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Dreaming of Robert Pattinson

You know I'm desperate for new Rob pics when I pull out this little gem...

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

Dear Rob,

Every night me & EastFriend from The Quad pray for a dream about you. Every night. You’ve made EastFriend’s dream come true thrice now.

EastFriend’s latest was killer. (And she’s gonna kill me for sharing this, but I’m pretty tipsy & it’s 3:15am, so eff it):

Last night I had a dream…Rob was sitting in my kitchen, having a deep conversation with me about music.  Of course.  All I remember is me and Rob. Talking.  And he was sitting at my kitchen table, in the chair closest to the fridge. That chair is now sacred.

I told Rob that I believe Paul Simon & Van Morrison are the greatest poets of the modern age.  He became all serious and replied, “I totally just got hard…”

And I said, “WHAT?”  Cause we’d been drinking and you know…maybe he misheard me.

Then he goes, “That’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to me…shit…I’m totally hard!”

So I said, “No–you saying you got hard over something I said was the best thing anyone’s ever said to me.” He laughed.

Then Tiffany goes & shares her dream with me:

In my dream I was walking down a busy street (I think I was in Chicago) and I noticed a homeless man. Sitting next to the homeless man was Rob. He was being friendly and chatting with this man. I noticed it was him and in my mind I thought,”Okay! I can’t go up to him. He is in this deep conversation with this homeless man…” Immediately I felt convicted for not caring for the homeless the way Rob does. What sort of girl am I? I walked near him and he tried to talk to me, but in typical Tiffany fashion, I totally snubbed him… In my head the rules of meeting Rob were playing over and over… somehow it translated in my totally acting like a total biotch (my typical reaction to attractive men- I think I need therapy).
i want to dream about rob i want to dream about rob
After I walked away leaving him wanting more, I realized the mistake I had made… but when I ran back to the homeless man… Rob was no longer there, but I later found him signing autographs under a small tent with the cast of How to Be…  Once again I walked by him and he smiled and I totally ignored him…The End.
i want to dream about rob i want to dream about rob
So in short… I am a worse Christian then Rob, because when he see’s the poor he is moved with compassion while all I’m thinking about is figuring out how to get in his pants… and failing..
i want to dream about rob i want to dream about rob
And then Erin writes you this letter…. and don’t you know, she had a dream about you too:
a secret msg about dreaming about rob

Dear Rob,

Thanks for starring in my dream last night. I have to say I woke up extra tired this morning, ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

What is going on? Why won’t you visit me in my slumber? Let’s try for tonight, k? I’d prefer a scene similar to the following:

(preferably in much higher quality and without Kristen)

I hope tonight will be the first night I will dream of Edwar Robert Pattinson,

Update: Just talked to Moon for the first time in 10 hours (a record for us) and she said:

I finally had my first one the other day. [I am] no longer a Rob dream virgin. He was with Sam though. What a lady boner killer

Okay, I know TONS of you have had a Rob dream. Share it below. Keep it kinda clean. Well, as clean as LTR usually is …. 🙂

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  1. Omg I wish I had a rob dream that I had to edit to keep clean.

    I’ve only dreamt of him once, and for some reason I had to go pick him up at the airport. There was no one else to do the job, so I got in my car and drove to the Chicago airport and picked him up.

    Then I dropped him off at the Oprah show.

    • I can’t believe it!! The only Rob dream I’ve had involved picking him up from the airport {Stansted/London}….I got to drop him off in Barnes to Clare and Richard and all we talked about was how glad he was to be home cause of all the crazies…sigh.. wish I’d a dream that involved him telling me he was hard I’d think of an appropiate response quick enough!!!

  2. lol-I loved Tiffany’s dream…I think I have the same affliction. If I ever do meet Rob I’m sure I’ll just turn red and run away.

    Of course I do think of him every night as I’m trying to fall asleep, resulting in one dream… where we did nothing but waste time talking.And I don’t even remember what we talked about.

  3. I haven’t been lucky enough to have a Rob dream :*(

    however I had a dream the other night where my 11 month old son was hurt and I yelled to my cousin to call Dr. Carlisle lol

    yeah…it was weird actually all my dreams are pretty twisted lol

  4. “If you pray for it, he will come.” I hope.

    Wentworth Miller came, Tom Welling came, Jared Leto came, even my cute gay boy friend who I have a crush on came, but not Rob, not yet.

    Edward or Robert, I’m waiting and I’m praying and it better be A GOOD dream ifyouknowwhatimsayin

    • Um…
      Jared Leto in your dream?

      That’s smokin’ hot. You should probably tell more about that one.

      • I cuncur.

