Posted by: Bekah | July 5, 2009

Robert Pattinson may or may not be attractive

Dear LTRers,

Since it’s a holiday weekend in the US & we’re all recovering from the many beers we drank and that extra 2-3 slices of apple pie we thought was a good idea to eat but turns out was not, I decided we should keep it simple and just bask in the beauty that is Robert Thomas Pattinson.  What does a blogger do when she’s in a jam? Oh contacts her expert Rob-video capturer, Jena, of course! Jena rocked it and found some amazing vids for us today. Thanks girl!

Turn your frown upside-down with this delightful lil’ video:

Did you know Rob likes Coke? Well, you know now:

This one issuch a must see that I'm posting it even though it's not embeddable (grr)

This one is such a must see that I'm posting it even though it's not embeddable (grr)

This one is a lil’ Robsteny for my taste- plus it has a long-ass 30 sec intro you have to ignore, but it’s creative. Plus it’s Rob, so what the hay:

This is an oldey but definitely a goodie! Watch it for old times sake, and SING ALONG cuz we alllll wanna do read bad things to Rob:

And our very own JENA, helper of UC when she’s in a jam, and the mod who rocks the vid section in the forum-check it out if you haven’t yet- made a great vid filled with the hottest pics of Rob as of late:

AH! Rob overload!

Now hop back in bed  & take some Tums for your bellyache. Or… if you feel recovered.. how ’bout another slice of apple pie?


Discuss how your pie turned out at The Forum
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And remember we’re kinda mia this weekend b/c of the holiday, so if you comment and it gets spammed or moderated, we’ll approve it eventually- we’re just a lil’ slower than usual! MWAH



  1. OMG!!! im letting you and jena pick videos every week! LOVED them all!

    smile and coke were my favorites!

  2. Hi! *waves*

    I’m new here so I’d thought I’d jump on the comments now while there’s not many people around….lol

    We don’t celebrate anything here in Australia on July 4th so it’s just another regular w/end here but Happy Independence Day to all!

    I got directed to this site (can’t remember how or when now) to the ‘Robert Pattinson vs. Chuck Norris’ list. I’ve never read anything so funny!! I’ve slowly worked through most of the archives – I love this site!! It’s funny, witty, silly, ADDICTIVE – all good things for Rob-lovers everywhere! And I love reading all the comments, everyone seems really nice, always puts a smile on my face 🙂


    • THANKS for commenting while it’s “slow” 🙂 So glad you found us & are joining the fun!

  3. Thanks for these videos y’all! I like the “Bad things” video!

    My 4th of July was so blah, stormed all day…no apple pie, barbeque, no hotdogs! 😦

    I just can’t get enough of Rob…he’s my apple pie!

    • the WORST!!

      rob is my ice cream sandwich

      • That’s a good one! I thought of another one. Rob is the fizz in my Coke…without him, it’s so flat and not worthy of drinking.

  4. Hope you are all recovering well with asprin and quiet times….the Rob hotness above should wake you up better than anything….
    Yep JENA ROCKS!!! she is totally brill over on the forum, always seems to ‘the one’ to find pic’s and vid’s first…THANKS JENA you make Rob cyber-stalking soooo easy and delicious…..<3 you….

    • Awww, I < U! Thanks! *smooch*

  5. […] we drank and that extra 2-3 slices of apple pie we thought was a good idea to eat but turns … Daily […]

  6. Oh I was dying for a new post! Thank you so much! Rob vids – just what the doctor ordered!
    But wait a sec? Are you going to kill me? I don’t know if I can watch all of these vids at one go, need to administer Rob with caution 😉


    • take your time!

    • It’s like an overdose !

  7. Love, love, love all the wonderful bad things! Mwah!

  8. These vids were just what the dr ordered for a holiday sunday when I had to be in to work at 7 am! If they don’t wake me up, it’s all over with! “Made of Wonderful”, couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  9. Hah – LOVE the Coke vid! I’m always noticing him drinking that.

  10. “Plus it’s Rob, so what the hay” love it! that´s right! Robert is Robert and that´s what´s important! jajajajajaja

    great videos! good hunt Jena!

    have a happy holiday weekend girls!

    • i love saying ‘what the hay.’ it’s my fav phrase

      • I’m gonna add it to my English vocabulary… hehehehe

  11. All these vids are veddy nice, but my faves are still the ones on youtube by olpatlanta, particuarly ode to scruff and robcrotch2. 😉 I recently beseeched her to make robcrotch3 (including shots from Italy, natch) and I encourage all of you to do the same! Yes we can…

  12. I love how you keep apologizing for being MIA, and yet here you are every day with a new post. You ladies are the BEST BLOGGERS EVER!!

