching people’s lights out! Ok, ok, I’d probably cry if this was actually for real but still it did something to me. So what’s this all about? Why do you make me rethink everything I previously thought I liked? Stop messing with my brain!

Watch the fight!

Now come over here and let me hug you!

Has Rob changed the way you think about something? Is there something he does, has, is that you previously thought wasn’t for you? WHY is that?

PS Poor UC is going to come back and see that I’ve turned this place into Beardward central. I โค you UC (and beards)!

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  1. I love Robert because he can be such a chameleon. He is so changeable and open to change also. He is so much braver than he thinks he is. He manages to be so changeable, but deep down you know he’s always the nice guy, good timin Rob that loves his friends/family and his work. They are everything to him….along with music. Of that he will never change. I am so in awe of him. Even when he’s playing air guitar outside a bar on the street. He’s so Rob.

  2. Smoking. Yuck. Yet somehow I think I wouldn’t mind so much. It’s not like I don’t partake occasionally while drinking, right?

  3. OH GOD me too, my first reaction to him was oh he drinks. Because my father was an alcoholic so I said I won’t drink, I do occassionally but not enough by Rob standards LOL, I never smoked because my parents did so much I ended up having pneumonia and bronchitis all the time, Rob makes that look amazing, the beard, well my parents watched HEE HAW, need I go further, I wanted nothing to do with billy bob mountain man and Rob makes it like, WOW, I wasnt all that into country and blues but Rob sort of has that , I CANT GO ON, HE’S KILLING ME, Sooon I will be unrecognizable. BUT I LOVE HIM.

  4. Any ladies of the night around??

    • I was just saying that. NIGHT PEOPLE LOVE ROB TOO>where’s the freaking night people at? Speak up people….

      • Haha. We’re here! lol

  5. Hi FN! I’m here. Just finishing one of my updates.

    • Hey! How was your day?

      • Got my carpets cleaned and some other stuff done. More work tomorrow but it feels good to have that done! I listened to music the whole time I worked, starting with the BritBoys, then Tom Waits Used Songs, then Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.

        • Oooo….I like your playlist!

          • FN, this is what I discovered today about Marcus—most of his music is really meant for dancing! When I listened to Kississaknife, I got it! You HAVE to get up and move to that song. HAVE TO! It’s purely sexual, a ‘fuck me’ song! And I DO love that “Shut Up!” at the end!

          • LOL! I don’t like to dance ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Maybe it would be better to dance around my house to. Taking my “moves” public could be bad….

            Hmmm….I’ll have to investigate this newly discovered aspect to Kississaknife….and that “Shut Up!” is awesome!! It’s just so randome! lol

          • You should start practicing around the house! You’re so young, you need to get your groove on! That song makes me think of Bella in some of the ffs when she gets onto the dance floor–usually with Rose and Alice and they start moving all together. Then all the guys start coming around.

          • Seriously, I have no rhythm. It’s sad….

            I’m going to listen to it right now. I can’t wait any longer.

          • Yeah, Rob is a retro man after my heart. I’ve always been into retro music. Well, I listen to everything, but I’m so glad Rob has gotten people turned on to some of the older stuff. he should start recommending MORE MUSIC. The gals will then go out and buy THAT music. Hell, he got me into Baudelaire poetry. What’s next Rob? Teach me baby…..LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚ As the song says…..”TEACH ME TONIGHT”. LOL

        • ahhhh I see you all are doing the ROB PLAYLIST I see…..he’s gonna make a lot of old records sell again. Bless his heart….for that.

  6. Hello, quick posting before i have to be on the world dullest conference call.

    So it occurrred to me while i was looking at some of the FF authors favourite stories etc looking for some new stories and some of them were HP ones, why it is that i couldn’t even consider going there with HP fan fic, despite the fact I am so obviously engrossed with Twilight FF?

    • I think I read about HP FF, but I don’t think I could ever go there either…lol

      Just pretend BB is sending you naughty text messages. LOL

      • excellent idea, although looking around this office there isn’t much to get excited about. big sigh.

        I saw a Hermoine and Draco one and just went major eeeww, seriously the whole idea of HP FF just seems so wrong, yet i will pretty much read any old crap for Twilight.

        • It does seem wrong. Maybe b/c they’re so young???

    • Hey Lizzie. I know what you mean. FN and I were saying last night the same thing about Phantom of the Opera fanfic. Doesn’t interest us. Hmmmm. I don’t know what it is about Twilight except the E/B love….

      • given I also read some of the slash E/J seems I am OK with that too. LMAO, FF seems to be only a Twilight thing for me, not intererested in any of the others FF.

        • I can’t even do the twilight FF. I am LOVING the Rob-Kristen FF though. I love that some of these are really close to what we “THINK” each of those real people would say or do… least for me any way.
          I loved that one called: LOVE SEX or something like that. It’s on here.
          The one where she runs from one hotel in Japan to Rob’s hotel in the rain. GOD I LOVE THAT ROBSTEN FF the best. I printed it out. LOVE IT.

          • you’re in a minority here, Robsten not a popular word around these parts! LOL

          • Nope. It’s blasphemy! lol

        • And there’s so much of it! We won’t lack for anything to read!