        BTW, what’s your secret. Prayer? Is there fasting involved? I mean one good (ykwis) Robward dream, and I can die happy.

    • @jellybeanrainbow I think Jared Leto (a few years back) would have been the only other dude worthy or able to pull off the Edward Cullen charcter 😉 Him in Requiem for a Dream…angsty and hawt…*sigh*

      PS please share more about said dream pleeeez!

  5. Bwah! I’m so jealous!

    The other night I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation then switched over to The Simpsons. I fell asleep on the couch and had an elaborate TNG and Simpsons crossover dream.

    I fall asleep to Twilight every night and have never had any sort of Twi-related dream. Nuthin’. Not even a mention of fish fry or little bottles or even a baseball game. Sigh.

  6. I just wanna have a delicious dream about my Jason. Statham. Cause I love him, you know?

    And hilarious that Tiffany says she’s a worse Christian than Rob. Bet he’d love to hear that…

    • Leigh Anne in my dreams Rob is the man of God I’ve waited all my life for. Wahh wahhhhh.

  7. “totally acting like a total biotch (my typical reaction to attractive men- I think I need therapy).”

    Tiffany whoever you are…me=you.
    Why do we do this? And my husband totally called me on it when we were dating. So, ya…I married him.

    And this…
    “So in short… I am a worse Christian then Rob, because when he see’s the poor he is moved with compassion while all I’m thinking about is figuring out how to get in his pants… and failing..”

    True. Words. God forgive me…I’m only human! And have seen him!!!!!

    So, a dream…only one, and it was Edward, not Rob. Well, you know….both? Not that I’m complaining. It involved the ocean at night, a cryptic conversation and totally G rated. All evidence to the contrary, I really am a big ol romantic sap.

    Wish I had been at the movie night 😦 You all obviously had some good times!

    • I do this because men are pigs ( not all of them, all the ones who I’ve been involved with ) I’m pretty sure that when I met rob he will redeem mankind in my eyes.
      I wish I were as compassionate as dream rob.

  8. I’ve had many Rob/Edward dreams. He switches off between himself and Edward sometimes. It’s great. I had one last night, he was Edward. It was a New Moonish situation where he was thinking about leaving me, but had to think about it. I was trying to get him to stay. It was soo weird, then I think I convinced him to stay and then I woke up. Dang I wish I hadn’t woken up.

  9. Ok, girls, I am going to admit it. True story…

    I have had just one dream about Rob that I remember and…

    I was blowing him.

    In the closet.

    At my grandma’s house!!

    (I don’t think we got caught!)

    • @MacyBlair *high five at your raised hand* I am sure you are not the only one Just the only one to admit it so far! LOL! Also, I just read this same scenario in a FF ‘cept it was Esme and Carlisle’s house and it was in Emmett’s closet…too funny!

      • Okay, now I have to know which FF that was 🙂 lol

  10. Okay, I’ve had three Rob dreams but they’re always too short. I wake up only wanting more ifyaknowhatimsaying…

    Here is the most interesting one:
    I was at some kind of conference or something. Then I saw Rob sitting in one of the back rows. I couldn’t help myself and in the next moment I was asking him if I could sit in the empty seat beside him (wait a minute, empty seat? then you can be sure it’s a dream).

    We chatted and all was good. But then I had a crazy moment. I kissed him and as if that wasn’t enough, I shifted over to sit on his lap! Rob didn’t seem like he had something against it but he pushed me aside and looked to his right where a 5-year-old little boy sat wide eyed. Rob then said: “what are you thinking? we’ll take it afterwards”

    Then I woke up…dammit!

  11. I had a couple dreams of Robert Pattinson.

    Err… None of them were sexual… -sigh-

    But maybe tonight it might be a bit different. If I think about it before I go to bed, do you think I will dream about it? I dunno… it’s worth a shot!

  12. I dream of Rob all the time. I take this as an indication that I spend entirely too much time thinking about him before sleep and I’m slightly humiliated by this. Not humiliated enough to stop, of course, since the dreams are, shall we say, steamy.

    Dream Rob is masterful in the sack. Enough said.

  13. Can’t believe I’m even posting this.

    Just one dream.

    Two nights ago.

    (gah! someone kill me – I’m married and 35 – dirty cougar!)

    We were somewhere outside – crowded public place – and we were there together. Don’t know why. We knew each other well – but not in the biblical sense (wink, nudge). We were attracted to each other but in a non-verbal way.

    He had to leave (sob!)- as in, get on a plane and leave for good to get back to his high profile newly found fame and movie making.

