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What is it about Robert Pattinson?

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were watching this paparazzi vid from the Remember Me set when we were just struck with your…. your… amazingness? adorableness? awkwardness? We’re not sure.  All we know is that we couldn’t’ stop watching. Even though it was a total stalker video.  We just couldn’t turn it off… Even after the paparazzi starting calling you RP and getting all creepy. The following is the conversation we had to try to figure out what it is about you…

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UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Moon: Seriously, what is it about this boy?! Like really what is it?!
: I know! I dunno!
: Is it that he played Edward??
: I mean, NO! I don’t think so. I mean. It helps, but…
: of course
: He doesn’t look like Edward on the Remember Me set. He’s not being Edward
: he’s pretty hot
: Let’s discuss this
: yes let’s break down the allure of Rob:

Breaking it Down

Ok so obviously the physical- he’s tall, good looking, great hair, but he’s not like the hottest man ever, right? Like if I saw him in real life and he was a regular dude…
: No. Not Ever. Like, there’s this dude named Nacho who is probably hotter. Lemme find him. He’s smoking
: I would think he was cute and stuff but I wouldn’t lose my shit
: um yeah- Nacho=smokin’. Rob= attractive
: he’s hot??
: I think nacho is hot! So yes Rob….
: Rob….not the world’s hottest man
: nope
: we know this
: not in the best shape….we know this….and agree
: not even a great dresser
: kinda an awful dresser
: interesting for sure, a tad hipster but not by choice I think
: wears that shirt from that quinceanera party he went to in ‘01. Right. He’s the real kind of hipster. Hipster b/c he doesn’t’ care OR maybe he does.
: I think it kind of adds to the allure, like WHY does he wear a sweater from the 90s?
: he DOES care, but just doesn’t know how to care. He’s my best guyfriend I grew up with, I’m not even kidding. They’re the same person. He still wears stuff I remember him wearing in jr. high. I’m either becoming less attracted to Rob or more attracted to my guyfriend

Before Edward

Moon: I think he doesn’t care and is also trying to hold on to that last piece of the BEFORE life. BE- before Edward
: right- BE. Sad time for me. Happy time for him
: I don’t think he hates this at all that’s the other thing. I think he’s just like yea this is a weird job I fell into and people throw themselves at me for no reason
: me neither. I think he’s walking away in that Remember me Paps vid thinking “Did that kinda cute girl just look at me? why? I just took a huge dump in my trailer”
: right. “I just ate 10 doughnuts, drank 50 cups of coffee and took a huge shit… little does she know.” HA- I’m on Twicrack & looking at a gif & it reminds me. He’s not all that coordinated
: not at ALL
: very clumsy and goofy
: probably pretty bad in bed, as a result- not that i’m not willing to try
: hey ill give him a whirl, let him convince me otherwise
: right, exactly

Find out if we figured out what it is after the jump!

So what is it?

Moon: so WHAT is then??! He’s not THAT hot, he’s clumsy, questionable dresser, probably bad in bed

UC: I DON’T KNOW! Let’s discuss his Pros

  • musician (although i’d like him even if he wasn’t)

Moon: yes musician and not LAME music. He likes interesting stuff, musically.

  • he reads books!

UC: yes!

  • smart & intelligent (probably so much so that we might get a little bored in conversation with him- i’m all about the smarty- but it’s gotta be mixed in with a little bit of relevant “today’s” stuff)

Moon: I think the opposite
: and I doubt he knows anything current
: once he’s over the awkward weird shit, he’d have A LOT to say
: hopefully. You think he’s up on his Newsweek? Knows about politics? or he’s just reading literature and philosophy
: he knew Obama read twilight. I think he probably knows about it but not his like MAIN thing. he seems more in his head than to be political
: right
: and he’s British what does that mean for politics anyway?
: right, I dunno! They have a queen!

Things you shouldn’t do during lunch

Moon: ok this Kiss .gif is making me crazy, Twicrack: Good Lord!
: oh jeez!!!! Stop watching! That’s like reading The Sub fan fiction at lunch! hahaha
: HAHAHA. its in the side bar
: I may or may not have read the deleted chapter at lunch. Shh
: I cant get away from it. Back to RP. Pros:

  • the smile
  • the laugh
  • he seems really joyful and I like that in other people (not always a debbie downer)

UC: yes. he seems happy, often.

  • care-free
  • he’s British. Did we say that? And not like white trash British (which isn’t a thing), but, like…well bred, educated, well spoken and ENGLISH. I bet he’ll be knighted. I’d knight him (that’s what she said)

Moon: I’ll use my sword to knight him. Wait, I don’t have sword. Pros:

  • the accent. US gals LOVE a good accent
  • Family. They’re not all riding all over his fame like the Lohans or something

UC: right! They don’t seem to care! I think he’s seen the fam ONCE this year! Poor boy
: they’re like yea this is a good time! Christmas and his bday! Damn
: they’re hoping for Lizzie to get famous
: I would die
: he’s gotta be lonely. he has no home! He won’t be back in London for MONTHS
: Seriously didn’t he say he had lived in hotels for 6 months?
: maybe he’ll have a quick weekend run to London before Eclipse starts. No wonder he wears the same outfit. You never seen him with luggage All he owns fits in his Hampton’s bag.
: oh another pro:

  • THE DOG. The fact that he talked about his dog- very compassionate I can tell!

robert-pattinson-for-ray-bansUC: yes! you love the dog

  • THE RAY BANS. sigh!

Moon: I do love the dog and that he said it had attitude like Beyonce. He’s in tune with his dog.
Yes! the ray bans always a pro! Dude he should be a spokesmodel

So… what IS it? What do you think? Help us figure it out. Roblosophy class in session!

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  1. all that pondering and i still don’t know.

    back to the drawing board. if i can stop looking at that gif long enough.

    • Is it normal that I keep watching this gif expecting more to happen? Progression… And, that I just admitted that to Lord only knows how many people?

      Definition of Insanity…Repeating the same action, while anticipating a different outcome.

      Yup, nuts.

      • I’ll be your straightjacket sister if it means we can have great meds and spend the entire day robssessing – lmao!