    And a whole set of Rob vids? Win!!

    I’m sorry for all who had a sucky-weathered 4th….We got lucky and had an uncharacteristically hot and clear 4th of July in the Pacific NW….We didn’t even have to watch the fireworks between the clouds!!


  13. mmmm mthose vids are a perfect day to end the first half of my dayyy.. esp after bartending w/ some pretty shytty ppl :S

    oooo boyyy i can think of many bad things i wanna do to that boy 😉

    ❤ have a good hangover day 😉 our hungover day was thursday after Canada Day 🙂

  14. Happy post 4th, hope you all aren’t in “I ate too much” pain. I’m still recovering. Just got back from a baby shower that I threw for a friend of mine.

    That coke vid cracks me up! Adorable!

  15. There’s nothing like a Robvid to celebrate a holiday weekend! I forgot how much I love his smile—such a charmer, he can light up any picture with that smile! And yes, Jena, he is made of wonderful…. Good job with that video.

    • Thanks! 🙂

    • EyeC!! I’m SOOOO glad you’re back!! 😀

  16. LOTN??? Helllloooooo???

    • You’re starting early tonight FN! Will you be working tomorrow?

      How the hell are you?

      • *Gigantiod HUGS* I have to call and see if there’s a job available for tomorrow, but I’m hoping so!!!

        I’m good. How are YOU?? Well rested? I’m sure you were getting a decent night’s sleep while you were away. lol

        • Well, I did sleep every night but I spent a couple hours getting there almost every one of them. There was so much to process! My sister and I talked 7 hours straight the first day. We had been behind. And once I saw my gf it was like we had never been apart. Sooo much fun!

          I’ll put this out in little pieces so I’m not typing forever, OK?

          Did you go to one job yet or were you just going through tests, etc. last week?

          • I can’t wait to hear all about it!


            I just did tests and stuff last week.

          • So, no more all nighters, huh? I got through The Office update. OMG! That was so great! Just starting on the first of 2 chapters of TOV. I’ve been punching in all my fanfics since they were all cleared out while I was gone. So far I have 11 chapters to read and there are still some to check!

          • 😦 I don’t know….lol

            OMG! I told you The Office was good! WHEW!

            TOV was good too. We’ll have to discuss that one when you’re done.

            Wow! You’re going to be VERY busy. lol

          • I KNOW! Putting them in order of importance will be the hard thing. I love all my Edwards so much! lol

          • They’re all pretty wonderful.

  17. HI!!!!!

    • Hey Tara!! How are you??

      • hey FN! Im good just been supper busy! How about you?

        • Bored out of my mind trying not to go insane. lol

          I applied at a Temp agency so hopefully I can make a little money before I move.

          I’ve missed ya!

          • LOL I know how that goes!

            I have applied at two of those!

            I missed you too!!

            Ive missed all the LOTN!!

          • I’ve never done anything like that before so I’m curious to see how the whole temping thing works. lol

            Aww….I’m glad you stopped by.

          • Ive never gotten a job from one… idk if its just me or what!?

            Ya I would still get my fix during the day! but the bf has been staying at my house and its hard to get on here when he is here… i am sneaking now.. lol.. might be busted pretty soon. so if i disappear thats what happened! LOL.

          • Hmm…

            Haha. Darn BF!! I’ll take this time to tell you good night then! lol

    • Hi Tara! Glad to see you. How did it go with the family visit? Did your 2 friends have their babies?

      • Hi EyeC!! Good to see you too! Family is well… family! LOL and yes both of them had their babies … my best friends was on the 26th and my boyfriends sister on the 27th… both girls!

        • Sounds like celebration time for you! Yay for girls! Everybody around me had boys, boys, boys. I was dying to pick out little girl clothes. Yeah, I know how family can be. We’ve got that coming up in another week….

        • My niece is due in October and I can’t wait to see her.

          • Wow! That’s a lot of babies! So, that’s a sister or brother’s child?

          • she better make that early October, cause you are most likely to be having another visitor in very late Oct early Nov FN… just sayin

          • It’s my brother’s baby. She’s due mid October. Are you coming to visit me Lizzie??

          • certainly starting to look that way.

          • Oooo….that’s exciting! What brings you here? (besides me of course. LOL)

        • I know I love picking out girl clothes… well I like picking out all baby clothes! lol. they are just so tiny and cute!

  18. Hey reunion time – E welcome back (((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))) and T nice to see you popping in, and FN always ncie to see you.

    E – so glad you had a good time

    • AW! HI LIZZIE!!!

    • Hey Lizzie! I read that work’s been a bitch lately.