    So for one second, I got the guts to lean in and kiss him after he hugged me goodbye. It was a very gentle kiss – almost like you would kiss a friend. But then we kept our faces close and kissed again. Very gently.

    And then (melt me like goo) he leaned in and kissed me with a bit more passion as if he was realizing (thank gawd) that there was more there between us than just friendship. We had these four or five great kisses that just deepened with intensity as they went on. (sweating just having to type it and re-live it) And it was this sad kind of “it’s too late for us” kind of moment. Because he knew and I knew that we couldn’t stay together.

    Then he left me – suitcases in hand. And it was agony. I was so broken to say goodbye. I had to go back to whatever stupid inane thing I was doing pre-Rob and it was some BBQ or something and just terrible. So depressing.

    Then I woke up and thought “that SUCKED…but in such a wonderful ooey gooey amazing way”.

    I had him and a I lost him girls…

    Just taking one for the team!


    • Ok, KRISTEN, stop posting about your sad goodbye with Rob behind the car door that was caught by X17online! Lemme guess, then you were so sad that you cut your hair and dyed it black? 🙂

      Seriously, though, sometimes dreams feel so real that it really does suck to wake up. Now the New Moon breakup scene will have special meaning for you!

  14. I had a couple of dreams with Rob too.
    All of them were sexual. hehee
    One of them at my gradma’s garden.
    Other at the Imperial Museum of Brazil hahaha
    TomStu was in one of them… What can I say? That’s normal, right? 🙂
    I have vivid and colorful dreams… I remember all of them – with details. FYI LOL


    • and by gradma’s in mean grandma’s LOL

      • Hey you can join my exclusive “I’ve Dreamt about Getting it on with Rob at my Grandma’s House” club!!

  15. I can’t say I’ve ever had a Rob dream … but last night I did have a dream about Dr. House …

  16. I’ve had a few…all X rated. Oddly enough, though, he never removes his clothes. Yep, he’s THAT good!

  17. OME you guys are so lucky. Please, please, PLEASE tell me your secret of inducing the Rob-dream! There must be a book out there on how to produce the dreams you want, right?!

    I have had one Rob dream, and it has left me wanting a zillion more! Unfortunately nothing x-rated happened, but it did involve a nice long talk in my kitchen over pizza and ended in a ‘snuggle’ (his words not mine). 🙂

  18. hmmmm… I’ve never had a Rob dream : ( . I think I’ll try the mp3 tonight, that might work.

  19. i’ve never had a rob dream but i have had a twilight dream.

    i was a vampire – but i wasn’t bella – and me and who i think were the cullens [because i couldn’t remember that part when i woke up] were playing baseball in the park. of course it wasn’t sunny and we had to act normal because there were humans playing too.

    this didn’t work so well for me as i started triple back-fliping and not caring who seen. i woke up before anything else happened though.


  20. ive had a few rob dreams. they all are the same premise. bump into each other at some dive bar, apologize for spilled drinks, stepped on toes, etc. start talking about music, movies, drunken exploits. cut to montage of all kinds of dirty sex and end scene with cuddling. le sigh.

    of course in real life if i ever bumped into rob at some dive bar and spilled my drink on him i would probably turn a bright shade of red, mumble incoherently about nice shoes and sex hair and slink away while he laughs with tom stu about that bumbling idiot that ruined his nikes and cost him a heine.

    • i hate you.

  21. anytime I dream about Rob he’s always the funny guy friend I never had he’s all cute and bubbly but in my mind I keep thinking wow I wish he would just make out with me already!

  22. I have had maybe about 2-3 dreams of Robward (talk about not wanting to wake up!) in the past but don’t recall any details at the moment, but that one was definitely rated NC-17. 😉 Worth mentioning is my weird dream from early this morning about a dinner I was attending, where I *know* Rob was just about to enter (that’s what she said) and my boyfriend woke me up! GRRRRRR!

    For those not yet blessed with having Rob starring in their dreams – listening to Twilight, reading fanfic or listening to Rob’s music before helps!

  23. Dang.
    Dang y’all.
    No fair

  24. oh yipeeee I have been wanting to share this for a while now…ok here goes

    I have only had one dream but it was gooooood!