        • I’d say we’re there. 😉

    • Sorry ladies…I have to disagree with you regarding Rob’s looks.
      He IS the hottest man ever…yeah, like since Adam, EVER. God! Hello?… GQ? Rome Rob? Vanity Fair??? and he rolls out of BED looking like that!
      Ryan Reynolds is “attractive” Rob Pattinson is bring-tears-to-your-eyes beautiful!

    • Damn that gif!!! I’m babysitting and decided to check the blog, I saw the giff and couldn’t look away. One of the kids found me staring it and looked over my shoulder “What are they DOING!” he was very…ahem, interested, in the action going on….How do I explain it to a 4 yearold?

      • theyre playing twister! duh 😉

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  3. ‘wears that shirt from that quinceanera party he went to in ‘01.’…AWESOMENESS!!!! If he were at my quinceanaera my tias would probably try to feed him talking bout he needs to ‘fatten up’ cuz he’s too skinny and my tios would be trying to give him alcohol poisoning talking bout he’s a ‘maricon=pansy ass’ for not drinking his tequila straight with no lime or salt!!! LMFAO And EVERYONE would be calling him GUERO or GRINGO all night long!!! 😀

    • OMG! that would so happen with my family.

      • Wouldn’t that be awesome tough…he’d probably fit right in with the way he drinks and smokes!! LOL

        • yea and at the end of the night they’ll all so drunk they’ll be singing Vicente. LMAO, I would pay to see that!

    • Just got an AWESOME visual of Rob dancing to the mariachi band while you rub up against him in your poofy white dress!

  4. for me, it was his sense of humor and his humility aside from the good looks and musical talent.

  5. I disagree. I bet he’s totally amazing in bed. Although I like awkward lays so maybe that’s just me.

    • i totally agree, i think it’s the awkwardness 🙂
      and ROFL at the camera man at the end of the video..

      “aww LOOK RP’s smiling” lol.

  6. well there’s no denying that rob’s intelligent and undeniably attractive and everything else that moon and UC mentioned.
    but for me, his appeal lies in the fact that he’s not your cookie cutter movie star. he’s goofy and dorky, not overly and constantly gussied up and dressed to the nines and doesn’t give the canned answers we usually get from actors. and all that makes him come off as a very real and accessible person to me.
    plus i’m a major sucker for funny guys. they get me. every time.

    • I agree with all of this BTW.

      • i agree with it all too, and he just seems like the kind of guy who you could date and even if you break up you would still stay close friends, he just seems to have that kind of personality to me

    • Once again, I agree with every single thing here. I love me a man that can make me laugh. =)

    • I am past the major Rob hysteria but I must admit that I like that he’s a dork. He has a sweet smile and he’s cute when he messes with his hair. His cluelessness adds to his attractiveness, IMO. I’m older so I just think he’s cute, not really devastatingly handsome (love that manly jawline, though).

  7. I think Rob is a complete package. He is everything good you want to combine about your ex-boyfriends to make the perfect guy. Okay we all notice physical first….he’s tall, thin….I don’t like too many muscles on my men, he has got a jawline that makes me drool…it is so masculine, he has thick eyebrows that have to be plucked or he would probably have a unibrow…., nice lips, those beautiful long fingered hands, hair whether it is short or long is indisputably thick, thick, thick and maybe he is thick somewhere else.

    Okay I really went off and got caught up in the physical but we all look at the physical first….right?! When I first saw Twilight he was so droolworthy hot but that only made me curious about what is this guy really like behind the acting. I looked up interviews of him online and fell in love with his intelligence, his wit, his self-deprecating humor, the way he expresses himself through his word choice, his goofy but incredibly infectious laugh and most of all his complete humbleness.

    Overall what it did it for me, what made me fall in love with Robert Thomas Pattinson, not Edward Cullen (although I love him too!), was the fact that no matter what he JUST KEEPS IT REAL! I am sure he has been told certain things he should not say, but he keeps saying them. He is not that “dickhot” guy (I will explain my definition of that another time) who acts all cocky, not too cool to laugh at himself or the twists and turns he has come into in the last 7 months!

    What can I say….I am in love with someone I will never meet…..the complete package and I guarantee he is good in bed because he is passionate about life and passionate in life equals passionate about living it, therefore passionate in bed!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, well not really, for this insanely long post but I get carried away when it comes to him. I could write for hours about the man. I have never had a celebrity crush, he is my first and I am in my thirties. I’m glad he broke my cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way this is my first post! I found your website on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend reading it! You girls are the best!!!!!

    Much love,


    • Stephanie WELCOME! So glad you found us & we’re happy to have you!

      • I love that you do that every time someone new posts…very welcoming.

        • i wish i could respond to everyone! but i do try to hit the newbies:)

    • I agree with everything you say here. I also think that people who sometimes are a little awkward are often excellent in bed. (What they may lack in finesse initially, they certainly make up for with enthusiasm. They are also very quick to learn exactly what it is you like!) I am all for trying out this theory with Mr Pattinson!!!!

    • Stephielynn, I am in my 30’s, NEVER had a celebrity crush before and have been mad at myself for starting now! but I agree with everything you wrote, his looks, smarts, humor but there is just something vulnerable about him too that draws you in….sigh…and finding this sight has only increased my addiction!! but I love laughing over it every morning with my coffee and glad that there are some women in their 30’s like me who fantasize about a much younger & unavailable man – makes me feel less crazy! 🙂

      • Hey Lori!

        It is so good to hear I am not alone…..your first celebrity crush too! I completely agree with you about the vulnerable side to him. It draws me in (like you said). Yeah we are in our thirties and it comforts me to know I am not the only mature woman who is crushing on a 23 year old! I have been trying to come to terms with that and after reading your post I feel much better. I’m OVER IT….I will embrace it from now on!

      • I’m 27 and NEVER had a celebrity crush either. And I find myself lost in this boys eyes that I’ll never see in person….sigh For heaven sakes I have 2 kids and a husband. LOL! I also find myself laughing because i do fantasize about a younger man- well really not that, but that it’s on one that I’d never have a chance with. And the fact that he is so damn aborable, compassionate, Beautiful, dorky(in his on awkward way) talented, A Musician, and what gal doesn’t love a man with a great accent…. Hummmm….. I could go on and on.
        I think that is the drawing from him….. I feel really crazy and stupid!!! Just glad to know I’m not the only on who is crushing on Rob that is not 12!
        The things I would do for him to play and sing to me……
        This is also my first time posting on here.
        You gals are great!