      It’s nice to be missed. I did have a great time for just being gone a week.

      • last week was indeed an absolute bitch and today well it seems everyone has swallowed let’s all be vile pills, so a delighful aatmosphere here at the moment! Just as well you’re back to make me feel better.

        • Well, anything I can do…. Sounds like we’re all on alert if you have to switch over to work (pffft!) duties.

    • Hey Lizzie!

  19. alright ive got to go! nice talking to you girls even if just for a few minutes!!

    • good luck with the job hunt, you know we are thinking of you and have our fingers crossed for you.

      hope to see you again soon T

    • Night T!

  20. Hey EyeC, you’re home! How was the trip? We missed you.

    Hey Tara, long time no see!

    Hi to all the LOTN, as well!

    • Jennay!!! How are ya today?

      • I’m good Fannay! Just about to go make lunch for tomorrow. How are you??

        • Doin’ pretty well. I got some stuff packed today. YAY!

          • Woo, productive!! I was very unproductive today. I slept til 5 pm.

          • Yeah….I got up around 3:30 and that was only b/c my sister was going to work and I had to watch my niece.

            Apparently 3-yr olds still need adult supervision. Who knew?

          • but who is supervising you then?

          • Hahahahaaha….they’re not worried about me 😦

    • Hey J-m, all good?

      • Hey Lizzie, all’s well that ends well. I don’t think that made sense, but I felt like saying it. How are ya?

        • well despite the fact it is monday, the work atmosphere is toxic, i am actually rather well, must have somehting to do with you lot all being back.

          • Why is the work atmosphere toxic??

          • everyone cranky and snarky, probably as a result of how busy it has been/isn, after a while it starts to really affect everyone, well I hope so anyway, normally a very ncie place to work, so hopefully things will calm down soon

    • Hi Jenny! It’s good to be back. I’ve been catching up the week here on LTR. The first day and morning of the second were all driving and talking. We stopped at our aunt’s for lunch and had a really good visit. When I actually saw my gf it took a while to get used to her voice. All of our commmunication has been by email. She’s one of those people who makes everybody around them feel good about themselves, you know? I observed how friendly she was to everyone. Amazing.

      • Awwe, I’m so glad to hear that. How long has it been since you saw your gf? She sounds sort of like Jasper, effecting people around her!

        • everyone needs a Jsaper, especially a hot Jasper around them! And since I ahev read some of the slash FF most definately need a Jasper, that stuff is hot!

          • I took a quiz on Twitter to find out which TW guy I am. I’m Jasper.

            Also, if you’re interested I know what piece of Rob’s clothing I am (the nonexistent belt) and which female TW character I am (Bella). Obviously my dad was VERY eventful…

          • *DAY not DAD lol

        • More years than I want to say. Yes, come to think of it, she is like Jasper! Everybody smiles when they’re around her. The other girl in the hometown who invited us to lunch has read the Twilight Saga–YAY! I’m waiting for an email from her so I can wade in to see just how far to take it and get her introduced to some fanfic. Not so sure about the Robsession. That takes a particular type of person—like US!

          • Oooh, ruining another mind with fanfic! You’re on a mission! haha I actually talked to an old friend today too, and she liked Twilight as well. But, get this, she said she didn’t think Rob was attractive enough to be Edward. Needless to say, the conversation ended there!

            You’ll have to let us know how deep her love of Twilight is.

          • LOL! Yeah, I think if someone can’t see how beautiful Rob is they get demoted!

          • And now I have the Bee Gees in my head “How deep is your love, How I really neeeeed to know. Cause we’re livin’ in a world of fools. Br-eak-in us down…..” Okay, I’m done.

          • Drat you! Just dropping it into my head so innocently!

          • I refuse to suffer alone! lol

          • Evil.

      • Also, aren’t you excited about all the FF updates?!

        • Oh my, yes I am! I’ll be reading forever. I still have both of TOV chapters to read tonight.

          • Can’t wait for you to read them! So good.

  21. Hi!

    • EP! Good to see you! How are you doing now? It sounds like you’re doing a lot for your classes.

      • Hey! Hope your trip went well. I’m starting my second session of classes tomorrow, at 8 AM.

        • NASTY, very nasty early morning start

        • Wow, that goes fast! Seems like you just started that last set. But I guess that’s what you like about it. How did the playground project go?

          • Got a perfect score on the playground. These classes are fast, this next set is only 2.5 weeks. Don’t expect to see me around too much.

          • OK. You’ll be in a whirlwind study mode. Of course you got a perfect score! lol

          • congrats on the project, that helps you to hang in there when you get rewarded for effort.

    • Hola! 🙂

      • 🙂

    • cool banannas EP is here too.