          • ah well…I’m always the minority. I still love Rob. No matter whom he’s with. I love all the other robsessors too. I hope you all don’t hold it against me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just think REAL ROB is sexier than Edward and so that’s why I read that stuff. he could be having sex with Barney and I’d love it. HAHAHAHHAHAH JOKE.

          • That is so true!!! I started a new one today EyeC, but it’s only 7 chapters long. Why do I do this to myself???

          • Oh, yes. RealRob is sexier than Edward! And he’s human! lol

          • agree, Rob rocks all over Edward

          • FN, I don’t know why we keep starting these new ones—especially when it’s only 7 chapters in! Like Clipped Wings. Now there’s all that way to go, checking continually for updates! What is your new one?

          • Yeah, there’s more of that around. Don’t you all be mad at me….read and let read. ๐Ÿ™‚ I JUST LOVE REAL ROB. Kristen or not. I want REAL ROB.

          • It’s called “Confessions of a Nanny” I ventured over to “the Perv Pack Smut Shack” last night and discovered it. A bunch of the authors I like recommended it w/ a 4-4.5/5. So I thought that was a good sign.

          • And I completely agree that Rob is WAY sexier than Edward. It’s just imaging Rob doing all those things “Edward” is doing….LOL

          • Ah, I understand now….gotcha.
            I just want my Rob stubble…..Edward is too square for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • It’s kinda funny b/c I don’t like the vampire FF.

  7. BTW I love that B&W photo of beardrob.

    • He looks damn good in B&W. Those are my faves.

      • BTW, I also think he looks freakin’ HOT in color. I can’t choose sides like that. What was I thinking???

      • Rob is BEAUTIFUL IN BLACK AND WHITE. I love black and white photos better any way……more mysterious and dramatic. AND ROB IS BOTH.

        • I’m not prejudiced against colored pictures of rob though. BRING EM ON.

          I am still waiting on a hardon rob picture though. DOES THAT MAKE ME A BAD PERSON? hahahahhahahaha

          • Haha. Never! lol

  8. How can a man have such beautiful lips like that? Angelina must be jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could stare for hours at his slightly parted lips… wallpaper is a HUGE ROB FACE and kissable lips of his. sigh….just kill me now Rob.

    • We DO know what you mean!!! He is so beautiful. Still quite amazing he can have this sort of hold over so many women without even trying.

    • Photos of Rob should come with a health warning.

      • Amen ladies. I just can’t get over how much POWER is in his eyes. He’s SO INTENSE. God….sexy. I think he’s so unusual too. Have you EVER seen a man like him before? I haven’t. I think what I like so much is that he can look SO SWEET….*OR*….so wicked. You never know what to expect and it makes him more exciting and mysterious. The best of both worlds! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love him intense… GAWD. THUD.

        • We’ve been at this for months Debbo, and it never gets tiring! It is definitely something special that he has. No celebrity has ever affected me the way he does. He seems to have so many facets that he’s a sparkly diamond!

          • Yeah I have been turned on to him since like September. I just didn’t come here then. ALL THAT MEDIA INTERVIEWING HE DID just endeared him to me. HE’S SO HONEST. SO CUTE. GAHHHHHHHHH So funny. NOTHING better than a self deprecating, charming, humble, talented man. The beauty is like ICING ON THE CAKE! I just didn’t know you guys were here….

          • I think this site and Robsession are the two best sites for REAL PEOPLE who say fuck and are hard core rob. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like Robsession SO MUCH. Gozde is FABULOUS. THIS SITE IS GREAT TOO. What I AM new to is the FF. I used to read sexy stories in Playgirl when I was in college. I always liked it a lot, so this really HITS HOME. But I wanted REAL ROB…..I can’t get into the other YET. I suppose as time passes, I’ll get desperate for more and run out of REAL ROB stories. lol But I’m not there yet….lol.

          • ERRRR I meant to say ROBSESSED. SORRY. ๐Ÿ™‚ Gozde.
            You all know what I meant, but I thought I’d clear that up.

          • It really was the interviews that did it, yes. When you talk to anybody new who isn’t yet Robsessed it’s hard to explain him just by his pictures. A lot of times they don’t get it. But once they hear a lot of the interviews, well….. It’s very clear! So adorkable! And don’t forget the music! Guitar and piano—can he get much better?

            Now, about the fanfiction. It took me about a year after I started reading Twilight and listening to all of them over and over and over before I was ready to open up to fanficiton. Now that I have–and a lot of us on here got into altogether–it is totally addicting. Luckily we share recommendations so they aren’t just random stories but have some substance to them. There are definitely some favorites. We could mention a few if you’re interested. It’s the stories–plus the smut!–that carry them through.

          • YES, PLEASE DO RECOMMEND great FF writers and locations where I can find them. I like WELL WRITTEN, intelligent and sometimes even amusing stories because ROB is amusing and he’d enjoy that TOO, you know? I’m listening…..
            Send the REAL ROB stuff first. Or whatever you want, as long as it’s WELL WRITTEN. dig?

            THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I forgot to mention….smut is a GOOD thing. LOL FOUR PAGES OF FOREPLAY is wonderful though. I wouldn’t be a woman if I didn’t dig foreplay. hahahhahahahhaa.

            That’s why I like the FF. It gives me that. FOREPLAY. ahhhh but you gotta bring it on home baby….hahhahahha.

