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Happy 4th of July to Robert Pattinson

US Flag5420Dear Rob,

Happy 4th of July from your favorite Americans UC & Moon! I know this day isn’t a very happy one in British history since our country beat your country’s ass in a war. But I think we can work through it. We can turn it into a little game. I (UC) went to college in the south and some people don’t seem to be over The Civil War yet (I understand- it was recent- mid 1800s..) They called me a Yankee. Wtf? I never even heard the word “Yankee” till I went to college and found out that apparently I am one.  (Yankee= from the north… I think… any southerners wanna help me out?)

We had good times in college, pretending with my friends that we gave a damn about a war fought so long ago. We’d be walking to class and I’d pass a friend from Georgia and I’d say, “I’m gonna getcha in Gettysburg.” And then he’d say, “But I’m gonna win in Spotsylvania!” It was a hoot!

So whadayasay? Should we do something similiar to what I did with my southern friends in college? Like, I can call you up and say, “Yo Limey- put on your red coat and get over here to celebrate the US signing the declaration of Independence from your country” And you’d come over, wearing your red coat because you’re such a good sport, and I’d be in my blue coat. And if you bring me some tea I could say, “Hell no! I don’t want your tea. I’m gonna dump this tea overboard into the waters in Boston.” Imagine all the jokes we could make..

Or we could forego all the history ideas (cuz seriously those 4 things above took me a 1/2 hour to look for on wikipedia) and just celebrate the 4th of July the good ol’ American way- hot dogs, hamburgers, deviled eggs, volley ball, watermelon, throwing up on the volley ball court because you played too soon after eating the hot dogs, hamburgers and deviled eggs, refueling after your purging with more hot dogs, a dip in the pool, playing Born in the USA 100 times and then switching to your mix of Lee Greenwood, Bruce Springstreen & Toby Keith. And capping off the night with an amazing backyard firework display where this phrase is usually heard: ‘Shit… they didn’t go off. Someone go see why. No you go. No you. GET THE FOUR YEAR OLD AWAY. We will never do this again. These are supposed to be foul-proof fireworks! Get Uncle Joe- he’ll check it out” and Uncle Joe does check it out. And then the rest of the night is spent in the ER, with Uncle Joe, who has a black hand and is now completely bald as opposed to half-way bald. Oh and don’t forget to wear a flag somewhere on your body (looks like Moon took care of that for you- cute!)


I’m a cool rocking Daddy in the U.S.A.,
UnintendedChoice & The MoonisDown

For all you US- LTR fans, enjoy your  holiday! We are both kinda MIA this weekend so if your comment doesn’t get approved right away, don’t fret- it will be posted eventually! Enjoy your time off! Relax! Jump in a pool! Watch a movie with Rob in it!

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I do realize that without winning the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and that war we won to get Alaska, the US would look quite different (whatever would we do without Alaska?). So I’m grateful. So don’t get your panties in a twist thinking I’m disrespectful of your great-great-great-great-great-grandfather who fought in Gettysburg. Cuz I ain’t untwisting them. Cuz that’s just nasty….. xo


  1. Happy 4th EVERBODY!!!! :D…and UC don’t worry I’m originally from Chicago but when I moved to TX all of a sudden I was a ‘Yankee’ as well and people could apparently tell because I had no ‘TX Twang’ and I didn’t say ‘Ya’ll’…which eventually stuck and I went to visit family back in Chicago and let the Ya’ll slip out and all of a sudden I was a ‘country girl’…ANYWHO I guess I can’t win either or…LOL 🙂

    • I live in Chicago but everyone I work with (virtual office) is in Dallas and Atlanta, and I have a mom from Alabama who had an Uncle Bubba and taught me how to make biscuits and gravy.

      Y’all has definitely become part of my vocabulary, and people are always surprised when I say it if they know where I’m from.

      Dad was from Wisconsin. So I guess I’m just figuratively straddling the Mason-Dixon line. I’d rather be straddling Rob…

  2. there was no war for alaska, lol. andrew johnson’s secretary of state william seward purchased it from the russians in 1867 and it was known for a long time as “seward’s folly.”

  3. Happy 4th from London!

    Have a terrific weekend, peeps, it sure sounds like fun 🙂

    • Happy 4th to you, too, summergirl.

      According to my husband (another Brit), this is the day for y’all to wear black armbands. He then tells me he is part of Plan B — infiltration – Brits coming over one at a time and marrying Americans –since Plan A failed in 1776.

      • It does makes sense why so many woman across the world swooning over a single British male. They are pretty smart. Taking over continents with one Superhunk British Guy is much more time and energy efficient. I wonder what kind of labotary his robness magnetism was made.

        *Happy 4th of July to all of you.*

      • That’s hilarious! Sounds like something my Canadian hub would say. Except it would be the war of 1812…and it would be me invading his country. If I had a dime for every time he references the song, ‘American Woman!’