      • Hey Lizzie 🙂

  22. BTW ladies, I ahve now read TOV, and OME, what the hell, how quickly does she update cause I sure don’t like where it has currently ended. And yes I adore it too.

    • Yeah I know, the ending of the last chapter was torture! I want her to get to the stupid Halloween party already. Argh. The last time she updated fairly quickly, but I have no idea what the regular schedule is like…

    • She seems to update once a week, but the last few have been sooner. Don’t you just LOVE it??

      • she better, cause I am needing the next chapter pretty quickly, i need my hit!

        • I KNOW!!! We need to use our manifesting powers on this one!

  23. FN seriously you took a quizz to find out you are Rob’s belt, i mean, you really would have thougt the quizzmasters would have made it much more interesting and obvious than that, i mean what if you end up as Rob’s hankie, i mean surely we are all Rob’s pants?

    • Atleast that L—if not IN them!

    • No joke!! It did surprise me though. I never would’ve expected to be a nonexistent clothing item. I was secretly hoping to be the beanie. I guess I would be a narcissist if I was the beanie b/c I LOOOOVE the beanie!! And that’s just not me at all.

      • LOL–we know you love the beanie!

        • Oh. Have I mentioned that before?? lol

          Other people got things like the Ray Bans and Sexpenders! And I’m stuck w/ the flippin’ nonexistent clothing item!! WTF??

          • I mean who wants to be the thing that holds the pants UP, do it again FN, or alternatively just cheat and be the beanie

          • His BELT? He doesn’t wear one. What were they thinking?

          • Those people are obviously crazy. Or on crack. Or like 12 and couldn’t think of anything better….

  24. Random Thoughts:

    It’s been so long since I did this.

    Class at 8am is wrong. Very, very wrong.

    The AMP Energy Drink people will be making money off me the next few weeks.

    I’m using my laptop and the keyboard is weird, I’m not typing as fast as usual.

    • Random thoughts have been suffering lately.

      It truly is.

      I’ve never had an AMP energy drink. I like those Starbucks Double Shot Expresso drinks though.

      It takes some getting used to.

      • Sad panda.

        Eck, only 10 days. That’s my motto.

        I’m not a big coffee drinker, but the frappacino things are good. I love my AMP.

        Stupid desktop, all breaking and everything.

        • Yep 😦

          10 days doesn’t sound bad at all!

          Those are good. I don’t drink coffee very often. I have to be in the mood for it. Energy drinks kinda freak me out. I’m afraid I’ll have a heart attack or something.

          It is its time to go…RIP EP’s desktop. You will be missed 😦

    • It has.

      I agree. But work at 8 am is also very wrong. I think they should just eliminate 8 am completely.

      I had a sugarless Red Bull the other day. Next time I’ll buy an AMP to see what all the amp (instead of hype, see see?) is about. I’m trying to cut back on coffee so my teeth don’t turn yellow.

      Why are you using the laptop?

      • I know, but I’ve still had random thoughts and that’s what matters.


        Red Bull tastes too much like candy for me, but I’ve never had the sugarless kind. Maybe that would be better.

        The desktop is on life support. I want it to live long enough for me to get the pictures and more important documents off, so I’m using the laptop for everything else.

        • So have I, if last night is any sort of testament.

          Maybe they should just wipe the whole morning thing out. Just sayin’.

          Yeah, Red Bull does taste like candy. Like candy necklaces, but fizzy. The sugarless kind did not taste sugarless, FYI, so I doubt you’d find it better. What does Amp taste like?

          My laptop is on life support too, but I keep using it. Good idea though, losing files is no fun.

          • usb drive Ms Jenny – those things are brillant

          • I know about your random thoughts.


            AMP has several flavors, but I like the original, it tastes like Mountain Dew. I like the orange kind too, it tastes like orange soda.

            When my desktop started turning it’s self off, I thought it might be time to get out the laptop.

          • Yeah I know Lizzie, those things are awesome. Saved me quite a few times.

    • I don’t think people were thinking randomly last week.

      Very wrong indeed!

      Start stocking up now.

      It looks the same to us…lol

      • I was, I was just keeping it to myself.


        I’m going to need a case.

        lol, I guess it does.

    • yes we haev been thoughtless for a while now

      you got that right and then some

      sorry but AMP just sounds wrong, admittedly AMP is a big financial services company here so that may have somehting to do with it

      got to love the laptop, and the couch that inevtiably goes with it.

      • It’s kind of sad really.

        I know.

        AMP is so right.

        Actually sitting in my office chair, but my office chair is really cool, so all is well.

  25. So E, have you sorted your next trip, you are after all on a roll now. May I suggest San Antonio in very late oct/early Nov as something to aim for?