          • The only real Rob story I’ve heard is REALLY good is “I Love L.A”

            I think there’s a section of Rob FF here:

          • The good thing about all the fanfic is that it’s written by women so it’s much more satisfying. Some stuff we’ve decided you have to build up to! lol Although BB is a favorite and starts out with a BANG!

            Let me talk with FN below and we’ll start a list. Over the months I’ve written up a short paragraph for each one to entice people to read one that I’ve started but now all those are lost in past posts. We’ve been talking daily from about 11:00 PM for 5-6 months.

        • *fans self* You summarized that rather well…lol

          Are you okay over there??

  9. Facial Hair.
    Rob’s made me start to like facial hair.
    And for some reason, when I watched the video of him beating that guys ass in the fight scene for ‘Remember Me’ I started laughing at first.
    But then,…
    I was like
    “Whoa, me likey Macho-Rob.”

  10. maybe back later, depending on how comotose I am after my conferece call. I’ll just ahve to dream of Rob to try and keep em awake.


    • Alright! We will miss you!

      • Later Lizzie…..nice talkin to you.

    • Later L. Good plan, chocolate-covered RobDaydreams! lol


  12. EyeC, this is a quote from CoaN:

    โ€œHe picked out my bedding. The bed I will be sleeping inโ€ฆin his houseโ€ฆwas furnished by him. He looked at the bedding and he touched it and he put it on my bed. I will roll myself all over that bedโ€ฆknowing that his hands were on itโ€ฆand it will be like he is touching me.โ€

    I thought it was rather amusing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Someone’s already gaga over Edward! Yay! Anew Edward to love!

      • This Bella is hilarious. Her internal dialogue is so funny. It’s dirty and funny and just understandable. lol

        • 7 chapters I can do. It was the 50 chapter one that really got to me! I am also going to check the recs from my Black and White author. I like it when they come from writers we enjoy–like the TOV and HL5 ones.

          • I can’t handle the UNFINISHED fan fics. I go nuts waiting for more…’s like almost cumming and then the phone rings.
            AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want complete finished stories.

            Please don’t forget to recommend some. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Sorry I lost it and got dirty minded again. Rob does that to me…

          • Yeah, but once you finished that one, that was it. No more updates! Yay!!

      • Yes, He’s “Doctor Edward Cullen, Head of Making Bellaโ€™s Girly Parts Quiver, M.D.” LOL

        • LOL That’s good.

        • DOCTOR ROB to me….LOL

      • Give me the best FF first so I get myself worked up enough for the edward stuff. I’m still on Rob and his oral fixation right now and it will be hard to transition to edward.

        HAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHA Have you seen the GIF of Rob sticking his tongue out pretending to lick a woman….from his HOW TO BE days? YOU KNOW he’s orally fixated too. he’s always smoking, drinking something and someone said a joke about he’d be licking his inner elbow if ‘something’ was there so he could lick it all day….. OH LORDY ROB. JUST KILL ME NOW!
        oh gawd.
        sorry. I’m back now.

  13. Finally someone who understands! The exact same thing happened to me with the beards. One day I didn’t like them and the next day I was drooling over this ugly guy I knew just cause he’d let his facial hair grow over the summer. I was a little bit disturbed to be honest. I mean, this guy was REALLY ugly.
    Rob, what have you done to me? Why must you give me strange fetishes like this?

  14. FN, what do you think we should recommend first?

    • Hmm….I always like to go w/ WA. It’s hot w/ a good storyline and it’s almost done.

      • I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like WA.

        • so bring it on. ๐Ÿ™‚ Where, how, url….name, please. I’m ready for a good read. Thanks.

          • Wide Awake by angstgoddess003. This one is 50 chapters long so it is filled with detail and has plenty of room to develop the characters. It is always a favorite. Trauma, angst, slow build to the sex.

          • WA is Darkward if you come across that reference. I’ts because his character is so angst-filled. Just about all of them have been given a nickname. I’ll list off a few more but I won’t go into my fabulous descriptions of them right now! lol

            Let Your Life Shine plus its sequel A Life Extraordinary—This is vampire Edward, human Bella initially. The honeymoon is how it should have been with both of them in bliss over the fun they are having. No pregnancy.

            The Submissive followed by The Dominant. This was too much for some, but if you keep reading you will discover how much Edward loves Bella. You have to get to The Dom to appreciate it.

            Library Rendezvous–Sweet Edward. They meet at the University Library.

            Stitches and Scars–a completed story. He’s a doctor and she’s a photographer with her first gallery showing.

            The Arrangement was one of our early ones. Almost done. Grad students Edward, Bella and Jasper are housemates and have been best of friends since elementary school. It’s a threesome initially so be prepared!

            I Love LA—A Rob fanfic. Complete. A favorite with many.

            Tropic of Virgo–a top 3 with LOTN. Quality writing, very music oriented with several underlying plotlines.

            There are more but I’m not sure if you’re still here!

          • WOW. OH MY. WORKS FOR ME. Thanks for the descriptions.

          • Humming the song…”I love LA”…..

            I’m going there first. BUT I WILL READ THE EDWARD FF’s. You guys have talked me into it.

            An open mind finds amazing things.

    • The Office which is Beautiful Bastard will get you off to a good start. Almost all of these are over on the forum.