    • Could not have said it better.

    • YEAA!!! a newb! welcome stephanie! stick around!

      • Hey Moon! Thanks for the welcome and I will stick around. You girls are the best. Now I can get my talking about Rob fix everyday with your site! I don’t feel so alone now. My friends don’t get it………I mean are they crazy? Hello!!!

        Stephanie “StephieLynn”

  8. Um, okay…

    Not even gonna lie, his looks really sizzle my bacon. Whole thing, he meets the criteria.

    The sense of humor, coupled with that laugh. OMG! This is what really owns me. He is wicked clever, but he clearly holds back.

    The I dont give a sh*t everything…I cant stand a follower. So this, for me = WIN!

    The authenticity! I don’t know how long he’ll be this person, within the confines of this business….but I srsly love this, in anyone.

    Well read AND articulate, ya…that’s foreplay in my book.

    I think in real life I’d find him immature, uncoordinated, goofy, and he’d probably say something stupid and piss me off. Oddly enough, I’m finding this attractive. I need help.

    • I completely agree.The authenticity and verbal diarrhea in interviews-I love it. I truly hope he holds onto it-but, as you say, in this business…I think if and when he loses that authenticity, that might be the end of my Robsession. He’ll still be pretty to look at but his personality is so big a part of it for me.

      • Ya, he’ll always be eye candy. The person behind the looks gets lost, and I’m afraid I’ll be one boy short of a crush.

  9. Props for all the robanalysis: I concur! I’d add humility to the list, since in all interviews he insists the fangirls only want to hump him because of Book Edward (is it wrong that I loved it when he said all the screaming at Hot Topic made him cry?). I also think his randomness is a big attraction; the Twilight commentary in which he sounds like he’s eating a sandwich and not giving a shit was tremendous. Finally, I suggest that his non-playa ways are hot; if he were banging his way through Hollywood he’d be far less hot, if only because he’d seem mean and/or narcissistic to leave a swath of freshly banged chicks in his wake. Sigh. To be freshly banged by RP…

    • hAHmburgAH!

      and yes it’s nice thats hes not our shagging every girl in hwood, though im sure theyd all be lined up

    • I soooo agree! I have not read Book Edward yet…. but love breaking dawn, and that may be why the young girls love him….. but I totally say it’s personality, humor,passionate about how he expresses himself, intelligent and I mean obviously physical is there also tall, good looking, undeniably attractive, GREAT hair, sweet smile. He’s also hot because he’s everything that most movie stars are not. He’s goofy and dorky! OK so he’s the COMPLETE PACKAGE!!!! Hope he stay’s that way!

  10. Mr. Pattinson is possibly just the “shiny new toy” that we all want to play with?

    And the reason we want to play with him is because he was the “tool” that was used to whip us all up into an “aching” frenzy! Why else is there scores of FF depicting Edward and Bella in all manner of sex-capades?

    Vampires have always been associated with sex and lust… and the true “evil” of the vampire is that they turn women into creatures that are “just as crazed” as they are (vampires).

    Why him and not someone else? Just the luck of the audiiton. He was fairly unknown and a perfect blank slate to try on this character. Cedric was far enough back in time and a small enough part that it would not interfere with our being able to imprint Edward on him. Cha-ching! $$$$

    Now that I’m thinking about it… it was really a stroke of genius casting KS as Bella because she is actually plain enough that we can imprint ourselves on her quite easily!! WE become the girl that Edward lusts after…. Ooooh, that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside! Riiiiiight!

    Mr. Pattinson’s physique will not bag him the traditional “sexy-guy” roles… but doing Edward gives him the chance to create and attach to himself some sort of “intelligent” sex-appeal which is essential for his career.

    I must confess that I’m finding my Robsession waning a bit, day by day… but that’s okay. THAT’S NORMAL… because, infatuations can’t last forever. However…. I will still hit the blogs because I love me some eye candy….
    ALSO NORMAL! lol.

  11. I’m a complete sucker for dorky awkward guys… and the fact that he’s British doesn’t hurt.

  12. @Giddyagain – Ditto! Exactly.

    I think I will forever find him beautiful. And I have to disagree with you UC and Moon, I do think he’s one of the hottest guys out there. I sketch/paint people, so I pay attention to bone structure (even if I’m looking at a not-so-famous person). This guy’s bone structure is out of this world. That jaw…sigh. He’s totally going to be on the cover of People as the sexiest many alive one of these years, not just an honorable mention.

    • oh.. i DEF think he’s one of the hottest ever… just … there are other hotter guys- like if I ran to normal Rob on the street I’d probably think…’he’s a good-looking hobo’.. if I ran into Oscars-Rob on the street? I’d die…

      Brad Pitt on the street is hotter than Rob on the street. Brad dressed up vs Rob dressed up? I dunno.. might be a tie.. or Rob might win. I’m kinda over Brad (except for that scene with the aviators in Benjamin buttons. oh WOW)

      • Hee! Good-looking hobo! You make me snicker.

        I have never been much of a Brad Pitt fan, but that scene in Benjamin Button in the aviators made me gasp aloud in the theater like an idiot.

      • The one on the motorcycle? Oh holy hells yeah, UC!!


      • Brad–aviators–motorcycle–white T and cuffed jeans—OMG!!! I’m right there with you UC!

  13. What is it about Rob? I ask myself this every day. Why am I going out of my mind over someone I don’t even know?
    Actually he is pretty much my version of the perfect guy-tall, skinny, good hair, BRITISH,goofy. Plus he is musical and his singing voice makes me melt.
    It’s not because he plays Edward, though as you said it helps. I didn’t fall for him immediately-I thought he was kinda hot in Twilight, started what I didn’t realize would become a daily online stalking habit, and just fell in love with his goofiness, awkwardness and humbleness.
    I guess that’s it-he just seems like a normal, sweet, awkward, funny guy who happens to be way hot.