    • LOL, I responded to your comment about asking what was bringing you to SA (besides me of course). I guess you didn’t see it…

      • on our rock around the states trip we decided to drop in on Texas, so I made it San Antonio so i could catch up.

        • Go to the Riverwalk!

        • I’m excited!! And I feel special.

    • It would be so great to see you and FN in SA. I can’t see the possibility, though. I really do live on a shoestring. It’s what I sacrifice to have the freedom of time. You will have to keep us all informed when you visit the great state of Texas.

      • it’s all good, we have time and we will work on it E, FN has some leads on that money tree…, I am not coming all this way and not meeting you!

        • Totally. We’ll make it work.

  26. Oh and yes belated happy 4th of July to you Yanks, you know all of us colonials stick together!

    • LOL. Thanks Lizzie!

    • Yes. We HAD to break away! It was good overall. I was with a crowd of thousands at the state capitol on the night of the 2nd as we listened to a jazz band, the symphony and a beautiful singer of Broadway tunes followed by 20 minutes of fireworks. Very nice night.

      • we’re a bit laidback as a nation, we couln’t be bothered to actually do away with them, we just settle for whipping their asses at sport instead.

  27. Ok, I really hate to, but I have to go to bed. Early mornings and late nights. I’ll be around when I can. Have a good night all and sweet dreams.

    • we want a straight A+ EP, hope you enjoy the classes and look forward to seeing you when you can pop in

    • Night BFF, sweet dreams. And daydreams…

    • Good night EP. Best of luck to you as you begin a new round of classes. Sweet dreams!

    • Night EP!!

  28. We did have a sort of exciting trip when we went up to my uni for the day. Just before our turn off the back driver’s side tire (all of the rubber) just left the wheel and went rolling down the interstate! She was a nervous driver anyway and I had to talk her down and keep her calm as we waited on the shoulder for the car rental guy to come and pick us up. Every semi that passed us was no farther than a foot from the car! It was all fine though. It was a day to face our fears.

    • trying to do some stunt driving on the side E, i don;t remember there being any more stunt driving scenes in the upcoming movies though.

      • So it seemed. It did leave us a little speechless.

    • Wow! That would be SOOO scary!!

      • The wait was about an hour. That set the whole day back but we just rolled with it. I forced myself to go into a store and ask for directions when we couldn’t find the restaurant—that was my fear. I just HATE doing that! lol

        • Ugh! I’m always afraid stuff like that will happen to me. I would freak out.

    • I’m glad you survived, EyeC! Highways are so scary for that.

      • I did make sure my seatbelt was on! lol

        • That is such a weird thing to happen to a tire, too.

  29. Okay ladies, time for me to head out as well. Nice to have you back, EyeC!

    Sweet dreams LOTN.

    • night night Ms Jenny, pirrouettee off to Robland or in your case Bobbyland

      • Very poetic. And yeah, hi Bobby. Hope the work day gets better, Lizzie.

    • Night Jennay!

    • Good Night Jenny. Sweet dreams. Good to be back.

  30. Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhh, new ch TOV up

    • I’ve read that one already 😦

      Just a warning, if you thought the last one was annoying your won’t be happy.

      • no I am Ok with the new one, it was the previous one that i wasn’t going to be happy left hanging with.

        • Really? I didn’t like the ending.

          • I can totally see where this one is now going, i was concerned we were going to end up with a NM bleak period which was why i needed to know with the last one. I just deal better when i am not left hanging lol.

          • Very true. I just get frustrated w/ those two and their lack of communication!

  31. One last thing–on the Friday night I had a great time with old classmates. It was an eclectic mix. Social positions didn’t matter any more. One guy came in from the next state because he had missed me from the class reunion last year. It was spitting rain most of the time as we shuffled back and forth between the bar (owned by an old friend) and the town square filled with all the local people and the carnival. We all just talked and laughed together and remembered everything we could. One friend had owned a flower shop on main street and she knew everything about everybody since so many occasions are remembered with flowers. A friend from NYC came in and another from Houston and one from St. Louis. A good time was had by all! lol

    • Awww…that sounds so cool! Especially the carnival and stuff.

      • I just wanted to finish up the trip so it wouldn’t drag on any longer. It was fun watching the kids get all excited just like we used to do. Not much has changed.

        • That’s kind of nice though, right? To still have the continuity?

          • Yes it is. I loved it, actually. Even the dimestore was still there, competing with the new Walmart with all its might.

          • there is so a place for the old style stores especially in this day and age fo the megastore.

          • Aww…a dimestore. Yesterday we passed where our old (little) wal-mart used to be and the parking lot was all deserted. It looked so sad.