      You’ll find that with all of these stories the Edwards are all unique and they each have their story to tell. They are no longer the Edward from Twilight, but much sexier. I think I’m one of the few LOTN who reads Rob fanfic and only a very few of those. Just This Once has been my favorite and it’s close to finishing.

      • I UNDERSTAND now. I loved the movie, but Edward in the movie really forgot how it feels to get laid. LOL So a new made up edward works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep an open mind. New Edward it is…..

        But Rob PLAYING edward WAS sexy. The eyes…..the lips……were HIS. SIGH. I actually like it when they showed Edward’s fantasy of attacking bella in the biology lab. SEXY. Like they did in the PUSSYCAT video of rob. LOVE THAT YouTube video. It was SO WELL DONE.

      • I don’t read ANY PattinPorn. lol

        Here’s the link to Wide Awake:

        The Office IS another good one!!
        (BB is HOT!! but it’s unfinished)

        Also, I posted a link to JAG’s list somewhere up there. She’s got several listed there.

      • THANKS SO MUCH for the suggestions. I will check them out.

        Don’t get me wrong by the way, I loved Twilight and Edward. But when I think of PURE AMAZING SEX….I think of REAL ROB and the stubble and the cigarettes and his real voice and his humor and his hands….OH SHUT UP.
        I guess we ALL get the picture. LOL
        well DUH.

        • OH….I forgot….and his TONGUE!!! LOL

          SHUTTING UP NOW. Gawd I look bad. Rob has awakened my libido big time. I can’t help it. ROB!
          ok. THANKS LADIES> SO MUCH.

          • We know. We know. LOL

        • No problem. And I think you’ll like the TW FF. It’s really nothing like TW at all. You’ll see some similarities, but the stories are completely new just using the same characters. You’ll see….lol

          Some stories mention the stubble and sex hair. Just read. lol

          • stubble on edward? OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH.
            Well, that helps. lol

          • It’s because he’s HUMAN in most of these fanfics. That’s our preference but I’ll add in some vampire ones occasionally.

        • I just can`t stand your description of PURE AMAZING SEX with REAL ROB!! Itยดs toooo hot…I definitely get the picture-every night. SIGH
          ROB-gimme just one night,or one hour…that would be enough-for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Yes, we can all dream! lol

          • Hell, I’m so damned Rob hooked it’s sickening. He turns me on so badly! GIVE ME STRENGTH.

  15. Are there any more by the person who wrote the one with rob and kristen where they are in japan and she runs from her hotel to his in the rain? I LOVE HER WRITING. She’s almost poetic. MORE.

    • I didn’t read that. Kristen stories make me all twisty. Sorry. You can check out whether the author has written any other stories by clicking on her name at the top of the story and it will take you to her profile. Then go to the bottom of the page and it will give all the stories written by that author.

      • HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH Twisty…that’s funny.

        So I’m the only ROBPORN pervert on here? nahhhhh can’t be true.

        • There are others like you out there…they just don’t hang out here until all hours of the night. LOL

          • hahahahhaha. I sound like an alien.
            HAHAHAHAHAHA We are a rare breed. LOL We are the same ones who like pigeon toed men too I believe. ๐Ÿ™‚

            PLEASE LAUGH. It’s one of his most beautiful things..his awkward feet. I’ll take adorkable over a punching man any day.

          • Love his feet!

          • ah alone again…naturally…(that’s a song).

            I like you guys. Thanks.
            I’m a minority, huh?
            I’m the alien of Letters to Rob. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Robporn.
            ET phone home.
            Rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob rob….THUD. dead.
            I love you rob.

          • I love adorkable, awkward guys! Way better than those macho jerks! lol

          • And rob READS. OH GAWD….
            That’s my biggest fantasy….Rob reading to me in bed.

      • Thanks for the tip. I’ll look for more by her now that I know how to thanks to you. Yeah, she got great reviews at the bottom of her page too. I thought it was BEAUTIFULLY written. Wish you’d give it a chance. Change the names if you have to. LOL Whatever….to each his own, right?

        I’ll dig your Edward….for sure. THANK YOU.

  16. OH I SEE THE the one you suggested…up above. Sorry I missed it.

    THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION. I will read it!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks ladies.

  17. FN, are you still there?

    • Yes, I’m sorry. EP said to tell you (and Lizzie if she returns) HI! She’s working on homework tonight. I can’t wait til the other ladies join us more frequently. Not that I don’t โค you! You know you're wonderful! lol

    • I’m still here. My think my other reply got stuck in moderation.

      EP said to tell you and Lizzie “HI!” She’s working on HW. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I can’t wait until everyone is on more regularly!! lol

      • EP at least has short sessions for these summer classes. Hope Jenny comes back–maybe Friday night. I guess we’ll just have to catch each other as we can. August could be different.

        Are you reading CoaN tonight then, or did you finish it to date already?

        • I’m here too. Just the convo jumps around so much when we all reply to each other’s posts…. I am trying to find you guys….lol

          I’m NOT alone after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • As long as you follow the line down and reply to the right post we all are in the habit of checking back up the line for later comments.

        • I’m on Ch. 3 so far. I read a little earlier, but I’m not very far. They did a “round table” thing on the Smut Shack and it sounds so funny. Apparently they haven’t had sex yet, but there are lots of good lemony parts.