    • I totally agree! At first I thought he was hot, but I wasn’t pining away for him. It wasn’t until I watched some of his interviews and heard how funny and charming he was that I became so interested in him.
      To me there is nothing hotter than a hot guy who doesn’t know he’s hot.

    • Could not have said it any better!
      I didn’t even go see Twilight when it was at the movies. LOL,
      So how in the Hell did I get so interested in him. Hummm, whatching and listening to his interviews.
      I totally agree Mer. There is nothing hotter than a hot guy who truely doesn’t know he’s hot.
      There are only 2 words to sum Rob Patz up… TOTAL PACKAGE!!!

  14. I read an interview where he said he missed his dog so much and he was devastated everytime he had to leave because he was worried it’d be the last time he would see her because she’s really old. That made me feel bad for him. I’d go nutz if I had to be away from my cat for very long. My cat is my four legged son….I call him my fur child.

    Ok, what is it? For me its:
    – The fact that he’s not stuck on himself. Overconfidence is a big turn off to me because it can come across as really arrogant to me and he doesn’t seem to have even a dash of arrogance in him.
    – People are throwing themselves at him and he doesn’t understand why. If he were Colin Ferrell he’d be like “yeah, I’m the shit!” (sorry to Colin Farrell fans)
    – The fact that he wears sweaters from the 90s. He’s himself, he’s not about to conform to what society wants him to.
    – He’s very what you see is what you get.
    – The fact that he’s a musician, can play guitar and piano is so sexy to me.
    – His laugh
    – His smile, my fave. I love when his eyes squint shut and his mouth gets really wide and happy.
    – His playfulness like a child. He’s in touch with his child within.
    – His talent (you’d never realize Edward and Art are played by the same man, AMAZING!)
    – The fact that he is loyal to his friends from childhood says a lot about him.
    – His accent and the random hilarious things that come out of his mouth at the least unexpected moments.
    – He comes from a well grounded home. He has manners and is polite.
    – He has that quality where he can be totally adorakable and turn around and be sexy within a second of being adorkable and your panties get poofed.
    – He’s HAWT…plain and simple
    – He will answer anything in an interview.
    – He stays out of trouble in Hollywood.
    – He always seems happy, even when under pressure
    – the whole microwaving thing

    Yeah, so I’m obsessed obviously. But THAT’S NORMAL.

    • ‘Fur Child’…..Heart you Jena.

    • yes,yes,yes…it’s all these little quirks that add up to the perfect package. I love to picture him microwaving a carrot…carrot porn.

    • I am being so lazy here tagging on to your post Jena.

      But yep. You just about said it all Jena. Thank you so much darling for putting that all down.

      But I’ll add: He’s utterly charming. He’s shy, but also captivating and strangely extrovert – I don’t know how that works, but he is. He draws you into his character in those many interviews etc we’ve seen and you want to know more. He smiles and laughs and is so expressive …. ok gotta stop …. getting all worked up here. *sigh* Lovely guy. *bigger sigh*

      And Moon/UC … not the hottest guy? Er Whaaaaaaat? Please girls, wash your mouths out with soap!!!xxx Who wants Tayloresque muscles on a guy anyway? Not me! Never ever. Yuk! Give me tall and lean anytime. Or in the case of Mr EG (who does have a few years on Rob so I’ll excuse him) tall and, er, not quite so lean anymore, but still rocking it ….”.

      ps The diet Mr EG was supposed to be on has not happened and he is now away for 2 weeks solid so will probably have eaten most of the chocolate in Belgium by the time he gets back ….

      • “He’s utterly charming. He’s shy, but also captivating and strangely extrovert – I don’t know how that works, but he is.”

        This is the perfect explanation and I ❤ u for it! So true, so true!

      • girl i dont like taylor style muscles, creeps me out… what we’re saying is if we saw him on the street and he was normal dude, we;d think he was hot but wouldnr FLIP OUT like we do on here.

    • Jena, everything you said!

      • Jena…its everything you said…I concur. I am one of the older Ladies ,too…which is so out of character for me. My Boys roll their eyes..

        I guess, it’s so refreshing to see ..someone in that business, so sure, accepting and happy with themselves…not “jaded”. I hope he stays that way and has a long, happy life.

        All along> us enjoying HIM…on the ride.

    • You covered it so well, Jena.

      Back when I first saw RP in Harry Potter as Cedric, I thought, that’s a good looking “kid”, and forgot all about it. That was that, a pretty boy, nothing more. But when Twilight led me to the Rob interviews, I got hooked on the bits of real life Rob personalities revealed in the interviews. He’s all grown up, all man. And then the photos! I totally had to look at him from a different light. (Yes, I feel dirty and wrong.) I am looking forward to new interviews and to “Remember Me”!

      RP puzzles me… He shows conflicting traits which make him more interesting and intriguing. Like EG said earlier, “He’s shy, but also captivating and strangely extrovert…” He is confident and humble. He can look androgynous, but with his natural hair and disheveled look, he’s all man in a very sexual, primal, way. He has the bad-boy vibes yet a really decent, kind human being. (Oh, I have a weakness for bad boys!) Ya, it’s the whole complex, genuine, package…

      • love the package……

        • thats what she said

      • Yeah, I for some reason always turn to the bad boys, so I know what you mean there. And yes Rob does have that bad boy vibe, but its so nice to get the look without the attude!

    • Jena, you really hit the nail on the head with your analysis. Yup. Yup. He’s all that and more!

    • Jena, you articulated so many great things about Rob! A new insight for me is the attractiveness of his playfulness; how he retains the child within. So true! One thing I would add is something I heard Kristen say on a video: she said “its not like I see something that no one else sees, but that there is just clarity, truth, honesty.” I really like her too. I am so happy that she digs him.

  15. i seriously have no clue what it is. I don’t like skinny blondisch blue eyed young boys….

    And still Rob totally does it for me, i have been over the list in my head a hundred times and i still can’t figure it out….

  16. Rob is the whole package. Granted, the package is probably wrapped in an old paper grocery sack, taped with duck tape, and tied with yo-yo string, but the boy has it all. Looks, height, hair, humility, humor, depth, talent (many talents), youth….What else could a girl want!?