          • Yes, lots of changes as the small stores go out of business. That dimestore was the lifeblood of the community and every important–and not so important– occasion of my life centered around it. I bought all my school supplies there. All of the toys. The oilcloth to make bunnies for Easter. Jump-ropes for double Dutch. Fabrics for every dress I made from the age of 9. My first bra. Rabbitfoot key chains. My first boyfriend’s name on a necklace I wore every day. Candy. They gave me a job over Christmas vacation. The list goes on. All 4 of us girls wandered through calling out memories.

          • Haha. I bet that was fun. It’s interesting to see how a place like that has certain memories for you and different ones for other people.

          • It was fun to compare memories. Something that left an impression on me didn’t register on someone else and vice versa. I didn’t remember where the phone was, whereas another girl remembered calling her Mom to pick her up there regularly. And who the heck bought rabbitsfoot keychains anyway, besides me?

          • I think I had one. lol

          • Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing! lol

          • And there were 2 that remembered me inviting them to the State Fair in Des Moines. My Dad was a Consevastion Officer so he would be at the wild animal exhibit and we would run all around the fair. We inevitably came home with a chamelian that you pinned to your blouse. I had to have one every year. Each of us had sad stories of their demise.

          • Maybe! I thought they were pretty popular.

          • They’re a little gruesome when I look at them now!

          • LOL! They really are. The claws being there and all…poor lil bunnies! 😦

          • LOL

    • nice E, sounds exactly the holiday you wanted.

      • It was.

    • social positions NEVER mattered E, they never do, that is not the measure of a person

      • That’s SO true! Not enough people realize that nowadays.

      • I was meaning status in high school. We had a mix from the most popular to the smartest to the ones who we thought would never make anything of themselves. Of course they were the ones who fought the hardest and came out on top! But as we talked and laughed and remembered, we were just a bunch of kids from the same town who had similar memories and a fondness for the place we all grew up. Oh, yes! We HAD to go to the library so we could smell it!!! You know me! Yup, same place. They even had a small set of shelves with “classic” books that were kept from out era! They even said we could check them out and mail them back—I got a kick out of that!

        • Haha! You and your library smelling! lol

          Did you check out any books?? lol

          • Tempted as I was, no I didn’t! lol

  32. Is it terribly wrong of me to hope all the authors fo the ff i am reading spent thier long weekend writing to entertain me?

    • Nope. That’s what I’ve been hoping!

  33. Ok, nice to have you back E, but for the frst time in along time I am leaving the office at a reasonable hour, woo hoo!

    Night lovelies, catch you both tomorrow

    • Bye Lizzie. Will catch you later.

    • Night Lizzie! It was good to have you back too!

  34. Have you read the TOV updates yet??

    Also, did you get the e-mail I sent you today? It kinda messed up when I sent it so I’m not sure if it went through or not. It says it did, but I wanted to check.

    • I’m halfway through on the last chapter of TOV and yes, I got today’s email.

    • Yay!! And good. It was the weirdest thing.

      • The e-mail thing was weird. I realize that didn’t make very much sense…lol

        • I figured it out anyway.

          • I should’ve known! You are a rather clever lady!

          • We just have that kind of connection. lol

          • Very true! Even after a week of being separated! Our connection is stronger than ever! lol

          • True it is.

  35. Did you get to read any of Haunted? Or were you having too much fun to read? lol

    • I didn’t read a word of anything. I did look through my pictures a couple times. And listened to some music after the lights were out but that’s it. On the way home we listened to a book on CD and finished it about 5 minutes after we pulled up which was good timing considering we were on the road two days with it. I’m still hoping to read it before taking it back.

      • Totally understandable. That book finishing right on time was really good timing. Kinda creepy….but still cool.

  36. “I have offended the brother bear.”

    Still reading Library Rendezvous, this is their first date….hilarious! I can’t wait to find out what Emmett’s doing there! lol

    • I think that rates as the Best First Date on our fanfic list!

      • For sure! I do have a bit of a confession though…it took me FOREVER to read it. I was annoyed at the lack of smuttiness! I think my hormones were a little haywire this past week. lol

        • So funny! We get a little bit skewed when we come back from the edge of smut! I remember that there were several scenes that were very lemony. I thought that Edward was so lovable in that story.

          • He is! I love that he blushes too!! It’s the cutest thing!

          • Yes! I hold him close to my heart.

  37. Are you guys still there?

    • Hi Nat. Sort of here. I’m reading in between with 11 chapters from various stories to catch up from the week.

      • How was your trip?
        Did you have a good time?
        How did things go with your sister?
        Did the BritBoys keep you entertained on the road?
        Has someone told you that The Office updated and that it is brilliant.

