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Mid-year Letters To Rob Recap

Mid-year progress report

Mid-year LTR progress report

Dear Rob,

It’s July 3rd. Do you know what that means? Yes, tomorrow is a US holiday you know nothing about, but I’m talking about it being mid-way through 2009.  And we’ve gone 1/2 a year without meeting you. And we made a promise to meet you this year. We made a resolution to see you this year. Do you remember our Resolutions we promise to keep longer than a week? Well today we want to check in & see how we’re doing- we need to be held accountable to the committments we’ve made by our LTR peeps, just as Kellan holds you accountable with your lust of Kristen Stewart.

In 2009 we promised to…

1. Bring our readers coverage and live ‘Letters’ from the red carpet premiere of New Moon… Well, the premiere still hasn’t happened so this is still possible (and we haven’t forgotten it- this might be our opportunity to see you, Robbie-dear) but we DID bring you live tweets from the oscars and live blogged the MTV Movie awards for over 50,000 peeps

UC/Moon= .5           People who want us to fail= .5

"Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound. I know they're watching. They're watching. All the commotion, the kiddie like play has people talking. Talking"

"Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound. I know they're watching. They're watching. All the commotion, the kiddie like play has people talking. Talking"

2. Keep bringing our readers all the best in Rob letters and mild obsessions: Um, let’s do a quick recap of what we’ve brought so far this year:

  • UC admitted she’s easy
  • Moon wrote a post called Memoirs of a Geisha (and gets best blog title of the year award from UC)
  • We had some suggestions on what to do when you get drunk next
  • Moon was brilliant with her guesses last week as to what Remember Me is about

Basically it’s ruled, you know that. You’ve read the letters…

UC/Moon= 1.5      People who want us to fail= .5

In 2009 we promised NOT to:

1. Bore our readers with any more news/links of Rob Pattinson’s 2 week old haircut. Time to find something NEW to post about mainstream media! You are boring us. Try finding him playing that guitar he took back to London with him. Now THAT would be newsworthy! DUH!! This was written during that time when all the media peeps found out (weeks late) that you cut your hair. I think it’s safe to assume that we find things out about you, Rob, even before you do. So yes, we’ve stayed ‘prompt’ with our news

UC/Moon= 2.5           People who want us to fail= .5

2. We promise to KEEP our promise to NEVER call Robert Pattinson: BOB. ever. Duh. Never have. Never will

UC/Moon= 3.5          People who want us to fail= .5

See the rest of our recap after the jump!

Gah! Those arms. Purple's cool.. sigh...

Gah! Those arms. Purple's cool.. sigh...

3. Lastly, our most important resolution and promise for 2009 is: To meet Rob Pattinson and have him fall madly in love with us. Well…. we did write a note to your mom and we think your dad really liked our Dad’s day greeting…so that should get us good in the the parents.. hmmm oh yeah, your bud Sam left us a comment once… sooo that’s pretty good right? I mean, it’s not exactly what we promised to do but…. Okay FINE,  we haven’t done that yet. We’ve blogged obsessively for 7 months, scoured the internets for every video, picture, message, or MENTION of you ever, yet you still  haven’t met us or fallen in love with us. Our mid-year review is a big FAIL in this case…

UC/Moon= 3.5    People who want us to fail= 1.5

We won’t stand to be beaten by ‘people who want us to fail’ (like your ex girlfriend, Nina Schubert, & Emilie de Ravin- the current biatch vying for your attention), so we have a plan for success:

We’re going to stake out the New Moon premiere a week or two early (We’re taking off work the month of November and we’ll play the timing by ear- every day we’ll drive by the theatre and if it looks like a crowd is starting to gather, we’ll jump right in line- our bags will be packed & in the car, like a soon to be mother in her 9th month of pregnancy). We’re already stocking up on supplies. Tent check. Buckets to pee in check. Comfy clothes for waiting around for weeks check. Something to keep us occupied- portable dvd player with twilight, the bad mother’s handbook, harry potter, the haunted airman, how to be & the summer house check. Food (hot pockets, heineken & other junk- just in case you decide to show up and check out who your committed fans are that wait for weeks in tents) check. Wardrobe (Pattinson pants, Twilight T-shirts, Hot Topic jewelry, lobster hats & our very own Dadcase with your face on it) check. Something twilight-related for you to sign: A huge poster of Edward, A huge poster of us, A huge banner that says, a huge poster of Sam Bradley check. And last but not least a ‘vanity-pack’ filled with toiletry necessities just in case after living in a tent for 2 weeks in Hollywood we don’t look our usual gorgeous selves- wanna look our best the first time we meet you! (Uh, as if you can’t look ‘your best’ while wearing the Pattinson pants!) check.

Dressed for Success,

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

See our mid-year review over on LTT
Oh! Another success of 2009- The Forum!


  1. “Wardrobe (Pattinson pants, Twilight T-shirts, Hot Topic jewelry, lobster hats & our very own Dadcase with your face on it) check.” LOL LOL LOL
    I will join you all the way from Holland. Have to make my pattinson pants and bring my pattinson umbrella. Why the umbrella? To hit the CAS from Rob…..
    Again great writing!

    • yay! bring your custom wooden clogs adorned w/ rob’s face!

      • HAHAHAHAAH LOL! That’s a good idea LOL

  2. I woke up this morning, sighed and thought “I miss Rob.” HAVE I LOST MY MIND?

    I’m blaming this on you guys, your hysterical daily Rob letters and his hair.

    Blog WIN.

    • haha…. i miss rob often, too

    • Love your name.. mine came from my husband who is constantly reminding me that I am too old for this… I just stick my tongue out at him and walk away : )

      I miss Rob often as well.. weird I know…

      • Thanks! I have a recurring fantasy that Rob’s into older women. It could happen, right?

        • Yes.

          • Def Could Happen!

        • Why not? In my world he’s a chubby chaser. It could happen!

        • Oh yeah!

        • Hey ladies … yes, yes it could happen!

          Listen to Rob during a radio interview in NY (Z100) where’s he’s asked if he would consider dating an older women.
          It’s around 7:00 and listen to bit re: TwiMoms right after.

          • Although I love it, I think that clip in the interview has sealed my insanity. Could he be sexier?????

          • Well HOITO if you go into the “nut house” … you’ll have company. I’ll be right there with you. *wink*

            And the answer is …. noooooooo LOL

        • Yeah, I heard he thought older women were hot.
          But he’s a 23 yr old guy, and their horny for anything with a pair of legs, boobs and butt…. you get my point.

    • ‘the hair’……*moment of silence*….and amen.

      • World without end, hair without mousse, Rob without pants. Amen.

        • So be it.

  3. “UC admitted she’s easy.”

    If THAT doesn’t catch his eye, nothing will.

    • Why is it always the good, church girls….

      Um, girls….should I be the spokesperson for the group? Or would you like to step in here?

      • Yes. Please be our spokesperson for ‘church girls gone wild”

        omg… that’s brilliant…..

        • l….and accurate.

          • “Church Girls Gone Wild.”

            I will now go to and make that t-shirt. For all of us. Quick, someone think of a good CCM lyric we can quote for the back of these shirts. Extra points given if said lyric comes from Audio Adrenaline or Jars of Clay.

          • Big big house?

          • I totes thought that, then I thought…DC talk perhaps?

          • Well that song does have the line, “with a big BIG table.” *ahem* Just move the lots and lots of food out of the way…or not.

          • ahem… 😉

          • OMG!!! Chapter 1 – ‘The Office!!!!!!!’ Yeaaaaaaaah!

          • Wish she’d update.

            Christina, if you read LTR, please update the office.

            I NEED Rachel to be there when they get back to Chicago so that Bella can get jealous and they have hot, pantie ripping makey-uppy sex in the Cullen limo.