    Ok so in this dream..Rob and I are “together” yes like “together, together” lol oh it getting warm in here?
    Anyways, we are a couple but can’t let anyone know..because of Summit hahaha and I am an older woman so I think I want to keep it on the DL ok so he is at the bar..and it is like a proper English pub cause you know they don’t sit at the stools or chairs up can only he is standing there and it is packed..and I walk over and squeeze next to him and immediately look down at his shoe resting on the bar below lol blushing was HUGE (thats what she said lol) I go to order and drink..and he is smiling at me with that half grin “thud” and he orders for me whilst ordering his and pays for mine..
    I immediately say what are you doing people will notice lol
    Rob chuckles and says..”so let them”
    ok then there was some serious making out…and I woke up. OME I freakin loved that dream….”sigh”

  25. Hi all, I read this blog daily but rarely ever post. I think I actually did a search here to see if anyone had posted about Rob dreams, but didn’t find anything. Thanks for sharing all these great dreams 🙂

    I had a dream with Art from How To Be back in April. Yes I remember the month lol We were both in junior high/high school and we hanging out around the school. I liked him, but I wasn’t sure if he liked me. By the end of the day I figured out that he did indeed like me and of course having retained my pervy real life mind (I’m 32 lol), I proceeded to drag him around the school looking for a place to be alone. He kissed me very sweet and innocently and I remember thinking of so many others things to do, but dream-me was respectful and I kept my hands to myself. lol

  26. Sadly I can’t remember the details of the dream because it has been a few weeks now, but I do still get a little tingly feeling when I think of it in general. Now I think I need to get a Rob Dream book so that I can write down what I was doing before and then all the details of the dream so that I can reread it over and over again.

  27. I can’t believe that this is the topic du jour b/c I just had my first Rob dream the other night and have been dying to share it with the only people would understand!!

    So, of course, it was entirely too short . . . I walked into a giant family gathering at my Grandma’s and Rob was already there sitting at a table with a HUGE plate of food. I’m thinking “you can’t eat that! It’s not good for you!” So I walked up to him and had a quick conversation that I don’t remember. I took his face in both of my hands and gave him a kiss and went off to talk to other people – LIKE AN IDIOT! Apparently, I thought I’d see him again . . . Maybe some night soon!

  28. OMG! I can’t believe you’re finally writing about this. Like others have said, I’ve been waiting to share.

    I had a dream a few days ago. I met Rob in a bar. Things had progressed to the point where we were heading out “behind the dumpster.” Seriously, that’s exactly where we were going. We were sneaking out the back door of the club. In the middle of this, I realized that under my slutty bar outfit, I had on a Team Edward tshirt. I was doing some quick thinking and trying to figure out how to get the Team Edward shirt off before he saw it. Then I woke up.
    Funny thing is, one of the first thoughts I had was, “The only people who would understand this are the LTR ladies.”

  29. Ok… I’ve had one dream about Rob that I can remember, but I know that I’ve had more because of my horrible sleep-talking habit!

    In the one I remember, Rob and Kristen came to my birthday party, and were mobbed by the paps, but once they got inside they were the nicest people ever, and then afterwards rob came over to my house, but then I woke up… DANG! lol

    But one night last year in college, I woke up to my roommate laughing her ass off, because apparently I had been talking about Twilight and Edward while sleeping… I said something along the lines of “I just can’t do that Edward!”


    There were a couple other things I said too, but she said she couldn’t understand my mumblings. If only I would have remembered that dream!

  30. wow. Freud would have a field day with the LTR girls.

  31. Loved loved loved Eastfriend’s dream..soo sexy..yum…I remember when I dreamt about him…he looked incredibly beautiful and real…sigh

  32. Sorry for the 2nd post, but I was just listening to my muzak and this totally fits (kind of with LTT post too) Sweet dreams are made of these
    Who am I to disagree
    I travel the world and the 7 seas
    Every body is looking for something
    Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused
    Wow! The Eurythmics wrote a song about Rob and didn’t even know about it!
    I also listened to Heart’s These Dreams, but I won’t type out those lyrics too. Crazy Day! and I didn’t even mean to!

    • That’s right! I LOOOOOVE this song!
      “Sweet dreams are made of this
      Who am I to disagree?”

  33. You guys – awesome dreams!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    My Rob dream was a couple of months ago, and in it he was being harassed by the fans in Vancouver – all those girls hanging on him. Ugh. So, as per my usual M.O., I totally went mama bear on their asses and told them to stay away from him. We were at Sam’s concert, and he and Kristen, as well as a few other friends, were trying to just hang out, and they couldn’t. So, nothing too exciting there, just me playing bodyguard, I guess. He was nice, though we didn’t interact almost at all, with the exception of a sweet smile from him, which, I suppose, was all I expected. I woke up feeling like I did something good (though I was somewhat disappointed that this was all my subconscious could come up with…LOL).