    • love this!

    • What else could a girl want?

      Er two packages!!!!!

      • I’ll take his package any way he wants to wrap it.

  17. As we say in the ‘church world’…he’s anointed!
    Srsly! Cause how the heck else do you explain it! It defies natural explanation…weiiiiiiiiiird.

  18. I can not point to any one thing and say “that’s what it is that makes me love Rob”.
    It’s all the characteristics listed by your good selves and the glimpse of the innate soul we think we see.
    I’ve never had an ‘infatuation’ {if that’s what I’ve got as it seems sooooo much more} like this before at any age and I find it increasing not decreasing everyday.
    This sexy charming young man {that’s part of it actually he’s not a boy like Efron/Jackson/Lutz etc} could turn out to have some flaw that will cure me, but I’m over six months in and I’ve no sign of anything yet…..till then I’m just going to ENJOY because if the obsession fades I’m going to be heartbroken.
    Love to all

  19. From the video, I’d say its his hands…my gosh, the things he do (or could do) with them…the way he holds his smoke, the way he runs his fingers through his hair, the way he holds that stir-straw/stick, the way he strokes his throat (bite), clench and unclench his fists…can you imagine them caressing the keys of a piano?…talk about tinkling the ivories… oh yeah, and everything else you guys said…

    • *poof*

      *fanning self* Yes, I agree. His hands are a big part of it.

    • I can think about him caressing something of mine, but it ain’t piano keys ifyouknowwhatimsayinandithinkyoudo!!! Bwahaha!!!!

    • the look double jointed to me

    • He can “tinkle my ivories” whenever…wherever…just sayin’…

    • Damn, I love it when both my worlds collide…JGro (babe) just updated his bio on Twitter : “Bio: Professional Scribbler, Warbler, and Ivory Tickler” … same day that I posted this, too, I think…

  20. It’s all in how he moves.

    Like a cat, well, sometimes like a cat with tape stuck to its feet but still cat like.

    • Laughing here…… just crying with laughter….. so right

    • Hahaha!

  21. mmmm british… 😀


    he’s so quirky and random and the fact thta he says whatever he likes, its whats the greatest about him. you can tell tht he’s still tryin to grasp whats happenin to him, and is not adjusting to the fame gracefully, but rather, awkwardly and makes him tht much more vulnerable.

    this video is my fav of him. bc it shows he really has a different sense of humour.!


  22. He’s an enigma. A sextacular, adorkable, unconventionally talented, seemingly good natured, well rounded and intelligent man-child who chooses to work in an industry that values perfection and beauty more than talent or personality.

    Oh, and his hairiness. Virility on the purely subconcious and hormonal level. I’m all tingly just thinking about his treasure trail….

    • @STT…Most definitely you and I are smokin the same stuff today…just write my posts for me dude!

      ….what she said.

      • I was totes thinking the same thing on your post! You know what they say about great minds…

    • You guys have said it all, but this, this I find to be absolutely true:

      “Oh, and his hairiness. Virility on the purely subconcious and hormonal level. I’m all tingly just thinking about his treasure trail….”

      I’ve said before that the man makes my ovaries hurt, and I have no clue why.

      I sure hope that Robbie reproduces at some point though. I’d hate to have those fabulous genes lost for all eternity…

    • I love that he’s not overly hairy-he has just the right amount of body hair, but that treasure trail..and the V..makes me cry in frustration. I love his body and the fact that it’s “imperfect” by Hollywood standards makes him all the more attractive. Stay skinny and keep up the diet of cheeseburgers and beer Rob!!

  23. I love that in posed photos he looks hotter than hell and super cocky, but then in candids and in interviews he’s goofy and akward (midly autistic). For whatever reason, I find that package (ahem) incredabley endearing and sexy.

  24. Why Rob is so hot….I love how he runs his hands through his hair when he is nervous – I love how he can’t grasp what all the fuss is about – Lets face it Rob himself doesn’t understand why he is so hot. Robs “hotness” goes WAY beyond his looks. Its his mannerisms, his awkward moments (Yea he said a kiss on the check with a 12 year could lead to something more…awkward) He just looks like he needs someone to help take care of him – You know button his shirt – change clothes. He comes across real. Rob and all his hotness (some may call them flaws – but Rob makes them all hot) make him more human – unlike Brad Pitt – Mr Perfect.

    What about the fact that after Rob got the “Your Rude” Love Letter – the next time he came out he WAVED! Like he cared that one of his fans thought he was rude! Come on – Rob’s Hotness is more then skin deep.

  25. What do I love about Rob? My husband used to ask this daily – although now, (*whispers* Robert Pattinson), is a word I’m not allowed to say in my house 🙂 The hubby has had it with my Robsession 🙂 I have to hide LTR and Twitter like I’m hiding a stash of hydrocodone….

    I’d have to agree with most of what’s written here. There are plenty of really hot hollywood guys that I don’t give a second look at…
    Heck – I saw the Twilight movie for the first time before I read the books (went with my daughter) and I don’t remember being all gooey over Rob even then.
    Then I read the books, and fell in love with them. Then I saw Twilight again. Then I started watching Twilight interviews with the cast, and THAT is when my Robsession began. Hearing Rob in interviews is what completely got me. Then hearing his music sent me more into Robsession.
    I love it that he can’t button his shirt right, or wears crappy Nikes. I’d MUCH rather listen to his interesting interviews and see him looking all disheveled, than see another canned hollywood interview with a guy who has been primped and preened within an inch of his life. Rob seems like every guy I knew in college, and that makes me feel young again, and it also makes Rob feel more accessible and understandable than these elite hollywood boys who seem to KNOW that they are the shit. Rob doesn’t get our obsession with him any more than we get it ourselves…and that makes him undeniably sexy….