          Here, I’ll link you to the prologue:

          I’m noticing a few errors in grammar, but it’s not too bad. Just to warn you.

          • I usually can get past the grammar errors. Even though I have to correct them in my head! lol I would probably be a pretty good beta because I’m so meticulous. The one that really bothered me was a 25 chapter story where she substituted then for than all the way through–drove me crazy!

            What would you say our top 5 are? TOV, TRL, HL5, TO, WA?

          • I would say those are my top 5. Those are all on my list, but TRL is further down (only b/c it’s finished) So The Dom takes my #5 spot technically, but you’re right. TRL belongs up there! Love me some Stripward!! (but this shouldn’t be read until you’re a little further along, it gets pretty intense in some places)

          • Oh yeah and “then” for “than” would drive me insane!!

          • I agree about waiting before you get to TRL! Pretty brutal in places. For me it goes above s/D. I think it’s the depth of the story, the trauma, the strong Bella, good sex. I do love Domward a lot. It was really heartwrenching at the current chapter (the last 3, really). Once she writes The Training it will be a great trilogy.

          • Yeah the TRL story is way better than s/D. There’s so much more to it. I just like to keep the finished ones at the bottom of my FF list b/c they’re all together. I really need to make 2 or 3 separate folders. My list of must-reads and incompletes is getting really, really long! Plus I’ve got a few finished ones in there. lol Yeah, these last few Dom chapters have been good. It’s nice to see his side. I’m soooo looking forward to The Training. New story material will be nice.

        • And Jenny will be back. She <3's us! She can't stay away too long!! lol

  18. OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU, I READ “EDWARD WALLBANGER” last night. SO I GUESS I AM READING IT ALREADY. Damned thing isn’t finished yet. FUCK.

    FUNNY. I would listen. I’d enjoy it. Bang onward Rob. HAHAHHAHAHAH

  19. You two are sick! (Yes, Nuggety and EC, that be you I’m talking about).

    Have you told your latest FF recruit that she will be ruined, totally and utterly ruined?!

    That she is destined for nights without sleep and endless amounts of irritation because her favourite FF hasn’t updated in a few hours/minutes?

    I *am* disappointed that HL5 and TOV didn’t rate a mention from either of you.

    • I’m up ALL NIGHT any way. I only work weekends. So I’m a night person. ๐Ÿ™‚ You all are KIN! hehehheheheh

      I’m behind the Rob curve….I have to catch up on the FF. LOVE IT!

      • You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for.

        My recommendations would be:-

        Wide Awake… oh, the Darkward.

        Hydraulic Level 5…I’m so in love with this one, I can’t even begin to explain it.

        The Office… it is pornography for women on the surface, but underneath that it’s got a lot of heart… and the French. Ahhh, the French kills me.

        • SIgh..sounds good to me. I’ve about burned up my DVD of “Bridges of Madison County” looking for intimacy and romance. LOL BRING ON THE FAN FIC.

          • Well, there is a lot of… ummm… intimacy in The Office.
            Unicorn inducing.

          • I recently re-watched that movie. lol

            Yes, this stuff we’re talking about is very satisfying—or frustratinf, however you want to look at it! There is both intimacy and romance. Some of them will bring you to tears. Others will have you laughing a lot. Some make me smile for pages at a time they’re so sweet.

            FN and I are convinced that if you can get a guy to read them it will result in better sex for everyone. Now it’s just finding someone willing!

          • It’s frustrating when it’s not finished.
            But then again, it gives you time to contemplate the characters and their motivations.
            Maybe there is something in Edward’s one-a-week theory.

          • Now we’re back to my BIGGEST FANTASY again…>Rob reading to me in BED. sigh….

            Rob knows….I have no doubt in my mind. A well read man knows….sigh.

            We really REALLY need to start dating men we meet in libraries. LOL

          • ONE A WEEK? That would be Edward’s fucking idea…sigh.

            ROB’s idea? ANGRY SEX. I more likely to go that route.
            ROB PORN PEOPLE UNITE! I better not start that again….
            heehehheheheh JUST TEASING.

          • Yes, it’s the unholy cliff-hucker Edward’s idea to get a conversation going.

            Ee – how do you see this one panning out? Do they end up together or not?

          • Yes, they’ll end up together. Charlotte will be exposed for some of her unethical practices involving Edward. I think she will also print that book he is currently writing about his and Bella’s childhood even though he says he is just writing it for himself. She’s greedy and vindictive. Once B & E realize they both still love each other there will be nothing that can stop them. I think he’s ready to move back home anyway. He can write from there. Bella will be his PR person. It will just take awhile to get there with this one question a week deal!

          • Sometimes love isn’t enough, Ee.

            I can also see it ending with them *not* being together, with them making their peace with their past and moving on separately.

            Can Charlotte publish the book when Edward is the author?
            These visits to Seattle – sudden, strange – there is a lot more going on than Edward realises.

            She’s going to crucify him – she thought it was over, that her time was now, and when it becomes clear that he isn’t over Bella (dur) she’s going to be a bitch. She’s going to destroy him.

    • Hey! How’s it goin’?