  34. I never remember my dreams -sigh-
    He has been in at least two of my dreams, though, that I’m sure. I just don’t remember what happened in them! GRRRRR

  35. Does a dream where you combine Dark Edward with Rob count here?

    This post *so* has a ‘That’s Normal’ vibe going down…

  36. Girl…I hope you use protection! Then again, that’d be a pretty funny “Who’s the Daddy?” scenario! Can’t you just see them all on whatever the heck that show is…Montel?

    • THE MAURRY show!! hahaha

  37. i had one dream involving rob and tomstu:
    i was at a real cheap white-trash-fashion-shop and so was rob. obviously some pretty ugly sweaters caught his attention, he was crouching down in front of the clothes rack and looked around as if someone was about to steal those sweaters from him. i went over and asked for an autograph or something, he looked at me (shocked), threw his arms in the air and ran away. i could see him running (and screaming) over the parking lot – comic style.
    all of a sudden there´s tomstu right next to me, he placed his arm around my shoulder and said something like “don´t take it personal, he´s kinda stressed out… i´ll go and catch him later” together we watched rob hurry towards the horizon.
    — i didn´t get rob, but i got tomstu. and he said he´d eventually catch rob. strike!

  38. EastFriend, your dream just slayed me in the best way possible, ifyaknowwhatimsayinandithinkyado.

    Amazingly, I’ve had a few dreams about Rob. The first one was my fav. He was just holding me and telling me how beautiful I was. But I remember his eyes were gorgeous and his lips were… le sigh. There was so much emotion. Ugh, still when I think about it, it kills me! When I woke up the next morning, I thought “I think I could die happy now,” which is pretty sad because it was just a dream. Sad face. Hahaha…

    Last week, I had another dream where I was his costar in a new movie. In the plot, we were two Americans robbing a bank together, him with his uber-stealthy “American” manliness and I just had to distract all the bank workers with my raw sex appeal. In between takes, we would leave the set to smoke and he was persistently asking me out. But every time he did, he wouldn’t drop the American accent! I was too confused to answer yes or no, thinking he was going over lines in the movie with me. When I decided I didn’t care and was going to answer “yes”, I woke up (damn it).

    Rob dreams are the best! Here is a toast for many more! 🙂 And yes, fanfic helps.

  39. i ❤ all the dreams.
    mine was weird.. not in the least sexual, and it (unfortunatly) involved some work staff as well..
    (i work way too much)

    it starts off that my house is in LA and that i live in a big huge mansion. my entire mission was to find "cedric". lol for some reason, it wasnt cedric from harry potter, it was rob, just a normal guy but his name was cedric in the dream. *stay w/ me here.
    so im looking and looking, and for some reason i need to tell him something. i cant find him around my house (which for whatever reason, has everyone from work there chillin) a couple of staff get in the way and try to distract me, and i get all agitated wanting to just say PISS OFF and let me find cedric!
    somehow i ended up in the streets of my city (in ontario) and im still tryin to find him. its quiet now, no more staff running around. and for some reason i then i have the urge that i needed to email cedric (i still cant find him). email email email.. thats all im thinkin about now. some how i ended in a back alley way, and there's rob/cedric waiting, behind a dumpster. (i think this was right after the dumpster diving day, bc i have NEVER dreamt of dumpsters lol) he comes out casually runnin his hands thru his hair, and was like, "sup"
    we then went out to the bar, to which drank our faces off..
    the last thing i remmeber was him lookin at me, and sayin somehting, but i couldnt hear him (as he was drunk and mumbling) and then falling asleep right there in the bar.

    not the best ending.. LOL but it was so different, and so irregular (im in LA one minute, and then in ontario the nxt is apparently normal.. lol) that i remembered the entire thing. i never did get to tell cedric what i needed to tho 😦 haha
    none the less! i got to drink w/ cedric/rob!

  40. so i had the entire thing typed out, and posted, but for some reason didnt go thru ! 😦
    here goes again!

    my dream was a mix of work staff and rob at the same time, tho rob was a normal guy named cedric in the dream. (i dont know, just follow w/ lol)
    my house is in LA, and is a huge mansion, and thruout the entire dream, its me tryin to get a hold or find rob/cedric. everyone from work is at my house (i work wayyyy too much to be dreaming of them) and they’re all chillin. im tryin to find cedric/rob bc i have to tell him something. most of the staff (like normal) is getting in the way, and making me really agitated. all i do is yell out PISS OFF and let me find cedric! i need to find him!
    somehow im outside now, but im in my neighbourhood streets ( no where near LA might i add) and its much quieter. no more staff running around. now for some reason, i have the urge to email cedric/rob.. i just want to email him nothing more. i end up in an alleyway, and i see cedric/rob smoking nonchalante as if nothing is wrong and that he’s been there the entire time… he was behind the dumpster! (this was right after the dumpster diving episode) and he’s like, “sup, heard you were lookin for me” in kinda of a gangster/british way. (either way, it was hot.)
    we go out to a bar, (which is the same as the coffee shop from FRIENDS) and drink our faces off. we have the craziest conversations, and keep on talkin and talking, as we’re pounding back our beers. at one point, he stops and looks at me, and mumbles something. its too loud in the bar, and the fact that he’s completely sloshed, i cant hear what he says. i ask him to repeat it, and he looks at me, as if he wants to say it.. but doesnt. he then goes to get up, and then we both suddenly passes out right on the bar w/ drinks in our hands sitting in the same arm chair.
    i never did tell him/ask him what i wanted to in the first place.