    And, the mother in me wants to protect him too – Although I try to surpress “mom mode” where Rob is concerned because that can just get creepy 🙂

    • what she said 😉

  26. Oh, and I forgot to add that I am about as excited about the press run up to the New Moon movie as I am about the movie itself. The promotion of New Moon means more Rob interviews, more Rob on Ellen or the Tonight Show, more adorkable, messy, weirdly dressed Rob that makes me sorta cringe and at the same time embrace and love that that’s what I love about him. If others don’t “get it” or understand what I find so supremely sexy about him, that’s ok…more of him for me (well, when the hubs isn’t around anyway 😉 )

    • I am so glad you said that. I’m excited to see the movie, sure, but I’m WAY more excited for the interviews. More of him being goony and nervous and being so uncomfortable he sits all hunched over and touches his hair 900 times. Is it wrong that I *really* want him to be on the Graham Norton show because I think it would make him the most uncomfortable? It would be so fun to watch.

    • I’m with you about Interview Rob…. I love listening to him talk… listening to his thought process and watching his expressive, inquisitive eyes!! Very intriguing!

    • That too! Oh my gaaahhhh can’t wait for new interviews of him.

    • Amen to this.

  27. definitely goofy and awkward, and he can’t recognize that he’s attractive looking and women desire him in a sexual way. He’s insecure with himself and doesn’t hide it, or at least hide it well. Doesn’t give himself enough credit.

    and that what makes him attractive. His humbleness and genuine good guy personality.

    oh, and he’s fuckhawt! I think he’d be decent in bed (at least in my mind he is!). He doesnt’ come off as selfish, if you know what I mean 😉

    • Just decent??!!! Robshair, come on!! 😉 Rob would be so fuckhawt in bed BECAUSE he is not selfish. It would be all about the woman for him. *fanning* -just thinking about it.

  28. Hm, I have to disagree with the part about Nacho being more attractive than Rob. Nope. Rob is definitely a guy that I would look at twice on the street (if he wasn’t famous). I think it is a combination of all of the above (that you discussed). He is a real, honest-to-goodness, probably normal person that thinks it is insane that people are freaking out over him. I bet he’d be an awesome friend to hang out with. I love me some sarcasm, and he’s got it in scores. I’ve never been infatuated with a celebrity before, and this man is deeply ingrained on me. Its kind of redonkulous, actually. But I think it mostly has to do with the fact that he doesn’t seem like an unreachable celebrity, like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. He seems attainable, however completely unlikely that may be.

  29. I can hardly think straight for all the times you guys said ‘package’.

    sassysmart has it right. There is something spectacular about a man who can walk the red carpet in a designer suit like a model, then stumble through painfully awkward interviews where he completely misses the point of a question. I fell in love when that MTV interviewer asked him what his next project was and he answered, “I need to improve my spelling.” —->ENGLISH MAJOR RIGHT HERE, BABY<—–

    And my God, the color of his eyes. They take me down every time.

    • Oh yeah.. the eyes… yummy!

    • Hey Tiffanized!

      I am into the color of his eyes too! Part of it is that they are kind of a mysterious color. Since I have become addicted to Rob I have looked at so many….I mean tons….of pictures and then I enlarge him to see the color. I want to hear your opinion on what color you think they are since you them, too. I think they are gray with just the slightest hint of blue, but more gray than anything else.

      Check his eyes out in this pic! He may not be sparkling in the sun like Edward Cullen but he looks more amazing than any human in the sun and you can really see his eye color here. Make sure to enlarge it. Sorry to say I do not know how to do a link so you will have to copy and paste it!

      And I cannot wait to hear what you think his eye color is, because maybe my computer monitor’s colors are way off!!!!!!!!!! Since I will more than likely never look closely into those eyes (I will continue to dream though) I am curious what you think?


    • Tiffanized,

      Whoops! Click on the link and when you see the picture click the previous button in the upper left hand corner of the picture. The one on the link is the wrong picture, but one PREVIOUS picture away.



      • I didn’t have to even look at the picture to answer [even though I totes did it anyway]. I’ve examined those eyes on the screen, in print . . . wait, what the hell was I saying?

        Oh, right, *eyes*.

        I saw him in Goblet of Fire, but didn’t notice his eyes. Then, of course, he wears contacts in Twilight, so I was under the impression that he had brown eyes (I know, WTF, amirite?).

        Then I saw this: and died.

        Since then, I can’t be sated with online photos, I have to have the original magazines. I’ve tacked his page from the new People* on my whiteboard at work. His eyes in that photo should be illegal.

        I’m going with blue green. Sometimes they are like a deep teal, with that dark blue ring around. Sometimes they are pale green or blue. Of course, when I look directly at them, I forget which words I use to describe color, so I’m working from memory here.

        *OK, derail: WTF with Chace Crawford getting hottest bachelor? I was cool when the announcement was made, then I find out that the Crawford got an 8 page spread in People, complete with baby photos. We was ROBBED (and not in the good way).

        • Now that is a picture! I have drool coming out of my mouth….I know gross right! But I cannot help it. How could I have missed this?! I have been trying to figure out the mystery of his eye color forever…well a few months anyway. They are an unreal greenish color….I have to pause a sec and click on that link again….Thanks!

          Oh yeah………HHHHAAAAAAWWWWWTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

          About Chace Crawford I don’t get it either….I mean yeah he is good-looking but in the typical Hollywood way. Rob is so much hotter because he is everything in one beautiful 6’1″ package and he has another package which I am sure is just as beautiful. Oh right back to Chace Crawford. I heard an interview of the People editor on the radio a few days ago. I think she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest….don’t remember….but what I do remember is that he said shouldn’t Robert Pattinson have been the obvious choice and did the photo shoot conflict with his schedule and that was why he wasn’t picked. I mean he was even shocked and amazed at how anyone could beat out Rob! And her answer had me smiling ear to ear in the McDonald’s drive-thru. I almost had to jump out of my car. I hope you are sitting down for this. She said:

          We have something “MUCH BIGGER” in store for Robert Pattinson very soon!!!!!!!!

          And he responded like do you mean Sexiest Man Alive (2009) and she said well you will just have to wait and see. The way she said it, it sounded like it was in the bag….done deal! So imagine that…..I will have to buy many copies! Maybe he will get a ten page spread…..we can only dream!

          Much love,


  30. um, hello…had to share this video since I had never seen it and it is so perfect with the topic du jour…

    I hope I did this right…I suck at all techonology related things…

    • is that Coldplay? I know I know the band, but can’t quite pull the name out of the fried brain this am…

      • Coldplay.