      We were getting there!!! She’s just starting out….and we DID mention HL5 and TOV (note EyeC’s post at 3:29)

      And we’re not sick! You know you like it! Plus, she’s already read some FF so she understands those types of consequences. lol

      • Yep. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’m totally pissed when it stops without an ending though….>AHHHHHHHHH.

        Like don’t laugh at the erect penis or it goes soft again. LOL
        That’s how it feels when the story ends with “to be continued”.
        I can’t HANDLE IT! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. pant pant pant.

        • By the way, NEVER laugh at your man’s erect penis. Even if you mean it lovingly and have names for it. Erections apparently do NOT like laughter. LOL I personally think HUMOR IS EROTIC AND SEXY TOO.
          That’s why I liked this stuff….there’s humor in it too.

          Anybody who name’s their penis “johnny b goode” deserves a laugh. He was my ex so I thought it was ok. BUZZZZZZZZZZ wrong.
          Humor is sexy. Fuck anyone who doesn’t think so.

          • R/L can be such a drag! I haven’t read one story where Edward’s peen deflated for ANY reason! lol

          • hahahahhahahhahahhahhaha. You are funny. Real life…ain’t it a bitch? LOL

          • Oh no! Deflated penises do not exist in FF! lol

          • No, FF Edward certainly knows how to deliver.
            On *every* level, in *every* setting, in *every* position.

            Poor, poor, Rob… ROFLMO.

          • Well, I married a musician…he was a guitar player….so the Johnny B Good name for his penis he chose I guess. LOL Well the neck of a guitar is so erotic….what can I say? It looks like masturbation onstage. LOL SHUT UP DEB. hahahahhaha
            Add a romantic song and great lyrics and I was a goner….sigh.
            And HE read too. sigh. I kinda miss Johnny. LOL
            HERE’SSSSSSS JOHNNY. That was the joke I made. LOL
            Didn’t go over well with Johnny. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

            Rob would never go down…..before the end of the story. I’m delusional. Let me stay there. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Nat! See, I DID mention them! I didn’t know if I should continue my list right now. I could be typing for an hour and not know if anybody even reads it!

        • I missed it. I’m so sorry. I was skimming and the screen was jumping and… I missed it. Sorry.

          Speaking of missing things… has JM checked in over the past two days? I need to apologise to her, virtually to virtually. Guilts.

      • No, you know full well, Nuggety, that she doesn’t understand. That she won’t understand until it is far, far too late. That the path to ruination isn’t immediately obvious.

        I printed out HL5. It’s 134 pages long in size 10 font. This one… is the FF of my heart. Missed Ee’s post at 3.29. Sigh.

        Okay. I admit it. I don’t just like it, I love it. Love it.
        That doesn’t make you less sick, BTW.

        • Hmmm….that’s an interesting perspective….that I’m going to choose not to comment on…LOL

          Wow, I can’t imagine printing any of them out. I don’t have the money for the ink or paper that will take up. (Me=still unemployed lol) It’s one of the best. I agree.

          Mwahahahaha…You love it…and I’m not sick! I’m helping people see the light. That can’t be bad, right??

          • Well, it was either spend money on printing it out, or spend money on the internet connection.

            Printing it out meant I can read it over again in bed with the electric blanket on, and try and figure out the red herrings.

            Still unemployed? Oh, Nuggety. What happened with ‘would you like a dessert with that order?’

            Yes, I love it. Damn it. I just wish that some of them came as books. It would make life so much easier.

          • FF in book form sounds wonderful.

            I haven’t heard back from anyone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The economy is crap!

          • FF in book form is the biz.

            I’m sure that publishers worth their salt would read it, checking to see what is being read.

            AG probably already has a publishing deal ready to go.
            Would be most suprised if she doesn’t reveal that when the last chapter goes up.

            I’m sick SICK of seeing 49. Flotsam Florentines every time I check LJ.

          • I am genuinely sorry you haven’t found work.
            VIRTUALLY HUGS for nuggety.

          • Aww…thanks Nat!

          • Now, that beats a heart, doesn’t it? A virtual hug?

  20. You guys are funny. Leading me down the dark path into the mouth of HELL….there’s no turning back. Rob is waiting with his pitchfork ready to devour my SOUL!

    Bring it on baby. As long as I get to spend it with Rob. I’ve said this before. Do I mean it? I’m not sure. OK, I mean it. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHH
    Rob rob rob rob rob

    • You have no idea of the truth of your words.
      Before long you’ll be quoting FF with Nuggety and Ee like no-one’s business.

      And you’ll be checking in on LTR every day, just because.

  21. They should write FF including *ALL* of the BRIT PACK. Now THAT would be really interesting. Insert evil grin here. Is there such a mad place out there? I mean, we all love musicians. They’d be so pissed I said this. I think it’s a funny idea…I’m SURE you all have done it already. I’m behind the curve….

    • Oh, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. I don’t doubt it for a second.

      • I’ll forward it to Marcus when I find it. oh gawd…..they hate me already, I’m sure. I just love musicians. I can’t help it. I am from their breed. My parents were musicians too.

        • Musicians are hot. The only turn off for me is the whole groupie thing. lol

          • Yeah, I couldn’t go there…I tried…but … But I do love musicians and songwriters. I just can’t be a groupie at the gig. I wish I could. There’s nice folks out there that DO…. I just can’t. I would rather see what’s INSIDE any way….. People only let you see what they WANT you to see. Me, on the other hand, can’t keep my freaking mouth shut. From head to mouth…no stopping.
            I guess I just love musicians through the songs like most people do…..even if the songs aren’t about THEM, at least there’s still a part of them in the songs. We are all such romantics….. Singer/songwriters know what we need.