    LOL so irregular and so random, i dont know how i accepted it as it was the norm. 😛 but hey! i got to drink w/ rob/cedric!! LOL

  41. I have had 2 Rob dreams

    The first we were sitting in a car and I was dropping him off somewhere. I was in the driver’s seat. Rob took my hand in his, turned it over and brought the underside of my wrist up to his mouth. He gently brushed his lips against my wrist barely touching, then applied a little more pressure and dragged his bottom lip across this sensative spot, then alittle lick with the tip of his tongue and then he kissed my wrist. So brief but so sensual and HOT!

    The 2nd dream I am pretty sure was the result of a FF I was reading, where truth or dare was involved, just prior to going to sleep. We were in a room full of people watching TV. I was on the left side of the room, on my stomach on the floor and Rob was on the other side of the room. Without anything being said, he came across the room, layed his body directly ontop of mine and started kissing my neck. I bent my head to the left and remember moaning, my eyes rolling back in my head and my hands going up and grabbing his hair. Then I woke up…. UGH

    I should feel dirty dreaming about him… I’m 38… smiling… but hey Demi and Ashton are happy right? 🙂

  42. I keep having the same dream over and over and its never long *pouts*

    I dream that I walk into a lounge and Rob is there with his wingmen. He sees me and is immediately intrigued. He keeps looking at me and signals for me to come over to his table. I shake my head no and signal for him to come to me instead. To my surprise, he gets up, comes over to me and I ask him “do you know me? Because you keep looking at me” He chuckles and says “No, I don’t know you, but do you know me?” I give him a bitchy, evil smile and say to him “No, am I supposed to know you?” He laughs and can’t leave my side. He wants to know more about me because I’m not showing much interest in him (yeah, thats a crock of shite in real life lol). The rest of the night he blows off all the woman trying to get his attention and is busting out all the adorkable moves on me that I pretend bother me. Then I wake up *rolls eyes*

  43. I have 2 Rob dreams (thank you god).

    The first we were sitting in a car and I was dropping him off somewhere. I was in the driver’s seat. Rob took my hand in his, turned it over and brought the underside of my wrist up to his mouth. He gently brushed his lips against my wrist barely touching, then applied a little more pressure and dragged his bottom lip across this sensative spot, then alittle lick with the tip of his tongue and then he kissed my wrist. So brief but so sensual and HOT!

    The 2nd dream I am pretty sure was the result of a FF I was reading, where truth or dare was involved, just prior to going to sleep. We were in a room full of people watching TV. I was on the left side of the room, on my stomach on the floor and Rob was on the other side of the room. Without anything being said, he came across the room, layed his body directly ontop of mine and started kissing my neck. I bent my head to the left and remember moaning, my eyes rolling back in my head and my hands going up and grabbing his hair. Then I woke up…. UGH

    • That those were good, yum!!!

  44. i never had a rob dream… as far as i can remember.
    i don’t dream anymore though. and even if i did, i wouldn’t remember everything.
    i’m still not sure if it was rob or my grandpa i dreamed of last night…

    • oh wait i remember something. it WASN’T a dream. more like a figment or hallucination.
      it was the morning after i read twilight for the first time. i woke up and i “saw” rob (or edward) sitting on the chair across from my bed, smiling at me.
      (remember in twilight when edward stayed in bella’s room while he watched her sleep? and he promised to be there when she wakes up?)
      that’s exactly what i “saw” in my little hallucination. and then i sat up straight and said, “Edward?”. he was still sitting on my chair. i got up from my bed and did exactly what bella did in twilight— i walked towards him and sat on his lap. but then he disappeared and i was just sitting on the chair.

      I swear to God, BIBLE, it was not a dream. It all seemed so real that he was there in my very bedroom.