  31. Just had this conversation with The Hubs this weekend…..he said I wouldn’t be so HOT for ROB if he weren’t famous.

    If Rob weren’t famous, there wouldn’t be pictures of him plastered everywhere for me to drool over. So #1 has to be that he is famous – it allows the Robsession to live on. 😉 Honestly, if he were some random guy on the street, I’d think he was cute/hot but I would leave the dude alone, I wouldn’t turn around and go stalk him.

    That being said, I find his humility to be his most striking quality. Look at Zaquisha, he’s a good looking boy, but he wouldn’t no humility if it smacked him in the face or someone told him what it meant. Love that Rob doesn’t give a shit about how he dresses – there’s confidence/devil may care attitude in that or he’s just a bum.

    The fact that he is well educated, thoughtful and likes to read = WIN. He can also laugh at himself and more often than not let’s his inner dork out to play. I love his adorkableness.

    Oh, yeah, and he’s HOT! 😉

    • Mr LPB said the same thing, and I gave him the same answer!! Though there is this cutie at my AM busstop, totally rocking the Rob-Hobo vibe, and I do have a wee crush on him, but, like I said, there are not pics of him everywhere on the intertubes for me to ogle. So I just watch him getting on the bus ahead of me every day. (from behind, ifyouknowwhatimsayin)

  32. I think is the bright eyes. There’s no evil or anything bad in those eyes… it’s like they shine of humble… and fun… and caring… he looks like he can be the nerdie boy next door that eventually will transform in the hot guy over the summer…

    the sincere eyes and smile… I think

    That kiss .gif is driving me crazy! I can stop looking at it!!!

    • awwwwwwwwwww his bright eyes.

      love it

      • >holds up stereo to blast musicslinks away<

  33. – It’s the accent (which is not only something you US girls go for :-D)
    – The fact that he actually isn’t that pretty/gorgeous (hate the Efron’s of Hollywood)
    – The musician part (I LOVE a piano player and the fact that he also plays guitar is just an added bonus)
    – The fact that he doesn’t take himself to seriously/ has self irony (he can never understand why people love him, cause he can see all his own flaws)
    – He’s tall (me like me men tall)
    – He’s funny (British humor is better than US humor)
    – He’s charming!
    – He’s actually my age (I tend to like famous guys like Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp)

    That’s just a few of the main reasons why I like Rob

  34. A friend of mine has a way of categorizing hot guys. Boyfriend hot and husband hot. Guys that are boyfriend hot are really really good-looking guys who aren’t much else. They look good in photos and are fun to go out with, but not much else.

    Husband hot guys are hot guys who are more ‘real’. Maybe they aren’t THE hottest guys, but they ARE hot. And they read. And they make you laugh. And they are content to just hang out with you. And you can talk to them. And they will remember your birthday. And they will smile even when things are crazy and he just wants to run away and hide under a hoodie. And they will be there through your bad haircuts, weight changes, and morning breath. Rarely do these men know that they are hot. They make great husbands and great dads.

    There are plenty of celebrities we can look at, but there aren’t so many we see ourselves talking to, hanging out with. Someone we actually want to talk to after we take him behind the dumpster. This is where Rob comes in. Rob is husband hot.

    • I ❤ this so much my toes curled!

      • Glad to be of service. =)

    • Bravo, bravo, superb!! Loved this, I will remember this 😉

  35. I really don’t know yet… I cannot point to any reason b/c when I see his pics, vids and gifs I lose my mind ~every time~ and feel like I’m lost in space and time. LOL
    Specially in time since I’m in my 30’s and shouldn’t be cyberstalking him and thinking in “dumpster divings” w/ him… the list of things I shouldn’t be wanting/thinking about him can goes on and on and on… and I don’t give a damn.

  36. UC – I cannot agree. I don’t think the Nachos are tasty. They would satisfy my appetite, sure. However, if I wanted to be completely satiated to the point of feeling stuffed then I’d have to say Robnana is much more of a delicious meal than Nachos. Just sayin.

    Love you even though you like Nachos.


    • i love nachos so much. i make a meal plate of them at 2 am… seriously

  37. I think it’s without a doubt that he holds the top of his coffee cup (as seen in video) like he’s drinking tea instead of at the bottom like the rest of the human race.

  38. You hit all the major points for sure, and I don’t think I have much to add…. Rob is yummy. And he seems to have all the dichotomies down: Handsome but crappy dresser, gorgeous but messy, tall and lean but awkward, smart but goofy, strong character but vulnerable. Not only do I want to give him the dumpster treatment, but I want to feed him a sandwich and wash his jeans.

    That is part of the appeal, he has all these perfect qualities, but doesn’t come across as TOO perfect, because that would be annoying.

    Oh, and

    “he’s British. Did we say that? And not like white trash British (which isn’t a thing), but, like…”

    Help me out English Girl, aren’t British white trash called ‘chavs’??

    • Yep. I think “chav” covers it!

      Now how did you find that out!!!

      • oooooooooo, I’m clever….

        British parents and a good friend in North England. I was also a BBC junkie for a while……(BT–before Twilight, lol)

        • Very very clever.

          I may be wrong, but chav is quite a new word – I bet your parents don’t know it. I’m trying to think now, maybe it’s been around for 4 or 5 years? Not sure, because I was living abroad for quite a while and it’s not the sort of description that is needed by a British expat abroad (it’s what we go abroad to get away from!!!).

  39. It’s probably been said already, but I’ll be redundant. 🙂

    He comes across as “real” — no artifice, no acting the way he thinks we want him to act or the way he’s told to act (do you hear that, Zac Efron??), no image that’s completely opposite his true self. He’s just some guy who happens to have turned out to be cute and talented but isn’t all into himself because of it.

    And he’s definitely a guy — not a metrosexual, not a poser, not some stereotype. Just a regular, occasionally flawed, not-afraid-to-get-sentimental-about-his-dog guy.

    What’s not to love??? 🙂

  40. I don’t know what it is about him. Because he for sure isn’t MY TYPE. Historically in the world of Heather, I haven’t been attracted to skinny, musically inclinded, goofy people.