        You were missed while you were gone.

        • LOL! The trip was GREAT! I’ve been talking about it all night. Did everything that I wanted and had so much fun and talked and laughed the whole time. No problems with my sister at all, just a lot of talking. Yes, I listened to the BritBoys. Mmmm. I’ve read The Office update and loved every bit of it. OMG! It was sizzlin’! It’s very nice to be missed and I’m glad to be back!

          • Excellent. So glad to hear that the road trip was awesomeness.
            What was the highlight, do you think?

            Ahhh… the Office. Am so in love with the BB right now it might actually cause physical pain to wait for the next update.

            She gets better.

            And you were missed. A lot. Because who else am I going to talk about it being a big year for Rob with, if not you?

          • That’s true. It is such a BIG year for Rob! It sounds like Remember Me is moving right along and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Before we know it he will be back for Eclipse and they start the whole process again with a different director. NM promotion, premiere, and Unbound Captive. It’s a lot.

          • I’m looking forward to Remember Me more than New Moon. He looks so happy in all the stalkerazzi photos. So many hot photos from set, story sounds promising… all good.

            Will never understand why they made him pluck his eyebrows for Twilight (they are meant to be perfect but COME ON – perfect eyebrows on a male does not meant PLUCKED!), or why they made him so white – pale doesn’t mean chalk. It made him look weird and not hot, and he’s meant to look hot.

            Don’t like what David Splade has been saying about Eclipse and his vision for it… who needs the backstory for the wolves?!?! The wolves are what ruined the whole bloody thing. It’s not about the wolves. It’s about Bella and Edward. Fuck with that, the whole thing is fucked. Refer to BD for evidence of that.

            Wonder how much promotion of NM that they actually need to do? It almost seems smarter to provide limited media access to Rob and Kristen especially, but the entire cast – and just use that as the marketing ploy. Saying nothing can be quite powerful. Or not. I refer you to Citizen Kane.

            Yes, it’s a big year for you, Rob. Please don’t go and get swine flu or something.

          • He DOES look happy in most of the RM pics. I like that. But I did hear the ending.

            I haven’t done any reading about Eclipse. It is going to be difficult to get it right. There was a lot of back and forth between Edward and Jacob. There has to be some of the wolf legends in there but to replace the love story between E&B would be a mistake. That’s the part that I worried about when they were talking about the other director. I hope he gets it right.

            There won’t be much time for promotion if they start filming 8-15 and go for 3 months. If they just hit the big talk shows it should be enough.

          • He looks happy… kind of puts a new spin on the whole Robsten thing, doesn’t it?!?!

            Have also heard the ending, and read parts of the script because have shameless lack of willpower … where is my chocolate again…?… it’ll be moving. The fact that he’s such a beloved actor now probably works in the film’s favour – just as long as people can separate reality from fiction.

            The Lexicon had a brief interview with the Eclipse director last week.

            At it’s heart, Eclipse is about Bella and Edward trying to rebuild and re-establish their relationship post NM, and how they struggle to deal with the separation and the inevitable consequences of Edward’s decision. The rest of it is fancy fluff and window dressing.

            Even doing the big shows – 2-3 interviews for Kristen and Rob, each, tops. Leave people salivating for more. Let the brand sell itself and do it with minimal effort.

    • Hey Nat! How’s it goin?

      • Nuggety!
        I missed you last night. Sorry that WP was being nasty.
        It’s going okay… tired.
        Went and saw the Star Wars exhibition with the nephew today. That was good.

        • What the heck was UP w/ that?? It was weird, no?

          Star Wars exhibition? What kind of things did you do?

          OMG! The Office update!!! WHEW! That’s all I can say!! That kitchen scene blew my mind!

          • Star Wars exhibition:-


            Personal highlight was seeing the original Millennium Falcon model and the original Obi-Wan Kenobi light sabre!! Yes yes yes! And the original puppet for Yoda.

            Don’t know what was up with WP – but there have been a number of times lately where that has happened. Annoying, yes?

            The Office update – Oh. My. God. Cannot get enough. It’s turning into a beautiful love story and I cannot get enough.

          • That looks pretty cool. I didn’t realize they had exhibits like that. I never really got into Star Wars. I think I was too hyper to sit through the movies as a child. I’ve seen the newer 3. They were pretty good. Yoda is cool.

            Yes, different problems every time, but VERY annoying.

            Yes, that’s what I’m interested in, the love story….LOL It is nice to see their relationship changing. I’m interested to see how they tell Carlisle and Esme. AND what Emmett is going to say….