  45. I am thrilled this is the topic today! Because a Rob dream just graced my subconscious the other day during a lovely nap dream. Here goes –

    I had one a while ago. All I can remember is we had that totally in love feeling. Ahhh…. Then the other day I had one. I was driving my car and I was weaving all over the road because I was insanely tired. So, I was pulled over by the police. But, my friend just so happened to be in my dream and she got in and started driving. So, now I am in the passenger seat and I turn around to see who is in the backseat. No kids! Yes! But who should be there, Rob!! He was playing this Nintendo DS, and I was thrilled to see him. We chatted about the game, and then all of a sudden he had a huge blueberry cupcake. My friend just so happens to make fantastic cupcakes! Rob and I were having a conversation about how delicious cupcakes are. Then it went weird and we ended up by this laundry mat in an alley dancing. Then the phone rang and woke me up from Rob bliss. Damn telemarketers!!

    • Scooby Jammies?!
      I heart you for your online name alone!

  46. I’m jealous of everyone’s Rob/Edward/Art dreams 😦 One day…

    • Ahh, Nuggety.
      Your FF reading doesn’t help with this?
      What happened to you yesterday? A fleeting H&G and you were gone…

      • It doesn’t!! I keep hoping, but nothing! I rarely remember my dreams anyway. So, I suppose it’s possible that I’ve had plenty….I’m gonna go with that…lol

        I didn’t expect to have to leave so fast. I didn’t even get to tell EyeC Happy Birthday 😦

        • Whatever works for you, Nuggety.

          Eye C’s birthday yesterday?

          Wish I’d known that.

          • Wait, maybe it was the night before….DANG IT! I can’t remember! Either way, I forgot it 😦

          • You can make up for it today if you stick around long enough 😉

            I can’t keep a track of everything anyway. We talk so darn much it’s hard to keep up with it all…

  47. Hey girls. It was my anniversary–bd is Nov. 21st–the day Twilight came out! lol

    • And pooof… she magically appears…like clockwork…
      Annivesary. This rings bells.

      • It’s our manifesting ability~~~~~

        • It’s a calling…a manifestation…

          So, Bobby Long. Like. Listened and liked. A man who has heard of Muddy Waters is a man to like.

          But like the other one… what’s his name… Sam… yes…him… I like him more…

          • Each of the Brits are unique, fo sho! Love them each in their own way. lol
            Bobby is the poet. Soft spoken. Songs filled with mystery.

            Marcus has well-crafted songs. Professional. Off-beat.

            Sam is the storyteller. He puts his heart out there so everyone can see.

            They are all ready for the jump.

          • “all ready for the jump”

            Sam has a beautiful voice…pure, almost.

          • Yes. I do love Sam’s voice. And sense of humor. And enthusiasm. And his songwriting. And……

          • Oh no! You can’t become Samsessed! It just doesn’t sound as good!

          • Samsessed. Gold again.

            If someone sang like that for me it’d be game set match…

    • Oh….I was reading through the comments looking for Birthday stuff! lol

      How are you today??

      I have WONDERFUL news….I FINALLY finished TRL!!! OMG!!!!

      • YAY! YAY! YAY!

        Soooo, what did you think???

        • It was AMAZING!!! I hated the way it ended though! She said Bella and Katie would meet! She better get started w/ that sequel! Sooo many good lines! I’ll have to go back and find them. I couldn’t pull myself away long enough to paste it into a word document. I seriously almost cried w/ that reunion!!

          • I loved that one so much! I keep checking to see if she has a sequel started. It will start out there, I’m sure. I just love that Edward! There were lots of sad parts but also lots of joy!

          • The fortune thing at the end was beautiful! I don’t like Sir Kevin! YUCK! I hated Victoria before that, but OMG!

            (I think it’s funny how into the stories I get. lol)

          • The fortunes! That whole scene with the Indians was so great! Creepy s Kevin. Ewwww. V was such a bitch!

            I KNOW! Every one is its own world. There are some very talented writers out there in Twilightland!

          • Heck yeah!! Every story amazes me!

      • There you go.
        You stuck around for long enough, now you can wish her happy anniversary.

  48. FN, here’s the fanfic vickyb was talking about up above:

    • It’s a COMPLETED story–Yay! and I really liked it. Bella is a photographer and at her first gallery showing she runs into Edward, a doctor. Mmmmmmmm.

      • I’m excited! I got caught up on The Office updates earlier (SOOO HOTT!! OMG! I love BB!!!) I’m fixin’ to start the Dom Updates. I have 2 chapters I haven’t read! Then, I think I’ll start the one above. Still holding off on ILLA. I need to start LYLS too!! Ahhh!!! I’m falling behind! lol

        • I’m thinking I won’t get cable when I move to SA. I don’t think I’ll need it! I’ll just spend all my free time reading FF!