          • Freak!
            is what the world calls me
            They don’t understand
            so they try to stop me (Were a Band) 😉

  4. His sex is on fire in that picture! What am I saying…it always is! I hope you are able to pull out the meeting/falling in love goal by years end. The second hand squee from your readers will be heard around the world!

    Happy Friday!

  5. You mean Dressed for Disaster ..LOVED the review keep it up!

    P.S Purple’s so cool it’s gonna be my new favourite colour!

  6. WOW!! that picture… oh omy my my… that finger… those lips… oh God… and it´s just 7:00 am…
    Oh yeah! the sex is on fire in that picture!!!
    well, I think Rob is sexy on fire… ice… water… earth…
    mmmm… meeting Rob this year… what about some kind of 6 degrees of separation? like… 1 degreee or something? wouldn´t that work?

    have a sexy Rob on fire friday!

  7. I’ve been missing you guys-I had to work a couple loong days and didn’t have much of a chance to check up on Rob. Glad to be back in the old routine.

    Oh, don’t forget some comfy pillows, silk sheets and candles for the tent-just in case(maybe those electric candles would be better for a tent, on second thought).

    You’re doing a great job-LTR is my first stop every morning as I embark on my Robstalking for the day.

    • i will BE sure to have the silk sheets! b/c sex with rob in a tent on the side of a major road outside of a theatre where smelly fangirls have been camping out for 2 weeks straight is better than no sex with rob…..
      That’s Normal

  8. Might I suggest a van instead of a tent? It’s dry, it’s mobile, and once Rob does fall in love with you, you’ll have a private place to take him to consummate your mutual passions. Classy.

    • We LTR gals are sophisticated like that, you know.

    • absolutely!

      cuz as I said u´ll have to work hard on the 3rd resolution.

    • Plus.. That’s What Eddie would do…

    • Pure Class.. lmao!

  9. Love it! You KNOW, I want to be there with you! And if I truly believed that you required preternaturally exquisite, thirty-eight year old, Pastor’s wife, with A cups to further the cause….I would be there in shot.

    Chances are, I’ll be following you from home. (said Pastor husband, children, life, difficulty in explaining my lunacy…you know.) However, if you can pull it off (heh), and see HHH in RL…hereby, fulfilling your year long life goal…I will nobly stand by your side (virtually), proudly and live vicariously through your decade younger bodies, whilst secretly issuing such internal squee that my family will have to later mop up the remains. Please make it happen.

    I love you girls…go forth and capture that dream! (and by capture, you of course realize, I mean RP…securely, in order to share. Kthanx.)

    • I will do it in the name of church girls gone wild

      • Do it for your older sisters in the faith. For those who have gone before you…to plow the way. Just do it. 😉

  10. You two *know* that purply t-shirt is heinous. Plus, he was apparently wearing a black sports bra underneath it (in other pix from that day on set), so now I can’t see it without *imagining* the sports bra, which is worse than just *seeing* the sports bra. Sigh. However, my congratulations to you both on such a fine midterm progress report; by December 31 you will doubtless be atop the Robhonor Roll. Yes indeed, that IS what she said.

    • How the f*** do you know he’s wearing a black sports bra under that t-shirt?
      Where on the interweb was that report…. my god I missed something…..cross dressing Rob I really don’t know if I want to go there……..hhmmmm perhaps?

      • I don’t think he was *really* wearing a sports bra, just a black t-shirt under the purple shirt, but it totally looked like a sports bra and he was off to jazzercise. Clearly, it scarred me deeply.

        • haha.. omg! that’s brilliant. what if rob cross-dressed in his free time?

        • You know, I thought it was a black “beater” and he looked so damn hot in the white one when I saw it I just ……


        • Thank God……I don’t know what upset me the most Rob in a sports bra or missing it in my cyper-stalking……….As far as Rob dressing up is concerned I have several suggestions, most of which I sincerely hope will come to pass throughout his acting career….first one coming up with Unbound Captives hhmmmm……<3 you…..