    • They do have them on a JibJab Chippendales dance video. Made us all laugh.

      • Haha. That JibJab video was hilarious!

  22. So…Bella’s moving in w/ Edward and his daughter and she is so affected by him she forgot to breath. He notices she doesn’t look well and suggests she put her head between her legs and take some deep breaths to get rid of the lightheadedness. This is her mental response:

    “Why donโ€™t you put you head between my legs and for your own safety, please do not kneel down in front of me like that unless you want me to knock you down and ride you like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby.”

    Hahahahaha! She cracks me up!

    • Nuggety, that is fucking FF gold…!

    • Gawd that’s funny!!!!!

    • Yeah, I’m gonna like that one! lol

      • I thought you might. lol

      • Yeah, Ee’s, it’s got your name all over it.
        I prefer the angst, the tension, the build up.

        • Oh there’s lots of tension here….lol

        • Bella’s working on “Operation Seduction” lmao

          • That is too funny.
            Can you send me the link please, Nuggety?

          • It starts w/ the prologue:


            And as a warning, it’s only 7 chapters so far…

          • Meh. I can’t start another unfinished FF.
            I just can’t.
            It does my head in.

          • That’s why I had to warn you. I didn’t think you’d like that part of it too much. lol

          • You are starting to know me too well, Nuggety.
            Disturbing thought that that is!

        • I like stories that go deep into character development and that means tension will always be a part of it. Some characters just have a sweet nature about them which I enjoy but I love ALL my Edwards!!!

          • I don’t love all my Edwards.

            I like the ones who feel like they could be a legitimate person, not a characterisation.

          • I agree E. I also enjoy naming the Edwards. lol

          • I love the Beautiful Bastard (much to love) and the Unholy Cliff-Hucker and the Darkward.

            I can live with the others, as long as they deliver unicorns.

  23. Have you guys SEEN Godze’s latest pictures?
    Hot or what?!?!?!
    The B/W’s… dead… now I know how the next RB vid will end.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen those pics. I might need to look for them…

      • Oh, yes. Do it. Do it now. You will be dead, too.

        • Already seen them. WOOF. I’ve saved most of them to my hard drive…the black and white pics are breath taking….sigh…..I’ve got so damned many pictures of Rob on my computer I think it’s gonna blow up. Backed up on external hard drive also though….. LOL Never can be too careful you know. THere’s MONTHS of Rob searching there in pictures. Someday I will make an album of them and light an eternal flame beside it. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GOD I LOVE HIS PICTURES. SIGH. HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY!
          GOZDE is an angel!

          • Yes, Gozde is angel.

            Don’t save Rob photos. They are burned in to the brain after one viewing.

          • I know,I also want to save ALL the pictures of him.Itยดs comforting to look at them when you had a shitty day.

          • It is. I’ve had a bulletin board filled with them by my reading chair so I could see his gorgeous mug whenever I sat down. I recently took them all down to have with me on vacay. lol Couldn’t get by without them!

          • hahahah I love you guys. We’re INSANE for Rob. sigh….
            I look forward to him…like coming home to him REALLY.

          • “Reality…what a concept.” Quote by Robin Williams. LOL
            Rob is definately a high. We’re all Rob addicts for fuck sure. Rob is chocolate. MMMM MMMMM GOOD. LOL

          • Nice.

            It certainly gives a whole new meaning to ‘enjoying the view’, doesn’t it.

            I have no Rob pics anywhere, except for the ones for the new vid. Which is going to be hilarious.

  24. Was Jenny around earlier tonight or yesterday?

    Have either of you heard from her?

    I really really need to apologise to her, and I would hate to think that she was staying clear because of me.


    • I haven’t talked to her. She often doesn’t come on during the week.

    • I haven’t seen her around. I believe she’s busy with work and stuff though. I’m sure she’ll be back soon.

      • Okay. Thanks, girls.
        Will feel better when apologise.

  25. My cat is jealous of the computer. When I’m on looking at Rob pictures there is NOTHING ELSE THAT EXISTS and my male cat gets jealous and comes over and starts rubbing the corner of the laptop to get attention. As I type now, he’s laying between my arms. I love my cat. But my Rob time is PRECIOUS. LOL

    • It def is!
      I hate beeing interrupted in my Robtime.The house is burning?!I donยดt care, Robs eyes are all I see…

      • amen sister….. Just don’t cut off my internet. PLEASE!!!!
        A day without Rob pics is like a day without sunshine. LOL

  26. I nearly had a carcrash yesterday,because I was watching Twilight on my JVC,and it is so difficult to look out for traffic when his face and hypnotic eyes are on the screen…Heยดll kill me someday…;-)

    • I DID have a car crash just before Christmas because I was daydreaming about him as I turned the corner! Never fessed up to the real reason there! I wrote it up as a LTR but didn’t think it was funny enough to submit it. Do you know what a ticket costs these days??? Not to mention deductable and repairs! Sad, very sad.