          • Where is SA?

          • San Antonio is in Texas. Just more south than where I am now.

          • The stars are bright, the prairie trails, deep in the heart of Texas…

          • LOL, I haven’t heard that song (or sung it) in FOREVER!

          • Is it sad that that is the only thing that I know about Texas?

          • Haha….kinda…lol

        • You could entertain yourself for months on all the fanfic!

          So what did you think of the tattoo on BB? It makes me melt just thinking about it! Loved that chapter.

          Oh yeah, the dom chapter–finally the Superbowl!

          • OMG!!! The tattoo…and that whole “I am yours” phrase!! ACK!

            Whoo hoo!!! The Superbowl!! I knew the updates would be good, but now I really have something to look forward to.

          • Yes, the French! “You were made for me!” So romantic. I. Am. Died.

          • I ❤ BB!!! Have I said that?? lol He's freakin' awesome!! I think him and Darkward are my faves. I think I have a thing for the dirty mouths….

          • MAJOR panty poofing going on!

  49. Happy Belated Anniversary!! I give you an oldie, but goodie 😉

    • God, can he get any HOTTER?


      Now just let me cool down a minute……

      • That’s exactly how I felt after reading The Office updates!! I even went back and re-read the 2 previous chapters! I was soooo sad I don’t have a BF. lol

        And, NO he can’t get any hotter 🙂

        • Yes, he can get hotter.
          Still believe that the peak will be between the ages of 25 and 30… when he manifies!

          • You’re probably right. He is going to be in his prime in those years–plus all the roles he will have by then. *poof*

            Love manifies!

          • Shall I tell you just how important this next year will be for him?

            LOL I think not!

          • Still a bit boyish. Initial reluctance everything to do with that.

            Plus – find his teeth a little weird. Much better when he’s doing Blue Steel.

            When he manifies… oh, when he manifies…we cannot possibly contemplate the glories that await us…

            Remember Me is a really big movie for him (chuckle)… can he manify in it? Pierce plays his dad. I heart this move already.

          • Natalie talking about his teeth, them’s fighting words. I love his teeth!

          • Okay, so….it took me a few mins to figure out what Manify is. lol I’ve got it now though, no worries! (Hakunamattata sp?? who cares!)

            Okay, fine, he CAN get hotter! It’s a dangerous thing.

          • I know. When I heard Pierce was going to play the dad–hooray! Love him.

            Don’t quite think he can manify too much yet. Two more years.

          • His teeth are perfect. That’s what is weird.
            Naturally perfect.

            Nuggety is going to spontaneously combust at the idea of him getting hotter.

          • I just don’t see how it’s possible. He’s so beautiful already! lol

          • He IS very beautiful! I wouldn’t say no.

          • Pierce in Mamma Mia was gold. I love that movie because it is FUN. Daggy fun. Doesn’t take itself seriously fun. It’s not art, dahling, or cinemah, or even filme, dahling, but its fun.

            Hmmm. He’s already starting to manify a little bit…hope that fame doens’t fuck with that too much.

          • Beautiful, yes… manly…from time to time… when it becomes a consistent moment of manliness…he will have manified…

        • The Office definitely makes you want to have somebody around! I’ve gone back and read earlier chapters–maybe all of them at some point. Wish she updated more often!

          • Sighs. Gives in.
            Where can I find this fan fic?


            BTW have I mentioned how HOTTT BB is??? You’re gonna love him!

          • Ruin-Nat-Ion.
            Ruined again.

          • Soooo true!! But it’s wonderful!! Embrace it!

          • I don’t know that I have a choice anymore.

  50. Hey, how is everyone tonight?

    • Hey!! Doin’ good. How are you??

      • I’m okay. 🙂

        • Are you enjoying your weekend? Or is it filled w/ project stuff??

          • It should be filled with project stuff, but I’m ignoring it.

          • Haha. I love to procrastinate!

          • I still get straight A’s, so I’m not worried.

          • That’s all that really matters anyway! Who cares how you get to the end result as long as it’s good.

          • Like putting the gas in your car?!
            Loved that convo yesterday.

          • Straight A’s?
            What subjects are you taking?

          • Currently I’m taking a health class and a school and community class.

    • Good, EP. And you?
      See you all made your plans for your meet up last night.
      Picked a venue yet?

      • I’m doing okay, Natalie. The only plans we’ve made are the ones you saw last night. I need to get on the planning bus.

        • Well you have dates and an objective.
          It’s still a while off.

    • Hi EP! I’m just working my way down the comments.

      • Hey! I was wondering if you were mad at me or something.

        • LOL Lots of jabbering.

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