          • I see where you’re going with this Ruby…oh yeah! Unbound Captives…interesting potential. Hmmmm…

  11. u have to work hard *thatswhatshesaid* on te third resolution.

    and dont forget ur toileteries bags! cuz we all need our human minutes!!!

  12. This is all I ever wanted:
    “living in a tent for 2 weeks in Hollywood” wearing Pattinson Pants, meeting Rob in all my glamour.

    • With your Eclipse Keds. Classy.

  13. Pattinson Pants?!?!?! Has to be my favorite fail of all time. Never ceases to amuse.

  14. Okay all that is great and well but here is what stuck out to me “THE SUMMER HOUSE”, excuse me how on earth do you have that DVD???? That DVD, where Rob is trying to force his girlfriend to take him back, that DVD where he is kissing her shoulder, that DVD!! HOW? SPLAIN? eheheh

    • oh i don’t! but i will get it for the premiere camp-out! somehow.. i’ll add it to the list! it WILL happen!

      • Okay thanks you gave me a heartattack, I just new I’d missed out and would be taken off “Rob’s most dedicated followers list!” Ahhhhhh Phewwww.

  15. “Pattinson pants” bbwwaahahahah!!

    You two.. I am loyal to you now.. and I am cheering for you, that you reach your goals this year. You deserve it!

    Were I able, I would join your quest.. I would join you. Alas being “Too-old-4-this” prevents me from the youthful journey which you are about to embark upon, but were I in my 20’s again.. in a heartbeat! I would have been leading the crusade. I have lead similar crusades and have nothing but smiles with my memories : )

    I shall remain off to the side to let the young run wild and have their fun, appreciative that you share your adventures with me, allowing me to live vicariously through you.

    When you do meet him.. and I know you will,…do me a favor.. thank him for bringing all the wonderful women he has brought with him when he came into my life.

    It’s great to see I’m not the only crazy and I love being part of such an intelligent fun loving Rob-Obsessing group! If I may call myself part of the group….perhaps Den mother will suffice : )

    Oh and one more thing.. please.. decorum ladies, at all times.. give him something to remember : )

    Keep the letters coming!

  16. good job you guys!

    btw, your outift made me go blind just thinking about it LOL

  17. Oh, how I have missed the funny! I went on a mini-break to a place with no internet, (not Forks), and yes, I stayed up way late last night, catching up on the hilarity.

    Well done on almost achieving your 6 month goals!! Not many people can say that…..And although I am not a church girl gone wild, I am easy, so I’d like to be an honorary member. I will also be with you camping in line in virtuality only, but I have really amazing luck so you will for sure meet him.

    • Dude! I was about to release the hounds for a search party!

      • I know! I PM’d you on the Forum before I left, but I am still a newbie at all that shizz, so it is probably off in the netherworld….some other person called Proselyte is wondering who is stalking them.

        • LOL! Love it!

          K, so I just PM’d you back dude!

  18. Oh, and P.S…

    If you guys are srsly planning on doing a, ‘what if he wasn’t famous’ post on what I THINK you are….


  19. Toiltetry kits need condoms- just sayin’- and a video camera….

    • Defo bring the condoms and camera, take it for the team Moon.. And when you’re on Rob, our thoughts with you 😀

      Wish you all the best.

      • oh honey i will take more than ONE for the team


  20. Ok, I am a very new Robstalker and Twilight obsessed freak–and I just stumbled on this website since I now spend about 2 hours a day googling Rob, lol. UC and Moon, you are fantastic! Love every post, I spent hours last night reading through months of posts and laughing so hard I was in tears. LTR instantly moved to the top of my Rob favorites folder (is it too pathetic to admit that I have one of those?). Somehow I feel better about my obsession knowing that I am not the only married late-20-something woman completely cyber-stalking the sexiest man alive:)

    • You’re not alone. We have a phrase here.. you’ve probably seen it: “That’s Normal!” WELCOME!