      • The alternate Plan B sound much better then other Plan B’s I have heard of!

  4. a holiday is a holiday anyway you get it, anyplace you live right? you forgot the jack daniels though….
    have a good one

  5. Happy Independance Day all you lovely Americans enjoy your day.

  6. That Brit-vs-Colonies roleplay is hot. Rob could wear his red velvet jacket from the Goblet of Fire premiere. We could do a full re-enactment, in which I would get to see his bayonet.

    I live just outside of Richmond, Virginia which was the capital of the Confederacy. Anyone born north of here is a Yankee, or a ‘Northernah’, and without question, this is not meant as a compliment. I talk fast and could care less about Southern heritage, which makes me an honorary Northernah.

    • haha. nothernah.. love it..

      YES.. the velvet jacket for the reenactment!

    • bayonet…LOL!

    • What if he were just covered in Red Velvet cake? I could go for that… That’s a southern thing right?

      it’s a man w/ an accent, British, southern (Jackson) I’ll take that any day independence or not…

  7. happy 4th of july to you all!
    here’s a funny video that you guys might enjoy.. it was actually made for canada day, but theres’ some funny references to your independence day :

    have a good weekend everyone!

    • That girl is hilarious!
      She’s got soooo many videos … OMG.
      Bookmarked so I can listen to more.
      Thanks for sharing!

  8. Haha…funny! Loved the banter…I’m in Stafford County, one county up from Spotsylvania County…def not a compliment to be called a yankee…I’m from Ohio though so it wouldn’t bother me! That pic of Rob…too funny! Happy 4th!

  9. Happy 4th of July Americans!! I hope you get a wonderful holiday!
    Hugs from Brazil!

    P.S. I have to say here in Brazil we name EVERY American citizen as a Yankee. Period. Just today I learned: to Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner. Living.laughing.learning w/ LTR. 🙂

    • haha really!?? wow.. that’s funny.. the things we teach you on LTR!

      • LTR is educational…love it.

    • LOL thats the same thing in india.. my g-rents are there and they refer to my dad’s side (who are in virginia) as the yankees. but say it in a brown accent, its “jankees” hhahaha i get a good laugh everytime 😀

  10. Any one else getting a “general error” message when they try and go to the forum? I think I can live without the forum for a day but I wanna know if its just me so I can start my troubleshoot (restart firefox, restart computer…)

    • never mind, its working 🙂

  11. Happy Independence day y’all from Louisville, KY! I’m a northerner too but moved here a couple yrs ago so yeah I’m definitely called a “Yankee” here!

    Gosh Rob was so skinny! He reminds me of the tall lanky guy in Scooby Doo…of course Rob is the much hotter version!

  12. Happy 4th y’all lovely people!!! I’m totes digging rob in that hot underwear , he doesn’t have to wear that red velvet jacket from the GOF premiere,what he has on in that pic above will suffice. Easier and faster to remove too!!!

    • That’s pic is shopped right? The knickers obviously (Niiiiiice Moon), but I mean the head/body? Right?

      • Ignore my inability spell.

      • lol it was photoshopped.. perez had it on the site one time, sayin that he looked like an amputee 😛

  13. Anyone above the Mason Dixon line is a Yankee. (Yes, that’s you, UC.)

    I mourn for y’all. Really, I do. It saddens me that not everyone can be a southerner.
    Especially since it’s on record that Rob digs the southern accent. (See My Space chat with Hayley Williams…”I like the way you say ‘HERE!'”

    I jest. Kind of.

    (And to Rob–who once confused Independence Day with Thanksgiving. You know, since they’re so similar–fat Americans being grateful for what we have and all.)

    • Sometimes Rob seems incrediby well informed about current affairs and history and shiz, and sometimes he seems to have NO IDEA!!!!

      Gorgeous either way though 🙂

      • Perhaps it depends on the state of his hangover. LOL

  14. Or we could forego all the history ideas (cuz seriously those 4 things above took me a 1/2 hour to look for on wikipedia)


    What do they call you if you’re an American, from the desert (AZ), who dated a Brit, broke up with him to marry a Canadian, moved to Toronto, and now obsessing over another Brit? Confused? Fickle? Normal? Def a Yankee!

    Happy Fourth my fellow U.S. peeps!

    • Duh, normal.


      • Mostly. 😉

  15. Definitely normal!

    Happy Fourth to everyone who has the Spirit of Independence… no matter where the country!!

    • What Sesanne said at 1.55pm 🙂

      • Sorry 1.01pm 🙂

  16. Happy 4th of July, y’all!! Southernah represent!!

    UC ~ Red Velvet Jacket from the GOF premier plus those undies!! You never said he had to wear the whole get up!!