          • Will Emmett bust him with the undies that he left in the draw? Seriously, what was the BB thinking? This is so NOT a ‘safe place’.

            Mortification for Bella when they are discovered. It feels like a grown up story with grown up issues, and a realistic-ish approach to an adult relationship in the beginning. Although, not sure how many realistic adult relationships start by shagging of the boss on the conference table at work, but I digress.

            Apparently they had 450,000 people go to the Star Wars exhibition over the weekend, so it has been enormously popular. I saw something similar in London a few years back which was a lot better than this one. Rather disappointed in it, actually. A lot of money for what it was. Master Yoda is cool, but c3p0 is my fav – such a gloom and doom character, and I heart him for it. That’s right, Nuggety, I HEART HIM!!!

            Perhaps we should write a complaint letter to WP? Or maybe it’s just because LTR is so popular?

          • LOL I want my first “Adult” relationship to start out JUST like that. Minus all the douchebaggery. We can just skip to the sexy times…And I don’t know WHAT Emmett ‘s problem is. I think it’s too soon for anyone to discover the panty drawer. I have a feeling Carlisle will find the panties…idk why.

            450,000 people?? That’s insane! Mwahahahaha!! I knew you’d be HEARTing people before too long!! Is that the GOLD one?? lol

            You have very good ideas…I don’t know though…hopefully it’ll get cleared up soon.

          • Apparently, according to the laws of FF, you can’t have sexy times without the douchebaggery.

            Apparently, in order to fall in love with a man, he must behave like a bastard first. Hell forbid that he should be a gentleman from the start. No, no, no.

            Emmett’s problem is that he doesn’t know, he suspects. His brother has ignored all his phone calls and his text messages, he’s behaving weirdly, and he wants an explanation. Can’t wait to hear what it is and which of Bella’s items of clothing is left out for him to find. The ripped Le Perla? Oooh. Excitement of anticipation.

            I’m only hearting C3P0. I still think it is girlish and silly and not to be encouraged! But I’m only saying that now because JM isn’t here to give me a right royal ear bashing.

  38. Random thoughts.

    > Have officially given up on the Forum.

    > New RB video is either going to be hilarious, or a dud, because creativity has been challenged because he’s NOT FREAKING WEARING THEM. Rob, seriously. Why are you making this so difficult?

    > Want a BB of my own.

    • Haha. Why what happened?

      Hmmm….he’s not easy! He’s going to make you work for it!

      ME TOO!! *swoon*

      • I just feel like such an outsider-loser whenever I go there. Like there’s an inside joke that I’m not getting. I think we’ve talked about this before.

        He’s definitely making me work for it, but I think you’ll like what I’ve come up with. Hopefully. He’s being rather unfair. WHO wears Lagerfeld? It’s for old people and fashionistas, and Rob is clearly neither of those things.

        Yes, the BB. Now all he has to do is write music for Bella or draw her or show a talent with playing the saxophone or guitar, and we can all wet dream a little more.

        • I think so too, b/c I was going “I know what you mean!” lol

          Hmm…I’m interested to see what you’ve got. Hopefully there are some beanie pics in there somewhere (they can be old ones, I don’t care. lol) I think Rob thinks he’s old (i.e. the grandpa sweaters). I have no idea who Lagerfeld is (I assume a designer, but that’s all I’ve got) and I intend to google it as soon as I finish typing this response.

          I’m actually content w/ BB just the way he is. He talent is sexin’ and that’s good enough for me! LOL

          • Yes, will not comment on the forum or about the forum anymore.
            Just leave it as it is.

            The new RB video will go up on the 23r of the month, like the other two did (it was a random coincidence, but may as well make it a tradition).

            He hasn’t been wearing either RB’s or his beanie this month, so… no beanie pics for you in this one. Sorry, kid.

            Karl Lagerfeld is a creepy-looking designer who has worked for Chanel and Fendi.

            Yes, love the BB just the way he is BECOMING. But have no problem with him being ENHANCED. Although, if Bella is that satisfied, that is clearly not a problem.

  39. Well ladies, I need to get to bed. I’m kinda hoping there’s not a job for me tomorrow b/c it’s already almost 5 here! I’m supposed to call and check around 8…yeah…it’s obvious where my priorities are…LOL

    It’s great to have you back EyeC!

    And it was nice chatting w/ you Nat!

    Sweet chocolate-covered Robdreams gals!!

    • Night, Nuggety. Good luck with the job thing.

    • Sorry I was off reading FN. I know where your priorities are, yes! Thanks. Hope you’re not dragging all day. G’Night.

  40. I’m out too, Nat. Long day with the driving. See you later.

    • Night, Eye C.
      Glad that you are back!

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