    • definetly normal.

    • Welcome!

      and girl, try late thirties…

      and ya, I’m convinced he’d totally do me. Send help.

      • Normal.

    • All normal, and…..ahem, EARLY 40s, some of us….

      • Normal.

        And hey Rob….proficient. *wink, wink*

    • Prepare to have your life ruined, newby.
      Once you start down the Robsession, forever will it hold you in your destiny.

      LTRsession is worse. It’s a daily fix. My own personal brand of heroin.
      Once you know the hour of the day that it clicks over – you’ll be waiting for your daily fix, too. (Not sure of that is normal or not).

  21. The dark of the alley
    The break of the day
    Ahead while I’m driving
    I’m driving

    Soft lips are open
    Them knuckles are pale
    Feels like you’re dying
    You’re dying

    sooo theres a place here in my city called “fast eddies” its a burger joint and totally thought of you guys 😛 haha

    • Are you from San Antonio?

      • nope! ontario 🙂 an hr west of Toronto

  22. with this patriotic holiday upon us I thought I’d share what another brit had to say about it – I follow Russell Brand on Twitter and well (brits w/ crazy hair…srsly something must be wrong w/ me) anyway he said: I am opposed to Independence Day.As an Englishman I think America ought accept that they made an awful mistake and apologise to Her Majesty.

    It made me laugh – on the other hand you guys make me laugh everyday! Totally in w/ helping you get to the premiere… Depending on where it is this year (last years locations mere minutes from my house) knowing how things go w/ these things, can see them taking a cue from Disney ala Pirates of the Caribbean and trying to get this done at Universal Studios – MTV movie awards spot … or Mann’s Chinese on Hollywood Blvd where almost everyone else does it.
    At least in Hollywood there are lot more dark alley’s and places to park Eddies van… you’d blend in, tent or not… 😛

  23. “every day we’ll drive by the theatre and if it looks like a crowd is starting to gather, we’ll jump right in line- our bags will be packed & in the car, like a soon to be mother in her 9th month of pregnancy).”

    LMAO! I like this idea! Can I come to?

  24. “Purple’s cool”

    🙂 ❤ it!

  25. TOTAL WIN!! I ❤ your faces hard! That's all!

  26. YOU GUYS are MADE OF WIN!! ❤ you both

  27. Ask and you shall receive…

    The Office has updated, ladies.

    It is ALL GOOD…

  28. Ask and you shall receive.
    She updated.

    Read it. Read it, read it, read it!

  29. UC and Moon: Fake-lesbian crush going on here. You girls are the greatest, make me laugh every day!! UC: “church girls gone wild”, priceless!!!! LOL
    I’m still recovering from the part in that Z100 radio interview video where Rob’s asked about the older women who want to “do Him”!!!!!! I think I had a Robgasm then..So, UC and moon, you girls HAVE to take one for the team and accomplish your goal by the end of this year (and videotape it for us- he he).

  30. OMG, The Office FINALLY updated, gotta go read it NOW!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Lynda from Philly!

      I just got the link to The Office late last night … had no clue about this fan fiction stuff … a newby to blogging, etc. (3-4 weeks)

      I read Chapters 1 to 4…. finally went to bed at 1:45 am (but I was off today so…). That fan fic is something else. (*fans self*)

      Glad you saw my Z100 interview link re: Rob & older women.

    • What did you think, Lynda?
      Oh, it is so awesome.

  31. Is it too late??

    • For what?

      • To chat on here. But since WP is being stupid, I guess we’ll just try again tomorrow 😦

        Night Nat!

        • Night, Nuggety.

  32. This is a test for FN. ❤

    • Awww…thanks!!

  33. i think you guys have done amazing these past seven months. you make my day, everyday with your witty sarcasm 🙂 oh, and i’ll be joining you for that 2 week tent party. hhaha. you girls crack me up 😛

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