    BUT, i’m totally in love with this man.

  41. ” a cat with tape on his feet” lmfao….ahhhhh, that was just what I needed today…thank u

  42. Anyone googled “Lizzie Pattinson” ?
    Holy shit. Hotness is so in the genes.
    She and Rob definitely got their looks from Mama P. But thing is, while Rob looks like his mom– especially when he laughs and smiles– he is still so masculine.
    I’ll never get how that works.

  43. Well I love everything about the guy! I don’t like smoking and I think it’s disgusting but for some reason he makes it sexy!!!! So yeah there goes my standards! 🙂 Oh and yeah he’s British, gotta love the accent. I once dated a British guy, swept me off my feet but then he did break my heart into a million pieces.

    I agree about everything you wrote :-).

    I remember when I first heard and saw his face that I swore I won’t watch Twilight! He was totally not my type at all! But then come March when the DVD came out my husband rented it and I fell in love with Robert Pattinson! So that was the beginning of my journey. I can’t believe I waited til March to see him. I guess the more I saw his face and heard him speak and sing, the more I liked him…he grew on me. Kind of like owning a new pair of jeans….it gets better as it gets older, the more you wash and wear it. He just seems like an overall wonderful person and I wish I could meet him someday.

    • Your husband rented Twilight? What a cool guy!

  44. For me, it’s a combo of the dorky hotness, Brittish accent, musicial tendencies, total humbleness and how he says ‘hold on tight spider monkey’ (jk about the last one). But still, that doesn’t totally equate to the level of obsession I have with him.

    Whatever it is, let’s hope he never loses it!

  45. Personally I think Rob is hotter than the Nacho man… WAY hotter…
    but if you look at my history of boyfriends/ crushes… they all are hobo looking musicans who clean up well..
    I think Rob is super realatiable. people feel like they know him because he is so open, but yet he still has this mysterous vibe going on.
    If I saw hobo rob walking down the street I would most def think he was hot…
    Its funny that you asked “what is it about Rob” today because yesterday on my way to work I was listening to “let me sign” and I thought to myself: this is was put him over the top… I think people would still be INSANE for him, but I think the music puts people over the edge. Thats what did it for me at least…
    But Im a sucker for a guy and his guitar…

    oh dear lord that gif is out of control…i was staring at it for a good 5 minutes…. i was totally in a trance…

  46. Ok seriously that kiss. gif. HOT!! I heart Twicrack for that!

    I am sure I am going to be repeating what was on the post and what others commented on…. but…. I just love that at times he really doesn’t give a damn and has the “this is me take it or leave it attitude” but is humble about it at the same time.
    He can rock the “hobo” yet make the our uterus skip a beat when he’s dressed up. *sigh*

  47. For me, what makes Rob so attractive is that he doesn’t think of himself as attractive! He’s gorgeous AND humble.

    His awkwardness and goofiness make him even hotter. He’s British with a killer accent, he’s funny, he’s a musician, he’s passionate, he’s shy, his smile melts my heart…

    and oh god the Ray Bans!

  48. Ah, I think about this more than I care to admit. First, I like his adorkableness. That kind of guy makes you feel comfortable to be yourself. Also, a big one for me is that I am fed up with sissy boys who spend more time on their hair than I do and more money on their wardrobe than I do and WTF is up with chest waxing. I love that Rob is low maintenance and has body hair and drinks and swears like a real man. The fact that he is a singer/songwriter proves a sensitive soul. A man you could talk to that would really listen and try to understand. He seems to genuinely be a easy-going guy. Makes me think he would be fun to hang out with and would take problems in stride. He doesn’t try to act perfect like most actors and even his nervous habits are endearing and sexy. God, in his infinite wisdom tied all that up in a pretty package with a smile that lights up a room and named him Robert Pattinson. See, the way he looks is “pure gravy”

  49. I go to that website for the gif. just saying.

    and Im listening to the song Am I Too Late by the black ghosts. and it fits the gif. very very nicely. the beat. and some words. anyway…

    The physical things about rob definetly help. But the thing I like about him is his honesty. he doesnt pretend to be someone hes not.

    he just has that ‘spark’ not everyone has it. its just that one thing you cant describe that makes you want to look or get to know that person. and you have no idea why.

  50. You’ve pretty much acknowledged every reason that I initially resisted in this post. I just didn’t get what you lot were on about when I first started coming here and thought that you were all either mad or scary or both.

    He’s completely random. A Day in the Life of Rob is never boring and you would never be bored if you were with him.

    Look at how he ‘courted’ Kristen. With obscure Roman poets and x-rated movies and constant proposals and gold old fashioned humour. Oragami doesn’t/didn’t stand a chance.

    He’s what Aussies call a ‘very good bloke’ (high praise!)

    And what girl who grew up in the eighties/nineties doesn’t like a bit of Rob – he’s like a timewarp machine with his sunglasses and clothes to when life was all about Melrose and 90210 and a whole lot simpler. You know, when Dylan loved Brenda and Marcia Cross blew up buildings. Like I said, things things were simpler.

    He is loyal to the things he loves which is appealing – his mates, his parents, London, Nike shoes, Ray Bans, and what appears to be a very limited wardrobe.

    Seriously, put the man in a pair of Ray Bans with some three day old facial growth, those Nikes and a can of Coke that he suckles (yes, suckles) and it’s multiple unicorns all the way…add the Dolce and Gabbana suit from Cannes and you can cornify for days.

    • LMAO Nat!

      I might know of something else he could “suckle” lol.

      You and your unicorns! (Is you video ready yet??)

      • Ah, Nuggety.

        Yes, new Ray Ban video is up…

        It had something like 28 hits in the first four minutes that it was uploaded. Crazy stuff. And that’s only some stupid random video – makes you wonder what his life is like.

        Tell me what you think, Nuggety.
        Talk later.

      • cornify is a reference, Nuggety, to that stupid website that I was telling you about – where you put random unicorns over pictures and websites.

        It’s completely spaz, wrong, and girly…but oh so addictive.

        I spent an hour yesterday cornifying pictures of Rob for the video… and then only using one of them because it just looked saddo. – go, have fun.

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