    Tiffanized ~ Bayonet!! LOL That’s brilliant!

    I hope everyone has a safe weekend! Don’t drink and drive because Rob wants to meet y’all in one piece!


  17. OK Moon, so what I want to know is this:

    What is causing the “ripple” in the flag underpahnts?

    ‘Cause it’s at an awfully odd angle.

    Perhaps I should help Rob check that everything is in order.

  18. Happy Fourth Y’all!

    I’m a born and raised West Coast Girly, I know nothing of this Yankee/Confederacy stuff….we just name all our places out here for the Native Americans we chucked out of this beautiful place so we could live here….well, except for those ones descended from wolves out there on the Rez at La Push, of course, they are still there.

    Bayonet, har.

    • I’m a yankee (born and raised in Maine), but we left all our stuff with their original Native American names, too. Sure makes map-reading interesting! And it’s fun to watch people from away try to make sense of them.

  19. I am not sure if you ladies saw the YouTube video of Rob while he was being interviewed on q102 by Jessie Jordan while he was in Philly – but she totally asked a man from Britian what his “Turkey Day” plans where…Rob had no clue – he pretty much said he thought Thanksgiving was when America gained Independnce from England….Yea…Worse Jessie Jordan pretty much said he was right….

    You prolly have seen – but if not

  20. Happy 4th to all of Ya’ll!

    Yep, I’m a Texas girl and have the “twang”. If I ever GOT to meet Rob – I would def us the accent to my advantage and say “ya’ll” and “fixin’ to” often!

    Love the Pic – think Rob is sporting some “wood”?

  21. Happy Independence Day from Poland!!!!

    Please remember to drink to two Polish soldiers who fought for American Independence too- T. Kosciuszko and K. Pulaski! They make me so proud on a day like this!

    PS. great post ! BTW, UC, can you believe that I already knew the word Yankee when I was in my primary school – I sang Yankee Doodle in an English song competition! (that was early 80s).

    • YAY! yankee doodle.. that song rocks.. i will sing it now!

  22. Oh I saw that interview a few months ago with Hayley Williams. He was like “where are you from?” He then said he likes how she says “here.” LOL.
    So he digs southern accent for real? Ok I guess I’ve been in Kentucky long enough to pass for a local so if I ever meet him I’m gonna really speak with a long drawl…he ain’t gonna reckon what I’m sayin.

  23. Happy 4th of July!!!!
    I,m reading New Moon and it´s a bit boring! And i bought the 4 books…what happened to me that day??????

    From Maria(galician girl)

    P.S. To Rob: study History(is very important, i tell you).

    • New Moon and boring in the same line sound like an oxymoron to me … I’m sorry you find it boring, Maria. I looooooved New Moon, at times I couldn’t read it though because I couldn’t see the text – literally – tears gushing from my eyes…

      • I know! NM might be my favorite one!!

        Well, to each their own…


        • Yes. It’s my favourite, too.

      • OMG! Maybe i don´t get the sense of the “drama”…? i´ll put more interest in it.
        Anyway, thanks!

  24. Happy 4th of July from Oz.

  25. Happy 4th of July from El Salvador!

  26. Happy 4th of July to all you Yankees, Northenahs, Southernahs, and EVERYONE! Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philly, and I’m sending 4th of July greetings to y’all!!!!!Here it’s supposed to be about the signing of the Declaration of Independence,;however, now we just drink and shoot off the fireworks very drunkenly!!!Enjoy your holiday everyone (and you too Rob, today you’re an honorary American)…

  27. its ok i live in florida a very mixed state. and well never been called a yankee or southerner but i guess you can say were i live is different i am from miami.. and here in florida we also have native american names for counties, cities and towns not just spanish, and names of people.

  28. Yeah, I went to Univ. for one year in the south (Texas) and transferred back to Calif. afterwards. I was considered the “liberal” of the bunch, which is much worse than being called a “Yankee”.. Any how… I learned to do a mean “two step”, and how to drink beer and tequlia boilermakers.
    The Brits love our 4th of July, the fireworks, the massive beer drinking and weenie eating contests, did I mention more food? i.e. bbq, watermelon, apple and cherry pies, tater salad..(burp) .. I bet Robbie had a good time in NYC yesterday. Maybe he was able to make some fireworks of his own. .. If he wasn’t being stalked too much.

  29. People that meet me are always surprised that I don’t have an accent when they learn I’m from Nashville. But for Rob, I can totes play one up! 😉

    My sister moved to Ohio about 3 years ago from down here and she shocked me the other day by calling soda “Pop”. Yep, she’s turning into a Yank!

  30. Nice site! Very professional looking. Thanks!

  31. happy 4th of july robert! i hope ur day was filled with love and joy!!your the best actor ever i cant wait till new moon comes out!! you should adition for other roles in big movies!

    — daniella your #1 fan!!

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