      • You have to submit it.I bet you arenยดt the only one…insurances will integrate a new paragraph:
        “car crashes regarding to dazzling Robert Pattinson” LOL

        • LOL!

      • Ee, the things that I learn about you.
        A car crash. Over Rob.
        You *have* to tell Moon and UC, and if you don’t I WILL…!


      • Oh EyeC!! Why didn’t I know about that?? (or did I?? my memory is awful!)

        • I never told anybody. I swear I’ll deny it if anybody irl ever asks. lol

          • haha. I promise not to tell anyone.

          • I’ll make no such promises. That is a gold story.
            It deserves prominence as a LTR letter.

    • Ahh, dazzled.

    • WOW. YOU BE CAREFUL!!!!!

  27. Alphabet Weekends has updated, girls.

    • and …..they’ve gone to read. hehehhee
      I enjoyed the convo so much.
      Will return tomorrow.

      • Bye Debbo. See ya later.

  28. I have a SMALL, but intensely beautiful Rob picture I keep in my purse. I’m a musician and so when I sing, I put his picture up on the piano, but in a place no one can see. And I SING TO ROB….sigh. Wish he could hear me. Oh well…. It makes the songs more powerful and I put a lot of emotion into them with a Rob picture there. His face adds rebirth to the lyrics and makes songs I’ve sung for ages, seem new again. He is so beautiful, I’m like a kid looking at his pictures. I’m too old for this. BUT I LOVE ROB. argh
    GET THE HOOK….she’s gone over the edge…my musician friends laugh at me. They know…

  29. Can someone please send me the link to LR?

  30. Okay, girls, that is me out for the night.
    Have a really good day tomorrow.
    I won’t be around… I’ll be at HARRY instead… oh yes, I’ll be at HARRY…

    • Bye Nat. That should be great! You’ll have to review it.

    • Ooo…EP will be gone tomorrow night too….I can’t wait to hear what they say about it.

      • Me neither.

  31. Night Debbo and Nat!

  32. EyeC are you still here??

    • Yeah. This thing wobbles a lot when I refresh. I have to anchor it at the bottom. Are you leaving me?

      • Yeah, I hate the scrolling thing!!! It’s driving me nutso! lol

        Nope, I’m not leaving you. Just making sure you’re around. OMG!! There was just a part where Edward was “spying” on Bella…WHEW!! It was pretty kinky. I’ll probably read a little bit more before I go.

        Have you started anything new?

        • I am finally on the last of the ones that updated when I was on vacation. It’s my least favorite. I need to check through everything again to see if anything else updated since afternoon.

          The nephew is coming over in the morning to help take down those aspen trees in the front island of the house. We planted them the day he was born so it seems fitting.

          I’m really tempted to start a new ff but I still have things to do the next couple days and it’s hard to keep away from a story once I start one. lol

          • Yay! for being caught up on updates!

            Wow, so are those trees pretty big?

            LOL You should start CoaN…it’s short so you can read it in spurts and by the time you get back full-time you’ll be able to devote more time to a new one…just a suggestion… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Yeah, I should. It sounds funny.

            I guess they are big for aspens. Very tall. They have to cut the tops down in pieces. It will be so naked without them.

          • ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m sad you’ll miss your trees. Why do you have to cut them down?

          • They slowly died. I guess they don’t do well in the city out of their natural environment. But it took years so it’s been good they lasted as long as they have.

          • Poor trees. Nature and cities just don’t seem to mesh well for some reason. lol

  33. Let’s see… before Rob came along:
    hobo = yuk
    drunk = yuk
    smoke = yuk
    fight = yuk

    HoboRob = HOT
    DrunkRob = HOT
    SmokeRob = HOT
    FightRob = HOT

    I also sincerely believe that time should no longer be referred to as ‘BC’ & ‘AD’ but as ‘BR’ & ‘AR’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Funny! BR and AR….

    • I like it! Rob certainly has a way of changing our opinions of certain things…lol

  34. I need to get some sleep. See you tonight FN. Sleep well.

    • Night! I was just thinking the same thing. TTYL!

  35. Beardward, total hot!

    True story at Church Sunday, a good friend hugged me (I am happily married) & I have NEVER like beards or stubble. But when this guys’ stubble grazed my shoulder. I instantly thought of stubbleward & got excited! Gah! Not toward the dude toward all those fanfic stories “Don’t shave”. Sh*t! Rob I wanna fell your stubble!


  36. Wow…never liked fighting, but that was a def turn on. As for other things I now love because of Rob and only on Rob: smoking (hello GQ), messy longish hair, and the scruff/beard (gah)!

  37. I used to smoke and was so glad when I quit b/c it was nasty, nasty, nasty. HOWEVER, I would totally light up with him. Smoke and drink all night. I have my emergency pack at home ready for that chance happening of when my husband is out of town, the daughter is off at grandma’s and Rob suddenly shows up at my door looking for directions. At which point I would direct his hand to my waist and… *heart beat becoming erratic*…must stop

  38. […] Yea, the fight scene was even hotter (in that weird, totally wrong way) than it was in that paparazzi video all those months ago […]

  39. […] on what this film could be about, whether Emilie de Ravin was tappin’ dat azzzzzz and why Rob punching someone was hot but probably the most memorable moment from Rob’s time in New York City over summer 2009 that […]

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